World Cup Day Eight

Suarez may not be 100%, but he could still send England home. Follow all today's action here

Patrick Madden Thu, Jun 19
LIVE: World Cup Day Eight

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  • Patrick Madden


    It’s been a full week since the start of the 2014 World Cup, and I don’t think anybody was quite prepared for what was in store.

    There were 11 goals yesterday. Five came in a thriller between Australia and the Netherlands, including the strike of the tournament so far from Tim Van Basten (or Marco Van Cahill). Four came in a late night procession as Croatia mullered a Cameroon side forced to play with 10 men after Alex Song inexplicably planted his elbow between Mario Mandzukic’s shoulder blades.

    So that gives us nine. The other two goals? Oh, well they were scored by Chile as they sent holders Spain crashing out after two games. It was a quiet day.

    Today, Ing-er-land play Uruguay. If Roy’s boys win they’re back on track, if not then it’s probably curtains. But whatever happens, at least they’ve outlasted Spain.

    We’ve also got Group C. Japan play a Greek side who were pretty tragic last time out later tonight, but first Colombia play the Ivory Coast.

    Team news on its way.

  • Patrick Madden


    COLOMBIA:  Ospina; Zuniga, Yepes, Zapata, Armero; Sanchez, Aguilar, Cuadrado, Rodriguez, Ibarbo; Gutierrez

    IVORY COAST:  Boubacar Barry; Aurier, Bamba, Zokora, Boka; Cheick, Die, Yaya Toure; Gradel, Bony, Gervinho

  • Patrick Madden Drogba on the bench for the Ivory Coast.
  • Patrick Madden

    Both of these sides come into today's game off the back of a winning start. Colombia were impressive against a dour Greek side, and were as energetic and boistrous as the sea of yellow roaring them on in Belo Horizonte.

    It wasn't as straight forward for the Ivory Coast, who needed Didier Drogba to come off the bench to inspire a quick-fire turn around against Japan.

    Win today and you're through, lads.

  • Patrick Madden We're in the tunnel in Brasilia.
  • Patrick Madden Cracking ground, the Estadio Nacional. It's well and truly yellow today.
  • Patrick Madden Jose Pekerman is so revered in Colombia for getting Los Cafeteros to the World Cup finals he received over 400,000 votes in Colombia's presidential election at the weekend. He wasn't standing for office.
  • Patrick Madden Howard Webb's in charge of the spray for this one.
  • Patrick Madden Ivory Coast get us started.
  • Patrick Madden These two kit colours are very complimentary. Ivory Coast in all green and Colombia in their usual yellow. If you're watching in HD it must be an absolute treat.
  • Patrick Madden Close! First chance for Colombia after five minutes. The ball is headed back out form a long ball and Gutierrez pounces, but his left-footed effort biunces wide.
  • Patrick Madden Play has stopped to get rid of a huge inflatable football from the side of the pitch. Webb clearly doesn't want a Darren Bent beachball incident.
  • Patrick Madden

    Close again for Colombia. Fantastic, lucid passing from Colombia gets Cuadrado in on the right but the cross doesn't quite reach Gutierrez.

    And then Ivory Coast break instantly, a fantastic ball played through to Gervinho who wins a corner.

    Very promising start, this.

  • Patrick Madden Armero clobbers Gradel on the right handside, giving away a free kick. Toure's delivery is headed away and all of a sudden the Ivory Coast are exposed, Colombia break but Rogriguez's ball is cut out by Zokora.
  • Patrick Madden Colombia look very, very dangerous - they're just lacking the killer ball at the moment. This time it's Rodriguez again in space but Gutierrez can't quite reach his through-ball.
  • Patrick Madden

    Frightening pace from Cuadrado sees him get in behind the full back and win a corner.

    Watching Colombia is like watching a game of FIFA where you fiddle with the settings so every player runs at 100mph.

  • Patrick Madden Serey Die gives away a free kick outside spray territory. Rodriguez lofts it in towards Yepes who concedes a free kick.
  • Patrick Madden

    An excellent diagonal ball from Rodriguez finds Cuadrado who wins a corner kick.

    Barry flaps at Rodriguez's delivery and Ivory Coast are away.

