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Brian Howard, Deirdre Garrett Tue, Aug 19
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  • 08:26

    I've been offered Business and Information Technology in Blanchardstown IT, it is a Level 7 course, but from looking at newspapers I saw that the same course as a Level 8 was 225 at the second round last year, so I was wondering if I would be able to get into it if I contact the college directly because I have not applied for it on my CAO, or would I have to do a year of the Level 7 course then move onto the Level 8

    Last years points have nothing to do with this years entry. Points vary as trends vary. You must have it on your CAO. Blanchardstown do not do direct entry. I think that you may have to study at level 7 for three years. You may be able to progress onto a level 8 and complete this level of qualification within a year. I recommend that you contact admissions. Also your CAO handbook should tell you if your level 7 allows you to progress to a level 8.

    The best of luck.

  • 08:28
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  • 08:28

    For personal reasons I had to refuse a place in college two years ago. Now I have been offered another place but might have trouble accepting. Is there a rule about refusing an offer for the second time? Would it effect my application as a mature student in a year to two? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    I wouldn't think so. People may have valid reasons to defer and I don't think that this would affect you in later years. The best of luck.

  • 08:30

    My son was offered his second choice on his CAO application. He accepted it but could he be offered his first choice on second round offers even though he accepted an offer already?

    Yes. He could still be offered any courses above his yesterdays offer assuming that he meets teh cut off points and the minimum entry requirements.

  • 08:35
    Hi, I was not allowed to defer Drama two years ago so didn't accept the place, now I am offered a place this year in my second choice, which is great, but I had planned to travel for the year. Do you think it's wise to ask for another deferral or how does that work?

    it is entirely up to the college whether to grant a deferral or not and the process of deferral involves providing a reason why you wish to defer your course.   If the reason is valid most colleges will allow students to defer.   What I would do maybe before going through the formal procedure is to ring the college involved and seek their view on your second deferral and then decide whether to go ahead formally and seek a deferral.
  • 08:38

    My daughter has been offered her fourth choice and does not want this course. If she rejects it on the CAO could she be offered a course below that course that was offered (ie 5-10) or do those courses become null and void?

    They become null and void. Keep an eye out on vacant places. She can apply for courses that appear on this facility.

    The best of luck.

  • 08:43

    My son obtained 460 points in the Leaving Cert. B3 in maths, chemistry and English and C1 in physics, economics, French and Irish. He had applied for engineering and computer science courses at Trinity and UCD. He has not been offered a place as the lowest points for a place offered was 465. He is now considering repeating the leaving cert as he is only 17. Can any of these marks from the current Leaving Cert results be taken forward or will all subjects have to be retaken? We are also planning to view all papers to see if there is a chance of marks going up. Many thanks.

    No he cannot combine results from two sittings. He can repeat and choose the results from which ever year  he scores the  highest in. If he is granted an upgrade and then meets the sufficient cut off points CAO will offer him a place. The results from rechecks are not out until mid October.

    He can join this new course a few weeks late or the college will defer his place for him until September next year.

  • 08:44

    I wanted Computer Science in DIT but was offered Computer Applications in DCU. I'm wondering if there is much difference between these courses and if they will qualify me in the same way to be proficient in programming for software development or game development. Thanks

    There are obviously minor differences between the courses but essentially they are very similar and both certainly will leave you very proficient in programming for software development and games development.   The graduates from both of these programmes would have an almost identical qualification so I would be very happy if I were you with DCU.   The course has a great reputation.


  • 08:45

    I got 480 points in my Leaving Cert. I got offered business in DCU and accepted first offer. Is there a possibility of getting business in UCD on second offers?

    Only if UCD is above your DCU choice. You will get offered UCD if you match the points and minimum entry requirements in round 2. Points may change, entry requirements won't.

  • 08:47

    I am short four points for medicine in NUIG. I got an A2 in music and chemistry. If these two subjects go up to A1 I would have the four points but I won't know for a long time. What should I do?

