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IT Mon, Jul 30

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  • 10:14
    Day Three is upon us and there are plenty of Irish competitors in action yet again. The schedule for Irish athletes is below. So park those Monday morning blues and put you’re ‘I’m very busy’ face on at your work desk and keep up with all of the action here. I’m Ciaran Daly and I am open to interaction….Sorry, I must remember this is not an online dating service.

    Swimming - 10.40
    Sycerika McMahon swims in the heat of the women’s 200m individual medley.
    Sailing – 12.00
    James Epsey completes in action in the Laser event.
    Sailing – 12.00
    Annalise Murphy
    competes in the Laser Radials.
    Sailing – 12.00
    Peter O’Leary
    and David Burrows competes in the Star Class race– they currently stand in second place overall after a sixth place finish on Sunday
    Sailing - 12.00
    Ryan Seaton and Matt McGovern begin their 49er event.
    Equestrian – 12.30
    Ireland’s Eventing team begins the third day at 1230 – they stand in 10th place overall after the Dressage on Sunday
    Canoe Slalom – 14.12
    Hannah Craig competes in the heats of the Canoe Slalom.
    Badminton – 14.15
    Scott Evans competes against Lin Dan

  • 10:18
    We’re in the Aquatic Centre to begin with and America’s Allison Schmitt has just won heat five of the Women’s 200m freestyle event.
  • 10:27
    The next big name up - none other than Michael Phelps. After his disappointing show-down with Ryan Lochte on Day One Phelps redeemed himself with a great swim in the 4 x 100m men’s freestyle (where Lochte floundered). Can Phelps claim gold in London? We’ll have to wait and see but you wouldn’t bet against him.
  • 10:29
    Also, it’s worth noting that men are often labelled sexist pigs for posting pictures of the Brazilian women’s beach volleyball team – a hackneyed cliché that I as a modern man find cringe-worthy.  Well, in the last few days a lot of women in my Twitter feed have been posting pictures of Michael Phelps half-naked with comments like ‘Phwoooar’ beside it. I, for one am disgusted by such sexist behaviour.
  • 10:33
    It’s heat 4 of the 200m men’s butterfly right now. Phelps up soon.
  • 10:34
    Japan’s Matsuida leads in Heat Four of the 200m men’s butterfly.
  • 10:36
    Michael Phelps is in lane four and Nick D’arcy  swims alongside him in lane five in Heat 5 of the men’s 200m butterfly.
  • 10:37
    This is arguably Phelps’ strongest event.
  • 10:37
    Predictably Phelps leads after 100m.
  • 10:38
    He’s now down to second after 150m
  • 10:39
    Jukic, Clary and Phelps are the 1,2,3. Phelps tired but he could be swimming within himself. We thought that on the first day though.
  • 10:42
    Australia’s D’Arcy finished in fifth. He was on the Australian team for Beijing 2008 but was dropped before the Games due to an assault he inflicted on a fellow Australian athlete. Don’t mess with swimmers, eh?
  • 10:45
    Ireland’s Sycerika McMahon is up in Heat 2 of the Women’s 200m individual medley. The 17 year old was in tears after her first swim at these Games despite the fact that it wasn’t a particularly bad swim.
  • 10:45
    McMahon is in lane seven.
  • 10:46
    She’s started well and is second place after her 50m butterfly.
  • 10:46
    Backstroke now which isn’t her strongest.
  • 10:47
    And the breaststroke – she’s making up ground here.
  • 10:47
    McMahon is in the lead heading into the last 50m
  • 10:48
    McMahon finishes third.
    2:14.78 is her Personal Best.
  • 10:49
    It was 2:14.76 was McMahon’s time there actually.
  • 10:51
    I doubt there’ll be any tears today for Sycerika McMahon – she can be very proud of that performance. It’s a new PB for the 17 year old.
  • 10:54
    It’s probably not going to be enough to take McMahon through but posting a personal best at the Olympics is no mean feat.
  • 10:57
    Heat 4 Winner – USA’s Levernz takes first, Hosszu from Hungary takes second and Australia’s Coutts finishes third.
  • 10:59
    China’s Ye, a 16 year old woman who swam quicker than Ryan Lochte is in action now. Some people on here yesterday were a little bit cynical about her victory.
  • 10:59
    Needless to say she’s safely through as the Heat winner.
  • 11:01
    Sycerika McMahon missed out in the semi-finals but you can be sure she’ll happily talk to the media today.
  • 11:04
  • 11:12
    That was a very positive start to the day. There’s Irish sailing and equestrian action today and a little bit later on Hannah Craig competes in the heats of the canoe slalom and Scott Evans will be in badminton action against Lin Dan. Come on Ireland!
  • 11:15
    Austin, I think the reason she’s attracting attention is that that she’s so young and that she posted a quicker time than Ryan Lochte. Mind you, maybe we are all xenophobes.
