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Elections: As Europe votes we bring you the results throughout the evening

Genevieve Carbery and Hugh Linehan Sun, May 25
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  • 08:02
    Good morning and welcome to day two of our election results coverage. We'll be with you all day for the locals and late for the Europeans. There's been lots of results overnight which we'll bring you momentarily. Genevieve Carbery here all day, I can be contacted on Twitter @genevievecarber
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    You can catch up on the action into the wee hours last night which saw two new women elected to the Dail, Ruth Coppinger and Gabrielle McFadden with Rachel Flaherty here.    and you can find our local results pie chart, updated throughout the day here.    The European results won't be announced till 10pm (or later as counts may continue till tomorrow) but we'll bring you the lastest tallies as we get them, There's lots more local results to  come.  
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    The state of the parties so far: Fianna Fail 26% Sinn Fein 27%, Independents 26%, Fine Gael 16%, Labour 3.8%. And what did the Taoiseach have to say about this?  “Elections are always difficult.. It was not a good day for people in Government. Clearly, we’ve lost a substantial number of councillors who would have served their communities well over the years"
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    First to some overnight results as Sinndependence Weekend continues.
    WICKLOW/LOCAL First to Wicklow where results in the last hour show two seats for Sinn Fein and four for indepenents

  • 08:16
    BLACKROCK/LOCAL A rare win for Labour taking the last seat in the Blackrock constituency (where Fianna Fail pulled off their accidental two-seat coup with Hannafin and Feeney).  
  • 08:23

    Some local results from Cork where three Fine Gael women were elected overnight.  
    MACROOM/BLARNEY - Kevin Conway (Ind) Ted Lucey (FG) Bob Ryan (FF) elected on the ninth count
    BALLINCOLLIG Forde, Deirdre (FG) elected on the ninth countCORK EAST: Susan McCarthy (FG) Elected Mary Linehan Foley (Ind) Elected on the 10th count, Michael Hegarty (FG) Elected on the 9th count. Reporting - Olivia Kelleher.

    WEST CORK: ,FF’s Joe Carroll and FG’s Noel O’Donovan on 11th count (reporting Louise Rosengrave)
  • 08:29
    The story of the poll topper in Bandon/Kinsale, reflects the wider story across the country and the allure of the Sinn Fein brand and message.  

    BANDON/KINSALE LOCAL  Louise Rosengrave reports: Sinn Fein’s Rachel McCarthy topped the poll with 2,344 first preference votes. She mounted a strong campaign as an ‘alternative voice.’  Opposed to water charges and property tax, the mum of two said ‘people are looking for change.’  “The others haven’t delivered,” she said.

    Labour candidate Thomas O’Brien lost heavily to McCarthy, polling 1,097 first preference votes. Also elected on the first count with 2,288 was Fianna Fail’s Alan Coleman, a long serving councillor first elected to Cork County Council in 1991.

    The surprise incumbent here is first time candidate James O’Donovan FG (25) from Bandon, a sales manager who said he offered truth and honesty to West Cork voters, who came through on the 8th count with 2,222, 61 under quota.

    The eighth count brought Margaret Murphy O’Mahony FF and Kevin Murphy FG polled 2,349 and 2,368 respectively to fill the 6 seat constituency.


  • 08:36

    In Carlow, where water charges, pylons and revised electoral boundaries were on the agenda, there were some overnight wins for Fine Gael and some gains for Sinn Fein.
    CARLOW/LOCAL Michael Doran (FG), John Murphy, (FG) and Denis Foley (FG) were all elected on count 12 of the Mhuinebheag area. Newcomer, 26 year old Brian O’Donoghue, (FG) took the fifth seat in the Carlow electoral. FF’s Arthur McDonald took a seat on the 10th count . First time candidate, SF’s Andy Gladney took seat in Bagenalstown area. This was the second victory for the party after John Cassin was elected on the first count in the Carlow area .

  • 08:39

    You can’t beat an Irish election for a bit of an oul recount, no better way to learn that you can’t hurry democracy. There are a few starting today.
    ATHENRY/ORANMORE in Galway A full recount has been ordered following the elimination of Cathal Moran (FF). After the 12th count, Mr Moran was eliminated when he trailed Martina Kinane by just 19 votes and he requested a recount. The recount is schedule to start at 12 noon.
    TALLAGHT SOUTH A full recount has been called in Tallaght South, reportedly over just two disputed votes. The two votes were allegedly contested between Fine Gael’s David Yeates, still in the running at the fourth count, and Fianna Fáil’s Emmett Hegarty, eliminated in the last round

  • 08:44

    I think coffee on a drip will be called for at some count centres today.

    TIPPERARY – the local election count was suspended at 3.20am with more than half the seats yet to be filled. (It resumes at noon).
    Sinn Féin performed strongly in the county, with two seats already. It is running at 10% of the vote with independents on 32% with five seats. Fine Gael also with five seats and 27% . Fianna Fáil is on 24%, three seats so far, but Labour has fared poorly with a 6% share and no seats to date in Tipperary.
    Among the winners last night were Michael Smith, son of former Fianna Fáil minister Michael Smith, who topped the poll in the Thurles-Templemore electoral area and  newcomer Martin Lonergan who topped the poll in Clonmel for independent TD Mattie McGrath’s organisation. (Conor Kane reporting) .

  • 08:51
    It's about this sleep-deprived time in every election count we begin to call for electronic voting. I think election counts are like childbirth -  after it's all over everyone looks back with rose-tinted glasses and says it was such a great experience sure why would we want to ruin that with e-voting :)
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    Yet another beleaguered Labour minister was taking stock early this morning as it looks on with shock at the field of discarded candidates that is the party:

    Minister of State Sean Sherlock “I would differ maybe from some of my senior party colleagues and would say this is not just a protest vote, I think this is a call by people for a fundamental shift in Irish politics. We have to acknowledge and to embrace the fact that Sinn Fein are now on the rise. They are part and parcel of the Irish political system and there is every likelihood that they will govern in 2016 based on these trends.” (Georgina O’Halloran reporting from Cork)

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    SLIGO Two sure things (I know there aren’t many of those in this election) were elected on the first count in Sligo Declan Bree (Indep), Sean McManus (SF) on the first count.
    It is anticipated that a second SF candidate, Thomas Healy m will also be elected in the 10 –seater, as will Independent candidate Marie. People Before Profit candidate Seamie O’Boyle’s is likely to be in contention for one of the final seats. Sligo count adjourned till 10.30am. (Marse McDonagh reporting)

  • 09:12

    It’s going to be a long day and night. Just a quarter of the 40 seats in Limerick’s new local authority were filled when the count was suspended early this morning. And it’s yet another historic win for Sinn Fein.

