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Bank pursues John Perry, don’t eat frozen berries, Ireland is melting, austerity Budgets are ending

Genevieve Carbery Fri, Jul 19
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  • 08:46
    It’s not even 9am and it’s 20 degrees in some parts of the country already. Today’s Met Eireann weather warning reads like a mirage “Temperatures will reach values between 27 and 30 degrees in many areas today and Saturday. Nights will be warm and humid also. The very warm and humid weather will continue next week”. It’s Genevieve Carbery here on the Daily Wire. Happy Friday.
  • 08:53
    Kicking off with today's front pages
    The Irish Times
    - IMF urges Government to adhere to adjustment of €3.1bn - Noonan indicates the Government will not be easing up on austerity
    - Kenny criticised over ‘iron-fisted’ discipline
    - Ireland’s old fashioned approach to diaspora ‘old fashioned and condescending’
    Irish Independent
    - Kenny: I’m a Catholic/ Not the best, but a Catholic nonetheless’ Taoiseach says his faith is not damaged by abortion row.
    - Agony for 20 patients who fear they have been infected by deadly CJD
    The Examiner
    Its front page features a picture of the Boss’s first Cork gig
    - Debtors protect assets in private trust - Bill Cullen among those putting properties out of courts’ reach
    - -Action plan targets Ireland’s low corporate tax regime
    - Fears for up to 20 Beaumont patients over CJD exposure
    The Irish Daily Star
    -Boy (13) dies in farm tragedy
  • 08:59
    Two of my favourite bug bears are well-covered today – dog dirt and cyclists.

    “A large proportion of the dog-owning community seems completely unwilling to take responsibility for their pets’ by-products” writes Kevin Courtney. 
    Meanwhile after news of on-the-spot fines being introduced for cyclists Carl O’Brien who admits to “selectively” breaking the law – like many of us city cyclists - does not blame the Government but the “rogue cyclists who made it inevitable that a crackdown would be launched against dangerous behaviour” 
  • 09:04
    So Costa-del-Ireland seems to be the place to come to by sea. Yesterday an unsuccessful attempt in a dinghy ( more here) but today a more prepared-looking kitesurfer is attempting to come here from France in ten hours. He can be tracked live here ( he hasn’t reached English coast yet). Eoin Burke-Kennedy has more:
  • 09:09
    Our beautiful summer photo today comes from reader Brídín Gilroy who took it in Skerries last week.
    Our beautiful summer photo today comes from reader Brídín Gilroy who took it in Skerries last week.
  • 09:15
    This morning a Notre Dame professor is arguing that our approach to the Gathering is “old fashioned and condescending “and  they are viewed as plastic paddies. More here.
    This morning the Gathering is welcoming tourists to Dublin airport with dancers from 20-year-old Irish dancing show Riverdance…..
  • 09:29

    Dan Griffin has the latest on the CJD scare at Beaumont : The 10 to 20 people who have been operated on with medical instruments previously used on a patient with  CJD will be contacted by the end of today.  Dr Kevin Kelleher said these people are at a slightly higher risk of contracting the disease than the general population. More here. 

  • 09:32
    News just in of a fatal assault in Athy. The  man (56) was found in the centre of Athy in a laneway shortly before midnight.
  • 09:39
    The walkway where that man’s body was found is right in the centre of Athy at St John’s Lane – so just around the corner from the main shops/supermarket and the parking area of Shaws Square (Edmund Rice Square) .  Gardai said the man appeared to have a wound to his head. He died at Naas hospital early this morning.
  • 09:50
    Netflix series House of Cards has made history becoming the first online series ever nominated  for the Emmys showing a shift in television patterns.  
    I really loved this brilliant Washington DC political drama  starring the fantastic Kevin Spacey. If you haven’t seen it here’s a taster :
    Netflix series Arrested Development also received a nod.  As well as again the extremely wonderful Breaking Bad  which returns for its final series next month.  

