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Shane Hegarty Wed, May 8
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  • 08:40
    Good morning. Shane Hegarty here on the live news blog for the day. Please send snacks.
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    We are contractually obliged to post this type of picture this morning.
    We are contractually obliged to post this type of picture this morning.
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    File under bears/woods/pope/catholic: Ulster fry contributing to heart disease in Northern Ireland

  • 08:52
    The lead story on remains the horrible and bizarre story of the kidnapped women in Cleveland and the questions being raised about why they weren't found.
  • 08:59
    The lead story in the newspaper is on how the Government is set to abandon a key election commitment to extend free GP care to almost 60,000 people with long-term illnesses.
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    While much of the post-Fergie speculation (should it be a post-Fergie era) surrounds Mourinho and Moyes, but we hope the fun isn't taken out of the speculation. David O'Leary is available, you know. 

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  • 09:21
    Alex Ferguson has confirmed he will retire after the May 19th match against West Brom and will join the Man Utd board. "it was the right time," he says in his statement.
  • 09:28
  • 09:28
    Alex Ferguson's first day on the Man Utd job, November 1986.
  • 09:41
    For what it's worth, Paddy Power makes Mourinho 11/10 to be the next Man U manager, and Moyes is at 11/8  After that, it's just makey-uppy stuff. Benitez is 80/1. In related news, Clayton Blackmore is on BBC 5 Live right now. Clayton Blackmore!
  • 09:44
    In other news, the HSE is offering three-year career breaks at €12,000 a year.
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  • 09:49
    You might be wondering what hot news you're missing from the Alex Ferguson story  - there's nothing else but endlessly repeated speculation by ex-players and pundits. Not that we're saying we won't add to that, but it's important to keep you updated nonetheless on these non-breaking developments.
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  • 10:13
    Can't believe we've got this far into the morning without a Ray Harryhausen tribute video.
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  • 10:34
    On Monday we ran a cracking interview with the Booker-nominated Pakistani author Mosim Hahmid. Well, didn't we have our finger on the pulse - he's only gone and been named Hottie of the Week. This isn't something that happens to literary autghors every day, but we'd like to see more of this sort of thing. Wait until you see the Paul Lynch pics in tomorrow's Irish Times. Smouldering.
  • 10:49
    Lara Marlowe asks a big question today: Are the French lazy? Perhaps not, but they exhibit a definite preference for leisure
  • 11:04
    Charles Ramsey, the man who helped rescue three Cleveland women presumed dead after going missing a decade ago, has become an instant Internet meme. It’s hardly surprising—the interviews he gave yesterday provide plenty of fodder for a viral video, including memorable soundbites (“I was eatin’ my McDonald’s”) and lots of enthusiastic gestures. But as Miles Klee and Connor Simpson have noted, Ramsey’s heroism is quickly being overshadowed by the public’s desire to laugh at and autotune his story, and that’s a shame. Ramsey has become the latest in a fairly recent trend of “hilarious” black neighbors, unwitting Internet celebrities whose appeal seems rooted in a “colorful” style that is always immediately recognizable as poor or working-class. piece on the troubling viral trend of the hilarious black neighbour
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    "Researchers gave students 15 minutes to read some coursework. On average, they lasted two minutes before checking Facebook. I know how they feel."

    Here's Jennifer O'Connell on the myth of multi-tasking 
  • 11:33
    In Italy, the main news is that at least three people were killed and six injured when a container ship rammed a control tower in the northern Italian port city of Genoa late last night.
  • 11:36
    In case you didn't know, The Queen's Speech is on Sky now. Cue "didn't realise there was a sequel to that great film" gag.
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  • 11:58
    Police have arrested 31 people in connection with the recent €50 millions jewel heist in Brussels in February.
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    ALERT: I am about to post the nerdiest link you'll get today. It is Star Trek related.
  • 12:04
    Here is it, so: The 10 greatest missed opportunities in Star Trek history. We agree especially with number 4: not replacing Will Riker with his transporter duplicate Tom Riker. No, really. We're not kidding.
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    I was listening to BBC 5 Live when they broke the news of Alex Ferguson's reitrement to paddy Crerand. Let's just say that his flabber was most definitely gasted. 