    LIMERICK Sinn Fein’s Lisa Marie Sheehy (20) won the first seat for her party in Co Limerick for almost 100 years on the first count.
    In Cappamore-Kimallock, independent candidate Brigid Teefy topped the poll in this area where Fine Gael secured two seats, and Fianna Fail secured three. Sinn Fein’s Maurice Quinlivan was elected in Limerick City North while Seighin O’Ceallaigh (22) also of Sinn Fein and Shane Clifford of Fianna Fail were both elected in Limerick City East.(Kathryn Hayes reporting)

  • 09:14
    New TD Gabrielle McFadden described her victory as a “bitter sweet’’, given the death of her sister, Nicky, from motor neurone disease last March.

    She said her priorities as a new TD would be the creation of jobs for Longford-Westmeath. “The economy is recovering, but people are not feeling it as they should,’’ she added. “It seems to me that the recovery is happening more in Dublin than down the country.’’ Michael O'Regan reports .  

  • 09:16
    An update on the overall state of play:  With close to 400 of the 949 seats filled so far - Independents/Others have an overall first preference vote of 28.4 per cent; Fianna Fáil is on 24.4 per cent; Sinn Fein received 16.1 per cent of first preference votes so far while Fine Gael and Labour have received 23.5 per cent and 7.6 per cent of the first preference vote respectively.
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    It would be churlish for any party - not least a strategy-obsessed party like Sinn Fein - to assume that these results would hold up in a general election scenario. It certainly shows that party are on a long-term upward trajectory but it doesn’t necessarily mean the rise will be inevitable....Harry McGee reflects on the results so far.  
  • 09:44
    Some overnight results for Dublin City  Council include Naoise O'Muiri FG elected in Clontarf, Brendan Carr (Lab), David Costello FF and Teresa Keegan Ind in Cabra Finglas, Catherine Ardagh and Pat Dunne elected in Crumlin Kimmage on the 14th count without reaching the quota . And in case you missed it Dublin lord mayor Oisin Quinn lost his seat. Full results for Dublin city here.
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    It wouldn't be an Irish election without winning candidates hurting other people's shoulders by sitting on them. I'm just waiting for the first selfie from this position to be tweeted.  
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    “Sinn Fein and Independents are promising a form of Utopia. They are going to fix the health services build more hospitals, provide more SNAs in schools, weaken the water charges and they are really not providing answers where they are going to get the money? The type of Utopia that Sinn Fein has promised is undeliverable without leading the country back to bankruptcy.” – Fine Gael’s Charlie Flanagan has said on RTE Radio in the past few minutes   Sinn Fein TD Parse Doherty promising a “fairness in the recovery”.
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    “People seem to have blotted out the fact that we had an existential crisis and dramatic things had to be done to save the country” Labour's Pat Rabbitte not best pleased with voters this morning.
  • 10:07

    You know when you filled in your long ballot paper – well if your number one didn’t win your number two etc is definitely being used in this election. A FG “poll topper” in Clare has just been elected on the 12th count. Oh the wonderment of the PR voting system continues.
    CLARE LOCAL: Fine Gael’s poll topper in the Ennis area, Cllr Johnny Flynn has just been elected on the 12th count in Ennis giving FG its second seat in Clare.
    Fianna Fail’s Tom McNamara is expected to be elected later on this morning with newcomer and independent, Ann Norton not too far behind. Fine Gael are also expecting that Mary Howard, daughter of the late FG senator Michael Howard, will be elected here during the day. (Gordon Deegan reporting)

  • 10:15
    Some sunshine for FG in Co Cork this morning where there's been two winners declared for the party since counting  resumed:  

    WEST CORK: FF’s Joe Carroll and FG’s Noel O’Donovan elected on 12th count. 5 seats left, 7 candidates. 13th count underway.
    BALLINCOLLIG: Cllr Deirdre Forde (FG) elected CT 14 (Louise Rosengrave reporting)

  • 10:20
    Efficiency or the sign of an unsuccessful campaign? Either way workers for Mary Fitzpatrick (FF) MEP candidate Dublin removing posters in Kimmage today.   Photo: David Labanyi
    Efficiency or the sign of an unsuccessful campaign? Either way workers for Mary Fitzpatrick (FF) MEP candidate Dublin removing posters in Kimmage today.  Photo: David Labanyi
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  • 10:34
    Just what we need to cheer this Sunday morning,a little bit of romance at the count centre as a husband and wife were elected for the Greens.  
  • 10:48

    Expected Indep MEP Luke Ming Flanagan will be “keeping a million miles away from extreme right wing euroskeptics” in his political grouping in Europe (which he hasn’t chosen). It’s time we had a  “far more compassionate euroskepticism that questioned where the EU is going without giving various nationalities a kicking," he has just told Newstalk radio. Phew no UKIP alliance from Ireland then.  

  • 10:53

    So if it’s not a good election to be a government, it’s not a good election to be a Mayor either.

    CLARE Clare’s highest profile casualty of the local elections, current mayor, Cllr Joe Arkins (FG) says that he has gone out of a high after the year he has had as mayor.
    “. I had a great year. It was the year that Clare won two All-Irelands and it was lovely to be mayor at the time of that. I have been really impressed by the way the people of Clare have treated me as mayor.” He lost out to FF newcomer, Alan O’Callaghan by around 200 votes for the last seat.

    Other Mayoral casualties: Dublin’s Oisin Quinn, Sligo Co Co Cathaoirleach Pat McGrath, Mayor of Sligo, Labour’s Marcella McGarry

  • 10:57

    With about 40% of eligible voters kindly/lazily allowing the rest of us to decide how they will be governed after the election - here's another way to approach the issue of voter turnout.

  • 11:09

    Fianna Fail has been quietly doing fairly well in local elections as shown by the latest results from Kildare.
    KILDARE: With 13 seats/40 filled. Fianna Fáil has seen two of its candidates elected on the ninth count. Sitting councillor Willie Callaghan was elected in the Naas area, along with newcomer Robert Power. He is the son of former TD Seán Power who is fighting for a seat in the Newbridge area. So here’s the lie of the land in Kildare: 13 seats filled, FF:5 FG: 3 IND: 3 and SF 2. (ALISON HEALY reporting)

    Meanwhile just in from OFFALY John Foley Ind elected on third count in Edenderry LEA.
  • 11:14
    DUN LAOGHAIRE Two People Before Profit candidates elected in Boyd-Barrett territory along with Independent Michael Merrigan.  
  • 11:24
    RESULT TERENURE-TEMPLEOGUE - with completed count the following deemed elected (in order of first preference votes)  Dermot Looney (ind), Ronan McMahon (ind) , Fintan Warfield (SF), Paul Foley (FF) Colm Brophy (FG)  Pamela Kearns (Lab). We now have 28 seats filled in South Dublin, with three of the six constituencies completed, and a result from Clondalkin expected soon.  

