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Brian Howard, Deirdre Garrett Fri, Aug 19
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  • 08:09
    Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Leaving Cert helpdesk. Our expert guidance counsellors Brian Howard and Deirdre Garrett will be here from 9am until 1pm to answer any questions you may have today regarding the CAO, or anything else. In the meantime check for information about college life, exam results analysis, and discussion on CAO points.
  • 09:18

    Hello. How will the demand increase in certain courses translate into points on Monday next.

    Cut off points for courses are a function of demand and supply.  If demand for courses increases then the follow on from this is an increase in the cut off points for those courses.

  • 09:21

    I got 560 points & my first choice is pharmacy in ucc which was 555 last year. Do you think I have enough? Thanks

    Hopefully, but as we said in other posts we are in the dark as much as you until next Monday for points for specific courses.  The admissions officers are today working away in Galway sorting out the offers and consequent points.  Not too long more to wait and the best of luck.

  • 09:25

    Hi my son is now wondering could he now choose his third choice on his cao even though his first and second will most likely be accepted?

    Not sure I fully understand the question.  If your son is offered his 1st or 2nd preference course thenhe will not be offered any courses further down his list of preferences.  So if he is offered his second preference on Monday in round one, everything below that disappears from his file and the only course that he will still remain in the running for in round two is his first preference.  In essence you can hope to move up your list of preferences in successive rounds but never down.  I hope this answers your question.

  • 09:32

    Hi there my son felt hia french oral was unfair and was out off by the fact that his examiner was being supervised and he had two people in the room .needs 5points more is threrany way oral can be reviewd at this stage .

    The first question that comes to mind is did your son make this known to the school or examination commission at the time of the oral.  What I would suggest at this point is that you contact the State Examinations Commission immediately and lay out your case to them and see what response you get.

  • 09:38

    My son got 330 points and qualified under DARE program and applied for a number of Arts courses. Any word yet on the expected points reduction for Arts in UCD, UCC & Maynooth for DARE places and how many places have been allocated?

    I'm afraid we have no information on this as of yet. are today releasing information on how individual colleges are allocating places to DARE students.  I would suggest having a look at this and it may give you indication of your son's chances of being offered a place on these courses.  If you wish you could also try to get through to the admissions or access offices of those three colleges and discuss your son with them. Personally I feel he has a very good chance.  Best of luck.

  • 09:44

    Hi My daughter got 460 points and has DARE owing to a physical disability. No 1 is Soc policy/Sociology in Trinity TR083. It was 460 in '14 and 455 last year. She took foundation maths which seems ok to matric for this course. What do you think ?

    Looks very good.  Your daughter may even gain a place in the normal way without the assistance of the DARE scheme.  But having qualified for DARE I think she stands an excellent chance of gaining a place.

  • 09:54

    Do DCU offer conditional places for students who meet the points requirements but don't meet the specific subject requirements and allow students to just repeat thatsubject eg if Student required a HC3 in English, they resit English.

    No, not that I am aware of.  When you apply for a course and your results are received in the CAO, the first thing that is checked is if you are qualified to apply for the course, i.e. have you met the course entry requirements.  If you have not met the course entry requirements you are not deemed qualified to apply for the course and your application goes not further no matter what points you have.

  • 09:59

    I got 490 points and common entry into financial and actuarial mathematics in DCU was 500 points last year. Is there any chance it could come down?

    There is always a chance but unfortunately I think it is a very slim one.  This course has been increasing in points for the last few years and given the overall jump in applications to CAO this year I think a drop of 10 points is a long shot.  Monday will tell all.

  • 10:02

    Hi my daughter is 5 points short of last years cutoff points of 420 for a business course in UL. Given the fact there is an increase in applicants for business in general do you think she has any hope of gaining entry into this course.

    I would never say no categorically but as with previous post I think the chances would be slim enough.

  • 10:06

    Hi. Is it common for courses to drop or increase 25 points? Son has 510 points but wanted biomedical science in NUIG which was 535 last year. Thank you for your help.

    Yes, course points can move considerably both up and down, but in this case I think it is highly unlikely unfortunately that Biomedical Science will drop by 25 points.  This remains a very popular course and I feel the points will remain high.  The only reason a course like this would drop significantly in points is if the number of places on the course was increased and I'm not aware that this is the case.

  • 10:12

    Hi, have you any advice on rechecking exam results? Should you only recheck if your % mark is close to the cut off point of the higher grade?

    Firstly, I would always advise viewing scripts before you decide to send them on for a recheck.  The biggest concern in rechecks is going down in grades and not up.  You're spot on when you say that really you should only consider a recheck if you feel you could pick up a few marks somewhere on the paper and you are close to moving up to the next grade.  If you are hovering near the next lower grade you need to think carefully how you proceed.

