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IT Wed, Aug 8

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  • 10:46
    On the 12th Day of the Olympics my true love gave to me….four medals in the ring!
    Yes, it really will feel like Christmas if Paddy Barnes can secure Ireland’s fourth medal of the games tonight. The Belfast flyweight must defeat India’s Devendro Singh Laishram if he is to be assured of a bronze medal.

    Before that Katie Taylor will be boxing Mavzuna Chorieva for a place in the women’s lightweight final. That fight is scheduled for 2pm and Taylor will feel confident having defeated the Tajik woman at the World Championships in May.

    You can check out all of the Irish competitors in action today below.

    10.45am: Athletics – Men’s 5,000m heats
    Not the brightest of starts for the Irish team in the Olympic Stadium – only Derval O’Rourke and Joanne Cuddihy have made it out of heats to date – and Alistair Cragg faces a major challenge to make it to Saturday’s final in the 5,000 metres. “Good news: I’m in heat 2!” he tweeted after yesterday’s draw “Bad news: it may be the deepest 5000m field ever!”

    2pm: Boxing – Women’s lightweight
    While there may be a perception out there that Katie Taylor has already fought her final following Monday’s thrilling bout with Natasha Jonas, today’s semi-final meeting with Mavzuna Chorieva will be no cakewalk for the Bray lightweight. Taylor made short work of the Tajik at the World Championships in May, winning 16-6 in the semi-finals, but Chorieva is capable of mixing it with the best of them on her day.

    8.45pm: Boxing – Men’s light-flyweight
    Paddy Barnes will know exactly what to expect against Devendro Singh Laishram in today’s quarter-final of the light fly, both fighters taking part in a joint training camp between the Irish and Indian teams at the National Stadium in June. Barnes, a bronze medallist in Beijing four years ago, will be guaranteed at least the same colour again if he can defeat the 20-year-old.
  • 10:51
    Doesn’t Britain have enough medals? The Daily Telegraph is under fire today and it’s not hard to see why – they have claimed Katie Taylor as their own. How very dare they.

    ‘Can anyone defeat Britain’s Katie Taylor?’ – asks the Telegraph. My.Good.God. I believe the term used by the cool kids for such a mistake is ‘epic fail.’  
  • 10:52
  • 10:59
    Ireland’s Alistair Cragg is racing in heat two of the men’s 5000m. It’s a tough field. Can he progress to Saturday’s final? The odds are against him but you never know…
  • 11:04
    You might say Germany’s Robert Harting was pleased to win the discus last night. After jumping around wildly for a bit he ripped his top off and then, seeing that the track was set up for the women’s 100m hurdles, proceeded to go for a run and a few jumps.
  • 11:04
  • 11:04
    JP It is pityful to see us display pride in boxing when it should be banned! it is not a sport!
  • 11:07
    One of our commenters who goes by the name JP says that boxing isn’t a sport and that it is ‘pitiful’ that Ireland is displaying pride over our boxers’ achievements. I believe that this is a classic case of what is known on the information superhighway (remember people used to call it that in the 1990s?) as trolling.
  • 11:10
    Ireland! Ireland! Ireland! Cian O’Connor is now through to the show jumping final.

    Following the withdrawal of Swedish rider Rolf Goran Bengtsson's horse Cassal this morning at Greenwich Park, Ireland's Cian O'Connor will jump Blue Loyd in today's final round of the show jumping competition

    35 competitors will jump this morning and the top 20 riders will go through to the afternoon session.
  • 11:10
    Alistair Cragg is racing in heat two of the men’s 5000m right now!
  • 11:14
    Cragg is well down the field. I’m sure he’s just reserving his energy for a super sprint finish.
  • 11:17
    By the way Mo Farah qualified in third from heat one of the men’s 5000m. Hayle Ibrahimov of Azerbaijan won the first heat.
  • 11:20
    Final lap of heat two of the men’s 5000m. Sadly, Alistair Cragg is nowhere in sight.
  • 11:21
    JP you can call it trolling or whatever you like to grab more attention. punching another human being is not a sport nor an achievement.
  • 11:28
    I think that reducing boxing down to something where competitors are just ‘punching someone’ is ridiculous. It is a very technical sport that doesn't just entail thumping someone. Thankfully for Ireland the IOC agree with that view.
  • 11:29
    Alistair Cragg finishes the men’s 5000m in 17th position in a time of 13:47.01.
  • 11:29
    BK Aussie Craig Mottram not happy with Alistair after that race. He was supposed to team up with him and a few others and set the early pace but Mottram was on his own.
  • 11:30
    Eric i think JP deserves some points for persistence. on a different note and just on something I saw yesterday here on the liveblog when people were discussing Nobles finishing 23rd in the triathlon. He was only 3+ minutes off the leader Brownlee's time. His 10km split was 29m7s. Thats only a minute and a half slower than Mo Farah's 10km winning time on Saturday. Just after a 1500m swim and 43km cycle.... Do the maths and tell me that what Noble achieved yesterday was perhaps not an olympic winning time, but still something that only a few people on the planet could possibly have done.
  • 11:30
    Gavin Noble’s performance in the men’s triathlon yesterday was superb. He finished in 23rd place.
  • 11:31
  • 11:33
    Cragg’s time was nearly 15 seconds slower than his season’s best of 13:32.76
  • 11:37
    Mahon Here's Sam L to put the Katie Taylor British thing in context: Samuel L Jackson on Britain claiming Colin Farrell as their own, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm0GecqUr_o
  • 11:46
    BBC Northern Ireland last night made quite an audacious and factually incorrect claim - that Northern Ireland had won its fourth medal of the Olympic Games after Michael Conlan secured a medal in the ring last night.