  • 11:15
  • 11:16
    Seat-gate continues unabated.
  • 11:20
    I saw someone on the interweb suggest that any corporate seats that are empty should have a rival company’s emblem on them. That’d be a sure-fire way to ensure packed stadia.
  • 11:20
    jonny You got your first gate, can't be long now for Ye-gate
  • 11:25
    So Sycerika McMahon posted a personal best and finished third in her Heat? Is she happy? Well, not really.
    “I definitely think I can go faster,” was the assessment of her own performance.
  • 11:25
    Austin Maybe she's not 16 at all.Theres a precident of lying about age.............Nadine Coyle
  • 11:26
    Ye’s just a swim-machine!
  • 11:27
    More from Sycerika McMahon:
    “I gave it everything. I’d really like to go a little bit faster. I’m pretty pleased and I’ll just get back to training and see what I can correct because there are still areas I can clean up.”

    No rest for the wicked…or steely Olympians it seems.
  • 11:30
    There is Women’s Beach volleyball on. It’s the Women’s Preliminary Pool B match where China are in action against Switzerland. China lead.
  • 11:33
    Does the music at the beach volleyball undermine the seriousness of the sport?
  • 11:34
    Bear in mind that the Benny Hill music has been heard blaring at the beach volleyball? It’s like Boris Johnson personally organised this event.
  • 11:36
  • 11:37
    The Swiss women are leading 16-13 in the second set. China are one set up.
  • 11:40
    The President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) presents the gold medal to the winner of the men's marathon but not to the winner of the women's marathon. Someone should tell the IOC it’s 2012.
  • 11:42
    In the Women’s Beach Volleyball Switzerland have taken the second set. China and Switzerland now have one set apiece.
  • 11:49
    An interesting talking point from last night’s boxing match involving Ireland’s Adam Nolan - he deserved to go through and he won 14-8 over the course of the three rounds but wasn’t the scoring in the final round strange? Personally, I thought the Ecuadorian scored more than two points in the final round and had that happened the other way around we’d be mounting some kind of campaign by now. What say you all?
  • 11:50
    The Chinese women are leading 6-3 in the third set of their Beach Volleyball match against the Swiss.
  • 11:55
    Switzerland win a great rally in the Women’s beach volleyball against China. China lead 10-7 in the third set.
  • 11:55
    ac surely the ecuadorian won the final round vs nolan last night?If it was on the other foot we would be outraged as nolan didn't throw a meaningful box in the final 40seconds of the fight
  • 11:59
    I thought the Ecuadorian (also known as Carlos Daniel Sanchez-Estacio) definitely won the last round. In fact there was a feeling that Nolan was going to throw it away at one point or am I wrong about that? In that respect I think the scoring was definitely a surprise but it’s probably the case that since Nolan progressed, we, in Ireland ignored it.
  • 12:00
    Austin Couldn't believe the 3rd rd score in the boxing.The Ecuadorian battered him and at one point I thought Nolan was a goner
  • 12:01
    Nolan raised his hands in the third round and took a punch square on the nose for his troubles and he wavered slightly. Overall I think Nolan definitely deserved to go through but the winning margin was questionable.
  • 12:04
  • 12:06
    Austin Nolan is a guard so he maybe he let one of the judges off with bald tires or something
  • 12:07
    Now we’re getting to the bottom of it.
  • 12:10
    Irish Sailors in action today
    James Epsey competes in action in the Laser event.
    Annalise Murphy competes in the Laser Radials.
    Peter O’Leary and David Burrows compete in the Star Class race
    Ryan Seaton and Matt McGovern will begin their 49er event.
  • 12:22
    All you Women’s Beach Volleyball fans out there - China won their battle with the Swiss, 2-1.
  • 12:25
    And so to the Eventing. Camilla Speirs is the best placed of the Irish. She’s in 27th after dressage.
  • 12:31
    RTE’s commentary team for the Eventing is incredibly posh.
  • 12:31
    Austin With a name like Spiers she'd be better off fencing
  • 12:33
    It’s the cross-country today. Michael Ryan is first of the Irish out, scheduled for a 12.46 start.  Then it’s Aoife Clark at 13.42 followed by Joseph Murphy at 14.42. Camilla Speirs rides out at 15:46. Mark Kyle is the last of the Irish team to take on the course at 16.50
  • 12:34
    The expert analysis on RTE says that times could be important in deciding the outcome of the cross-country today. Well. I. Never.
  • 12:35
    It’s a beautiful course. It’s even sunny over there. Sunshine is such a foreign concept this summer.
  • 12:36
    Jerry The Ecuadorian had two or three good right hands and a left on Nolan in the last round, plus around four good body shots. Even if you discount one or two body shot for not being "on the front of the body" as the rules require for a point, you'd still have to reckon he scored at least 4 or 5 points in the last round. Nolan maybe got a point or two.
