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Is businessman Denis O'Brien paying for O'Neill and Keane?

Eoin Burke-Kennedy Tue, Nov 5
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    You'd be hard-pushed to read a better story in the papers today than Derek Scally's piece on the Nazi looted art find. When German police called on Cornelius Gurlitt in 2011, they found a "white-haired man living in darkened rooms, surrounded by rubbish, cartons of fruit juice, tins of sausages and packets of dried dumplings – many dating back to the 1980s".

    Oh yes, and 1,500 priceless works of art, many by modern masters like Picasso, Chagall, Matisse, and may which were thought to have been lost. It's an incredible story. It's the most read on the site at the moment. Bravo Derek!

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    It seems even the august Jeremy Paxman admits to getting hacked off with politics from time to time. The BBC anchorman admitted in an interview with the Radio Times he didn't bother voting in a recent election because the choice of political parties was too unappetising. His admission comes after a recent interview with   Russell Brand, in which he criticised the comic for not voting.
  • 09:44
    We've just had word that Michael Noonan is flying to the Hague directly from today's Cabinet meeting for crunch talks with head of the Eurogroup Jeroen Dijsselbloem. On the agenda is Ireland's need from some sort of post-bailout backstop, credit line etc.

    The Government is keen to ensure any conditions attached to a credit facility should go no further than existing EU budgetary commitments.However, European sources doubt that would satisfy the European Stability Mechanism fund or the IMF.

    Dublin knows Europe desperately wants a programme country to emerge from bailout to justify and showcase its handling of the crisis.

    So Government knows it is in a reasonably strong position, and last week made noises that it may not need even a credit buffer but most analysts see this merely as a negotiating stance.
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    Whatever happened to the banjo boy in John Boorman's Deliverance? Below is an interview with the actor, Billy Redden, and the famous banjo duet scene itself.
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    Lot of chat on Twitter about last night's programme 'The Disappeared'. Journalist Darragh MacIntyre's documentary on people secretly executed by the IRA is a really powerful piece of television.

    In one scene, Margaret McKinney holds her son's shoes, faded white and blue striped trainers, as she recalls how they were the first sign of her son's body in the dig for him in 1999.

    It's always been a bit unclear, to me at least, what the IRA's motivation was in murdering and then "disappearing" these people, but one former IRA leader said the paramilitary group knew the murders would not have had the support of the local nationalist community so it spread rumours that the victims were still alive.

    Such callous disregard for the grieving families, even in the context of the Troubles, is hard to fathom.
  • 10:37
    The Cabinet looks likely to agree plans for a referendum on same-sex marriage, probably no sooner than 2015.

    Speaking on his way into the meeting this morning , Tanáiste Eamon Gilmore said: “It is important that we win this referendum. It is an important issue and we know from referenda on social issues before that it is important to do some preparation before the referendum is held".

    Minister for Finance Michael Noonan said he also supported the principle of gay marriage and had no objection to it. “If we’ve learned anything we’ve learned that different lifestyles should not only be accepted but celebrated,” he told reporters today.
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    A new biography of Amazon and its founder Jeff Bezos claims to be "the definitive story" of the company, but one Amazon reviewer is distinctly unimpressed: Bezos' wife MacKenzie.
  • 11:07
    FAI chief John Delaney is to confirm the appointment of Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane as the new Republic of Ireland management team within 30 minutes. The news is to be announced on Newstalk.

    The station is owned by Denis O'Brien, who has, in the past, sponsored Irish soccer management salaries. Is the businessman planning to fund the appointment of Mssrs O'Neill and Keane?
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    According to our soccer correspondent Emmet Malone, O’Neill will be paid in the region of €1.2 million per annum, with Keane on something closer to €500,000.

    Former Ireland rugby team strength and conditioning coach Mike McGurn will also be part of the coaching set-up.
  • 11:52
    Award for the strangest observation of the day goes to the Telegraph.

    On the appointment of O'Neill as new Irish manager, the paper notes: "O’Neill represented Northern Ireland as a player and captained them at the 1982 World Cup, but as a Catholic, as well as the outstanding candidate, he will be warmly welcomed by supporters and media alike."

    There's little doubt that O'Neill's orthodoxy when it comes to transubstantiation will ingratiate him fans but his heretical views on the conventional sweeper system may yet prove a sticking point.

    I mean, really. What are they on about?

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    Apart from confirming the deal is almost done   [the appointment will most likely be made on Saturday], FAI boss John Delaney said he had met Roy Keane several times recently and that the Saipan debacle was well and truly behind them.   However, one wonders will Keane be able to keep a lid on his former views of Delaney. See below
  • 12:14
    The cause of death for Elaine O’Hara, whose body was found in the Dublin mountains last September, has not been determined, the Coroner’s Court heard today. Dental records alone were used to establish beyond doubt that the remains found were those of Ms O’Hara, the court heard. Genevieve Carbery reports
  • 12:34
    Delaney reveals he met Roy Keane twice to discuss the role and said he had “absolutely no problem” with his appointment to the Republic of Ireland management team. Read Emmet Malone's full report.
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    Indonesia's Mount Sinabung spews ash into the air. Photograph: Roni Bintang/Reuters
    Indonesia's Mount Sinabung spews ash into the air. Photograph: Roni Bintang/Reuters
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    Minister for Finance Michael Noonan claims Revenue is 'on top of' the issues that have arisen over the payment of the property tax.

    This follows his meeting with the chairman of the Revenue Commissioners Josephine Feehily last night.

  • 14:28
    Deke On another topic. How obscene is it for India to be spending 45 mill on a flight to Mars.
  • 14:43
    The young actor who featured in the controversial cat-killing scene in the hit RTÉ crime series Love/Hate has appeared in court accused of cannabis dealing. Read report
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  • 14:56
    Who wants to see Fun Lovin' Criminals frontman Huey Morgan smash a mug and storm off the set of Never Mind The Buzzcocks? Yes, I knew you would. Beats perusing Revenue documentation on how to pay your property tax, I suppose. Here's the Youtube clip (below).
  • 16:05
    Actor, author and activist Stephen Fry has been named the UK’s most influential man, topping a survey that polled over 40,000 males for the market-leading men’s lifestyle site,

    The website said Fry was shown considerable support by AskMen readers, typically aged 18 to 40 years old, following his vocal human rights campaign for a boycott of the forthcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi because of Russia’s new anti-gay laws.

    Alongside his high profile film, theatre and TV work, Fry’s increasing social media influence sees him followed by an incredible 6.3m accounts on Twitter almost four million more than Prime Minister, David Cameron who fails to make this year’s Top 49 list.
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    A very distressing story. In an attempt to identify a girl found on O’Connell Street in Dublin last month, gardaí have released a photo of her.

    The High Court last week granted gardaí permission to release information about the teenager, believed to be aged 14 or 15, who was found in a distressed state outside the GPO on October 10th.

    One line of enquiry is the possibility that the girl - who is not Irish but of “European extraction” - may have been trafficked into the country.
  • 16:29
    The spying scandal embroiling the US and Britain took a new twist today. Britain’s ambassador in Berlin has been summoned by the German foreign ministry following reports that the embassy was used as a secret listening post. Foreign minister Guido Westerwelle requested the attendance of Simon McDonald to respond to the claims.
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    That's all today, folks. We return in the morning.