  • 10:17

    Hi , do you have any idea will points for agricutural drop and if so by how much are we looking at?

    We do know from looking at applicant statistics that applications to agriculture are down in the region of 25% so this should indicate that points for courses in this area will drop, but by much we can't be sure.

  • 10:27

    My sons course DN440 Is not approved by the ACSLM unlike the biomedical science courses in DIT, UCC & CIT & GMIT. Does this mean he won't be able to work in a hospital lab? Will he struggle with job opportunities because of this?

    Yes, this is not a medical science course that trains professional medical scientists who typically work in medical laboratories.  However the career opportunities from DN440 are excellent.  

    Typically, graduates will follow scientific careers in biomedical research, undertaking MSc and PhD higher degrees. They also have a high success rate for entry to Graduate Entry Medicine programmes and pursue opportunities in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as other areas allied to health.

  • 10:33

    Hi, my son has 726 points (Leaving Cert + HPAT) Medicine in NUIG is his first choice, I understand we will not know the exact point situation until Monday. what is your expert opinion on the likelihood of increase in points for medicine?

    All we can draw analysis from at the moment is the general scheme of statistics relesed by CAO after the July 1st deadline.  In these the Human Medicine sector did not see any significant jump in applications from last year so this would lead up to hope that there will be no great jumps in the points required for Medicine.  However, you are right, we will not know the effect of these statistics on the points for individual courses until Monday, in fact the admissions officers probably still don't know the final situation just yet as this is being worked on as I write.  I wish your son the best of luck.

  • 10:37

    Hi - thanks for your help. My son has 480 points and wants to do Computer Science in UCD which last year was 475 in first round and 470 second round. What do you think are his chances? Do you know are UCD adding more places to some of these courses?

    I'm not aware of plans to increase the number of places on this course, UCD admissions would have to answer that one for you.  I would be hopeful your son will be successful given he has a 10 point buffer, but one just never knows with individual courses.  Best of luck.

  • 10:46

    Hi, I would like to view my son's classics paper, however the dates available are 1,2 or 3 Sept. We are away on holiday abroad that week and wonder can we get a subsequent date?

    I'm afraid not.  These are the only dates for viewing of scripts offered by the state exams commission.  On the booklet given to LC exam candidates these dates are clearly highlighted and candidates are advised to careful booking holidays around these dates.  I would suggest you give your son's school a ring and try to speak to the principal or organising superintendent responsible for viewing scripts in the school.

  • 10:50

    If my son turns down the course he is offered can he reapply for another course once all first offers have been made and accepted?

    Afraid not.  Your son cannot change his application at this stage.  There is one exception to this.  The CAO offer a Vacant/Available Place facility.  Your son can look at this list of available courses and if he would like to apply for any one of these he can add them to his application after round one.  There may be some private college places available also as direct applications outside the CAO system which he could apply for also.

  • 10:57

    International commerce in ucd was 515 last year do you know if any places offered in second round last year as I have 510 points many thanks

    There were no places offered after the first round as the points remained at 515 through to the end of the rounds process.  This is a very high demand course and it's not unusual for no second round offers to be made.

  • 11:16

    hi, my daughter got 505 & is hoping to get Law in UCC. Her 1st choice is Law & French, 2nd Law Pathways & 3rd Law & Business. Is it likely she will get 2nd choice as it was 490 last year. Have points gone up for law ?

    The applicant statistics show an increase in applications to the Law sector in the region of 6% so this may indicate some points rises in this area but we cannot tell what effect these stats will have on the points of individual courses.  There is a chance your daughter may get CK301 as she has 15 points to spare based on last year, this is probably her best chance of an offer.

  • 11:21

    Hi , I got 360 in my Lc and I'm eligible for DARE , got info that there's 18 places available in Business in UL.i was told by them I have a good chance of getting offered a course.. What do you think?

    If that is what UL are telling you then I would take that as a good indication as they would have more information than anyone else.

  • 11:29

    My daughter sat her IB exams earlier this year and achieved 33 points. Do you know what this will translate to in CAO points? Thank you

    The following is from a document on the CAO website here, and gives some guidelines re teh International Bacc:

    Guideline Indicative equivalence with Irish Leaving Certificate points
    As a guideline it is anticipated that points will be awarded as follows based on the overall IB score assuming sufficient recognised subjects are presented:

    IB Score - Irish Points
    45 - 600
    42 - 560
    36 - 480
    30 - 400
    27 - 360
    24 - 320

    IB points ÷ 45 × 600
    (NB only results taken at a single sitting will be included for scoring)

    Bonus points for maths in 2016
    25 additional points will be awarded for a grade 4 or better on higher level Mathematics ONLY
    Note: The scoring of the International Baccalaureate is under review for 2017

  • 11:56

    Daughter got 535 points, in your opinion will she get radiography ucd which was 530 at random selection last yr

    As with other posts, I and even the admissions officers will probably not know for another day or so what the exact points for courses will be in round one.  CAO statistics tell us there was no major increase in applicants to courses in the Other Healthcare  sector so that is positive but who knows.  Having 5 points as a buffer is also positive so I think I would remain positive about your daughters chances.

