Rep of Ireland v Bosnia-Herzegovina

Rep of Ireland v Bosnia-Herzegovina

IT Sat, May 26

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  • 13:38
    Good afternoon, folks, it's almost time for the Republic of Ireland's big send-off, their final farewell, the long goodbye, the sweet so long before they depart tomorrow morning for Italy, Hungary and eventually Poland and Euro 2012. 

    We're 90 minutes away from whatever it is you want to call it. I'm Carl O'Malley and, with the help of the interweb, computers and such, I will be your eyes and ears at the Aviva Stadium, if you so choose.
  • 13:42

    Today's opponents Bosnia should offer a stern test, and one similar to Ireland first game in Poland on June 10th against Croatia.

    Slaven Bilic's side were in action last night against Estonia, who, of course, had the rare pleasure of being walloped by Ireland in the play-offs.  

  • 13:45
    We beat them 4-0 at their place, so judging by Croatia's 3-1 win last night, we should definitely win our first game in Poznan by at least two goals.

    Happy days! Here's how they did it anyhow.
  • 13:45
  • 13:49
    Former Ireland manager and Irish Times Soccer Analyst Brian Kerr has written on today's game for the 'Mother Ship'. Naturally we'd prefer you to go out and buy it, but seeing has you're here, this is what he had to say.
  • 14:01
    *Note to readers, I am not, nor have I ever been, Mary Minihan*
  • 14:08

    Ahem, anyhow, we're now 55 minutes from kick-off. No Bosnian team yet, but be honest how many of you know anyone other than Edin Dzeko?

    Miguel Delaney spoke to their manager yesterday. He doesn't know anybody other than our striker. See?

  • 14:14
    Keith Duggan also thinks we've heard enough from Eamon Dunphy. Do you agree?
  • 14:22
    Republic of Ireland: Westwood (Sunderland); McShane (Hull City), Dunne (Aston Villa), St Ledger (Leicester City), Ward (Wolves); Duff (Fulham), Whelan (Stoke City), Gibson (Everton), McClean (Sunderland); Keane (LA Galaxy), Doyle (Wolves)
  • 14:31
    And here, at last, is the Bosnian team, full of household names. Pjanic is pretty handy, it should be said.

    Bosnia-Herzegovina: Begovic (Stoke City); Jahic (Karabukspor), Pandza (Mechelen), Mujdza (Freiburg), Medunjanin (Maccabi Tel Aviv), Rahimic (CSKA Moscow), Ibisevic (Stuttgart), Pjanic (Roma), Misimovic (Dinamo Moscow) (captain), Lulic (Lazio); Dzeko (Manchester City)  
  • 14:42
    I've been misinformed! I assure you. I'm as upset about this as you are.

    Sean St Ledger will not not start. Instead, Darren O'Dea joins Richard Dunne in the centre of defence and St Ledger is on the bench.
  • 14:48
    Early indications seem to be, and these are unconfirmed reports, that St Ledger has been forced out with little groin niggle. This after he was a doubt all week and a suprise inclusion in the starting XI yesterday. Still, can't be that bad whatever it is, he's among the subs.
  • 14:50
  • 14:52
    Tis a lovely day here in D4. It's a been a long time since we had one these here old fashioned afternoon kick-offs. There's a lot to be said for them. Barely anyone here though. Must be all in the park drinking cans.
  • 14:52
    jon scrivin Darren o'dea wil do a good job.
  • 14:53
    I think he might too, Jon. Afterall, he was excellent that day in Moscow and would have got more plaudits were it not for a superhuman performance from Dunne.
  • 14:54
    Teams are on the way out. Fans better hurry up.
  • 14:57
    Agus, anois, Micháel D.

    Little bit embarrassing as he mistakenly shakes hands with the mascots instead of the players.
  • 15:01
    Massive roar for the anthem despite the patchy crowd and we're almost underway. 
  • 15:01
    Michéal Good work lads! What´s the name of the ref please?
  • 15:02
    Why, it's none other than Nikolaj Haenni of Switzerland.
  • 15:05
    1 min:  Early route one from Ireland that Doyler gets his head on to but it's cleared to safety. And another by Dunne.
  • 15:07

    McClean eager to get on the ball. A neat one two but the defender gets there ahead of the Sunderland man, who took all of a minute to get the crowd on their feet.

  • 15:08

    And another 30 seconds to put Mensur Mujdza on his arse. Bit eager there, but no harm done.

  • 15:09
    4 min: Vedad Ibisevic finds space between Dunne and O'Dea, and fires one across the face of goal, it comes back to him again but his shot flies well wide.
  • 15:10
    5 min: Big roar for a peno after defender climbed over Duff in the box. Would have been soft. Lively enough start here at Lansdowne, though,
  • 15:13
    8 min:  Great use of the channel by Doyle before he fed McClean, whose cross is almost on to the toe of Duff at the backpost but a Bosnian head gets in the way
  • 15:15
    9 min:  Dzeko in behind but his cross is poked away by Dunne.  Ibsisevic turned it back to Medjunjanin but he shoots well over.

