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IT Thu, Aug 2

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  • 11:09
    Day six now (where has the time gone) and there is plenty of Irish involvement today again.

    Barry Murphy has already been in the pool and missed out on a personal best in the 50m freestyle by over half a second. Murphy finished in a time of 22.76 which wasn’t for a place in the top 16. 

    There was better news for Sanita Puspure who won her C/D semi-final of the women’s single sculls. Puspure missed out on the A/B semi-final after finishing fourth in the quarter-finals on Tuesday. In today’s semi-final Purspure led by some distance and finished in a time of 7:51.69, almost 10 seconds ahead of Kissya Da Costa of Brazil who took second place. 

    You can check out all the Irish competitors in action today below.

    9.30am: Rowing
    It’s not the race she wanted to be in, but Sanita Puspure contests the C/D semi-final at Eton Dorney. There’s little more than pride at stake but the single sculler will still want to finish as high as possible.

    10am: Swimming
    Barry Murphy, who left the pool disappointed after his opening swim last Saturday, rounds off his campaign in the 50m freestyle. Posting a personal best will be an achievement.

    11.30am: Swimming
    Having limbered up in the 100m backstroke earlier in the week, Melanie Nocher (24) goes in her favoured 200m backstroke this morning. She might represent Ireland’s last hope in the pool after Gráinne Murphy pulled out of this morning’s 800m freestyle heats.

    From noon: Sailing
    Having taken a back seat so far this week, the men’s 470 duo of Scott Flanigan and Ger Owens get their regatta started at midday. The surprise package of the sailing team are out at midday and back on the water at Weymouth at 1.30pm.
    After slipping to ninth following some average results yesterday, Ryan Seaton and Matt McGovern can ill afford any more slip-ups as their series of races reaches the midway point. Race seven is under way at noon, with the eighth race due off at 12.45pm.
    With just four races to go, David Burrows and Peter O’Leary need to climb the leaderboard if they hope to challenge for a medal on Sunday. The Cork sailors have their seventh (12.05pm) and eighth (1.20pm) races this afternoon.

    1.25pm: Equestrian
    Anna Merveldt, Ireland’s only competitor in the individual dressage, will put Coryolano through its paces this afternoon. Merveldt (49), is no stranger to the big occasion – she reached an Olympic final in 1992. She needs to finish in the top 11 to guarantee a place in the Grand Prix Special.

    1.30pm: Canoeing
    If she was in any doubt just how fine the margins between success and failure are, Hannah Craig need look no further than Eoin Rheinisch yesterday. Craig will have to be at her very best to advance to the final later today.

    2.45pm: Boxing
    Irish team captain Darren O’Neill finds Germany’s Stefan Hartel blocking his path to a place in the quarter-finals. Hartel may be ranked 30 places lower than the Kilkenny middleweight but was impressive in the first round.
  • 11:14
    Some of you may have missed a story that broke late last night. It involves two bantamweight boxers namely Japan’s Satoshi Shimizu and Azerbaijan’s Magomed Abdulhamidov.

    Abdulhamidov was initially awarded a 22-17 victory despite being floored six times in the final round. Six times! Imagine knocking someone down six times and losing the fight. It’s fair to say you wouldn’t be pleased. Well, the Japanese team weren’t and they understandably put in an appeal which has thankfully been upheld by Amateur boxing’s world governing body AIBA.