  • Patrick Madden Howard Webb's face and head are the same colour as his shirt.
  • Patrick Madden Ooooh. Tiote has a sighter but it's always rising.
  • Petey Come on Colombia, a win here and im still on for a successful accumulator. Don't let me down!
  • Patrick Madden NO! Gutierrez misses an absolute sitter, and it would have been a great goal. Cuadrado plays a deep diagonal ball and Rodgiguez's cross is perfect, but the Colombian centre-forward gets it horribly wrong with the goal at his mercy. Chance.
  • Patrick Madden I'm also after a Los Cafeteros win to keep my treble alive, Petey. Come on the yellows!
  • Patrick Madden Ospina gives the ball straight to Aurier, whose left-footed effort is gratefully gathered in by the Colombia 'keeper.
  • Patrick Madden

    Serey Die has a go from distance and wins a corner. Gradel's delivery is headed out and Colombia are up the other end in a flash.

    Great play form Cuadrado and he finds Rodriguez but his delivery just evades Gutierrez.

    They are lightening on the counter.

  • Patrick Madden

    This has been played at a frantic pace, but neither 'keeper has really been tested yet.

    Great feet from Gervinho on the edge of the Colombian box and the ball bounces out to Gradel who lashes a shot straight into Armero and away.

  • Patrick Madden One minute to be added on.
  • Patrick Madden Vital interception from Tiote who nicks it off Rodriguez just as Colombia were about to race forward again.
  • Patrick Madden

    That was much better than the score suggests. Colombia picked up where they left off against Greece, and have looked electric going forward. They've lacked a cutting edge, however, with the brilliantly named Barry rarely tested.

    It's been the same for the Ivory Coast, and Yaya Toure has struggled to get into the game.

    It promises to be an absorbing second half. See you in 15.

  • Patrick Madden Official teams aren't out yet for tonight's England game, but it looks like Roy Hodgson will start with the same XI as the Italy game. The big question, then, is how do you solve a problem like Wayne? Will he start central, like he should, or be wasted on the left?
  • Patrick Madden Colombia get the second half started.
  • Patrick Madden

    Gervinho's at full tilt and gets shoulder charged by Zapata.

    Yaya Toure is over the free kick but the ball is straight to Ospina.

  • Patrick Madden Lovely one-two between Ibarbo and Gutierrez but Ibarbo just gets it caught under his feet as he reaches the edge of the box.
  • Patrick Madden Great play form Yaya Toure and he plays in Gervinho, who isn't quite going to reach it so he throws himself onto the ground in a heap. Webb quite rightly isn't interested.
  • Patrick Madden

    Free kick for Ivory Coast after Aguilar brings down Yaya Toure.

    Webb's got the spray out. Toure's curling effort is miles wide of the near post.

  • Patrick Madden First sub for Colombia, Ibarbo is off and replaced by Quintero.
  • Patrick Madden Yellow card for Zokora after he goes clattering through the back of Cuadrado. Daft foul and he'll miss the last group game.
  • Patrick Madden Lovely ball form Yaya Toure with the outside of his boot finds Wilfried Bony in between two defenders, but his attempted overhead-kick doesn't come off. Would have been special.
  • Patrick Madden Armero gets lucky. His touch is heavy and Gredel pounces but Yepes makes a vital challenge on the edge of the six-yard box.
  • Patrick Madden

    CROSS BAR! Great feet from Cuadardo gets him to the byline and his cross/shot is tipped onto the bar by Barry.

    Colombia crank up the pressure Armero wins a free kick.

    Big change for Ivory Coast, Drogba on for Bony. And he's in the game straight away, heading Rodriguez's ball for a corner, which is defended well.

  • Patrick Madden

    Free kick for Colombia after Bamba sees out Rodriguez's searching long ball.

    Cuadrado to take.

