Paris terror attacks

French president Francois Hollande says the attacks were an 'act of war' as IS claim responsibilty

Rachel Flaherty Sat, Nov 14
LIVE: Paris terror attacks

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    It has been a horrific night of events in Paris overnight.
    At least 120 people have been killed and an estimated 200 injured following six separate but simultaneous terrorist attacks in central Paris.
    France is in a state of emergency on Saturday after the attacks after the co-ordinated shootings and bombings.

    Here is a summary of what we know.

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    Our thoughts are with the people who have lost their lives and their family and friends.

    We will be covering the fallout from the terrorist attack. You can contact me on Twitter @rachelfl or on email

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    U2 have cancelled their concert scheduled for Paris tonight.

    Speaking from Paris the band said:

    “We watched in disbelief and shock at the unfolding events in Paris and our hearts go out to all the victims and their families across the city tonight.

    We are devastated at the loss of life at the Eagles of Death Metal concert and our thoughts and prayers are with the band and their fans.

    And we hope and pray that all of our fans in Paris are safe.”

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    Barack Obama led world condemnation of the terror attacks in Paris, calling them an “outrageous attempt to terrorise innocent civilians” and vowing to do whatever it takes to help bring the perpetrators to justice.

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    Witnesses described chaos and bloodshed across Paris last night.

    “It was carnage,” said Marc Coupris (57), still shaking after being freed from the hostage-taking situation at the Bataclan concert venue.

    “It looked like a battlefield, there was blood everywhere, there were bodies everywhere. I was at the far side of the hall when shooting began.

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    Who are the main suspects for Paris terrorist attacks? A look into who might be behind the horrific events of last night.
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    Our reporter Ruadhán MacCormaic describes the atmosphere in Paris this morning.

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    The Irish Embassy in Paris is providing consular assistance to one injured Irish citizen.

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    French president Francois Hollande said   the deadly attacks in Paris that killed 127 people were "an act of war" organised from abroad by Islamic State with internal help.

    He said he would address parliament on Monday in an extraordinary meeting and the country would observe three days of official mourning.


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    Hollande: France is strong, and even if she is wounded she will get up strong.


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    “It’s the blackest of black days for Paris, for  France, for its citizens, and through them for the citizens of the free world,” Taoiseach Enda Kenny said today.

    He said it was a shocking attack on humanity. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families”.

    “Once again we are witnessing carnage on the streets of Paris. Again the capital is suffering at the hands of those who seek only to wreak havoc and destruction on civil society.

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    French police have banned all public demonstrations in Paris region until Thursday.

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    Two horseracing fixtures in the Paris region — Saint-Cloud on Saturday and at Auteuil on Sunday — have been cancelled.

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    “It is an act of war prepared and planned outside, with outside involvement which this investigation will seek to establish. It is an act of absolute barbarism.  France will be ruthless in its response to Islamic State,” president Francois Hollande said.

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    The Islamic State militant group claimed responsibility today for Paris attacks.

    In an official statement the group said its fighters strapped with suicide bombing belts and carrying machine guns carried out the attacks in various locations in the heart of the capital which were carefully studied.

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    Gatwick airport has been evacuated.

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    <p>The French and European flags fly at half mast at the French ambassador’s residence in Dublin this morning following the terrorist attacks in Paris. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times</p>
<p>  </p>

    The French and European flags fly at half mast at the French ambassador’s residence in Dublin this morning following the terrorist attacks in Paris. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times


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    Prince Charles has condemned the Paris terrorist atrocities as “bestial attacks” and said he wanted to express his “utter, total horror” at what has happened.

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    Pope Francis has condemned the killings in Paris as unjustifiable "inhuman" acts that left him shaken and pained.
    "There is no justification for these things," he said in an extremely sombre voice in a telephone call to an Italian Catholic television station. "This is not human," he said, adding that he was praying for the victims, their families and all the French people. PA

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    People gather in Dublin in support of Paris.


