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Brian Howard, Deirdre Garrett Wed, Aug 12
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  • 09:29

    Brian Howard, Guidance Counsellor, here to answer any questions you may have on the Leaving Cert results today. Best of luck to everybody receiving results today.

  • 10:32

    Hi Brian, can you tell me are you guaranteed extra points if you have been accepted on DARE scheme? It seems UCD and Trinity do not award many extra points compared to IT colleges or maybe the available DARE places on certain courses are very low? Tnx  

    Hi, you are not guaranteed extra points because you have been accepted by DARE.  Colleges vary in how they allocate their DARE places.  In many colleges a quota of places are set aside for DARE applicants and a mini points system is set up for those places between those applicants, hence you may get a place on a reduced level of points.  If you are concerned by how TCD or UCD allocate places, I would advise giving the access offices of these colleges a ring and finding out what system they have in place for the allocation of DARE places.

  • 10:41

    So basically my preferred course is 30 more points than what I got today. I feel like I could have done better, if I got a few subjects appealed is it possible to gain those 30? Thanks  

    It is possible, but also a long shot.  30 points is a long way to come up and would necessitate a sizeable jump in one or more subjects.  I would recommend going into your school and viewing your scripts, preferably with some of your teachers, and from this you should be able to get a sense of whether it is possible for you to increase your points and by how much.  Remember when you receive your results you should receive a personalised application form also for the viewing of your scripts.  This must be completed and returned to your school by the 18th August in order to view the scripts.  Best of luck.

  • 10:52

    What are the points for arts in DCU?

    Hi, there is no specific Arts course in DCU unless you are referring to the Humanities course which is run in St. Pats and is now part of DCU.  The points for this course last year were 395 and there are no obvious indications to suggest that this will change considerably.  There are some new joint honours programes e.g. Joint Honours Law, Gaeilge, Politics, etc. in DCU but we will have no idea what the points for these courses will be until next Monday as they are new courses and, unlike other universities, there is not just one code for all these combinations but rather a separate code for each programme and hence a different points requirement for each programme also.

  • 10:59

    How do I get my results online?

    The online results service is available from 12 noon and is available at www.examinations.ie  You will need your PIN number which should have been given to you by your school and also your exam number.

  • 11:05

    I achieved 480 points this morning, however my course is 490 currently. I also have a Hear place. How likely is it that I will be offered my course?  

    Congratulations on a great result.  There is no way of knowing for definite but there has to be a good chance of getting a place on the 480.  But this depends on a lot of factors e.g. how many places have been allocated for Hear applicants on the course and also the points levels of those successful Hear applicants for the course.  Colleges vary in how they allocate Hear places also.  Unfortunately it is a waiting game until Monday to know for sure.  Best of luck.

  • 11:31

    I got English C2* - what does asterisk mean?

    Generally an asterisk refers to a situation where the candidate may have received reasonable accommodations in the exam such as a spelling and grammar waiver or the assistance of a reader, etc.  If this is not the case with you maybe give the SEC a ring and find out why the asterisk is there.  Look at the back of your results statement and there may be an explanation included there.

  • 11:32

    What are DCU points for arts in 2014?

    Please see answer above.

  • 11:35

    Hello. My daughter got 515 points. Will she get Law in UCD? Many thanks  

    The final cut off points for Law last year in UCD were 510 so your daughter has 5 points to play around with and this could be enough.  There is no way of knowing for definite but having 5 extra points should give her good hope.

  • 11:45

    I haven't got the points for my preferred course this year. Can I do a course for a year and then switch courses to the course I originally wanted?

    Generally the rule of thumb is that if transfers are possible i.e. if there are places available, you can only transfer onto a course that you would have had the points for initially.  So the answer to your question generally is no, but course transfers either internally or externally are handled on a case by case basis so it would be a good idea to talk to the admissions offices of the college(s) involved and get their view on your particular case.

  • 11:56

    My daughter got 355 points, was hoping for social science in UCD or communications DCU. She has been approved for Dare. Do you think she will be offered either of these thanks  

    Social science last year finished at 400 and Communications in DCU at 415 outside the Dare scheme.  If the points stay at a similar level it seems a sizeable jump for your daughter to get a place on one of these courses.  Having said that, it is not a definite no, it depends on the number of places allocated for Dare on these courses and then the points of the successful Dare applicants for these courses also.  It may be worth your while to check out the Dare website at www.accesscollege.ie to get further information about individual colleges.

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  • 11:59

    Have you any stats on classical studies - my son thought he had an A and got C2- he did very well otherwise and so doesn't need to count but is surprised - will view script - but have you access to stats ?  