  • Patrick Madden GOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!
  • Patrick Madden COLOMBIA 1 IVORY COAST 0
  • Patrick Madden James Rodriguez, Colombia's golden boy, meets the corner with a thumping header Drogba would be proud of. It's deserved.
  • Petey About time! Come on lads, my phone bill really needs paying
  • Patrick Madden Can Drogba inspire another win from behind? He's got 25 minutes to make something happen.
  • Patrick Madden And he has made something happen, winning a free kick dead centre 25 yards out...
  • Patrick Madden Kalou on for Max Gradel.
  • Patrick Madden Yaya Toure wastes it, hitting it straight into the wall. Drogba won't be happy with that.
  • Patrick Madden Pressure building for Ivory Coast, and they've won two corners on the bounce. Aurier's delivery is poor though and it's headed away.
  • Patrick Madden COLOMBIA 2 IVORY COAST 0
  • Patrick Madden Rodriguez pickpockets Serey Die, who finds Gutierrez. He slides in Quintero and his finish is cool into the bottom corner, bringing up his first international goal. Colombia are lethal on the break, what a goal.
  • Patrick Madden Armero coming off for Arias.
  • Patrick Madden Serey Die, who was at fault for the second goal, is coming off for Bolly.
  • Patrick Madden GOOAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!
  • Patrick Madden COLOMBIA 2 IVORY COAST 1
  • Patrick Madden

    GERVINHO! He picks up the ball on the left touchline and cuts inside. He gets a ricochet and then shimmys, jinks and shapes to curl it into the far corner. But instead, he hammers it at the nearpost, wrong-footing Ospina who can only get a hand to it.

    Game on.

  • Petey I don't know who is more nervous now, myself or EE
  • Patrick Madden This should be a frantic last 15 in Brasilia, another brilliant game so far.
  • Patrick Madden Colombian change, Aguilar off and Mejia on.
  • Patrick Madden Into the last 10. Big challenge from Arias but he concedes a corner which Yepes heads away brilliantly.
  • Patrick Madden Aurier plays a low cross in and Bolly ducks low, his glancing header looping over the bar.
  • Patrick Madden

    Great play from Aurier, who burns Arias down the right and is brought down.

    Yaya Toure over the free kick, green shirts packing the penalty area, but it's over the top of everyone.  

  • Patrick Madden

    Colombia break and Cuadrado is hacked down in the middle by Tiote, but gets the ball away.

    It's crying out for the switch and Quintero tries it, but instead his ball is straight at goal and a scrambling Barry just keeps it out!

    Tiote is booked for his troubles.

    There will be four minutes added time.

  • Patrick Madden The ball is played back and Arias completely misses it, Drogba pounces but is just pipped to the ball by Ospina. Sharp goalkeeping.
  • Patrick Madden

    What a game. Colombia are as good as through and it's a deserved three points. Ivory Coast rallied but didn't quite have enough.

    Gary Lineker on the BBC has just said: 'I love this World Cup.'

    Me too Gary, me too.

  • Patrick Madden Coming up, England against Uruguay....
  • Patrick Madden

    England's last World Cup outing in Brazil got off to an underwhelming start, much like this one. A draw against Egypt, and then a hiding at the hands of Ramirez's Mexico, left them needing an unlikely victory over Argentina, but they managed it thanks to Kevin Tonkinson's miraculous, Maradona-esque goal. Tonka's goal provided the inspiration needed to go on a fantastic run to the semi-finals, beating Romania and France on the way.

    If England can muster just a sliver of the spirit of 2002, they should have enough to beat Uruguay tonight.

    Here's THAT goal to get you in the mood...

  • Patrick Madden

    Incase you didn't catch them before, here's tonight's teams.

    URUGUAY:  Muslera; Caceres, Gimenez, Godin, Pereira; Lodeiro, Gonzalez, Arevalo Rios, Rodriguez; Cavani, Suarez.

    ENGLAND:  Hart; Johnson, Cahill, Jagielka, Baines; Henderson, Gerrard; Sterling, Rooney, Welbeck; Sturridge.

    Referee:  Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP)

  • Patrick Madden Same starting XI for England. Hodgson says Sterling will be out on the left and Rooney will play centrally, as expected.
  • Patrick Madden

    Here's the official England World Cup song.

    It's on me 'ead son, not off me 'ead son!...

  • Patrick Madden

    The teams are in the tunnel at the Arena Corinthians.  

    This is a big one.

