US Masters

The final day from Augusta National, where Bubba Watson won his second US Masters in three years

Johnny Watterson Sun, Apr 13
LIVE: US Masters

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  • 18:32
    They all want to take the final shot but who is it going to be? Welcome to the last long night of a wide open Masters and a night about who can hold their nerve. I’m Johnny Watterson and will stick with it until this year’s green jacket winner is known.
    Not exactly a spoiler alert. But it's not Rory. He's +3 thru 3.
  • 18:40
    Early days. But nobody is threatening to do a Woodland, Jimenez or Fowler with a run. Defending champion Adam Scott, an early threat this week after his opening 69, stumbled to a 76 yesterday. He's out and about now. Par on the opening hole.
  • 18:43
    "Jordan Speith is the real thing. He's the best young player I've seen since Tiger Woods," says David Feherty. Fellow Ulstermen and all that??? RORY???
  • 18:46
    Eight seconds. That's how long Bubba's drives stay in the air.
  • 18:50
    "Golf will beat you up alone so I dont want to help by beating myself up." Sounds like Rickie Fowler is chilled. Whoops almost called him Robbie...
  • 18:54
    Last European win at Augusta  - Jose Maria Olazabal 1999....Spaniard Jeminez hasn't had a three putt all week say the BBC. ..well anyone who can fire up a cigar at 9.30 in the morning has got to have the x-factor.
  • 18:59


    The last pairings to go out -


    19.00 Thomas Bjorn (Den), Justin Rose (Eng)
    19.10 Lee Westwood (Eng), Jim Furyk (USA)
    19.20 Miguel Angel Jimenez (Spa), Rickie Fowler (USA)
    19.30 Matt Kuchar (USA), Jonas Blixt (Swe)
    19.40 Jordan Spieth (USA), Bubba Watson (USA)

  • 19:05
    Darren Clarke on the par 3  12th hole. Splash  ball. Probably going to drop another shot.  Curretly +8. Rory after six holes is +4
  • 19:05
  • 19:08
  • 19:15

     "Come on Rory!" shouts a patron to Ian Poulter ala  the painfully unfunny "Come on Tim" crack during Wimbledon when Andy Murray is playing. That should also be considered an Augusta felony with ejection.


  • 19:15
  • 19:21
    So the greens at Augusta are "marble staircases." Surely that's not a positive thought.
  • 19:21
  • 19:23
    The wine quaffing, cigar smoking, Ferarri driving, ponytail wearing Spaniard has just hit his first drive. He's paired with orange clad Fowler.
  • 19:25
    Darren birdies 13 and falls back to ehh....+9
  • 19:25
  • 19:28
  • 19:31
    Texas has had more winners of the Masters than any other state in the US. That's 12 in all.
  • 19:32
    Kuuuuuch is off and good with his   opening drive. Blixt, not a long hitter, makes it to the top of the hill. No roll.
  • 19:35
    Rickie for BIRDIE on the first. He barely nudges the ball. It hits each spike mark and indent and grass leaf and weaves    like a portly drunk  before falling into  the hole. Nice start and the closest to a run so far.  Jimenez... bogey.
  • 19:38
    Big applause for thr final pair, young Speith and Bubba. Lets see if Bubbs has swallowed his nerves... That will be on the green folks, not the drive.
  • 19:40

    Westwood just shaves the hole, Amother well struck ball that misses. Deja vu all over again.

    Rory birdies the last three  holes of the front nine. Dont'r dare to dare. Not yet.  

  • 19:42
    Speith's hand comes off the club. Ball goes left and patrons scatter but it'smaybe okay. Bubbba scatters them on the other side. No oe seems to know where his ball went...
  • 19:43
  • 19:45

    Rickie nails the second green. Birdie chance again. Monobrow, snowboard cap and dressed like a penitentiary run away. Totally cool.  


  • 19:48
    Speith has a gap from off the fairway left. Low drill and pin high. Bubba on the sand right. Inside Speith. That'll settle his nerves....well lets wait until after the putt.
  • 19:50
    Rickie lips out with his birdie attempt. Lips out again on the par putt back and another 4 footer left to play. All from 14 feet away. Bogey. He growls at the ball.
  • 19:52
    Speith pars and still at -5. Bubba pars too. Both level with Kuchar and Blixt at -4.
  • 19:54
  • 19:55
    Speith has driving issues as his hand comes off the club again at the second. Bubba in a deep bunker. Wedge out territory.
  • 19:58
    Amazing Couples has being playing with a bad back for years. Best bad back I've ever seen...
  • 19:59
  • 20:01
  • 20:01
    Rory's at +1 thru 10 holes. Would four or five birdes be enough???
  • 20:05
    This Masters has playoff all over it...
  • 20:07
    Bubba off the green to the left at 2, Speith has a birdie putt, about 14 feet...
  • 20:11

    Rory is fired up. Almost chips in on 11. Great chance for his fourth birdie of the round.