    Looking at the stats for Classical Studies there was a 0.3% increase in the number of higher A grades from 2014 to 2015 and overall a 9.8% increase in the number of hons grades from 2014 to 2015.

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  • 12:21

    Hi I'm just wondering if I failed Irish or any other of my three core subjects, will I have to repeat my Leaving Cert? Thank you.  

    Not necessarily so.  Failing a core subject does not mean you have failed your Leaving Certificate.  The only time failing a subject can be a problem is if you need a certain grade in that subject for college entry or entry to a particular profession.  Maths in particular can be an issue as it is needed for many courses.  Failing Irish is not as big a problem as is is not required by as many courses for entry purposes.  If you are missing a critical subject for a course you are applying to then you may have to consider repeating that subject.

  • 12:24

    My second choice is 530 points, and I should easily make it, but the course I know really want is my third choice at 15 points fewer than that. Is there any way to defer my second choice and choose my third?  

    Unfortunately not.  If you are offered your second choice then your third choice is gone.  There is no way of moving down your list of choices.

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  • 12:36

    Hi Brian, just wondering if I don't get accepted into my preferred course on the first round of CAO offers, and subsequently gain more points from appealed scripts, can I still end up on that course? And if so, how?  

    Yes.  The results of the appeals are out in October.  If you get an extra 20 points in the appeals then these are backdated to the round one offers and whatever course you would have been offered with the extra 20 points on round one must be offered to you in October unless the course is full, in which case you will be offered a deferred place the following year.

  • 12:39

    Hello Brian. I achieved 480 points today. I am still 10 points short of my course in Trinity. However I do have a Hear place. How likely is it that I will be offered the course in Trinity?  

    Hi, I think the best bet would be to contact TCD admissions or the access office and run this past them.  They may be in a position to give you some idea of your chances.

  • 12:47

    Hi Brian,
    I was reading Brian Mooney's article on page 2 of the supplement today. Is he correct in saying your LCVP (Leaving Cert Vocational Programme) points are added to the your six best results for your CAO total?

    In relation to the LCVP: you add up your points from your six best subjects.  If your score from your LCVP is better than your sixth best subject then it will be substituted in and your points total will be from your five best subjects and your LCVP score combined.  Apologies if Brian's article is misleading on this.

  • 12:50

    Have you heard if there any problems with examinations.ie website?

    None that have been brought to our attention.

  • 12:55

    Hi Brian - I got an E in Higher Level Maths. Does this mean I will be excluded from many university courses?

    Unfortunately John the answer is yes.  Before your points are considered for entry to college courses the CAO will first of all check your results to see if you are a qualified applicant for the course, i.e. have you met the entry requirements for the course.  If higher maths is a requirements for some of your courses then you will not be eligible to apply for these courses irrespective of whether you have the points for the courses or not.

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  • 13:01

    Politics and media in DCU points are unavailable. Is that in St Pats or DCU?  

    Politics and Media (DC265) was in the CAO system last year and the cut off point for this course in DCU was 395.  This course has been changed to course DC295 in DCU this year which is Joint Honours - Politics, which has more options.  As this is essentially a new course we won't know what the points are going to be until Monday.  they may not be in line with the old course DC265.

  • 13:03

    Hi Brian, can you tell me what the points were for Arts in Maynooth last year (MH101) and if there are any indications yet that the points have increased ?  

    Points last year were 350 and so far there are no real indications that this will rise significantly.

  • 13:05

    I missed my course by 10 points,  could I still get an offer?  

    I presume you are talking about last year's points when you say you missed a course by 10 points.  Remember this year's points could be different and you may not have missed the course at all.  Last year's points are only a guide to this year's points.  Also, if you do not get the points for your first preference you may be offered your second or third preference.

  • 13:06

    Hi! I got an E in Irish and I'm worried I will have to repeat my entire LC! is that true that if I fail one of my three core subjects I will have to repeat? thanks.  

    See answer below.

  • 13:12

    I have been an A/high B student my whole life but today I only got 420 points including a fail in maths. I feel like someone is playing a joke on me - what are the chances of all my papers going up in rechecks? It just doesn't make sense.  

    I'm sorry to hear this.  I would recommend strongly that you contact your teachers and ask them to go with you to view your scripts to see what has gone wrong.  You should have received a personalised form to apply to view your scripts and you must have this back in your school by next Tuesday the 18th.  This is the only way to find out what has happened on your papers and if there is any chance of your grades going up.

