Six Nations

Follow Ireland's progress as they take on France at the Aviva

Emmet Riordan Fri, Mar 8
LIVE: Six Nations

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  • 16:22
    Good afternoon and welcome to out live coverage of the Ireland versus France game at the Aviva Stadium. My name is Emmet Riordan and I’ll be bringing you a minute by minute report on a game that has remarkably become a play-off for the wooden spoon. Even if France win they may still face the wooden spoon as that will leave them on 2 points alongside Ireland and Italy, who play England at Twickenham tomorrow.
    The early game is over at Murrayfield, with Wales winning 28-18 against Scotland, with Sam Warburton winning the man of the match on his return to the side.
  • 16:31
    The weather is going to be an issue today and it's Les Misérables at the Aviva Stadium. The good news from Declan Kidney is that everyone is fit and firing, although the wet pitch is sure to test the hamstrings of the players.
  • 16:35
    How they line out

    IRELAND: Rob Kearney (Leinster); Fergus McFadden (Leinster); Brian O’Driscoll (Leinster), Luke Marshall (Ulster), Keith Earls (Munster); Paddy Jackson (Ulster), Conor Murray (Munster); Cian Healy (Leinster), Rory Best (Ulster), Mike Ross (Leinster), Mike McCarthy (Connacht), Donnacha Ryan (Munster), Peter O’Mahony (Munster), Seán O’Brien (Leinster), Jamie Heaslip (Leinster, capt).

    Replacements: Seán Cronin (Leinster), David Kilcoyne (Munster), Stephen Archer (Munster), Donncha O’Callaghan (Munster), Iain Henderson (Ulster), Eoin Reddan (Leinster), Ian Madigan (Leinster), Luke Fitzgerald (Leinster)

    FRANCE: Yoann Huget (Toulouse); Vincent Clerc (Toulouse), Florian Fritz (Toulouse), Wesley Fofana (Clermont), Maxime Medard (Toulouse); Frederic Michalak (Toulon), Morgan Parra (Clermont); Thomas Domingo (Clermont), Benjamin Kayser (Clermont), Nicolas Mas (Perpignan), Christophe Samson (Castres), Yoann Maestri (Toulouse), Yannick Nyanga (Toulouse), Thierry Dusautour (Toulouse, c), Louis Picamoles (Toulouse).

    Replacements: G Guirado (Perpignan), V Debaty (Clermont Auvergne), L Ducalon (Racing Metro), S Vahaamahina (Perpignan), A Claassen (Castres), M Machenaud (Racing Metro), F Trinh-Duc (Montpellier), M Bastareaud (Toulon).

    Referee: Steve Walsh (Australia)
  • 16:48
    Ronnie Where are the spectators?
  • 16:49
    Irish Times columnist Alan Quinlan has called for spectators to be in their seats before kick-off today, although the weather might see people leaving it until the last minute.  
  • 16:51

    The crowds, like the weather, are flooding in and Donal Lenihan believes it's fair enough in the conditions. 

  • 16:54

    President Michael D Higgins is meeting the teams as we prepare for the anthems. 

  • 16:55

    And now for La Marseillaise.

  • 16:57
    You can tweet me @emmetrd if you want to pass on any thoughts on the game or just tell me if you're wet or dry at the Aviva. We always like to hear from people around the world tuned it. You can also use our comments section.
  • 17:00
    Australian Steve Walsh is the referee for today's game as we await the start.
  • 17:01
    And we're off as Freddy Michalak get the game underway.
  • 17:02
    Conor Murray clears and we have our first lineout.
  • 17:02
    And Donnacha Ryan claims and that's reassuring after our problems out of touch in Edinburgh.
  • 17:03
    2 mins: Keaith Earls drops the ball but Maxime Medard can't collect the kick.
  • 17:05
    4 mins: France try a quick move off the front of the lineout but Ireland are wise to it and it's another lineout, this time to Ireland.
  • 17:05
    And some poor handling and a nice kick from Conor Murray see Ireland in to the French 22.
  • 17:06
    5 mins: Ireland maul off the lineout, but France's defence is good and they get the put in at the first scrum.
  • 17:06
    Sodo C'mon you boys in green
  • 17:08
    7 mins: Third reset now as the frontrows go down.
  • 17:08
    Walsh is talking to the frontrows and wants them to move a little closer.
  • 17:09
    8 mins: Cian Healy leaning in and it's a free-kick to France.
  • 17:10
    9 mins: Great maul from Ireland and that gets the crowd going. 
  • 17:11
    10 mins: Brian O'Driscoll's chip through for Earls sees Morgan Parra have to clear to touch in his 22.
  • 17:12
    11 mins: TRY - IRELAND: And another wonderful maul from the lineout and captain Jamie Heaslip is awarded the try.
  • 17:13
    12 mins: CONVERSION - IRELAND: Paddy Jackson is good with the kick and that's a great start for Ireland. 
  • 17:15
    14 mins: A bit of aerial ping-pong ends with Yoann Huget finding a good touch.
  • 17:15
    And it's not straight from Rory Best and France will take the scrum.
  • 17:16
    15 mins: And France get a penalty as Ireland collapse the scrum.
  • 17:16

