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Fiach Kelly, Colin Gleeson Wed, May 7
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  • 09:07
    Good morning, and welcome again to Elections Live on irishtimes.com

    I'm Fiach Kelly, Political Correspondent with The Irish Times, and I'll be keeping you updated with all the political news, analysis and gossip from the campaign trail and beyond.

    Colin Gleeson will be keeping our usual Daily Wire service going here too. His updates will be signed CG and mine FK.

    On the political front, here's what will be happening today:

    Leader's Questions in the Dáil is likely to be feature questions on Alan Shatter, and possibly water.

    Labour is launching the Dublin West by-election campaign of its candidate, party chairperson Lorraine Mulligan at 2.30pm. Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore and Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton will attend.

    Sinn Féin have no major events planned today, while Fine Gael says it has yet to confirm a minor gig due to take place later in the day (we can hardly wait).

    Nothing major planned by Fianna Fáil either, but Michéal Martin was looking chipper on a Dublin West canvass last night with his candidate, David McGuinness.  

  • 09:14

    As if one of us wasn’t enough says you.

    This is Colin Gleeson joining my colleague Fiach Kelly who, as he has said, will be contributing anything and everything election-related as we get closer to polling day.

    I’ll be chipping in with all the other stuff as it happens.

  • 09:17
    The lead story in this morning’s Irish Times is the political support Minister for Justice Alan Shatter has received from Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore in the wake up of the data commissioner’s negative ruling against him yesterday.
  • 09:19

    There has been one overnight development in Dublin West, with Senator Eamonn Coghlan chosen as Fine Gael's by-election candidate, as had been widely expected.  

    Even though Socialist Party councillor Ruth Coppinger  is being touted as the favourite, a number of Fine Gael figures are upbeat about Coghlan's chances.  Some last night said they had seen internal polling which showed Coppinger doing well in first preferences but poorly on transfers, with Coghlan very transfer friendly.    

    Fianna Fáil's David McGuinness  is a strong candidate, and  mortgage campaigner David Hall,  a high-profile Independent, is also in with a shout. Hall  campaigned in the  constituency for the late Brian Lenihan, so expect mutterings from others in the field about how he is really a Fianna Fáiler in  disguise. Labour's Lorraine Mulligan will work hard but  is unlikely to take the seat Patrick  Nulty (then a Labour candidate) won  in the by-election caused by Mr Lenihan's death.  

    Yours truly  placed a bet last night with a Fine Gael TD, who claims Coghlan will win,  that Coppinger will take triumph in Dublin West. FK.

  • 09:21

    Independent TD Mick Wallace has said this morning that he is taking legal advice in terms of if and how he might proceed against the Minister.

    He also called for his resignation. Again.


  • 09:24

    Wallace said Mr Shatter has “twisted and turned like an eel” on this issue.

    I can just imagine the sound-bite writers huddled around a table last night coming up with that one.

    “We need something that twists and turns...”

    “An eel?”

    “An eel works – go with eel. Right, moving on...”


  • 09:34

    The off-lead in this morning’s Irish Times is related to the brewing storm within Fianna Fail in relation to Mary Hanafin’s decision to run in the local elections in defiance of the party leadership’s wishes.

    A number of senior TDs have been strongly critical of the whole affair.


  • 09:36

    It’s fair to say Mary Hanafin isn’t the most popular figure within the party at the moment.

    A reporter asked Fianna Fail jobs spokesman Dara Calleary this moring how he feels about the fact that she is out there, up ladders, hanging up Fianna Fail posters?

    Calleary responds with “Well I hope she doesn’t fall off one”.


  • 09:44
  • 09:51

    Anybody who was watching the Six One news last night will have seen this shot of a man, seemingly sitting on a toilet, except in a van, parked outside Government buildings.

    Well the driver, Darragh, has been on Morning Ireland and has said he has received 15- 20 phone calls and texts from members of the public congratulating him, because the Government are “a shower”.


  • 09:54

    Bankruptcy is apparently a tough aul station.

    Simon Carswell reports this morning that the son and wife of bankrupt property developer Sean Dunne have received planning to build a $21.5 million (€15 million) apartment and retail building in the fashionable Soho neighbourhood of New York.