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    My daughter got 290 points, will this qualify her for any college course?  

    Yes, there are many good courses available to students who achieved these points.  Many of them will be in Institutes of Technology which are excellent colleges that allow students progress through different levels right up to Honours Degrees.  Check out www.qualifix.ie to search for different courses.  Also check out www.cao.ie for courses which have vacant places which may be available at these points.

  • 13:27

    I got 420, was looking for 440 for journalism DCU, any chance it can come down?  

    This course has steadily increased over the last few years from 410 in 2012 to 440 last year.  While there is no way of knowing for definite until Monday I think it unlikely to drop this year to 420.

  • 13:31

    Where can I access stats about results?

    There is some information in this article http://www.irishtimes.com/n... or you could try the State Examinations website and look up the press release section where you will find a stats package.

  • 13:38

    I have 330 points, but my lowest course I have down on my CAO is 350 in Maynooth. What are my options now? Can I still get into Maynooth? Or any courses this year?  

    First of all, you don't know what the points are for this year yet, so don't jump the gun, points can change from year to year both up and down.  If next Monday you don't get any offers then you could still look at the vacant places list on www.cao.ie and see if there are any courses there that you would like to apply to.  These are the only courses that you can add to your application at this stage.  The list goes live tomorrow and might be worth a look.  Other courses will be added to this list as the days go on so keep and eye on the site.

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  • 13:44
    <span>Molly McGrath from Blackrock Co Dublin celebrating with her mother Sinead on getting her results today, at Coláiste Íosagáin, Stillorgan in Co Dublin</span>
    Molly McGrath from Blackrock Co Dublin celebrating with her mother Sinead on getting her results today, at Coláiste Íosagáin, Stillorgan in Co Dublin
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  • 14:18

    My son got 300 points in his repeat, but failed Hon Maths - passed it first time. Hoew does the combine over two years work? Thank you  

    Your son now has three hundred points to work with and can now satisfy any entry requirement that requires a pass in Maths.  

  • 14:21

    I'm 20 points off the course I need, absolutely devastated, I got D's in two higher level subjects, is it worth getting rechecked  

    I would advise you to ask a teacher to review your paper with you. Reviewing of paper is free of charge. You can then choose whether to appeal or not. One out of five came up a grade by appealing last year. Each recheck costs €40. You will be refunded if your appeal is successful.

  • 14:26

    Hi I am a DARE applicant and I am 20 points off what I require for the course (based on last years results). Do I have a good chance of getting a place on this course. The course requires around 575 points.  

    You will be competing against other DARE applicants. Whether you get in will depend on the number of DARE vacancies and points that the other DARE applicants have. The DARE scheme can give up to a sixty point reduction but not all applicants will need to avail of all sixty points. Is that clear enough for you?

  • 14:29

    By how much will the CAO Cut-Off be of the First Round of requirement points for a course?  

    I'm not sure I understand what is being asked here.  The CAO cut off points for a course are a function of demand and supply.  They have very little to do with the entry requirements for a course.  All the qualified applicants who apply for a course are listed in order of their points total from the highest points applicant for the course down to the lowest points applican.  If there are 20 places then the CAO counts down to the 20th applicant and their points are then taken as the cut off for that course.

  • 14:30

    If I get my paper rechecked and I get the 10 points I need, can I still access that course?  

    You will be offered a place for this academic year providing that there is a vacant place. You will be offered a place for the next academic year if the course is full up by the time the recheck results are issued.

  • 14:31

    Have you got the statistics for the higher level business results, what was the percentage of failures and percentage of A's ? thanks  

    You will find this information  on www.examinations.ie under the press release section.

  • 14:33

    If you get your course requirements but u don't get the points can you still get the course and can course points go down??  

    Please see answer below to describe how places are allocated and cut off points arrived at.  If your points are above the cut off points of the last person on the list to be offered a place then you will be offered a place.  Points can go up or indeed down from year to year depending on demand.

  • 14:36

    Hi I got 435 points in my leaving cert and I was just wandering do you think that this would be enough for law and accounting in UL which was 415 last year?  

    Yes, I think you are in with a good chance of getting an offer on this place with 20 points to spare based on last year.  There is no way to know definitively but I think it looks good.

  • 14:38

    Hi I failed business but got the required points and the course I want to do is business and management. Does failing stop me from going?

    Failing business will not stop you from being offered this course. Good luck.

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  • 14:42

    How many points are needed for medicine?

    I presume you are looking at last year as we won't know the points for this year until Monday.