    On an Irish note  Game of Thrones, which is filmed in Northern Ireland, picked up 16 nominations. More here:  
    I think I've used up my daily quota of superfluous adjectives with that post alone :)
  • 10:07
    Love this story about a ‘lost village’ unearthed in Inishbofin by archaeologists. Even better is that “some 21 of the island’s schoolchildren participated in the dig.” Lorna Siggins has the story and our photographer Cyril Byrne has the photo. 
  • 10:21
    Looks like Mayo is the place to be today. As of 9am it's the hottest place in the country already 22 degrees at Belmullet and Newport weather stations. "Roashting" as they say in that part of the world. 
  • 10:24
    Hard talk from Joan Burton on getting unemployed back to work: "If you’re not prepared to engage we will do the tough thing and cut your social welfare payment" she has told Pat Kenny on RTE Radio. It not making financial sense for people go back to work will be “a thing of the past”, she said. “Most people want to go back to work”.
  • 10:30
    Do topless shoppers put you off your dinner? Supervalu in Swords Dublin has asked customers to wear a “t-shirt or other suitable clothing” for “hygiene reasons” during the hot spell, the Daily Mail reports today.
  • 10:44
    New pictures of the Boston marathon bombing suspect emerging from the boat with laser gun dot on his head are pretty striking. The original Boston Magazine article is here, the Irish Times article here . This was sparked by Rolling Stone cover. The police photographer who released them to couneract the magazine has been relieved of duties. Ethically which is worse the police photos of the manhunt or the glamourisation of the bomber by Rolling Stone?
  • 10:49
    Photo just in from laneway in Athy for a forensic examination after body of a man found. Photograph: Michael O’Rourke.
    Photo just in from laneway in Athy for a forensic examination after body of a man found. Photograph: Michael O’Rourke.
  • 10:56
    Images of Dublin development plans by orders of nuns which refused to contribute to laundry redress scheme have been posted on Twitter by the Irish Examiner's Conor Ryan
    They are one step closer to multi-million euro windfalls thanks to a land zoning change he has written today. 
  • 10:59

    Thinking of a spot of sunny fishing this weekend? Try and beat this catch list -  an enormous monkfish, a giant lobster, a coconut and a fish that normally swims around the Azores have all been netted by Irish fishing vessels over the past few days. Lorna Siggins has the story. 

  • 11:10
    This is what a broke city looks like. 
  • 11:19
  • 11:29
    The man who asked for an injunction to prevent his girlfriend travelling to the UK for an abortion has withdrawn his application… Ruadhan Mac Cormaic has just filed. He writes that in the High Court this morning, Ms Justice Mary Laffoy struck out the proceedings after counsel for the man said he was withdrawing his application in light of an affidavit from his girlfriend. He felt he could “place his faith” in the statements contained in that affidavit.
  • 11:42
    Will you miss one and two cent coins if the Government decides next year to scrap them? Or do they just end up getting lost in the corner of your bag/pockets? The people of Wexford will soon find out as the Central Bank said today it is beginning a pilot scheme there later this year to round up and down prices to the nearest five cent. There will be a Govt decision next year.
  • 11:50

    FF Senator Brian O’Domhnaill  “regrets” if his remarks during the Seanad abortion debate “caused any offence” made and apologised for any harm, he has  told RTE Radio. His controversial comments were that abortion in fatal foetal abnormalities would prevent future Special Olympians being born.  

    If you missed it you can watch it here

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  • 12:05

    Even the elephants at Dublin Zoo are having trouble keeping cool in this heat.  

  • 12:27
    Ice-cream sales may be up but it seems chocolate isn’t doing so well….if this tweet from a Co Meath shop is anything to go by. Any good heatwave photos you want to send me please do
  • 12:59
    Is the end of austerity in sight? Enda Kenny says it should be “the last of the difficult budgets” in October. Of course, this happy message has a ringing sting “this is not going to be an easy budget”, he said today. In other words, brace yourselves folks.
  • 13:13
    “The average survival time is five months” writes Dr  Muiris Houston in a closer look at the pretty grim disease CJD as the HSE contacts up to 20 patients potentially infected. More here.  
  • 13:17
    Yet another young drowning in this heatwave, a 15-year-old boy in Derry believed to have fallen into the River Roe.  Irish Water Safety's John Leech said “a whole generation haven’t learned to swim in open water,” Christopher McKinley has more here.  
  • 13:28

    Uh Oh, could it be game over for the double Irish?

  • 13:32

    It looks like yummy cooling raspberry smoothies might be off the menu for the moment. The Food Safety Authority is investgating an outbreak of Hepatitis A linked to imported frozen berries and it advising that people boil their berries first. Not very appetising.  

    Press Release: Outbreak of Hepatitis A Virus Linked to Imported Frozen Berries #FSAI

    — FoodSafetyAuthority (@FSAIinfo) July 19, 2013
  • 13:39
    When you're soaking up the rays send a little sympathy to the freezing sods at Malin Head, Co Donegal where it was 14 degrees at 1pm, at least 8 degrees lower than everywhere else. It’s 28 degrees inland at Roscommon and Carlow. Phoenix Park is 25 degrees and most of the West is 26 degrees.  
  • 13:54
    “You may as well be creative because you’ll be making as much money doing that as you would doing anything else. Then the Celtic tiger came along. But now we see people doing creative things again” -  Pat Shortt talks about creativity and recession in his interview with Donald Clarke.  
  • 14:00
    Latest from Athy murder - the victim  is a well-known dissident republican who lived in the area. More here  . Separately a man shot outside St Dominic’s Shopping Centre in Tallaght, Dublin last May has died from his injuries. He had been on life support. More  Here
  • 14:05

    Extreme hot weather brings its own problems –   Elderly people have been advised to stay out of the afternoon sun, local authorities have asked people to conserve water. Tim O’Brien has the lowdown.  