    You can get more details on that story here - http://www.irishtimes.com/sports/other/2012/0802/1224321313122.html
  • 11:15
  • 11:18
    Rebecca Adlington has won her 800m freestyle heat to reach the final. It’s Adlington’s best chance of gold. Watching her post-swim interview you’d be hard-pressed not to admire her.
  • 11:26
    Melanie Nocher is up next for Ireland in the 200m backstroke. The 24 year old’s third place finish in Heat 2 of the women’s 100m backstroke on Sunday wasn’t enough to take her into the semi-finals but the 200m is her preferred distance. She swims in lane three of heat two. Come on Melanie!
  • 11:30
    Phelps wins his heat in the men’s 100m butterfly. Not bad considering he was in last place at the turn
  • 11:35
    Melanie Nocher up next.
  • 11:36
    And we’re off!
  • 11:38
    Melanie Nocher is just fading away a bit now. 50m to go.
  • 11:39
    Melanie Nocher finishes in seventh place in a time of 2:16.29
  • 11:43
    Nocher’s personal best is a good six seconds faster than that.
  • 11:44
    The RTE commentary team have their eye on Melanie Nocher and they say that she looks absolutely devastated.
  • 11:45
    It’s worth remembering that while it was a disappointing swim for Nocher she did incredibly well to make the A standard and qualify for the Olympics.
  • 11:51
    Age really is just a number. Hiroshi Hoketsu of Japan is in action today in the individual dressage event at the tender age of 71.  He’s the oldest competitor at the London Olympic Games. He first competed in the Olympics in 1964.  He must not be hard of hearing anyway, his horse is called Whisper.
  • 11:51
    DM After all my excertions yesterday I had to visit the Doctor this morning, well it was bad very bad, He told me I had some severe wind burn from the Sailing, saddle sores from the cycling time trial, a black eye from the boxin, tennis elbow, warer in the ear from the swimming and tendonitis of the sholder from the gymnastics, he suggests that I try to limit myself to less than 10 individual sports per day, what will I do next week when the Decatlon is on!!!!
  • 11:51
    Watching the Olympics should be an Olympic sport. I’d definitely be hoping for a medal.
  • 11:52
    Missy Franklin easily qualified for the women’s 200m backstroke semi-finals with a time of  2:07.54
  • 11:56
    RTE’s swimming analyst Earl McCarthy is analysing Melanie Nocher’s performance. He’s hoping that there was something physically wrong with her as it was some six seconds slower than her personal best.
  • 12:00
    Vladimir Putin, the Russian President will be at the Judo today.
  • 12:00
  • 12:03
    Yes, that’s right, Vladimir Putin ‘Judo Knight’ will be watching Judo at the Olympics. Do you think he’ll bring his gear hoping someone will drop out?
  • 12:04
    Ireland’s own Judo expert Pat Hickey will be there too. Fight! Fight! Fight!
  • 12:07
    Richard and Peter Chambers, from Coleraine are part of Team GB’s lightweight men’s four team who will be racing for gold in about five minutes
  • 12:10
    The Chambers brothers and their team-mates and their team-mates Rob Williams and Chris Bartley will be rowing out of lane number three.
  • 12:10
  • 12:13
    Denmark are leading.
  • 12:15
    Denmark, Australia and Britain in that order with 500m to go.
  • 12:16
    What a finish! South Africa take gold. Britain take silver and the Danes who led nearly all the way have to settle for bronze.
  • 12:17
    That was a fantastic race. Britain left themselves too much to do. Mind you, you could have said the same for South Africa who powered home in the last 500m.
  • 12:19
    Rowing - Lightweight men's four final 