    UCD #730*

    UCC   #722*

    NUIG   #720*

    RCSI   #724*

    TCD   #731*

  • 14:46

    I am trying to access my results from France since noon. Is there a problem with the site  

    Are you looking on the state examinations website? This is where you will find your results not on www.cao.ie .

    I am not aware of a problem with this site. Maybe check your browser and find a more up to date version.

    I hope that this helps.

  • 14:47

    Hi Brian I got 475 and my preferred choice is business international DCU at 465 the course has gone up by 20 points in the last 2 year how likely is it that it will level off this year as I am 10 points above the 465 threshold  

    There is no definitive way of knowing this until Monday I'm afraid.  You could try giving the admissions office in DCU a ring and asking them if the applications for this course are up or down and this may give you some indication, but it is only a rough guide.

  • 14:47

    I was wondering if it is possible to repeat the LC in the same school that you sat it at if you have also done TY in that school.  

    Yes this would be possible if the school has teh space. I recommend that you speak with your school principal asap.


    Best of luck.

  • 14:49

    Do you know when the examinations.ie website will be up and running. It has crashed! Called examinations.ie and they just told me to try later.  

    Hi Brian, I just had a look there now at 2.47pm and it seems fine now.

  • 14:51

    Hi Brian, My son is hoping to get Film studies with German in TCD where the points were 435 last year & 480 the hear before. At 445 do you think he has a chance of making the cut this year? thanks  

    No one will know for definite until the offers come out next Monday. I would be hopefully with the fact that he has fifteen points more than what was required for last years entry. However points can go up or down from one year to the next. I'm afraid that it's a waiting game at this stage. Best of luck.  

  • 14:53

    I put Limerick down first, but now I have not got a grant and will not be able to afford to go there. I got the points though so I'm worried I will get it- is it true if you refuse your first choice you won't get offered your second?  

    It is true. If you get offered Limerick you will not recieve any course choices below this. However you could recieve course choices above the Limerick one. This can only happen  if the points for these courses fall in round 2 and you meet the cut off points along with minimum entry requirements.

  • 14:55

    Hi. If I accept the course on Monday which I think I will be offered (my third choice) and subsequently get more points after the appeal, can I transfer to my first or second option? Or do I not accept any course and wait?  

    If you accept your third choice on Monday and then gain more points in the appeal process and become entitled to a place on your first or second choice you will be offered that course in October and you are entitled to accept the offer even though you have accepted your third choice already.  The general advice is to accept something on Monday because there is no guarantee you will be offered anything else and you could be left with nothing.  If you become entitled to a higher place you will be offered it and it is up to you if you wish to accept it or not.

  • 14:58

    I have been trying to get results online since 12 but site keeps crashing - anyone else have problems??  

    Hi, we have been hearing reports of people not being able to get through on the site.  The advice from examinations.ie is to keep trying and you will eventually get through.

  • 14:58

    Hi john, are there stats on any trends regarding different courses? I see architecture is up, any idea on Journalism?  

    Trends or a rise in interest for a particular course does not necessarily mean that points will be affected. Not all these applicants might meet minimum entry requirements etc.  

  • 15:02

    Hi my points will probably give me a course in dcu but if I want my next choice in ucd is it possible if there are spaces on it? Can you transfer ?  

    You will not be offered any courses below the one which you meet all requirements for. Therefore, if you do get offered DCU you will not be offered a lower course choice in round 2.  

    Remember nobody knows what points will be needed for what course. Points can go up or down each year.  

    Good luck.

  • 15:03

    I have applied to serval college course thinking I was wasn't going to get more than 400 .I got 450 and was wondering if there is any chance that I could apply to some courses that have higher points is there alternate roots to apply for course  

    The only courses you can now add to your application at this stage are courses that will be listed on the Vacant Places list on www.cao.ie .  This list goes live tomorrow and will be added to over the next few weeks so it is worth keeping an eye on this every day in case there are courses there you might be interested in.  There may also be direct application courses you could apply for in the private colleges, e.g. Griffith College.

  • 15:04

    Hi Kayce here, just wondering would points for mary i liberal arts course go up this year? i got 325 which is what was needed last year so is that good or bad? and am i safe? head wrecked  

    Well done. I hope that you are safe but nobody will know for definite until Monday. It's a waiting game until then. In the meantime enjoy your success.  

  • 15:05

    My daughter has applied for Queens in Belfast and Coleraine. When is she likely to hear from them ? She short what she needs so should we get in touch directly ?  

    My advice here is yes, give them a call and make sure they have your daughter's results and follow any direction they may give you.  It is better to be safe tha sorry in this regard.