    My advice is to proceed now as if you are not going to get an upgrade.   Make the decisions you have to now on this basis because there is no guarantee of the upgrades.   Then if you get the upgrades in October it is a bonus and you can deal with that then.

  • 08:50

    Hi, I got 245 points in my Leaving Cert and I didn't apply for any Level 7 courses and I failed French. I saw electronic engineering in IT Tallaght which is 230. Can I apply for it because I only got one C3, not two? But I passed maths.

    Certificate Entry Requirements

    Leaving Certificate with a minimum of Grade C1 in Ordinary level Mathematics and at least Grade D3 (ordinary level) in four other subjects in the Leaving Cert including English

    You must have this course listed on your CAO list of course choices. If not keep an eye on vacant spaces and see if it appears there.

    You must also satisfy the minimum entry requirements and teh cut off points.

  • 08:51

    I got all Ds bar one C and all higher level. Is there any way that I would be able to get a Level 8 course?

    I'm afraid not.   The minimum requirements for a level 8 honours degree are 2HC3s.   Having said this there are some fantastic level 6/7 courses out there which can then lead on to a level 8 hons degree through the ladder system of progression so don't discount them.   Some students do much better getting a qualification by through this route rather than struggling through an ab initio honours degree.

  • 08:54

    I  did my Leaving last year and got 280 points. I didn't get any offers from the CAO. I applied again this year. My seventh choice was Arts in the Mater Dei (MD500) which seems to be 270 points. I fulfill all the requirements, ie 2 x HC3, 4 X D3. Min D3 in maths + English or Irish. I wasn't offered a place. Is there an appeal and if so who do I contact?

    I  would advise you to contact CAO by email. Quote your name and contact number. One should get an offer once they meet the cut off points and the Leaving Cert requirements.

  • 08:57

    Hi there, my brother got offered his first choice but he wants his second choice. Should he decline it with the hope of getting his second choice in the second round offers? Or is there anything he could do to get his second choice? Thanks.

    All his choices below his offer are null and void whether he accepts or rejects his offer.  He was given until July 1st to change his order of preference.

    He could contact the admissions office of the college and query transferring but that is if and only if choice 1 and choice 2 are in the same college and that he meets all teh requirements.

  • 09:02

    My daughter got 350 points from her Leaving Cert. She did not meet all the points from all her options listed, the lowest requires points was 365. Would there be a chance that she will get an offer in the second round?

    Yes there is a chance she could get an offer in round two.   We have no way of knowing what is going to happen with the points for courses in round two yet.   This depends on a number of issues, the biggest of which is what the applicants who are currently holding the offers of places from round one are going to do with these places.   Unfortunately its a waiting game until the 27/28th August.

  • 09:05

    Hi my daughter thought she wouldn't be able to get the points to do pharmaceutical science in Athlone so put biomedical science as her first choice but she made the points to do pharmaceutical science and now wants to do it but is her 2nd choice. Please, is there anyway you can help us because she won't be going to Sligo because: she made enough points to do pharmaceutical science which is Level 8, why going to waste it on Level, and her father says Sligo is too far. Thanks for your help in advance.

    I am afraid not. Once she gets an offer all course choices below that become null and void. She can only be offered courses above her ccourse offer in future rounds.

  • 09:07

    My daughter wanted to do primary teaching but only got 430 points. She has been offered arts in Maynooth. Is this a good course to do if you are still interested in Primary teaching? What would be good subject choices, and how easy would it be to get into Primary teaching? She did get C1 in higher level Irish.

    Yes it would be a good course to do en route to postgraduate primary teaching.   The subjects I would suggest she chooses are the ones she feels she thinks she will do best in, as she wants to get the best possible standard degree possible and one of the best ways of doing this is to do subjects she is going to enjoy studying. She has her Irish covered so there is no need to do Irish unless she wants to do it.

