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IT Sun, Aug 12

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  • 11:04
    The Olympics end today. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry but given the amount of tears that have been shed over the last two weeks at the Games, maybe I should allow myself a quiet sob in the corner. But let’s not be too hasty. We still have one more day of action ahead of us and there are two Irish athletes in action.  

    8am – Modern Pentathlon Natalya Coyle was the first Irish athlete to qualify for the modern pentathlon since Moscow 1980. Great performances in World Cup series events, most notably in Russia where she finished 10th, secured the 21-year-old a place in the final in China, from where she booked a place in London. A medal might be a big ask, but her form suggests she and Ireland can finish on a high.

    11am – MarathonMark Kenneally of Clonliffe Harriers was one of the first to qualify for London when he ran 2:13:55 in Amsterdam last October, but he’s had to wait until the last day to see some action. A very consistent athlete, he has several national titles, between track and cross country, to his name and will be hoping to beat his coach Mark Carroll’s Irish record of 2:10.54 tomorrow.

    So sit back, relax and bask in Olympic glory for one last time before the reality of having mere mortals back on our television screens comes to pass. It’s Day 16, I’m Ciaran Daly and I’m anticipating withdrawal symptoms very soon. It won't be long before it's time to start thinking about financing a trip to Rio in 2016.
  • 11:08
    Ireland’s Natalya Coyle has made a promising start in the women’s modern pentathlon. She lies in joint 11th place after the fencing. The 21 year old won 19 of her 35 bouts and will be heading for the swimming pool next at around 12.35pm. Come on Natalya!
  • 11:12
    The men’s marathon is underway. Mark Kenneally of Clonliffe Harriers is racing for Ireland. Here’s hoping Mark can put a good race together.
  • 11:19
    Mark Kenneally is in 78th place (out of 105 runners) in the men’s marathon after 5km.
  • 11:22
    If you saw Mo Farah’s amazing 5000m victory last night you may have noticed his signature celebration which has become known as the Mobot!

    Well, the ever popular Usain Bolt knows how to please a crowd so after he and his Jamaican team-mates took gold and smashed the world record in the men’s 4 x100m final last night, he paid tribute to Farah by pulling the Mobot pose himself.
  • 11:25
    Bolt does the Mobot, Farah does the lightning bolt (Adam Davy/PA Wire)
    Bolt does the Mobot, Farah does the lightning bolt (Adam Davy/PA Wire)
  • 11:31
    It wasn’t Mo Farah who invented the Mobot though. That honour belongs to Clare Balding. I think after these Games her status as British national treasure has been cemented.

  • 11:41
    After 10km Ireland’s Mark Kenneally has moved up to 59th place in the men’s marathon.
  • 11:43
    Emmanual Kipchirchir Mutai of Kenya leads the men’s marathon.
  • 11:43
    Get your suggestions in early for your moment of the Olympics.
  • 11:46
    Katie Taylor receives her gold medal!
  • 11:46
  • 11:49
    The jackets of Kenneth Egan – “And finally, Spring/Summer 1983 – wake us before you go-go Ken!”
  • 11:49
  • 11:51
    Mark Kenneally is in 58th place after 15km of the men’s marathon.
  • 11:54
    The BBC commentators and pundits were ever so slightly pleased when Mo Farah won the 10,000m last Saturday night. They were ecstatic again when Mo became a double Olympic champion by winning the 5,000m last night.
  • 11:54
  • 12:00
    Kiprotich of Kenya leads the men’s marathon by over 10 seconds at the 12 mile mark.
  • 12:03
    Just a quick recap – Ireland’s Natalya Coyle is 11th in the pentathlon after the fencing. She won 19 of 35 bouts meaning she has a total of 856 points.
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  • 12:13
    Domhnall Last day, might aswell get in early - thanks a million for the coverage for the last couple of weeks, it's great to feel like you're watching it from home through this blog when you're living abroad. Best and most entertaining blog in the interweb by the same distance that Usain Bolt won the 100m - about 6 miles!
  • 12:13
    DublinerOnTour Before it all ends, can I just say a big thank you to you and the I.T. blog for making the Olympics so enjoyable for those of us following far from home - cheers m'dears!
  • 12:13
    DM I bid a Fiver for "The Jakit"
  • 12:16
    Music that should under no circumstances be used for Olympic montages by television companies. It's been done before or are just tired clichés.