    First – The Chambers brothers from Coleraine both received a medal as part of the British men’s lightweight fours but in reality, it should count as one medal not two. That's how it is tallied in the medal chart. That means Northern Ireland (and technically it’s Great Britain and Northern Ireland) have won two medals. Alan Campbell won bronze in the men’s single sculls.

    Secondly (and more importantly) – Michael Conlan is from Belfast but boxes for Ireland. He did not win a medal for Northen Ireland last night.
    It seems that everyone wants to claim the Irish boxers.
  • 11:47
    Columoc Is JP a Smiths fan?
  • 11:50
  • 11:54
    CW Lets just get a bit of perspective. It was an honest mistake, I'm sure, to say "Britain's Katie Taylor." Irish media consistently try to claim celebrities/athletes of distant Irish parentage as being Irish.
  • 11:57
    Just over two hours until Taylor time. Katie Taylor fights Mavzuna Chorieva for a place in the women’s lightweight final at the ExCel Arena at 2pm.
  • 11:58
    GC Thirdly - Would the Chambers brothers have won a medal if the two other rowers in their boat had been from Northern Ireland and not other parts of GB&NI
  • 11:58
    Donal I don't consider Michael Conlan Irish any more than I consider Aiden McGeady Irish. It's time we stopped nicking other countries' sports stars. Conlan should be boxing for GB.
  • 11:58
    So one of our readers, Donal, doesn’t consider Michael Conlan Irish. I wouldn’t go saying that to the man himself…
  • 12:03
    Emma Does it really matter whether you consider him Irish Donal? He considers himself Irish and represents his country, IRELAND!
  • 12:03
    Let’s park the idea of nationality there and get back to the sports. What say you all?
  • 12:05
    Is anyone going to be working at 2pm? I think not. Just to remind you, Katie Taylor defeated Mavzuna Chorievea 16-6 in May but that doesn’t mean that it’ll be as easy today.
  • 12:09
    Cian O’Connor has had a clear round in the show jumping!
  • 12:09
  • 12:10
    Is there a chance that Cian O’Connor could claim Ireland’s first gold? That really would be some story.
  • 12:12
  • 12:15
    We knew this already but Alistair Cragg will not be progressing to the final of the men’s 5000m. Cragg was 31st fastest out of 43 athletes in the first round heats
  • 12:25
    Snap, cackle and flop!

    It’s probably a question we’ve all asked ourselves sometimes – how come the pole in the pole vault doesn’t snap?
    Well, sometimes it does. Just ask Cuba’s Lazaro Borges whose pole snapped in two places this morning as he attempted a jump.
    Thankfully the athlete sustained no injuries but sadly the pole had to be put down.
  • 12:27
    Cian O’Connor has qualified for what is billed as the showing jumping Final Round B after jumping clear this morning in Round A.
    Round B begins at 2.55pm
  • 12:45
    Alistair Cragg has spoken of the mental barriers he struggled with during his 5000m heat this morning. He said:

    “I knew I was fit enough to run really well. Training has been as good as normal but mentally I’ve just been in a strange spot, coming in here without a race.”

    Cragg added, “I hit it off the start and I tried to play around with my positioning and I tried to just keep even splits and close it up. It was just a long race of me trying to get over mental barriers.”
  • 12:49
    A fair few of Ireland’s athletes have fallen ill before or during the Olympic Games.
    Alistair Cragg just confirmed that he had a virus for a couple of weeks in May and June.
    Grainne Murphy had glandular fever earlier this year.
    Melanie Nocher suffered from gastroenteritis during the Games.

    So much for the luck of the Irish, eh?
  • 12:53
    David Watching show jumping -is it wrong to be enjoying everyone knocking fences whileCian has a clear? If he wins after being a. Last minute call up for both the Games and the final it would be some comeback....
  • 12:53
    Good news for Ireland - The final placings for the showjumping event are determined by the sum of the scores in the Individual final rounds A and B. That means Cian O’Connor’s clear round this morning in round A puts him in a very healthy position for Round B. Could it be another Irish medal?
  • 13:01
    Might as well Jump! Cian O’Connor (Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
    Might as well Jump! Cian O’Connor (Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
  • 13:02
    Daithi I'm in work glued to the news feed! Racing down to reception at 2 bells to watch our Million Dollar Baby! Was almost in tears watching her first bout! #TeamIreland
  • 13:02
    Horsey The next rider up in the show jumping is called "Rich Fellers". Says it all really....
  • 13:05
  • 13:07
    The Telegraph have apologised for calling Katie Taylor British. Let that be the end of it…
  • 13:08
    Horsey And there's a British rider called Brash. Rich fellows and Brash. Just can't warm to this sport - give me the boxers any day!
  • 13:10
    Less than an hour to go until Katie Taylor’s fight now. Hard not to be nervous even if Katie has given us no reason to be.
  • 13:19
    j. why are our irish olympians getting ill? nobody else seems to be !!!!. somebody needs to look at this or is that asking too much!!
  • 13:20
    Surely it’s just a case of bad luck that a few of our athletes have fallen ill in and around the Games. Can we blame the Irish weather?
  • 13:21
  • 13:23
    Michael Conlan has posted a photo of two Olymic medallists – Serena (Not Sirena as Mick spelt it) Williams with Michael Conlan
  • 13:23
    Guest what position is Cian O'Connor in?
  • 13:24
    Cian O’Connor is in joint first with six riders left to jump.
  • 13:24
    Guest And so the discussion turns to to the sport we are clearly streets ahead of other nations at...talking about the weather.
  • 13:24
    Michael Conlon looks like a 12-year old!
  • 13:25
    Michael Conlan is a young man. He’s just 20 years old and looks even younger.
  • 13:29
    Do you reckon there will be a 50/50 split of Irish and Tajik supporters in the ExCel arena for Katie Taylor’s fight with Mavzuna Chorieva?
  • 13:29
    Ant in Oz Aussie medal hope Edwina Tops-Alexander has just knocked a fence. Finished the round with 4 faults.
  • 13:34
    You may have heard some audio of Katie Taylor when she was just 11 years of age. For those that haven’t, I’ll post a youtube link of that audio now.