  • 09:07

    I got 430 points but the course I want is 435 points. I got offered another course in round one,   should I accept it or just wait for round two   in hopes that the points will drop to 430?
    Also, if I accept this course will that mean I will get no other offers in round two?

    Accept the course. You may still be offered course choices that are above your course offer in future rounds. In order to receive an offer of a higher course preference you must meet the cut off points.

  • 09:15

    Hi, I applied through CAO with my FETAC Level 5 results. I received a full award with 10 distinctions. My first choice was Media Studies in Maynooth. I rang the admissions office before the CAO change of mind facility closed to make sure I was eligible and they said any FETAC award was accepted as long as there was five distinctions. I had two more courses also listed that had no specific award required but all came back today with an asterisk and I got no offers and am very worried. Advice please.

    From looking at the NUIM website it states that there are only a select group of FETAC awards which are linked to the Media Studies degree course and also it states that there are only two places for FETAC level 5 applicants. so competition is quite severe.   It might be no harm to contact NUIM admissions and the admissions office of the other two choices and they will be able to discuss your position in relation to these three courses in detail.

  • 09:15
  • 09:15

    How does the available places work? I've an offer for a Level 7 course that I don't want to do. I've seen another Level 7 course that I would prefer. Can I reject my original offer and move my Level 7 choices about to ensure the course I want is first preference? The available places is open today at noon, is it first come first served on course application? Thanks

    No you must meet the entry requirements and then your back into a competitive system with other candidiates applying for the same course.


    Your order of original preferences cannot be changed. Advertised courses can be inserted into the original list but the order cannot be changed. Insert your vacant choice above your offer. Providing tthat you still want you top few courses more than your available places course.

    As there can only ever be 10 courses on your list, as new courses are inserted teh courses at the bottom drop out of the list.

  • 09:20

    Hi there, I'm in a bit of a predicament. I received 370 points in the Leaving Cert, and fell short of getting my first choice at DCU for 425. I was offered the other two courses I applied for, but DCU was always where I aimed to go. So my question is, for me to gain the extra 55 points, do I need to repeat the Leaving Cert? I heard there are other routes, such as taking music exams, to add on the extra points to the Cert. Is this true? I applied to Moate business college to do a PLC if all else fails, would this act as a stepping stone to DCU?

    Thank you for your help!

    You would have to check with Moate and look up Ensure that you are doing the correct FETAC course that links into your course of preference in DCU. Familiarse yourself with entry requirements.

    Your Leaving Cert score has to come from one sitting of the Leaving Cert calculated by adding your top six scores together.

  • 09:24

    Hi, I want to do medical science - what are the chances that it will drop by five points in round two?

    There really is no way of knowing for definite if there are going to be any other offers for this course or indeed what points reduction may appear. It is in the hands mainly of those who are holding offers at the moment and whether they all accept them or not. We will only find out in round two.            

  • 09:47
    The Helpdesk, live: Joe Humphreys, Education Correspondent at The Irish Times, with Brian Howard, a Newbridge based Guidance Counsellor and former national secretary of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors, who produces and edits the <i>Directory of Leaving Certificate Entry Requirements</i> publication for the institute, and Deirdre Garrett, Guidance Counsellor and business teacher in Monastervin, and secretary of the BSTAI Kildare branch. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons
    The Helpdesk, live: Joe Humphreys, Education Correspondent at The Irish Times, with Brian Howard, a Newbridge based Guidance Counsellor and former national secretary of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors, who produces and edits the Directory of Leaving Certificate Entry Requirements publication for the institute, and Deirdre Garrett, Guidance Counsellor and business teacher in Monastervin, and secretary of the BSTAI Kildare branch. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons
  • 09:57

    My daughter got 555 points in leaving but is two points off NUIG medicine. If she repeats just the HPAT in 2015 can she keep her LCD 2014 results for 2015 Medicine? If she starts her second college course now can she then switch next year?