    The planners shelved an earlier objection that the five-storey building have a nine-metre backyard and instead approved a six-metre yard, increasing the profit the Dunnes could make on the project to $3 million from $653,000, which, they had said, wasn’t enough to make it worth building.

    Ah yeah. They’re right too.


  • 09:55

    Your input/involvement by the way would be welcome and if you wish to get involved, you can tweet me @ColinGleesonIT and I will try to publish some.

    As long as they’re not abusive towards me. Those tweets will be buried.

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  • 09:59

    That tweet from journalist Hala Jaber a reminder that just because a particular crisis gets pushed off the front pages, it doesn’t mean it isn't still going on - or indeed that the situation is no longer critical.


  • 10:02
    Pope Francis greets a child as he arrives to lead his Wednesday general audience in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican May 7, 2014. REUTERS/Tony Gentile (VATICAN - Tags: RELIGION)
    Pope Francis greets a child as he arrives to lead his Wednesday general audience in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican May 7, 2014. REUTERS/Tony Gentile (VATICAN - Tags: RELIGION)
  • 10:03
    Great photo of the Pope there. I wonder what he is pointing at?
  • 10:04

    Fingallians! Want to know how your county is shaping up for the local elections? Read our guide here. The Irish Times will be profiling all council areas in the coming weeks. FK.

  • 10:09
    Eamon Dunphy and Robert Ballagh attending the Sinn Fein election rally held in the Alexander Hotel, Dublin last night. (Tuesday) Photograph; Dara Mac Dónaill / The Irish Times
    Eamon Dunphy and Robert Ballagh attending the Sinn Fein election rally held in the Alexander Hotel, Dublin last night. (Tuesday) Photograph; Dara Mac Dónaill / The Irish Times
  • 10:12

    A couple of interesting spectators there at a Sinn Fein election rally in Dublin yesterday.

    It was Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams’ first in Dublin since his release from custody by the PSNI in Antrim on Sunday.

    He used the event to insist his party is fully committed to new policing arrangements in Northern Ireland and to measures to deal with the legacy of the Troubles.

  • 10:21
    The morning newspapers, again, would not have made pleasant reading for Michéal Martin. We report on the disquiet among some of Martin's most senior TDs, as well as some choice comments from Eamon O'Cúiv.

    Stephen Collins also says the debacle  has serious implications for Martin's leadership, while the  Indo  suggest a heave is in the offing (not yet, but all bets will be off in the event of a poor performance on May 23rd). The front of the Mail, meanwhile, promos Matt Cooper's column inside with the blurb: "Mary Hanafin and a farce in five acts".  

    Martin,  says Cooper, has  handed his critics in Fianna Fáil "another stick with which to  beat him". FK    
  • 11:08

    Last night saw the first semi-final of the Eurovision take place.

    I wasn’t watching it myself for obvious reasons but apparently global tensions found their way into it when the announcement that Russia had qualified for Saturday night’s final was met with loud booing.


  • 11:17

    One surprise though was San Marino’s first-ever qualification.

    It was singer Valentina Monetta’s third time in a row competing for the country.

    The island of course only has a population roughly the size of Swords – they do fairly well in international competition when you consider that.


  • 11:20
  • 11:22

    The photo below is of a security officer checking a Buddhist monk entering a polling station compound to cast his vote earlier today in Ladakh, India.

    Around 815 million people have registered to vote in the world's biggest election - a number exceeding the population of Europe and a world record.

    Imagine trying to canvass for that?

    The elections conclude on May 12th are results are due on May 16th.


  • 11:26

    Incidentally, Ladakh is apparently one of the worst places in the world for altitude sickness.

    It is on India's northern border with China and Tibet between the Himalayas and the Kunlun mountain range. It is literally "the land of high passes" and lies at a height of more than 3,000 metres (9,800 feet).


  • 11:29

    There has been another development in the Jean McConville murder inquiry.

    The PSNI has this morning made another arrest.

    The suspect was originally detained by officers last month but the interview process was halted due to a medical issue arising.

    The man presented himself at Antrim police station this morning.


  • 11:46

    If Sean Quinn is reading this, this is one for you Sean.

    I know you flushed €3.2 billion down the Anglo Irish Bank toilet – but it could have been worse!

    Proinsias O’Mahony has a round-up here of the biggest international blunders and bad gambles.