  • 14:14
    Eamon Ryan has hit back at the “populist” on-the–spot cycling fines announced yesterday. The former Green Party minister says they are " populist measures that will not address the underlying cause of the problem. Introducing some simple traffic management changes would do far more to improve the system for everyone.”
  • 14:44

    The announcement that the Simpsons are going to appear in an episode of Family Guy next year has sparked some great excitement online but there’s also lots of speculation that this is simply a cheap cross over to help boost two flagging shows.  

    Get ready for a crossover episode between The Simpsons and Family Guy

    — The AV Club (@TheAVClub) July 19, 2013
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    In the 1274 Irish heatwave  people crossed the beds of rivers with dry feet,700 years later in the 2013 heatwave people were told to walk on the shady side of the street.  

    It even rhymes :)

  • 15:28
    Some kind person has brought a bag of ice-creams into the office. Stampede mildly describes the scene that ensued. Nom nom nom
  • 15:32
    Speaking of eating too many ice-creams …Dubai's government will pay residents in gold for losing extra pounds as part of a government campaign to fight growing obesity in the Gulf Arab emirate.

    Reuters reports that the the 30-day weight- loss challenge was launched on Friday to coincide with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Many eat too much after breaking the fast, tucking into traditional dishes loaded with fat and sugar that can push their daily calorie intake well above levels outside of Ramadan.
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  • 15:49
    Great time-lapse video of Chêne-Bourg railway station being relocated 30 metres by Swiss authorities. The operation moved the historic building through a system of rails and winches. It took months of preparation but just four hours to move. Find more here.
  • 15:59
    So Fine Gael minister John Perry and his wife are being pursued by Danske Bank  for a judgment over unpaid loans of almost €2.5 million. More here.  
    The bank claims the couple are indebted arising from a October 2011 facility for €2.42 million provided to restructure existing loans.
    Funnily enough the last time the Minister of State for Small business was in the news was on July 1st when he published a new “code of conduct for prompt payments” , here  
  • 16:07
    Giving all media outlets an excuse to play the #lapgate footage again, TD Tom Barry said today he was caught in a “tidalwave” and offered to step down entirely.”This has spread like a wildfire. I didn’t realise I had sparked so many issues” he told C103FM.  
  • 16:21
    Think austerity has badly impacted public services here? In Detroit 40% of street lights were non-functional in the first 3 months of this year, the police took an average of 58 minutes to respond to emergency calls, only a third of ambulances were in service, murder rate is highest for 40 years.
  • 16:25
    Carlsbad I believe it costs 1.6 cent to make a 1 cent coin. In most shops they won't call the Garda if you're a couple of cent short! Get rid!!
  • 16:31

    The latest on frozen berries – 10 cases of Hepatitis A with the same strain have been identified in Ireland since April, the Health Protection Surveillance Centre has said.  

  • 16:42
    Time for a little weather update – it’s 29 degrees in Roscommon and Shannon Airport but still 15 in poor old Malin Head. Coveney denies that farmers are going to have a second fodder crisis as the State enters absolute drought. More here. The UK independent is reporting that as many as 760 people have died as a result of the heatwave in Britain. Meanwhile Leinster player Cian Healy decided to cool off a friend with a bowl of iced water. The results are on Instagram here  
  • 16:52
    Senators have been left in charge of Leinster House today and they’re going a bit mad with the power it seems….Five Labour senators abstained in a vote, Fianna Fail senators walked out during chaotic scenes in a row over replacing rebel FG and Labour senators on committees. Marie O’Halloran has more.  
  • 17:12
    Scottish Comedian Frankie Boyle has gone on hunger stike to support Guantanamo prisoner Shaker Aamer. More on the man  here.
  • 17:14
    More detail  on the man murdered in Athy. Larry Keane  (56) served time in prison for trying to import explosives, was a father of six and a former soldier, was well known around the town. More here
  • 17:29
    With the frozen berry scare what exactly is Hepatitis A? It’s an infection of the liver that leads to inflammation. Some people have no symptoms others have flu-like symptoms, appetite loss, abdominal pains.  
    It’s usually caught by putting something in your mouth that has been contaminated with the stools of someone with Hepatitis A.  
    More from the HSE here  
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  • 17:42
    The mercury has hit 30 in Roscommon! If sunbathing, swimming, eating ice-cream, bbq-ing aren't your thing ;) then Dan Griffin has some ideas on what you can do this glorious weekend to keep entertained here. Adios from the Daily Wire for today. To paraphrase Baz Lurman if I could offer you one tip for the weekend, wear sunscreen. Be transported back in time with the video here