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    US officials said all members of the American rock band Eagles of Death Metalescaped unhurt. They band, who played in Dublin earlier this week, were holding a concert at the Bataclan at the time of the attacks.


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    Photographs from the scene of the shootings.

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    “Eight brothers carrying explosive belts and guns targeted areas in the heart of the French capital that were specifically chosen in advance: the Stade de France during a match against Germany which that imbecile François Hollande was attending; the Bataclan where hundreds of idolaters were together in a party of perversity as well as other targets in the 10th, 11th and 18th arrondissement. France and those who follow its path must know that they remain the principal targets of the Islamic State.” Official statement from Islamic State

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    The French government plans to go ahead with a climate change summit it is due to host at the end of the month, a senior French diplomatic source said.

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    Poland cannot accept migrants under European Union (EU) quotas after Friday's attacks in Paris, Poland's European affairs minister designate Konrad Szymanski said.

    In a commentary published in the right-leaning news portal, Szymanski said his incoming government did not agree with Poland's commitment to accept its share of an EU-wide relocation of immigrants, and now, "in the face of the tragic acts in Paris, we do not see the political possibilities to implement (this)."
    Szymanski will take up his position on Monday as part of a government formed by the last month's election winner, the conservative and eurosceptic Law and Justice (PiS) party.


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    France is taking steps to reinforce security at its sites abroad, including embassies and schools, after Friday's coordinated attacks in Paris, foreign minister Laurent Fabius has said.


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    A Syrian passport has been found on the body of one of the suicide bombers who targeted France’s national football stadium, police officials in Paris said.


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    A tweet by TD Mick Wallace on the Paris attacks has provoked an angry reaction on social media.

    “So terrible for the victims, but when is  France  going to stop its role in the militarisation of the planet?

    Read about the reaction here.

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     Our Paris Correspondent  Lara Marlowe reports from the scene of the attacks.


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    Live update from the scene from our reporter Ruadhán Mac Cormaic:

    Among those coordinating the emergency medical response in Paris last night was Patrick Pelloux, the doctor and Charlie Hebdo writer who arrived at the satirical magazine’s offices just minutes after the gun attack in January that killed 11 people, including eight of his friends.

    Speaking this morning, Pelloux said off-duty surgeons, nurses and other medics rushed to work last night to help the medical teams treating the wounded in about 50 hospitals in the Paris region. Scenes of “carnage” greeted the emergency teams on the ground, he said. Even the most experienced among them had never seen anything like it.

     As of 2pm Paris time, more than 300 people remain in hospital, with 80 of them in a critical condition.

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    Three days of national mourning

    President François Hollande has said there will be three days of national mourning in France, beginning on Sunday.

    It's the sixth time since the current republic was founded that a period of national mourning has been declared, but never has it stretched to three days.

    Flags will fly at half-mast on all public buildings, and a minute's silence will be observed across France at noon on Monday.


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    “The faulty policies pursued by Western countries and especially France as regards what is happening in our region ... contributed to the spread of terrorism,”   Syrian president Bashar al-Assad was quoted as saying on Syrian state media.

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    Possible link between guns and weapons arrest in Germany and Paris attacks

    A man arrested in Germany's southern state of Bavaria in early November after guns and explosives were found in his car may be linked to Friday's deadly assault in Paris, Bavaria's state premier said today.
    Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks in which gunmen wearing suicide bombing belts killed 127 people in several locations in Paris on Friday.
    "We have an arrest through the dragnet, where there are reasonable grounds for presuming that it might be related to the matter," Horst Seehofer said in a speech at a local party congress of the Christian Democrats.
    A spokesman for the Bavarian police said they arrested the 51-year-old on November 5th on a motorway near the town of Rosenheim after investigators found eight machine guns, several handguns and explosives in his VW Golf.
    Bayerischer Rundfunk, which was first to break news of the arrest on Saturday, said that the man was a possible accomplice of the Paris killers, but the police spokesman dismissed this as "pure media speculation". (Reuters)

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    A man plays John Lennon's Imagine on a mobile piano outside the Bataclan Theatre in Paris today. The piano was attached to a bike.  