  • 11:54

    I don’t like the sound of this fella.

    The Garda Síochána has been contacted by British police concerned that an escaped bank robber known as “the Skullcracker” because of the viciousness of his attacks could have fled to Ireland.

    The alarm was raised on Saturday evening after Michael Wheatley (55) failed to return to Standford Hill on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent after he had been given a temporary day release.


  • 12:03
  • 12:18

    Reuters are reporting that rescuers may struggle to find the more than 200 Nigerian girls abducted by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram because the gunmen are able to hide at bases in rough terrain along porous borders.

    Boko Haram is holding the secondary school girls abducted from their dormitories in Borno state in northeastern Nigeria more than three weeks ago.

    The US plans to send security personnel and equipment to the West African nation to help rescue the girls whose kidnapping has sparked international outrage and protests in cities around the world demanding stronger action for their safe return home.

    President Barack Obama called the plight of the girls "heartbreaking”.

    Incidentally, Boko Haram is apparently translated roughly as “Western education is forbidden”.


  • 12:26
    This week's edition of Inside Politics, our weekly podcast, will be up online (and on iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher) soon. Hugh Linehan talks to Mary Hanafin, while Kathy Sheridan takes a break from the campaign to have a chinwag with Hugh and myself. FK.
  • 12:31
    Sounds like a hoot:

  • 12:34
    Hardly the biggest celebrity endorsement, but candidates will take anything they can get.

    Labour has issued a statement which trumpets as follows:      


    Australian Senator Ursula Stephens is backing her Wicklow cousin Labour’s Paul O’Brien to win in May’s local election.

    Senator Stephens, a member of the Australian Labor Party, who is also a Wicklow native, has called on locals to give Paul O’Brien a number one vote and help shake up local government.

    We're sure the people of Wicklow will sit  up and take notice. FK.      

  • 12:37

    Do you remember the warlord Joseph Kony?

    He was the subject of a massive online campaign to secure his capture by the end of 2012. The YouTube video attracted almost 100 million views.

    Of course, the whole thing, after a truly epic video and campaign, ultimately ended in failure.

    Last night, the UN said Kony and some of his Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) commanders are hiding in Sudanese-controlled areas of a disputed enclave in South Sudan bordering Central African Republic and Sudan.

    In a report to the UN Security Council on the activities of Kony's LRA, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said Sudan's government had indicated there were no elements of the group in the disputed Kafia Kingi enclave.

    "However, credible sources suggest LRA leader Joseph Kony and senior LRA commanders have recently returned to seek safe haven in Sudanese-controlled areas of the enclave," Ban said.


  • 12:37
    A handy guide:

  • 12:45

    There is more trouble in the disputed region of Kashmir, northern India.


    A bomb blast near a polling booth has injured a policeman amid further stone-throwing protests and a widespread boycott of India's general election in the mainly Muslim region.

    Separatists have called on voters to shun the election in India's northernmost state of Jammu and Kashmir, holding staggered voting in its six parliamentary seats to allow 700,000 army troops and police to mount a mobile security operation.



  • 12:49
  • 12:52

    Russian president Vladimir Putin was inaugurated for his second term as president on this day in 2012.

    Must remember to send him a card.


  • 12:54
    Breaking news: John Moran, the secretary general of the Department of Finance, one of the most senior civil servants in the country, has resigned.  

    Here's a statement from Michael Noonan:

    Statement by Michael Noonan, T.D., Minister for Finance on the resignation of Mr. John Moran, Secretary General at the Department of Finance


    It was with great regret that today I accepted a letter of resignation from Mr. John Moran, Secretary General at the Department of Finance.


    Since John first joined the Department of Finance on secondment from the Central Bank he played a leading role in recapitalising the banking sector and restoring the economy at a very difficult time.


    Since his appointment as Secretary General he has been involved in every significant decision taken by me throughout the bail out programme, including those decisions which saw Ireland successfully exiting the programme.


    I valued his council during those very difficult times and I wish John every success in the future


  • 13:01

    Transport Minister Leo Varadkar has said today that Minister for Justice Alan Shatter has admitted he was wrong and basically Mick Wallace should get over it.

    He said Wallace “has broken the law himself and a much more serious law”.

