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Brian Howard, Deirdre Garrett Thu, Aug 18
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  • 08:35
    Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Leaving Cert helpdesk. Our expert guidance counsellors Brian Howard and Deirdre Garrett will be here until 6 to answer any questions you may have today regarding the CAO, or anything else. In the meantime check for information about college life, exam results analysis, and discussion on CAO points
  • 09:21

    My son failed ordinary maths. If he requests paper to be checked and new examiner finds the should be lower, which grade stands?

    The recheck result will be his new grade.

    However, if he is already taking a place up on a course and  in October (post recheck)  experiences a five point drop and now finds himself in a situation where he no longer meets the points required for his existing course, it will be the decision of the college that he is attending as to whether he can stay on the course or has to leave.

    In my opinion it would be very unlikely.

  • 09:29

    I qualify for HEAR. I am 25 points short for my first and second choices. They are computer science courses. I heard that there was a 44% drop last year in first-year computer science students. Is that true? Are IT courses common among HEAR applicants?

    I wouldn't have the stats to make an informed decision regarding whether IT courses are common among HEAR candidates. I recommend that you contact the Access office in the college of your choice.

    The best of luck. I would be hopefully for you.

  • 09:33

    I have just lost my job. Is there a chance I can complete a level 8 course as a mature student next month without going through the CAO process?

    Normally mature applicants should be 23 years old on or before 1st January 2016 (i.e. born on or before 1st January 1993) for admission in autumn 2016 and must apply by 1st February 2016. However, some HEIs may have a different age requirement, different definitions of mature applicants, etc., and some will consider applications received after 1st February 2016 (but not for nursing/midwifery mature course codes and/or mature entry to primary teaching).

    I  recommend that you take a look at and click on mature student on the left hand side.

    Please get back on if you need more guidance.

  • 09:36

    My daughter was accepted to nursing in the Adelaide pending CAO results. Sadly she is 10 points short. Have you any advice? Should she contact the Adelaide directly? She has two subjects for review as her results didn't reflect previous results.

    At this stage we don't know what the points are for this programme so I would wait until the offers on Monday and then consider the options available.  Contacting the Adelaide at this stage may not be too productive as they may not be able to give you too much information.  If your daughter is not happy with some of her grades she is right to view them and possibly get them rechecked and hopefully she might pick up some extra points.  My advice is to hang in there to Monday and see what emerges at that point.  You might contact us at that stage with more information and we can assist if necessary.  Best of luck.

  • 09:37

    My daughter scored 400 points. Her first choice on the CAO was nursing in Trinity which she won't be offered now. I'm just wondering will she receive any offer considering Trinity was her first choice at the lowest points required.

    No one knows the points for 2016 yet. So don't go losing all hope just yet.

    Let's assume that we are applying her situation to 2015 points. She will only get an offer if she meets minimum requirements and the points. If one or either of these are not met then no offer will be made. If Trinity required the lowest points for a nursing course and she didn't get enough points then, unfortunately, she wouldn't have received a level 8 offer.

    I hope that I have been clear enough. Get back to us if needs be.

  • 09:40

    Can you give me statistics on the popularity of computer technology courses. Are attendance/points increasing? Is it hard to gain access to adequate statistics regarding HEAR candidates access to courses?

    You can view statistics on Click on media and stats on the left hand side.

    Statistics regarding HEAR and DARE will be available on over the coming days. Please keep a close eye on this website.

    The best of luck.

  • 09:44

    My son got 190 points in the Leaving Cert. Is there a remote chance he could be offered a course (Hospitality Studies CIT CR657) requiring 215 points maybe in the second round of offers? He has maths and language requirements.

    It comes down to this year's demand for that particular  course and the points that those applicants receive plus the number of places available on the course. Last year's points can act as a guide. But points do go up and down. No one will know for definite until Monday.


    The best of luck.

  • 09:47

    My son did not achieve grade requirements (C3 ordinary maths and two C3 honour subjects) but he did receive adequate points for his course. He qualifies under HEAR. Is there any chance he will be accepted into computer technology courses?

    In the HEAR scheme as with non HEAR applicants you need to meet the minimum entry requirements and any specific programme requirements before  being considered for a HEAR reduced points offer, so unfortunately it is unlikely your son will be made an offer.

  • 09:52

    Thank you so much, we don't know what to do. Would a PLC course in nursing guarantee her a place in college next year to study nursing?

    You are very welcome.

    Whether it will secure her a place in third level in September 2017 will depend on the number of distinctions she receives.

    A PLC would give her the opportunity to sample nursing. It also  gives her the time to ensure that  this   is the career for her before committing herself to a four-year degree.

    Colleges of Further Education are  spread out  all over the country and have been interviewing since spring time. I would advise you to search for a local college that offers pre-nursing. Contact this college straight away as places will fill up fast. PLC courses in pre-nursing are becoming very popular.

    FETAC (PLC) students often continue their nursing studies in the UK also.