    CLONDALKIN The four-way dogfight for the last two seats in Clondalkin continues, with just 100 votes separating Egan (FG), Higgins (FG), Bonner (Lab) and Timmons (ind) .

    TALLAGHT The full recount for Tallaght South has just commenced, with Sinn Féin assured of retaining their two seats.
    SOUTH DUBLIN TOTAL Here’s how the first 33 seats in the new South Dublin County Council will almost certainly shape up, with the final seven still too close to call: SF 9, FG 5, Lab 3, FF 5, AAA 2, PBP 1, Greens 1, Independents 7 .
  • 11:24
    Seats are not the only things lost in Mayo. John Condon, returning officer for Mayo and Jude Langan with a   claddagh ring which was found in a ballot box at the count centre TF Royal Hotel, Castlebar. Co. Mayo. Photo : Keith Heneghan  
    Seats are not the only things lost in Mayo. John Condon, returning officer for Mayo and Jude Langan with a  claddagh ring which was found in a ballot box at the count centre TF Royal Hotel, Castlebar. Co. Mayo. Photo : Keith Heneghan  
  • 11:31

    Another win for Sinn Fein - this new councillor was only canvassing for the past month! That's the strength of the SF brand.  
    KILKENNY RESULT:  Shortly after 10.30am Sinn Fein’s Melissa O’Neill was elected on the fifth count of the Piltown Electoral Area. She was ‘overjoyed’ with her win.
    Veteran councillor Mary Hilda Kavanagh (Fine Gael) was elected on the fourth count in  Castlecomer.
    Chairman of Kilkenny County Council Pat Dunphy (Fine Gael) was also elected on the fifth count of the Piltown Electoral Area. To date four seats have been filled on Kilkenny County Council.

  • 11:41
  • 11:46
    RESULT SOUTH DUBLIN: No longer a Green but independent Paul Gogarty has just been elected in Lucan. Not for people with sensitive ears but here's his colourful uncensored exchange with Deputy Stagg.
  • 11:52
  • 11:57
    At last the European vote count begins
  • 12:09
    More Sinn Fein dominance in Dublin and Leitrim
    DUBLIN CITY COUNCIL:  With just three of nine city council wards decided and 35 of the 63 allocated, Sinn Fein have 12 seats and have topped the poll in all but three wards. (Olivia Kelly reports)
    LEITRIM The composition of Leitrim County Council has changed more at this election than in all the elections since Independence. The success of four Sinn Féin and four independents stunned even seasoned observers of a political scene where the default position for generations has been how Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael share out the seats among themselves(Ronan McGreevy reports)
  • 12:17
    Labour got a quarter of the vote in Kildare Co Co in 2009 with 6 seats but has just got its first seat in the past few minutes. RESULT KILDARE  Labour has finally taken a seat on Kildare County Council. Anne Breen won the seat on the 12th count for the Naas area. Fine Gael’s Fintan Brett and Billy Hillis were also elected without meeting the quota so that count is now finished. Four more electoral areas to go. (Alison Healy reports)
  • 12:21
    “We’ll still probably emerge as the largest party in seats in the European Pareliament ...it’s certainly not a wipe out,” Leo Varadkar, strawclinging on Newstalk in the past few minutes.  
  • 12:32

    The redrawing of electoral boundaries and abolishing town councils is another factor playing a big part in this election. in Birr 10 candidates fight for six seats in a former 8 seater.  

    RESULT BIRR  Count 5 Carol Nolan SF Elected John Clendennen FG Elected (John Leahy Ind elected on 1st count).  

  • 12:40

    It’s not often the distribution of the surplus from a candidate elected on the first count takes long. Welcome to Kerry. The second day of the count is moving slowly with the morning spent distributing the Healy-Rae juggernaut across the two electoral areas.

    RESULT KILLARNEY This morning saw John Joe Cullotty of Fianna Fail elected after the marathon distribution of Danny Healy-Rae’s 2,354 surplus. Healy-Rae had over two quotas. Culloty was elected after the transfer of 566 votes from Healy-Rae who is of course also of the Fianna Fail gene pool, writes Anne Lucey.

    Just to remind you of the result yesterday from first count. Maybe it was d'video (to follow)

    SOUTH AND WEST KERRY Healy-Rae, Johnny 3495
    KILLARNEY Healy-Rae, Danny 4388

  • 12:43
  • 12:47
    There may be trouble ahead....for Micheal Martin.  

    Meanwhile McGuinness has arrived at the Kilkenny Count Centre with his son Andrew (who is expected to top the poll in Kilkenny City East) and his grandson one-year-old Jack (Andrew’s son).
  • 12:51
    RECOUNT DUN LAOGHAIRE  Recounts are to take place in two of the six wards of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council. The votes of the Dun Laoghaire ward, where there was little between Jane Dillon Byrne (Lab) and Mary Fayne (FG) for the last seat, and the Killiney-Shankill district, where it was close between Cillian Doyle (PBP) and Denis Callaghan (Lab), will be recounted later today (Steven Crroll reports.)
  • 13:03

    Miriam's brother is looking happy. He's just been re-elected.
    RESULT RATHGAR-RATHMINES Jim O'Callaghan (FF) elected.  

  • 13:07
    The 14th count. It's more than coffee needed at count centres. RESULT WEST CORK :A hard fought battle in west Cork concluded in losses for Fine Gael with gains for Sinn Fein and Independents after an epic overnight count. The 14th count saw four weary candidates in Sinn Fein’s Paul Hayes, Fianna Fail’s Gerard Patrick Murphy, Fine Gael’s Mary Hegarty and Independent Declan Hurley over the line. (Louise Rosengrave reports)
  • 13:08
    RESULT KILDARE:    Labour has just taken its second seat on Kildare County Council with John McGinley getting elected in the Maynooth area without reaching the quota. Fine Gael’s Tim Durkan and Fianna Fáil’s Daragh Fitzpatrick exceeded the quota and were elected, and the final seats were filled by two Fianna Fáil candidates, Naoise Ó Cearúil and Paul Ward, neither of whom reached the quota. The Maynooth count is now finished, so three more electoral areas to go in Kildare.  (Alison Healy reports)
  • 13:12
    Not everyone is losing their seats.
    RESULT LONGFORD Two sitting councillors have just been re-elected in Longford on count 5, John Browne (FG) and Gerry Warnock (Ind)
  • 13:17

    The curse of the first citizens continues.
    DUBLIN CITY COUNCIL RESULT Former Mayor Gerry Breen has has failed to get reelected for Ballymun.  