    He was referring to Wallace’s construction company under-declaring VAT of €1.4 million resulting in a €2.13 million settlement with the Revenue Commissioners in 2012.

    “I think it’s a bit hard to stomach seeing Mick Wallace presenting himself as some sort of a victim,” he said.

    “He’s a deputy I like a lot on a personal level, but let’s not forget that he’s somebody who has broken the law himself and a much more serious law. He broke our tax laws.”

    He added Wallace should be “man enough now to accept the apology” from Shatter.


  • 13:06
  • 13:06

    He’s right you know.

    It’s completely land-locked.

    How embarrassing.


  • 13:13

    The Daily telegraph reports that a "comical" long-nosed dinosaur nicknamed Pinocchio rex has been discovered by scientists, who say it belonged to the same family as the Tyrannosaurus rex.

    Experts said the long-snouted tyrannosaur would have been just as deadly as its better known relations despite its amusing appearance.


  • 13:22

    Remember the “skullcracker” from earlier on?

    Well there are reports that he may have struck again.

    He only escaped last night – you’d think he’d have a day off and lie low for awhile.

    A spokeswoman for Surrey Police said: “At 10.20am today Surrey Police responded to reports of an armed robbery at a building society in Sunbury. The incident took place at the Chelsea Building Society at The Parade, Staines Road. Officers including specialist firearms officers are currently at the scene.”

    A spokesman for Kent Police said: “Officers searching for Michael Wheatley are aware of a robbery which took place today at a building society in the Surrey Police area. Kent Police is working closely with the Metropolitan Police Service and Surrey Police as part of ongoing inquiries.”

    Well at least if it was him, he’s not over here.


  • 13:24
    Police outside a branch of the Chelsea Building Society in Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey which was robbed today. Police are investigating whether a fugitive armed robber known as the 'Skullcracker' has struck again.  Neil Lancefield/PA Wire
    Police outside a branch of the Chelsea Building Society in Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey which was robbed today. Police are investigating whether a fugitive armed robber known as the "Skullcracker" has struck again.  Neil Lancefield/PA Wire
  • 13:31

    Former Fianna Fáil minister Mary Hanafin said her “credibility was at stake” when the party asked her to withdraw her local election nomination because the “story was out”.

    The former Minister for Education was speaking to The Irish Times ‘Inside Politics’ podcast after Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin insisted she was not an official candidate.

    More here.


  • 13:36

    Arthur Beesley has more on the shock resignation of Department of Finance secretary general John Moran.

    In an email to staff today, Mr Moran essentially said his work was done.

    “I returned to Ireland in 2010 wanting to assist in the task of restoring Ireland’s destroyed banking sector and economy to health,” he said. “I had always viewed this as a mission with a fixed purpose not a long-term venture.”


  • 13:38
  • 13:45

    Manchester United striker Robin van Persie has said he sees glimpses of Sir Alex Ferguson in Ryan Giggs since the start of the Welshman’s brief spell in charge of Manchester United.

    “I witnessed two team meetings as I came in a bit late,” said Van Persie, who returned to the team after a seven-week injury lay-off.

    “The one from the last game against Sunderland, and Tuesday’s game, were incredible. They were Sir Alex-esque.

    “He’s been brilliant. And he put in some fantastic passes and almost scored after coming on. He’s a legend and I think he shows that every day.”


  • 13:45
  • 13:45
    At the campaign launch for Lorraine Mulligan, Labour's by-election candidate in Dublin West. Constituency TD Joan Burton giving the opening speech in the picture below. And yes, that is the back of Eamon Gilmore's head. FK.
  • 13:51

    Economic studies are increasingly showing that polices that reduce inequality are good for growth, the head of President Barack Obama’s council of economic advisers said today during a visit to Dublin.

    Colm Keena reports that while traditionally, micro and macro-economic studies have emphasised a trade off between equity and growth, “at the very least it is becoming... harder to argue that reducing inequality is bad for growth. And it is becoming increasingly likely that it is good for growth.”

    Jason Furman who has a PhD in economics from Harvard University was addressing an audience today in the Irish Institute for International and European Affairs.


  • 14:06

    Some good news now.

    Missing Irishman Donal ‘Donie’ O Sullivan from Clooney, Co Clare, last seen on Saturday leaving the Tea Gardens Hotel on Bronte Road in Bondi Junction, has been found safe and well.