  • 15:07

    How many points is medicine in Ucd?  

    This information will not be released until Monday. Points for Medicine are gotten from a combination of Leaving Cert results plus HPAT results.  


    Last years points for Medicine in UCD was 733. Hope that this has helped.

  • 15:08
  • 15:09

    Hi. My son wants to do English and French in TCD. Is it likely to go up this year?  

    Sorry there is no way of knowing until Monday.  There are no direct indications to show the points for this course will go up but I'm afraid it is a waiting game until round-one offers.  You could try ringing the admissions office in TCD to check out application numbers for the course this year but this will not definitely translate to points increases or decreases.

  • 15:09

    My son has qualified for the Dare but his course states he needs two HC3 results and he only got one. Does this eliminate him from that course?  


    I am afraid so. You must meet the course entry requirements first. Please mail in again if you need further advice.

  • 15:12

    Hey, I got my results this morning but I think I want to get two or three rechecked. If I get them rechecked and I rise in points do those points not come into account until next year ?  

    No they come into account straight away. CAO will make you an offer in the final round (mid-October). You will have a choice of joining the course mid-October providing that there is room on this course and that you have the necessary points as well as the entry requirements. If the course is full you will be offered a place on this course for September 2016.

    Best of luck.

  • 15:13
  • 15:16
  • 15:20

    Hi Brian. This is more of a question relating to DCU. I want to study psychology, and I know Maynooth psychology degree does not include clinical psychology. Do you know if the DCU psychology degree covers clinical psychology?  

    Both of these courses are accredited by the  Psychological Society of Ireland. Most undergraduate courses would cover all areas. Postgraduate courses is when you may specialise.

    I would advise you to contact DCU and speak with someone who is involved in this department.

  • 15:21

    I'm short five points for biosciences in Carlow; any idea if this might go down?

    Probably unlikely it will go down, the level 8 course has been climbing steadily for the last few years.  The level 7 is there also at lower points and you can transfer to the level 8 after this.

  • 15:22

    Hi Brian - any feel for how Occupational Therapy in Trinity will go this year, I got 515.

    Nobody will know for definite until Monday. I would be confident with having 15 points above last year's entry. However, points can vary each year.

  • 15:25

    Hi Brian, I got 525 points. Should this be enough to get me into Clinical or International Law in UCC?

    Nobody will know this for definite until Monday. As you know course points can vary each year. Well done and the best of luck.  

  • 15:27

    Hi Brian, I'm just wondering has anything been said about the DCG results or marking scheme? it was quite a hard paper.  

    Just a note to say the numbers for DCG are up 2.3% this year to 4,192 and 1.4% more this year got a higher C or above than last year.

  • 15:32

    My daughter got 430 points today and was accepted on the Dare scheme.  She had a seizure during two of the exams and this was evident in the lower than expected grade in two of subjects.  Is there any allowance for such an incident?

    I am sorry to hear that. Well done to your daughter on such good results and particularly under such difficult circumstances.

    However, I am afraid that there is no other support to your daughter only the Dare  scheme. This scheme offers places on reduced points to school leavers with disabilities.

    Best wishes.

  • 15:41

    Can you apply for college through doing a PLC and re-applying to the CAO at the same time  

    You will be applying through CAO whether you do a PLC course or Leaving Cert student. You can choose whichever option gives you the highest points.


    Best of luck.

  • 15:42

    I'm 35 points off my course. Is there any chance that it could drop by that much? My course is nursing.  

    Points do vary. They can go up or down. I would be surprised if they dropped by 35 points as nursing has remained popular. Nobody will know for definite until Monday. Enjoy your success and best of luck.

  • 15:43

    My brother selected comm international in UCD with Spanish and French not knowing he needed Leaving Cert French (only LC language required). He should have enough points for any of the other language combos. Any advice?  

    He will still be considered for this course.  If he is offered a place however he will not be able to register for any of the French options.  Give UCD admissions a ring if he wants further clarification.

  • 15:47

    My daughter was hoping to get medicine. She got 565 points so far. Considering getting four A2 subjects rechecked and she got 153Hpat score could she be in with a chance to get her first choice.  any views on points for medicine coming down this year!  

    Well done on such a great Leaving Cert.  I have worked out that she has a 710 score. It's unlikely that medicine will drop that much  but nobody will know for definite until Monday. I hope that it works out for your daughter.

    Best of luck.

  • 15:49
  • 15:52

    Hi..I got 460 points and wondering what my chances are for Mary Immaculate  and Marino and Drumcondra?  