    Elbow – One Day Like this
    Muse - Feeling Good
    U2 – Beautiful Day
    Ludovico Einaudi – Primavera (Amazing but it has been used in approximately 90% of adverts in the last six months)
    Coldplay – La Vida Viva

    All suggestions welcome for music you don't want to hear or alterantively music that you'd like to hear underscore Olympics montages.
  • 12:16
    DM Best Memory - Chad le Clos and in particular his Father - Great time..... And I am sad to inform you that as I have spent so much time on this Blog over the last two weeks, I am giving up to day and will not be joining you again, I hope the next two weeks is as successful for you as the last two have been.
  • 12:19
    Chad Le Clos’s father Burt got a little bit emotional when his son beat Michael Phelps in the men’s 200m butterfly final to claim Olympic gold.
  • 12:19
  • 12:20
  • 12:21
    Mark Kenneally is in the top 50 of the men’s marathon after 25km. Mark is currently in 43rd place. Keep ‘er lit Mark!
  • 12:26
    Kenya’s Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich has been caught by his compatriot Abel Kirui and Uganda’s Stephen Kiprotich at the head of the men’s marathon. Not a bad day to be a Kiprotich eh?
  • 12:31
    Some quirky quotes from the Olympics

  • 12:36
    Gymnast Kieran Behan may not have performed as well in the individual floor routine as he might have hoped but he still did Ireland proud and his interview in the aftermath was one of the moments of the Games. Behan had suffered a series of serious injuries in his youth but rose above those set backs to become an Olympian. It really was an inspiring story.

  • 12:36
  • 12:38
  • 12:41
    Kenneally is in 42nd place after 30km of the men’s marathon. Come on Mark!

    Abel Kirui, Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich and Stephen Kiprotich are the top three in the men’s marathon. They’re running together but who will take gold?
  • 12:44
    Natalya Coyle is swimming in lane four of Heat two in the Aquatic Centre. It’s over 200m and it’s the second discipline of the women’s modern pentathlon.
  • 12:44
    Coyle is leading after 100m!
  • 12:46
    Natalya Coyle wins heat two of the 200m swimming in the women’s modern pentathlon in a time of 2:19.17. That was worth 1,132 pentathlon points to her. That means she has 1,988 points in total.
  • 12:52
    No sitting on the fence for Ireland’s Natalya Coyle  (Inpho/Dan Sheridan)
    No sitting on the fence for Ireland’s Natalya Coyle (Inpho/Dan Sheridan)
  • 12:56
    Uganda’s Stephen Kiprotich now leads from Kenya’s Abel Kirui and Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich.