  • 12:39
    And so it seems there is a consensus on Adam Nolan’s boxing match - his opponent was hard done by in the last round. I thought I would be branded an unpatriotic swine by suggesting our man had a little bit of luck on his side last night but no, it appears we are a fair-minded people….once progress has been assured anyway.
  • 12:42
    The decorative fences the horses and riders jump over in these equestrian events – someone probably makes a lot of money making them. Imagine that was your childhood dream - 'I want to be the person who makes decorative fences for equestrian events at the Olympics.'
  • 12:44
    Ireland’s Michael Ryan is up on Ballylynch Adventure at 12.46. Stay tuned.
  • 12:46
  • 12:46
    Michael Ryan is out on the course.
  • 12:50
    Ireland’s Annalise Murphy is leading the Women’s Laser Radial by three seconds.
  • 12:53
    The RTE commentators for the Eventing sound a little like Peter Alliss (without the dry wit) and the ‘I was vey vey drunk’ character from the Fast Show.
  • 12:55
    As first out, Michaeal Ryan will play a vital role in communicating the intricacies of the course to the rest of the Irish team.
  • 12:56
    Michael Ryan falls at a fence and is eliminated.
  • 12:57
    He was close to the end of the course which makes it more disappointing.
  • 12:57
    It was the penultimate fence and Ryan was doing well.
  • 12:59
    Annalise Murphy still holds the lead in the Women’s Laser Radial
  • 13:03
    ac is murphy in with a good medal shout?
  • 13:05
    It’s early days yet so let’s see how it pans out.
  • 13:16
  • 13:17
    Brian Dobson – sailing expert. Who knew?
  • 13:18
    Michael Ryan’s fall looked painful but thankfully both he and his horse Ballylinch Adventure are fine.
  • 13:19
    The Australian men’s hockey team are beating South Africa 1-0
  • 13:20
    It was almost 2-0 but the last touch for the shot came off an Australian foot and so it is correctly disallowed.
  • 13:23
    Australia now officially lead 2-0 against South Africa. I wonder does Bill O’Herlihy think that hockey in Ireland used to be perceived as a Protestant sport? He said that about badminton last night.
  • 13:24
    The Ozzies are fairly good at this hockey lark to be fair to them.
  • 13:25
    Paddy Yeah Bill is in top form. Only 1 day into the Games...on sat night "Vinokourov - sure he's a druggie!!"......great stuff
  • 13:25
    Two words – National Treasure.
  • 13:33
    Speaking of poorly judged RTE commentary here’s Mick Dowling describing boxer John Joe Nevin who has traveller roots as a thinker ‘with a th.’ Bad form surely?
  • 13:36
  • 13:36
    B Eh, I predict a 6-0 win for the aussies in the hockey.
  • 13:37
    Did someone say highlights?
  • 13:37
    Stanny Boy Aussies?
  • 13:37
    Are we going with Ozzies?
  • 13:37
    Paddy ah think it was blown out of all proportion. He knew what he was saying but he qualified there and then. Should be dropped, me thinks....
  • 13:39
    Annalise Murphy has won Race 1 in the Laser Radical class
  • 13:40
    Ireland’s Scott Evans has to beat the World Number 1 Lin Dan dubbed SuperDan in the badminton to progress
  • 13:45
    Belarusian Tseliapushkina had a bad fall at the Eventing so there’s a slight delay there.
  • 13:46
    Sinéad Good luck to him..Not going to easy! Missed Bill's remark about badminton last night and it's association with Protestants - bit random, no?
  • 13:48
    Completely random. I think in Bill’s defence he may not be fully au fait with badminton and was filling some air time and it just came into his head. It doesn’t really make it any less random though.
  • 13:48
    Guest The hockey is over
  • 13:48
    Oui, c’est fini!
  • 13:52
    Brian Both hockey and badmington were regarded as prootestants sports when I was growing up so I don't think Bill overstepped the mark....how many catholic schools played hockey in the sixties??
  • 13:53
    I think asking if that was still the case was a question Bill didn’t need to ask.
  • 13:56
    Seaton and McGovern finish eighth in Race two in the 49er. That puts them into sixth overall
  • 13:57
    Ireland's Aoife Clark is off at the Cross-Country in the Eventing.
  • 13:57
    Sinéad I played badminton for years, as did my family members before me, and never regarded it as a protestant sport, hence why I thought it was a random thing to say. Perhaps we should lay off Bill ;-)
  • 14:00
    I thought it was funny more than anything. Okey dokey so, we’ll leave Bill alone.
  • 14:00
    Patsy Aoife has started
  • 14:03
    Every Olympic athlete wants a medal and at London 2012 there’s more medal to go around. http://themissinggraph.wordpress.com/2012/07/28/bigger-heavier-thicker-the-evolution-of-the-olympic-games-medals-infographic/
  • 14:04
    Rachel Isn't Hannah Craig competing in the women's Kayak at 13.30? How's that going?