    Yes she can combine her 2014 results with 2015 HPAT score. She can start a course this year. If successful for medicine next year she can begin first year again but doing medicine. If she does first year twice, once this year and first year med next year, she will be charged tuition fees for next year. Under the fee fees initative the government will only pay to do first year once.


    The best of luck.

  • 10:30
    Thanks for response
  • 10:30

    Hi, I am 5 points off my first choice which is economics in UCD. I know we won't know until round 2 offers but I just want to know your opinion, do you think the points will drop for economics?

    I really can't say. It is a guessing game as I don't know how many successful candidates for Economics in UCD will reject or defer their place and that what causes points to fall in round 2.

  • 11:01

    Hi - my daughter got 510 points (2014). She wanted to get Froebel Primary Ed (NUIM) which is at 510 but has been offered St Pat's Primary Ed instead. If points drop in R2, will all applicants with 510 be offered a place?


    Associated with your application for a place on each course you listed is a randomly generated number which has no significance other than in  random sampling situations. Now suppose that  five successful candidates reject their offer. The next five (all  candidates in the  queue)  with the highest numbers will get an offer.  So  your daughter getting an offer in round 2 will depend on many factors, the number of succesful candidates that reject their offer, what number your daughter is and  where in the queue does that place her.

     Hence I cannot give a definite answer.


    I hope that it all works out well for you. Well done on a great result.

  • 11:05

    My daughter didnt get her first choice as she was short points should she accept her 2nd choice and wait to see does the first choice points drop ? also I was advised to go on line at 12 o Clock today to check re points for 1st choice ? confused

    Yes she should accept her offer. She will still be in the running for an offer for courses of higher preferences if the points drop in round 2.

    Available/Vacant places facility opens up at midday. These are college courses that have not been filled. You must satisfy the minimum entry requirements.

    Get back onto us if you need more information.


    Good luck.

  • 11:14

    CAO   says the point spread is for TCD Anc. Hist. is   415-555 what does this spread mean?wanted Anc.Hist. at TCD, not offered got 410 , can i wirte to TCD showing eagerness?if   I have a paper remarked,drop a grade can CAO withdraw offer? Thank you:)

    I would have to know what subject you are combining it in the TR 001. You cannot write showing eagerness and you have missed the closing date for such application.


    If you drop a grade your college can decide whether to allow you stay or ask you to leave.

  • 11:17

    Is there a bursary/ grant available to students who achieved more than 100 points over their first choice for a level 7/ 8 NUI GALWAY course? Many thanks in advance.

    I have never heard of this bursary.   The only academic bursary I am aware of is the academic excellence scholarship which is an automatic scholarship for students on all courses except Medicine.   It is for students who get more than 560 points.   A call to NUIG admissions might answer your question about the bursary you mention above but it is certainly new to me.

  • 11:19

    I got my first choice Science in NUIG.   I have not accepted yet, can I change to my second choice ARTS?

    The answer to this is no, not through the CAO system, however, it wouldn't hurt to call admissions in Galway to get their viw since it is an internal transfer that would be involved and the points for Science are higher than Arts.

  • 11:35

    Where is the point spread (in a comment below) given ? can't find it on cao site?

    In Arts in TCD as you probably are aware, there is a separate CAO code for each combination of subjects and consequently there is a separate points cut off for each combination. So depending on what you combine Ancient History with the points will be different.   The lowest you could get into Ancient History is 415 with another subject and the highest is 555.   If you want to find out the points for all the combinations with Ancient History go to the TCD website, to admissions and you will find a grid with all the cut off points for the various TR001 combinations. Click on this link.

  • 11:37

    My daughter got offered a place in medicine in Galway she would have preferred dublin if she accepts Galway could she still be offered a place in second offers in dublin


    Yes provided that she has put Dublin above Galway on her CAO course choice. If she accepts Galway she will be still be in the running to get an offer in round two if the points go down.


    The best of luck.

