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Meath are into the Leinster final with a win over Wexford

John O'Sullivan Sun, Jun 30
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  • 13:24
    Good afternoon and welcome to the Irish Times live sporting blog. We'll be looking to keep you up to date with the Irish Open at Carton House, all the day's Gaelic football, the Tour de France and any other breaking news in sport.

    We'll start with an update of Matthew Macklin's defeat in New York. You can read all about the fight here

    Lions' skipper Sam Warburton has remained behind in Melbourne as the rest of the party headed for Sydney to have a scan on the damaged hamstring that forcved him off 13 minutes from time against Australia in the second test on Saturday.

    The Lions defence coach Andy Farrell remains defiant despite the team's 16-15 defeat that levelled the series ahead of Saturday's third and final test in Sydney. Read his thoughts here

  • 13:30

    Leader Joost Luiten has just started his final round in the Irish Open at Carton House. He has a one shot lead on 13 under par from Spain's Pablo Larrazabal.

    From an Irish perspective, Shane Lowry has picked up a couple of shots through 10 holes and stands on seven under, Peter Lawie is level par for his round and one shot further back while Simon Thornton (one under through 13)and Alan Dunbar (level through nine) are on five under for the tournament.

    Michael Hoey shot a one under 71 to move to two under. Seamus Power (77) is four over while Damien Mooney (77) is on seven over.

  • 13:35
    For those Dublin supporters who want to relive yesterday's superb victory for the hurlers over Kilkenny they can read Gavin Cummiskey's match report here
  • 13:39
    IRISH OPEN: Lowry's picked up another shot at the par three, 12th and he's now eight under.
  • 13:50
    GAA: We're close to throw-in at Croke Park for the first match of a double header, the Leinster Football championship semi-final between Meath and Wexford.
  • 13:53
  • 13:54
  • 13:56
    GAA: There are two late changes to the Wexford line-up. Rob Tierney starts instead of Lee Chin and Shane Roche replaces James Holmes.
  • 13:57
  • 13:57
  • 14:00
  • 14:01
  • 14:02

    Things about to get under way at Croke Park

  • 14:04
    PJ Banville kicks the first wide of the game. It was more of a hopeful punt forward that ran out over the end-line.
  • 14:04
  • 14:05
    Banville hits an upright. Graham Reilly kicks Meath's first wide after two minutes.
  • 14:06
    A poor wide from Stephen Bray. We're still waiting for the game's first score.
  • 14:08
    Meath's Donal Keoghan penalised for pulling back inside. Wexford's Ciaran Lyng gets the first score of the match from the 13 metre free.
  • 14:09
  • 14:09
    Michael Newman points for Meath from a free.

    Wexford 0-1 Meath 0-1
  • 14:10
  • 14:10
    Lyng gets the game's first score from play

    Wexford 0-2 Meath 0-1
  • 14:11

    Newman with a chance from a placed ball and he makes no mistake from 25 metres.

    Wexford 0-2 Meath 0-2

  • 14:12
  • 14:13
    That's a wonderful long range score from Wexford's Ben Brosnan; spun sharply and struck from 40 metres

    Wexford 0-3 Meath 0-2
  • 14:13
  • 14:14
    Lyng on target again, this time from a free.

    Wexford 0-4 Meath 0-2
  • 14:14
  • 14:15
    Peadar Byrne point after good run from Newman

    Wexford 0-4 Meath 0-3
  • 14:15
  • 14:17
    Good covering from Wexford's Rob Tierney snuffs out Meath attack. Takes a smack on the nose, which produces some claret. A blood sub is required and Lee Chin is on. He's played two hurling matches this week including last night.
  • 14:18
    Lyng's long range effort drops short, that's twice from a Wexford player in the last couple of minutes.
  • 14:19
    A poor wide from Brosnan, complete miss-hit.
  • 14:20
  • 14:21
    Wexford's third wide, this time from Brian Malone. Tierney ready to come back on after having the blood flow stemmed. Newman with a chance for Meath but he pulls the ball wide from an acute angle.
  • 14:22
    Chin picks up a leg injury so Tierney's return timely. Bray kicks a poor wide. It's pretty average fare in terms of both team's shooting.
  • 14:24

    Wexford's Redmond Barry fouled by Brian Meade. Brosnan from 45 metres, bisects the posts, his team's first score for 10 minutes

    Wexford 0-5 Meath 0-3

  • 14:25
  • 14:25

    That's much better from Wexford, Adrian Flynn points.