  • 13:21
    The boxer has fought back at the ballot box like an Olympic champion against the odds. Kenny Egan has been elected in Clondalkin for Fine Gael. RESULT CLONDALKIN. Kenneth Egan and Emer Higgins elected.  
  • 13:30
  • 13:34

    Labour is not singing in a chorus on the leadership elephant in the room.
    A Labour councillor who has lost his seat on Kells town council in Meath has said that Eamon Gilmore “should go as the leader of the party if he has any respect for the membership and the people on the ground.” Having served on the town council for ten years, Brian Collins was eliminated this morning at the Navan count centre having polled just 395 first preference votes. He said: “I’m gutted for myself but it’s been humiliating nationally."

    Meanwhile the word from the party HQ
  • 13:38
    Luke Ming Flanagan says social media played a big part in his election. So did this tweet help or hinder him?  
  • 13:46
  • 13:54

    It’s all to easy for people to say burn this and reverse all these decisions. ....Sinn Fein and Inds are going to have to make budget decisions at local authority level.... without a pot of gold, .Enda Kenny tells Claire Byrne on RTE Television.  
    You dont expect me to make a comment on the leadership of the Labour party... he says when asked about the question of the day.  

  • 14:00
    It's all quiet on the European front....but what will they make of our Sinn Fein picks? Some surveys show it was not an anti-EU vote.  
  • 14:03
    Still carrying out his mayoral duties is Oisin Quinn - you'd surely feel like staying under the duvet today. Beside him Minister of State Joe Costello whose wife Emer look very likely to lose her seat in Europe.  
  • 14:04
    RESULT LOUTH - another independent win.    On the 5th count for Dundalk-South LEA, special needs parent and activist Meave Yore is elected. She is non-party and had the third most first preference votes on the first count. (Elaine Keogh reports)
  • 14:08

    "It was nerve-wracking, it was like Olympic final time again, but I’m just happy to come out on top.” an elated Kenny
    Egan said in the aftermath of his election to South Dublin County Council for the Clondalkin area.
    Egan said afterwards that he would dedicate his candidacy to the youth of the area, as well as raising mental health awareness: “I think I’ll make a difference to the youth, that’s what I’ve always targeted straight from the start, and that’s something I’m going to concentrate solely on. It’s a new challenge, I took the risk, I’ve taken it with both hands and here I am now as a councillor for South Dublin, which I’m delighted with.”
    Asked how he intended to celebrate "I think I’ll have a nice cup of tea and a bar of chocolate!”

  • 14:13

    A win for both coalition parties in Ballymun (Where ex Lord Mayor Gerry Breen was earlier eliminated)
    RESULT BALLYMUN Andrew Montague (Lab) (also an ex-lord Mayor and Noel Rock (FG) just been elected on the 14th count.

  • 14:25
    These quotes could only make sense in Ireland.
    “I’ve left the building. But, I’ve no coffin on my shoulder,” former Mayor of Limerick Jim Long said after he walked from the Limerck count centre after conceding defeat after count two in Limerick west. “I’m  out in the Unicorn pub with all my supporters and we’re having a good ol lash,” he added. He blamed his “arrogant” party leader Enda Kenny for “going to far” with austerity policies on the public.  
  • 14:30
    RESULT LIMERICK  Labour has seen its first local councillor elected in Limerick following the success of first time candidate Frankie Daly. The 28-year-old youth justice worker came up with a novel way to reach voters when he floated a campaign raft with his poster onto the River Shannon. Former Limerick mayor and Fianna Fáil Councillor Kieran O’Hanlon has just been elected in the Limerick City East area bringing to 16 the number of councillors now elected to the new 40 seat authority.  
  • 14:35
    This election weekend is turning into a loooong election weekend with yet another Dublin recount on the cards.   RESULT FINGAL BALBRIGGAN Dennehy (FF), Martin (PBP), Maguire (IND), Browne elected without reaching the quota
  • 14:42
    Ah the age-old pouring over spoiled votes. "Are you sure it's not some sort of a code?"
  • 14:48

    Things are looking good for Labour’s Martina Genockey, who got a hard time from some other party canvassers during the campaign. She will be expected to bring her party’s total up to four in the South Tallaght vote.

    RESULT LUCAN : Candidates from Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, People Before Profit and independent candidate Liona O’Toole were all elected on the 14th count in the gargantuan Lucan race. With 19 candidates competing for the newly-enlarged eight seat constituency it was always going to be a long one.

    Here’s a picture of South Dublin as it currently stands: With 36 of the 40 seats filled Fine Gael have put in a more respectable showing than had been expected given the early indications, however the party remains a seat down on their last performance despite an additional 14 being awarded to the area. SF 9, FG 7, FF 5 ,Lab 3 ,PBP 2 ,AAA 2 ,Greens 1 1, Independents 7

  • 14:50

    Half of all the newly elected councillors in Meath so far are independents with 14 councillors /40 have now  elected.
    RESULT MEATH  This morning independent newcomer Sharon Keogan took a place in Laytown-Bettystown while sitting independent councillors Francis Deane and Trevor Golden were returned in Navan and Trim respectively

  • 14:55
    MAYO RESULT FF, FG, SF and Indeps are neck and neck after the latest election of Sinn Fein's Rose Conway-Walsh in West Mayo.  
  • 15:02
    Increase in women candidates on ballot papers is translating into more women in office in many areas.  
  • 15:12

    Ok we’re at the halfway point in the official local results. So here’s an update on the state of the parties (and non parties) in the local elections:  506/949 seats filled
    Fine Gael 20.6%, Fianna Fail 26.1%, Labour 5.7%, Sinn Fein 20.9%, Independents/Others 26.7%
    Here’s a reminder of 2009 result. How things have changed. Fine Gal 34,7%, Fianna Fail 25%, Labour 14,2%, Sinn Fein 7.8%, Independents/Others 1.7%,