    Interviewer: Are you not afraid of being hurt?

    Katie Taylor: No because I never do get hurt. I was sparring a boy and hit him in the nose and he fell and there was blood coming out of his nose. I’m going to go all the way to the very top.
  • 13:35
  • 13:35
    Ant in Oz 'Your fetlocks blowing in the wind'. Go Cian.
  • 13:36
    Michael Lyster on the Katie Taylor fight– “Lads, please tell me this is going to be ok?”
    Someone give Michael a hug.
  • 13:37
    Adrian aw, sooo cute!!
  • 13:40
    Ant in Oz Great clip. C'mon Katie.
  • 13:40
    Me Great clip of Katie, soooo excited now to see her fight, fingers, toes eyes and all that crossed.
  • 13:40
    Margo In Australia - does anyone know of a online site showing Katie's match?
  • 13:41
    LonesomeDub The way everyone is talking about Katie Taylor before this fight is like how the English talk about their footballers before every tournament (bar the last one). Let's not turn on her if it all goes wrong.
  • 13:41
    We’re pretty confident that Katie can win this afternoon but there is no chance that the nation would turn on her if she loses.
  • 13:42
  • 13:44
    Six of the 35 riders in the individual show jumping went clear this morning in Round A of the final, one of whom was Ireland’s Cian O’Connor.
  • 13:44
    Daithi She's a fighter, a heroine, and a medal-winner either way. I'm sure we'll be all proud of her accomplishment.
  • 13:46
    Katie’s opponent is 19-year-old Mavzuna Chorieva from Tajikstan.
  • 13:47
    Adrian wiziwig.com
  • 13:47
    Guest http://www.coolsport.tv/stream6.php for viewing in oz
  • 13:48
    Come on Katie!
  • 13:48
  • 13:49
    Bray is heaving! All out to watch Katie Taylor.
  • 13:49
    Me Isn't is just great to have everyone in such good form and so excited by Katie and the rest of the boxers representing Ireland. Screw you austerity, household taxes, depressing news, bring on Katie!!!
  • 13:53
    Nicola Adams leads Mary Kom 5-2 after two rounds in the women’s flyweight semi-final.
  • 13:54
  • 13:56
    After three rounds Nicola Adams has a commanding 8-4 lead over Mary Kom of India
  • 13:58
    Proud to be Irish Perth is behind you Katie!
  • 13:59
    Great Britain’s Nicola Adams has beaten Mary Kom of India 11-6 to reach the women’s flyweight boxing final.
  • 14:00
    It’s Katie Taylor time now. A nation holds its breath…
  • 14:01
    Subdued atmosphere in the ExCel Arena...
  • 14:02
    David Cameron is there to watch home town girl Katie Taylor in action (well, that’s what you might think if you read the Daily Telegraph).
  • 14:04
  • 14:04
    Ding Ding – Round 1 begins
  • 14:05
    Katie is on the offensive but Taylor is having to chase Chorieva.
  • 14:06
    Round 1 – Katie leads 3-1
  • 14:07
    A very controlled first round from Taylor. She just needs to keep this up over the next three rounds.
  • 14:07
    A nice flurry of punches from Taylor early in Round 2
  • 14:07
    Ant in Oz Great start, c'mon Katie.
  • 14:07
    Katie is bossing Round 2.
  • 14:09
    Round 2 – 4-2

    7-3 after two rounds
  • 14:09
    Kate Go Katie Go!!!
  • 14:10
    Olé, Olé, Olé rings around the ExCel Arena
  • 14:11
    Taylor is picking her punches. A lot of quick combinations and she is getting out before Chorieva has time to counter.
  • 14:12
    Absolute domination from Taylor now. Chorieva is looking a little unsteady. Though she did land a nice punch on Taylor.
  • 14:13
    Taylor hasn’t been threatened at all and now all she needs to do is maintain her healthy lead in the final round.
  • 14:14
    Taylor leads 13-6 overall
  • 14:15
    Fight over and there’s no doubt about it. Katie Taylor will box for Olympic gold.
  • 14:16
    Katie Taylor wins on a score of 17-9
  • 14:17
    Fantastic, composed fight from Taylor!
  • 14:17
    Kate Wuhoo!!!
  • 14:17
    Guest Gwan Katie - well done!
  • 14:18
    Katie Taylor fights in the final tomorrow night at 4.45pm
  • 14:19
    We’ll know who Katie faces in a few minutes.
  • 14:20
    It’s 20 years ago to the day that Michael Carruth won the gold in Barcelona.
  • 14:21
    Brendan Let both of the other semifinalists in against her just to give them some chance
  • 14:27
    Round 1 – 3-1
    Round 2 – 7-3
    Round 3 – 3-2
    Rounnd 4 – 4-3
  • 14:28
    In the other semi-final after the first round, the women are level
  • 14:28
    DM Dont think there was much love lost between the two women.....
  • 14:29
    Adriana Araujo of Brazil and Russia’s Sofya Ochigava are fighting it out for a chance to take on Katie Taylor in tomorrow’s final.
  • 14:30
    Ochigava leads 8-6 after Round Two. Questionable enough scoring. The Brazilian has been excellent.
  • 14:34
    Ochigava leads by four points now. The scoring is frankly unbelievable. Araujo has been the better boxer.
  • 14:35
    Ochigava leads 13-9 after three rounds
  • 14:38
    Sofya Ochigava of Russia beats Brazil’s Adriana Araujo 17-11
  • 14:39
    Taylor v Ochigave in 2010
  • 14:39
  • 14:39
    BMcI Thought it wasn't Katie's most fluid fight but still a comprehensive enough win.
  • 14:39
    Eric Im watching this boxing match and the scoring is atrocious. i really cant believe it...
  • 14:39
    #katiefacts Contrary to popular belief, there are actually two hands that can beat a royal flush: Katie Taylor's right hand and Katie Taylor's left hand.
  • 14:39
    Hilary Well done Katie, you were brilliant. From all your supporters in Luxembourg.
  • 14:41
    Katie Taylor will fight Sofya Ochigava for the gold medal in the women’s lightweight final tomorrow at the ExCel Arena at 4.45pm
  • 14:53
    Katie Taylor after her win earlier this afternoon.