  • 10:02

    I wish as a mother I could fix this for my daughter, but sadly I can't. I only advise and direct her as best I can with my limited knowledge. Thanks for the chat, regards Deirdre.

    I suggest that you encourage your daughter to make an appointment with a college of further education. Your daughter will be able to make a more informed decision after this process.

    The best of luck.

  • 10:07

    I believe sciences are to increase. My son got five points over last year's requirement for PE/Biology in DCU. Would this be considered borderline?

    This course is considered an education course more than a science course.  In the stats for applicants, education is up 1%.  As we said in other posts, how this translates into individual courses no one knows until next Monday.  It's very hard to make a call on your son's case, I would like to think he is safe.  However with a 3% increase in level 8 applications it's just too close to call.  I wish him the best of luck on Monday.

  • 10:10

    Do you know if NUIG holds courses that accept students who received only one C3 in an honours subject as opposed to the usual two grade C3s in a higher level subject?

    No. You must receive the minimum entry requirements for a level 8 for any offer to be made. The minimum entry requirement for all level 8s is 2HC3 and 40D3. This rule applies to all candidates including HEAR and DARE.

  • 10:29

    Are the courses allocated by choice preference on the CAO or by points, ie if choice number seven is lower than choice number eight on the CAO, which course will the student be offered? Thanks.

    The CAO offer is allocated on choice preference. You would be offered choice number seven (not your eighth preference) once you meet the entry requirements and points. You will not be offered any course that lies below this choice in any future round.

  • 10:38

    My daughter got 410 points in her Leaving Cert. It was not enough for her first and second choices in Maynooth but her third-choice honours science degree in Maynooth required 405 points. What's the chance of this rising or should she get in?

    General indications in the science area show a slight decrease in applications. How this will translate for the science course in Maynooth, who knows? But hopefully the fact that your daughter has five extra points to play around with, along with the applicant stats, will be enough to get her her place.

  • 10:38

    If you get marked down in a recheck, can an already accepted college place offer be revoked if you now fall below the points threshold?

    Yes the college has this right. In my opinion it would be highly unlikely that they would choose this course of action.

  • 10:44

    If my daughter is offered course three or four from her CAO choice, does this eliminate the course choices below this for good ?

    Yes. For this year's offers. She could reapply next year and then obviously she could change her order of preference.

    Each candidate was given until July 1st to decide on their definite order of preference. No change can be made after this date.

  • 10:46

    My course (DCU Communications) required 420 last year, and I scored 450 points. I've heard it's due to go up this year. Do you think a course such as this would go up by 30?

    This course fits into the arts/social science area of courses which generally saw a slight drop in numbers of applications this year over last year. How this affects communications exactly we don't know but I would be very hopeful that you should be safe enough on 450.  It's a wait and see situation.  Best of luck.

  • 10:51

    If you accept a UCAS offer for a place in a Northern University, will CAO be notified and you forfeit your chance of accepting a CAO offer on Monday? Thanks! PS: I want my CAO choice but If I don't accept my UCAS offer, I could end up with nothing


    Accepting or rejecting your UCAS offer will not affect your CAO. They are two separate organisations.

  • 11:00

    If you don't accept the round one offer, will you get another offer in round two?

    Once CAO make you an offer you will never be offered any course that lies below the outstanding offer on your CAO list in any of the future rounds. This holds true whether you accept round one offer or not. The only offer you may get in round two are courses that lie above your round-one offer on your CAO list. You may get offered higher preference courses if the points for such courses fall in future rounds and you now meet the criteria needed (points and entry requirements).

  • 11:03

    My son's results are much lower than his expectations. His CAO choices reflect a higher result, if he accepts a course this year can he reapply through the CAO system again for 2017 in order to enter the field he ultimately wishes to pursue? Thank you

    Yes he can submit a new application next year. However, if he does a year in college this year then he will lose his free fees when redoing first year in 2017 entry. This could cost anywhere from €5,000-€7,000.

    Have you thought of looking at a PLC and trying to pursue that route? I would recommend this.

  • 11:08

    Results 470 points. First choice is Biology and PE in DCU. Do you think there is any chance points might drop for this course? One of the criteria is a passion for sport and exercise. Would a letter from sports coaches and school help?

    I would be very surprised if this course were to drop in points as it remains a very popular course.  Entry to the course is purely academic: grades in the Leaving Cert converted to points and those who have met the entry requirements and have the highest points get the places.  Unfortunately a letter from coaches will not be taken into consideration.

  • 11:09

    I got 435 points yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't get enough points for primary school teaching in Mary I Limerick. I do meet their entry requirements, just not the points. Does this make a difference and is there another way of getting in?

    No, you need to meet both the minimum entry requirements and the points before an offer can be made. Many people have studied at level 8 and then pursued a career in primary teaching by completing a masters in education. Such programmes of study can be found in many of our universities and through Hibernia College. Many also choose courses in the UK. Check out

    The best of luck.

  • 11:29

    Hi, my son didn't put enough low courses down and is now worried he will not get into any. His two lowest courses were German/Econ in TCD and Economics single honours in UCD which were 495 and 485 points last year. He got 505: is there a chance he will get any?

