Electric Picnic Day 2

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Dean Ruxton Sat, Sep 5
LIVE: Electric Picnic Day 2

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  • 12:06

    Good morning bleary eyed festival goers and welcome to day 2 of the Irish Times Electric Picnic coverage. Dean Ruxton here bringing you the latest news, reviews and gossip from Stradbally.  

    Get in touch @DeanRuxton throughout the day with your tweets and pics from around the festival grounds.  

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    Good news on the weather front, Met Eireann say it will be a dry day with sunny spells and scorching highs of 17 degrees. It may not be factor 50 weather, perhaps factor 20 is more suitable for today...  
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    A vigil will be held in the Mindfield area of the festival at 1pm today in solidarity with refugees around Europe, the Middle East and the rest of the world.


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    For late-comers travelling down from Dublin today, there’s still a chance to catch a Bus Eireann bus from Custom House Quay at 1pm. Check here for all travel information.

    My local taxi sources tell me the traffic around Stradbally is thankfully less hectic on day two.

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    Nice and bright at Stradbally. Overhearing a lot of "Who do you prefer, Oasis or Blur??" It's a gas joke that never gets old! Keep it up, everybody.  

  • 13:02

    Grace Jones was clad in body paint last night and extra happy that it wasn't raining.

    "'I know my Jamaican accent sounds a bit Irish,' Jones says, followed by 'I’m surprised it’s not raining,' to huge cheers. It’s not raining, so let’s party like we’re in Studio 54."  

    Full review here

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    It was all couples and superfans at Belle and Sebastian last night. Good for a Friday night party, says Aoife Valentine.
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    Future Islands will be on the Main Stage at 5.15pm. Show up if you want to marvel at the best shape-throwing in the business. Amazing.

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    "It looks like we might actually have to get the sunblock out." That says it all!

    I'm waiting for "There's a bit of heat in that sun". Shouldn't be long.  

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    Jerry Fish says he might have to get more security for tonight and it's all go at the Electric Sideshow. Sultans of Ping tonight at 11pm should be a cracker.
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    A reminder that Picnicers have been asked to consider donating tents, blankets, clothes and sleeping bags (in good condition)  as part of an initiative to collect supplies for refugees and migrants in Calais. Donations can  be dropped off at the Global Green area after 10am on Monday.
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    Despacio is a good time, especially for enthusiasts of the giant disco ball.  

    "On the face of it, three DJs spinning records for hours at a time on a bespoke sound system does not seem overtly special in an age when club culture has become ubiquitous.

    But when those DJs are James Murphy from DFA Records and late of LCD Soundsystem with David and Stephen Dewaele from 2ManyDJs/Soulwax, and the soundsystem has been created by high-end audio company McIntosh, it’s an entirely different matter."

    Jim Carroll's interview with  David Dewaele  should be a good explainer.

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    Patrick Freyne's take on The Redneck Manifesto last night at The Salty Dog:

    "Introduced by some excellent human beatboxers and a man in a pirate costume, the Redneck Manifesto play their first gig in six months on a landlocked pirate ship.

    It’s nice to see these six men hard at work on their musical machines. There’s Richie Egan alternatively banging, plucking and holding his bass over his head flanked by Matthew Bolger and Niall Byrne fretting and noodling, flanked in turn by Glenn Keating and Neil O’Connor who type frenetically on vintage synths, bash supplementary percussion and clap their hands, all powered from behind by inhuman drumsmith Mervyn Craig. The Redneck Manifesto have been around a long time and play a post-hardcore, groovy, trancey, prog thing. It is a good thing.

    There’s a rough formula to their arrangements, one member of the band plays a fluid/staccato/erratic/melodic musical motif and various other band members then take it up - subverting it, marginally altering it or twisting it before sporadically joining together in unison for juddering bursts of unified clanking noise. Every member of the band is virtuosic and they’re a joy to dance, watch and listen to. The Rednecks have a very coherent manifesto."

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    Classic forest-based trendy stuff!  

  • 15:05

    Things are definitely building at Stradbally and the Friday cobwebs seem to be well shaken off. For those looking to watch the GAA, head over to the E-Lite Curve Dome in the Main Arena before 5pm.

    Any news/pics from the site? Send them to druxton@irishtimes.com or tweet @DeanRuxton

    The Main Stage bill kicks on at 3.45pm with The Riptide Movement


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    Patrick Freyne's review of 2Unlimited seems to be dividing people on social media. He reckons it was a bit too unlimited. Wehey!

    "A barrage of high-hats and subwoofer accompanying constant demands that we party. They also regularly count to four very loudly. Frankly, I found it very stressful."