    “It’s a dream come true for me. Today was such a tricky fight. She’s a very good counter puncher so I knew it was going to be close throughout the whole fight but I just had to stay calm and composed and now I’m boxing for a gold medal tomorrow. It’s an absolute dream for me.”

    Taylor added:

    “The left hook right hand, today’s combination was going to be very important today and speed is always going to be key in any fight really, for me anyway. Good footwork and combinations but I’ll have to refocus for tomorrow, forget about today and concentrate on tomorrow. It’s going to be a different fight altogether tomorrow. I have to be very sharp.”
  • 15:00
    The final of the show jumping has begun. Cian O’Connor isn’t up. He’s sixth from last on the schedule.
  • 15:01
    O’Connor is the 17th jumper out of 22 riders.
  • 15:02
    In case you missed it earlier – Rich Fellers (say it quickly) is competing in the equestrian event now. Who says show jumping is an elitist sport?
  • 15:02
    Conor Jimmy Magee didn't seem to think there was anything untoward in that Russian fight. Brazilian looked lively, but punched a lot of air
  • 15:06
    We noticed that Jimmy Magee didn’t think Ochigava was ever in trouble. The BBC commentary team though gave rounds two and three to Araunjo of Brazil. I’m afraid I have to agree with the Beeb on that. Thought Araujo landed a fair few punches and hurt Ochigava. Admittedly Ochigava, with a comfortable lead, was able to control the fourth round.
  • 15:06
    Bruce Liam Ireland is now guaranteed to at least equal the medal tally from Beijing, with a huge chance of improving on it
  • 15:06
    Dara We need to get KatieTaylor and Brian O'Driscoll into some kind of breeding programme.
  • 15:09
    Want to bet on Katie Taylor for gold? Paddy Power will give you odds of 1/14 on their website now. Overwhelming favourite
  • 15:13
  • 15:17
    Tipperary hurlers are due to have a media day tomorrow and have sensibly decided to take a 15 minute break from their media duties when Katie Taylor is fighting.
  • 15:19
    Alberto Michan of Mexico has had a clear run in the final of the show jumping and leads with four faults. Cian O’Connor will be in action again soon.
  • 15:30
  • 15:35
    Cian O’Connor up next in the show jumping. Can he get a medal?
  • 15:39
    Cian O’Connor cleared every fence but was two hundredths of a second outside the time.
  • 15:41
    On one side of Cian O’Connor’s saddle blanket is the Irish tricolour and on the other is the flag over the Ivory Coast.
  • 15:43
    The saddle blanket is actually called a numnah. Serious knowledge right there.
  • 15:44
    Cian O’Connor is in joint second place with three more riders to jump.
  • 15:45
    Guest I dont have a showjumping rule book to consult so could you enlighten us as to what will happen in the event of a draw for gold???
  • 15:45
    If two or more rider/horse combinations are tied for medal places after the fifth and final round of the Individual event, there is a jump-off to break the tie.
  • 15:46
    KarlM The reverse flag (Ivory Coast) appears that way as it is designed to look like it would if he was carrying a flag on a pole ... You notice is on a US army uniform, representing a charge
  • 15:47
    Eric i like to think of the jump off as some kind of dance-off, with the riders all standing around with arms crossed, to the strains of "it's like that" playing at high volume
  • 15:48
    Steve Guerdat of Switzerland leads with two riders to go. Cian O’Connor is in joint second place.
  • 15:49
    Tony how likely is he to win one?
  • 15:50
    O’Connor is guaranteed a chance to jump off for the bronze (at least) with one jumper left.
  • 15:52
    Cian O’Connor will have a jump-off for silver! Guaranteed bronze at least.
  • 15:52
    DublinerOnTour We've got a medal!! A physical, in the palm of your hand medal!! Congrates Cian
  • 15:56
    Emma Who knew there was such joy to be found in seeing a fence knocked
  • 15:59
    Billy Prince Bonnie And he was only 0.02 of a second away from avoiding the time fault and having a jump-off for gold. 0.02 seconds!!
  • 15:59
    For those of a sensitive disposition look away now because I’m putting up a Wu Tang Clan track –only because this is what Cian O’Connor is probably listening to on his headphones. It’s called ‘Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)’
  • 16:00
  • 16:01
    The_Hatstand The BBC are devastated to have lost their medal chances - Clare Balding blaming a "shusher" for perhaps putting off the final horse. Can they not just applaud the bloody good effort put in instead?
  • 16:04
  • 16:04
    Gerco Schroder of the Netherlands is up first in the jump off
  • 16:06
    Schroder has gone clear in a time of 49.79. O’Connor now knows what he has to do.
  • 16:07
    O’Connor’s horse Blue Loyd seems to be a lot smaller than Schroder’s horse
  • 16:08
    O’Connor beat Schroder’s time by three clear seconds but clipped the last fence and incurs four faults. O’Connor takes bronze
  • 16:08
    We have another medal! Bronze for Cian O’Connor
  • 16:09
    Not bad for a man who was a reserve coming into the final.
  • 16:11
    Schroder’s horse is called London – talk about playing to the crowd!
  • 16:11
    DublinerOnTour Bravo Cian, love how he came over to shake Schroder's hand at the end
  • 16:11
    POD Great effort by Blue Lloyd. Lets not forget the horse had to put in a fair bit of effort for that medal.
  • 16:19
    So Katie Taylor’s win was impressive wasn’t it? Well, we’re not the only ones to think so.

