RWC 2015 draw

RWC 2015 draw

IT Mon, Dec 3

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  • 14:22
    Hello and welcome to the our live coverage of the 2015 Rugby World Cup draw. Carl O'Malley here. What's that you say? It's not even 2013? We know that but don't shout it too loudly, because based on some completely unscientific research I conducted on the bus, it's better not to question it, as it's far more likely we'll drop to the third tier of seedings than climb from the second into the first tier between now and the time the tournament kicks off in England. So, say nuthin', and we'll get this done now while we're sitting pretty in sixth.
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    IF you are not sure what the significance of sixth is, you obviously having been paying attention. Do so now, because we'll only say this once.
  • 14:25
    Ireland, by dint of lying between 5th and 8th in the world, are second seeds. That means we can meet one top seed (New Zealand, South AFrica, Australia, France) and one third seed (Wales, Italy, Tonga, Scotland), as well as two other teams from seeding groups that will be made up of qualifiers.

    When that's all sorted you can expected to see eight from Fiji, Japan, USA, Canada, Georgia, Romania, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Belgium, Kenya, Madagascar, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Senegal, Tunisia included among the fourth  and fifth seeds.

    Needless to say, Fiji, might not be ideal, especially if the initial draw is a tough one, but there is an, albeit arrogant, school of thought that would suggest it might be better to actually meet an eminently beatable but robust fourth seed for match practice.  To those people, I say (with a loudhaler) Ireland 14 Georgia 10, Bordeaux, RWC 2007.
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    Some RWC stats, shamelessly copied and pasted from the IRB site, for the boffins out there.

    * New Zealand have always finished top of its pool in Rugby World Cup history.

    * Eight other nations have topped a RWC pool – France (five times), South Africa and Australia (four times), England (three times), Wales (twice), Argentina, Ireland and Scotland (once).

    * The last two Rugby World Cup Finals have been beaten teams drawn in the same pool – England and South Africa in 2007 and New Zealand and France in 2011.

    * Australia have never met New Zealand, France or Scotland in the pool stages in Rugby World Cup history.

    * England faces France, Ireland and Wales every year in the RBS Six Nations, but has never met them in the pool stages.

    * Samoa and South Africa have been drawn in the same pool at the last three Rugby World Cups.

    * France have never been drawn in the same pool as Australia, England, Italy, South Africa, Samoa or Wales. By contrast they have faced Scotland three times in the pool stages – in 1987, 1995 and 2003.

    * The hosts and defending champions have been drawn in the same pool on two occasions – England and New Zealand in 1991 and South Africa and Australia in 1995.

    * Ireland have been in the same pool as Australia on three occasions (1999, 2003 and 2011). They have also met the Wallabies twice in the knockout stages.

    * Italy and New Zealand are no strangers to each other in RWC pool stages, having faced each other in five of the seven tournaments to date, the exceptions being 1995 and 2011.

    * The defending champions have never met Australia, Samoa, Scotland or South Africa in the pool stages, but have faced three of the quartet in the knockout stages.

    * South Africa have never faced Argentina, France, Ireland, Italy or New Zealand in a RWC pool match.

    * Tonga have found New Zealand awaiting them in the pool stages on three occasions (1999, 2003 and 2011).

    * Wales and Samoa have been drawn in the same pool on three occasions with the Welsh finally discovering that winning formula in 2011 after losses in 1991 and 1999.

    * Argentina and South Africa have never met in the pool stages of a Rugby World Cup.

    * Scotland have been drawn in the same pool as Romania at the last two Rugby World Cups, but have never met Australia, Samoa or USA at this stage of the tournament.
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    From an Irish perspective, Irish Times rugby correspondent Gerry Thornley says it all HERE, in his preview to today's draw.
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  • 14:32
    Hmmmm. Inviting.

    Nothing says 'let's get this RWC fever started' better than an exposed, isolated, breezy perch on the banks of the Thames in December.

    Hope they've left the shorts at home.
  • 14:36
    Don't have me rambling away here on my own, by the way. I can see there's a few of you out there*, so feel free to have your say.

    *I cannot actually see you. The Irish Times is not in the business of covert surveillance. Yet
  • 14:42
    In a stunning feat of technological brilliance, we have also managed to secure live coverage of the names of countries being pulled out of bowls/hats and grouped together for the purposes of a sporting event due to take place in nearly three years from now.

  • 14:45
    Well, Duffer. The worst result is undoubtedly, at this point in time, drawing New Zealand from pot one and Wales from pot three. That would not be a good thing.