    Well the good news is he is on the right side of these points from last year, so yes there is a good chance he might get an offer. Not everyone on 495 got an offer for the TCD course last year, random selection was used so it might be a bit tighter on this course, but hopefully he might be lucky and get one of them.

  • 11:32

    If my daughter decides to repeat, what points can she keep from her 2016 results? Can she repeat just two subjects?

    She can repeat and use her 2016 results and use the grade from the two repeat subjects to satisfy minimum entry requirements only. You cannot mix and match grades from LC 2016 and LC 2017. You get your CAO points from your top six scores from the one sitting.

  • 11:35

    Many thanks for your reply, I wonder if it might be worthwhile contacting DCU and enquiring about transfers in from another course.

    Yes, nothing to lose by doing this.  Each college has their own regulations in relation to transfers and at least you would have some idea what the situation is for this course.  As far as I know there are no FETAC linked courses to this CAO course.

  • 11:41

    Is it possible to change courses within the same college for 2017? Do you still have to pay the full fees in 2017 having completed a year? This is if my son would prefer not to take the PLC option. Thank you

    You would have to speak with someone in the admissions office of the college in question. Each college has its own transfer policy.

    You would be charged for the first year of the second course they swap over to if they have completed a full year on another level 8 course.

  • 11:43

    My results will not be enough to get me my course, Technology teaching in Limerick or Galway. Is there another route that you know of?

    There is a relatively new postgraduate route into this career being offered by UL.  Click here to get some details about this course and guidance on what undergraduate degrees you could pursue to gain entry to the postgrad course.  I would suggest you ring UL about this option and get as much information as possible.

  • 11:43

    My daughter has got well over the points for the same course run in both UL and UCC. She put UL down as first choice but really wants UCC - are there options here for her?

    I'm afraid not for the 2016 round of offers. She can reapply next year through CAO. The deadline for changing your order of preference was July 1st.

  • 11:46

    If I got 435 points for law in DCU and the points last year was 435 would I still have a chance of getting the course in either first-round or second-round offers?

    You have a good chance, which is the main thing. The only note of caution is the rise in the number of applicants in the area of law by about 6% but we don't know that will necessarily mean a rise in points for law in DCU. No one will know until Monday.

    I hope that things go your way.

  • 11:52

    I missed out on International Business in UL, which was my first preference by 15 points. I have enough points for Business with German in UL. Will I receive an offer for my second preference in round one or will I have to wait until round two?

    On Monday you will receive the highest preference course in which you meet all the requirements for. Once you receive an offer then any course that lies below this course will become null and void. In round two you could be offered courses that lie above your initial offer. In order for this to happen, the points for your higher preference courses must fall.

    I don't know what you will be offered on Monday as the 2016 points are not known yet.

    The very best of luck.

  • 11:55

    How do the rounds work? If I missed out by 15 points in my first preference, how is it possible that I may get it in the later rounds?

    The places on that particular course may not be filled from round one. Some may decline their offer etc. The next in line may have lower points and therefore cause the points to drop in round two.

    Fingers crossed. The very best of luck.

  • 11:57

    My son's first choice is Biomedical Science at NUIG. He has 535 points. Final round offers last year were at 525. Any indication if points are likely to rise for this course? Thanks

    There are no specific indications of this. I would think on 535, your son has a good chance. Science courses in general have not seen a great jump in applications so this would go in his favour also, hopefully.

  • 11:58

    Hi, my daughter got 465 points. She has midwifery down for UCD and Ag Science. Do you think midwifery will go up and also, due to less demand in Ag Science, could this come down by five points?


    You would expect so, all other factors remaining constant. But will all other factors remain constant? The number of places available? Successful candidates points etc... We won't know this information until Monday.

    I hope that it works out for you.

  • 11:59

    Just wondering does the CAO give separate offers on level 8 and level 6/7 courses? Thanks


    Yes they do. On Monday many candidates will receive both a level 8 and a level 6/7 offer.

    Best of luck.

  • 12:00

    My son should have enough points for Commerce in Galway (with some to spare) but he got an E in Higher Level Maths. Will this E be good enough to meet the minimum entry requirements next year (September 2017)

    Yes, the HE will be converted to the H7 grade which will be recognised as a pass for matriculation and will have points awarded for it also.

  • 12:04

    My son didn't do as expected in his Leaving Cert. His preference is Engineering in DCU but he is most likely to be offered a level 7 Engineering course in DIT. Would he better to repeat to get the extra points or should he take the level 7?

    Obviously it's a personal choice. My advice would be for him to accept the level 7 in DIT. If this is the level 7 in general engineering it will give him an opportunity to sample many different forms of engineering before he specialises in one particular area. There is also the opportunity to complete a level 8 coming from a level 7. It is just simply choosing a scenic route.

    Get back on if you need more guidance.

    Good luck.