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    Photographs from The Eagles of Death Metal moments before gunmen started shooting.

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    Update:  In the past hour, reports have emerged suggesting at least one of the attackers at the Bataclan concert venue was a French citizen who was known to the intelligence services. The authorities have not ruled out the possibility that some of the killers’ accomplices are still at large, said public prosecutor François Molins, and according to Le Figaro at least 10 suspects are actively being sought.

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    Government Chief Whip Paul Kehoe TD has confirmed that Dáil Éireann will mark the events in Paris:

    "The atrocities in Paris have appalled the Irish people and, as is fitting, the national parliament will mark these terrible events when business resumes on Tuesday with a minute's silence in memory of the victims followed by statements to express our sympathy and solidarity with their families, friends and all of the French people on behalf of the Irish people."

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    Update: About 100 witnesses to the massacre at Le Bataclan were interviewed by police overnight. Officers are also studying DNA samples, fingerprints and CCTV footage in an effort to identify the attackers.

    Anti-terrorist investigators and intelligence officers will also be checking the evidence against their files on known radicals.

     More information will emerge 7pm French time, when the prosecutor is due to hold a press conference. (Ruadhán Mac Cormaic)

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    Thousands walk in solidarity with the French from O'Connell Street in Dublin to Kildare St.
    Thousands walk in solidarity with the French from O'Connell Street in Dublin to Kildare St.
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    France-bound airliner grounded at Amsterdam airport after threatening tweet received: Dutch authorities
  • 15:47

    Gatwick airport has reopened.

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    Parisians struggle with conflicted feelings in aftermath of attacks
    City still feels like a front line on Saturday morning, writes Lara Marlowe in Paris.

    "The most pervasive feeling among the neighbourhood’s inhabitants was one of déjà vu."


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    This message has trended on twitter through the day.

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    Security expert Tom Clonan writes for the Irish Times on how the "emboldened" jihadists are likely to plan further attacks.

    His analysis piece looks at the scale of the Paris attacks and the network behind the command and control, and logistics.

    “A botched attack on a high speed train bound for Paris in August demonstrated that there remains within the EU a pool of young men and women who are vulnerable to grooming and radicalisation by terror networks such as Islamic State.”

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    A man from France has been detained by police after a suspected firearm was discovered at Gatwick Airport.

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    Increased security

    Britain has raised security after attacks in Paris, a spokesman for Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed.
    "The police have stepped up their security measures on a precautionary basis and UK border force are working with their French counterparts in light of the tighter border controls in France," he said.

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    Airlines are reporting cancellations of up to 50 per cent on flights into Paris from Ireland after a series of terror attacks in the French capital killed at least 128 people.

    Irish citizens in Paris are being advised to exercise caution and contact friends and family as soon as possible.

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    <p>People are putting roses into the bullet holes of windows of restaurants and cafes following the Paris attacks.   Photograph: AFP/Getty</p>

    People are putting roses into the bullet holes of windows of restaurants and cafes following the Paris attacks.  Photograph: AFP/Getty

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    Hard to believe but true...

    More than a thousand volunteers who intervened after the Germanwings jet crash were among those trapped inside the Stade de France by Friday's attacks, dashing efforts to reward their role in tackling another harrowing event.
    The rampage that killed 127 people began with an apparent double suicide bombing outside the Paris stadium where French president Francois Hollande and the German foreign minister were watching a friendly soccer match between France and Germany.
    Among the crowd were 1,200 emergency workers and volunteers brought in by chartered train by Germany's Lufthansa, owner of the Germanwings jet that crashed into the Alps in March.

    Prosecutors believe a co-pilot suffering severe depression deliberately crashed the Airbus jet, killing 150 people.
    "It was supposed to be an evening of French and German celebration and appreciation after that tragic event," Airbus communications chief Rainer Ohler, who was in the stadium with the planemaker's chief executive Tom Enders, said of the match.
    "We heard the explosions and at first nobody thought of terrorism. It was only when President Hollande left and people started getting phone messages that we realised what was going on," he said. (Reuters)


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    Belgian police have  arrested a man during searches in a district of Brussels following attacks in Paris claimed by Islamic State, the Belgian public broadcaster RTBF reported.


