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Davin O'Dwyer and our intrepid tech team report live from the summit floor

Davin O'Dwyer Tue, Nov 4
LIVE: Web Summit

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  • 09:45
    Hi Davin O'Dwyer here from the sprawling Web Summit in Ballsbridge. It's a little bit chaotic this morning as the crowds arrive but I guess that's to be expected.
  • 09:47
    Pamela Newenham was up bright and early at the IBM breakfast announcement where they confirmed that they are opening a new centre of competency for its Watson technology in Dublin.
  • 09:52
    The show floor is starting to fill up and the start-ups are pitching their wares.  
    The show floor is starting to fill up and the start-ups are pitching their wares.  
  • 09:54
    Another year, another Web Summit and more irked media bods over the state of the internet access. It's patchy rather than not there but are still issues. Hopefully they'll be resolved soon.
  • 09:56
    The Summit's relentless growth means the Summit is sprawling over half of Ballsbridge, with the main stage a few minutes away in the Simmonscourt, accessible via a footbridge. That makes for quite a different vibe in the main RDS arena, which is positively relaxed so far
  • 09:58
    Pamela Newenham had chat with Padmasree Warrior, CTO of Cisco, who told her there will be less traffic jams in the future as cars will be connected to each other and will be to connect with traffic lights.
    "Like Hailo or Uber, you will be able to have a car on demand, except the car will be a self-driving one. It will drop you off wherever you want to go and you will not have to worry about parking," she predicts.
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  • 09:59
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    Interesing chat at the Marketing Stage with Tanya Cordrey of the Guardian an Emily Steel of the New York Times on the new digital era of journalism - it's testament to the scope of the Summit no, and the transformative impact of technology, that it comfortably encompasses so many industries. Eyebrows may be raised wth the addition of dedicated sports and music stages, but it wouldn't be a genuine technology event if it restricted itself to web services and apps...
  • 10:15
    You can watch a livestream from the main stage of the Summit at irishtimes.com/websummit
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    David Epstein on big data in sport
    David Epstein on big data in sport
  • 10:34
    Fascinating talk on the application of big data analysis in sport by David Epstein on the sports stage, which is rather incongruously in a Spiegeltent. Epstein is a great writer on the science of sport, and his talk really proves the point of how the world of technology has transformed a huge number of fields...
  • 10:41
    This is a Ted-talk quality performance by Epstein - now he's debunking the fabled 10,000-hour maxim that practice is the biggest determinant of success. Take that, Malcolm Gladwell...
  • 10:43

    The Web Summit has become the urban tech version of the National Ploughing Championships, which makes Paddy Cosgrave the new Anna May McHugh.

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    John Collison of Stripe has up to now had a lower profile than his brother Patrick, but showed he's just as impressive during chat on the Centre Stage whe he discussed the challenges of payment platforms, leaving Harvard and moving to San Fran. Lots of of insights nto the mentality of excellence required to succeed in Silicon Valley.
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    The Web Summit's ropey wifi has been such a running joke for so long now it's almost like a schtick, but with the expansion into the Simmonscourt arena, the problem seems worse than ever, with most people struggling to get even 3G connectivity. The media room, needless to say, is full of stressed hacks frantically looking for Ethernet cables...
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    It's all about Eva right now - the diminutive star is travelling with a relatively small entourage, I can report. Only four or five burly men and handlers. But the celeb star wattage is having the desired effect, with the Desperate Housewives and Galaxy ice cream star getting the Web Summit some high-profile coverage on CNN earlier...
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    One of the numerous pitch stages - where the Summit goes all X Factor
    One of the numerous pitch stages - where the Summit goes all X Factor
  • 13:24
    Across the Summit, start-ups eager for advice, feedback and best of all seed funding are taking to the pitching stages to impress hard-nosed investors. It's X Factor for geeks, with the ultimate winner announced on Thursday
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    Queues at the Food Summit
    Queues at the Food Summit
  • 13:53
    Thousands of disoriented, hungry techies are making their way over to leafy Herbert Park for the Food Summit, where they are met with long queues for trays of fine Irish cuisine. It's a veritable picnic, on an industrial scale...
  • 14:30
    Huge crowd of dignitaries take to the Centre Stage to get in the frame behind Enda Kenny and Paddy Cosgrave for the ringing of the Nasdaq opening bell. Quite a buzz about this in the huge auditorium.
  • 14:45
    The photo it seems everyone wants to be in - ringing the bell with Taoiseach Enda Kenny. And not a mention of water charges...
    The photo it seems everyone wants to be in - ringing the bell with Taoiseach Enda Kenny. And not a mention of water charges...
  • 14:48
    Teen hacker Puck Meerberg on what drives him to take things apart - Marie Boran reports http://iti.ms/1phNZpA
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    After all that Nasdaq excitement, the Centre Stage crowd is treated to a pleasingly substantial discussion on digital media distribution with Flipboard's Mike McCue and the Huffingto Post's Jimmy Mayman. The broader context is of relevance to all sorts of start-ups looking to disrupt existing industries.
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    Aer Lingus takes off
    Aer Lingus takes off
  • 15:27
    Love & Robots 3D printing start-up wins ESB Spark of Genius prize. Marie Boran has the report at irishtimes.com/websummit
  • 15:30
    Back in the main RDS arena, or the Town in Summit parlance, things are slightly less hectic than in the bustling Simmonscourt. The big event partners have their booths here, with Aer Lingus and Google particularly impressing, while startups have a bit more space around their stands to advertise their wares and ideas. It almost feels like an entirely different conference...
  • 15:44
    Long line for the Machine Stage
    Long line for the Machine Stage
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    With 20,000 attendees, there are some inevitable bottlenecks around the RDS today, with long queues for Builders and Machine stages, as well as for coffee, food, toilets and robot demos. On the whole, though, the crowds are moving fairly fluidly between the different stages.
  • 15:50
    Insert obligatory Farm Summit joke here
    Insert obligatory Farm Summit joke here
  • 15:51
    The sheep add a bit of colour to the trek between Town & Village...
  • 16:25
    On the Centre Stage, the man most famous for firing Steve Jobs has just explained how he didn't, actually, fire Steve Jobs. John Sculley, who was hired by Jobs to be Apple chief executive back in the 1980s, had a fascinating conversation with the inimitable New York Times writer David Carr in which he made it clear Jobs was merely demoted, leading to his exit. But nonetheless, he has nothing but praise for the late Apple founder, and revealed Jobs was working on ideas for an iPhone-like device even back in the mid-80s. However, Jobs never forgave Sculley, who is still sprightly and active in the technology business today.
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  • 16:31
    From a nostalgic look at computing's early days to an up-to-the minute discussion on technology's most pressing current issue, as the Guardian's James Ball asks former NSA man Stewart Baker and Cloudflare's Johnson Matthew Prince about how privacy is changing. From a technology company's point of view, Prince argues, it's all about maintaining a user's trust. Baker appears rather more cynical about the reality of the modern surveillance state. But privacy, it's safe to say, has been changed forever...
  • 16:50
    More Steve Jobs anecdote from Drew Houston of Dropbox, being interviewed at the moment on the Centre Stage. Houston famously turned down an offer from Jobs to buy Dropbox - he's not lacking in self-confidence, this guy. He's certainly reinforcing the 'founder myth', building his idea for online storage and file management into a billion-dollar business.
  • 17:41
    And day one of the Summit draws to a close. Felt like most attendees are still getting their bearings even now, so sprawling is the event, but the huge array of speakers and exhibitors meant everyone surely saw a few gems. Only two more days to go...