  • 12:05

    If I sit one subject honours next year and receive a C3 (I only got LC3 this year) and get accepted can I redo my CAO application all over again in 2017 or will my 2007 application suffice?

    Not sure what you are referring to here in relation to 2007 application? Bottom line here is you can combine Leaving Certificates for the purposes of meeting entry requirements but not for points.  So in your case, yes you can sit one honours subject next year and combine it with this year's one honour and meet the level 8 entry matriculation.  You would fill out a new application next year and put in whatever courses you wish.  Hope this answers your question.

  • 12:12

    My daughter got 290 points but her preference for Marine Biology level 7 in GMIT was 300 points last year. Do you see there being a a rise or fall in that sector of courses?

    The science sector in general saw a slight fall in applications so there may be some hope however a note of caution is that this course doesen't seem to have dropped below 300 in recent times.  Hope it goes your daughter's way.

  • 12:13
    Thanks again for your reply & advice. I'll contact DCU.
  • 12:18

    If I am admitted to a course of my choice next Monday and, after a couple of weeks attending class I dislike it, how long do I have to change courses without losing the Susi maintenance grant?

    It isn't common practice for one to be able to change courses. If one was to drop out without losing their free fees for the following year, this must be done before October 31st.

    I would advise you to contact Susi with regard to the monthly installments. I would guess that you wouldn't get September and October of the following year. It should restart in November. You would need to get clarity on this.

  • 12:23

    My daughter got 490 points. she has global business studies at DCU as her first choice which required 465 points last year. I fear she is not ready for college. If she accepts and defers the course, will she also be able to reapply to CAO next year?

    If she accepts the course and defers it until next year, then in order to take up the deferred place she must apply through the CAO next year and put down ONLY that deferred course on the application. If she puts down even one other course then she will lose the deferred place.  Details here.

  • 12:24

    Hi, my son got 455 points. He was expecting 500. Arts in UCD (French and economics) was his ninth choice but it looks like that will be what he would get based on points last year. Does that sound realistic? I'm not 100% sure how entry works

    He will get the highest course preference in which he meets the criteria for (eg, minimum entry, points, specific subject requirement). Once he receives an offer, all course choices below this will disappear. He may be offered course preferences above in later rounds if their points fall.

    I cannot make an informed decision as I don't know all his course choices.

    Is that clear enough? Get back on if you need more guidance.

  • 12:26

    My son has failed maths and not done as well as he would have hoped in other exams. Aside from failing maths we fear he won't get any offers. Is it possible to repeat just maths this year and re-apply with different courses next year.

    Yes. You can repeat subjects to satisfy minimum entry requirements and use your 2016 CAO points. I have known many students to have taken this option.

    The best of luck.

  • 12:26

    If you don't get the required grade in maths for your course can you repeat just maths next year and add it to the results of your other subjects from this year?

    Yes, you can combine this year's and next year's Leaving Certificates for the purposes of meeting entry requirements (maths in your case).  You would use your points from this year only, as you cannot combine LCs for the purposes of points.  It is a common option for students to repeat just maths while completing a PLC course or taking a year out.

  • 12:30

    Hi there, my son got 540 points. His first choice is DCU Psychology. Last year it was 515, mid student was 525. Only 32 places. Do you think it will rise or does that area show higher demand this year? Thanks, Patrick

    There has been a decline in demand for that area among this year's CAO applicants. I would be confident for him but no one will know for definite until Monday.

    The best of luck.

  • 12:31

    I applied for engineering and construction courses, level 6/7, through the CAO and I got enough points for the courses but I didn't meet the entry level for maths, ie a pass in OL maths but got C1 in Foundation maths. What are my chances of getting in?

    You must meet the entry requirements and points. If either is missing then no offer will be made.

    Please get back on if you need more guidance.

  • 12:33

    Hello there, my son got 515 points. He wants to study architecture in UCD (490 last year). He is worried that he will miss out due to the suggested increase in interest for architectural courses. Is it likely that he will lose out? Thanks

    No way of knowing for definite.  Yes architecture is showing a significant increase in applications and this more that likely will see increases in points for these courses but by how many on each course we don't know. With 20 points more than last year's cut off in UCD your son hopefully will get through.

  • 12:34

    Hi, my son was just short of points for his first choice. He will probably be offered his second choice on first round. If he accepts this, can he be offered his first choice in second round offers?

    Yes. He can always be offered a course that lies above Monday's offer in later rounds. People receive these offers in round two if the points for these higher courses fall and they now meet the cut off.

    Hope that this answers your question.

  • 12:36

    My son got 515 points. He is going for Commerce in UCD which was 500 last year. Will points rise or decrease for business type courses?

    The demand for business courses has seen a rise of 5 per cent. How this will affect points will be known on Monday. Other factors influence points as well.

    I would be confident for him but again no one will know until Monday.

  • 12:37

    Hi there, my son got 480 points and although it 20 points short of his first choice, his second choice is primary teaching in Mary Imm Limerick. Last year's points were 470. Do you think he has enough to secure this course? Thanks


    Please see posts from earlier on this topic.