    1) South Africa – 6:02.84
    2) Great Britain – 6:03.09
    3) Denmark 6:03.16
  • 12:20
  • 12:23
    The Chambers family are being interviewed on BBC. They have every reason to be  proud of Richard and Peter Chambers.
  • 12:28
    So the British rowers were ‘”Blowing out of our hoop” in the last 100m. Now, that’s candid. Very candid.
  • 12:41
    Scott Flanigan and Ger OwensIn sailing, Ireland’ Scott Flanigan and Ger Owens finished in 18th place in the first race of the men’s 470
  • 12:43
    Ryan Seaton and Matt McGovern lie in 11th place in the overall standings after finishing in 11th place in race seven of the men’s 49er
  • 12:46
    David Burrows and Peter O’Leary lie in sixth place in race seven of the men’s star. Before today they were in ninth place in the overall standings.
  • 12:55
    So Melanie Nocher hasn’t been well in the build-up to today’s race.That helps to explains what would otherwise have been a very disappointing performance.
  • 12:56
    O’Leary and Burrows have moved up into fourth place in race seven of the men’s star.
  • 13:02
    The oldest competitor in the Olympics is up next in the individual dressage event. Hiroshi Hoketsu is 71. Go on Hiroshi!
  • 13:04
    He doesn’t look like he’s 71 to be fair to him. He’d pass for a man in his forties I’d say.
  • 13:05
    I hope this doesn’t cause offence but dressage is quite an odd event from an outside perspective.
  • 13:11
    Domhnall If Hiroshi is 71, that gives me 43 years to start training now to become an Olympian - Dublin 2056 here I come!
  • 13:18
    Andy Murray is safely through to the semi-finals of the men’s singles tennis. He easily disposed of Spain’s Nicolas Almagro 6-4, 6-1. He will now meet play either Novak Djokovic or Jo-Wilfired Tsonga.
  • 13:25
    Ireland’s Anna Merveldt is now competing in the individual dressage on Coryolano. She needs to finish in the top 11.
  • 13:26
    Anna Merveldt finished 11th in the Barcelona Olympics in 1992
  • 13:27
    It’s started lashing at the dressage. Just our luck…and weather.
  • 13:29
    “Good relaxation and ground cover.” Yeah, I definitely noticed that too. Definitely. It was on the tip of my tongue.
  • 13:35
    69.742% is Anna Merveldt’s score.
  • 13:42
    David Burrows and Peter O’Leary’s hopes of a medal are fading after they finished in ninth place in race seven of the men’s star. It leaves them ninth overall, some 24 points of a bronze medal position with just three more races to go before the Medal Race.
  • 13:52
    Hannah Craig is up in the women’s Kayak (K1) shortly. Here’s hoping she has more luck than Eoin Rheinisch had yesterday.
  • 13:53
  • 13:54
    Usain Bolt is a Call of Duty fan then!
  • 13:55
  • 13:55
  • 13:59
    The Olympics – it’s all about class really. Actually, class is a major talking point for British Athletes this morning half after  it was revealed that half of Team GB’s gold medallists from Beijing were privately educated – a situation that the Chairman of the British Olympic Association Lord Moynihan labelled “wholly unacceptable.”
  • 13:59
    Eric Bolt a COD MW3 fan? that explains it! He's been using the "extreme conditioning" perk...
  • 14:06
    Sailing: Scott Flanigan and Ger Owens are currently 23rd in race two of the men’s 470
  • 14:08
    Just over 10 minutes away from Hannah Craig’s run in the kayak.
  • 14:14
    RTE’s commentator just said of New Zealand’s Luuka Jones, “Her name is Luuka.” A closet Suzanne Vega fan perhaps.
  • 14:14
    John Nott "wholly unacceptable" - Presumably 'Lord' Moynihan would prefer to see ALL Team GB's gold medalists privately educated!
  • 14:15
    Hannah Craig now in the kayak
  • 14:16
    One penalty so far for Craig.
  • 14:16
    A pretty promising run so far
  • 14:19
    116.12 is Craig’s time. She needs a top ten finish to progress.
  • 14:19
    That’s faster than Luuka Jones of New Zealand who was out first.
  • 14:20
    Marta Kharitonova of Russia betters Hannah Craig’s time.
  • 14:25
    Four women have completed the K1 course. Hannah Craig lies in second place. Only the top 10 of the 15 competitors qualify for the final.
  • 14:28
    Middleweight Darren O’Neill will fight Germany’s Stefan Hartel in around 20 minutes. A place in the quarter-finals is up for grabs.
  • 14:29
    Hannah Craig is in third place with nine women left to complete the course.
  • 14:33
    Hannah Craig is fourth out of seven paddlers. Eight more to go. Craig must finish in the top 10 to make the final.
  • 14:47
    So here’s that controversial third round in the fight between Japan’s Satoshi Shimizu and Azerbaijan’s Magomed Abdulhamidov.
    Abdulhamidov was initially awarded a 22-17 victory despite being floored six times in the final round. Amateur boxing’s world governing body AIBA then overturned the ludicrous decision. . Here is that last round.