  • 14:32
    Launch just finished, Gilmore says he can't guarantee Cooke and Guerin reports will be published before election. Also says Shatter has already apologised over the Wallace-Prime Time affair. Labour TDs and officials cheered by the latest poll out this lunchtime. The results of the Red C/Sunday Business Post poll are: FG 25 -1 Labour 11 2 FF 21 - 1 SF 18 - 3 IND 25 3
  • 14:39
  • 14:43

    I’ve been reliably informed that under the new water charges, it will cost 2c to flush the toilet and half a cent to boil a kettle.


  • 15:11

    Stop the press.

    The two-man team to represent Ireland in the Golden Shears World Blade Shearing Championship, to be held in Gorey in May, has been decided.

    It will consist of champion shearers Peter Heraty and Seamus Joyce from Co. Mayo, the Irish Sheep Shearers Association has confirmed.

    Seamus Joyce from Kilbride, Finny, is married with three children and farms 700 sheep. He won the Irish Blade Shearing Championship in Millstreet in 2013 and also won the title in Galway in 2005.

    Peter Heraty is a 24 year old farmer from Owenwee, Westport, who farms 300 sheep on his holding near Croagh Patrick. He has competed for Ireland in the last two World Championships, in Wales in 2010 and in New Zealand in 2012.

    The current world blade shearing champion, Zweliwile Hans from South Africa, who won the title two years ago in New Zealand, will be defending his title.

  • 15:13
    Against the backdrop of Lough Mask, Co Mayo, the two members of Ireland’s Blade Shearing Team, Seamus Joyce and Peter Heraty. With them is Margaret Cashman from sponsors, Novartis Animal Health.
    Against the backdrop of Lough Mask, Co Mayo, the two members of Ireland’s Blade Shearing Team, Seamus Joyce and Peter Heraty. With them is Margaret Cashman from sponsors, Novartis Animal Health.
  • 15:18

    Breaking news: They have recaptured the “skullcracker”.

    The fugitive armed robber dubbed the “skullcracker” has been caught after going on the run for the third time, the Press Association are reporting.

    Michael Wheatley (55) went missing when he was released on a temporary licence from an open prison in Kent, and police were investigating whether he had robbed a building society in Surrey earlier today.

    The force said that at 2pm Wheatley and another man, aged 53, were arrested in the Tower Hamlets area of east London and are now in police custody.

    Detective Chief Inspector Ann Lisseman, from Kent Police, said: “We are no longer looking for Michael Wheatley. We would like to thank our colleagues at Metropolitan Police Service, Surrey Police and the public for their assistance with our inquiries.”

  • 15:40

    Murder accused Nathan Killeen has been escorted to Limerick to attend part of his mother’s removal ahead of her funeral mass tomorrow.

    The 24-year-old is on trial at the Special Criminal Court in Dublin accused of murdering Limerick businessman Roy Collins.

    Convicted criminal Ger Dundon (26), whose brother Wayne Dundon is a co-accused in the murder trial, was among those at Cross’s funeral home on Lower Gerald Griffin Street in Limerick today when Nathan Kileen arrived under armed Garda escort.


  • 15:49

    Gardai have this afternoon arrested a 29-year-old man and charged him in connection with a fatal shooting in Tallaght on March 13th 2009.

    The man was arrested in the Dundalk area and is due to appear before District Court 2 Criminal Courts of Justice in the next few minutes.

    Seamus O’ Byrne was shot a number of times by a lone gunman in the driveway of a house on Tymon North Park shortly before 8.30pm on the night in question.

    A 26-year-old female was shot in the leg and was taken to hospital with non life threatening injuries.


  • 15:53

    Tom Tuite reports that the Dublin youth who is accused of brandishing a sword in the front yard of Leinster House, has been remanded on continuing bail while gardaí prepare a file for the DPP.

    Jordan Buckley (19) from Kells Road, Crumlin, was charged last week with unlawfully possessing a sword, contrary to Section 9.1 of the Firearms and Offensive Weapons Act, in connection with the incident on April 29th.

    The unemployed youth was granted bail and told by Dublin District Court to must stay away from all Government buildings and departments, “save the department of social welfare”.