    It looks like Mike Ross slipped at tighthead.

  • 17:17
    16 mins: MISSED PENALTY - FRANCE: Michalak is right and wide with a fairly straightforward kick.
  • 17:18
    Parra tries to run out of his 22 but Rob Kearney pressurises him to kick off balance.
  • 17:19
    18 mins: Kearney runs in to the referee, but Murray kicks another beauty in behind the French defence.
  • 17:20
    Ireland's handling has been excellent despite the conditions, while their gameplan seems well suited for the conditions.
  • 17:21
    Walsh talks to Cian Healy about his scrummaging, which is pretty impressive considering he was on the other side.
  • 17:21
    21 mins: And Walsh penalises Ireland again at the scrum.
  • 17:21
    Claire and Holly Allez les verts! From Claire and Holly in Lusaka, Zambia
  • 17:23
    Another excellent kick from Murray is claimed by Heaslip thanks to Fergus McFadden's work. And Ireland win a penalty after France are off their feet at a ruck.
  • 17:24
    23 mins: MISSED PENALTY - IRELAND: Jackson is just wide to the left, struck it well though. 
  • 17:24
    Liam Andrew From the cold Scandinavia in an Irish Pub, I'v a good feeling about this game- and the Pints served here in the 'Irish rover', sure the Ladies have shown us the way...
  • 17:26
    26 mins: Great defence from Ireland eventually ends in France knocking on.
  • 17:28
    26 mins: And Ireland collapse again and Michalak will have another pop.
  • 17:28
    Worrying signs at scrum time and Walsh is on the case of the Ireland pack.
  • 17:29
    27 mins - PENALTY - FRANCE: Michalak gets his side on the scoreboard.
  • 17:30
    On the plus side, the lineout is looking very good so far.
  • 17:30
    And from that one, Ireland win a penalty and Jackson will take aim.
  • 17:31
    29 mins: PENALTY - IRELAND: Jackson from out on the right slots over a great kick.
  • 17:32
    Murray's box kicking has been brilliant today and a key tactic in the conditions.
  • 17:33
    And another penalty to the home side as Ireland keep the pressure on France.
  • 17:34

    33 mins: PENALTY - IRELAND: Jackson with a similar kick to the last time and Ireland now lead by 10.

  • 17:35
    Ronnie Well done Paddy Jackson.magnificent kick
  • 17:35
    Nichole Feeling like we could win this game, may have an early wine to celebrate
  • 17:36
    35 mins: Brilliant kick from Luke Marshall, showing his old outhalf skills from his schooldays.
  • 17:37

    Donnacha Ryan is penalised after he tripped Picamoles and he's lucky not to get the bin for that one.