  • 11:39

    HI I queried earlier about FETAC results and no offer. I rang NUIM,(my 1st choice). When they looked me up on the system they said that it was showing no record of my results so they could not score me and to contact CAO ASAP. Is there any hope?

    I would hope so but you need to act fast and get all the documentation to CAO.   Best of luck.

  • 11:43

    Not accepting 1st choice offer, and making a decision to apply to CAO next year on this year's results to a different location and course.   Should I reject the offer or just take no action? Does taking no action prejudice my CAO application in 2015?


    You should reject your offer. This will help someone else who is waiting for a place. If you don't reply by the 25th your place will automatically be gone.


    Good luck.

  • 11:54
  • 11:55

    Once you send away your exam to get rechecked, how long will it take to get your result back?

    The results of the rechecks will be available in Early October and there will be one final round of offers after this in mid October to deal with any new offers that need to be made as a result of upgrades.

  • 11:57

    I was above minimum requirements for all my course choices. I got no offers - the CAO did not have my Leaving Cert   results   but this has been rectified now . They have informed me that I will   be considered in round two - what if my courses are full? This seems unfair.

    The CAO would of corresponded with you in May? Did you reply to this? It depends how the mistake arose? It is also a decision for the college to make.


    Hope that things work out. The best of luck.

  • 11:58

    Hi my son got DT260 but really wanted DT261. Can he do 261 and transfer after a year? They are both Level 7 and science related. Thanks in advance.

    I would recommend that you contact the admissions office in DIT. All colleges have different transfer policies.


    Best of luck.

  • 11:59
    11.17 Reply: my Ancient History TCD combo. TR028 (1st), TR112 (2nd) on my CAO form, got 415 (offered 3rd choice UCD Arts) I   did the TCD extra project work but not offered. Any chance in round two?

    Unfortunately we have no way of knowing what is going to happen with the points for courses in round two yet.     This depends on a number of issues, the biggest of which is what the applicants who are currently holding the offers of places from round one are going to do with these places.     Unfortunately its a waiting game until the 28th August.   Good luck.
  • 12:02

    Hi, my daughter accepted her offer in Trinity early yesterday morning but still hasn't received an email from Trinity, will this lateness affect her application for Trinity Halls, as she needs a Trinity ID to apply, which she has not yet received? Thanks


    Trinity accommodation is not based on a first come first served basis. You should send an email to admissions in Trinity seeking clarification about her acceptance.


    Good luck.

  • 12:08

    Many Thanks for all of your advice over the past few days, Well done Irish Times!

    Thanks, glad it has been of help.

  • 12:21
    Great service Irish Times - thanks!
  • 12:30

    Hi - son was offered BN003 in Blanchardstown IT yesterday. BN016 is available in vacant offers today. It appears from the website that this might be a better / higher FETAC course - should he switch? We are trying to get through to the college but busy...

    The BN016 is a Level 7 and is  a higher level of  qualification than BN003 level 6. The BN003 would more than likely link into BN016 after two years.

    The advantage of doing a Level 6 is that it is only two years long.   If he doesn't like it he can leave after two years with a Level 6 qualification.

    If he doesn't like the course BN016 and leaves at any stage before the end he walks away with no qualification.

    Should he switch? Well  BN016 is a higher qualification that BN003 but take the above comment on board.


    The best of luck. We are here all day if you need more help.


  • 12:38

    I have looked at the available courses, found one I like, now how do I apply for it ?

    Great.   It is very straightforward.   It is essentially the same process as carrying out a change of mind.   Log in to your account, open up the list you want to insert the course into (level 8 or level 6/7), decide where on your list you want to insert the available course (it must be above any course you have already been offered on this list).   E.g. if you want to remain in the running for a place in your top two courses on the list in the normal way then insert the available course at number three, etc. Remember you must have met the entry requirements for the available course. and you cannot reorder your existing list just insert the new vacant course in the existing order somewhere.