  • 15:19
    The people of Rathmines/Rathgar are bucking the trend in Dublin , the last result makes it the only city council ward not to elect a Sinn Fein councillor.
    RESULT RATHGAR RATHMINES McGinley, Ruairi (Indep) elected. Others elected here are: Patrick Costello (Greens) , O'Callaghan, Jim (FF), O'Connell, Kate (FG), Smyth, Dr Paddy (FG) , Freehill, Mary (Lab) . Full results here.  
  • 15:26
    An old civil war politics battle has reared its head in Clare this afternoon.
    RESULT CLARE  Fianna Fail’s Claire Colleran Molloy pipped Fine Gael rival, Ger O’Halloran by three votes to grab the final seat.  A sister of The Irish Daily Star editor, Ger Colleran she was 11 votes behind O’Hallioran going into the last count and 20 votes from independent, Ann Norton helped her to the surprise win. FG has requested a recount and that is currently taking place. #NotAnotherRecount
  • 15:29
    RESULT OFFALY:  Count 8 Tullamore LEA Sinead Dooley(FF) elected
  • 15:32
  • 15:36
    How different would results be if we operated a list system for European elections (voting for party rather than individuals). Far fewer independents like Ming surely?   Speaking of Ming - speculation has started about who he might nominate for the byelection - seeing as his local representative polled poorly in Roscommon.
  • 15:39
  • 15:46

    Drama in Sligo as a recount has been called in Ballymote/ Tubbercurry after two candidates were separated by one vote.electoral area. The request was made by Fianna Fail councillor Joe Queen following the seventh count when just one vote separated him from Fine Gael candidate Blair Feeney, Marese McDonagh reports.  

  • 15:47
  • 15:48
  • 15:49
    Looks like a kicking for Fine Gael in Enda's home turf.
  • 15:51
    An insight into which votes are being accepted/rejected in the European count.
  • 15:58
  • 16:00
    Former Green minister to be elected as Ciaran Cuffe makes it in Dublin council. Will Eamon Ryan take a seat in Europe tonight? Cuffe is the Green Party's 7th official council winner.  
  • 16:07
    Mary Minihan looks at the Greens' return from political obscurity and at John Gormley's warning to Labour on renegotiating the Programme for Government.  
  • 16:11
    Set your clocks for 10.15 tonight.....maybe.  
  • 16:17

    RESULT: PEMBROKE SOTH DOCK Frank Kennedy (FF) and Dermot Lacey (LAb) elected.
    RESULT TRAMORE (11th COUNT)  Jim Griffin (SF) elected

  • 16:26
    Handing over to Hugh Linehan (just fresh from his Inside Politics podcast special) who will take you through to the European results as they unfold.  
  • 16:32
    Thanks Genevieve. I'll be here for the second half of what promises to be a long count day. If Mary Minihan's speculation is correct, from 10pm we can expect 15-minute gaps between announcements of all counts completed in the three Irish constituencies. And of course we can also expect a flood of information and results from across Europe, which our correspondents will be reporting on.
  • 16:44

  • 16:45

  • 16:49

    As Genevieve said, I've just hopped over from the Irish Times studio, where we recorded this election podcast special:

  • 16:52
    In our podcast, Patrick Smyth argues that "Dublin is different". With a majority of council seats now occupied by SF or Independents, many of them left or hard left, the prospects for the capital are interesting, he says.
  • 16:55

    Interesting point here from FF's Senator Averil Power.



  • 16:57

    We appear to have reached that point in proceedings where journalists have nobody to interview but other journalists.



  • 16:58

    Alison Healy reports: First results from Athy area: FF’s Martin Miley has topped the poll with 1,747 votes, well ahead of the quota of 1,458. Labour’s Mark Wall was also elected, having received 1,531 votes. That's 23 seats filled on the council now, and 17 more to go.


  • 17:00

    In other news:


  • 17:06

    Our Berlin correspondent, Derek Scally, has word on the exit polls there.



  • 17:15

    Harry McGee writes that it's been a good weekend for FF.

    'With over 600 of the 949 city and council seats filled, there have been some dramatic trends emerging on the second day of the count.
    Perhaps the most interesting is that the biggest mover nationally hasn’t been Sinn Féin but Fianna Fáil, which has jumped over seven points from its 2011 showing of 17 per cent and looks like taking in almost 25 per cent of the vote.'

    Read the full article here.

  • 17:17

    Paddy Clancy reports from Donegal:

    'Nobody was elected in the first count for six seats in the Donegal local electoral area, but newcomer, Independent Niamh Kennedy, a 44-year-old mother of four from Killybegs, topped the poll with 1,738 votes.'


    Electorate 22050; Total poll 14013; spoiled132; total valid poll 13881; quota 1984 Count No 1 Boyle, John FG 887 Byrne, Brendan FF 1096 Campbell, John Ind 1219 Conaghan, Tom Ind 1580 Jordan, Noel Andrew 1088 Kennedy, Jonathan Ind 376 Kennedy, Niamh Ind 1738 McCafferty, Patricia Ind McEniff, Sean FF 1642 McMahon, Michael SF 970 McManus, Lawrence Ind 209 McNulty, John FG 816 McNulty, Joseph Ind 356 Mulhern, Bernie Ind 225 Naughton, Michael 590 O’Neill, Barry FG 1062

  • 17:21

  • 17:24

    Our woman in Brussels is standing by....


  • 17:27
    Alison Healy reports that  Fianna Fáil is on a roll in Kildare today. Its candidate, outgoing town councillor  Mark Dalton, has just taken the third seat for the Athy area. The party now holds ten seats on the 40-seat council, more than Labour, Sinn Féin and the Independents put together.
  • 17:29

    Anne Lucey reports from Killarney.

    'Not even the surprise of Sinn Fein where they threatened the last seat in South and West Kerry and out polled Labour in the Killarney electoral areas, could dwarf the gigantic performance of Independents father and son Danny and Johnny Healy-Rae in the adjoining areas of Killarney and South and West Kerry Danny at the southern most tip of the eight seater Killarney area steam rolled north eastwards through to the boundaries of Tralee with a phenomenal 4,388 votes — enough for more than two quotas. His son Johnny, first time on a ballot paper, also living in the small village of Kilgarvan at the southernmost edge of the south and west Kerry constituency steamed north westwards for the journey across three peninsulas and secured a quota and a half, topping the poll in the nine-seater.'

  • 17:37

    Claire Quinn reports from Waterford.


