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Hugh Linehan Fri, Oct 18
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    Good morning and welcome to the Daily Wire, our rolling liveblog of what's happening in Ireland and around the world today, October 18th, 2013.
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    It's a mild, wet morning here in Dublin and the forecast is for the wet weather to continue across most of the country.

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    The most-read story on right now:

    A married man from Foxrock has been charged in connection with the death of Elaine O’Hara whose remains were found in the Dublin mountains last month.
    He will appear in court in Dún Laoghaire District Court at 10.30am.
    The man, who is a partner in a professional practice in Dublin, was arrested yesterday when gardaí arrived at his house in Foxrock before dawn.
    The 41-year-old father of two was questioned overnight at Blackrock Garda station in connection with the disappearance and death of Ms O’Hara.

    Fast-food and soft drinks account for “a minority” of calories we consume but we focus on those items while ignoring foods such as potatoes, chicken and meat which account for most of our calorie intake, says Prof Mike Gibney, head of UCD’s centre for food and health.

    And Jonathan Sexton’s physical and mental well-being will be a worry to Joe Schmidt, writes Gerry Thornley.
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    Controversy continues over how many people will be affected by the new cap of tax relief for private health insurnce. Carl O'Brien and Arthur Beesley report today that:

    'Health insurers have urged the Government to review the changes in tax relief on private health policies announced in this week’s
    budget, which will raise costs for hundreds of thousands of people.
    The insurance companies claimed the Government had made a “fundamental miscalculation” about the number of people
    While Minister for Finance Michael Noonan said changes would only hit people on “gold-plated” policies, the insurance industry
    last night estimated that as many as one million customers will face average increases of as much as 8 per cent, or €100 each.
    However, the Government was last night standing firm, insisting that there would be no change in policy.
    The move has caused confusion since it came into effect this week, with the four main insurers – VHI, Aviva, Laya and
    GloHealth – scrambling to change the prices of their policies overnight.'

     Read more here.
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    In this morning's edition of The Ticket (don't worry, it's a print thing), Tara Brady talks to Tom Hanks about his role in Captain Phillips. Here's a clip from the movie:

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    Genevieve Carbery is reporting for The Irish Times from Dun Laoghaire this morning.

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    Edward Snowden has said that he did not take any secret NSA documents with him to Russia when he fled there in June, ensuring that Russian intelligence officials could not get access to them.
    The former National Security Agency contractor told the New York Times in an interview published this morning that he gave all of the classified documents he had obtained to journalists he met in Hong Kong, before flying to Moscow, and did not keep any copies for himself. He did not take the files to Russia “because it wouldn’t serve the public interest.”
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    A somewhat different take on Game of Thrones....

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    Graham Dwyer (41), of Kerrymount Close, Foxrock, Co Dublin has been charged with the murder of Elaine O’Hara whose remains were found in the Dublin mountains last month.
    He was charged with her murder at Dún Laoghaire District Court this morning.
    The court was told that when asked at the Garda station if he had anything to say to the charge Mr Dwyer replied: “I do; not guilty”.
    He has been remanded in custody at Cloverhill prison and will appear in court again on October 25th.
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    Salman Rushdie channelling Spinal Tap.

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    Looks like that weather forecast we put up earlier was a bit optimistic.

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    Here's the latest from Met Eireann.

    Widespread rain today, with some very heavy falls in southern counties initially, then further east later with some local spot flooding. A clearance to showers will move into the southwest and west in the late afternoon and evening. Southeasterly winds will strengthen generally by afternoon but it will remain very mild; highest temperatures 14 to 17 degrees Celsius.
    Further rain for a time tonight in eastern counties but this will clear later. Elsewhere tonight, clear intervals and scattered showers; the showers are likely to be heavy in the south and west with a risk of isolated thunderstorms there also. Winds veering southeast to south will decrease moderate to fresh and it will continue rather mild; lowest temperatures 10 to 14 degrees Celsius
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    Courtesy of our very own Donald Clarke, here's this week's Irish Times Movie Quiz.

    1. Which two veterans are together at the top of the bill in this week’s Escape Plan?
    2. Which Marvel hero is about to encounter The Dark World?
    3. In which avant garde classic will you find the pictured creature?
    4. Who almost always played Norman Pitkin?
    5. What links Jason Voorhees, John Carpenter’s take on Rio Bravo, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the third “Ocean’s” picture?
    6. What links 7 Women, Family Plot, Eyes Wide Shut and Rio Lobo?
    7. Who’s the odd one out: Francis Ford Coppola, Terence Fisher, Joel Schumacher and Tod Browning?
    8. Soviet Submarine: its unkind nickname. Pain cabinet. Half past midnight. What are we talking about?
    9. Which franchise, now in its fifth episode, features contributions from Kyle MacLachlan, Samuel L Jackson, Burt Reynolds, Ice-T and Ray Liotta?
    10. What connects a British film magazine, a song by the New York Dolls, a Michael Mann film and an LP by David Gray?

    To find out how many you got right, click here.
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    At 19 seconds, it's short and sharp: Arrested Development, Irish-style.

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    In rugby news, Leinster coach Matt O’Connor has made one change to the starting line-up for tomorrow's Heienekn Cup match with Castres at the RDS, with Martin Moore replacing the hamstring victim Mike Ross. The Lansdowne and Ireland underage international did a fine job when he came on in the victory over the Ospreys last weekend
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    Irish director Paul Duane's outlaw documentary Very Extremely Dangerous is released today. Here's Donald Clarke's review.

    And here's a trailer.

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    Rob Penney has named the Munster team to face Gloucester in a do-or-die Heineken Cup match at Thomond Park tomorrow. More here.
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    Today is World Vasectomy Day. Here's a very Australian report (complete with video):

    It takes balls to have a vasectomy - that much is obvious - but you'd have to be nuts to do it in front of the media.

    However that's exactly what 39-year-old Northfield engineer Chris Wiren did today as part of World Vasectomy Day.

    The father of four was the first of 17 volunteers who manned up, dropped their strides and had the snip in front a live audience at the RiAus in Adelaide's CBD in the interests of demystifying the procedure.

    A total of 1000 blokes around the world agreed to go under the knife for World Vasectomy Day, the brainchild of American documentary filmmaker Jonathan Stack. Mr Stack's latest movie, The Vasectomist, premiered at the Adelaide Film Festival this week.
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    The Telegraph reports that Alice Munro will not be able to travel to Sweden to accept her Nobel Prize for literature:
    'Swedish Academy permanent secretary Peter Englund has published a short note on his blog indicating that Munro has said she is too ill to attend.
    "Her health is simply not good enough," he wrote. "All parties – including Miss Munro herself – regret this, but there is no way around this."
    According to the blog, Munro, who is 82, told Englund: "I'm an old woman, and my health is frail."'
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    Happy 87th birthday to Chuck Berry, born on this day in 1926. Here's Johnny B Goode.

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    UK supermarket Asda is offering customers the chance to be scanned and turned into a 3D-printed figurine, after beginning trials of the service at its York store in northern England.
    Having your whole body scanned takes between 2-3 minutes, with a small handheld machine recording images at a speed of roughly 15 frames a second, making around a 1,000 per scan.
    Asda’s Head Of Personalisation, Phil Stout, said the machine reads colour as well as geometry, which means it understands the contours of the body along with the colour of the clothes identified.

    See the video here
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    It's only been on YouTube for four days, but it's offically the World's Most Hated Music Video. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Alison Gold with Chinese Food.

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    It's Friday. It's a quarter to five. What's happening in YOUR office right now?

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