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Joanne Hunt Mon, Oct 7
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    It's a dry, muggy start in the capital. Rain in the west will spread eastwards in the afternoon and evening.

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    Good morning. Joanne Hunt here on the Daily Wire, keeping an eye on the news with you until 5pm. Thanks for stopping by.
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    So did you watch Love/Hate last night? 'A taut, emotionally draining hour that lived up to the hype', says our TV critic Bernice Harrison.

    What 's your verdict? Tweet me @huntjojo.
  • 09:02

    Genius plot twist killing the cat in the first five minutes. I thought he'd make it to series 5. #lovehate
  • 09:04

    Rumour has it that the cat survived and is now in a witness protection programme.

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  • 09:12
    By next summer, about half of in-store products at Brown Thomas will be available to buy over the web and via mobile platforms, writes Ciaran Hancock.

    God help us.
  • 09:21
    Remember those fire safety ads from the 1980s?

    [Woman in dressing gown, speaks with plaintive, moany voice]

     ''Tom, did you put the cat out?'

    A cat in the plot spells trouble ahead.
  • 09:22
    Martin As a parent and responsible citizen watching last nights episode of love/ hate demonstrates all that goes against these values. Our youth along with others are watching and reinforcing all that causes pain, suisides and mental illness to families.
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  • 09:29

    Yes. The cat's on twitter.

  • 09:39
    The Seanad is dead. Long live the Seanad.

    Why the voters proved the polls wrong on the day.
  • 09:48
    "Transformed in one momentous weekend from fretful turkeys to political peacocks, they'll be cock-a-hoop when they return to Leinster House tomorrow."

    Read Miriam Lord's verdict on the victory of the Seanad.
  • 09:54
    'Powergrab' -

     'It was an effective phrase that had purchase and one the Government never fully rebutted," writes Harry Magee of the Seanad campaign.
  • 10:08

    Jobs for ten new judges and many others as the new court of appeal is set to come into being next year.

    The proposal for the new court was approved when some 65 per cent voted Yes in the referendum to create a new institution between the High Court and the Supreme Court, with 35 per cent against.

    The Government says the court is necessary to clear a four-year backlog at the Supreme Court. 

     Read Ruadhan Mac Cormaic's piece.

  • 10:13
    Go David. We're due our Cabinet reshuffle next year, pundits have predicted.
  • 10:21
    So, Fine Gael TD for Fingal, Alan Farrell sent a tweet calling Sinead O'Connor 'mad as a brush'.
  • 10:26

    Sinead O'Connor has responded to him by open letter. (Yes another one).

    'Wow Alan. So its ok for Government representatives to practice fascism on those they deem to be mentally ill? How extraordinarily interesting,' Sinead writes.

  • 10:32
    Meanwhile, twerking postrel Miley Cyrus has been cheekily tweeting lines from 'Nothing Compares 2U. Let it go Miley.

  • 10:39
    No twerking. No licking. No thongs. No nipple tassels. No wrecking ball. This is who young female pop stars used to be.

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  • 10:54
    "Sinead O’Connor talked about the ills of the Catholic Church years before it became a mainstream point of view. She highlighted abuse and moral corruption within the organisation while the population of Ireland and elsewhere put their fingers in their ears. She was right, of course."

     Una Mullally on why nothing compares to Sinead O'Connor.
  • 11:05
    False ceilings and compartments built into trucks and secret container loads of up to 500,000 fags in packs of 20 - the illegal cigarette trade is big business, writes Conor Lally.
  • 11:21

    Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has defended his handling of the sexual abuse case that led to his brother being convicted last week.

    This morning, Mr Adams said he “co-operated fully” with the authorities in the North with regard to allegations over his brother.

    “With hindsight there are things I could have done differently, but I’m not on trial here,” he said. “ My brother was on trial. Aine has been vindicated. There is a lot of healing that needs to be done.” Read more.

  • 11:28
    “I had to ask him if he had someone with him and if he was sitting down."

    How Helen Fielding broke the news about Mark Darcy to Colin Firth.  
  • 11:31
    The first episode of the new series of Love/Hate had an average of 971,000 viewers, says the RTE press office.
  • 11:37

    A strike by junior doctors is to go ahead tomorrow after the failure of last-minute talks between the Irish Medical Organisation and the HSE to avert it.

    Hospitals have cancelled outpatient appointments and elective surgery planned for tomorrow. The strike is expected to affect up to 15,000 patients. Read more.

  • 11:41

    Are we blinded by school league tables, points and degrees?

    Aer Lingus chief executive Christoph Mueller has criticised the notion that in Ireland, everything but a university education is seen as inferior.

    “We have to promote non-academic education as something equal to academic training, if not better.”

    He said colleges such as the Institutes of Technology are often seen as places for people who didn’t get into university, a view that needs to be moved away from. Read more.

  • 11:56
    "Unsound, unfair and unnecessarily expensive for the public," writes UCD economics professor Karl Whelan of Ireland's blanket guarantee of almost all of the debts of six privately-owned banks.

     Read his opinion in Forbes. And weep.
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    Imagine Eamon Dunphy coming to your door looking for a vote? I'd be looking for the hidden cameras.  
  • 12:10
    Good news for those flying transatlantic with Aer Lingus.
  • 12:27

    Live with a sports junkie?

    Prefer to watch Downton Abbey/Grand Designs/The Great British Bake Off than men running around a field after a ball?