  • 12:41

    I got 465 points yesterday and am looking to do business studies/international business in DCU (both 465 points last year). Do you think points will increase this year?

    These courses have crept up in the last few years from around the 440 mark, so not sure if there is scope for a lot more increases. However as you have probably seen the stats for the administration/business sector applications are showing a significant jump so this could indicate increases in points for business courses, but where and by how much we will have to wait to see.  Best of luck.

  • 12:51

    Is it likely that a B.Ed. will go up in points for this year?

    No way of knowing for definite; education applications are up slightly so it could happen but we don't know in which colleges. Mary I is one of the lower primary points so it could rise, but I stress we have no way of knowing for definite until Monday.

  • 13:06

    Hi, my daughter got 390 points and has qualified for DARE. Her first choice is Food Science in UCD. Is there any chance she might get it?

    There are three places available on this course for DARE applicants.  In the last three years the maximum points reduction on this course was 75. This is not to say your daughter will not get an offer but gives you an idea of previous years.  DARE places are oversubscribed in general and hence admission is competitive.  It will depend on the points of qualified DARE applicants who have applied for this course this year in comparison to your daughter's.

  • 13:07

    Is there ANY way to remove one option from the CAO form? My daughter included a choice (that she is likely to get) she does not want. Anyone I can bribe do you know?

    After July 1st it is not possible to make changes to a CAO application, so I'm afraid your daughter is stuck with what is currently on the form.

  • 13:10

    Hi there, my son has got enough points for primary teaching in Mary I but he has just missed the C3 in Higher Irish. He got a D1. Do you think it would be worth getting his exam results appealed? He could be just one point out or at most five.

    Absolutely, I would recommend he views his scripts and if there is any sense of getting an increase then go for the recheck. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • 13:13

    Hi, I got 490 this year and my first choice is midwifery in UCC which was 465 last year. I'm petrified it won't be enough as there are so few places. Any idea how many applications have been made this year? Do you think I'll be ok?

    We don't have exact numbers for individual courses. In general nursing course applications are up considerably but how this will impact on individual courses we don't know. With 25 points to spare over last year you are in a good position and hopefully will get through.  You could chance ringing the UCC admissions office to get an idea of numbers.

  • 13:21

    Hi there, my daughter got 450 points. She has also been accepted for DARE. Her first choice is Bess in Trinity, would her chances of getting her first choice be high?

    Her points score is looking like it will be between 80 per cent and 90 per cent of the course points so she is definitely in with a good chance. You could try get through to the admissions/access office in TCD for more information.

  • 14:11

    My course is 475 and I got 475 but I also qualify for DARE. Do you think there is a good chance I'll get in?

    Yes, I would think you have a very good chance given the fact that you have qualified under the DARE scheme.

  • 14:13

    Hi, if my son accepts the round one offer, is that the end of it or could he still be offered another course in round two (if point requirements drop). Thanks

    No. He could still be offered a higher course preference in round two if the points fall and he now meets the points cut off.

    The best of luck.

  • 14:15

    My son failed ordinary maths so will not get any of his CAO options. He qualified for DARE. If he repeats maths next year, will he have to reapply for DARE and is it difficult to get it again without the educational assessment from the school?

    I would advise you to speak with the access office of the particular college of interest. I am confident that you can carry it forward for a year.

    The best of luck.

  • 14:18

    Hi, I was just wondering if you would have a rough estimate of the points for the new business course in Trinity?

    I'afraid not. I don't have access to the necessary data.

    It seems to have created quite an interest. This could cause the points to be high.

  • 14:21

    I needed a D in ordinary maths for my preferred course in DIT, I got an E. Is there a maths competency test in DIT that I could sit to try and get in or is that only for those who did higher level maths?

    The DIT competency test for CAO applicants is for those who applied for a level 8 programme where higher level maths was a requirement.

    This doesn't apply in your situation.

  • 14:22

    Hi, my brother failed maths. What are his options? I heard about the points changing next year. Also, could you please explain the 'vacant places' option? Rhank you

    In relation to the maths, I would suggest your brother seeks to view his script to see if it would be worth his while getting the paper rechecked.

    Another option is to repeat maths on its own next year and combine it with his other results this year in order to apply to college next year.  This can be done while also completing a PLC course if your brother wishes.

    Option three would be to repeat the whole LC with a view to increasing his overall performance and also getting a pass in his maths.  Read this article on repeating.

    There are some courses that may not require maths.  Your brother could look at some of these on and decide if he may want to apply for these next year or if he finds some in vacant places he can apply for them this year.  Basically, vacant places is where any places that are not filled on courses or places colleges will not be able to fill in the normal way, will be advertised here and applicants can apply for these.  Full details here.

  • 14:23

    Hi, I got 440 points and I have also been accepted for DARE. Would I have a chance of getting science in Trinity? Thank you


    Please see post from earlier discussing a similar query.