    The best, in my opinion - and again it could be a moot point considering how far off the tournament is - would be Australia from pot one and Tonga from pot three.

    How would you see it?
  • 14:45
    duffer84 what do you think is the best and worst result for today?
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  • 14:51
  • 14:52
    Matchbox Prob draw OZ again....
  • 14:52
    duffer84 I am thinking along similar lines, with our poor record against the french I think they would be just as bad as NZ, so for me the aussies and the boks in pool 1 and anybody but the welsh from pool three. It will be good to see how the team evolves from now until then!!
  • 14:52
    cocko would it not be better to get NZ in the group stages thus avoiding them in the 1/4 final?
  • 14:52
  • 14:55
    Yeah, cocko, that's a point but it all depends on who you get from pot three then. I suppose I was picking the ideal opponents in the hope that we can win the group. You appear to be ceding first and aiming for second. Which, might well be the more realistic tack to take.
  • 14:56
    Here we go now.

    Bernard Lapasset at the pulpit now.
  • 14:58
    Formalities, pleasantries and banalities.
  • 14:59
    London mayor Boris Johnson has been welcomed to gathering. Himself an inspirational outhalf in his day. Wonderful turn of pace, sleight of hand and eyes in the back of his head. Literally!
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  • 15:02
    Boris is up! Is nowhere safe?

    Richie McCaw staring at him, not knowing whether to laugh or continue gawping . Just cut out the middle man, Richie, and flatten him.
  • 15:07
    Will Greenwood is up now, introducing the 12 directly qualified teams. Ireland clip includes a Brian O'Driscoll try. The great man is in the audience for the draw, but will he be there in 2015? Surely not
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  • 15:09
    An explanation for the qualification process for the also-rans was just broadcast in the style of BBC's football classifieds. Nobody paid attention until the end.
  • 15:09
    OK. Here we go. Richie McCaw is first to draw.
  • 15:10
    Pool A: Play-off winner

    Pool B: Americas 2

    Pool C: Africa 1

    Pool D: Europe 2
  • 15:11
    Whoah, big draw there.
  • 15:11
  • 15:11
  • 15:11
    Deep breaths....

    Pool A: Play-off winner, Oceania 1

    Pool B: Americas 2, Asia 1

    Pool C: Africa 1, Europe 1

    Pool D: Europe 2, Americas 1
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  • 15:13
    Ok, it just got interesting ....

    Pool A: Wales, Oceania 1, Play-off winner

    Pool B: Scotland, Asia 1, Americas 2

    Pool C: Tonga, Europe 1, Africa 1

    Pool D: Italy, Americas 1, Europe 2
  • 15:13
    Pool A: England, Wales, Oceania 1, Play-off winner

    Pool B: Samoa, Scotland, Asia 1, Americas 2

    Pool C: Argentina, Tonga, Europe 1, Africa 1

    Pool D: Ireland, Italy, Americas 1, Europe 2
  • 15:14
    Ireland get Italy, England draw Wales, the Pumas get Tonga, and Samoa get Scotland
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  • 15:14
    Pool A: Australia, England, Wales, Oceania 1, Play-off winner

    Pool B: South Africa, Samoa, Scotland, Asia 1, Americas 2

    Pool C: New Zealand, Argentina, Tonga, Europe 1, Africa 1

    Pool D: France, Ireland, Italy, Americas 1, Europe 2
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  • 15:14
  • 15:15
    It's the 6 Nations group. No southern hemisphere side in the group stages for IReland
  • 15:15
    Pool D: France, Ireland, Italy, Americas 1, Europe 2
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  • 15:16
  • 15:18
    That can't be a bad draw, we reckon. Americas 1 will be either USA or Canada, Europe 2 could be anyone really. Take your pick from any number of teams. Georgia, Romania, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Belgium
  • 15:18
  • 15:18
    Thoughts on that draw folks?
  • 15:19
  • 15:20
    Guest Win our pool would not help us much would it?
  • 15:20
    Well, it would help us avoid the other Pool winners in the quarters.
  • 15:20
    MagnumPI I think we should be pretty happy with that draw really
  • 15:21
    Declan Good draw. What groups winners/runners up do we play in the qf, on the presumption there are no mishaps of course.
  • 15:21
    I have my minion looking into that now, Declan.
  • 15:23
  • 15:24
    Guest South Africa will just have to turn up to get to the quarters.
  • 15:24
    Guest Good result for Ireland - it would be fantastic if we were to beat France in the RWC when it really matters most. Come on Ireland! It should be a great tournemant and we should have great support. I am putting in the annual leave request form now!
  • 15:24
    Brian A bit disappointing not to have the glamour and excitement of a Southern Hemisphere group match but as the French generally play poorly on English soil, topping the group is a real possibility. Semi-final here we come..........
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  • 15:26
  • 15:28
    It's not clear yet as to what the format for the knockout stages will be. In 2011 Group D winners played Group C runners up and vice versa. If that is replicated, Ireland will face either New Zealand or Argentina. IF they qualify.
  • 15:28
    Maurice England Australia Wales = pool of death
  • 15:28
    Doner Pool A is likely to be a cracker...
  • 15:29
    Matchbox Easy draw, top that group and then prob win the World Cup............
  • 15:29
    Tongue firnly in cheek, one imagines.