    Read the full review here
  • 15:28
    There's still plenty of festival left to get through! It's never too late for a couple of survival tips.
  • 15:33
    Dominique McMullan spent a night in one of those fancy shmancy sleeping pods:

    Have you ever wanted to sleep in an art installation? Me neither. But last  night as my head hit the fluffy pillowcase in my double bed, I was a fully  paid-up supporter of the arts. An archipod at Electric Picnic will set you  back, with prices starting at €200 a night and the 8 custom bespoke pods,  designed by Irish architects, are open to the public between  2pm-7pm, so no  lie-ins. But if you've got the cash and want something a little different,  with lots of luxury, this is the place for you.
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    Aoife Valentine's verdict on Bry's performance on the main stage is in:

    “Can you all stand up? It feels like I’m playing a church” says Bry, as he takes the main stage. He’s drawn a small crowd, and you could count the people over the age of 25 on your fingers, but those who have turned up are big fans.

    Bry’s got a big audience on YouTube, where he started his music career. This is probably the only gig this weekend that so many children will run so enthusiastically to, for reasons other than picking up cups for refunds.

    He gives a confident performance, and having a small crowd who all know all the words makes for an intimate atmosphere, even at the main stage. Adventure Time gets people jumping, which is really everything the crowd came for.

  • 15:51

    As Aoife mentioned in her Bry review, there’s a deposit on plastic cups at the bars. Return a cup to a refund bank and you’ll get 20c.

    Alternatively, as some seem to be doing, you can hoard a bunch of them, carry them around and line yourself up for the big cash-in.

    What happens when they’re collected? Well, according to EP: “They are sold to a company in Monaghan where they are shredded; this company sells the shredded fibres on to a company in Cavan for use in the making of fleeces!”
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    It isn't all burritos and crepes!

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    That dance-off should be starting about now


  • 16:17

    Taking a break from the music? Check out Dublin Old School at 5pm at the Theatre Stage. It’s a play by Emmet Kirwan about brothers, Dublin and dance music. It’s excellent and well worth the short walk from the main stage area

  • 16:29

    Enjoyed this one!


  • 16:35
    Breaking EP news: George Ezra currently singing outside The Irish Times press tent for RTE. "OMG" etc.  
  • 16:50
    For those seeking something a little grittier, Bitch Falcon take to the Body & Soul stage in about 10 minutes

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    Weather update: It is "fairly sunny", according to Met Eireann (actual words). In all seriousness, it's 16 degrees and nicely bright in Stradbally.  

    There's the possibility of some cloud tomorrow, but with highs of 14 to 18 degrees. Nobody has yet commented on the amount of "heat in that sun".  
  • 17:10

    Here's a review of Underworld's headline set last night. Three stars from Peter Crawley:

    For all the 90s nostalgia of this year’s Picnic, Underworld don’t smack of throwback programming. This, despite the fact that the techno outfit are touring the 1994 game-changer, Dubnobasswithmyheadman, usually played in its scowling entirety. The policy has been gamely relaxed for Stradbally. Under the cover of darkness, they pummel through Dark & Long (whose title is also a pithy and succinct review of the entire gig), the crackle and throb of Mmm…  Skyscraper I Love You and the accelerated stabs of Spoonman. But there’s also room, in the thumping Two Months Off or the thin metallic smack of Scribble, to see the incremental gains and erosions in dance music over two decades. Arms out and chest up, frontman Karl Hyde still comes across as a muttering prophet, making mantras out of twisted material. But in the bright concluding bounce of  those chords  in Born Slippy, a more delicious hook than any number of lagers, they’re generous enough to get their round in.

  • 17:15
    There are new reports of a band of musketeers rambling through Picnic, drawing moustaches on anybody who'll allow it. The moustacheteers want to put a ronnie on every face in Stradbally by Sunday night. We think.
  • 17:26

    The Blur buzz is increasing.  

  • 17:33

    The crowds are hitting cruising speeds and it's getting loud. Future Islands are up at the moment on the Main Stage breaking down acceptable dance move barriers. Also up tonight, ahead of Blur, is Sam Smith at 10pm.  

  • 17:46

    Info coming in that the Django Django tour bus will be parked bumper-to-bumper with the IT press tent soon. They’re early... maybe a possible Other Voices set?

    Hot Chip are around the corner too. They’re probably all just after the WiFi... scoundrels!  
  • 17:52
    There's a healthy string of sing-a-longs on the air now. Future Islands really kicking up some noise on the Main Stage - they're about half way through a powerful set
  • 18:01
    The annual battle of "whether or not to bring wellies to the festival" has so far been won by the chancers
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    From earlier today


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  • 18:19

    Another three star performance today -  Kwamie Liv review by Shilpa Ganatra

    "The new Lana del Rey!" cry the hype-mongers, as if it were a hole in our lives. These are probably the same people who invested funds on Kwamie Liv's Massive Attack-esque light display we see at this early afternoon slot. Patience, my excitable friends.

    Kwamie - aided in the background by her collaborator Baby Duka and a session drummer - delivers a set that's minimalist in texture but smouldering in intent. It nearly excelled, but breaks in character (waving to friends in the audience, sharing one drink between the three of them) snap us back to reality: that we're in a semi-filled tent of late-night vibes, listening to an act's debut Irish performance, while the sun's blazing outside. Not quite the coup we'd expected.