    Olympic boxing medallists Lennox Lewis and Amir Khan have been very impressed with the 26 year old Bray woman.

    Khan said, "Katie would beat any of the men in the 60 kg division."

    Lennox Lewis also described her as a “tremendous fighter.”

    “The way she throws punches and the aggression she throws them with, you can tell she’s got the killer instinct,” said Lewis.
    “I think the guys should be watching their backs, she could beat a lot of them out there.”
  • 16:20
    Guest I wonder what odds you would have got this morning for Cian to get a medal?!
  • 16:22
    Notice any new country on the official Olympics medal table? http://www.london2012.com/medals/medal-count/
  • 16:22
    DublinerOnTour Sugar lumps all-round? I'm buying
  • 16:22
    Sponger Wayhey, 66th on the medal table! The only way is up.
  • 16:24
  • 16:33
    Britain may have had ‘Super Saturday’ but Ireland now has ‘Wonder Wednesday’ after Cian O’Connor brought home bronze in the individual show jumping and Katie Taylor reached the women’s lightweight boxing final.

    It has the potential to become more wonderful still. Paddy Barnes is fighting Devendro Singh Laishram of India for a place in the men’s light-fly semi-final tonight at 8.45pm. If he wins Ireland will be guaranteed another medal. China are probably feeling nervous about their position in medal table now...
  • 16:35
    kev I have just calculated that if the old USSR had hung in there and stuck together they would have 24 G, 24 S and 43 B.....a total of 91 medals....a completely useless piece of info for you
  • 16:35
    Hilary The Swiss winner of the show jumping is a hottie!
  • 16:39
    One of our readers (Hilary) insists that Steve Guerdat, the Swiss jumper who has just won the individual equestrian show jumping is (and I quote) a ‘hottie.’

    Now, now Hilary, sexism like this can’t be tolerated - these men aren’t just pieces of meat for you to drool over. The Olympics are a series of serious sporting events.

    Anyway, beach volleyball anyone?
  • 16:44
    In terms of the medal count, Ireland is doing better than Britain in one respect*

    GB 48 medals - 1 for ever 1,297,125 people
    Ire 4 medals - 1 for every 1,147,063 people

    *These figures are dubious, inexact and may need to be drastically adjusted but come on, get into the spirit of it…
  • 16:46
  • 16:48
    Jennifer,Las Vegas I love being Irish!!! Miss watching all this live from home but your blogs are next best thing! Always makes me smile/laugh! Keep up the great work:-D
  • 16:54
    I’m going to post a video – it’s not unlike an event at the Olympics this evening. Will Nicole Kidman be representing Australia?
  • 16:54
  • 16:55
    Yes cycling BMX is an event at the Olympics and yes Nicole Kidman was in BMX bandits.
    I have to say, despite my cynicism, the BMX cyclists are pretty cool to watch in action.
  • 16:55
    Guest two comments: 1) @ Hilary... absolutely agree... 2) the medal table should be broken down based on money each country spends for Olympic sports... i think that would be far more revealing
  • 16:57
    kev The GB v Ireland Stats need to be adjusted for succes per Athlete....a number of their medal winners are multiple medal winners just doing minor variations of the same event! Boxers only got one crack at one weight....
  • 16:58
    EP ...AND China has only one medal for every 18.1m people....
  • 16:58
    Eric i think nicole had a bad start and has removed herself from the competition http://bigpichost.com/4169_fall_l7va.gif
  • 17:00
    Out of all our boxers, Katie Taylor is (and always has been) our best hope of gold. Can Conlan, Nevin and Barnes win gold in their respective weight divisions?
  • 17:04
  • 17:07
    MickGuyver Hiya - is it extra time or golden goal in the womens' hockey semi finals ? NED v NZL
  • 17:07
    It’s extra time in the women’s hockey semi-final. Holland are playing New Zealand. We’ll ‘stick’ with it. http://badum-tish.com/

    It could be decided by a golden goal apparently.
  • 17:12
    Liam OGrady As we choose our athletes from the entire population of the island then the above stats for Ireland should read Ire 4 medals - 1 for every 1,550,000 people (approx.) Let's not get the champagne out yet.
  • 17:12
    Liam O'Grady has called us out on our makeshift medals per population table where we claimed that Ireland was doing better than Britain.