  • 14:05
    She’s not in action just yet Rachel. She’ll be competing at 14.40 as far as I know.
  • 14:07
    Aoife Clark only has one fence to go. She should make the time.
  • 14:08
    Aoife just missed out on the time but it was a clean run.
  • 14:09
    The horse was distracted by the people at the course according to RTE's analyst. Stopping for chats no doubt.
  • 14:17
  • 14:19
    Wow – Annalise Murphy is sailing and tweeting at the same time. Doubly impressive. Someone is obviously tweeting on her behalf in case anyone out there thought I was serious.
  • 14:22
    Aoife Clarke’s time was 10:11 and her penalty points are 52.50.
  • 14:26
    olympic_fan I must say, you're doing a much better job than RTE. You know what your on about to say the least...
  • 14:27
    Why has my sarcasm censor been triggered?
  • 14:28
    We’re over at the in the Canoe Slalom where Ireland’s Hannah Craig will be competing in about 10 minutes.
  • 14:30
    olympic_fan it shouldnt be. RTE arent doing a good job in my opinioin. Some of the presenters and commentators have'nt a clue what they're on about. Marty on beach volleyball is just one instance. plus, your bringing a bit of humour to it aswell.
  • 14:30
    Well Olympic fan, remind me to slip that 20 to you later. Thanks!
  • 14:30
    Guest why isnt the RTE player showing Sailing ? we are doing very well in it
  • 14:31
    That we are.
    RTE – are you listening?!
  • 14:32
    The canoe slalom is fun to watch but it looks absolutely gruelling on the athletes.
  • 14:34
    It’s fair to say that Satila from Brazil struggled through the Slalom course.
  • 14:35
    Switzerland’s Chabbey up now and she has been technically good so far.
  • 14:35
    Commentator’s curse – she incurs a two second penalty at Gate 12.
  • 14:36
    Chabbey takes the lead. Not too shabby.
  • 14:37
    New Zealand’s Luuka Jones up next.
  • 14:37
    Craig Hannah from Armoy will follow Jones.
  • 14:39
    Three touches so far for Jones but it’s been a good run.
  • 14:39
    Vince It's her brother Finn who is tweet on Annalise behalf
  • 14:39
    Mystery solved!
  • 14:39
    Brian B Why can't RTE show more than 1 Olympic feed online? BBC have about 27.
  • 14:40
    I’m afraid that’s a question for the National broadcaster to answer.
  • 14:40
    Come on Hannah Craig!
  • 14:41
    A controlled run from Hannah. She’s had two touches so far.
  • 14:42
    Hannah Craig had four touches and she currently sits in second position behind New Zealand’s Luuca Jones.
  • 14:43
    She has another run at it of course but her time with those penalties is 117.07
  • 14:43
  • 14:44
    Sailing fans – say thanks to Vince
  • 14:44
    Colm. Can we start basing Bill again?
  • 14:44
    Enough Bill bashing for one day. You lot are relentless.
  • 14:45
  • 14:46
    Guest thanks !! .. also Annalise has just pushed her way to the front of the fleet
  • 14:47
    Indeed she has. Go on Annalise!
  • 14:47
    Colm. Annalise is doing great!!!! Do it Annalise!!!
  • 14:51
    Annalise Murphy is stretching her lead in Race 2 of the Women’s Lasar Radial
  • 14:55
    Naomi OLeary Annalise has won her second race!!! :D
  • 14:57
    Annalise Murphy has indeed won her second race by some 45 seconds in the Women’s Lasar Radial
  • 14:58
    That’s two race wins Annalise Murphy has had today. I think we have a genuine medal contender. Well done Annalise. Keep it going.
  • 15:00
    Annalise Murphy has 10 races in total before another ‘Medal Race’ at the end where points are doubled.
  • 15:02
    olympic_fan does she have many more races to go?
  • 15:03
    Here’s the competition format for those who are not fully au fait with sailing. I, of course, am an expert in absolutely every single Olympic sport. Every single one. Yep, that’ s me.
  • 15:03
    All the Sailing events on the Olympic programme apart from the women's Elliot 6m event are fleet races and follow the same competition format.
    In fleet racing, each event has a series of races. Points are awarded in each race: first scores one point, second scores two points, etc.
    After 10 races (15 races in the Skiff event), points from the worst race are discarded. The remaining points are added together.
    The 10 best athletes/crews then advance to the medal race. Points are doubled, so first place gets two points, second gets four, etc. The points total after the medal race determines the placings.
    The athlete/crew with the lowest number of points is the winner.
    Find out more about the Sailing competitions at the Olympic Games on the International Olympic Committee website
  • 15:06
    Chinese badminton player Lin Dan is a huge star in China. Ireland’s Scott Evans has to shoot that star down.