    While there is no way of knowing for definite I feel this is going to be a very long shot.  Marino wasw 460* last year so not everyone on 460 got a place and the others were on 465* which is even further away.  You are in with a chance albeit a slim one.  Best of luck.

  • 15:52

    My daughter made only 250 points,is there any hope for her in any college?

    Yes there is. She will be offered a course providing that she meets the course cut off points along with the minimum entry requirements. Plus your daughter can add courses that appear under vacant places on the CAO website. The courses that appear under vacant places are the only new courses that can be added to your CAO list.

  • 15:52

    Are the points for dentistry in Trinity College to go up this year? thanks!  

    No way of knowing I'm afraid, it's a waiting game until Monday.

  • 15:54
    <span>Brian Clough  </span>
    Brian Clough  
  • 15:54

    Fionn Bracken from Douglas in Cork got great Leaving Certificate results but admitted his first career choice would be to emulate his hero, soccer manager Brian Clough

    Read more here

  • 15:55

    I got 575 points in my leaving certificate. What is the likelihood I will get a place in Dental Science in Trinity on the second round offers? Are the points for Dentistry definitely going up this year? Thanks  

    Well done on doing such a good Leaving Cert. Nobody will know the points for any cours until Monday. Ten points short on last year. I would be surprised if Dentistry dropped by ten points but no one will know for definite until Monday.


    The very best of luck.

  • 15:56

    Hi my friend is thinking of appealing one of her results. But she wants to wait to see if she gets her course on Monday (shes 5 off last years course). Would she be to late if she waited?

    My advice is to fill in the form to view the scripts and then take it from there.  This form isn't due in until Tuesday 18th, the day after round one offers so she will know by this date what she is being offered in round one.

  • 15:58

    If I have exam reviewed is it possible to lose points?  


    It is possible to be down graded although this rarely happens. Also if you are already attending a HEI and no longer have the necessary points for the course then it is up to the institution itself to allow you to stay or ask you to leave. I hope that one wouldn't be that heartless.


    The best of luck and well done.

  • 15:59

    Do you have any idea if there will be a increase or decrease in the points for medicine?  

    There is no way of knowing Anna until Monday.  You could ring the admissions offices of the various colleges offering Medicine but I don't think they will be of much help, it's a waiting game I'm afraid.

  • 16:03
    Castlebar student David Glynn (centre) gets the top marks in the country while eight students earn eight A1s each <a href='http://www.irishtimes.com/news/education/leaving-cert-castlebar-student-secures-nine-a1-grades-1.2314667' target='_blank'>Read more here</a><p></p>
    Castlebar student David Glynn (centre) gets the top marks in the country while eight students earn eight A1s each Read more here

  • 16:04

    Hi Brian, I was just wondering if I got offered my second course on the cao in the first round offer and accepted it and then in the second round of offers I realised the points went down would I be able to change to that?  

    If having accepted your second preference course in round one, you become entitled to your first preference course in round two, you will be offered this even though you have accepted your second preference course in round one.  It is up to you whether to accept it or stick with the second preference course you accepted in round one.  Remember once you accept your second preference course in round one everything below that is gone and you can never move down to lower courses.

  • 16:10

    Hi Brian,Deirdre

    Is it possible to ascertain how many students achieved the maximum 625 points available in this years leaving certificate ? Is it also possible to find out how many students achieved this at their first attempt ?
    Regards ,

    Hi Tom, the only figure I can give you is that 294 students got 6A1s or better.  The second part of the question you would have to put to the SEC as a specific question.

  • 16:11

    i received my leaving cert this morning and i got 470 and i dont know if this enough for primary teaching in mary i, is there talks of points rising or dropping.  

    Unfortunately nobody will know what way course points will go until Monday. I would guess that you have a good chance with being five points over last years cut off points.


    The very best of luck. I hope that things go your way.

  • 16:11
    At 11.59, you replied to question from parent about her son with disappointing result in Classical Studies. Could you forward my email to them - occultphysics@gmail.com as I had similar experience and may be able to provide info, reassurance. Thanks  
  • 16:13

    Hi Brian
    Do you know how popular Physics with Biomedical Science is in DCU? Short 10 points.

    I don't have access to such information. Hope that you get the course.

  • 16:14

    If you have accepted your first round offer and then get offered a second round offer higher up the list , can you accept that?

    Yes you can. You can choose to move to your new offer or stay with your original offer. The choice is yours.

  • 16:14

    Why it not possible to collect all the grades, work out the points, allocate candidates to courses, and publish both the results and the minimum requirements at the same time? it would end this ridiculous waiting / guessing / praying time.  