    Let’s hope Darren O’Neill doesn’t find himself in the midst of another boxing controversy this afternoon.

  • 14:47
    Hannah Craig lies in eighth place with four more paddlers to go out. Top 10 qualify for the final.
  • 14:48
  • 14:51
    Hannah Craig is in ninth place. There are two paddlers left to complete the run. She needs to finish in the top 10 to make the final. This is what Sir Alex Ferguson meant by squeaky bum time.
  • 14:53
  • 14:53
    Hannah Craig has made the final! Well done Hannah! More exclamation marks needed!!!
  • 14:55

    It’s all about Darren O’Neill’s fight with Stefan Hartel now.
  • 14:55
    Round 1 has started
  • 14:57
    Positive start from O’Neill.
  • 14:57
    Hannah Craig qualifies for the women’s kayak (K1) final in 10th place.
  • 14:59
    Round 1 – O’Neill is 6-4 down
  • 15:00
    Stating-of-the-obvious alert. -Jimmy Magee – “In boxing you’re going to get hit no matter who you are.”
  • 15:01
    In amateur boxing, usually the boxer who wins the first round wins the fight. Come on O’Neill!
  • 15:02
    30 seconds to go in the second round.
  • 15:03
    Round 2 – 8-4 in the German's favour. O'Neill is now 14-8 down.
  • 15:03
    Realistically Darren O’Neill needs a stoppage to win.
  • 15:04
    kev looks like it could be the same again
  • 15:04
    Things only got worse for O’Neill in Round 2.
  • 15:04
    Bryan He needs to knock him in the last!!
  • 15:05
    O’Neill’s going after it but it doesn’t look like it will be enough.
  • 15:05
    Neal The German knows he jsut has to stay up to win, using all the tricks
  • 15:06
    Hartel boxing defensively as you’d expect.
  • 15:06
    MickGuyver Give it welly Darren !!
  • 15:06
    30 seconds to go in the final round. He needs something special.
  • 15:07
    It’s over. It’s safe to say that Hartel will progress.
  • 15:09
    Darren O’Neill is beaten by 19-12 by Germany’s Stefan Hartel
  • 15:10
    Round 1 – Hartel 6 - 4 O’Neill
    Round 2 – Hartel 8 – 4 O’Neill
    Round 3 – Hartel 5 – 4 O’Neill
  • 15:11
    Darren O’Neill will be checking in to the Heartbreak Hartel after that. The German deserved it really. Hard luck Darren.
  • 15:12
  • 15:14
    kev no complaints about the decision there
  • 15:16
    I think everyone is in agreement that Hartel deserved to win. O’Neill was the first to congratulate him. Magnanimous in defeat. Well done Darren.
  • 15:16
    David Was that supposed to be a joke? It's a long day I suppose...
  • 15:18
    I said that Darren would be checking into the Heartbreak Hartel. A bad pun which is standard round these parts. O’Neill gave it his all. Unfortunately on this occasion it wasn’t enough.
  • 15:18
  • 15:20
    Guest i suspect there will be an appeal from the Ukrainian that lost to Agogo tootoo...
  • 15:24
    Hannah Craig is sweating it after appeals have been launched by Britain’s Lizzie Neave and China’s Jingjing regarding their two seconds penalties. Hannah Craig has also appealed her penalty too. Tense times.
  • 15:24
    DM Darren O'Neill - He did his very best - thats all you can ask - the German was very controlled. Well Done Darren....