    Liam must have missed out disclaimer below the table though

    *These figures are dubious, inexact and may need to be drastically adjusted but come on, get into the spirit of it…
  • 17:15
    The Dutch are doing all the pressing in extra time of the women’s hockey semi-final so far. Nothing to show for it so far mind. It's half-time.
  • 17:18
    A yellow card has been shown to Gemma Flynn. That’s a five minute sin bin which rules her out of most of the second half of extra time. Can Holland captialise to get the golden goal?
  • 17:19
    Michael @Liam O Grady...to be fair we don't have automatic right to select whomever we want form our Northern brethern so I think the first ststistic is fair!
  • 17:20
    Let’s bear in mind that the medal per capita table was put together as a bit of a laugh. Let’s not take it too seriously. Still though, we are owning Britain!
  • 17:21
    How have the Dutch women not beaten New Zealand yet? One penalty corner wide and one over in extra time.
  • 17:26
  • 17:28
    You have to run with the ball from a designated point before hitting your shot in hockey.
  • 17:28
    MickGuyver in view of Hilary's comment earlier about Steve Guerdat, The swiss Showjumper. I must say that it's pleasant watching the Hockey at what I'm assuming is a penalty shootoout equivalent
  • 17:30
  • 17:31
    1-0 Holland. Rounded the keeper and puts it in
  • 17:32
    New Zealand miss. Holland lead 1-0
  • 17:33
    1-1 after two penalties apiece in the women’s hockey semi-final.
  • 17:34
    2-1 Holland. No messing about with that one. Smashed it! (I hope that doesn’t make me sound like former Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys)
  • 17:35
    After four penalties, Holland lead 2-1
  • 17:36
    Holland are through to the women’s hockey final! They win 3-1
  • 17:36
    MickGuyver Dutch keeper is amazing !
  • 17:52
    Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake are running the men’s 200m tonight. Expect a lot of jogging in the last 20 metres.
  • 17:56
    Sondon Does anyone else think the BMX riders look like men cycling children's bikes?
  • 17:57
    I think most people think BMX riders look like men cycling children’s bikes.
  • 18:01
    To celebrate Britain’s success at the Olympics (their best performance for over a century apparently) they put a collage of photos of British athletes who won with gold medals on the front page. The only problem is they’ve also included the Dutch dressage team among them. Another day, another newspaper fail.
  • 18:02
    The Daily Express - Dutch Courage
    The Daily Express - Dutch Courage
  • 18:04
    Here’s a little bit on Katie Taylor’s win today - http://www.irishtimes.com/sports/other/2012/0808/1224321763335.html
  • 18:17
    In case you needed reminding – Paddy Barnes will be fighting Devendro Singh Laishram of India for a place in the men’s light flyweight semi-final and a guaranteed bronze medal. That’s at 8.45pm
  • 18:18
  • 18:34
    Sarah Attar of Saudi Arabia finished heat six of the women’s 800m in a time of 2:44.95, more than half a minute slower than the rest of the field. Nevertheless she received a huge ovation when she crossed the line – that’s because Attar is the first woman to compete in athletics for Saudi Arabia.
    Here she is speaking about why the result of the race was irrelevant.
  • 18:34
  • 18:46
    Tom Campbell @sondon. I am 46 and i race BMX. You are welcome to try it at Irelands only BMX track www.ratoathbmx.com. It makes you feel younger and gets rid of grey hairs. Real racing starts tomorrow with 8 man gates.
  • 18:47
    Cian O’Connor spoke about winning bronze for Ireland today in the individual show jumping final. He said:

    "To be able to deliver at the Olympic Games is the place to do it," O'Connor said afterwards.

    "And Blue Loyd, he mightn't be the biggest horse in the world, but he's got the biggest heart.

    "I've been fortunate with my owners, who are the O'Reilly-Highlands. We bought the horse seven months ago, with the aim of coming here. We came here and we delivered and we did what we were supposed to do.

    "So, it's a win-win situation."

    O'Connor continued: "When you come into this arena the crowd get behind you. There's a great rivalry between the Irish and the English, but they have a bit of a soft spot for the Paddy and they give him a cheer, and that's the kind of thing that spurs you on.

    "That's the kind of thing that makes you want to do well is the public support, of which there is so much of at home."
  • 18:50
    So the Daily Mail are getting in on the ‘let’s claim Irish athletes for Britain’ act.

    Here is the offending caption

    “The Flyweight boxer Thomas Essomba, who was beaten by the Brit Paddy Barnes, is one of the absconded athletes.”

    Call me cynical but could this have been done accidently on purpose?
  • 18:55
    Random fact alert! – The women’s hammer weighs 4kg which is the same weight as the average domestic cat. Let’s not ask about training techniques…
  • 19:02
    Mary OC Hurray for Sarah Attar! I hope this is the first of many appearances by women from Saudi Arabia.
  • 19:04
    Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake will be in 200m semi-final action from around 8.10pm tonight.
  • 19:04
  • 19:16
    Katie Taylor’s opponent in the women’s leightweight final tomorrow Sofya Ochigava has been making some interesting noises this afternoon.

    She seems to have suggested that the judges favour Taylor and their scoring reflects this. I believe that’s what’s we can call ‘trash talk’ – mainly because it’s absolute rubbish.