    Uganda has never won a medal beyond 400m. Stephen Kiprotich left his home country at 17 years of age to live in Kenya because he wanted to become a world class runner. Can he hold on for Olympic gold?
  • 12:57
    Expect the BBC montage to be good anyway… Clare Balding has just watched it and she’s in tears.
  • 12:58
  • 13:00
    Shall we give out medals for the best commentators and pundits at the Olympics?  I think RTE’s Bernard Dunne and Kenneth Egan have given excellent insight into the world of boxing over the last two weeks.
    As well as gold medal winners feel free to nominate anyone who you think should be disqualified? (Let's not get too nasty though)
  • 13:01
    Ireland’s Mark Kenneally is in 46th after 35km of the men’s marathon. Come on Mark!
  • 13:07
    What about this guy? The RTE canoeing analyst took a call from Team Ireland’s canoeing manager Carl Dunne live on air because Hannah Craig was awaiting news of whether an appeal for a penalty had been successful.
  • 13:07
  • 13:09
    Stephen Kiprotich is an Olympic champion. The Ugandan has won the men’s marathon in a time of 2:08:01
  • 13:12
    Kenya take silver and bronze in the men’s marathon – Abel Kirui finished in second with a time of 2:01:31 while Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich, who led for a long time, finishes third in 2:09:37
  • 13:12
    kieran Basketball commentator was great. Whoever made the Larry Sanders quote is right up there too. Mick Downling needs to hang it up. Very condescending and full of self importance. Bernard Dunne had incredible analysis, very technical.
  • 13:14
    The new Olympic champion Stephen Kirpotich was asked about all of the sacrifices he had made to achieve his goal. Overcome with emotion and exhaustion, he shook his head and was unable to give an answer.
  • 13:15
  • 13:20
    After the swimming Natalya Coyle lies in 15th place of the women’s modern pentathlon with a total of 1988 points. She was the 20th fastest swimmer overall and won heat two of the 200m in the pool.
  • 13:21
    Coyle’s swim of 2:19.17 equalled her personal best. Well done Natalya!
  • 13:25
    Ireland are 40th in the official Olympic medal table


    But if we want to clutch at straws then Ireland is actually ahead of Britain in the medals per capita table


    NOTE: Admittedly, these figures are dodgy. Let’s not be too pedantic about it. Let's just enjoy it. Oui?
  • 13:26
    Ireland’s Mark Kenneally has finished the men’s marathon in 57th place in a time of 2:21:13
    Well done Mark!
  • 13:28
  • 13:32
    Ian Thorpe was a good swimming analyst on the Beeb even if some of his fashion choices were more questionable.

    Earl McCarthy and Andrew Bree did a fine job analysing all of the action in the swimming pool.
  • 13:43
    Robiesy Ramirez Carrazana of Cuba who beat Michael Conlan in the men’s flyweight semi-final is fighting Mongolia’s Tugstsogt Nuambayar in the Olympic final.
  • 13:45
    Robiesy Ramirez Carranazana of Cuba is the men’s lightweight Olympic champion. He beat Tugstogt Nyambayar of Mongolia in the final on a score-line of 17-14
  • 13:47
    Natalya Coyle will ride in Round 2 of the show jumping as part of the women’s modern pentathlon. The horse riding begins at 2.35pm.
  • 13:50
    Hilary Thank you IT for great coverage of the games. I will have to do some actual work in the office tomorrow. Would love to be back in Ireland to welcome all the participants home. Congratulations to every single one of them, representing your country is (as my friend Mark H would say) a tremendous achievement!
  • 13:50
    Mark Kenneally was 57th in the men’s marathon (Inpho/Morgan Tracy)
    Mark Kenneally was 57th in the men’s marathon (Inpho/Morgan Tracy)
  • 13:57
    Hilary I forgot to mention that I will be in our Geneva office on Mon and Tues so perhaps I cab start stalking the Swiss hottie showjumper
  • 13:59
    Can Britain win one more gold medal? Freddie Evans is fighting Serik Sapiyev of Kazakhstan in the men’s welterweight final next.
  • 14:00
    Michael Conlan’s medal ceremony is also coming up.
  • 14:02
    The man who defeated Michel Conlan in the semi-final, Robiesy Ramirez Carrazana won gold in the flyweight division by defeating Mongolia’s Tugstogt Nuambayar in the Olympic final earlier this afternoon. I hope that the Cuba national anthem sounds like a song written by the Buena Vista Social Club.
  • 14:06
    We may not be able to watch videos of the Olympic 100m final but here’s the next best thing – a lego re-creation (courtesy of the Guardian) of the night that Usain Bolt confirmed his status as the greatest sprinter of all time.