  • 15:26
    If you missed it, Darren O’Neill was beaten 19-12 in his middleweight bout with Germany’s Stefan Hartel.
  • 15:28
    Hannah Craig has officially made the final. All appeals were rejected.
  • 15:31
    In the men’s canoe double (D2) Britain currently occupy the gold medal position thanks to Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott but that may change.
  • 15:33
    Guest Good stuff Hannah...
  • 15:33
    Britain’s Baillie and Stott have got a silver medal at the very least. The only pair that can prevent Baillie and Stott from winning gold is Britain’s David Florence and Richard Hounslow.
  • 15:36
    That was quite the run from Florence and Hounslow. It’s only good enough for silver though as their training partners and compatriots Baillie and Stott take gold. Britain take gold and silver in the men’s canoe double.
  • 15:37
    The Hochschorner twins from Slovakia have to settle for bronze.
  • 15:41
    That was the first gold in Britain’s history in a canoe slalom event.
  • 15:45
    Ireland’s Ger Owens and Scott Flanagan finished in 18th and 25th in their first two races of the men’s 470. That leaves them some way back - they are currently 23rd in the overall standings but there are eight more races left to make ground up on those ahead of them in the field. .
  • 15:48
    David Burrows and Peter O’Leary finished ninth and seventh in races seven and eight of the men’s star which places them ninth overall with two races to go. The top ten sailors then make it through to the Medal Race where points are doubled.
  • 15:54
    In the men’s 49er Ryan Seaton and Matt McGovern lie in ninth position overall after eight races.
  • 15:56
    Hannah Craig is up first in the Women’s Kayak (K1) final now.
  • 15:58
    Hannah has hit a gate early on.
  • 15:58
    Hannah Craig has hit two gates now.
  • 15:58
    Six penalties so far for Craig.
  • 16:00
    It’s fair to say that wasn’t Hannah Craig’s best run – it was over 10 seconds slower than her time in the semi-final.
  • 16:01
    127.36 is Hannah Craig’s finishing time.
  • 16:04
    Great Britain have claimed another gold at the Olympics. Peter Wilson triumphed in the men's double-trap shooting at the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich. Expect talk of a ‘Gold rush’ across the water.
  • 16:10
    The Velodrome doesn’t look half bad does it? Britain has really nailed it in terms of hosting the Olympics so far.
  • 16:13
    Is it just me or when you hear the word velodrome do you think of Mad Max –Beyond the Thunderdrome? No, just me, then? Ok…I’ll not mention the velo/thunderdome again.
  • 16:17
    The World record has been broken not once but twice in women’s Team Sprint event at the Velodrome. Great Britain broke the world record first in a time of 32.526 before China bettered it with a time of 32.447. Records are falling!
  • 16:22
    Darren O’Neill has spoken of his disappointment following his 19-12 defeat to Germany’s Stefan Haertel in the last 16 of the middleweight boxing at the ExCel Arena. O’Neill said,