    In an ideal world that would be fantastic and I agree it would save a lot of people much stree and anxiety.  Hang in there, only a few days to go.  Best of luck.

  • 16:15
  • 16:19

    Hi - my brother got 415 points today and qualifies for the HEAR scheme - he applied for DCU engineering but got a D1 Higher Maths instead of C3 - what's the likelihood of getting a place? Thanks  

    You must meet the course entry requirements. If you don't then you will not recieve an offer. Some colleges offer and run there own Maths exam for students who like your brother failed to meet the Maths entry requirement.Let me know if you need further information.

  • 16:20

    Hoping for 2nd  choice  but if it rises another 10 like last yr I'll be short 5 points.how do I go about adding a different course to CAO after Monday( not the Vacant places list) in the event that I don't make it but still want that part college?  

    You can't. You can only add courses that come through vacant places. The deadly for adding courses was July 1st.

  • 16:22

    Hi, did foundation level maths and got a B1 in my Leaving Cert. I'm just wondering is it difficult to find work with foundation level maths or does it matter as I'm not attending college this year as I'm  still unsure on what course to do.  

    Hi, I dont' think it is going to be a major issue in getting work for you.  Many employers will not even ask what grade you got in Maths and very often it will boil down to your performance in an interview instead.  Best of luck and well done on making the decision to take a year out to help you decide what you want to do.

  • 16:22

    Hi. I got 470 points, can I secure a place in Marino, St Pats or Mary I  

    Nobody will know the course points for any course until Monday. I would be hopeful with your points that you will get into one of the above HEI's.

    Good luck.

  • 16:23

    Hi Brien,

    Just wondering when the minimum course points for the CAO will be released for 2015.

    On Monday. Offers can be viewed online at 6am. Points will be in the paper.

  • 16:26

    Hi there, I've received my LC results and I'm hoping to do Law and politics in UCD! I got 580 points and I also qualify for Hear. Should I be safe?  


    Nobody will know for definite until Monday. I would be very confident that you will get an offer given your points and being a Hear applicant.


    Best of luck.

  • 16:30

    Hi, just wondering how are the CAO applications for nursing this year. I'm 10 points short on a lot of last year's points. Is there any indication the points may come down?  

    Nursing has remained popular but nobody will know for definite until Monday. A 10-point decrease is quite a bit for nursing. It may happen as points do go up and down.


    I wish you the best of luck.

  • 16:36

    Hi there, do you recommend viewing all scripts as it's free and that you know to appeal any from there? Need around 15 extra points I think.

    You have nothing to lose and it's free. I recommend that you go for it.

    Best of luck.

  • 16:38

    Hi there, is there any indication that arts at NUIG will rise much on last year's first round points of 300?  

    Arts programmes don't tend to change much as they can accommodate a large volume of students. However, nobody will know the course cut off points until Monday.

  • 16:41

    What would be the minimum points, roughly, you could get UCD science for with Dare?  

    Sixty points is the maximum point reduction from the Dare scheme. It is not guaranteed that all Dare applicants recieve this reduction. It will depend on the number of Dare places available on each course and the points of Dare applicants. Minimum entry requirements must also be met.

  • 16:43

    Say I accept a lower choice course while appealing my results, my appeal is successful and I am offered my first choice course. If I have already started the previous course would I drop this immediately to start new course in 2016.  

    The results of the rechecks and final CAO offers come about in October.  Many students upon receiving a higher offer in the rechecks have dropped out of the lower preference course they have already started and launched into their new course.  This can sometimes be up to six weeks into the course and may require some catching up.

  • 16:44
  • 16:51

    Is the max point reduction for Hear 60 points as it is with Dare?  

    It varies from instution to instution. Most give up to sixty points. Please see below answer to same question. Each college has an Access officer. I would advise you to contact this person in the institution of interest.

  • 17:06

    Hi my son got 255 in his leavingcert and 300 for his portfolio which gives him 555 is he in with a good chance for visual communications which was 450 last year  

    I would be very hopefully but nobody will know for definite until Monday. He has a lot of points to spare. Best of luck.

  • 17:09

    Will course offers for Trinity though DARE come at the same time as the other offers? About 20 points short of Psychology/Economics which was 570 last year  


    Yes. If you meet all the necessary requirements then you should recieve an offer on Monday.

  • 17:13

    Hi Brian and Deirdre,
    I understand Tue.18th is the final day to submit the form for a re-check of papers, but can you give me an outline of the chronology in terms of when to request viewing of papers  when that should take place and with whom?  