    Wexford 0-6 Meath 0-3

  • 14:26
    Bray reduces the deficit with a straightforward chance.

    Wexford 0-6 Meath 0-4
  • 14:26
  • 14:27
  • 14:28
    Sloppy wide from Banville after Lyng had played ball into corner. Banville turns his man but can't curl the ball inside the upright.

    Banville makes amends after a strong run through the centre from Rory Quinlivan

    Wexford 0-7 Meath 0-4
  • 14:29
  • 14:29
    Great score from Brian Malone, only his third ever championship point. Ran 40 metres through the heart of the Meath defence.

    Wexford 0-8 Meath 0-4
  • 14:29
    Wexford dominant at midfield
  • 14:30
    Banville kicks a poor wide, hit and hope. Reilly takes his opportunity at the other end of the pitch

    Wexford 0-8 Meath 0-5
  • 14:31
  • 14:31
    Flynn kicks Wexford's fifth wide
  • 14:32
  • 14:34
    Great run by Reilly, Eamonn Wallace has a goal chance but puts the ball over the bar.

    Wexford 0-8 Meath 0-6
  • 14:34
  • 14:34
    Conor Carthy on for the excellent Graham Molloy on a temporary basis. Blood sub.
  • 14:35
  • 14:36
    Two Wexford players collide and the upshot is that Byrne kicks another Meath point as they close the gap to one.

    Wexford 0-8 Meath 0-7
  • 14:37
    Molloy back on for the last minute and a half before the interval. News from the sideline is that Chin will not take any further part as he's picked up a knee injury is his brief spell as a blood sub for Tierney.
  • 14:37
    Brosnan smothers a long range free that goes 20 metres wide of the target.
  • 14:38
    There's two minutes of added time to be played
  • 14:39
    Brosnan then misses a gimme front in front of the posts. Very poor effort from the placed ball.
  • 14:39
  • 14:40
    The last action of the half see Meath's Byrne miss a long range effort. Referee Maurice Deegan has blown for half-time.

    Wexford 0-8 Meath 0-7
  • 14:43
    IRISH OPEN: Lowry back to seven under after 17 holes, four birdies, two bogeys. Lawrie (-6) level par for his round after 13 holes. The 1990 Irish Open champion Jose Maria Olazabal and Luiten share the lead on 12 under.
  • 14:44
    TOUR DE FRANCE: Dan Martin punctured but he's back in touch
  • 14:45
    IRISH OPEN: Gareth Shaw also seven under having played 16 holes.
  • 14:47
  • 14:47
    IRISH OPEN: It looks like a four horse race to mix sporting metaphors at Carton House between Olazabal, Luiten, Robert Rock (-11) and Larrazabal (-10).

    Lowry birdies the 18th to sign for a 69 and an eight under total, a fine effort.
  • 14:48
  • 14:48
    IRISH OPEN: There's no doubt who the Carton House crowd are pulling for; Olazabal.
  • 14:49
  • 14:50
    FORMULA ONE: Nico Roseberg wins the Silverstone Grand Prix
  • 14:54
    GAA: The boys in the RTE studio are going through a reel of 12 wides from the Wexford anbd Meath playters. The consensus is that while it is an open game, the quality is lacking somewhat.
  • 14:57
    The Wexford and Meath players are back out at Croke Park. The second half is about the start. No changes that we can see.
  • 14:57
  • 14:57
  • 14:58
    Meath's Paraic Harnan pulls back Banville and Brosnan points the 13 metre free.

    Wexford 0-9 Meath 0-7
  • 14:59
  • 14:59
    Malone gets a second point, riding a couple of high-ish tackle

    Wexford 0-10 Meath 0-7
  • 15:00
    Reilly responds for Meath.

    Wexford 0-10 Meath 0-8.
  • 15:01
    A really poor wide from Barry.
  • 15:02
  • 15:02
    Bray's miss is equally slipshod. Meath make a change, Ciaran Lenihan on for King
  • 15:04
    Powerful run from Reilly, illegally curtailed by Wexford centre half back David Murphy who gets a yellow card. Newman taps over the free

    Wexford 0-10 Meath 0-9 
  • 15:06
    Mazy run from Banville followed by weak shot. Wexford need a score to re-establish some momentum.
  • 15:07
    That's a shocking pass from Banville; not his finest 60 seconds. Bray is fouled - harsh - and Newman pops over the resulant free from 22 metres. The sides are level.