    ““I’m very disappointed. He got into his stride quicker than I did in the first round and that was important to the outcome of the fight. I knew in the third round I had to give it all and I went at it with the kitchen sink. But his defence was very good.”
  • 16:27
    Hannah Craig has finished tenth in the women’s kayak event. She defied the world rankings to reach the final.
  • 16:28
  • 16:36
    Gemma Gibbons has added another medal to Britain’s tally this afternoon – this time it’s silver. She was defeated by America’s Kayla Harrison in the women’s 78kg. Harrison landed two yuko scores to win gold.
  • 16:39
    Ukraine's appeal against the victory of GB middleweight Anthony Ogogo over their number 1 seed Ievgen Khytrov is thrown out.
  • 16:42
    Here is the official result from the Women’s Kayak race
  • 16:47
    Another record has gone at the Velodrome – this time it’s an Olympic Record – The British have broken the Olympic record in the men’s team sprint with a time of 43.065
  • 16:47
    JIm I think lay people have a problem with watching olympic boxing when Ogogo, who had 2 standing counts can still win the fight...if the ref didn't intervene he would probably have been KO'd....so who is really the better fighter? Watched fight and thought very unfair result.
  • 16:49
    The scoring in boxing has certainly come in for a lot of criticism. How accurate do you think the scoring system really is?
  • 17:42
    Jim Just to add that the official score cards that were released had the Ukranian 53-52 ahead on the countback...so the controversy won't end here I feel...i read this on a reputable boxing blog.
  • 17:42
    I’ve refuelled. Did I miss much?
  • 17:44
  • 17:47
    So Vicky Pendleton and Jess Varnish have been disqualified from the women’s team sprint?. Pendleton came past Varnish before the designated changeover lie on the straight of the track. Wow!
  • 17:49
    The men’s singles tennis semi-final line-up has been decided. Roger Federer v Juan Martin Del Potro & Andy Murray v Novak Djokovic
  • 17:53
    Great Britain has broken the world record in the men’s team pursuit. 3:52.499 was the record-breaking time.
  • 18:01
    “They’re going home, they’re going home, they’re going – Bhutan are going home!” Bhutan’s second and last competitor has left the building (Olympics). Kunzang Choden had finished bottom in the women's 10-metre air rifle on Saturday and now Sherab Zam, archer and flag-bearer at the opening ceremony, was beaten in the first round of the women's individual competition.
  • 18:05
  • 18:14
    Did anyone happen to catch the documentary the BBC screened a couple of weeks about Victoria Pendleton? She’s an interesting character. I thought it gave a great insight into the life of an athlete. I always had the perception that elite athletes were impenetrable in terms of their mentality? Not so. Pendleton spent a lot of time crying. I’ve no doubt that she'll devastated by her and her team mate Jess Varish’s disqualification from the Women’s sprint team because of an illegal changeover
  • 18:17
    Victoria Pendleton - I predict Tears (Owen Humphreys/PA Wire)
    Victoria Pendleton - I predict Tears (Owen Humphreys/PA Wire)
  • 18:18
    Another world record goes at the Velodrome!
  • 18:18
  • 18:20
    Philip Hindes, Jason Kenny and Chris Hoy posted that new world record in a time of 42.747
  • 18:22
    China win the women’s team sprint gold, Germany take silver and Australia have won the bronze.
  • 18:29
    There is some confusion about the result of the women’s team sprint race. China initially appeared to win it but they have subsequently been relegated due to an apparent illegal take-over manoeuvre. Germany have won gold.
  • 18:30
    The Germans are delighted. The Chinese are dismayed. It’s not a nice way to win gold but I’m sure the Germans don’t care.
  • 18:35
    The Velodrome had been buzzing all afternoon and now after the relegations the atmosphere has turned decidedly flat.
    There is no right to appeal.
  • 18:35
  • 18:37
  • 18:41
    Jinjie Gong, one of China’s relegated cyclists has apparently stormed out of the Velodrome. She’s not waiting around to receive her silver medal. I'll have it.
  • 18:42
    The Chinese team have appeared to receive their medals.
  • 18:42
    The podium looks like it’s made out of purple Quality Street wrappers.
  • 18:47
    There are question marks over whether the decision to relegate China in the women’s team sprint was the correct one. It was extremely tight. Silly way to end an Olympic event.
  • 18:50
    Bronze medal race in the men’s team sprint – Australia v Germany
  • 18:51
    Germany take bronze
  • 18:53
    Great Britain v France for the gold.
  • 18:54
    Gold medal for Britain and ANOTHER new World Record.
  • 18:55
    42.600 is the time – That’s Chris….sorry Sir Chris Hoy’s fifth Olympic gold medal.
  • 19:03
    Chris Hoy – Olympic cyclist. Chris Foy – Premier League referee. Sometimes people on Twitter found it hard to tell the difference
  • 19:03
  • 19:04
  • 19:30
    So you want to know how the Irish sailors fared today don’t you?