  • 12:47
    Check out the Results Hub at
  • 12:54
    Hi I want to do medical science what are the chances that it will drop by five points in round two?

    Answered already below: There really is no way of knowing for definite if there are going to be any other offers for this course or indeed what points reduction may appear. It is in the hands mainly of those who are holding offers at the moment and whether they all accept them or not. We will only find out in round two.
  • 12:57

    My son completed the International Baccalaureate (IB) but has not received any offers at all. Do they come later for foreign IB students?

    It shouldn't be any later. I would advise you to contact CAO via email. Please quote the application number and give as much information as possible.


    Good luck.

  • 13:02

    Hi guys, I didn't get offered one of my Level 8 preferences and I now see one of them is on the available places list. Should I wait until the second round offers or can I apply for a course that's already on my list again through the available places?

    Have you met the minimum requirements for any of your courses? Minimum requirements stay the same even when advertised under vacant places.

    Does this answer your query? This may be the reason why you have not been offered this course already.

  • 13:07

    Thanks for your help. How quickly should you add a 'vacant' course to your CAO list. We are still looking at options!

    Applications that arrive in CAO before 11:00 on a Monday will be processed and considered for offers on the following Thursday.

    Add the vacant course after you have researched the course content and layout etc. This will help you make a more informed decision and will help you compare it to other courses of interest. This should help you decide on where you are going to place it on your new preference list.


    Good luck with it.

  • 13:09
    The Helpdesk, live: Joe Humphreys, Education Correspondent at The Irish Times, with Brian Howard, a Newbridge based Guidance Counsellor and former national secretary of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors who produces and edits the <em>Directory of Leaving Certificate Entry Requirements</em> publication for the institute, and Deirdre Garrett, Guidance Counsellor and business teacher in Monastervin, and secretary of the BSTAI Kildare branch. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons
    The Helpdesk, live: Joe Humphreys, Education Correspondent at The Irish Times, with Brian Howard, a Newbridge based Guidance Counsellor and former national secretary of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors who produces and edits the Directory of Leaving Certificate Entry Requirements publication for the institute, and Deirdre Garrett, Guidance Counsellor and business teacher in Monastervin, and secretary of the BSTAI Kildare branch. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons
  • 13:15

    If I reject the only offer I got, because cannot afford to take it up, will the rejection affect any application I make to the CAO next year? Thanks.


    Would you try defer it first? You must contact the college via email or by post. You must state your reasoning for deferral. The college will then either accept or reject your deferral. A deferral will have implications when you are reapplying through CAO.

    Rejecting an offer will not affect you if reapplying next year.

    I would recommend that you investigate the deferral route first.


    The best of luck.

  • 13:15
    Daughter got 400 points, five points short for nursing in Dundalk, tenth choice. Holding out for round two and rechecks. If offered place in England can she defer it? Would like to wait for recheck to come back in October?

    The deferral mechanism in the UK is different to here. At the outset of the application process you are given the option of applying for a deferred place for the following year. But having been offered a place it is still possible but very much depends on the university in question. The folowing may be of some help:
    Choosing to Defer After Being Offered a University Place

    If you decide to defer after you have gone through the admission process and secured your place, you will need to look at your individual University and their own particular process. At some Universities you will have to discuss this with the admissions officer for your course as decisions are made on a case by case basis, and you may have to explain what you will be doing with your year out.

    If you are doing something relevant to your subject on your gap year which has some bearing on your course work then you will stand more of a chance than someone who just wants to extend their enjoyment of the South of France’s beaches.

    However, at some institutions the process is a little more relaxed. Lesley Harriot of the Applications Team at The University of East London says that at UEL the process can be as simple as emailing to explain the situation, and it can be done right up to the the last possible moment.

    The straight answer is it will depend on the University/ies you have been to or been accepted at so ask them! If you are serious you really have nothing to lose: A University can’t suddenly take away your offers if you ask them about deferring and the worst they can do is say “no”.