  • 14:25

    Hi, I just missed out on the course I really want by 10 points. I got 450 and I'm looking to go to Marino. I'm devastated. I'm wondering should I get rechecks??

    I would suggest you seek to view  your scripts to see if it would be worth  your while getting the papers rechecked.

    If there is any sense of getting an increase then go for the recheck.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain


  • 14:26

    Hi, my son received 425 points. His first choices are above this, will he receive his fifth choice which was 350?

    The CAO will work out which of your son's choices they have become entitled to on the basis of their points.  If your son is entitled to three choices the CAO will offer him the highest choice he is entitled to.  If his highest choice that he is entitled to is the fifth choice then he will be offered this.

  • 14:27

    Thanks. My son will most probably take the level 7 engineering in DIT. If he gets good results on his first year would he have the opportunity to transfer to level 8 engineering DCU?


    This would not be a common practice. I would advise you to speak with the institution involved. Each institution has its own policy on transfers etc. I imagine that it would be viewed on a case-by-case basis.

    Good luck.

  • 14:29

    Are applications up or down for arts courses?

    The stats are showing a decline of 3 per cent for arts.

    The best of luck.

  • 14:39

    Hi, my daughter got 390 points and was accepted for HEAR. She is hoping for vet nursing in UCD. Is there any likelihood she could still get this course? Thanks

    Once you are within 15 per cent below the published points then you are competing for a HEAR place. There are only two places available on this programme for HEAR applicants.

    Going on last year's points of 465, one would have needed a minimum of 395 to be considered for a HEAR place.

    I hope this helps. Good luck.

  • 14:46

    My daughter qualified for DARE and is in the points range for a place on her chosen course, however she needed a HC3 in physics. She got a D1 which she wants to appeal. Will she lose out on a DARE place as I know it takes some time to recheck papers?

    The results of the rechecks are out in mid-October and generally if an applicant is upgraded and they become entitled to a place on a new course then the college generally will do everything they can to facilitate a place for the upgraded student.  If they cannnot create a place for the upgraded student at this time then the student is offered a deferred place for the following year.  In the case of a DARE applicant I would imagine the same procedure would apply.  If the quota of DARE places has already been filled then I would imagine the college would try to create another place but, if not able, then a deferred place would be offered.  There are a lot of variables here and different colleges might act in different ways. If I were you I would consider giving the admissions office of the particular college in question a ring and ask them what their approach might be.

  • 14:49

    If you defer a place in 2016 and obtain higher marks in a PLC can you reapply through CAO using PLC results for 2017? Plc

    In order to take up a deferred place you must apply through the CAO the following year (2017) and only put down that deferred course.  If you put down any other course for any reason then you lose the deferred place and you are creating a totally new application.

  • 14:51

    If my son receives a level 8 and 7 in the first round what is the next step? Does he accept only one and see what he gets offered on subsequent rounds as he has applied for about five on each. If he is unclear re choice of degree do you advise a gap year ?

    He should accept the programme that he wishes to pursue.

    Work experience is something that may help him with making a more informed decision. Speaking to students who have done, or who are currently studying on this programme,m can prove helpful also. College representatives are very helpful. He should ensure that he educates himself on the course content of all course choices before he accepts an offer.

    I hope that this is clear enough.

  • 14:51

    Hi, my child received 425 in the Leaving Cert. He won't have enough points for his top four choices but will have enough for his fifth choice which is 350. He also meets all the entry requirements, will he get offered his fifth choice on Monday. Many thanks

    See earlier answer to this question

  • 14:53

    Many thanks for your reply.

    No problem.  Best of luck on Monday

  • 14:54

    My son got 465 and hopes to do agricultural science in UCD which was 470 last year. The CAO applicants to ag science have dropped by roughly 26 per cent so do you think he'll be ok?

    I would be confident but other factors do play a role in the decision regarding the cut-off points, eg number of places available, and the points of applicants wishing to enter into this course.

    I still would be confident but no one will know for sure until Monday.

    Best wishes.

  • 14:56

    Hello, do Leaving Cert points have a certain expiration when applying to CAO? For example, will I be able to use my points from last year's Leaving Cert, for next year's CAO?

    You will be going in under the new point scale. You can find this new scale on



  • 14:57

    Are applications up or down for science courses?

    Based on stats from the CAO, it looks like there has been no huge increase in applications in science /applied science this year.

  • 15:01

    Hi, my daughter got 465 and wanted primary school teaching. She has all colleges down in her CAO. Is there any hope she will get it in second round offers? She has B2 in honours Irish and honours in all all other six higher level papers

    Firstly, no one knows what the points will be for 2016 CAO courses until Monday. Secondly, points fall in round two if some round-one candidates don't accept their place. The college will be keen to fill all places and they may do so by lowering the points in future rounds.

    Hope that this is clear enough.

  • 15:01

    Hi, my daughter received 465 points and her first choice is primary teaching. Do you think the points are likely to increase in DCU and Marino this year?

    Unfortunately we have no way of predicting this. There has been a very slight increase in applications in the education sector but we will have to wait to see how this affects these college courses. Best of luck.