  • 11:59

    Hi there, If an offer from level 7/6 list is received with no offer from level 8 list in Round 1 and is accepted. Then if an offer from level 8 list is received in Round 2, can this be accepted in place of the original level 7/6 place accepted?

    Yes and it is up to you whether you want to stick with the level 6/7 round one offer or change to the level 8 offer in round two.

  • 12:04

    Hi My son got 345pts (incl Maths ordinary D1) and also has DARE. Selected Arts Manyooth (MH101) and UCD as options, does he have a chance of a place in the first round? Tks

    Final cut off points for UCD Arts last year were 330 and Maynooth was 345.  So even without the assistance of DARE he has a very good chance of being entitled to a place on both of these courses.  Then with the DARE he has an even better chance.  So overall I think your son will have no problems in round one.

  • 12:38

    Hi, My son got 295 points. His number 1 Level 8 choice is Marketing in CIT (305 points in 2015). He has applied under the DARE scheme and meets the entry requirements for the course. Do you think he has a good chance of a place?

    There are 3 places on this course reserved for DARE applicants.  Because he is within 50 points of the course cut off he should have a decent chance of getting one of these places - he is only 10 away form last years cut off.  The only note of caution is that priority is given to applicants with sensory and physical difficulties so just keep this in mind.

  • 12:49

    Thank you guys for all this information. It's a great help. I got 365 points and applied for science in TCD and UCD. I am eligible for DARE. What are my chances in the first round?

    According to access UCD has 35 places set aside for DARE applicants on their Science course with a maximum points reduction over the last 3 years of 75 points.  This would seem to indicate the you may be fighting an uphill battle to get a place here as you would need a point reduction of around 145.  I would imagine TCD would be a similar situation, so that could be a long shot also. There may be other variables we are not aware of so don't eliminate the possibiliy entirely until Monday.

  • 12:53

    Hello, I received 585 points in my LC this year and really want Dentistry in UCC! It was 580 last year- do you think I'll get an offer Monday? Thanks

    From the CAO applicant stats I am reading a 9% drop in applicants from 2015 in the Dentistry sector, so on the basis I would think you should be in with a very good chance of an offer on 585, but as always we will have to wait until Monday to know for definite.  Best of luck.

  • 12:56

    HI Brian/Deirdre, how does one go about getting oral results, and results of the history essay? Due to illness,my son missed some written papers but would love to know these results and was told they are not issued..seems a bit unfair ?

    Yes, the department does not issue these results in the viewing of scripts or otherwise, I'm not quite sure of the reasons for this but as far as I'm aware there is no way around this.  In the event of a recheck they are remarked but you will still not know the scores for them afterwards.

  • 12:57

    Do you think there will be a rise or fall in points required for dental science at TCD and Cork?

    Please see earlier post.

  • 13:04
    Thanks v much for speedy response re orals. Seems crazy not to give oral results !!The result sheet we got did give a packet number for history (my son was ill for written history paper) so would that suggest he could view his history essay ?
  • 13:14

    Hi, my son didn't get required points and is now looking at the PLC route or repeating. Can you tell me how many places are generally available in colleges from PLC courses? Do you think this is a better route than repeating?

    The answer to this is very much unique to the student in question.  In a nutshell, in order to go back and repeat I feel the student has to have really thought this through and discussed it with someone and have come to the conclusion that the they could go back to the LC, work harder and have a better chance of increasing their grades.  Otherwise if they feel they would not be able to do this they may be much better to move on to further education and enrol in a PLC course.  I have seen many students leave school where they really struggled with the study required in the LC, and enrol in a PLC that they are interested in, where they have blossomed and regained their academic confidence.  If I were you I would maybe have a meeting with your son's principal and seek his / her views on this.  If you go on to the website of any of the CAO colleges that you think your son might like to transfer to from a PLC course and search for FETAC/QQI links you should be able to see courses that link to PLC courses and the number of places available if there is a quota.

  • 13:16
    Many thanks to all who submitted questions today. Answers to many of the questions have been grouped together at irishtimes,com/results2016. The helpdesk is now closed but will reopen at 8.30am on Monday. Go raibh maith agaibh agus slán.