  • Patrick Madden Uruguay to kick off. Here we go.
  • Patrick Madden Almost for England. Baines plays the ball into the box from deep and Sturridge rolls his man. Muslera dives on it but then spills it at the feet of the Liverpool man who can adjust his feet in time.
  • Patrick Madden

    Corner for Uruguay. Raheem Sterling tries to do too much and Lodeiro wins it off him. Suarez is in behind and Cahill concedes.

    Close! Suarez whips it in to the near post with Hart already steaming out to the edge of the six yard box. He recovers though and parries it away.

  • Patrick Madden

    Free kick for England in a dangerous position, Lodeiro this time fouling Sterling.

    Baines to take, his ball headed away by Cavani.

  • Patrick Madden

    Free kick for England and a yellow card for Godin. Great play by Welbeck finds Sturridge and his attempted dink through is handballed by the Uruguay skipper.

    Rooney to take...

  • Patrick Madden CLOSE! Muslera is rooted to the spot and Rooney's effort is inches away from the angle.
  • Patrick Madden CLOSE! Jagielka stabs at the ball as it comes in and it reaches Rodriguez on the angle, he laces it and the left-footed effort is just over.
  • Patrick Madden

    Corner for England. A great ball from Sterling towards Welbeck starts a spell of pressure for England, the ball reaches Sturridge and his effort is deflected over.

    Gerrard to take the corner, but it's a very poor delivery and is headed away at the near post.

  • Patrick Madden It's a very English start to the game, blood and thunder.
  • Dave M 20 mins in and Suarez has not scored, bitten anyone, or obviously used the "N" word.
  • Patrick Madden Sterling fouls Pereira on the wide left. Suarez whips it in from the touchline and it's much better handling from Hart who snatches it at the back post.
  • Patrick Madden

    Cute play from Uruguay finds Lodeiro inside the box, he tries to play in Cavani but Gary Cahill is across and sees it out for a corner.

    The ball is played in low by Suarez and Cavani gets a yard on Cahill, his curling effort only just over the top.

  • Patrick Madden Great flick from Sturridge and Welbeck gets in behind, his ball is seen out by a blue shirt but the ref inexplicably gives a goal kick.
  • Patrick Madden

    Sterling plays a sharp ball into Sturidge who dummys and rolls Godin to get onto Rooney's return ball, but he's fouled by Godin. Could have been a second yellow for the Uruguay skipper.

    Gerrard's free kick is headed out by... Godin.

  • Patrick Madden

    Danny Welbeck wins a free kick after getting ahead of Caceres near the left corner.

    Gerrard to take. And CLOSE! Rooney hits the angle with a header at the back post!

  • Patrick Madden Good play again from England. Welbeck plays in Johnson and his delivery just evades Sturridge.
  • Patrick Madden Sturridge has an effort from way out and it's probably still rising now. Speculative.
  • Patrick Madden GOOOAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!
  • Patrick Madden URUGUAY 1 ENGLAND 0
  • Patrick Madden Guess who? Weak from Gerrard and he lets in Lodeiro. He feeds Cavani and it's a great clipped ball to Suarez at the back post, and he heads back across Hart. Where was Jagielka? England all over the place.
  • Patrick Madden

    CLOSE! England go up the other end, Rooney plays in Sturridge and his thumping effort is punched away by Muslera at the near post.

    Gerrard to take the corner. It evades everyone but Rooney retrieves it and wins another on the far side. It's comfortably defended.

  • Patrick Madden Another flurry of corners for England, but Uruguay remain resolute.
  • Patrick Madden There'll be one minute added on.
  • Patrick Madden HALF TIME: URUGUAY 1 ENGLAND 0
  • Patrick Madden

    England have been the better side, but it's the same old story, with the three lions being unable to make their possession tell.

    Uruguay are a different beast to their opener against Costa Rica, but it's taken a moment of brilliance from the Cavani - Suarez axis to drag them ahead.

    A huge 45 coming up for Roy Hodgson and England.

  • Patrick Madden They're showing replays of Godin's challenge on Sturridge, he really should be off the pitch for a second yellow card.
  • Patrick Madden England start the second half.
  • Patrick Madden

    Uruguay win a corner after Godin's long free kick skims off the head of Glen Johnson.