  • 14:11
    Britain, of course can win gold later in the men’s superheavyweight boxing final where Anthony Joshua fights Roberto Cammarelle later this afternoon. Samantha Murray is also currently third in the women’s pentathlon Mharia Spence is in ninth place in the same event. Will Team GB’s gold rush continue?
  • 14:11
  • 14:15
    POD For me, Gold medal to the Irish Times Olympic blog team. I have thoroughly enjoyed your commentary and insight over the last 2 weeks. Being overseas it was great to be able share the joy of our 5 medals with everyone back home. Thanks for helping make that possible.
  • 14:15
    Katie Taylor, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, David Rudisha, Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah – great as it is to see underdogs triumph, isn’t there something amazing about seeing the world’s best athletes fulfil their potential?
  • 14:20
    Britain’s Freddie Evans is figting Serik Sapiyev of Kazakhstan in the men’s welterweight Olympic final.
  • 14:22
  • 14:24
    Round 1 – Sapiyev leads Evans 4-2
  • 14:28
    Round 2 –Sapiyev leads 10-5 overall meaning he won that round 6-3
  • 14:30
    Sapiyev has been excellent. There may even be a chance that he can knock Freddie Evans down in round three.
  • 14:34
    Serik Sapiyev has won Olympic gold for Kazakhstan in the men’s welterweight boxing final, defeating Britain’s Freddie Evans on a score-line of 17-9
  • 14:34
    Round 1 –4-2
    Round 2 –6-3
    Round 3 – 7-4
  • 14:47
    So how long will the Olympic love affair last? The Premier League starts next week. Will all be forgotten by next Saturday night?
  • 14:51
    I’m switching disciplines now to live-blog the All-Ireland hurling semi-final now. I feel like I’m participating in the live-blogging equivalent of the modern pentathlon – you could call it the modem pentathlon.  I’ll leave you in the more capable hands of John O’Sullivan. Play nice!
  • 15:21
    Right it's time for the last bout in the ExCel arena and Britain's Anthony Joshua takes on Italian Roberto Cammarelle in the Super Heavyweight category. The boxers are entertaining to arena to the familiar by now strains of Queen's 'We will Rock You.' Given the physique's of both men, that seems like a reasonable bet.

  • 15:22
    Cammarelle is the reigning Olympic Super Heavyweight champion.
  • 15:23
    These two men make the ring look tiny.....fighting in a telephone box
  • 15:26
    It's an absolute belter (sorry) of a contest.
    Round 1: Cammarelle leads 6-5
  • 15:30
    Round 2: Camarelle 13-10

    The Italian finished the round strongly
  • 15:31
    Joshua going to have to take some chances if he is going to repeat his world championships victory over Cammarelle
  • 15:32
    Two fighters in the centre of the ring teeing off on one another
  • 15:32
    Joshua on top in this round with 30 seconds left
  • 15:37
    Joshua, the 23 year old, has won on a countback after winning the last round 8-5. The fighters finished tied 18-18 with the British fighter winning on a countback. It was a supreb effort in the last round. Cammarelle's corner are not happy bunnies.
  • 15:39
    The ExCel arena is going nuts. Another gold medal for Britain to add to Luke Campbell's.
  • 15:42
    Joshua only took up boxing as an 18 year old and turned down serious money to turn professional and instead pursue his Olympic dream. It's his second successive victory over the now former Olympic champion Cammarelle having beaten him in the world championships.
  • 15:45
    They're in the second quarter of the gold medal match in the Men's Basketball and the Harlem Globetrotters....sorry the USA......lead Spain 50-47
  • 15:48
    Jaroslav Kulhavy (Czech Republic) has won the gold medal in the Men's Cross-County Mountain Bike race. Switzerland's Nino Schurter takes silver with Marco Aurelio Fontana of Italy claiming the bronze.
  • 15:52
    Ireland's Natalya Coyle is due to ride in the show jumping discipline in the Women's Modern Pentathlon at 4.16. There's a draw for horses and she'll ride Skinners Zed.
  • 15:56
    Remember when I said that the Italian corner weren't happy bunnies following Cammarelle's defeat by Britain's Joshua in the boxing super heavyweight final. Well they have put in an official protest regading the result. The stadium announcer has just confirmed this over the tannoy. You can imagine the reaction of the crowd. The medal ceremony has been delayed as a result.

