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Hugh Linehan Sat, May 7
LIVE: Northern Ireland Election Count

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    Good morning and welcome to our live coverage of the second day of counting in the 2016 elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly. Counts continued until after 3am this morning, by which time 81 of the 108 seats had been filled.
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    You can check out the all the details at our Results Hub here.


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    And the first result this morning is just in. Alliance's Stewart Dickson has been re-elected in East Antrim on the 10th count

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    Interesting analysis by Mick Fealty over at the Slugger O'Toole website of one of the more intriguing trends to emerge from this election - the five per cent decline in the share of the vote taken by the two main nationalist parties, Sinn Fein and the SDLP:

    'A 5% drop in Nationalist turnout in an election which actually saw overall turnout rise should trigger a profound review in both main parties.
    True it has probably been ill served by the false cover its been given over much of the last ten years out of legislate concern for maintaining a hard won peace.


    But in the process it has become highly risk averse and hypersensitive to external criticism and, unlike unionism – for whom the media has never knowingly spared the rod – it has struggled to adapt to new circumstances.
    That has left it abjectly reliant on the increasingly spare fruits from a Peace Process™ which is little more than a stagnant and managed stalemate. A stalemate from which it lacks the courage (or the vision) to break free.
    Comforting itself with such odious and deeply sectarian myths like ‘the Catholic birth rate will one day deliver a United Ireland without us ever having to lift a finger’ northern nationalism become an idea without substance, leaving the parties little choice but to cannibalise each other to disguise the outward signs of its long decline.
    Ten years ago, according to Sinn Fein, 2016 was to be the year of unification. Today that has become little more than a palimpsest overwritten with vague new slogans which in turn will be erased and updated with yet more ‘polite and meaningless’ slogans.'

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    Green Party leader Steven Agnew has just been re-elected in North Down, which means the party will have two seats in the new Assembly.
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    The Irish News reports this morning that a West Belfast Sinn Féin councillor plans to snub constituents who helped get the party's rivals elected.

     Steven Corr outlined his intentions in a Facebook post shortly after People Before Profit's Gerry Carroll tooped the poll in West Belfast, taking a seat from Sinn Fein.

    In a post that was deleted soon afterwards, Mr Corr thanked people who voted for his party colleague Pat Sheehan but went on to criticise those who did not back Sinn Féin. He suggested that in future they should seek help from other parties' representatives.


    The Irish News points out that Northern Ireland Local Government Association guidelines state: "You (as a councillor) have a general duty to act in the interests of the community as a whole."

    However, Mr Corr said he would defy the guidance.

    "I learnt a lot of lessons yesterday about people who travelled to vote; got out of sick beds to vote and who made the effort to vote," the post said.

    "In future I will take time to help those who took the time to help us yesterday. I don't mind those who didn't vote for political or personal reasons, but those who voted for the SDLP and PBP (People Before Profit) need to go to them from now on as these parties are my political opponents."

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    Stewart Dickson of Alliance on his victory in East Antrim.


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    Rosemary Barton of the Ulster Unionists has been elected in Fermanagh-South Tyrone.
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    So the current state of play is that 84 of 108 seats have been filled, and counts have been completed in 11 of the 18 constituencies. The remaining constituencies where counts are continuing are East Antrim, North Antrim, East Derry, North Down, West Tyrone, Fermanagh-South Tyrone and Upper Bann
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    Philip Logan of the DUP has just been elected in North Antrim, giving the party three seats in the constituency
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    Daniel McCrossan of the SDLP is the first person to be elected in West Tyrone.  
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    Daithi McKay (SF) and Robin Swann (UUP) have also been elected in North Antrim, which completes the count there.
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    It looks as if one of the most high-profile casualties of this election could bes Sinn Fein's John O'Dowd, the Minister for Education, who is battling to retain his seat in Upper Bann. Sinn Fein was seeking to win a second seat in the constituency, but looks like possibly falling short, with Catherine Seeley taking just one seat for the party. Mr O'Dowd just told the BBC he was 'under pressure' but he's certainly not conceding yet.
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    The new Green MLA for North Down Steven Agnew on what his election means.


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    The DUP break into song in North Antrim.


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     Declan Kearney of Sinn Fein has been elected in South Antrim.
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    David Ford tells the BBC that questions about his leadership of Alliance are 'becoming boring', accepts that the party will have eight seats in the new Assembly.
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    Joanne Dobson elected for the UUP in Upper Bann.
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    Steven Agnew has been talking to our own Conor Pope in North Down about why social isues have driven the Green Party's support higher.

    “One of the things I have seen is a lot of young people coming out to vote and they are sick to death of the lack of progress on marriage equality here. They have seen what has happened in the Republic and are asking why we can’t get the issue resolved here too. We need to let people who love each other marry in Northern Ireland too,”  


    Read the full article here.

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    Tom Buchanan (DUP) has been elected in West Tyrone and his surplus is being distributed.
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    So with 90 seats decided, this is how the parties stand:

    DUP 35
    SF 20
    UUP 13
    SDLP 10
    ALL 7
    GP 2
    PBP 2
    TUV 1

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    The BBC is reporting that Independent Claire Sugden has been elected in East Derry. She retains the seat which she took over following the death of independent (and former UUP member) David McClarty.
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    Richie McPhillips of the SDLP has taken the final seat in Fermanagh-South Tyrone, which means the Sinn Fein tally in that constituency drops from three to two.
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    SDLP happiness in Fermanagh-South Tyrone


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    The UUP's Alan Chambers has been elected in North Down, which concludes the count there.
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    Alastair Ross hs been elected for the DUP in East Antrim.
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    Ross Hussey of the UUP has been elected in West Tyrone.
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    Peter Weir (DUP) and Alan Chambers (UUP) are now elected in North Down. One seat left, which Stephen Farry (Alliance) should take.
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    Sinn Fein's Oliver McMullan also retains seat in East Antrim
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    Only 10 seats now left to be decided.
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    Stephen Farry (Alliance) has been elected in North Down, as predicted, which completes the count there.
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    Only three constituencies remain to be completed. They are West Tyrone, Upper Bann and East Derry, with the last of these most likely to finish up first. We gather it may wrap up in the next few minutes.
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    Caoimhe Archibald (SF), Adrian McQuillan (DUP) and Gerry Mullan (SDLP) are all elected in East Derry, which concludes the count there.
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    West Tyrone is also complete. Those elected are: McCrossan (SDLP), Buchanan (DUP), Hussey (UUP) and SF's McElduff, Boyle and McAleer.
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    Take your time Upper Bann. . .  

    We've got all day . . .  


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    We're closing the live blog now, but the moment we have a result from Upper Bann, we'll bring it to you at