    In three words: Maybe next time

  • 18:22
    Una Mullally approves of Bitch Falcon's set. Four stars:

    There are few rock guitarists in Ireland who play with as much fury and energy as Lizzie from Bitch Falcon, and for a short while the serenity of Body & Soul has its foundations shook to the core with this three piece's fervour. This stage has always given local acts a good push, and a curious crowd gathers to check out the buzz and don't need much encouragement to get into it.
    The set is both beefy and brilliant, unforgiving in its forcefulness, with Loah added as a special guest. You can imagine at least some of these tunes with the right production as rock epics. But it's the musicianship and sense of potential that's most captivating. Whatever it is, Bitch Falcon have it.  
  • 18:52

    Una says if you liked Bitch Falcon, you'll like Girl Band tomorrow (9.30, Cosby Stage, Sunday).

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  • 19:08

    The shadows are getting longer and the GAA is finished; this signals dinner time. Accordingly, the lines at the food stalls are beginning to swell. The pick of the bunch so far has been Pie Minister (if you can last in the queue), with a special mention for Dave's wood-fired pizza. Dutifully nommed.

    There's a slew of good burrito places and general burger joints, too. But if you're feeling like completely letting the hair down and eating breakfast food for dinner (what are you like!), Europe's first cereal cafe, The Cereal Killer Cafe, has a stand too.  

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  • 19:13

    Alvvays have done the business on the Cosby Stage - four stars from Aoife Valentine:

    Job well done  

    Canadian indie-pop group Alvvays are almost silhouettes when they come out on the Cosby tent stage. Between the red lights and the heavy smoke machines, lead singer Molly Rankin’s platinum blonde locks are about all you can make out.

     They gradually appear from the smoke, but as the gig goes on, Rankin is still the standout. Her piercing vocals cut through the music, and the whammy bar gives them a lovely, clean, trebley sound.

     Rankin is charm personified, though the crowd don’t appreciate her equating our precious Gaeilge to the ‘Scottish Gaelic’ she claims they know. Nonetheless, she wins the crowd back over quickly, and closes the set with Archie, Marry Me, a masterclass in turning their lovely indie-pop into something a bit special.

  • 19:21

    Peter Crawley gives Future Islands three stars:

    Things only get sunnier with the arrival of Future Islands, whose iridescent synth pop was made for these blue skies. They even play against a silver backdrop, as though discretely topping up their tans. It’s worth squinting through the glare at the fascinating shapes of singer Samuel Herring, a hybrid creation of contradictory parts.

    Imagine the elastic legs of Mick Jagger grafted onto the durable torso of John Candy, or the declamatory gestures of a home shopping channel salesman over a voice that hops between blue-collar troubadour and the throaty retch of demonic possession. It’s more intriguing, alas, than the musical palette: you’d need a DNA test to decide where one song ends and another begins. Breakthrough album Singles is generously represented, together with benignly welcomed new songs. But everything feels like a prelude to Seasons (Waiting on You). Uncharitably, you suspect they have only one song. But at least it’s a great song.  

  • 19:28
    George Ezra is currently thumping away heartily on the Main Stage. After that, it's Hot Chip, Sam Smith, then Blur.  
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  • 19:39

    "Bogster" - a mix of the word "hipster" and "bogger". One of the more insteresting terms we've come across this weekend!

    This one comes courtesty of two Kerrymen we spoke to who didn't like the word "hipster", so made it their own. Who could blame them?

  • 19:46
    VIDEO: Out and about at EP - From the famed "Bogsters" to straight-up cape wearing. Check it out here
  • 19:47

  • 19:53

    Patrick Freyne raised an interesting question in his piece yesterday  - how many of the cars stuck in traffic around Stradbally were just locals trying to get to the shop?

    Read the full piece below

    Electric Picnic: 'That's only 48 divided by three cans a day'

  • 19:54

  • 19:59
    From my experience, Despacio has the highest concentration of people wearing realistic animal masks. More on this as it develops.  
  • 20:02

    We're still a few hours out, but for the day that's in it...

  • 20:12
    The sun is creeping down over EP and there's a slight chill emerging. Met Eireann insists the lowest temperatures tonight will be 4-9 degrees. We hope they're right for the sake of the ambitious night-time vest wearers
  • 20:23
    We've closed the door of the IT press cabin to concentrate. Say what you want about the music, but it's fierce loud.  
  • 20:26
    VIDEO: Mayo hearts shattered at Electric Picnic. The show goes on at EP, but so does the GAA! Check it out here
  • 20:29

    And that brings our Electric Picnic live blog to an end, but we won’t leave you hanging just yet. Tomorrow, we’ll still be keeping you updated with reviews, news, pics, tips and all things EP right here.

    Sunday’s headliners include Interpol, The Boomtown Rats and Manic Street Preachers. Florence and the Machine will be capping off the evening and the weekend.

    For those at Stradbally, look out for The Ticket EP supplement and make sure to pay us a visit at The Ticket tent. Thanks for reading!