  • 20:12
    Kuchar chips in on 3 from off the green. Level with Speith at -6. Big smile. Is there ever not.
  • 20:15
    Bubba almost drives the green at 3, RORY birdies, his 4th of the day,  for level par. Jeeez why didn't he do this a day or two ago.
  • 20:17
  • 20:20
    Just 9 players are currently under par with Rory 10th still even after 12 and six shots behind....
  • 20:22
    Bubba's in trouble and misses the green with his chip, Finally leaves himself an 8 footer and misses. Bogey. All from 40 yards from the pin.
  • 20:23
  • 20:26
    Kuchar misses from 7 feet on four for par. He leaves a 6 footer for bogey...Four putt. Double bogey. Whowaaa. Back to -4.
  • 20:26
  • 20:32
  • 20:34
    And thats what he's just done to go three ahead   at -7. Bubba watching doesn't blink an eye and follows him in with a birdie to instantly get the shot back.
  • 20:36
    "Oh Jordan. Come on. Not again," says the 20 year old at the next tee as his ball sails left Eh doesn't seem to have hurt him so far.
  • 20:38
    Rory's  up the  the  creek at 13 .  He hits the bank and it rolls back into the water. The Ulsterman holds his head and bends foward. Noooooo, he's saying. He knows it's probably over and any chances of posting a realsistc score has just plummeted
  • 20:40
    Everything about Couples is cool today. Except his nurses shoes...Still at -3.
  • 20:43
  • 20:45
  • 20:50
  • 20:50
  • 20:50
  • 20:52
    Rory bounces straight back birdies 13. he's back to level par again. Five birdies, two bogeys so far.
  • 20:58
    Bubba with a 15 fooot birdie moves to 6-under. Bout time. Speith follows him in for a 2. Yep nerveless. Speith -7, Bubba -6 both streaking ahead thru six.
  • 20:59
  • 21:01
  • 21:01
  • 21:02
    Cripes even the Irish Times Golf Correspondent doesn't know which way to go!!
  • 21:06
    Speith knocks it over the flag on 7 and has a birdie putt. This course is easy dude.
  • 21:12
    Spieth rolls down hill 12 foot putt for birdie at 7 to extend his lead to two. Bubba drops for par as this round increasingly looks like a duel between the two leaders.
  • 21:14
  • 21:17
    Birdie number 6 for Wee Mac. He's back to level par thru 16.
  • 21:18
    The leaders are both up the 8th fairway, Bubba not for the first time in a different zip code to the lad Spieth.
  • 21:21
  • 21:24
  • 21:24
  • 21:24
  • 21:26
    Fowler snakes in a long....long par putt at 9 from just off the green to remain at -3.
  • 21:33
    Spieth is fallible. He misses a short one. Bubba has an opportunity to tie for the lead at -7. Well done Bubbs for that up and down. They both walk to the 9th tee tied, three ahead of the field.
  • 21:38
    "I'm sorry, I don't like it. I dont think Mr Jones would approve somehow," says Peter Aliss after mad putt by Blixt, where he faced away from the hole and hit the ball in the opposite direction....its all too much..
  • 21:38
  • 21:41
    Spieth does a Greg Norman on the 9th. His approach spins back and rolls away and away down the hill. Bubba sticks it pin high. Advantage the former champion.
  • 21:48

    Bubba sinks his birdie putt on 9 and takes the lead at the turn. Spieth has a knee trembler down hill. Misses. And he's got a tickey one back. Bubba -8, Spieth -6.

    That's a four shot swing in two holes. Flustered Spieth.