    Ger Owens and Scott Flanigan endured a rough start to their Olympic campaign this afternoon, when finishing 18th and 25th in the first two races at Weymouth to lie 23rd of 27 heading into tomorrow.
    It wasn't an ideal start for the pair but Irish Sailing Association (ISA) performance director James O’Callaghan insists there's a long way to go.
    “The guys were delighted to finally get out on the water today," said Callaghan. "It’s only day one for them so there’ll be plenty more sailing during the week. Ger is an experienced Olympian so this is a great way for Scott to get his introduction to the Games.”
    The 49er crew of Ryan Seaton and Matt McGovern tackle tomorrow’s three races (1.30pm, 2.15pm and 3pm) from ninth place overall, after finishing 11th and ninth in today’s two races.
    With seven races remaining, they are still capable of bridging the gap on leaders Australia.
    “Ryan and Matt have been sailing flat out for four days and they’ve remained within the top 10 every day. They’re sailing really well and are intent on keeping it that way”, said O’Callaghan.
    The Cork duo of Peter O’Leary and David Burrows were disqualified from Race 7 and finished ninth in Race 8 of the Men’s Star to sit ninth overall on 57 points, 44 off the net total of leaders Britain.
    They had a strong start to their first race of the day and were fourth by the second mark but dropped back to ninth before a dispute with Denmark went the way of their opponents and the Irish boat incurred 17 points rather than the nine their place would have usually merited.
    The final two fleet races take place tomorrow before the top 10 progress to the double points medal race on Sunday.
  • 19:38
    There’s plenty of action poolside again tonight and when I say poolside don’t conjure up images of Club Tropicana in your mind. This is serious business. “Club Tropicana, drinks are free….”
  • 19:41
    200m breaststroke – Rebecca Soni is favourite to win it. Can she become the first swimmer to defend her title?
  • 19:44
    Rebecca Soni is leading with 50m to go
  • 19:45
    Rececca Soni wins gold and breaks the world record – 2:19.59
  • 19:46
    Soni becomes the first woman to ever complete the 200m breaststroke in under two minutes and 20 seconds.
  • 19:47
    Soni (USA) - Gold
    Suzuki (Japan) - Silver
    Efimova (Russia) - Bronze
  • 19:47
    Soni retains her title – the first swimmer to do so at these Games.
  • 19:51
    Ryan Lochte is now defending his 200m men’s backstroke final.
  • 19:53
    Lochte leads from Clary. Irie from Japan is in third.
  • 19:54
    Tyler Clary wins gold for America.
    Irie from Japan claims bronze
    Lochte only takes bronze (Poor Ryan Lochte -  only a bronze for him)
  • 19:56
    Tyler Clary has set a new Olympic record with that swim. 1:53.41
  • 19:59
    Semi-finals of the 200m women’s backstroke now. Lizzie Simmonds is in lane one for Team GB
    Beisel will be favourite in the first semi. 
  • 20:01
    Beisel wins as predicted (Just call me Nostradummus)
  • 20:04
    Canada/Ireland’s Sinead Russell is in the second semi of the women’s 200m backstroke. Yes, we are claiming her for Ireland based on her name alone but only if she qualifies for the final…which she probably won’t.
  • 20:05
    Missy Franklin in lane four
  • 20:06
    100m to go in the second semi-final of the women’s 200m backstroke. Franklin leads.
  • 20:08
    Missy Franklin wins, Coventry is second and our/Canada’s Sinead Russell is third.
  • 20:10
    Kirsty Coventry dislocated her kneecap earlier this year. She’s in an Olympic final. Dedication
  • 20:14
    Ryan Lochte has been warming down after his back-stroke bronze in the diving pool. It’s called a ‘diving’ pool for a reason Ryan.
  • 20:23
    It’s the men’s 200m individual medley
  • 20:23
    Phelps v Lochte (or is it someone else’s?)
  • 20:23
    Phelps leads after the fly.
  • 20:24
    Phelps leads with 50m to go
