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Ronan McGreevy Fri, Sep 20
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  • 09:30
    Good morning and good culture night tonight. This is Ronan McGreevy here and I'm driving The Daily Wire bus today. It's All-Ireland final weekend and we'll have lots of coverage of the big day.
  • 09:37
    Our top story this morning is this comment piece by our economics editor Dan O'Brien about President Michael D Higgins. He accused the President of being partisan and selective in his comments in his speech at DCU last week. Our Dan wrote: "His speech was highly ideological and one-sided. It exclusively extolled left-of-centre thinkers, including some quite extreme figures. All non-leftists mentioned were implicitly traduced. Worst of all, it excluded the majority who occupy the middle ground and who carry little or no ideological baggage." You can read what Dan wrote here.
  • 09:42

    The Ticket has its usual eclectic offering. The cover is a picture of Naomi Watts who plays Princess Diana in the film Diana. Her interview is here. Unfortunately, the film has been widely panned and receives just one star out of five from our film critic Donald Clarke. Also, there is a four page Arthur's Day special which features the woman Charlie Brooker described as the warbling ice cream cone Emeli Sandé. One hopes Jim Carroll hasn't seen it yet. 

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    The Dublin-based surgeon Muhammad Taufiq Al Sattar who lost his wife, two sons and daughter in a house fire in Leicester is currently on RTÉ Radio One's Today with Sean O'Rourke.
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    Mohammad Taufig Al Sattar is giving a very moving interview on Today with Sean O' Rourke where he quoted from the Koran. "We all belong to Allah and everybody is going back to him. I (Allah) have given you these beautiful children and I'm going to take them from you now. This is my faith. My wife was preparing the children and me that we are going to leave the world some time. We are not going to cry and cry and sit down in a corner." He also acknowledged that the death of his wife and three children was "evil" but he would not be angry with Allah about it.
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    Dr Al Sattar has confirmed that his family will be buried in Ireland. He said he wants to help people in Ireland.
  • 10:33
    Not everybody is happy with the Pope's comments. 

  • 11:28
    Could the European Championships be coming to Ireland in 2020? We've been shortlisted to host some of the games, but will we even qualify? Read it here.
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  • 13:02

    The big radio pow-wow between Pat Kenny and Sean O'Rourke has seen both production teams scramble for the biggest possible guests. Love him or hate him, and we know where most people stand after the economic calamity of recent years, Bertie Ahern is a "big get" for Newstalk. However, those who would be hoping that the former Taoiseach would answer for his stewardship of the economy would be disappointed by this interview. "There will be another occasion for us to have a political conversation," said Pat. Instead, we have a dewy-eyed recall of Bertie's relationship with his beloved Dubs. You can hear it here. Bertie Ahern can be heard from 7'10''.

  • 13:12

    Has Michael O'Leary's wings finally been clipped? The Ryanair chief executive told the airline's annual general meeting that he hoped they would show a kinder, gentler side to Ryanair. He has finally acknowledged that the cavalier approach to customer care is hurting Ryanair's image. One wonders if Ryanair chairman David Bonderman, probably the only man who O'Leary fears, had something to do with this volte-face.  "Please be assured that neither I nor other board members would concur with the manner with which Michael communicates on occasion," he wrote to the aviation regulator earlier this year. Also there was the revelation in Tony Ryan's autobiography that the Ryanair founder considered resigning from the board over O'Leary's combative style and public pronouncement. Here's our report from the Ryanair annual meeting.

  • 13:50
    Oh dear. The company employed by the US Government to vet potentially troublesome employees not only missed Edward Snowden, but also the Washington Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis in 2007. You can read the story here. 

  • 13:56
    Have you ever seen a hamster drive a truck on a cliff-top road? Me neither, but here it is.
  • 15:32
    The ASTI, the largest union for secondary school teachers, has voted for strike action. The ASTI – which represents 17,000 second-level teachers – has voted to reject the Haddington Road Agreement by 63 per cent to 37 per cent. They have also voted by a two to one margin in favour of industrial action.
    ASTI General Secretary Pat King said teachers had given enough and their working conditions had "greatly disimproved".
    "All second-level teachers are delivering more with far less resources at a time when their pay has been cut significantly," he added. The TUI vote is expected this evening.

  • 16:00
    The good news for Irish tourism continues. Aer Lingus has just announced that it has sold its one millionth transatlantic fare of the year. It has been a stellar year for transatlantic visitors with double digit growth in the sector.
  • 16:20
    Quelle surprise. 
  • 16:28
    In case you missed this; here's Eoin Butler's poignant tribute to his father and all long-suffering Mayo fans. Well worth a read.
  • 16:48

    Here's a question for all you guitar lovers out there. What's the greatest guitar solo at all time? The readers of Guitar World magazine, who know about such things, were asked the same question. At a push many music fans would say the guitar solo at the end of Stairway of Heaven or the one at the end of Comfortably Numb, which Roger Waters' fans would have heard at the Aviva Stadium on Wednesday, would figure. Both are in the top 10, but the one chosen by the readers of Guitar World magazine is, drumrolls, Eruption by Van Halen. What do you mean you never heard it before? Check it out here

  • 17:39

    Yesterday we had reports from the University of Sheffield that they had found life in inner space that could not have originated on Earth. Today is more sobering news of extraterrestrial life or the lack of it. The Curiosity Rover on Mars has failed to detect significant concentrations of methane which would suggest the presence of life on Mars. Still, scientists are not giving up hope. Here's our story. 

  • 17:42
    That's all folks. The heat wave starts tomorrow in case you were wondering where it had gone to. Temperatures will be as high as 23 degrees tomorrow and 22 degrees on Sunday for the All-Ireland final with the good weather continuing into next week. Let's hope it is a great All-Ireland final and that the best team wins as long as that team is wearing green and red. Have a great weekend.