  • 15:29
    Rosser That draw is what I would have picked out if I could have looked into the pots. It's up to the boys now as we have a winable group to get a decent shot at semis.
  • 15:30
    Well, it would seem unanimous. We are going to win the World Cup. Roll on 2015. Just 1017 sleeps. Sure, you'll barely notice it.
  • 15:31
  • 15:31
    The IRFU, finger always on the pulse.
  • 15:39
    In fact, the last three World Cup have all pitted Group A and B against each other, with Group C and D fighting for the other semi-final spots. So win the group and we should have the Pumas. We just ran seven past them, sure. So, while we're getting ahead of ourselves. IF that format is followed and Ireland top the group and New Zealand swat away all before them, we will meet a jaded and fading force in the final and duly lift the William Webb-Ellis trophy for the first time.

    Call it off, it's a done deal.
  • 15:40
  • 15:41
  • 15:43
  • 15:45

    Pool A: Australia, England, Wales, Oceania 1, Play-off winner

    Pool B: South Africa, Samoa, Scotland, Asia 1, Americas 2

    Pool C: New Zealand, Argentina, Tonga, Europe 1, Africa 1

    Pool D: France, Ireland, Italy, Americas 1, Europe 2

    QF1: Winner Pool B v Runner-up Pool A
    QF2: Winner Pool C v Runner-up Pool D
    QF3: Winner Pool A v Runner-up Pool B
    QF4: Winner Pool D v Runner-up Pool C

    SF1: Winner QF1 v Winner QF2
    SF2: Winner QF3 v Winner QF4

    Bronze Final: Loser SF1 v Loser SF2

    Final: Winner SF1 v Winner SF2
  • 15:46
    Anthony I think Kidney's performance during that draw was outstanding. He deserves a new contract!
  • 15:48
  • 15:48
    Simon Even if ireland get the Blacks in the QF its nothing to be too worried about...... If you look at it the All Blacks barely got over the line in their home country ...... they are major chokers still at world cup time and the injuries they will have could be important.... a pool with the argies and tonga wont be a gentle path and there could be a serious chance for ireland in that case...... anyway who wants to win the world cup without beating the reigning champs along the way..... not ireland.... we do it properly!!!
  • 15:54
    Kidney Problem When do the match venues and dates get announced?
  • 15:57
    We don't know that yet, KP.

    Early in the New Year, we'll know the 12 stadia to be used and the allocation and pricing structure of tickets. When exactly we will know where and when Ireland are playing is not yet clear but all games will take place between Sept 18th and six weeks later.
  • 16:00
    Bit of a wrap on this whole deal, HERE. We'll have reaction from the Irish camp on the site shortly.
  • 16:26
    England coach Stuart Lancaster

    "It is definitely a pretty tough pool. To win the World Cup you have to win big games and I have got a huge amount of respect for what Wales have done recently.

    "We know their squad pretty well, it is a young side and a lot of them will still be around in 2015. Australia have just beaten us and if you look at the age and profile of their squad, they have got some young lads as well. We will look forward to it."

    On the fact that England will be hosting the prestigious event, Lancaster said: "It is unbelievably exciting. Twelve months ago I went out to New Zealand for two weeks and got a little sample of what it is like and the impact on that country.

    "We have seen what the Olympic Games did for our country and the next big sporting event is the 2015 Rugby World Cup. By that time everybody is going to be revved up and it's going to be a big party."

  • 16:56
    IRELAND are 11/8 to top Group D in the 2015 Rugby World Cup according to Ladbrokes. France are the odds on favourites to be Group D winners at 4/7.


    FRANCE 7/1
    ENGLAND 8/1
    AUSTRALIA 10/1
    IRELAND 16/1
    WALES 16/1
    SAMOA 33/1