Rugby World Cup - Ireland v USA

Rugby World Cup - Ireland v USA

IT Fri, Sep 9

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  • 06:21
    Ireland v USA: And so it begins. At 7am. Seriously, whoever decided it was a good idea to play rugby at this hour needs to be hunted down like the dogs they are. It’s madness, pure madness. Anyway, fortified by caffeine and energy drinks it’s Noel O’Reilly here to take you through today’s match as Ireland kick off their World Cup campaign.
  • 06:31

    Ireland v USA:  Instead of feeling their way into the tournament in New Plymouth, Ireland find themselves in a position where they can ill-afford to give the critics further excused to dump on the team. Ireland will win, and you can take that to the bank, but they need to win well. Despite all the positive vibes emanating from the Irish camp, confidence must be at a premium after a fruitless warm-up campaign.

    Describing that series of defeats as disastrous may be a bit OTT – although it certainly was for the unfortunate David Wallace – but it did nothing to suggest we can look forward to anything more than a likely quarter-final exit at the hands of South Africa.

    Ireland have loftier ambitions than that. Today is all about raising expectations.

    Given the date, Eddie O’Sullivan’s Eagles won’t lack for motivation but are simply not good enough to cause too many problems. But hey, what do I know. If you don’t believe me, here’s what Gerry Thornley, Liam Toland and Matt Williams have to say on the matter. That said, Japan and Romania showed yesterday that the minnows are capable of making life uncomfortable.

    So then, two teams with very different agendas, two coaches with ‘history’. There’s plenty of subplots swirling beneath the surface.

  • 06:40

    TV View: Tom McGurk, a huge f**kin fan of Kidney, rubs the sleep from his eyes to front RTE’s coverage where mercifully Hook and Popey have ditched their Morecambe and Wise routine.

    “The phoney war is over. Now the real war begins,” the anchor tells us. McGurk is also concerned about the “pall of gloom” hanging over the camp and the weather in New Plymouth.

    Pope allays his fears. “The rain is different in New Zealand,” he explains. “It’s not wet.”

