Day 5: Dublin Bus strike

All the latest on traffic and travel as up to 400,000 commuters find alternative ways to work

Rachel Flaherty Fri, Sep 23
LIVE: Day 5: Dublin Bus strike

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    Good morning! It is day five of the Dublin Bus strike and up to 400,000 people are finding alternative ways to get to work this morning.

    How are you getting into the city today?

    I'll have all the latest updates on travel. If anyone would like to contact me I'm on @rachelfl on Twitter or

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    If you have not yet decided how you are getting into the city today or tomorrow we've outlined a number of alternative options.


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    A reminder that Dublin Bus tickets are not valid on trains


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    Dublin Bus has issued a new statement this morning in relation to the strikes

    “Dublin Bus apologises to customers for the significant  inconvenience and disruption to services this week.  

     “The  stoppages to date have cost the company over €4 million and the two day stoppage this week will cost an additional €2 million   and leave the company in a loss making position by the end of 2016. The additional 13 days of planned stoppages will cost the company an additional €15 million.  This will have a catastrophic impact on Dublin Bus’ financial position.

    “We remain willing and open to engage with the Trade Unions and urge them to return to talks as provided for in the Labour Court recommendation, so that we can work together to move forward and find a resolution to the current dispute.”

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    For people walking or cycling to work today, the weather looks good

    It will be mostly dry weather today apart from the odd shower with some morning sunshine. Highest temperatures are between 15 to 18 degrees.

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    Not all is going to plan for this commuter...

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    Is the increase in private buses due to ideology or demand?
    Industry correspondent Martin Wall looks at private buses.

    Private bus operators have been licensed to run services in Ireland as far back as the 1930s.
    But the question now being raised is whether too many licences have been issued for commercial services and whether this will lead to “a race to the bottom” in terms of the pay and conditions for workers and ultimately a deterioration of services.
    State-owned Bus Éireann has blamed growing competition for large losses incurred by its Expressway inter-regional service.
    In a highly controversial move it has proposed separating Expressway from the rest of the company and introducing inferior terms and conditions for staff.
    The move seems likely to lead to further strikes in the transport sector.

    Full article

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    It's an extra early start for thousands this morning but the good news is it's Friday!
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    Bus strike listening: A round-up of podcasts for your commute
    Walking or cycling to work on Friday morning? Have a listen to one of our latest podcasts


    To make sure you stay safe while listening, here are some tips from Dublin cycling.


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    A walk of 2 hours and 25 minutes. Can you beat that?

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    Views are looking pretty this morning


    Bus strike means an early start, for lots of us. #Dublin

    A photo posted by Ciaran O'Rourke (@cjporourke) on

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    Do you think the Minister should get involved?

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    Union speaks out

    National Bus and Rail Union general secretary Dermot O’Leary has said he is trying to focus on “the permanent government, the lifers, the civil servants who dictate how people are paid in the transport sector and how services are run, but they’re answerable to nobody”.

    Mr O’Leary said the National Transport Authority was handing out operating licences and encouraging the privatisation of public transport.

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    Reports that traffic is busy on all routes into Dublin this morning.

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    Union describes dispute as "bitter"


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    When Dublin Bus reopens

    Dublin Bus says their head office will reopen on Sunday at 9.30am and their customer service phone line will reopen on Monday.

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    How commuters are reacting today





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    Dublin Bikes are in high demand this morning...

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    Strikes in public transport look set to get worse

    Industry correspondent Martin Walls say action at Bus Éireann and Iarnród Éireann has become a distinct possibility

    Disruption at Dublin Bus is set to continue but the potential for industrial action at its sister companies, Bus Éireann and Iarnród Éireann, in the weeks ahead has become a more distinct possibility.
    About 400,000 Dublin Bus passengers will again face inconvenience tomorrow and Saturday as staff stage the fifth and sixth days of strikes in a dispute over pay.
    By Sunday, the company’s projections of profits for the year will have evaporated and it is forecasting that if all of the future work stoppages planned go ahead, the dispute will cost it €21 million. This raises the scenario of further cuts.
    Given that staff have already rejected an 8.25 per cent pay increase over three years, if no resolution emerges in the very near future, the potential for this dispute to get even worse is very real.
    While Minister for Transport Shane Ross has signalled there would be an increase in the State’s subvention to Dublin Bus next year, he said it would be used to improve services – presumably as distinct from being used to increase pay.
    He again insisted he would not be opening the State cheque book and the dispute had to be resolved between the management and unions.
    At Bus Éireann, the financial position is even more difficult. It has specifically told staff there is no prospect of pay rises being awarded this year.