  • 15:06
    We’re going over to the badminton now. Come on Scott Evans
  • 15:09
    The start of Scott Evans’ match against Lin Dan, the world’s greatest badminton player was delayed but we’re underway now.
  • 15:09
    It’s 2-2 in the first set
  • 15:10
    Dan’s nickname is SuperDan. Let’s hope we see more of a Desperate Dan by the end of this match.
  • 15:11
    Scott Evans has begun brightly and I’m not just talking about his luminous green t-shirt.
  • 15:12
    SubtleShock Shuttle feathers come from ducks or geese and from the left wings only apparently. Wikipedia tells us that much. But why only the left wings? Might it be a political rather than an aerodynimic decision?
  • 15:14
    Subtle Shocks wants to know about the origins of shuttlecocks given that Ireland’s Scott Evans is in action against China’s Lin Dan. Apparently shuttle feathers come from ducks or geese and from the left wings only. Mr Shock wonders why only the left wings? Might it be a political rather than an aerodynimic decision?
    This is my Watergate, I can feel it.
  • 15:15
    Lin Dan 9 – 4 Scott Evans. First set.
  • 15:16
    Lin Dan is a character isn’t he? I know it’s a terrible pun given that he plays badminton but he’s pretty cocky.
  • 15:18
    Scott Evans is just on the back foot in terms of the score-line in the first set but he’s certainly competitive. Dan 11 – 5 Evans
  • 15:19
    Evans is now 13-5 down to Lin Dan
  • 15:21
    According to the RTE commentator badminton is the national sport in China. I thought table tennis was. What about swimming too? Hmmm…
  • 15:21
    There are good rallies but Lin Dan always seems to be in control of them. Scott Evans trails 17-7
  • 15:23
    The first set is going Dan’s way. He should close it out shortly. Can Scott Evans regroup in the second?
  • 15:24
    First set to Dan.
  • 15:25
    Austin Daley and Waterfield in 1st position after 2 rds of 6 in the diving
  • 15:27
    We’re sticking with the badminton. Ireland’s Scott Evans is one set down to Lin Dan.
  • 15:27
    Scott Evans is 4-1 up in the second set.
  • 15:29
    Evans is playing with a lot more conviction.
  • 15:29
    Dan has fought back onto level terms. It’s 5-5
  • 15:32
    The tide appears to be turning against Scott Evans. Lin Dan now leads 9-6.
  • 15:35
    Scott is making too many unforced errors now. You can see he’s getting frustrated. Lin Dan, on the other hand looks cool and collected. It’s no wonder. He’s one set up and he leads 14-7 in the second.
  • 15:37
  • 15:38
    Ireland's Hannah Craig is14th out of 21 after first run. Top 15 after second run qualify for semi-finals. She goes again at 16:40.
  • 15:39
    It looks like Scott Evans is going out here. Lin Dan firmly in control. He leads 18-9
  • 15:41
    Evans has saved two match points.
  • 15:42
    Alas Scott Evans is beaten.
    21-14 in the second set.
  • 16:00
    After the first run of the women’s slalom, Hannah Craig is in the top 15 required for a place in the semi-finals. But lying 14th, the Co Antrim paddler is by no means assured of progressing with all the athletes yet to start their second runs down the Lee Valley white water.
  • 16:01
    Vince I think its time for the IT to acknowledge our sailors.... front page photo on net or paper of Annalise I think!! What do ye reckon??
  • 16:03
    Certainly a cracking result from Annalise, Vince. But not too many pics of our heroes filtering their way back from Weymouth yet I'm afraid. Hopefully there'll be some good ones later in the afternoon.
  • 16:04
    Guest well done Annalise, proud day for all in the National and Rahfarnham. best of luck going forward. you're cheering us all up! :)
  • 16:10
    Seems RTE our suffering from the same lack of coverage that we are on the sailing front. The national broadcaster has just been forced to use footage of an old race, spliced together with pictures of Annalise larking about in Dun Laoghaire as Weymouth. Not ideal.
  • 16:18
    Britain’s Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield’s could only muster a fourth place finish in the men's synchronised 10m platform diving final. China took the gold medal ahead of Mexico and the USA who won silver and bronze respectively.
  • 16:36
    Hannah Craig lies in 14th after the first run her canoe. Only 15 go through so it’s entirely likely that she’ll try to better her original time to ensure progress.
  • 16:36
    Seeing replays of Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield’s last dive. They were in gold medal position before it. It was very untidy and Tom didn’t look best pleased as he headed for the shower
  • 16:39
    The lads all hang out in the Jacuzzi after their dives.
  • 16:46
    Camilla Spiers has fallen on the cross-country route and is accordingly eliminated.