    Be aware though, that you you can only defer once, so do think carefully about making the most of your time!
    What if The University Says “No”?

    You then have a choice between going ahead and taking your year off anyway, and reapplying for the following year (and you will have your results by then too), or biting the bullet and decide to get straight into studying.
    Deferred University Places Cannot Be Changed

    You will not be able to change your mind and forgo your deferred year as your place will have been made available to another student. You will have to wait for a year and have your gap year as planned.
  • 14:07

    My friend wants to do primary teaching but failed to get a C1 in Irish. He achieved 480 points. What are his options as he still wants to do primary teaching?


    He could repeat Irish and try meet the requirements along with his 2014 points. Who knows what the points are going to be next year and that is where the risk is.


    Mail again if you have any other questions.


  • 14:08

    I didn't get a place in nursing in Waterford even though I got the points because it was random selection. What are the chances that I will get offered it in the second round? Is there anyway of checking if any didn't take their places last year?

    There is no way of checking. Similar question asked earlier. Please check below for answers regarding random selection and round two offers.

  • 14:11

    Are 2nd Round offers on Thursday week, online at 6am or what time of day do they become available?

    Yes they will be available at 6am and they will be posted on the 27th and should arrive with applicants on the 28th.

  • 14:12

    I got 385 in my leaving and I didn't get any offers on my CAO as I didn't meet the points for any of the courses (nursing). I have applied late to some PLC courses in pre-nursing but most courses are full. Could you guide me where I can go from here?


    Try looking into Community Care PLC. This course can be used as a progression route into nursing Level 8. Phone up Colleges of Further Education that are close by and ask them if they have other courses that also lead to nursing Level 8s in Ireland or the UK.


    Get back onto us if you need more help.

  • 14:13

    I got 220 points, but the course I want to do is Computing Level 7 in DKIT. I'm 10 points off, how likely is it the points will go down in Round 2?

    Unfortunately we have no way of knowing what is going to happen with the points for courses in round two yet.     This depends on a number of issues, the biggest of which is what the applicants who are currently holding the offers of places from round one are going to do with these places.     Unfortunately its a waiting game until the 28th August.   Good luck.

  • 14:26

    Hi My daughter got her first choice but has change   her mind is it the case that you only get offered your first choice and if you wish to apply for another course can you apply again on available/vacant places or is she better to reapply next year?

    All choice below her offer become null and void. She can apply for any course of interest that appears on vacant places. If there are no courses of interested then I would advise her to full research her offer. If she is still dissatisified reject and reapply next year.


    Good luck with it all.


  • 14:29

    Hi my daughter got 385 in LC. She didnt receive any offer as she didnt meet the points for her course(nursing).She has applied late to PLC's in pre nursing as but most colleges seem to be full . can you advise what to do from here,
    many thanks.


    Please see answer to a similar question below.

  • 14:39

    Having applied for College place on CAO, can this student repeat Maths only in order to obtain a pass Leaving Cert? Also - can this student combine the maths repeat result, when passed, with 2014 results for CAO points?
    Also - which CAO entry level is taken - 2014 or 2015?
    Also -     does the student need to apply to the CAO?
    Thanks for your assistance.

    Not sure what the first part of the question is asking, in terms of combining Leaving Certificates - you can only combine Leaving Certificates for the purpose of meeting entry requirements   and not for points so no he cannot combine a maths repeat result with a previous Leaving Certificate for points purposes.

    In terms of CAO applications in 2014 and 2015, whichever LC result is higher will be taken for application purposes, you will supply the two LC exam numbers in your 2015 CAO application and the highest result points wise will automatically be taken.

  • 15:18

    Hi - if I will not be offered what I want this year, can I reapply to CAO again next year using my 2014 Leaving Cert results and points ? Thanks


    Yes you can.

    Take a look at vacant places

    Good luck.

