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Brian Howard, Deirdre Garrett Wed, Aug 20
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    The Results Helpdesk is now open. Click "Contact Us" to reach our guidance experts with your 2014 CAO offers queries
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    I got 535 in my Leaving Cert and missed the course I wanted PPES in Trinity by five points. I got BESS which I accepted but am now having second thoughts. What are my options?

    I  would advise you to research the BESS programme in Trinity. Look  carefully into what modules you would be studying and your options for year two.  BESS has many different otions in second year. This will help you make a more informed decision. If you decide that the course content is not for you then I would advise you  to contact the admissions office in Trinity as soon as possible. This place  will then be offered to another applicant.

    No one knows what course will drop in round 2. I am afraid that we will have to wait until August 28th.

    The  best of luck.                
  • 09:50
    Hi, I got 490 points. I want to do secondary teaching, now but I haven't applied for any arts or commerce courses. What can I do now? Can you advise me ?

    What subjects would you like to teach? You must  study these subjects to final degree level. I would advise you to contact the teaching council. Their office i sin Maynooth, Co. Kildare. Tell them the  degree you got offered. They will either tell you what subjects are recognised from that degree or they will direct you to a certain website.  

    Compare  the subjects that you could teach coming from a BComm or an Arts degree. This should help you.

    We are here  until one  0' clock. Get  back on if you need more help.                
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    I got 485 in my leaving and had commerce in UCD down as my number 1 with commerce being 490. Is there any chance that the points could drop by five in second round offers and has it happened in the past in commerce? Wondering whether I should be quietly confident or praying for a miracle.

    No one will know until August 28th. It will depend on the number of successful applicants that reject their offer.  It also depends where you are in the queue of people with 490.

    I hope that it works out for you.      
  • 09:53
    395... what are the chances of getting Maynooth science at 400 points during the second round offers?

    Please see answer to question below.  
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    In the event of getting papers rechecked can you be marked down and if so could you lose your place on the course you have been accepted on?

    Yes you can be marked down. This however does not happen very often. I think that three candidates were marked down last year. If you were to be marked down CAO would contact your college. It would be left up to your college on whether to let you stay or ask you to leave. You would be five weeks into the course at this stage.    
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    My daughter got 395 points in her Leaving Cert but she wants to study pharmacy. If she gets Fetac 5 can she combine it with her Leaving Cert points next year and will they accept it for pharmacy?

    No she cannot combine both results together. I would advise you to look into Pharmacy Technician and enquire about  progression  into Pharmacy  .
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    If my son accepts his offer of a course at Carlow IT can he switch to DCU for the same course after a year assuming he does well in his first year college exams in Carlow. (465 points for Carlow course and 510 for DCU. He has 465.) Or if he repeats the Leaving Cert and does not do as well can he use his existing points next year ?

    He can use 2014 or 2015 results whichever one is higher. I would advise you to contact the admissions office of both colleges. I would imagine that  the answer is no but each college has different transfer policies. Worth a call to be sure.  
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    I've been offered a Level 8 in Environmental Bioscience in DKIT (DK881) and a Level 7 in Applied Bioscience also in DKIT (DK781). I want to do forensics and I was wondering which of the two courses would get me into forensics?

    I would advise you to contact a member of the above departments in DKIT. They will  be able to speak from their experiences with graduates on these programmes.

    Best of luck.      
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    Got 490 points. My top 3 CAO   choices are in engineering. I want to do secondary school teaching now.what can I do.?  

    You will not  get offered any courses below your course of offer.
    You cannot change  order of preferences now. Are there any course  under vacant places that interest you?   I suggest that you refer to an answer to a mail  answered a few minutes ago.

    Get back on if you need more help.          
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    Hi guys, a student missed teaching in Maynooth - it jumped to 515 - if in rechecks she gets extra points can she transfer to teaching in Mary Immaculate or Maynooth? She has accepted BBS in NUIM.

    If successful in rechecks she will be offered a place (providing that there  are spaces available)  on the course in which she meets the points cut off and minimum entry requirements.

    We hope she gets what she wants.  Well done on such a big result.    
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    I have gotten 565 in my Leaving Cert and a HPat score of 159. My total leaving cert and HPat score combined is 712 . Would you advise me to repeat my Leaving Cert and HPat or to take up my place in pharmacy UCC and just repeat the HPat?  