  • 16:50
    John Leonard, the executive director of the World Swimming Coaches Association has today described Ye Shiwen’s 400m individual medley performance as ‘unbelievable.’ I think it’s safe to say he doesn’t mean that in a good way. He went on to say it was ‘disturbing’

    Leonard is quoted in the Guardian as saying, “We want to be very careful about calling it doping, The one thing I will say is that history in our sport will tell you that every time we see something, and I will put quotation marks around this, 'unbelievable', history shows us that it turns out later on there was doping involved. That last 100m was reminiscent of some old East German swimmers, for people who have been around a while.
  • 16:50
  • 16:52
    Hannah Craig has qualified for the semi-finals of the Women’s Kayak event.
  • 16:53
    Conor I think that was their 4th dive you were watching, they were leading after their 3rd dive, messed up the 4th and couldn't recover from that. Their final dive was solid
  • 16:55
    The fourth dive of Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield was certainly the one the British pair will rue when they look back over their performance.
  • 16:56
    Aoife Do you know if Camilla Speirs is ok? BBC feed just showed an ambulance on course
  • 17:00
    There have been a lot of fallers out there on the Cross-Country course and lamentably Camilla Spiers has been one of them. Her fall did look nasty but there has been no confirmation as yet on the extent of any injuries she may have suffered.
  • 17:09
    Thankfully both Camilla Spiers and Poertersize Just a Jiff are fine after their fall.
  • 17:09
  • 17:14
    Mark Kyle will be the last Irish rider out in the Equestrian Cross Country. He rides Coolio. Two Irish have fallen already today namely Michael Ryan and now Camilla Spiers. Here’s hoping Mark Kyle can get around the course.
  • 17:18
    Pictures of Hannah Craig’s second run at the Women’s Kayak event now showing on RTE.
  • 17:19
    It was a very impressive run with only one touch. A performance with plenty of poise.
  • 17:21
    Peter O'Leary & David Burrows come fifth in race four-Star Class. They are fourth overall after four races.
  • 17:30
  • 17:33
    Bill Where did Hannah finish overall? Great coverage btw.....
  • 17:33
    Hannah Craig finished in 14th place overall today.
  • 17:35
    Holy men’s gymnastics Batman. That’s where we’re headed next.
  • 17:40
    Swiss footballer Michel Morganella appears to have been expelled from the Olympics for posting a racist tweet. The offending tweet was posted in the wake of Switzerland’s 2-1 defeat to South Korea. Not good at all.
  • 17:41
  • 17:42
    Des Cahill raises an interesting point. I, for one, was delighted to see Rebecca Adlington win bronze when she looked unlikely to medal before last night’s final. Having said that, was there widespread glee when Team GB’s male cyclists didn’t medal at the road race?
  • 17:45
    Peter There are one or two of us Irish here in London to do a bit shouting.....
  • 17:45
    The Irish contingent of athletes is certainly well supported over in London.
  • 17:46
    Anyway, to the North Greenwich Arena for some men’s gymnastics.
  • 17:48
    China leads, Japan are in second and Great Britain are third in the men’s team final.
  • 17:49
    Carol I second that about British support for Irish athletes. The BBC focus on them almost as much as on British athletes. In their summaries of how athletes have performed at the end of events they always include the Irish with the British athletes.
  • 17:52
    Ireland’s Mark Kyle is currently out on the Cross-Country course in the Eventing. Let’s hope he completes the course in a decent time. We’ll keep you updated with his progress.
  • 17:52
    Roadrunner The difference between the GB cyclists and Rebecca Adlington is one word...humility ! Great to hear the support given to Chloe Magee last night
  • 17:57
    Hannah Craig did just about enough to make it through to Thursday’s semi-finals in the kayak K1 slalom, the Co Antrim paddler qualifying 14th out of the 15 to advance. The 27-year-old had plenty of speed on the first run but got out of position and ran up four time penalties to leave her on 117.07 seconds.

    Aware that time wouldn’t see her through, Craig tightened up on her second run, incurring just two penalties as she posted an improved time of 108.99. After an anxious wait for the rest of the competitors to complete their second runs, Craig held on to 14th spot and clinched a place in the semis.

    Both the semi-final and final take place on Thursday.
    "I'm really proud of how I paddled and the result was a plus," Craig said after the results were confirmed. "I knew I needed a good solid run in the second run and on this course there are no guarantees."
  • 18:07
    Annalise Murphy won both of her Races today in the women’s laser radials. Pleased as she was with her performance she was also at pains to point out that there is a long way to go.

    Annalise commented "I am delighted with today but it’s only the first day. There is a lot of racing ahead. I had a good start and tacked across the beat and pulled away. It was great. I couldn't do much wrong today. I have got brilliant upwind speed. It's all coming together."
  • 18:11
    Mark Kyle got around the Cross Country course safely and it puts Ireland in seventh place.
  • 18:12
    “Believe it or not the good thing about three day eventing is that it goes on over three days.” So says RTE’s equestrian analyst. Er, no it doesn’t. It actually takes place over four days.