  • 15:57
    Spain are still hanging tough in the basketball, trailing by just three points 59-56 to the USA as the final second approach in the second quarter.
  • 16:02
    Local derby, so to speak, in the Men's waterpolo as Serbia edge Montenegro 12-11 to take the bronze medal
  • 16:03
    Former World heavyweight champion and BBC pundit Lennox Lewis said of the Joshua fight: "It was big. I was shocked by the scoring in the last two rounds, and you could tell in the last round Anthony really wanted it. He showed heart and went big. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and he showed that.

    "His next move is to relax, there is no rush for anything. When he decides to turn pro, he will be a great pro. He has the size to be the next world champion."

    For the moment though he'll be hoping to hang onto the gold medal
  • 16:07
    It's not the first time that Joshua has been involed in a contentious decision in these Olympics. Many neutrals felt that his one point victory over Cuban Erislandy Cotilla Savon - a nephew of the legenday Felix Savon - was an absolute travesty, primarily based on the final round.
  • 16:08
    The Italians appeal has been denied and Joshua will collect the gold medal with the outgoing Olympic champion Roberto Cammarelle having to settle for the the silver
  • 16:13
    It seems that the Russians are still struggling to accept Katie Taylor's victory over Sofya Ochigava. Quite apart from the rather churlish comments made by the Russian boxer before and after the fight, the decision has now become a political football to mix sporting metaphors.

    The Irish Times website carries a story reporting that Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko has questioned some of the judging at the London Olympics, specifically pointing to Irish lightweight Katie Taylor's 10-8 win over Russia’s Sofya Ochigava in the women’s final on Thursday.

    “How can you give such scores? You’d have to be blind,” Mutko was quoted by RIA Novosti news agency as saying.

    The head of Russia’s Olympic Committee, Alexander Zhukov, said the judges may have been swayed by the enthusiastic cheering from the Irish fans. Mutko, however, was less forgiving, suggesting the judges have favoured certain nations in boxing and weightlifting events.

    “We see that a happy ending is being prepared in boxing,” he said.

  • 16:18
    DM Countback at the Boxing is a Joke - how can he be 3 ahead and lose on countback??????????????
  • 16:18
    DM Baddy Barns Should have won on the basis of that countback -
  • 16:18
    massimo ridiculous verdict, why do they just give the brits their medqls at the start???
  • 16:18
    DM The Italians have asked for an inquiry into the result - I am with them
  • 16:20
    Joshua said of his achievement in winning the gold medal: "Once again, there are no easy fights in these Olympics. I have pulled it out of the bag and my heart is pumping with adrenaline. The third round is always a good round for me. Again and again, the crowd have come out. "Sunday is a holy day and I have been blessed. I want to gain more experience and keep on pushing. I am still an amateur. That medal represents my journey and the support from my team. It is much more than a gold medal, it is a life experience."
  • 16:21
    Bajer Good showjumping round by Natalya Coyle. Two fences down and inside the time.
  • 16:24
    Yep, thanks for that. Distracted by the boxing controversy. Ireland's Natalya Coyle earned 1160 points after the show jumping discipline in the modern pentathlon and according to the Olympics website she is currently in third place with two riders left to go. That's phenomenal.
  • 16:25
    massimo they went to re-count, confirmed that he was in fact british and has such entitled by divine right to a gold medal, well played...what a joke!
  • 16:28
    Sorry, the sun was shining on the screen. There are 11 riders to go in the show jumping but I refuse to withdraw my comment that Coyle is acquitting herself very capably.
  • 16:41
    France have won the men's handball gold medal beating Sweden 22-21.
  • 16:46
    Ireland's Natalya Coyle is currently in a tie for fourth place with six riders to go in the show jumping. Not sure having watched a dozen competitors in this discipline that jumping is the right term. There's a fair few who have knocked more fences than they have jumped. The busiest people in the arena seem to be those replacing the bars/rails on the fences.
  • 16:46
    bob I thought the Italian boxer was unlucky, but I don't agree it was fixed because his opponent is British
  • 16:49
    In fairness the fences might be small relatively speaking but they competitors must draw for their horses. It might be a bit like meeting the in-laws for the first time!
  • 16:49
    fiachra lennon Who says white men cant jump...Allez espana!!
  • 16:51
    The USA lead Spain 97-91 with three minutes left in the men's basketball final
  • 16:52
    Apparently the in-laws, sorry, horses were selected from a pool of 150 for this discipline in the modern pentathlon.
  • 16:53
    USA 102 Spain 93, 90 seconds left
  • 16:59
    USA 105 Spain 95 with 17 seconds left in the men's basketball
  • 17:01
    USA 106 Spain 100
  • 17:03
    It's over USA 107 Spain 100. Fantastic effort from the Spaniards but the latest incarnation of the American Dream Team win gold.
  • 17:07
    Ireland's Natalya Coyle finished fifth in the show jumping discipline in the modern pentathlon to move up to joint 10th going into the final discipline, the combined shooting and running. Her points tally after the first three events means that she will start 30 seconds behind the leader and 28 seconds from a bronze medal.
  • 17:11
    Right the rules for the final combined discipline in the Women's Modern Pentathlon are as follows.