    Wexford 0-10 Meath 0-10
  • 15:08
  • 15:10
    The ball into the Wexford forwards is poorly directed and another attack breaks down. Meath counter-attack with Reilly and Newman is fouled. He pops over his fifth point from the free.

    Meath 0-11 Wexford 0-10
  • 15:10
  • 15:10
  • 15:10
    Meath: Joe Sheridan is on for Wallace
  • 15:11
  • 15:12
    Reilly stretches Meath's lead to two points.

    Meath 0-12 Wexford 0-10
  • 15:12
  • 15:12
    Banville and Lenihan get a yellow card apiece.
  • 15:14
    Meade fouled by Murphy; the latter is on a yellow card. Newman misses the resultant free, his first aberration.  
  • 15:14
  • 15:14
    Wexford about to make a double substitution.
  • 15:15
  • 15:15
    Barry points for Wexford

    Meath 0-12 Wexford 0-11

    Paddy Byrne and James Holmes on for Wexford
  • 15:15
  • 15:16
  • 15:16
    Murphy commits a second foul in three minutes, this time on Damien Carroll. Newman misses his second free.  
  • 15:17
    Lyng booked for head high challenge
  • 15:19
    Lyng kicks a wide.
  • 15:19
    Inside the last 15 minutes.
  • 15:20
  • 15:21
  • 15:21
    Bray fouled, Newman kicks his sixth point from frees; eight attempts.

    Meath 0-13 Wexford 0-11
  • 15:21
  • 15:22
    Andrew Tormey on for Meath.
  • 15:22
    Wexford introduce Kevin Moore for Banville.
  • 15:23
    Lyng great shot touched over the bar by Paddy O'Rourke 

    Meath 013 Wexford 0-12
  • 15:23
  • 15:25
  • 15:25
    Newman kicks a seventh free this time from 45 metres.

    Reilly adds another point, this one from play

    Meath 0-15 Wexford 0-12
  • 15:26
  • 15:26
    Quinlivan fouled. Lyng points free

    Meath 0-15 Wexford 0-13
  • 15:27
  • 15:27
    Good piece of skill from Bray and a fine finish.

    Holmes yellow card.

    Meath 0-16 Wexford 0-13
  • 15:28
    Four minutes left plus whatever injury time.
  • 15:28
  • 15:30
    Lyng pushed and the free is awarded. He's been a class act but hasn't had the support from his fellow forwards in the second half. Goes for goal from 25 metres. Easily saved.
  • 15:31
  • 15:31
    Wexford's indiscipline has basically cost them this match alongside some poor finishing. Newman points free having been fouled.

    Meath 0-17 Wexford 0-13
  • 15:31
  • 15:32
    Two minutes of added time.
  • 15:33
    Another foul by a Wexford player, another point, his ninth, from Newman

    Meath 0-18 Wexford 0-13
  • 15:34
  • 15:35
    That's it, Meath win by five points. Wexford left to rue their indiscipline that allowed Meath's Newman to kick nine points from the placed ball. The Royal county are through to the Leinster final.
  • 15:36
    IRISH OPEN: Big change around at Carton House. England's Paul Casey leads by one from Joost Luiten.

  • 15:38
  • 15:38
    IRISH OPEN: Lowry (69)  and Shaw (69) produce fine closing rounds and are currently in a tie for sixth place.
  • 15:40
  • 15:46
  • 15:47
    Sean Moran's match report on Meath's victory over Wexford will be on line shortly.
  • 15:49
    IRISH OPEN: Peter Lawrie (71) finishes on seven under, Simon Thorton (71) on five under, while Alan Dunbar (75) is on two under par.
  • 15:50
    GAA: It's lashing rain at Croke Park for the Leinster Footbll championship semi-final between Dublin and Kildare.
  • 15:50
  • 15:51
  • 15:52
  • 15:53
  • 15:54
    We're nearly ready to get under way at Croke Park in the second semi-final.
  • 15:56
  • 15:56
  • 15:57
    IRISH OPEN: Paul Casey is now three clear at Carton House, five under through 13 holes for today's round.
  • 15:59
  • 16:00
    Can the Dublin footballers match what the hurlers achieved
  • 16:02
    Greasy underfoot conditions. Sean Hurley in for Kildare from the start.
  • 16:02
  • 16:03
    Eoin O'Flaherty gets the first point of the match

    Kildare 0-1 Dublin 0-0
  • 16:04

    Ciaran Kilkenny kicks a poor wide

  • 16:04
    James McCarthy clean through but hits the base of a post
  • 16:05
  • 16:06
  • 16:07
  • 16:08
  • 16:08
    GOAL: Paddy Brophy of Kildare, Johnny Cooper slips and Brophy finished brilliantly into the corner of Stpehen Cluxton's net.