    In other news, Keane is on the floor and has been for a little while now.
  • 15:16

    El capitan looked to have take a bang on the hip in an aerial challenge and went down heavy. Ireland down to 10 at the moment.

  • 15:18
    And Keano's back on the pitch.Walking a little gingerly. (How do ginger people walk?)
  • 15:20
    14 min: Penalty? Denied!

    Glenn Whelan burst into the box, yes, bursts into the box, and pushes it past the Stoke keeper Begovic, who definitely takes his clubmate down. Goalkick says Mr Haenni
  • 15:21
    At the other end, Bosnia are denied one of their own that looked a little less clearcut, a possible handball by Paul McShane.
  • 15:23
    17 min:  Gibson stps up for a long range free but tries to pass it in from 40 yards and deflects off the wall and into the grateful grasp of Begovic.
  • 15:24
    18 min: At the other end, Dunne blocks well when Ireland looked in trouble and two subsequent Bosnian corners were well delivered but came to nought.
  • 15:26
    Two very sloppy patches of .possession from Gibbo. That sort of nonsense won't endear him to Il Trap on his audition for a starting role in Poland
  • 15:27
    I say 'possession' but, well, you know.

    Duffer not get away with the old stop/start/push/run/fall down technique he's perfected over the years.

    Mr Haenni's wise to that.
  • 15:31
    25 min:  That's the boy, James! The former Derry City man got the ball out wide from a Whelan pass and cut in on to his right, selling two Bosnians a pup, before leaving it to Gibson, who scuffed his shot wide.

    Keane wins a free in hte left hand corner off Jahic
  • 15:32
    Duff takes it, McClean stretches at the back post and again leaves it to Whelan before the Stoke man's cross floats over the bar.
  • 15:33
    McClean's enojoying himself out there now, just hasn't found his range with the final ball as yet. Ireland have looked confident this last five minutes.
  • 15:33
    28 minutes gone - still 0-0
  • 15:35
    29 min:  Even McShane's taking the piss, by cheekily stepping on a lost cause ball to win a corner. Comes to nothing though.
  • 15:36
    30 min: The full-back's ball into the feet of Keane is accurate and the capitan turns and volleys wide.
  • 15:38

    Bosnia captain Misimovic shoots harmlessly wide and Ireland return fire with a smooth passing move acoss the field that ends with Duff cutting inside and shooting narrowly wide of Begovic's post.

  • 15:38
    Guest The Merchant of Venice is on the other channel if you're looking for some drama.
  • 15:42
    Nice bit of showboating from McShane there, two or three keepy uppies over the head and away. Give him a ticket to Poland! I wonder did they deliberately give him the #24 jersey today?
  • 15:44
    Guest, if you are going to slag off the 'Boys in Green' in a rare championship summer, you should at least put your name to it. That's what I do.
  • 15:45
    39 min: Minor Pjanic as Pjanic shoots from 35 yards into the arms of Westwood. Quiet enough so far, the Bosnian playmaker.
  • 15:47
    41 min:  Dzeko almost chests it down to shoot but Ward gets in the way after Lulic's fine cross.

    McClean fires a warning shot across goal in response but Begovic palms it around the post. McClean's corner is then cleared by the first man. Schoolboy error *shakes head*
  • 15:51
    One minute left and Whelan finds Keane with a lovely throughball into the box. The captain has Duff in support and his cheeky flick in behind Boris Pandza gives the Fulham winger a sniff, but Begovic closes it down and a ricochet takes it out for a corner.  Lovely stuff. O'Dea's header from the corner is comfortably gathered.
  • 15:51
    Two minutes added
  • 15:52
    Ireland attack again down the left with Ward and McClean, the latter's cross is just too long for Doyle, who can do nothing with the header.

  • 15:54

    Not a bad half by Ireland. McClean has impressed, Gibson, despite two poor periods in possession, has moved the ball well and got into shooting range once or twice. Duff looks lively, as does the front pairing of Doyle and Keane.

    They've needed some timely interventions at the back, especially in the first quarter, but, sure, isn't that always the way?

  • 16:02

    Smashing finish from the hatcher in the kiddies halftime game.

  • 16:04
    In other news, grown men and women are humiliating themselves and deafening the rest of us, for a trip to Poland.
  • 16:05
    Vicky Nolan from Blanch took it. She deserved it, in fairness, put in the hard yards, wore a stupid wig and sang terribly without a hint of shame. 
  • 16:11
    Okay, we're back. Here's the news.  McGeady is on for Duff, not MccClean, and Andrews is on for Whelan.