  • 15:21

    If you have papers rechecked and your points increase so that you qualify for a course higher up your CAO, are you obliged to take a place in that course? Or can you stay with the lower course that you were offered in the first place?

    You are not obliged to take the course you have been offered as a result of an upgrade.   You have the choice to stay with the course you were offered in the first place or take the new one, in other words you remain in control all the time of what you want to do with your offers.

  • 15:27

    If   I was to repeat do the cao take the better of the two leaving cert results when reapplying next year.Thanks

    Yes they do.

  • 15:36

    My daughter got 510 points and is short of her course by five points. Can she wait until next year and reapply in the hope that the points for her course drop by five points?


    Yes she can. But as you know there is no certainty with points as they follow trends.


    Well done on such a good result.

  • 16:41

    My son got 400 points and was accepted for his second choice in Arts in UCD. He now wants his 3rd choice of Arts in Nuig. Should he refuse UCD? The shortage of student accommodation is a huge concern.

    All choices below  his offered course becomes null and void. He will not be offered any of his choices below Arts in UCD.

  • 16:46

    My daughter achieved 390 points in her leaving cert, falling short of the required 455 required for DT504 Film and broadcasting. Her options are to repeat her Leaving Cert or to accept an offer from Carlow IT, CW547, TV and media production. Do you know if she accepts this course and completes it if there is any way she could transfer to DT504 and if so at what level?

    I recommend that you contact Carlow IT. They will be able to speak from experiences. It is unlikey that you can transfer from one level 8 to another mid study.

    Transfers from one college to another are more common when one completes a level 6/7 and moves into a level 8 course.

  • 16:48

    Hi, I have been offered a place in UCD but my family have a change in circumstance because of health issues   and I won't be able to travel. There is a course with lower points in NUIG which would suit me. Who do I approach about this? Thanks

    I would advise you to speak with admissions in UCD AND NUIG. Try do this as soon as possible.

    The best of luck. We wish you all the best.

  • 17:10

    If I want to pursue a career in pyschology should I do a UCD joint arts degree or DBS?

    An Arts degree in UCD will not provide you with a qualification in Psychology which is recognised by the Psychological Society of Ireland and hence allow you to undertake professional training in an area of Psychology.   It merely allows you to undertake some optional modules in Psychology along with your other major subjects. The Psychology degree in DBS is acredited by the PSI and as such would provide you with more options in terms of a career in Psychology.

  • 17:16

    Last year I did two PLCs, one in business and one in computing. However it was computing I preferred and receiving a distinction in it. I applied to DIT. My PLC teacher only put down I did the business PLC and I got no offers in computing.


    I would advise you to contact admissions in DIT.

  • 17:32

    I have been accepted for HEAR but I did not get any of my courses. If I do a PLC for the year to get my course, can my HEAR application carry over to the next year?

    Your HEAR eligibility will carry over for another year however it may not be of any benefit to you.   Generally speaking, in the universities   and colleges participating in the HEAR scheme there is no reduction in points for someone applying to their courses on the basis of a FETAC qualification.   My advice would be to contact the colleges that you might be applying to next year on the basis of your FETAC/PLC course and ask them if your HEAR eligibilty will be of any benefit to you.

  • 17:52

    Hi I'm just wondering I accepted the ag environmental science in UCD which was my second choice as I didn't receive enough points for my first which was agricultural science in UCD. I'm just wondering if I completed year one in the ag environmental science would I be able to transfer after year one to the agricultural science if I get my good grades etc?

    Thank you.

    Internal transfers in UCD between courses are treated on a case by case basis because they depend on a number of factors, your degree subjects, your grades, the availability of places on the Agricultural Science programme, etc.   You would need to speak to UCD admissions about this who may get you to speak with the school of Agriculture and Food Science about this.

  • 17:54
    The Results Helpdesk is now closed. It will reopen tomorrow at 9am until 1pm.  

    Thanks to everyone who participated.