    "When you fight Katie you are already minus 10 points. You are fighting the judges and the whole system and they will try to give her too many points," said The Russian.
  • 19:16
    Sofya Ochigava - trash talking (REUTERS/Murad Sezer )
    Sofya Ochigava - trash talking (REUTERS/Murad Sezer )
  • 19:19
    kev LOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooossssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeer!
  • 19:20
    one-eyed-bridget she'll look good in silver
  • 19:22
    Ready for the men’s 110m hurdles semi-finals?
  • 19:23
    The first two are guaranteed a place in the final.
  • 19:25
    America's Aries Merritt (that sounds like the name of a Shakespearean nymph) wins in12.94, just one hundredth outside of his personal best.
  • 19:26
    Ryan Braithwaite of Barbados finished in second and progresses to the final.
  • 19:27
    That was heat two.
    Heat one was won by Jason Richardson of the USA. Orlando Ortega of Cuba qualifies for the final by finishing second.
  • 19:33
    Guest Empty vessels and all that!
  • 19:33
    Dayron Robles from Cuba qualifies first from heat three of the men’s 110m hurdles with Hansle Parchment taking the second automatic final from heat three. Hansle, he’s so hot right now, Hansle….well at least on paper…or should that be parchment?
  • 19:36
  • 19:43
    Lehann Fourie of South Africa and Britain’s Lawrence Clarke will also race in the men’s 110m hurdles final. The two quickest from each heat automatically qualified but so too do the next two fastest athletes. Clarke and Fourie were next fastest.
  • 19:45
    England is running for Britain in the women’s 1500m semi-finals. Hannah England that is.
  • 19:46
    The first five from each of the two women’s 1500m semi-finals automatically progress.
  • 19:49
    400m to go in heat one of the women’s 1500m semi-final
  • 19:51
    You can check out the automatic qualifiers for the women’s 1500m final from heat one here - http://www.london2012.com/athletics/event/women-1500m/phase=atw015200/index.html
  • 19:58
    The second heat of the women’s 1500m semi-final is being run now.
  • 20:06
    Some pretty amazing quotes coming up that a Russian journalist claims to have gotten from Katie Taylor’s opponent in tomorrow’s final, Sofya Ochigava. Set your faces to stunned.
  • 20:07
  • 20:07
  • 20:09
  • 20:09
    Yohan Blake is up first in the men’s 200m semi-final. First two definitely qualify from each heat then the next two fastest runners after that.
  • 20:12
    Blake slowed right down at the end. The race ended up being closer than it needed to be even though he was never really in trouble.
  • 20:13
  • 20:13
  • 20:14
    Three hundredths of a second separate the first three in heat one of the men’s 200m semi-final.
  • 20:14
    Seán Really hope Katie is reading this. If not, someone should make it their business to show it to her, preferably within an hour of the fight tommorow.
  • 20:14
    Domhnall Rather than get to Katie, she's probably trying to get to the judges to doubt themselves when they see Katie score. You can see Katie Taylor's concentration when she gets into the ring, nothing will put her off
  • 20:15
    America’s Ashton Eaton looks like he’s going to win the men’s decathlon with something to spare. Just the 400m to go.
  • 20:16
  • 20:17
    Lane six is the one to watch in heat two of the men’s 200m semi-final – Mr Usain Bolt will be running from there.
  • 20:19
    Bolt strolls to victory – 20.18. He was looking up at the screen and took it easy on himself throughout the race and still won comfortably
  • 20:19
    DM The Man is Awesome..........................................................................
  • 20:20
    Eric Katie wont be reading a word of this. Pete Taylor keeps her away from this crap and for a good reason. sounds like Ochigava is setting herself up for pouty lip and puppy dog eyes tomorrow at 5pm. plus, having seen what i did today; she is very lucky to be even in the final. she lost two rounds to Araujo and got those decisions in her favour somehow. she is only looking for a rise. dont give it. as Jesus once said "feed not yonder trolls, lest ye, thyselves be trolled"
  • 20:21
    Jobadwana of South Africa finished second in heat two so he’ll be in the final too.
  • 20:21
    The 200m is Bolt’s favourite event. How depressing for the rest of the field.
  • 20:23
    One more heat to go in the men’s 200m semi-finals.
  • 20:24
    America’s Brittney Reese has just jumped 7.12m in the women’s long jump. That’ll be tough to beat.
  • 20:28
    Michael Mathieu from the Bahamas has a false start and is disqualified. Au revoir Mathieu!
  • 20:30
    Churandy Martina of Holland wins heat three of the men’s 200m with a time of 20.17. Warren Weir of Jamaica (where else?) will also be in the final after finishing second.
  • 20:42
    Christophe Lemaitre and Alex Quinonez qualify for the men’s 200m final as the two fastest runners up.
  • 20:42
    It’s Paddy Barnes time!
  • 20:45
    Paddy Barnes will know exactly what to expect against Devendro Singh Laishram in today’s quarter-final of the light fly, both fighters taking part in a joint training camp between the Irish and Indian teams at the National Stadium in June. Barnes, a bronze medallist in Beijing four years ago, will be guaranteed at least the same colour again if he can defeat the 20-year-old.
  • 20:47
    Paddy Barnes is making his way into the ring!
  • 20:48
  • 20:49
    Ding Ding – Round One begins
  • 20:50
    A lot of punches thrown in the opening exchanges but Barnes is now settling into the fight. His defence is superb and his counter-punching is excellent.
  • 20:51
    vincem Is Paddy Barnes not from Belfast?
  • 20:51
    Barnes is Belfast born and bred.
  • 20:52
    Round 1 - 7-5 Barnes leads
  • 20:53
    Round 2 now
  • 20:55
    A warning for Laishram – that’s two points for Paddy Barnes.
  • 20:56
    Barnes’ short left hook has been his main weapon tonight. Barnes should be well up in this round.
  • 20:57
    Round 2 – 10-5