  • 16:09

    Villarreal have been fined 12,000 euros ($16,700) by the Spanish soccer federation after a fan threw a banana at Barcelona's Dani Alves during last month's La Liga match at El Madrigal.

    The penalty comes after widespread support from celebrities and public figures for the Brazil defender, who picked up the banana and took a bite as he prepared to take a corner during the match on April 27th.

    Alves later told Brazil's Radio Globo that Spain was "very backward" in its approach to racism.


  • 16:10

    If the results of the Red C poll released this lunchtime were replicated on polling day, many in Labour would be relieved. Although down on the 2009 result, it would still be seen as decent outcome. Party figures have privately admitted they would be happy with anything north of 10 per cent.

    Fine Gael will not be happy. The 25 per cent is the same level it  reached in teh last Irish Times poll, and proves what many TDs are saying: Fine Gael is also in for a  kicking.

    It is probably worth recalling the 2009 results to enable an easy comparison to current polls and possible results on May 23rd.

    Since there are adjustments in the number of council seats, the raw figures are the best way to measure past and current performance. In 2009, Fine Gael polled just over 32 per cent of first preference votes; Labour just below 15 per cent; Sinn Féin 7.4 per cent and Fianna Fáil around 25 per cent.  

  • 16:11

    Napoli defender Henrique was the only surprise inclusion when Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari named his provisional 23-man squad for the World Cup today.

    The squad, which will be aiming to win the title for a record sixth time, features Barcelona striker Neymar and will be captained by Paris St Germain defender Thiago Silva.

    Henrique, who has played just 71 minutes at international level but worked under Scolari at Palmeiras, won out over Atletico Madrid's in-form defender Miranda and PSG's youngster Marquinhos for the spot as fourth central defender.


  • 16:14
    A missive from the court of King Enda - the dear leader is on the road again tomorrow for a grand tour of the midlands.

    "The Taoiseach is hoping to speak to as many people as possible in the run up to polling day about Fine Gael’s focus on jobs, stability and growth," says Fine Gael.
    Get out the bunting in  Laois, Offaly and Tipperary.     FK
  • 16:41
    BREAKING: Minister for Justice Alan Shatter has resigned
  • 16:49
    The resignation follows the report of Sean Guerin into allegations made by garda whistleblower Sergeant Maurice McCabe.
  • 16:50
    Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said the Guerin report “comes to conclusion that there was inadequate investigation and analysis” into allegations made by Garda whistleblower Maurice McCabe.  
  • 16:53
    The Taoiseach has said Mr Shatter's replacement will be announced tonight.
  • 16:57

    Mr Kenny said the report is 300 pages long and concludes there is a need for a Commission of Investigation into the matters raised by Sgt McCabe.

    “It is in that respect that the Minster for Justice feels it is duty to resign from his responsibilities,” Mr Kenny said, and said Mr Guerin found there was an “inadequate use of his statutory responsibility” by Mr Shatter.

  • 17:12
    Chief Justice Susan Denham with then-Minister for Justice, Equality and Defence, Alan Shatter TD, attending the 1916 leaders commemoration at Arbour Hill, Dublin earlier today. Photograph; Dara Mac Dónaill / The Irish Times
    Chief Justice Susan Denham with then-Minister for Justice, Equality and Defence, Alan Shatter TD, attending the 1916 leaders commemoration at Arbour Hill, Dublin earlier today. Photograph; Dara Mac Dónaill / The Irish Times
  • 17:12
    One of Mr Shatter's last engagements as Minister for Justice there.
  • 17:13

    In his resignation letter, Mr Shatter said: “I am anxious that any controversy that may arise on publication of the report does not distract from the important work of the Government or create any difficulties for the Fine Gael or Labour parties in the period leading in the European and local government elections.

    “It is my judgment that the only way in which such controversy can be avoided is by my offering you my resignation.”

  • 17:15
    Paddy Power have installed Dublin West TD Leo Varadkar as their 6/4 favourite to replace Alan Shatter as Justice Minister.
  • 17:19

    That's where we have to leave it for now I'm afraid but irishtimes.com will keep you right up to date on everything Shatter-related as the evening progresses.

    The Daily Wide/Elections Live will be back tomorrow at 9am. Thanks for reading.