  • 18:13
  • 18:13
  • 18:14
    Ireland's Scott Evans was beaten today by the world’s greatest ever badminton player Lin Dan.
  • 18:17
    4/6 through men's gym final: 1 China 187.031 2 Japan 184.854 3 GB 181.746 4 Ukraine 180.861.
  • 18:19
    With so many disciplines going on in the same arena surely some of the gymnasts are put off by spontaneous roars from the crowd?
  • 18:27
    The speed and agility these males gymnasts have is breath-taking. It really is spectacular to watch.
  • 18:49
    So can Britain take bronze in the men’s team gymnastics?
  • 18:52
    Superb performance from Daniel Purvis on the floor for Team GB. 15.533
  • 18:56
    Kristian Thomas is happy with how his routine went but will it be enough for Britain?
  • 18:58
    China are gold medallists.
    Great Britain take silver
    Ukraine get the bronze.

    What a finish for the British!
  • 18:58
    Japan finish fourth and the USA make up the top five.
  • 19:00
  • 19:04
    Japan must be devastated. A disastrous dismount from the horse moved them from silver to fourth. Sport can be cruel
  • 19:09
    Kohei Uchimura is the Japanese gymnast who will have to replay that dismount in his mind over and over again long after everyone else has moved on from these Olympics.
  • 19:10
  • 19:10
  • 19:13
    The drama continues after the gymnastics have finished. Japan have lodged a protest over the dismount which saw them drop to fourth.
  • 19:14
    The inquiry is accepted. Japan take silver and Britain have to settle for bronze!
  • 19:14
  • 19:14
    It’s fair to say the home crowd are far from happy about that decision.
  • 19:15
    How gutted are the Ukrainians? They thought they had medalled. Instead they finish fourth.
  • 19:17
    Sycerika McMahon is now doing a sit-down interview with RTE from London after being too upset to talk to the press yesterday.
    Sycerika McMahon turned things around in the heats of the 200m individual medley this morning.
    The Portaferry teenager may not have made the semi-finals, but she shaved over a second off her personal best to clock a time of 2 minutes, 14.76 seconds. In terms of performance, it was well beyond expectations for the 17-year-old who will come away from these Games with invaluable experience
  • 19:21
    Controversy at the fencing it seems!
  • 19:51
    Agnel takes gold for France in the men’s 200m freestyle final. Park from South Korea takes second. Sun for China takes third. Lochte fails to get a medal.
  • 19:52
    1:43.14 was Agnel's time - the fastest in the world this year!
  • 19:54
    Next up is the women’s 100m backstroke final. Missy Franklin is in line five. Gemma Spofforth is getting plenty of home support
  • 19:54
    Seebohm from Australia is no slouch either here.
  • 19:55
    And we’re off. At 50m Seebomh leads
  • 19:55
    This is close!
  • 19:56
    Missy Franklin storms the last 25m to take the gold! 58.33 is the winning time!
  • 19:57
    Franklin first, Seebohm second and Terakawa third.
  • 19:58
    Men’s 100m backstroke final. Liam Tancock up for the British. I will not be that juvenile. I will not be that juvenile….
  • 19:59
    America’s Matthew Grevers is favourite. He is a huge man.
  • 20:00
  • 20:01
    Lacourt of France is the main threat to Grevers.
  • 20:01
    We’re off!
  • 20:02
    Lacourt leads from Grevers
  • 20:03
    Grevers, Thoman, Irie in that order.
  • 20:04
    52.16 breaks the Olympic record
  • 20:04
    Suz what's with "ladies"? why not "women"? they dont say "gentlemen" for the mens events.
  • 20:05
    Some commentators are upsetting female viewers it seems by labelling the women ‘ladies.’ It’s been noted before on this very blog and it’s only three days old. It’s true the men are never referred to as gentlemen.
  • 20:11
    After his initial victory on day one Lochte has flattered to deceive says the man sitting at a computer.
  • 20:13
    Missy Franklin won her gold medal in the 100m backstroke just 20 minutes after qualifying for the 200m women's freestyle final.
  • 20:13
    Domhnall What is Thorpe wearing on the Beeb!! He's a brilliant analyst, but someone needs to checkmate that jumper!
  • 20:15
    Here on the Irish Times live-blog we don’t just analyse sport – we analyse the analysts and in that context, Domhnall, your comments regarding Ian Thorpe’s dodgy wardrobe choices on the BBC tonight are most welcome.
  • 20:17
    Next up is the women’s 100m breaststroke final
  • 20:18
    Domhnall Thank you, much obliged. And for the record, I'm a big fan of the IT blog, all I'm missing here in Bournemouth is the Kerrygold!
  • 20:22
    USA’s Larson jumped into the pool before the start but she isn’t disqualified.
  • 20:23
    A technical fault is to blame apparently.