    Would you enjoy Pharmacy and the course content? Could you speak with a Pharmacist and get an idea of the day to day working life of a Pharmacist?

    You're a bit off medicine but your Leaving Cert points are high. It is your HPat that needs to  be brought up. You could repeat  your HPat.  You could add your 2015  HPat score with your 2014 Leaving Cert results.

    If you really  want medicine I  would advise you to repeat the HPat not the Leaving Cert  though.

    At the end of the day its your call.

    Please get back in touch if needs be.

    The best of luck.            
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    My son was offered sport coaching and development in Limerick Level 6/7. If he takes that course and passes everything, can he go into a Level 8 course after the two years and what courses are available to him?

    Graduates who obtain a pass in the programme may be able to progress to Year 2 of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Studies with Sports Management (Level 8) in Limerick, subject to availability of places.

    I would advise you to contact a member of the Sports department as they will be able to talk with you about other courses that previous graduates have gone on to.        
  • 10:39
    Do you have information as to how many people put economics as their first choice on the CEO application?

    I am afraid not. Maybe email CAO?  
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    Hi I got 180 points in Hpat & 510 in Leaving Cert so no medicine. I was offered midwifery - can I do graduate medicine after that? Or should I get a recheck to try get five points to bring me up to science?

    People who apply for graduate medicine come from  many different disciplines. Whether you get accepted or not will depend on  your scoring on the GAMSAT.

    I would advise you to get a recheck if you're not happy with  the grade. With regard to your undergrad, I would do the course  that you feel you would enjoy the most. Both  courses have  a Science background and would stand to you  if you where to continue on into graduate medicine.          
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    If I accept an offer from the CAO can I accept PLC that I have an interview for next week that I'm more interested in?

    Yes you can. Let the college  know as soon as possible so that they can offer  the place to another candidiate.

    Best of luck.      
  • 12:17
    My daughter got 555 points but did not have NUI exemption in place. This has now been sorted and CAO will update their records for round 2. What are the chances of her getting a place in UCD or TCC  

    Ultimately  it  is the candidiates responsibility to correct any error made on their satement received from CAO somtime in May. Any errors should of been corrected then.

    This leaves you in the position of being offered a place subject  to availability on this course.  The college will offer her a place  if one becomes available.      

    I have no access to such information. The best of luck. Hope that you  get an offer.    
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    I have forwarded a query 2 hours ago, will it appear on live results today. Waiting on it to appear.

    Apologies. I  have replied to all mails that have come in. Would it be possible for you to send it again.  I will answer it once it comes in.

    Thank  you.        
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    Hi I was offered a level 8 course for 340 points and declined it as I now want the next course down on my cao which is 380 points, I already accepted a level 7 for 380, providing there is places in the level 8 I now want will I get offered it in the second round?

    You will not get offered any level 8 course that is below  the course you got offered on Monday. You  can only  get offered courses that are listed above this course in future rounds.  

    So the answer is no I'm  afraid.  
  • 12:36
    Hi, I got 300 points in my LC, dissapointed but none of my ten CAO choices were offered, only a level 6/7 in local IT. What can I be doing in meantime, I am checking CAO website for others but not having a whole lot of success.

    You can check vacant places and see if  you are interested in any of the courses. You still must meet the minimum entry requirements though.

    In the meantime I suggest that  you research your options if you were to complete the level 6/7 that you were offered. Does it lead into   a level 8? You may finish up with a level 8 in the same amount of time. You're just taking another route.

    You may also get an offer in round 2 if  points drop.

    That ok? Here until one if you have any further questions.                
  • 12:37
    I got 180 hpat 510 LC so no medicine but offered midwifery. For graduate med would widwifery or science be better?

    I answered a similar question earlier. Please see  emails below.    
  • 12:53
    What are the pros and cons of doing a plc course in nursing studies? I got 400 in my leaving cert and I am five points short for general nursing in DKIT. If I do the plc, are there bonus points added on to what I got this year? Or how does it work?

    You cannot add your FETAC results to your Leaving  Cert. People can progress from pre nursing PLC into  higher education level 8 courses.  All nursing courses at third level keep a certain number of places for FETAC applicants. You would be in competition with other FETAC pre nursing students in PLC all around the country. There will b ecertain minimum requirements  one would need to meet in order to  be successful  in getting a place on a nursing programme level 8. Look up and More information there.

    I hope that round two helps  you out.