    'AFTER two intense days filled with a mixture of jubilant displays and defeated demeanors 32 councillors have been elected to the newly amalgamated Waterford City and County Council. A total of 44,865 votes,44,248 of which were valid, were sorted through at the count centre in the sports Centre Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) on Saturday and Sunday, resulting in over 70 candidates being whittled down by more than half. This year’s Local Elections was not without its shocks and surprises with Sinn Féin leading the way with the first elected councillor, John Hearne. Longstanding city and county councillors were not saved from the guillotine either. In Waterford City South Seamus Ryan, who has made it through a number of elections unscathed, narrowly lost out in the ninth count. Fine Gael’s Brendán Coffey brother of Deputy Paudie Coffey missed out on a seat in the Comeragh electoral area after being eliminated in the ninth count. Labour’s Ger Barron, who first contested the election in 1999, was also unlucky to lose his seat in Comeragh on the sixth count. In Waterford City East Fine Gael’s Tom Cunningham and Labour’s Jack Walsh were excluded in the ninth and seventh counts. Five women were elected to the new city and county council including Sinn Fein’s Breda Brennan, Independent Mary Roche, Fianna Fáil’s Mary Butler, Lola O’Sullivan (FG), Siobhan Whelan (SF). In total nine Independents, eight Fine Gael, eight Fine Fáil, six Sinn Féin and one Labour candidate were elected. Independents are up three, Fine Gael is down seven, Fianna Fáil is up two, Sinn Fein is up three, Labour is down six and Workers Party is down one'

  • 17:39

    This just in from Gordon Deegan in Ennis.

    'Fianna Fail’s Claire Colleran Molloy holds onto her seat after a dramatic recount failed to bridge the 3 vote gap for Fine Gael in the Ennis electoral area. The Quin woman won the last seat of the eight seat Ennis area by three votes from Fine Gael’s Ger O’Halloran. However, champagne was put on ice pending a recount called by Fine Gael. Now, returning officer, Michael McNamara has delighted the Fianna Fail crowds at the count centre to state that the recount didn’t materially alter the result. The win makes Fianna Fail the largest single party in the Council with eight of the 20 seats filled so far. Fine Gael has six seats with independents also on six with SF grabbing their first seat on the Council in decades through Mike McKee'

  • 17:40
    After a full recount in Tallaght South the returning officer has decided that there has been no material change to any of the original totals, meaning that counting is set to steam ahead in the next hour or so for South Dublin’s final four seats
  • 17:49

  • 17:49

  • 17:54

  • 18:03

  • 18:06

  • 18:07

    It's not all about Ireland or the EU today.

  • 18:15
    Michael McNamara, Labour TD for Clare, has just told RTE's Six One News that the entire front bench of the Labour Party has to resign.
  • 18:17

  • 18:23

    Elaine Keogh has a touching story of love, Republican politics and set design intertwining on Louth county council.

    'The count in Louth saw the creation of a new political couple as Alan Cassidy (28) and Jennifer Green (31) were each elected to the new Louth county council for Sinn Fein. The couple, who have two children, are due to marry later this year but Jennifer, who was elected for Dundalk South, says wedding plans, “are all organised. It is all done and dusted.” The couple met as students in Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) where they were taking Cultural Studies. “I was doing acting and asked to change to set design. Alan was already doing set design and we bonded over two intense weeks on the set. We were united in our interest of art, culture, and nature and the outdoors,” she said.'

  • 18:28

    Labour's Minister of State Joe Costello waxed poetic to our own Patsy McGarry this afternoon.

    Labour had suffered “a very severe backlash” and “the brunt of the people’s anger” in Friday’s election, he told Patsy, quoting Yeats, “too long a sacrifice makes a stone of the heart.”

    The Irish people “have been sacrificing for the last six, seven years ...more was expected of us,” he said.

    More of this sort of thing here.

  • 18:43

    Eoghan MacConnell reports that former taoiseach Brian Cowen dropped into the count centre to watch proceedings in Co Offaly today.

    'Mr Cowen, whose brother TD Barry Cowen was also at the count centre, explained that he was attending as private citizen as he declined to comment. This local election is the first since 1932 not to feature the Cowen name. Despite an unprecedented rise in support for Sinn Fein in Offaly, Fianna Fail remain the largest party on Offaly County Council. Just two of the19 seats remain to be filled in the county this evening, where so far, six Fianna Fail, five Independents, three Sinn Fein and three Fine Gael candidates have been elected. One of the two remaining seats in the Tullamore electoral area will go to a Fianna Fail candidate while the final seat while go to either Danny Owens(FF) and Sean O’Brien(Ind). Meanwhile, Sinn Fein -who haven’t had a representative at Offaly County Council since 1923- have gained three seats, Fine Gael have lost three, halving their representation in the chamber.'

  • 18:47

  • 18:49

  • 18:51

    SF's Matt Carthy has got the simple bit done. Now he has to wait for the Euro count...

  • 18:53

    Bad news from Cork.


  • 18:55

    Visible fraying at the Labour seams.

  • 18:59

  • 19:02
    Martina Genocky provides Labour with some consolation as her sixth count election in South Tallaght sees the party claim a fourth seat. Nicky Coules (PBP), Brian Leech (AAA) and Dermot Richardson (ind) claimed the final three berths in that constituency and South Dublin in general, leaving the final council results as follows: SF 9FG 7FF 5Lab 4PBP 3AAA 3Greens 1Independents 8
  • 19:04
    There has been a full re-count called for the Trim area in Meath. The re-count was called with just a handful of votes separating Fine Gael’s Enda Flynn and Fianna Fail’s Vera Kelly. The last three seats in the area had just been taken by Fianna Fail’s Ronan McKenna and Fine Gael candidates Noel French and Enda Flynn without reaching the quota of 1400. The recount has occurred after the tenth count. The first three of the six seater constituency has been won by Fine Gael’s Joe Fox, Sinn Fein’s Caroline Lynch and Independent Trevor Golden. (from Louise Walsh)
  • 19:12

    Here's an interesting contrast from the front page of The Irish Times five years ago.

  • 19:13

  • 19:17

    A quick summary of the stories emerging so far across Europe. According to exit polls, the AfD party will be taking German seats in the EP for the first time. Meanwhile, Marine Le Pen's Front National is set to be France's largest party in the Parliament, while in Greece, the left-wing Syriza is the largest party for the first time. All of the above, in their quite different from each other ways, can broadly be described as Eurosceptic.

