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Brian Howard Wed, Aug 24
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    Good morning everyone, and welcome to our final CAO helpdesk. Our expert guidance counsellor Brian Howard will be online until 1pm to answer any questions you may have today regarding the CAO, or anything else.
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    Son received 495 pts - wants Ucd commerce at 500- wants a recheck on a history paper.if he's accepts 2nd choice - what's the Cao procedure if he gets the extra 5pts

    Good morning, if he accepts his 2nd choice and then puts his paper forward for a recheck the following is the procedure:  In the short term (and possibly long term) he will commence his 2nd choice course.  The recheck will take place and the results of this will not be released until mis October.  If your son gets 5 extra points then essentially these 5 points are backdated to rouond one offers day and question that is asked is, what course would your son have been offered on round one offers day.  Whatever course this would have been must now (in OCtober) consider your son for a place.  If they can create a place at this time then your son will be offered a place on his updated course and he has the choice to remain in the course he has already started or move to the new offer course.  If the college cannot create a place at this time they must offer him a deferred place until the following year.

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    I did not get culinary arts in tallaght . I have looked at progresdion routes. I cannot find specific info on whether any fetac l5 is acceptable to progress for next year. Do you know ? I have emailed them but have no answer . Many thks

    This course will accept  any  QQI Level 5 or 6 PLC as an entry route.  There are no essential modules required so really it is an open choice which FETAC course you wish to do.  May be a good idea to do a course you think you will really have an interest in and ejoy and hopefully do very well in.  You will be competing with LC students for places next year - they will have LC points and you will have your FETAC (QQI) points.

  • 09:30

    Hi, just enquiring about the possibility of whether you can accept a preferred offer in round 2 if you have already accepted one in round 1.

    Yes, if you accept an offer in round one and then are made a subsequent offer in round two, it is up to you if your wish to stay with the course you accepted in round one or now move to your new offer from round two.  We mention this in our podcast.

  • 09:34

    Hello will you also be providing this help for round 2 offers? It is a very helpful service. Thanks

    Thanks for your comment.  Maybe it is something we should consider for a few hours on round two offers day.  We will let you know well in advance if we are going to do this.

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    Many thanks for the advice last week. My daughter received her first choice of Medicine in Trinity. It would appear that offers were posted last Friday. Does the CAO receive the exam results before students ?

    Congratulations to your daughter, all the hard work has paid off.  Yes, they would be the first to receive them, in order for them to commence the process of gererating offers as soon as possible for applicants.

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    Hi my daughter is 5 points off her first choice and is going to recheck. She accepted her 1st round offer but not too keen on it. She would miss alot by mid October of preferred course. What can she do now?

    I think she really needs to look carefully into her first round offer and make a very informed decision whether to go ahead into this course.  For me the worst thing that can happen is for a student to fall into a course that they are not happy in and then by Christmas having had a miserable first semister they end up dropping out of the course.  It would be preferable for the student to maybe take a year out a) to repeat and get more points to get into the course they really want or b) work for the year and reapply to the CAO next year with existing points but with maybe a more informed mindset having had a year to consider the options.  Obviously, is your daughtr gets the upgrade that would be great but I would spent a lot of time looking onto her existing offer course with plenty of discussion before she takes up the place to see if it is really a viable option.  On the other hand if it is not a viable option it begs the question why was it on her CAO form in the first place.  Good luck.

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    hi got 9th choice, have sufficient points for 3rd choice and short for 1st choice options lost 3rd choice on random selection, is there a chance I could get offer either of above on second round.

    Yes there is.  Now that you have been offered your 9th choice then everything above this still remains in the system and you will be considered for all these courses in the next round again.  If you become entitled to a place in one of these higher courses you will be offered it.  If the pool of applicants is small on the random selection course you could have a good chance of picking up an offer here.  Best of luck in round two.

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    Hi my son is 10 points off his preferred course. Going for rechecksn if he goes up points are only round 1 points the basis for new offers. Are round 2 points used too

    Hi, can you have a look at the previous answers from this morning and see if they answer this question as they are quite similar, if not come back to me.  Upgraded points in October are backdated to Round one offers day and whatever your son would have been offered on that day with the extra points he becomes entitled to in October.