    Combined event: The athlete with the most points from the previous events starts first. Athletes after that start in order at handicapped time intervals of one second for every four points. They must run to the shooting range, hit five targets in a 70 second time period, followed by a 1,000m run; three times over.

    The first athlete to cross the finish line in the combined event is the winner of the gold medal.

    Ireland's Coyle
    will start 30 seconds after Kokhlova.
  • 17:16
    Natalya has only been competing for three years at the elite level of the Modern Pentathlon. It's been a brilliant effort by the Trinity student and we wish her well for the running and shooting.
  • 17:20
    In a bit of sports' housekeeping news, Galway beat Cork 0-22 to 0-17 in the All Ireland Senior Hurling semi-final at Croke Park. Dublin beat Clare in the minor match and over in Kiawah Island at the US PGA Golf Championship Rory McIlroy leads by three shots going into the final round. He's due out about 6.45pm Irish time. C'mon the wee mon!
  • 17:27
    Andrew After Zou last night you think the judges would haved coped themselves on, Anthony Joshua founght 4 times, his fight in the first round he probably won fairly, the other 3 , the judging just got worse and worse
  • 17:28
    Andrew how did they let freddie evans lose? thats probalby one of the shocks of the boxing
  • 17:35
    Italian super heavyweight Roberto Cammarelle speaking after his contentious loss to Britain's Anthony Joshua in the gold medal bout. The fight ended 18-18 with the Brit overturning a three point deficit in the final round.

    The Italians appealed the decision but it was turned down. Cammarelle said: "I worked very hard over the last few years to win this. I thought that I had scored enough points to have won.