    Brophy tags on another point

    Kildare 1-2 Dublin 0-0
  • 16:08
  • 16:09
  • 16:09
    GOAL: Paul Mannion. Diarmuid Connolly does the leg work and Mannion finishes with authority.

    Kildare 1-2 Dublin 1-0
  • 16:10
    It's been a frantic opening nine minutes at Croke Park
  • 16:10
  • 16:10
  • 16:11
    Great point from Bernard Brogan

    Kildare 1-2 Dublin 1-1
  • 16:11
  • 16:12
    Brophy kicks a wide for Kildare but he's made a very impressive start, last year's minor captain.
  • 16:13
  • 16:13
    That's a wonderful point from an acute angle by Mannion.

    Doyle responds in kind for Kildare

    Kildare 1-3 Dublin 1-2
  • 16:14
  • 16:14
  • 16:14
    Michael Darragh Macauley through on goal but his effort from 18 metres is touched round the post.
  • 16:15
    Cluxton points the 45.

    Kildare 1-3 Dublin 1-3
  • 16:15
  • 16:16
    Kilkenny point after great turn and run by Mannion.

    Dublin 1-4 Kildare 1-3
  • 16:16
    Sorry should have mentioned that Shane Connolly is in goal for Kildare instead of Mark Donnellan
  • 16:17
    Mannion has a shot deflected wide but Cluxton points from the 45.

    Dublin 1-5 Kildare 1-3
  • 16:19
    Kilkenny fists a point but it might have been a goal chance if he had looked inside.

    Dublin 1-6 Kildare 1-3
  • 16:20
  • 16:22
    A foul by Darren Daly on Johnny Doyle but the Kildare man misses the free.
  • 16:22
  • 16:23
  • 16:24
  • 16:24
    Rory O'Carroll penalised for a foul on Brophy and Doyle makes no mistake this time.

    Dublin 1-6 Kildare 1-4
  • 16:25
    An amazing story unfolding in the Connacht semi-final with London leading by 2-10 to 0-2 at half-time against Leitrim
  • 16:26
  • 16:26
    Brogan kicks a poor wide.
  • 16:26
    Declan Gallagher A good Donegal man following you live on a beach in Portugal
  • 16:28
    Kildare dominating possession and territory over the last couple of minutes but they haven't troubled the scoreboard.
  • 16:28
    Dubs haven't scored for getting on 10 minutes.
  • 16:29
    Paddy Andrews point but a great save from by Kildare goalkeeper Connolly prevented a goal seconds earlier.

    Dublin 1-7 Kildare 1-4
  • 16:31
    Daryl Flynn guilty of jersey pulling. Mannion hits post from free
  • 16:32
    Fine save from Cluxton down the other end as Kildare inject some pace into the game.
  • 16:34
    Kildare are looking to pump in the high ball to Brophy at every opportunity. Cluxton misses a long range free.
  • 16:34
    Sloppy play from both sides, passes misplaced.
  • 16:36
    There will be one minute of additonal time.

    O'Flaherty point after some comical defending from Dublin.

    Dublin 1-7 Kildare 1-5
  • 16:38
    GOAL: Brogan. Great interchange of passes from the Dubs, a moment of real quality and Brogan finishes brilliantly into the corner of the net.