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    Hi, how do fetac and Plc courses work as access courses to 3rd level? Didn't get points and not keen to repeat so wondering about other options. Any help appreciated.

    The PLC route is a great way of moving on in education without repeating.  Many students who didn't perform in the LC go on to a PLC in an area they really like and do very well because they are studying something they are enjoying instead of subjects they don't particularly enjoy in the LC.  They begin to really enjoy studying and end up with a greatly increased set of points over their LC.  This link gives you a sense of the link scheme but if you ring any PLC college or call in to them I'm sure they would sit down and go through the system and their courses with you.

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    Hi , could I defer my place in DIT to do a 1 year PLC course ? . I would prefer to go to DCU and apply through fetac next year but don't want to jepordise my DIT place in case I'm not successful.

    To defer a place the rules state that you must fill out a CAO form nexdt year and only put that deferred place on the form.  If you put other courses on the from DCU or elsewhere you will loose your DIT place.  By deferring the DIT course now it could give you time while doing your PLC to  decide what you want to do next year - deferred DIT or open application again.

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    My daughter wants to recheck Art .. Will they recheck all sections including the practical pieces and can she view all sections not just the history of art script ?

    My understanding here is that for viewing purposes she will only have access to the History of Art script, she will not have access to practical marks, however practical work is fully re-marked as part of the appeal process.

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    Re My previous question on whether round 2 points are looked at for students who go up in points in rechecks it looks like you've confirmed only round 1 points are used. That was my query. Thanks

    Hi, what actually happens here is your sons position in the "Order of Merit" lists for his courses will be modified to reflect his new points score.  The system will work out which of his courses he is entitled to with this new position in October and he will be offered the highest of these courses.  So the system is working off the most up to date information in relation to the "Order of Merit" lists in October.  Hope this clarifies the situation.

  • 11:52

    Hello, I received my first choice of law and French in UCC, I got 505 points in the leaving cert and these were the exact cao points. I am considering rechecking some of my scripts, if my points go down after will I lose my place on the course?

    I cannot say for definite that they will, this will be up to UCC to decide.  But I'm sure UCC and all other colleges will reserve the right to do this if needed.  Proceed with caution, view your scripts first.

  • 11:58

    My daughter is taking a year to resit the HPAT. Does she require to make any contact with the CAO. Thanks

    Not quite clear what is being asked here.  If your daughter has just got her results and is not accepting a place and is going to take a year out to prepare for the HPAT next year then no she does not need to contact the CAO.  She would just apply for  and sit the HPAT and then create a new application to CAO for 2017 entry and include her HPAT details.  I hope this answers the query.

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    Hello do you need to pass honours maths to get into Arts UCD?

    No. there is no general maths requirement for DN500 - Arts in UCD.  If studying Maths as part of the course there is a reccomendation to have a good grade in LC Maths

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    Hi. Thank you for previous reply. Course offered contains more theory than 1st choice one. If my daughter chooses not to go ahead with accepted offer and has to wait for recheck ( if not successful in round 2) what does she need to do now?

    You say accepted offer so I am assuming she has now accepted her offer.  If so she will still remain in the running for her 1st choice and will be offered it in round two if she becomes entitled to it. In the meantime you commence the viewing/recheck proceedure.  If  your daughter does not get an offer in round two then the best approach is to assume she is not going to get any other offers and make decisions on how to move forward based on this.  If she subsequently gets an offer in the rechecks then this is a great bonus and she must decide in  October then if she wants to move to the new course or remain in the current accepted course (which she may have already started).  So for the moment she just needs to sit tight and wait round two.

  • 12:54

    Hi my son didn't got his 3rd choice in DIT Construction Management can he go on and teach this if he does a HDIP after the 4 years.

    There is a new postgraduate course in UL to allow graduates of engineering and construction related degrees train to be technology teachers.  Details can be found here. It is a two year professional masters course in technology education.

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    Many thanks to all who submitted questions today. Answers to many of the questions have been grouped together at You can also listen to our CAO podcast at The helpdesk is now closed. Many thanks to our counsellors Brian Howard and Deirdre Garrett and to all our contributors. Go raibh maith agaibh agus slán