  • 17:38
    Tomás and Mags Come on Ireland
  • 17:39
    Fergus McFadden has been excellent at chasing the high ball.
  • 17:39
    38 mins: And McFadden with another great chase and tackle.
  • 17:40
    Murray would be wise to mix it up as Michalak spots the box kick and France are back into Ireland's 22.
  • 17:42
    40 mins: Great composure from Jackson as he dodges Parra behinfd the tryline and clears. 
  • 17:43
    40 mins: Playing the man on the ground from Mike McCarthy and penalty to France.
  • 17:43
    40 mins: MISSED PENALTY - FRANCE: Michalak misses and it's half-time and Ireland still 10 to the good.
  • 17:45
    Well that was a very good 40 minutes from Ireland. Clear thinking with a gameplan suited to the conditions and good execution. Might need to mix it up a bit more in the second half as France are sensing the box kick early. Overall though it's very encouraging from Ireland.
  • 17:46
    Sam Bar showing 'bloody kiss ball' out in Borovits, relying on tablet updates. Come on Ireland
  • 17:46
  • 17:46
    Tweent me @emmetrd with your opinions of that first half and I'll retweet the best of them.
  • 17:48
  • 17:50
    Bríd Very pleasantly surprised - Jackson's kicking obviously, and Luke Marshall. Delighted that McFadden is getting a platform to show his stuff at last. Keep the head lads, for the second half!
  • 17:54
    Just 2 handling errors from Ireland sums up the discipline and execution from the home side.
  • 17:56

    And ireland look to have a bounce in their stride as they take the pitch for the second half. No replacements on either side.

  • 17:56
    And Jackson gets the second half underway.
  • 17:57
    McFadden crashes into Picamoles and feels that one, bravery from the Leinster man.
  • 17:58
    42 mins: Irish knock-on as McCarthy takes his eye off the ball.
  • 17:58
    Ianhimself Seems PJ has joined Rory's #FTB club. The kid's doin great
  • 18:00
    43 mins: France fail to use the ball at the scrum and Walsh pings them
  • 18:01
    44 mins: And Ireland get the penalty from the scrum and Jackson will take aim.
  • 18:02
    45 mins: MISSED PENALTY - IRELAND: Jackson is wide and short with a long kick.
  • 18:03
    46 mins: Lovely kick from Rob Kearney and Ireland back in the France 22.
  • 18:03
    Peter O'Mahony nearly got the steal, but ends up knocking on.
  • 18:05
    48 mins: Seán O'Brien tries a tricky offload to Murray, who knocks on. Another good maul from Ireland though. 
  • 18:05
    France's bench are warming up and that will be a key part to this game.
  • 18:08
    51 mins: Poor end to a great period of pressure from Ireland as Rob Kearney attemps a drop goal and misses. 
  • 18:09
    Vahaamahina comes in for the injured Maestri in the French secondrow.
  • 18:09
    52 mins: Scrappy passage of play ends with Ireland getting the put-in at a scrum
  • 18:10
    Tomás and Mags I think we have it in the bag????????????
  • 18:11
    Basteraud  in for Fritz in the centre
  • 18:11
    Mike Ross fails to stay down in the scrum and it's a penalty to France, which Parra will take, replacing Michalak.
  • 18:12
    54 mins: PENALTY - FRANCE: Parra's sweet left foot does the trick 
  • 18:14
    Liam Andrew As long as it's only their bench that's warming up, c'mon Ireland it's been a while
  • 18:14
    Bríd @Tomás and Mags - Don't jinx it now!! We've 27 mins to go!
  • 18:14
    56 mins: Knock on from Healy and France attack off the scrum.
  • 18:15
    57 mins: Walsh calls it back for advantage to France and Parra will aim at the posts again
  • 18:15
    58 mins:
  • 18:17
    58 mins: MISSED PENALTY - FRANCE: Parra fails with his second attempt.
  • 18:17
    59 mins: Nice clearing kick from Rob Kearney and Ireland back in the French half.
  • 18:18
    60 mins: McFadden knocks on and some errors creeping into Ireland's game now.
  • 18:19
    We enter the final quarter of an absorbing contest.
  • 18:20
    62 mins: Great take from Conor Murray as McFadden receives attention.
  • 18:21
    63 mins: And the effort is taking its toll on the players, with a number getting treatment. McFadden goes off to be replaced by Luke Fitzgerald
  • 18:22
    Eoin Reddan coming on for Murray, which is a strange decision as Murray has been outstanding.
  • 18:22
    Oscar Don't fall apart now Ireland
  • 18:23
    64 mins: Unlucky as Reddan's kick hit the flag at the tryline.
  • 18:26
    French reps: Debaty for Domingo and Claassen for Nyanga.
  • 18:26
    66 mins: Ireland penalised for slowing the game down.
  • 18:27
    Any chance they could speed it up, by about 13 minutes or so.
  • 18:28
    68 mins: Ireland win a penalty as Marshall makes a huge intervention. Gets a pat on the back from BOD.
  • 18:28
    Cian Healy receiving attention on the pitch now.
  • 18:29
    Donncha O'Callaghan on for Donnacha Ryan
  • 18:31
    The French supporters are booing Michalak at the Aviva Stadium.
  • 18:31
    And O'Driscoll has picked up a knock and tries to run it off.
  • 18:33
    72 mins: France make a mess of that position and Ireland get the penalty.
  • 18:34
    And now Luke Marshall and O'Driscoll are injured and receiving attention.
  • 18:35
    France's bench has made a big impression here and Ireland are under the cosh with 9 minutes left.
  • 18:36