    For Bosnia, Damir Vranic is on for Haris Medunjanin, while Stevanovic is on for Rahimic
  • 16:14
    McClean wins a free on the left. McGeady has gone straight onto the right where he said this week he preferred playing.

    And how!! He's just hit the post after Doyle knocked down Ward's free, he stuck out a leg and watched it come back of the upright. Unlucky.
  • 16:15
    48 min:  There has been an unceremonious dumping. Doyle left on his backside by the big Pandza at the back.

    Free in comes to nothing but the Olé, Olés have begun. #goodtimes
  • 16:18

    52 min: Vranic is booked for ruthlessly chopping down a marauding Dicky Dunne, who was resplendent in full flight with the ball at his feet.

    McClean's free is headed clear.

  • 16:22
    McGeady and McClean have switched wings now, as Ward wins a corner after pouncing on a slack clearance.
  • 16:23

    Bosnian change, as Adnan Zahirovic replaces Mensur Mujdza.

    Dzeko's shot is charged down by Dunne.

  • 16:25
    58 min:   O'Dea penalised for a little shove on Ibisevic. Free in.

    Great strike from Pjanic from distance and an equally good save from Westwood who tipped it over the bar. Corner is cleared. 
  • 16:27
    Keane tries to jink his way into the box after good work from McClean and McGeady but he's crowded out.
  • 16:29
    62 min:  Stevanovic gets in behind Ward on the Bosnian right but the angle is tight and his shot flies high across goal and out for a throw.

    Trap opts to change his front two with Doyle replaced by Walters and Keane replaced by Long.
  • 16:33
    25 minutes left here and as happens in friendlies round about this time, it's all gone a little quiet.

    McShane a bit fortunate to get away with conceding a free on the edge of the box.
  • 16:34
    Nice turn from Walters from a throw in down the rigth but he just doesn'y look comfortable running at defences
  • 16:37

    Dogged Andrews gets on the ball 30 yards from goal and advances but his shot is badly scuffed wide.

    St Ledger is on now, for Dunne, while Stojan Vranjes is on for Ibisevic.

  • 16:37
    19 minutes remain in a game that has gone decidedly flat.
  • 16:38
    There are few things more impressive than McShane thundering along full pelt, his mane in full flow and face contorted in defiant determination.
  • 16:39

    The attendance? Well, the official figure is 37,100. Ahem

  • 16:41
    74 min: Smashing ball over the top from Gibson but Begovic just beats Long to it.

    McGeady gets on the ball from the throw in and fires a lovely ball to the back post for Walters who climbs high and heads it off the crossbar. Should have scored, in fairness.
  • 16:42
    McClean is stopped down the left by Stevanovic, who has done well on the winger since coming on. McGeady tests Beegovic with a daisycutter. Well saved by the Bosnian.
  • 16:43
    76 min: Dzeko tries to get on the end of a ball over the top but St Ledger cuts it out. Solid play there from the sub.
  • 16:44

    Shane L
    ong with a lovely header at the backpost after a cross from McGeady.

    Nicely worked goal by the homeside. Lovely ball to McGeady from Andrews. The pass before the pass, as the nerds say.
  • 16:46
    79 min: Almost two straight away.

    McGeady down the right again, squares it Walters in behind the defence but Begovic stays big and the shot is blocked.  Again, encouraging stuff from Ireland, who have really picked it up here.
  • 16:47

    Walters does great work in defence there by getting in the face of Pjanic. Young fella hadn't got a clue what was going on.

  • 16:48
    82 mins:  Walters wins a free after helping the ball over the top with a neat overhead. Ref might have played on there, McGeady had something to chase.
  • 16:48
    Gibson is over this one. So is McClean
  • 16:49
    It's the winger who takes it but it cannons off the wall,
  • 16:52
    McGeady is having a great half. Another beaut of a ball from him with the outside of the right boot for Long but the cross is off target from the West Brom striker.

    McClean is wrecked. Should have been restedd 15 minutes ago in my humble but correct opinion
  • 16:53
    87 min: Walters offside from St Ledgers header. Worrying that he managed to direct over from four yards, all the same.
  • 16:55

    Walters, Long and McGeady link up but a Bosnian toe clears just as the SPartak Moscow winger lines up a shot at the edge of the box.

  • 16:57
    89 min: Calm defending from St Ledger there, with Westwood beaten he jus stepped over a ball he knew was rolling marginally wide. Under control.
  • 16:59
    McGeady has been given man of the match. And he duly earns it with a backpost cross to Long whose header is clawed away by Begovic. Long turns it back to Andrews but he heads over after arriving at pace.
  • 17:01
    That's it, folks. A very solid performance all told. Plenty to be enthusiastic about for a team heading off to the Euros. We'll have a match report and reaction as soon as possible.
  • 18:55