  • 20:24
    The Lithuanian Meilutyte and Soni from America are the favourites.
  • 20:25
    Meilutyte wins it. Just. Soni takes silver.
  • 20:26
    She’s just 15 years old. 15? 15!!! Is no one else amazed by this?
  • 20:27
    1:05.47 was the winning time.
  • 20:27
    Suzuki takes bronze for Japan.
  • 20:30
    Ruta Meilutyte is 15. She's also an Olympician gold medallist.
    Ruta Meilutyte is 15. She's also an Olympician gold medallist.
  • 20:32
    That’s Lithuania’s first ever medal in the pool and it’s gold. Anyone fancy catching a late flight to Vilinus tonight?
  • 20:40
    South Korea's Shin Lam after her fencing controversy. (Julien Behal/PA Wire)
    South Korea's Shin Lam after her fencing controversy. (Julien Behal/PA Wire)
  • 20:41
    The men’s 200m semi-final is up now.
  • 20:43
    Matsuda from Japan with a composed swim in the first semi-final
  • 20:44
    It’s Phelps time.
  • 20:47
    Phelps is in third after 100m
  • 20:49
    Phelps wins but it was hard work. Jukic just behind
  • 20:50
    1:54.53 is a slow time by the great man’s high standards.
  • 20:56
    You can find out all about the fencing controversy from this Guardian article. Shocking stuff.
  • 21:01
    The women’s 200m individual medley is the final event in the Aquatic Centre tonight.
  • 21:07
    Britain’s Hanna Miley finishes second behind Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu with Kirsty Coventry taking third place.
  • 21:10
    There is serious quality in this semi-final
  • 21:10
    Ye Shiwen is racing. Stay tuned.
  • 21:11
    Coutts leads after 50m.
  • 21:12
    Ye eases into first after 100m
  • 21:13
    Ye Shiwen blitzed it again 2:08.39 is her time.
  • 21:13
    That’s a new Olympic Record.
  • 21:15
    Tadas 15 years old girl from LITHUANIA won Gold medal in 100 m.swimming
  • 21:15
    Ruta Meilutyte won Lithuania’s first ever Olympic swimming medal in the women’s 100m backstroke in a time of 1:05.47. The 15 year old who is based in Plymouth held off the challenge of America’s Rebecca Soni. Japan’s Satomi Suzuki took home the bronze.
  • 22:02
    Tadas Dublin Ruta,Ruta,Ruta.Lithuania,Lithuania,Lithuania.Gold.
  • 22:02
    Ruta Meilutyte won Lithuanian’s first ever Olympic swimming medal by claiming the gold meal in the women’s 100m breaststroke in a time of 1:05.47. The 15 year old who is based in Plymouth held off the challenge of favourite Rebecca Soni who took silver. Japan’s Satomi Suzuki finished in third place.

    Frenchman Yannick Agnel added the men’s 200m freestyle gold medal to the 4x100 relay gold he won last night. Agnel finished in a time of 1:43.14 ahead of South Korea’s Taehwan Park and Yang Sun who finished in joint second, 1.79 seconds behind Agnel. Ryan Lochte finished outside the medals in fourth.

    Missy Franklin won the women’s 100m backstroke final in a time of 58.33 just 20 minutes after qualifying for the 200m women’s freestyle final. It is the first Olympic medal that the promising 17 year old American has won. Australia’s Emily Seebohm began strongly but was overtaken by Franklin in the last 50m and had to settle for silver. Japan’s Aya Terakawa finished in third.

    Michael Phelps is through to another  Olympic 200m butterfly final but victory appeared laboured in the second semi-final as Phelps posted a relatively slow time of 1:54.53. In the first semi-final Japan’s Takeshi Matsuda posted a quicker time of 1:54.25.  

    It was an American one-two in the 100m backstroke final as Matthew Grevers broke the Olympic record to take the gold medal in a time of 52.16. Nick Thoman finished 0.76 behind his compatriot to take silver while Japan’s Ryosuke Irie secured the bronze medal.
    China’s Ye Shiwen continued her exceptional form by posting an impressive time in the second semi-final of the women’s 200m individual medley. She set a new Olympic Record, posting a time of 2:08.39. Australia’s Alicia Coutts was 1.44 seconds back in second while Britain’s Miley Hanna qualified in second place from the first semi-final behind Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu. 
  • 22:04
    That, my friends is where the Live-blogging coverage ends on Day Three of Olympic action I’m afraid. I’ll be back for more tomorrow so until then don’t overdose on any performance enhancing substances.
  • 22:08
    Michael Conlon will meet Ghanian Duke Micah in Friday night’s last 16 bout after the African defeated Mauritian Jason Lavigilante 18-14 in flyweight division tonight. Conlon’s fight will be this Friday night at 20.45
  • 22:09
    That’s your lot. Until tomorrow. ..