    73 mins: And Ireland lose the put-in after France wheel the scrum.

  • 18:37
    Madigan is on as Marshall and O'Driscoll have had to leave the pitch. Murray is back on as Earls moves to centre.
  • 18:37
    paul Come on ireland a little close for comfort
  • 18:38
    74 mins: TRY - FRANCE:
  • 18:38

    Picamoles gets over and the pressure finally pays off.

  • 18:39
    75 mins: CONVERSION - FRANCE: And Michalak replaces Parra with the kicking duties and it's all level.
  • 18:40
    77 mins: Earls looked like he was knocked off the ball as he chased through the kick.
  • 18:40
    Possible foul play call to the TMO.
  • 18:41
    Nigel Whitehouse is the TMO.
  • 18:41
    And Earls was taken out.
  • 18:41
    Tomás and Mags Murray on the wing???
  • 18:42
    The tension is unbearable as ref and TMO talk about it.
  • 18:42
    No foul play is the call from the TMO.
  • 18:43
    77 mins: France claim the mark as we enter the final 3 minutes. 
  • 18:46
    Into the final minute and Ireland have the ball, but they need to make some space.
  • 18:46

    France get the penalty in their own half.

  • 18:46
    Eoin Reddan is now on the ground injured.
  • 18:47
    No time for the lineout for France so they will have to run this.
  • 18:48
    Conor Murray wins the man of the match and he might have to enter the game for a third time as Reddan is badly injured on the day of his 50th appearance for Ireland. 
  • 18:48
    Seán Cronin is on for Reddan.
  • 18:49
    Just 4 seconds left on the clock and it looks like ending in a draw at the Aviva.
  • 18:50
    The motorised stretcher is on the field and we could be a few minutes here as Reddan receives treatment.
  • 18:51
    And it's a lower left leg injury for Reddan. He leaves the field on the stretcher.
  • 18:51
    And France go for the up and under.
  • 18:52
    Full-time: Ireland 13 France 13.
  • 18:54
    So back-to-back draws between the side, but France finished much the stronger, with their bench making a huge difference. Ireland look like they will have another nightmare injury report from this game, with Italy in Rome a week from today. 
  • 18:55
    Murray believes ireland should have made more of their opportunities at the start of the second half. "We'll look back on it with disappointment."
  • 18:55
    He wishes Reddan all the best after his injury.
  • 19:07
    Ireland captain Jamie Heaslip is also disappointed after the performance.
  • 19:08
    He denies that his side lost composure during the second half. 
  • 19:12
    So what kind of team will line up in Rome next Saturday. Both centres went off injured and if Marshall has a concussion, he will likely miss the clash. McFadden also went off injured, while Reddan will be off the bench with a leg injury. Florence Nightingale could get a call up to the medical staff at this rate. 
  • 19:14
    Ireland coach Declan Kidney says chances and the call on foul play against Keith Earls was key he says.
  • 19:15
    On taking off Conor Murray, Kidney says that the Munster man looked tired when he replaced him with Eoin Reddan.
  • 19:15
    Kidney says Reddan may have a break, so that could end his season.
  • 19:17

    He hopes we have not seen the last of Brian O'Driscoll in an Ireland jersey at the Aviva Stadium. And we's all agree with that sentiment.  

  • 19:18
    That's all from me for tonight. Thanks for tuning in from wherever you are.