  • 16:52

    The Greek government have issued a statement saying that a passport found during the Paris attacks was from a Syrian who had passed into the European Union through the Greek island of Leros last month. It's yet to be unconfirmed if it belonged to an attacker.

    Statement (in Greek) here.

    • Statement by the Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection Nikos Tosca on terrorist attacks in Paris

      The Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection Nikos Toskas announces the following:

      "On the case of the Syrian passport found at the scene of the terrorist attack.

      We announce that the passport holder, had passed from Leros on 03.10.2015 where identified based on EU rules, as decided at the Summit on the refugee issue.

      We do not know if the passport was checked by other countries which are likely to be passed by the holder.

      We will continue the painstaking and persistent effort under difficult circumstances to ensure the security of our country and Europe, insisting on complete identification of passing through the refugee stream. "

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    A train in Eckwersheim, close to Strasbourg derailed this afternoon. It's understood it was a TGV test train on a new stretch of high-speed train. Seven are reported dead. It is reported to not have been related to Paris attacks.


  • 17:20

    On the Belgian arrests, the Belgian Minister for Justice Koen Geens has confirmed through Twitter that multiple arrests and searches made this afternoon were related to a Belgian number plate.


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    The death toll following last night's Paris Attacks has risen to 129, with the Paris prosecutor saying more are likely to occur. 352 people have been injured, 99 critically.

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    • Death toll from Paris attacks stands at 129, with 352 injured - 99 critically.
    • Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks in an online statement.
    • French president Francois Hollande denounced the terror attacks as an "act of war".
    • Police still hunting potential accomplices to eight attackers who were killed as at least six sites were attacked in rapid succession.
    • One of the bombers was a young Frenchman flagged for links with Islamic extremism, police said.
    • A 41-year-old man from France is being questioned by police after "what appears to be a firearm" was discovered at Gatwick Airport.
    • Dozens were killed at a string of popular cafes and restaurants, as well as a concert hall - the Bataclan - where people taken hostage were killed by three attackers who detonated explosive belts.
    • The 28 leaders of EU nations, including Taoiseach Enda Kenny, called on "all Europeans" to joint a minute's silence on Monday.
    • The Paris prosecutor says three terrorist teamsare linked to the attacks.

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    An Irish man last night found himself amid the ‬chaos in Paris. He's spoken to The Irish Times' Ruadhan Mac Cormaic about his experience.

    > Irish man hides in Paris resstaurant amid chao

  • 19:53

    The LA Times is reporting that US sources have told them they believe the terrorist attacks were planned in Belgium.

  • 20:02

    Bono has described last night's terror attacks which have killed 129 so far an "attack on music". U2 have cancelled tonight and tomorrow night's shows which was due to take place in Paris.

    >  Bono says Paris attacks are first direct attack on music

  • 20:40
    There have been many hashtags that have been trending on Twitter in Paris today associated with the Paris shootings. Perhaps the most sad of all has been  #rechercheParis - as people share photographs of missing loved ones.
  • 20:53
    The most popular hashtag for most of the day has been #Marseillaise . There have been thousands of tweets using the hashtag, including a 2 minute video of a scene from Casablanca.

    In the scene Victor leads the bar in a rendition of La Marseillaise, the French national anthem in reaction to a group of Nazis singing the German national anthem.

  • 20:55

    And speaking of the French national anthem, it was performed by the Met Opera before a performance this afternoon in New York.

  • 21:08

    Media are reporting that the Eiffel Tower are of Paris is being evacuated, with heavily armed police arriving a the nearby Pullman Hotel.

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    Reports now say that the hotel has been given the all-clear.  

  • 21:19
    Full news, analysis and coverage of developments can be found on our special micro-site here.