    Then you'd do well to hide Damian Cullen's guide to what's on RTÉ, Setanta, Sky Sports, Eurosport, BT Sport, ESPN & others this week . . . Monday, Oct 7th – Sunday, Oct 13th.

  • 12:39
    Read Katherine and Fergal's ideas on Seanad reform. Their Bill proposes a vote for everyone in Seanad elections, including those living in Northern Ireland and emigrants, equal seats for men and women and for the salary of senators to be half that of TDs.
  • 13:02
    Proof that watching sport can be harmful to your health.
  • 13:10
    Happy birthday Cian Healy.
  • 13:13

    Looks loike the goys are having a mocha in Ronula.

  • 13:20
    Paid your property tax? Louth and Donegal have the lowest rate of payment of the local property tax at 84 per cent, while Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown in South Co Dublin has the highest compliance rate at 92 per cent.

  • 13:22
    Some 24.9 per cent of people said their property was valued at less than €100,000 while 28.6 per cent said their property was worth between €100,001 and €150,000.

    Read Pamela Newenham's report.
  • 13:44
    More than half of all daily trips in Ireland are less than three kilometres in length - and more than half of these short trips are made by car.

    Our love of the car endures, writes Tim O'Brien.
  • 13:45
    A startling four out of five “work trips” - commutes and work related journeys – were taken by car, either as a passenger or a driver, in 2012 according to the National Transport Authority survey.
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  • 14:01
    Pedal on. Pedal on.
  • 14:28

    The death of 15-year-old Chloe Kinsella in Limerick was the third similar death in her school in recent months, mourners at her funeral have been told.

    In a strong plea to young people to live their lives to the full, Reverend Pat Seaver said Chloe’s family do not want to see any more tragedies in their community.

    “We do not want any more tragedies. Life is for living - especially for young people - especially for 15 year olds,” Rev Seaver said. Kathryn Hayes reports.

  • 14:35
    Cycling in Amsterdam. Some scenes here that cylists in Ireland can only dream about.
  • 14:36
    How safe and civilised is this?
    How safe and civilised is this?
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  • 14:48

    Four men linked to the transactions at the heart of the case being taken against former Anglo Irish Bank chief executive Seán Fitzpatrick and two others, were identified at a hearing in the Circuit Criminal Court today. Colm Keena reports.

  • 14:51
    News from Cameron's Cabinet reshuffle.
  • 14:58

    Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated the start of the Olympic torch relay in Moscow on Sunday, counting down to next year’s Winter Games in Sochi.

    The relay got off to a rocky start when the flame briefly went out during the loop through the Kremlin — and a security guard had to relight it with a cigarette lighter, the BBC reported.  

    The relay “will show the world Russia the way it is and the way we love it,” Putin told the crowd at Sunday’s ceremony, calling it a country of diverse people “united by common aims and by pride in their great homeland.”

    Pull the other one, Vlad.

  • 15:07
    "Exposing yourself in public is WRONG. There, I've said it.

    "If an 80 year old man exposed himself, he would be called a pervert. If a young woman does it, its considered avant-garde. Wheres the justice?"

    Reader comments coming  in  thick and fast on Una Mullally's opinion piece on the Sinead O'Connor/Miley Cyrus debacle.
  • 15:12
    Wow. For the first time on record, bikes have outsold cars in Spain.

    Read more.
  • 15:28
    Tomorrow the European Parliament will vote on a key piece of European legislation which aims to regulate tobacco products.

    There has been "an unprecedentedly intense lobbying campaign from the industry going on inside the European Parliament with the express intention of trying to frustrate this legislation,” one senior Irish official said on Friday. “This is completely on a scale way beyond lobbying that normally goes on.”

    Suzanne Lynch reports from Brussels.
  • 15:34
    fandango1 I think you'll find that bikes have outsold cars in Spain, although it would be equally surprising to find that it took until 2013 for cars to outsell bikes if that had been the case.
  • 15:35

    Thanks Fandango, you're right. My typo. I've corrected it now.

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    [Dance break]

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    Volkswagen was the most popular brand of  new car on the road in Ireland in September, followed by BMW. Not exactly cheap cars guys.

    More on new car sales.
  • 16:22
    All good cats go to heaven.
  • 16:29
    Nice shirt Vlad.
  • 16:34

    A Northern Irish  property developer has emerged as the buyer of golfer Rory McIlroy's former home in County Down.

    The golfer sold Robinhall House earlier this year as he moved his base to Florida. Its buyer, Gerry  McCausland, said the house, which has extensive golf practice areas on its 14-acre grounds, was "an amazing place", the BBC reports.

    He said the golfing facilities made it unlike anything else in the world. The asking price for the house at Moneyreagh was £2m, but it is understood that Mr McCausland paid less than that.

  • 16:42
    Belfast and Antrim, and then a route south through Louth, Meath and Dublin, finishing  at Merrion Square - the Giro d'Italia is coming to Ireland next May.

  • 16:51
    A response from The Lidl People.
  • 16:55
    Ireland hooker Richardt Strauss will play no further role in Leinster’s season as the 27-year-old must undergo heart surgery, Leinster coach Matt O’Connor confirmed today.

    “A hole was discovered in Richardt’s heart,” said O’Connor. “He will have (surgery) this week hopefully. It is a very minor procedure if there is such a thing in relation to your heart." Read Gavin Cummiskey's report.
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    That's it from The Daily Wire for today. Thanks for stopping by.

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    There'll be further outbreaks of rain early tonight, clear spells will develop later and it will become less humid. Lowest temperatures 10 to 13 degrees.