  • 20:25
    Phelps wins! Lochte takes silver.
  • 20:25
    Phelps wins his 20th Olympic medal
  • 20:27
    Michael Phelps is one class act
    1:54.27 is his time.
    That’s his first individual gold at London 2012
  • 20:29
    Phelps has won the 200m individual medal at three consecutive Olympics. Are you not entertained?!!!
  • 20:44
    Women’s 100m freestyle.
  • 20:47
    Holland’s Kromowidjojo wins it and sets a new Olympic Record 53.00
  • 20:51
    Herasimenia took silver
    Tang took bronze
  • 20:54
    The BBC have just played a cinematic film about Jessica Ennis being the face of the London Games. No pressure Jess…
  • 21:03
     Phelps - out in front (Doug Mills/The New York Times)
    Phelps - out in front (Doug Mills/The New York Times)
  • 21:05
    Guest Regardless of what the BBC says Mr Michael Phelps is the (and will be) the face of this Olympics. Also that Gemma Gibbons was fantastic in the Judo what a lovely person a credit to her family and her country
  • 21:05
    Michael Phelps has just won the first 100m butterfly semi final. Michael, please, stop! You’re making the rest of us look incredibly bad.
  • 21:06
    Gemma Gibbons’ silver medal in the women’s Judo was pretty inspiring.
  • 21:08
    Michael Phelps wins his 20th Olympic medal tonight but the big news is that Irish swimmer Sycerika McMahon has scored some free Dr Beats Headphones. Result!
  • 21:08
    DM The president DID NOT call me yesterday!M
  • 21:09
    Barack Obama called Michael Phelps last night after he became the most decorated Olympian of all time. “That was pretty cool” was Phelps’ reaction to that call. I should say so Michael, I should say so.
  • 21:10
    Le Clos wins the second semi-final of the men’s 100m butterfly.
  • 21:13
  • 21:17
    America’s Tyler McGill (sounds like a country singer) finished second in the second semi of the men’s 100m fly. Milorad Cavic of Serbia finished third. He has returned from a serious back injury so it’s good to see him make the final.
  • 21:37
    Captain Darren O’Neill became the first of the Irish team to fall out of the Olympic draw when he was beaten 19-12 by Germany’s Stefan Haertel this afternoon.
    O’Neill always knew he was up against a tough opponent as the two had sparred together before arriving in London, but the Irish middleweight came under pressure from the first round as the German soldier landed his straight lefts and fast got into the points.
    At the end of the round O’Neill shipped a few scores and although he was landing himself was 6-4 down going into the second.
    It was the second three minutes where a lot of the damage was done and although O’Neill had Haertel on the ropes with a big left and right combination, it was the German who emerged the clear leader at 14-8. Whatever O’Neill landed Haertel always came back with more.
    Chasing the fight and tiring, O’Neill was again scoring in the final three minutes but so was the German. There was a note of desperation in the Irishman as he bravely came forward knowing that he had to win the round convincingly. But the gap was too large to bridge with the judges awarding the fight to Haertel after 5-4 win in the last.
  • 21:43
    Another day of action draws to a close. There was plenty of drama, heart-ache, and celebrations today – but enough about my unstable emotional state and more about the Olympics.

    Tomorrow is Friday (I genuinely hope that comes as a surprise to someone who may have been lying on the couch all week watching the Olympics) and the track and field events begin. I’m salivating just thinking about it. At least I hope that’s the reason I’m salivating. Maybe I should see a doctor.

    There’ll be full wrap of today’s action on irishtimes.com soon and remember to pick up your copy of the Irish Times tomorrow for the best coverage and analysis of the Olympic Games. I’ll be back bright and early in the morning. Until tomorrow…