  • 15:05

    Hey, I've received 150 points in my HPat and 500 points in my Leaving Cert but I also qualify for DARE is it likely I will get medicine?

    Based on information provided by UCD offers two places and has never given more than a 36 point reduction over the last three years.

    I would advise you to check out this website.

    Well done on doing so well. I hope that things go good for you.

  • 15:32

    I am 10 points short for medicine in NUIG. I can't seem to find what point reduction is given: I know the places are increased this year for DARE. Can you find this information?

    This information is going to be released tomorrow on the access college website under DARE. Hopefully you'll get the information you need then. We have been asking for this information for quite a while and hopefully what is launched tomorrow will be helpful to all.

  • 15:35

    My son got 485 and his first and second choice had higher points last year. His third choice was 465 last year, which he obviously has enough points for and he has the maths requirement. Is he down the ranking because it's his third choice?

    No not at all. It doesn't work like that. They offer course places to those who satisfy all requirements and have the highest points. If places are still available they offer them to the next candidate in line (by points).

    The fact that your son has this as his third choice won't put him at a disadvantage.

  • 15:40

    My son secured the points that his first choice was last year. I know it may go up this year. If he accepts his second choice, do we need to pay for the place? Would we lose this money if his first choice is offered on the second round?

    It doesn't cost anything to accept or decline a college offer.

    There are registration fees. I imagine that colleges have a mutual understanding. I don't think that you would lose out in monetary terms.

    The best of luck.

  • 15:43

    Will 470 points be enough to study economics in UCD? I have DN500 as my last choice and am unlikely to get choices ahead of this. Thank you.

    Probably unlikely, looking at the applicant statistics for 2016. I can't see the course dropping by 15, in fact it has steadily climbed for the past few years from 465 in 2013. But again, we won't know for definite until Monday. Good Luck,

  • 16:00

    I have 445 points and am hoping for business and management at DIT. It seems to have gone up each year; do you foresee that happening again?

    The number of applicants demanding business courses has increased by 5 per cent. This will put pressure on points. Other factors also play a part. I don't have all the data to make a definite decision. In my opinion I expect to see a small jump in points for popular business courses.

    The very best of luck.

  • 16:16

    My daughter got 470 points and her first choice is nursing in UCD. Is she safe?

    We know that the demand for nursing places has increased by 9 per cent. Other data is needed to make an accurate judgment.

    I do see points for nursing going up. That is my opinion. No one will know for definite until Monday.

  • 16:34
    Hi, my daughter has the points requirement for the DC009 arts humanities course but got maths grade of OB2. Is this sufficient for course

    General Entry Requirements are required for most but it depends on what subjects you're choosing. If you are choosing maths then you need a minimum of an OA2. No offer will be made unless the candidate achieves the minimum requirements and the cut-off points.

    The general entry requirements are as follows:
    Grade C3 in two Higher Level subjects and Grade D3 in four Ordinary or Higher Level subjects including mathematics AND either English or Irish.

    I hope that this answers your question.

    The best of luck.

  • 16:36

    Hi, my daughter got 480 points and has qualified for HEAR. Her first choice is sports science at University of Limerick. What are her chances? Thanks

    Please see earlier posts on this topic. will be releasing information tomorrow that may be of interest to you regarding HEAR places and point reductions.

  • 16:37

    My daughter is hoping to do architecture next year and has received 520 points. What kind of increases in points are expected for these courses? (She has UCD and DIT down on her CAO). Thanks for the help!

    Unfortunately we don't have specific information about individual courses so can't help you there. The admissions officers from the various colleges are now en route to CAO head offices where they will work through their courses and make decisions about offers. When these decisions are fed into the CAO computer and offers issued only then will we know the effect of the increased applications on the points of individual courses.

  • 16:41
    If my daughter gets her first choice on Monday can she defer for a year? If you wish to defer then it's important that you do not accept that offer. Instead contact the admissions office of the college involved. They will inform you of the necessary procedure to follow.

    In order to keep your deferral for 2017 you must reapply through the CAO by February 1st 2017. This course must be the first and only course down on your new CAO application otherwise you will lose your deferral.

  • 16:43

    I know demand for arts courses in general is lower this year, but do we know how the demand for psychology courses specifically have changed ?

    Unfortuantely not. We will only be privy to that information on Monday.

    The best of luck.

  • 16:43

    Do you think occupational therapy in TCD will go up this year?

    Based on the application statistics from the CAO, the Other Healthcare sector, in which occupational therapy exists, didn't see a massive jump in applications. This could indicate that maybe we won't see a jump in points in occupational therapy this year, but as always we won't know for definite until Monday.

  • 16:49

    Hi my son failed Ord level maths and one other subject. He is absolutely distraught at the idea of not going to college as he is very ambitious. I suggested a PLC course but he said he won't even get one as because he failed maths he failed his Leaving.