  • 19:19

  • 19:23

  • 19:31

  • 19:35
    Emer Costello has effectively conceded that will not retain her Dublin seat for Labour.
  • 19:37
    All indications are that the South consituency count will be suspended at 11pm tonight without reaching a first count result, and will resume at 9am tomorrow.
  • 19:45



  • 19:49
    Re that earlier tweet about five unopened boxes being found in Dublin, it appears the boxes relate only to the European vote. So the dreadful prospect of a full recount of the locals has been averted.
  • 19:55

    That's men for you.


  • 19:58
    The Stranorlar electoral area in Co Donegal returned five outgoing councilors with the sixth additional seat this time around going to Sinn Fein. Sinn Fein’s Gary Doherty and the Independent Frank McBrearty were both elected on the first count. Patrick McGowan was elected for Fianna Fail on the 7th count. Sinn Fein’s second candidate, newcomer Liam Doherty was elected on the ninth count and the remaining candidates, Gerry Crawford (FF), Martin Harley (FG) declared elected on without reaching quota. Overall, the Fianna Fail vote in this predominantly rural east Donegal constituency was down by three per cent while the Fine Gael vote took a ten per cent dive. Sinn Fein were the main beneficiaries, increasing their vote by nine per cent, resulting in the election of a second candidate. A drop of 11 per cent in the Labour vote and a corresponding increase in the vote for Independents is explained by the decision of Raphoe publican, Frank McBrearty to run as an independent candidate this time around. (report: Anita Guidera)
  • 20:03

    Louise Walsh reports that Labour has been completely wiped out in Meath.

    'Labour has been wiped-out in Meath with all of the party’s sitting councillors now eliminated. The party’s headache yesterday turned into a migraine this evening when sitting councillor in Meath East Eoin Holmes became the party’s last casualty — going out in the seventh count in Laytown-Bettystown. They also lost their seat in Ashbourne when former council cathaoirleach Niamh McGowan’s name left the running on the ninth count. Earlier today Jenny McHugh who won a county council seat in Navan for Labour in 2009 before defecting to Fianna Fail was also eliminated and in Trim, sitting councillor Tracey McElhinney polled a low vote. The troubled party also lost its three town councillors who had hoped to transfer their votes into the new 40-seat county council. Anton McCabe failed to be re-elected in Navan and James O’Shea had to admit defeat in Trim. Earlier Brian Collins bowed out of Kells after calling on Labour leader Eamon Gilmore to go. He said he had found his own vote “embarrassing” and the national vote “humiliating.” '

  • 20:09

    A non-smokable green hemp suit, an un-perky Taoiseach, and a dog trained to bite Enda Kenny on the arse. It's all here in this video from Kathy Sheridan in Castlebar.


  • 20:15

    First word from Poland.

  • 20:19
    Polls have now closed across Europe, except for Italy, where they're still open for almost two more hours. So we all have to wait. Why? Who let this happen?
  • 20:28

  • 20:34

    Gary Branigan sent in these interesting numbers and a pithy observation.

    'Percentage of first preference votes cast for FF and FG:
    1982 General 85%
    1985 Locals 75%
    1992 General 73%
    1999 Locals 67%
    2002 General 64%
    2009 Locals 60%
    2011 General 54%
    2014 Locals 48%
    2015 General ???


  • 20:41

  • 20:42

  • 20:48

    A clash of cultures.


  • 20:51

    These are probably the most significant numbers tonight.

  • 20:59

    If the Front National exit poll in France is confirmed, it will be the first time that the anti-immigrant, anti-EU party has won a national election and would give the party 23-25 of France's 74 seats in the European Parliament.

    Party leader Marine Le Pen immediately called for the dissolution of the French national assembly. "What else can the president do after such a rejection?" Le Pen told reporters at Front National headquarters when asked if Hollande should dissolve the national parliament. "It is unacceptable that the assembly should be so unrepresentative of the French people."

    From the beginning of the European election campaign Le Pen was insistent that Sunday evening would finally see the Front National emerge as "France's No 1 party".


  • 21:00

    From Olivia Kelly Dublin Correspondent:

    The State’s largest local authority Dublin City Council finally filled its 63 seats tonight. Following two long days of counting, the result in the last of the nine city wards Ballyfermot-Drimnagh was called at 8.40pm after the final three seats went to Independents Vincent Jackson and Paul Hand and Fianna Fail’s Daithi De Roiste on the 12th and last count.
    Sinn Fein, which came into the elections with just five seats is now the biggest party on the council, with 16 councillors, particularly remarkable given the party only ran 18 candidates, a modesty it might be regretting particularly in Pembroke-South Dock where Chris Andrews, the former Fianna Fail councillor and TD, had almost an extra half quota and no Sinn Fein running mate.
    Labour as expected was hit hard. It came into the election with 18 seats, at one stage during the last term having 20 councillors, it is now down to eight, a tough position but putting it on a par with the other established parties. Its most dramatic loss that of Lord Mayor Oisin Quinn, while its most impressive success was in Ballymun. The only ward it took two seats with Andrew Montague and Aine Clancy.
    Fine Gael also has eight seats down from 12. Its most prominent loss that of Gerry Breen, a long serving councillor in the Clontarf area who was hit by the ward change to Ballymun. It did best in Rathgar-Rathmines where it picked up two seats with two new councillors Kate O’Connell and Paddy Smyth.
    Fianna Fail now has nine seats. Its greatest success was in Clontarf where both sitting councillor, Deirdre Heney and former junior minister (and former lord mayor of Dublin) Sean Haughey were elected.
    The left had a fantastic election. Coming in Brid Smith was the lone People Before Profit councillor, there are now four others. With Pat Dunne of the United Left and Michael O’Brien of the Anti Austerity Alliance and number of other left-leaning independents also elected, they will be a powerful block vote on the council.
    But so too will be the independents who occupy more of the middle ground, such as Ruairi McGinley, Nial Ring and Mannix Flynn, and several others among the 12 using the “independent” title.
    The Green Party has had its best results in the city since 1991. From No seats in the last council it now has three, with two new councillors in councillors in Patrick Costello, in Rathgar Rathmines, and Claire Byrne in Pembroke- South Dock and as well as veteran councillor and TD Ciaran Cuffe.


  • 21:04

  • 21:10

    Has the Green Party's Grace O'Sullivan got a chance in South? This video just in from Harry McGee and Mary Minihan at the  Euro count, which Harry says may go well into the night, looks at that possibility and whether Eamon Ryan can stay ahead of Nessa Childers in Dublin.  


  • 21:17
    In Austria, the far-right Freedom party is expected to win 20 per cent of votes, up from 13 per cent in 2009. However, some of the more extreme anti-EU parties in smaller countries did not poll as well as expected, with the far-right Vlaams Belang in Belgium losing support.
  • 21:24

    Ireland comes a respectable seventh in the turnout rankings.