  • 21:49
  • 21:58
    "I played well. Ive driven the ball as well as I have ever. I gave myself so many opportunities for birdies but I'm not just holing the putts that I should. I finished even par in the  ournament and even par of the par fives, where it should have been something like 10 under." Rory McIlroy
  • 22:03
  • 22:08
  • 22:12
    Kuchar and Blixt at -4 are three behind Bubba...Spieth knocks it to three feet on 11th. Who said the lad was cracking?
  • 22:16
    Watson (-7), Spieth (-6), Kuchar (-4), Blixt (-4)....Bjorn and Jimenez are at -2....are there any others now really in contention
  • 22:20
    Kuchar over cooks a draw at 13. He's in the shrubs down the left. Spieth puts it in the water at 12.That's WATER.  Could  two races  be run...
  • 22:20
  • 22:21
    Bubba reacts by hitting it miles over the green but okay and DRY at 12.
  • 22:23
    Scott: "Yesterday was disappointing, I played my way out of the Tournament. I didn't quite get my pace on the green and that's probably where I lost it,"
  • 22:27
  • 22:29
    Spieth gets up and down after his trip the water. He drops just one shot and heading to 13 Bubba leads -7 to the lad's -5, Kuchar and Blixt on -4.
  • 22:32
    The recoil sends Bubba hurtling back on the tee box at 13. RIDICULOUS he sails it over the trees. A wedge to the green. WEDGE.
  • 22:33
  • 22:34
    Blixt is at -5 and Spieth is in trouble off the fairway on 13. Also on -5. Bubba last drive is measured in furlongs...
  • 22:37
    Bubba's dr.ive 366 yards. He's on the green in two, Spieth in three.
  • 22:39
  • 22:41
    Poulter: "Annoyed. I losthow Spieth and Bubba have played them in but I'd guess they were 10 shots better than me. It's key for me to score on those and I didn't do it."
  • 22:42
    Scared Bubba keaves his eagle down hill third putt too short. He's 10 feet for birdie.
  • 22:43
  • 22:44
    Bubba goes three up on Spieth and Blixt thru 13 with a sound birdie.
  • 22:45
    Bubba can now only blow it....which is possible. But he's three shots ahead with five holes to go.
  • 22:48
    Another pink flash of driver head and the ball goes into orbit once more up the 14th fairway. Dat would be Bubba. Spieth follows but how depressing to hit a Sunday best and still be 50 yards behind...
  • 22:54
    Bubba's turning the vice. He's a birdie putt on 14, Spieth is well...super far away but on the green.
  • 22:55
  • 22:55
  • 22:57
    Spieth shaves the hole from another parish on 14, Bubba misses his birdie from 12 feet. Both par the hole with Bubba still three ahead. Three up four to play.
  • 22:59
    The housewife's favourite ends his bad day with a 75 and +2...Fred Couples
  • 23:01
  • 23:03
    Listen up. It's not the Masters if there isn't a twist.
  • 23:09
    Bubba had no shot on 15 but he squirts it under some branches hits the bank and rolls thru the back of the green. Lay up HA!
  • 23:09
  • 23:15
    A wry smile from Bubba. His pitch back catches the fringe and stays but he's okay. Par. Every hole down without stumbling is a step closer. Spieth has seven foot biirdie putt. HUGE. He miss reads it. Par. Three down and three to play.
  • 23:17
  • 23:21
    Both players on the green at 16. But it's nt enough for Spieth to par. Blixt is still -5 tru 16 and also desperately needs shots.. It's Bubba's Green Jacket to lose. at -8.
  • 23:25
  • 23:28
    Bubba misses the fairway on 17. The trouble is the lack of it. Nobody else is doing anything to reel him in. Flat atmosphere except for Spieth's grand sulk. He's been slashing his clubs around in frustration showing all of his 20 years.
  • 23:29
    Westwood...16th top 10 finish in Majors. Ended -1 overall and 7th.
  • 23:30
    What will they ingrave on the Trophy ?  Gerry Lester Watson jr?
  • 23:37
    Spieth has a tap in par at 17. All too late of course.
  • 23:39
    Three up, one to play. Lets see. An earthquake. Spontaneous combustion. Divine intervention. Little else really.
  • 23:40
  • 23:42
    With all the focus on who might catch him, Bubba's 'own style' golf has been....for once the correct word AWESOME.
  • 23:42
  • 23:44
    Mamma and baby Bubba watching at the 18th. Will Bubba blubber?
  • 23:46
    Blixt finishes -5. Ryder Cup beckons. McGinley said earlier he likes him and called him a 'gunslinger.'
  • 23:48
    Babay Bub was adopted a few weeks before  Bubba won the last Masters. The little fella has been a good omen.
  • 23:55

    Both players have stitched their balls to birdie distance on 18. Standing ovation for the two. Bubba par. Spieth par. Bubba wins his second Masters with -8. Tears. Quivering lips, Mama and baby Bubba hug him. Big heaving shoulders and now slapping hands with the entire crowd....ers patrons. Well he always was uncoventional. He heads for the Butler Cabin to sign up and sign off. Just like me.

    That's it folks. A popular winner. Until next year.

    johnny Watterson