    Suarez drills it in at the near post again and Joe Hart Parries. England are all over the place at the back, how have they let that happen again?

  • Patrick Madden

    Another corner for Uruguay after Gerrard blocks Gonzalez's shot. England are still in the dressing room.

    Suarez takes but it's headed away. And then it's straight back in and finds Suarez on the right but he drags his shot horribly wide.

  • Patrick Madden England are all over the shop. Henderson is bullied off the ball and Rodriguez plays in Cavani, but he can't curl his shot past Hart when clean through.
  • Patrick Madden CLOSE! Baines cross finds its way to Rooney, and his sharp effort is parried by Muslera. Welbeck chases after it and gets there before Pereira who clips his ankles. If he'd have gone down England could have had a penalty.
  • Patrick Madden Welbeck catches Muslera stretching for a ball across the box, it's just too far ahead of him.
  • Patrick Madden Great play by Sterling as he beats two men but the ball gets caught under his feet and he concedes a goal kick.
  • Patrick Madden

    Ouch. It looks like Pereira is out cold. Replays show he caught Sterling's knee in the temple after sliding in.

    Pereira's back up and he's berating the team doctor saying he wants to stay on, but he's got to come off, surely.

  • Patrick Madden Looks like they're going to let him carry on.
  • Patrick Madden Pereira seems to have recovered, with an over-zealous challenge on Johnson going unpunished.  
  • catherine Madness
  • Patrick Madden Sterling's night is over, he's replaced by Ross Barkley.
  • Patrick Madden Sturridge steals a yard but his ball is too close to Muslera.
  • Patrick Madden Nicolas Lodeiro is being replaced by Cristhian Stuani.
  • Patrick Madden Gerrard booked for a late challenge on Rodriguez.
  • Patrick Madden Time is running out for England. They've got 20 minutes to save their World Cup.
  • Patrick Madden Lallana on for Danny Welbeck.
  • Patrick Madden

    Sturridge turns and twists on the edge of the box and makes a yard for himself, but after doing the hard work his shot is tame.


  • Patrick Madden WAYNE ROONEY
  • Patrick Madden URUGUAY 1 ENGLAND 1
  • Patrick Madden Who's the scapegoat now?! Great play from Sturridge on the near side and he plays in Johnson. He plays it across the box and Wayne Rooney is there at the back post. Get in Wazza!
  • Patrick Madden Close! Baines finds Sturridge on the penalty spot and his snapshot is scrambled away by Muslera. England have got their tails up here.
  • Patrick Madden Fucile is on for Gonzalez.
  • Patrick Madden According to Clive Tyldesly there's been an average of three goals a game at this World Cup. Is there a third here? 10 to go.
  • Patrick Madden Two defensive headers from Cahill concede two corners but both are dealt with by England.
  • Patrick Madden URUGUAY 2 ENGLAND 1
  • Patrick Madden Another mistake from Steven Gerrard lets you know who in, and he unleashes an unstoppable effort into the roof of the net. Could be curtains for England.
  • Patrick Madden Henderson coming off for Ricky Lambert.
  • Patrick Madden Suarez's work is done. He's being replaced by Sebastian Coates.
  • Patrick Madden England have got five minutes to save their World Cup.
  • Patrick Madden Gerrard tries one from 25 yards but it's miles wide. England have never lost their opening two games at the World Cup before. Looks like that's about to change.
  • Patrick Madden A minute to go. Rooney wins a corner.
  • Patrick Madden Hart is up, but it's out for a goal kick.
  • Patrick Madden FULL TIME: URUGUAY 2 ENGLAND 1
  • Patrick Madden

    England's World Cup destiny is now out of their hands. Two moments of Suarez magic mean England need to beat Costa Rica and hope Italy win both their remaining games. Even that might not be enough.


  • Patrick Madden

    It could all be over for England tomorrow, if a repeat of the Joel Campbell show sees Costa Rica nab a draw against Italy.

    England aren't dead and buried just yet, but the post-mortem will surely begin now.

    They were unlucky, and ultimately it was two moments of brilliance from Suarez, capitalising on English errors, which made the difference.

    I'm off for a pint to cheer myself up. Thanks for joining me today.