    Half-time: Dublin 2-7 Kildare 1-5
  • 16:38
    That's a hammer blow for Kildare to lose that goal, in first half injury time.
  • 16:40
    IRISH OPEN: Paul Casey (-12 after 16 holes) leads by one shot from Joost Luiten (-11 after 14 holes).
  • 16:42
    TOUR DE FRANCE: Jan Bakelants has won the second stage and takes the yellow jersey. Nicholas Roche and Dan Martin finish in the peleton.
  • 16:46
  • 16:50
    GAA: Sean Moran's match report on Meath's victory

    London now lead Leitrim by 2-12 to 0-2 in Hyde Park....that's the one in Roscommon and not London
  • 16:54
    Eoghan O'Gara is on for Paddy Andrews
  • 16:55
    Dubs are awaiting Kildare's return to the pitch.
  • 16:56
    IRISH OPEN: Luiten bogeys the 16th. Casey is two clear of the Dutchman and Robert Rock
  • 16:57
    Still waiting at Croke Park
  • 16:57
    Here come Kildare
  • 16:58
    That's a 21 minute half-time break
  • 16:58
    We're underway
  • 17:00
    Paul Cribbin point. Sloppy play from Dublin gets punished.

    Dublin 2-7 Kildare 1-6
  • 17:02
    Kilkenny fists a point after some lovely soccer skills from O'Gara.

    Dublin 2-8 Kildare 1-6
  • 17:04

    HawkEye time. O'Flaherty's affort is wide.

  • 17:04
    Brennan kicks a fabulous point.

    Dublin 2-9 Kildare 1-6
  • 17:05
    Dublin have kicked 2-7 from play
  • 17:07
    Mannion shot blocked. Here comes Cluxton. He's kicked two 45s so far.
  • 17:08

  • 17:08
    Make that three 45s for Cluxton.

    The Dubs win the kickout and Kilkenny points.

    Dublin 2-11 Kildare 1-6
  • 17:10
    The Dubs are rampany. O'Gara kicks a good point after good work from Mannion.

    Dublin 2-12 Kildare 1-6
  • 17:11
    Kevin McMenamin on for Bernard Brogan. Seanie Johnston on for Kildare
  • 17:12
    IRISH OPEN: Casey holds an eagle putt from 70 feet on the 18th. That'll be the Irish Open title for him then.

    GAA: Kevin Nolan on for Brennan
  • 17:14
    Doyle misses easy free. That's 12 minutes without a score for Kildare.
  • 17:17
    GOAL: Connolly. Great run from McMenamin and he feeds Connolly who slides the ball to the net.

    Dublin 3-12 Kildare 1-6

    Cribben point Kildare

    Dublin 3-12 Kildare 1-7
  • 17:17
    Morgan O'Flaherty and Fionn Dowling are on for Kildare. Doyle one of the players to go off.
  • 17:20
    London have beaten Leitrim by 2-11 to 1-13. London led 2-10 to 0-2 at the interval. Got a bit nervous then it would seem.

    O'Gara point for Dublin.

    Dublin 3-13 Kildare 1-07
  • 17:21
    Kildare's Connolly saves well from Flynn to prevent a fourth goal. Mannion misses an easy free.
  • 17:23
    Kevin O'Brien, Dean Rock and Nicky Devereux all on for Dublin
  • 17:25

    There's eight minutes left and the game has been long over in terms of a contest. The Dubs have been very good. Great movement, passing, running off the ball.

  • 17:28

    Especailly for Declan on the beach in Portugal, just seen some footage of Donegal manager Jim McGuinness watching on in the stand at Croke Park.

    Eoin O'Flaherty point.

    Dublin 3-13 Kildare 1-08

  • 17:29
    Dubs hit the crossbar (Macauley) and side-netting (Flynn), the latter deflected. Cluxton points from the 45

    Dublin 3-14 KIldare 1-08
  • 17:32
    Hurley kicks a point for Kildare.

    Dublin 3-14 Kildare 1-9

    fouled. Rock taps over free

    Dublin 3-15 Kildare 1-9

  • 17:35
    Rock point free.

    Dublin 3-16 Kildare 1-09
  • 17:37
    GOAL: O'Gara. Mannion and Rock combine to put O'Gara in for a goal.

    Full-time: Dublin 4-16 Kildare 1-09
  • 17:38
    That's some marker the Dubs put down today. A very impressive performance after a slow start. The goal before half-time definitely changed the shape of the contest. Dublin will now face their old rivals Meath in the Leinster final.  
  • 17:39
    Gavin Cummiskey's match report will be on-line shortly.
  • 17:41
    GOLF: Paul Casey wins the Irish Open by three shots from Joost Luiten. Shane Lowry finishes in a tie for fifth place, along with Gareth Shaw amongst others. Peter Lawrie in a tie for 10th.  
  • 17:53
    That's it. Thanks for your company and input over the last four days. I'll be back next Saturday for the third and final test between Australia and the LIons in Sydney.