  • 06:46
    Australia 32 Italy 6: A quick word on Australia. Having slept through the first half, I understand the Aussies did too, but they came to life after the break with four tries to earn a bonus point and fire an ominous warning to Ireland ahead of next weekend’s pivotal Pool C clash. Ben Alexander, Adam Ashley-Cooper, James O'Connor and Digby Ioane all scored tries as Australia avoid a banana skin.
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  • 06:53
    TV View: Eddie spoke to RTE earlier this week but for some reason the state broadcaster chose to pull the interview. Fortunately, we came across the tape while rummaging around in their bins (hey, a man’s gotta eat) and can bring it to you here . . .
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  • 06:55
    For those of you just parking yourselves on the sofa, I can tell you it’s a wet and windy evening in New Plymouth. Declan Kidney has likened it to a dirty old night at the Sportsground. Conditions may be bad, but they can’t be this bad??
  • 06:58
    Bosco Dunne Iit's half past midnight in Chicago and I'm on my way to the Halsted Harp to be fortified by the precious black stuff. Ireland to pull away in the last 20 minutes...
  • 07:00
    Good for you Bosco, spare a thought for the working man now won’t you. After a minutes silence to pay respect to the victims of 9/11, we’re almost ready to get underway.
  • 07:05
    1 min: Craig Joubert gives the nod and Sexton gets us up and running. After getting the ball back, the outhalf attempts the crossfield kick but Tommy Bowe is unable to collect and the ball bobbles into touch. An enterprising start.
  • 07:07
    3 mins: Irealand pummel the American scrum, making 10 metres with the shove before the USA concede the inevitable penalty. Murray thinks about the quick tap before handing the ball to Sexton who . . . strikes it well but narrowly wide.
  • 07:10
    5 mins: Keith Earls scythes through the USA defence, although Bowe may have taken a defender out of the game, but is unable to find his support and then takes one in the phizog as Jennings hits the ruck.
  • 07:12
    8 mins:  Another Irish penalty but Sexton eschews the kick at goal and sends it into the corner. But the Amercians tackle like demons, with O’Driscoll and Murphy on the receiving end of two massive hits, and manage to clear their lines. Albeit briefly.
  • 07:15
    10 mins: America are being overrun and again fall foul of Joubert. From straight in front of the posts, about 40 metres out, Sexton is again unable to find the target. That’s none from two but, in fairness, the conditions are difficult.
  • 07:17
    13 mins: The Eagles finally make into the Irish half, with Emerick making life difficult for O’Driscoll, but Ngwenwa can’t collect the kick over the top and the danger is averted.
  • 07:17
    Michael p Come on Ireland, ,do us proud, ,
  • 07:20
    16 mins – Ireland 3 USA 0: The Irish pack have the measure of the Yanks and Todd Clever is penalised for hands on the ball after a sniping break from Conor Murray. From just outside the 22 Sexton makes no mistake and Ireland get points on the board.
  • 07:25
    20 mins: Slight let-off for Ireland. Murray puts his side under pressure as his box kick is charged down and Rory Best concedes a penalty for offside. Wing James Paterson has the kicking duties and from a difficult angle nudges his attempt at goal wide.
  • 07:25
    Guest Does anyone know how I can listen to the match on Internet. In usa
  • 07:29
    24 mins: A few errors creeping into Ireland’s play as Gordon D’Arcy is the latest to drop the ball. O’Driscoll then misses a one-up tackle on his opposite number Emerick but Ireland are able to cope with a frantic USA attack and clear their lines.
  • 07:29
    GK I am tried to listen in Kathmandu to RTE Radio 1 but recorded message says not possible due to legal reasons! At least can get updates here, well done IT
  • 07:32
    28 mins: We aim to please GK. Not sure if there is any streaming on the official IRB site but might be worth a try. What I can tell you is Ireland have lost their shape a little but are making huge inroads in the tight. Could be a night to stick it up the jumper until the Americans tire later in the contest.
  • 07:35
    30 mins: Earls has the ball over the line but play is called back for a Best knock-on. It’s the right call from Joubert but the Americans fortunate to escape after some impressive build-up play from Ireland.
  • 07:35
    laune to listen to the local NZ feed open this link
  • 07:40
    34 mins: Tommy Bowe and then Geordan Murphy spill the high ball in quick succession. “This is getting worrying,” according to Donal Lenihan in the RTE commentary box, who recalls the Namibia game four years ago. “So much is reminiscent of that.”  Granted, Ireland’s play may be sloppy but it’s a touch early to be writing the obituaries.
  • 07:40
    GK IRB website works also
  • 07:40
  • 07:47
    40 mins - Ireland 10 USA 0: Try for Ireland. Right on the stroke of half-time, Bowe goes over under the posts. It all stemmed from another dominant Irish scrum, the pack winning the ball against the head. Sexton then breaks but Ireland are content to draw the USA cover in before finally releasing Bowe. Sexton adds the extras and Joubet blows up for the break. Right, more coffee . . . see you in five.
  • 07:57
    TV View: The talking heads in the RTE studio are nonplussed by the Irish tactics. “Their pack are terrible and we can destroy them in these conditions. We’re choosing not to do it,” opines Conor O’Shea. “Mindboggling,” says George.
  • 08:01
    41 mins: And we’re back. The Irish scrum again destroys the American frontrow and Sexton has another shot at goal. How’s the outhalf’s confidence? Hmmm, not great as he sends another effort wide of the target.
  • 08:05
    45 mins: The Irish bench are using a large tarpaulin to shelter from the conditions as Sexton lines up his sixth kick at goal. Oh dear, that’s a shocking miss from the Leinster outhalf from straight in front of the sticks. We can expect to see O'Gara sooner rather than later as Sexton's confidence is clearly shot.
  • 08:10
    50 mins: And here come O’Gara and Reddan. Sexton trudges off. Has he played himself out of the team for next Saturday? In fairness to Murray, he didn’t do too badly but suffered from the quality of ball offered up to him. Hardly the silver service O’Driscoll spoke of earlier in the week.
  • 08:12
    52 mins – Ireland 10 USA 3: The Eagles set up camp in the Irish 22 before Donncha O’Callaghan offers a chance to trouble the scorers after infringing at he breakdown. Paterson knocks it over to make it a one score game.
  • 08:16
    56 mins – Ireland 15 USA 3: Ireland release some of the tension as Best goes over in the corner. Smart rugby from Irealnd, who go to the maul from an attacking lineout before the hooker peels off to score. O’Gara misses from the touchline by a country mile however as he also struggles to get to grips with the ball.
  • 08:20
    59 mins – Ireland 22 USA 3: The Americans are clearly tiring with Suniula forced off with cramp and Tommy Bowe exploits the tired legs, going over in the same corner as Best after a neat exchange with O’Driscoll. And that’s a better kick from O’Gara who dissects the posts.
  • 08:26
    65 mins: Jerry Flannery, Tony Buckley and Denis Leamy have all been introduced to freshen things up. O’Gara is happy to play for the corners and keep the pressure on O’Sullivan’s side.
  • 08:27
    PG Hope the caffeine buzz has kicked in!
  • 08:34
    71 mins: After the boost of the two tries, the Irish play has regressed. It’s all a touch aimless, neatly encapsulated as Reddan flings a pass to no-one in particular to put his side under pressure. Ireland need to exert more control in the last 10 minutes.
  • 08:38
    76 mins: Ireland go back to the maul and make 20 metres. It’s not pretty but it’s effective and is only stopped as the American defence pull it down illegally. Ferris and Flannery get involved in a bit of afters before Ireland opt for the scrum (well they would, wouldn’t they). But the ball squirts out and America clear.
  • 08:44
    80 mins - Ireland 22 USA 10: Interception for the USA. Searching for the bonus point, O’Driscoll flings a loose pass and Emerick races clear to score unopposed. Paterson sends over the conversion to rapturous applause to bring down the curtain on a game Ireland will not look back on with any fondness.
  • 08:49

    Full-time: And there you have it. Ireland fail to hit the ground running in this World Cup and plod their way through an uninspiring contest. The performance certainly leaves Kidney and his management team with more questions than answers. Back in Montrose, George is not “apoplectic”, it’s a different emotion troubling the pundit.

    “This is, you have to say, a very, very sad day for Irish rugby,” he declares. With sadness.