    The viewing of scripts will take place in schools on Friday 28th August and Saturday 29th August 2015.  Teachers are often the person who views the paper with you. This is an option but not a must.

  • 17:26

    Hi Deidre and Brian, my son got 310, the points for his course last year was 350, does he still have a chance to get on his course?  

    Nobody will know for sure until Monday. A 40 point drop is a lot. However it has happened before.  The popularity of the course along with the points of interested candiates will determine the cut-off points for each course. Unfortunately, I don't have access to such information.


    Best wishes.

  • 17:33

    Hi there, do you happen to know what the story is with the Trinity Feasibility study about how much of a point reduction it can give (if any at all) or whether places are offered from entering one months ago?  

    Hi, I was trying to get through to the TCD admissions office to get details of points for last year for these courses through the feasability study.  This is the only information I could find online as the office is now closed.  The points score for Law in the normal first round was 525* In the first round offers were made to feasability students with points ranging from 465 to 520, with five of the students having points 500+. The points score for History in the normal first round was 470. In the first round offers were made to feasibility students with points ranging from 335 to 465, with eight of the students having points 400+.  Hope this is of some help.  If you need more information maybe you could ring the TCD admissions office in the morning.

  • 17:35

    I'm short on primary teaching points. I really want to become a teacher. Can you tell me my other options? Thanks

    Many people study a level 8 from a range of disciplines and then enter into a postgrad in Primary School Teaching.

    I recommend that you study a level 8 degree in an area of interest to you. Hopefully you will continue on to a postgrad in teaching but if not at least you have a degree in an area of interest also.

    Those who don’t have the necessary qualifications but who are in possession of an honours primary degree can apply for an 18-month Graduate Diploma course. This postgraduate conversion course is available from the following higher education institutions: St Patrick’s College (Drumcondra), Mary Immaculate College, Froebel College of Education, and Coláiste Mhuire (Marino Institute of Education.  

    You could also get a similar qualification from the UK. One must sit and pass an Irish exam in return from the UK.

    Hope that this is of help.

  • 17:45

    Hi Brian and Deirdre,

    My son didn't get the points he needs for his preferred course. There is another course he likes but didn't add to his CAO application. This course is in an Institute college. Is there anyway he can apply for this?

    Nobody knows the points for 2015 yet.

    The only courses that he can add to this years CAO form is courses that come in under vacant places. These courses will start becoming available tomorrow and more may be added as time goes on.  

  • 17:46

    I got 580 points today hoping to do Veterinary Medicine... I'm already dreading the wait till Monday to see if the points will change..

    The only consolation Natalie is you are not the only one.  I think in many ways the wait until Monday is nearly as bad as the wait for today to get the results.  Best of luck on Monday.

  • 17:51

    Hi, I've got enough points for Arts in Galway based on the CAO points from 2014. As there was an increase in the number of students applying for CAO this year in comparison to last year, will the points needed rise?  

    Not necessarily so for your course.  Yes there were more students sitting the Leaving Certificate and CAO application numbers were up but we have no way of knowing how that is going to translate into points changes for the various course areas.  Some courses may be more affected by above more than others e.g. Architecture, Construction, etc.  I would hope that you will be ok for Arts in Galway. Analysis of applications data would seem to suggest that the points for Arts are likely to stay at the same level.

  • 17:53

    Hi there, my daughter got 430 points today and has International Arts in UCC as her 2nd preference. Points last year were 455. She is eligible in DARE - what are her chances in getting this? Many thanks.  

    I would be quite hopeful. DARE candidates can get up a sixty point reduction. How much of a point reduction will depend on how many DARE places available on the course and the points and number of other DARE applicants aiming for this course. I still reckon that your daughter has a very good chance of being offered a place. Nobody will know for definite until Monday.  


    The best of luck.

  • 17:58
    Marie Just a note of thanks for all your words of wisdom which are very helpful... Take a bow.
  • 17:58
    Val Thanks a million for your reply. The answers to the questions on here are excellent and a real consolation when in doubt.
  • 18:02

    Hi i have got 300 points and I want to enter in NCIRL computing course level 8 , do you think the required entry points will fall this year??  

    Hi, unfortunately I don't expect the points on that course to fall to 300 but the good news is there is a level 6 course NC102 which had a requirement of only 220 points last year and whcih can be used to gain access to a level 8 course.

  • 18:04
    That's it for today, the helpdesk is now closed and will reopen at 10.00am in the morning until 6.00pm.