    Just because he failed maths doesn't mean he has failed his LC. He has a Leaving Certificate in the subjects he has passed. Many PLC courses do not require a pass in maths, in fact a lot of students who fail maths will repeat their maths while also completing a PLC course. The PLC route can be a fantastic option giving students the opportunity to move forward in their education and the option of linking with CAO colleges on completion.

  • 16:50

    I'm 10 points short of the course in 2015. By appealing two subjects I might succeed. says that round two offers are September 1st while the results of the appealed exams are given in October. How does appealing lead to you getting your first choice?

    If you are successful with your appeals and have the required points then the college in question must make you an offer, even if it is in early October (providing that places are still available). You have the choice as to whether to join the course in early October or defer your place until September 2017.

    I hope that this is clear enough.

  • 16:51

    Is it possible to apply to study in Northern Ireland next year using this year's LC points

    Yes it is. Please view or contact the admission office of the college of interest.

  • 16:55

    Hi, my daughter got 330 points, wants to do arts in UCD and has all the minimum requirements, is there a chance she can get in, it was 335 last year

    The final cut-off for arts in UCD last year was 330 and given there doesn't appear to have been an enormous jump in applications in this sector I think your daughter is in with a good chance of an offer.  Best of luck on Monday.

  • 17:08

    If I'm not offered my first choice of law in DCU and I take my second choice which is EPL in DCU, is there a possibility that I may be in a position to transfer to law following completion of first year? Thank you

    Generally speaking the rule of thumb is that you can only transfer on to a course that you would have had the points for originally.  However, colleges vary in their transfer policies and transfers can depend on a number of factors - places available, matching courses, etc. It might be no harm to ring DCU admissions/registry and get information directly from them. A lot of transfers are assessed on an individual basis in colleges.

  • 17:25

    Hi, my son got a combined total (HPat and LC) of 724. He wants medicine in NUIG which was 723 last year. Have you any idea if the points for medicine in NUIG will rise this year?

    The number of applicants applying for medicine is down by 2 per cent. However, this is only one factor. Many other factors influence the points each year. I would be hopeful but no one will know for definite until Monday.

  • 17:27

    My daughter wants to study engineering at UCD, she got 470 points, she also has the minimum requirements, she also qualifies for HEAR. What are the chances of being offered engineering?

    There are 16 places for HEAR applicants on engineering in UCD and they have given reductions up to 70 points in recent years, so this is good news for your daughter. However admission is competitive and will depend on a number of factors including the number of qualified HEAR applicants and indeed the points of these applicants.  I would be optimistic for your daughter.

  • 17:30

    My daughter now prefers her second choice in CAO and should have enough points. She wants to recheck two subjects as she thought she'd have done better but if her grades go up she might be offered her first course - can she keep her second choice?

    Yes she can. If she is offered her first choice on the back of appeals she can decide to stay put or move to the new course. The choice is hers.

    The best of luck.

  • 17:43

    I applied for psychiatric nursing and am 20 points below. Any chance the points will drop?

    A 20 point drop would be quite substantial. I can't see it happening. However, no one will know for definite until Monday.

  • 17:46

    My son hasn't scored enough points for business admin in CIT. Would a PLC course be his best route now in order to progress to reapply next year and what results would he require from this PLC course?

    PLC courses are a good grounding and a great indicator as to whether you definitely wish to pursue that area of study.

    I suggest that you discuss this with the PLC college coordinator or guidance counsellor. Each of these colleges have links with different ITs and/or universities.

  • 17:46

    I got 445 points in my Leaving Cert and I have DARE. My first choice is architecture in UCD, do you think I have a chance of getting it?

    There are two places reserved for DARE applications on architecture in UCD and in recent times they have given reductions of up to 70 points so, based on this information, you do seem to have a chance. However, as I said in an earlier post, admission is competitive and depends on a few different factors.

  • 17:48

    My son got 505 points. How likely is he to get law course in UCC? The points last year were 505.

    This year's demand for law courses has seen an increase of 6 per cent. However, other factors that affect points could balance this out. Really no one will know for definite until Monday.

  • 17:57

    My daughter got 415 points. Her first choice is business studies in UL which was 420 in 2015. Is there any chance of her getting this course even in the second round offers?

    This is very difficult to call. Points in previous years include 405 in 2014, 410 in 2013. Applicants numbers are up overall and are up by about 5 per cent in the business sector so this could prevent points from falling in this area. Bottom line is it's wait and see until Monday.  Best of luck to your daughter.

  • 18:00

    Hi, my daughter will be unable to view the scripts on September 2nd or 3rd. I understand that she cannot request another person to view them on her behalf. Is there any risk in her applying for re-checks without first viewing the scripts?

    The only risk is that she may drop a grade and this can happen. If, on viewing a script, it is obvious that the candidate is borderline dropping down a grade then it would be unwise to go forward for a recheck on this paper.  

  • 18:07
    Many thanks to all who submitted questions today. Answers to many of the questions have been grouped together at irishtimes,com/results2016. The helpdesk is now closed but will reopen at 9am tomorrow. Go raibh maith agaibh agus slán.