    17-10 overall. One round to go.
  • 20:57
    Eric that was an elbow thrown by Laishram over by the ropes! he is lucky...
  • 20:57
    DublinerOnTour Still on a buzz from Katie and Cian. It's 3am here and we're staging a Thai lock-in. Sorry American and Australian journalists, it's not because we're the drunken Irish it's because we're the gift of the gab Irish. Come on Paddy!
  • 20:57
    Come on Paddy – one more round!
  • 20:59
    Barnes is using stalling tactics here. Smart but not particularly pretty to watch. Paddy Barnes receives a warning.
  • 21:00
    Laishram gains two points for that.
  • 21:01
    Laishram wobbled a bit there.
  • 21:01
    It’s over. Barnes should take this.
  • 21:02
    Barnes wins – 23-18!
  • 21:03
    Round 1 - 7-5
    Round 2 – 10-5
    Round 3 – 6-8
  • 21:03
    Paddy Barnes becomes the Irish boxer to win two Olympic medals at different games.
  • 21:05
    Paddy Barnes will fight China’s Shiming Zou on Friday at 1.30pm
  • 21:05
    DM Fantastic........great fight ---- well done PB
  • 21:06
    Bernard Dunne said that Devendro Singh Laishram fought dirty. There was a headbutt through and he followed through with his elbow a lot.
  • 21:06
    Hilary Another great result. Go team Ireland.
  • 21:06
  • 21:07
    Ireland is assured of five Olympic medals in London!
  • 21:11
    Me i can't make a word out that paddy is saying! Butbwho cares well done paddy another medal, fantastic fight!!!!
  • 21:11
    Hilary Maybe I've been living abroad too long, but I don't understand one word Paddy Barnes said to Marty Morrisey.
  • 21:12
    Well, if Paddy Barnes can move as fast in the ring as he talks outside of it then he’ll be alright.
  • 21:18
    DublinerOnTour So proud of TeamIreland today #WinningWednesday
  • 21:26
    Tommylee63 Congrats to all the Irish boxers and to Ireland herself. It's been a pleasure following your athletes this go around. Hopefully everything will turn up "Golden". Go Katie and to the rest of the boys. Irish-Americans proud of Ireland.
  • 21:26
    Eric Irish sport has been waiting for a day like this for a loooooooooooong looooooooooooong time
  • 21:29
    Paddy Barnes was speaking after qualifying for the men’s light flyweight semi-final after defeating India’s Devendro Singh Laishram 23-18

    “I’m over the moon. Words can’t describe how good I’m feeling,” said the Belfast man.

    “I knew he would come forward all guns blazing. I tried to box a bit but in the fight I felt stronger than him so I tried to push him back in the first two rounds."

    Barnes added:
    "He was wrecked in the last round but I got a bit complacent, I was just trying to block and move but he caught me a few silly shots. I knew the fight was in the bag and coasted to the end.”
  • 21:35
    Allyson Felix of the USA wins the women’s 200m in a time of 21.88

    Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce of Jamaica takes silver with a personal best of 22.09

    America’s Carmelita Jeter takes bronze with a time of 22.14
  • 21:37
    In the men’s 110m hurdles Aries Merritt ran a personal best of 12.92 to take Olympic gold.

    His compatriot Jason Richardson won the silver with a time of 13.04 and Jamaica’s Hansle (he’s so hot right now) Parchment took the bronze in a time of 13.12 which is a new national record.
  • 21:39
    What a difference eight years makes! Check out these haunting images of the Greece Olympic facilities. What a waste

  • 21:44
    Paul D I'd hardly call the Greek Olympic facilities ruins...
  • 22:05
    Paul D "The rumour goin' around is that Kenny found it in a skip".Mick Dowling on Mr Egan's jacket. Forget the comedy, Mick, just insult the man...
  • 22:05
  • 22:11
    ‘Wonder Wednesday’ draws to a close with Ireland now assured of five medals at the London Olympics.

    Katie Taylor will fight in the final of the women’s lightweight tomorrow after defeating Mavzuna Chorievea 17-9 in her semi-final bout. Taylor will now fight Sofya Ochigava in the final.

    The Russian has been critical of the scoring in Taylor’s fights. She said, “When you fight Katie you are already minus 10 points. You are fighting the judges and the whole system and they will try to give her too many points.” I think we all know she may regret saying that by tea time tomorrow.

    A man with no regrets after tonight is Belfast’s Paddy Barnes who defeated Devendro Singh Laishram of India to set up a semi-final bout with Shiming Zou, the man who beat Barnes 15-0 in the Beijing semi-final four years ago.

    Barnes was in firm control tonight and beat Laishram 23-18 in the end. It guarantees Ireland at least five medals at the London Olympics and it means that Barnes becomes the first Irish boxer to win medals at two different Olympics.

    Cian O’Connor took full advantage of the late withdrawal of Sweden's Goran Bengtsson to contest the final.

    The Meath-based rider and Blue Loyd 12 took bronze after a jump-off with Gerco Schroder of Holland, though O’Connor would have faced the tie-breaker with eventual winner Steve Guerdat of Switzerland had he not exceeded the time limit on his second clear run by a mere 0.02 seconds.

    What a difference a day makes. Tomorrow promises to be even better. Can Katie Taylor ensure that we’re all singing Spandau Ballet’s ‘Gold’ in the streets? Let’s hope so but a word of warning - Katie Taylor has told me personally (or at least I think she would if she knew me) that if you don’t log back on here again tomorrow, she will lose tomorrow evening. It's up to you then. Do the right thing. Until tomorrow…