  • 12:19
    "Hoping to give new meaning to the term 'natural light,' a small group of biotechnology hobbyists and entrepreneurs has started a project to develop plants that glow, potentially leading the way for trees that can replace electric streetlamps and potted flowers luminous enough to read by."

    Fascinating New York Times piece on glowing trees.  We'll take two for the backyard.
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    Here's the new David Bowie video, which features Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard and proves that you can take the man out of the 80s, but you can't take the 80s music video out of the man.

  • 12:49

    "We have to address the fundamental question of the potential consequences of all these caffeinated products in the food supply to children and to some adults who may be at risk from excess caffeine consumption."

    How regulated should caffeine be

  • 13:02

    "The first national index showing the rental rates being paid has shown that private rents across the State have increased by 2 per cent in the past year while Dublin apartment prices fell 3.9 per cent in the first quarter of 2013."

    Although, as always, there are devils in the details

  • 13:06
    The Associated Press has updated its social media guidelines for journalists. Personally, I've always tweeted first and answered questions later because, you know, it's the internet and you can say what you want on here! But surprisingly, this is not actually true...
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  • 13:31
    The rumour is that Alex Ferguson's successor will be named this afternoon. Fingers crossed for the return of Big Ron.
  • 13:44
    "Next time you post your phone number in a public place, think again. This is a collection of text messages I've exchanged with people who have done just that."

    Hilarity ensues.
  • 13:46
    If the speculation is to be believed, Man Utd will have to announce a successor before the New York Stock Exchange opens at 2.30pm our time. We're checking this information with Paddy Crerand.
  • 13:47
    I for one am hoping a new Man U manager is announced this afternoon, as it will give me an excuse to trawl YouTube for football-related videos, under the guise of Pulitzer Prize-potential work.
  • 13:49
    Irish Times newsroom latest: of the dozen televisions here, two are currently tuned into Home and Away.
  • 14:01
    Here are the world's oldest 23 words, courtesy of a very good audio/infographic at the Washington Post.
  • 14:06
    Sky News is reporting that Moyes will be confirmed as Man U manager in the coming days.
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    Since the NY Stock Exchange opened at 1430 Irish Time (14.35 Fergie Time, zing!) the Man Utd share price has dropped over 5 per cent. You can track its decline here, although Liverpool fans will be well used to such drops down a table (double zing!!)
  • 15:00
    Feeling broke? Well, you're not. In fact you're one per cent richer than you were last year. "Irish households are getting richer, according to the Central Bank, with the net worth of households increasing by 1 per cent to € 461.6 billion in the last quarter of 2012. This means that the average wealth of an Irish household now stands at € 100,674, having risen for the second consecutive quarter."
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    Those Man Utd shares are showing great bouncebackability, clawing their way to within two per cent of their opening price.
  • 15:42
    The number of people being committed to prison is down - although the number jailed for not paying fines is up.
  • 15:47
    From the Empire Strikes Back to the Sopranos, here are some handwritten screenplay pages from TV and film.
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    Canadian scientists think they may have found the oldest dinosaur in the world. There's a joke in there somewhere.
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    Amanda Berry is about to make a statement as she returns home after her ordeal.
  • 16:34
    Amanda Berry is returning home to cheers from locals gathered outside her sister's house.
  • 16:42
    This might be an excuse to get some free accommodation with your foreign "cousins" - DNA study shows Europeans share common ancestors who lived 1,000 years ago
  • 16:47
    The police commander has just confirmed that Amanda Berry will make a statement shortly, assuring eager reporters that everyone will "get a piece of the action".
  • 16:52
    Amanda berry will not being a statement. Her sister Beth is speaking instead in front of what sounds like a rowdy press pack.
  • 16:55
    And that's it. There was a quick statement of thanks from Amanda Berry's family and appeals for privacy. The result was clearly anti-climactic for the Sky News et al.
  • 17:02
    And with that, we say farewell for today's live news blog. Have a good evening, whatever part of this rain-soaked isle you're sheltering in.