  • 21:27

  • 21:45

  • 21:47

    A reality check on what's really gripping the nation.


  • 21:51

    Details of a UK exit poll are leaking out, putting UKIP as the country's biggest party.


  • 21:53

    Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats....


  • 21:58
    Paul Murphy of the Socialist Party is the second sitting Dublin MEP to concede he won't be re-elected.
  • 22:01
    Bong! That's not a reference to Ming. It's ten o'clock and polls across Europe have now officially closed.
  • 22:03

    First exit poll from Italy.

  • 22:07

  • 22:09

    And Spain very efficiently delivers its result.


  • 22:11
    Pat the Cope Gallagher tells RTE he's in a tough battle with Marian Harkin in Midlands North-West but is more hopeful than confident. Repeats that one candidate strategy would have been better for FF.
  • 22:13
    News from the UK that Nick Griffin of the British National Party has lost his seat.
  • 22:17

  • 22:21

    This is rather strange. Stephen Carroll reports that counting of votes in the Dún Laoghaire ward of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council has been adjourned indefinitely.
    Labour requested that ballots be rechecked after long-serving councillor Jane Dillon Byrne lost out on the final seat to Mary Fayne of Fine Gael by a margin of some 20 votes.
    Ballots were examined for almost eight hours today at the Citywest count centre but there was little sign of the gap being bridged. The ballots will now be returned to Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council under Garda escort and the rechecking will resume 'some time in the near future'. Which seems a bit vague....

    More here.

  • 22:24
    When all the votes have been sorted in Castlebar, counting for Midlands North-West will be adjourned until 9am tomorrow, with a first count not expected until 1pm.
  • 22:26
    So the only result we will be getting tonight is from the first count in Dublin. The other two constituencies will adjourn shortly and resume in the morning.  
  • 22:27

  • 22:29

    The Danish People's Party has been one of the success stories tonight and is generally perceived as part of the Eurosceptic right. However...


  • 22:30

  • 22:33

  • 22:37

    The Senator has a point.

  • 22:44

    Arthur Beesley on what happens next for the Government parties:

    'Meetings on Wednesday of Fine Gael and Labour TDs will be official forums for internal debate, but the postmortem is already under way. Within a dejected Labour, the sense remains that the result is worse than expected. Within Fine Gael, TDs say assertive action is required to regain the political initiative and arrest the drift seen since the start of the year.'

    More here.

  • 22:52

    This may be a bad sign.


  • 22:54

    A best guesstimate on the composition of the new European Parliament.


  • 23:00

    At last! The first count.

    820,668 electorate

    358,943 total poll

    invalid 6,368


     Valid 352,575

    Quota 88,144

    Boylan SF 83, 264

    Childers NP 35,939

    Costello Lab 25,961

    D'Arcy DDI 4,022

    Fitzpatrick FF 44,283

    Hayes FG 54,676

    Murphy SP 29,953

    Ryan GP 44,078

    Smith PBPA 23,875

    Tallon NP 2,244

    Whitehead DDI 3,133

    Wyse FN 1,147

  • 23:02
    Tallon, Whitehead, D'Arcy, Wyse eliminated.
  • 23:06

    Nothing certain, but looks as if the most likely Dublin MEPs are Lynn Boylan, Brian Hayes and Eamon Ryan. The three of them came into the Irish Times studio for a discussion with me two weeks ago.

  • 23:16
    Here's our Dublin election count page, with all the first count numbers, percentages, etc. Turnout of 43 per cent is below the national average. It is clear, though, that this is a remarkably impressive performance by Sinn Fein, which matches its achievement in becoming the largest party on Dublin City Council, by becoming comfortably the most popular party in the European vote.
  • 23:24

    Second Count - Dublin

    Distribution of Wyse, Tallon, Whitehead and D'Arcy votes

    Boylan 84,289

    Childers 37,706

    Costello 26,232

    Fitzpatrick 44,954

    Hayes 55,132

    Murphy 31,310

    Ryan 45,173

    Smith 23,539

    non transferrable 2,240

    Eliminated: Smith  

  • 23:33

  • 23:36
    Brian Hayes tells RTE he's confident 'the whole thing will be wrapped up tonight'.
  • 23:45

    Here's the respective distribution of  transfers for the remaining candidates in the second count.

    Boylan 1025 Childers 1767 Costello 271 Fitzpatrick 671 Hayes 456 Murphy 1357 Ryan 1095 Smith 1664

  • 23:45
    James Lawless, who topped the poll for FF in Naas, had a nice surprise waiting for him when he got home.
    James Lawless, who topped the poll for FF in Naas, had a nice surprise waiting for him when he got home.
  • 23:51

    From an Irish perspective, the most direct and immediate impact of tonight's results may well be the further shift in political sentiment in the UK towards an exit from the EU.


  • 23:55

  • 23:59

    Boylan elected

    3rd Count


    25,539 Brid Smith

    Boylan 89,764

    Childers 41787

    Costello 27,194

    Fitzpatrick 45,779

    Hayes 55,656

    Murphy 39,313

    Ryan 47,256

    n/t 3,586

    Costello eliminated

  • 00:03
    A lot of speculation about where Emer Costello's transfers will go in what is agreed to be a three-horse race between Hayes, Ryan and Childers.
  • 00:05

  • 00:11

  • 00:16
    You can catch up with everything happening around Europe here.
  • 00:18

  • 00:23

  • 00:28

  • 00:36

  • 00:56

  • 01:00

    A certain charmless sense of entitlement coming through in these words from our putative leader, Herr Juncker.


  • 01:06

    We're waiting for the next Dublin count, which we gather should be in five minutes.

  • 01:13

    4th Count in Dublin

    Distribution of Costello votes of  27,194

    Childers 4,744 46,531

    Fitzpatrick 2,581 48,360

    Hayes 7,935 63,591

    Murphy 2,060 41,373

    Ryan 5,923 53,179

    n/t 3,951

    Murphy eliminated

  • 01:15
    So it does now look as if the fact Costello broke strongly for Hayes and Ryan should lead to those two taking the seats.  
  • 01:16

  • 01:21

    So, after a long day's count, only one candidate has been elected to the European Parliament from Ireland. Across Europe it's been a mixed picture, with gains as expected for Eurosceptic parties of the left and right, and the European People's Party edging it in the battle of the large parties.

    Coverage continues in a few hours' time, but until then from the Irish Times newsroom, good evening.