    "I did everything I could. I don't understand the score - where did they get all the points they gave him at the end? We tried to get an explanation but we didn't get one."
  • 17:38
    Manchester City have beaten Chelsea 3-2 in the Community Shield final
  • 17:50
    There's a two tee start for the final round of the US PGA Championship and they're under way in Kiawah Island. Graeme McDowell (-1) is out at 6.01 Irish time, Padraig Harrington (-1) at 6.12 and the leader Rory McIlroy (-7) at 6.45. The early scoring suggests that there are birdies available.
  • 17:54
    We haven't forgotten about our Modern Pentathlete Natalya Coyle, who will begin the combined event (running and shooting) in eight minutes. Given that the closing ceremony starts at 7.0pm the competitors may have to run back to the Olympic Park to make it.
  • 17:59
    We're off in the Modern Pentathlon. Nice guns!
  • 18:01
    The shooting part takes place in the show jumping arena. They have to hit a target five times and then go on a one kilometre run. They have to do this three times.
  • 18:02
    Denis Regarding Cammarelle - or the Russian against Katie Taylor - why are they not able to go through the rounds and identify one-by-one the punches that were scored, and eventually even which judges scored which punches? The scoring system isn't complicated. If the judging is honest, they have nothing to hide. Maybe a judge made a mistake here or there, maybe they all missed a punch, but there should be very few obvious mistakes made my more than one judge. Surely refusing to do this just helps perpetrate the idea that there's some fix involved ... Cammerelle says "we tried to get an explanation" - surely that's a very reasonable request. "You scored him hitting me with 8 clean punches in that round, can you tell me shich punches they were?" ...
  • 18:03
    Fair hypothesis Denis.
  • 18:05
    It's impossible to gauge at this point where Ireland's Natalya Coyle is in terms of a placing but the leaders are on their second run having completed the shooting discipline for a second time. One more round of each to go.
  • 18:07
    Wow the physical toll is obvious now as the competitors look like their running on sand.....no wait they are when they come back into the arena
  • 18:14
    That's a stunning effort from Ireland's Natalya Coyle. The Trinity College student has finished ninth in the Modern Pentathlon.
  • 18:18
    Lithuania's Laura Asadauskaite wins gold, Sam Murray of Britain wins silver (65th medal for the home nation) and Brazil's Yane Marques takes the bronze
  • 18:19
    Cat Well done Natalya, superb result!
  • 18:23
    Time for a quick shower and then it's off to the closing ceremony. I'm sure those athletes will be doing the same.
  • 18:26
    Hands up who'd like a live blog on the final round of the US PGA Championship from Kiawah Island where Rory McIlroy is chasing his second Major title and Graeme McDowell and Padraig Harrington are right there in the mix?
  • 18:32
    Right then we've got a quorum. I'm going to do some stretching exercises to prepare for the live blog on the US PGA Championship and I'm going to hand you back to Ciaran Daly for a few final thoughts on the London Olympics now that he has zipped himself back into his onezie, as Paddy Barnes might say. 

    See you on the other side.
  • 18:34
    Mick Paris Would love to see ablog concerning the golf! Also, I hope you'll be there for the para olympics
  • 18:41
    Orlagh I, for one, have LOVED the IT live Olympic blog! Thanks for keeping us updated and entertained. ;)
  • 18:41
    The final medal ceremony of the Olympic Games is taking place at Greenwich Park – the women’s modern pentathlon. Sin é!
  • 18:54
    So after 16 days of sporting action where we’ve run the full gamut of emotions (most regularly followed by tears) our coverage is at an end. I’m not crying, I just have something in my eye.

    We’ll take with us memories of Katie Taylor boxing her way to a gold medal, John Joe Nevin securing silver and Belfast boys Paddy Barnes and Michael Conlan bagging their bronze medals in the ring. We celebrated Cian O’Connor’s third place finish in the equestrian show jumping and learned more than we thought we ever could about sailing thanks to one Annalise Murphy. In the last fortnight we have watched Ireland have their most successful Olympics since 1956.

    As if that wasn’t enough, we saw superstars secure their place in history – Usain Bolt confirmed his status as the greatest sprinter of all time while Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian ever. Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis and Chris Hoy meant that the hosts had more than their fair share of success too. London has been the capital of sport for over two weeks but now it’s time to look to Rio.

    It wasn’t a sprint, it was a marathon. Thanks for keeping us company along the way – for your good humour and lively debate. Less thanks are necessary for the begrudgers and the naysayers. They’ll never know what true Olympic spirit is…and they were probably on performance diminishing drugs anyway.

    Now, the withdrawal symptoms begin. Live-blogging my daily life will be a lot less exciting – the banality of lunches eaten and hours worked can’t compare to the highs that the Olympic Games have offered.

    During the American presidential election the chant ‘Four More Years, Four More Years’ will ring across the land of the free and the home of the brave. I’ll be reciting the exact same mantra in my head but I’ll be thinking of one thing only – the Olympic Games 2016. This is Ciaran Daly (@CiaranJDaly) signing off from Olympic duty. Until Rio…