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    Support of the strike

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    Pressure is building on Minister Shane Ross to get involved

    However, the Minister has previously said the following:

    “I’m not going to ride in on a white horse in shining armour and have a cheque book and say that’s going to solve the problem,” Mr Ross said.
    “That would be exactly the wrong thing to do. This dispute, as everybody knows, will be resolved.
    “It won’t be resolved if I participate in it in a way which would make things far worse.”

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    Unsurprisingly, taxis are busy this morning


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    People's kindness is shining through today


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    Spare a thought for people squeezing onto the Dart and Luas


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    If you can manage to get your hands on a Dublin Bike...

    Don't forget, people can use their Leap card to use the Dublin Bikes rental scheme from Tuesday.
    The new initiative will allow new and existing bike share members to use the service using the smart card. However, users will not be able to pay for their bike trips from their Leap card account.

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    Have you noticed any other areas unusually quiet?

  • 09:03

    Maybe things are not so bad in Dublin after all


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    Latest on M50 traffic

    M50 moving well in both directions now, just slow southbound from J7 Lucan to J10 Ballymount, Live Drive is reporting


  • 09:10

    Crash update

    here is a crash outbound on the Swords Rd before Griffith Ave jct in the bus lane, AA Roadwatch are reporting.

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    One option for All-Ireland fans to get to Croke Park on Saturday


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    Dublin businesses have lost 25 per cent of revenue during last bus strike


    Dublin businesses suffered losses averaging 20 to 25 per cent during the first of the recent bus strikes, the chief executive of Dublin Town has said.

      Richard Guiney has also said footfall was down 15 per cent and that convenience stores close to bus stops “were completely wiped out.”

     Mr Guiney called on all parties involved in the dispute to “use the apparatus of the State. Get in and get talking. There are wider economic consequences for people in this strike.”

     Mr Guiney told RTE’s Morning Ireland that his members will be further impacted because night buses will not be running “just in terms of staff trying to get home, it could be quite expensive.


    “The Revenue Commissioners will tax employers who provide taxi fares for employees which is a bit unfair given the circumstances.

     “Our hope is that this strike will get resolved sooner rather than later. It's quite depressing to see that there isn't a whole lot of movement in that regard.

    “Retailers are working on the understanding that this strike will continue, some large retailers are putting Christmas recruitment on hold to see what's happening, there will be knock on consequences in the wider economy.

    “Buses carry roughly 40 per cent of the people coming into the city. Obviously we want those people in. If you have less people coming in it might be easier to move around, but the critical thing is for people to access the city - for all of the businesses here.”


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    Thinking of Tipperary people


  • 09:29

    Who made their 10,000 steps this morning?


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    Traffic does not look good on the M50

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    Some people just like to rub it in

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    Update on crash

    A crash outbound on the Swords Rd before Griffith Ave jct has been cleared form the bus lane, AA Roadwatch is reporting

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    'Sugar daddy'

    Siptu is calling on the Minister for Transport Shane Ross to play a "constructive role" in finding a resolution to the dispute at Dublin Bus.
    Mr Ross has previously said he is not a "sugar daddy" and cannot be expected to "ride in on a white horse and shining armour with a cheque book"

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    Revised timetable for Irish Rail on Saturday

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    Bye for now...

    Hope you all got to your destination ok and are not too sleepy with the extra early start. Enjoy your Friday and best of luck to everyone using alternative travel during the second day of the Dublin Bus strike tomorrow.

    Keep up to date with all the latest on the industrial dispute on

    I'll leave you with some more reactions from commuters today.