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IT Fri, Sep 28

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  • 12:50
    And it’s back. Two years after securing the winning point at the Celtic Manor, Antrim’s Graeme McDowell will get hit the opening drive at the 2012 Ryder Cup in just under 30 minutes time.

    Johnny Watterson will be here shortly to take you through the ups and downs of the first day’s play. In the meantime, it’s Noel O’Reilly to guide you through the opening salvoes.

    McDowell, who is due on the tee at 1.20pm alongside the Boy Wonder, is pumped. Very pumped. Dawn may barely be breaking over in Chicago but the 2010 US Open champion was full of beans on Sky Sports a short time ago.
    “It’s energetic. it’s upbeat. Everyone’s excited,” he said of atmosphere the European team room. Fair play to them. My mood at that time this morning was darker. Especially when I discovered I was all out of Shreddies. Not a good start to the day, it has to be said.
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  • 12:57
  • 12:58
    One of the great, eh, ‘joys’ of a Ryder Cup is checking out what zany outfits those wacky golf fans will come up with. So far, it’s been fairly humdrum stuff from the hosts, stars’n’stripes strides the highlight so far. Nothing so dull for our brave European boys. Oh no, we’re always far more willing to make an arse of ourselves, as you can see below.
  • 13:02
    Here comes the science bit. For the uninitiated, this is how the Ryder Cup works . . .

    In the Ryder Cup, both teams of 12 play each other over three days and 28 matches, of which each one is worth one point. To win the overall match 14.5 points are needed, but Europe will retain the trophy if it is a 14-14 tie.

    The first day of competition features eight matches between two-man teams – four foursomes and four fourball matches. The format for the second day is identical, while Sunday features 12 singles matches. All 28 matches are contested under a matchplay format, whereby players compete against each other, not the course.

    This morning’s foursomes pit two European players against two American counterparts. Each pairing only uses one ball and plays alternate shots. The pairings alternate who plays the tee shots with one player teeing off on the odd-numbered holes, the other on the even. As in fourballs the number of holes won determines the outcome in a matchplay format.

    This afternoon’s four fourball pairings use the same number of players – eight from each side – for four matches. The best individual score wins the hole in a matchplay format where the number of holes won determines the outcome of the match.

    All 12 players from each team pair up against each other in Sunday’s closing singles matches. Again, the lowest score on each hole wins the hole in this matchplay format.

  • 13:04
    Got all that?? Good. And here are the pairings for the opening foursomes.

    1.20pm Graeme McDowell & Rory McIlroy v Jim Furyk & Brandt Snedeker

    The Northern Irish duo played together in all three available team sessions in the weather-affected contest at Celtic Manor, emerging with one and a half points. They also won three of their four games at the Seve Trophy in 2009 and relished being sent out first — their only defeat coming in a fourball match when that was not the case.

    Furyk seemed an obvious choice for one of captain Davis Love’s four wild cards and is making his eighth appearance, but the 42-year-old has won just 10 points of a possible 27 overall and four from his last 18 fourball or foursome matches. Snedeker was also a wild card selection but more than justified Love’s faith a few weeks’ later by winning the Tour Championship in Atlanta and with it the FedEx Cup and a total of $11.4 million.
  • 13:05
    1.35pm Luke Donald & Sergio Garcia v Phil Mickelson & Keegan Bradley

    Garcia and Donald have won all four of their foursomes outings together, winning twice in the record nine-point victory at Oakland Hills in 2004 and repeating the trick when the same winning margin was achieved two years later at the K Club. Garcia is also unbeaten in nine foursomes appearances overall, winning eight and halving the other — while Donald has won six out of six.

    Mickelson is making a US-record ninth appearance in the Ryder Cup, although his overall record is poor with just 11 wins from 34 matches. The left-hander has also claimed just two wins from his last 14 fourball or foursome matches, meaning it is perhaps no surprise that rookie Bradley is his 14th different partner.
  • 13:06
    1.50pm Lee Westwood & Francesco Molinari v Jason Dufner & Zach Johnson

    Westwood is playing his eighth Ryder Cup under an eight different captain, and now has an eighth different partner in Molinari. The former world number one is viewed as highly adaptable having not lost any of his last 10 foursomes matches, dating back to 1999, with five different partners. The European pair’s putting could be a concern.

    Former Masters champion Johnson has played in the Ryder Cup twice before, winning one and a half points in the record-equalling defeat at the K Club in 2006 and claiming two points from three matches in the much narrower loss at Celtic Manor two years ago. Dufner is a rookie who won twice in the space of three weeks on the PGA Tour this season, while also managing to squeeze in his wedding at the same time.
  • 13:06
    2.05pm Ian Poulter & Justin Rose v Steve Stricker & Tiger Woods

    Another obvious pairing, good friends and former Challenge Tour room-mates Rose and Poulter won two of their three matches together in the defeat at Valhalla in 2008 — the last time the United States lifted the trophy. Poulter will relish taking on Woods, although two of his three losses in the event have come against the former world number one.

    Woods has had 12 different partners in the Ryder Cup, including current captain Davis Love, but despite winning four and a half points from six singles matches, he still has a losing overall record. He and Stricker won two of their three matches at Celtic Manor, but were thrashed 6&5 in the other by Westwood and Donald. The duo also lost 7&6 to Adam Scott and KJ Choi in last year’s Presidents Cup, but won all four matches together in 2009.
  • 13:13
    It may be just an exhibition for some of the players, but Ian Poulter has always bought into the Ryder Cup. The brash Englishman may not be everyone’s cup of Earl Grey but he can’t be accused on lacking passion. And it may have been hay fever, but Poulter appeared close to tears as he gave his thoughts on the Cup, not least when the late Seve Ballesteros was mentioned. Showing admirable restraint, he was able to maintain a stiff upper lip. Jolly good show.
  • 13:19
    McIlroy and McDowell, all smiles in their natty lime green jumpers, make their way to the first at Medinah where Furyk and Snedeker are already waiting.
  • 13:24
    Oh dear. McDowell almost hits it out of the ball park, pulling it miles left and almost out-of-bounds. With the door wide open, Furyk fails to take advantage and follows McDowell in pulling his drive left, although not quite as far off target. Poor shots from both teams get this Ryder Cup underway.
  • 13:28
    McDowell’s drive was so far left he has left McIlroy with virtually no shot. He’s not that far from the green but needs to manufacture something here.
  • 13:30
    And that’s not a bad effort at all from there, McIlroy firing it over the fir trees to find the rough just off the putting surface. Snedeker has a much more favourable angle, and the rookie’s first shot at a Ryder Cup is a good ‘un, safely on the green some 30 yards from the pin.
  • 13:35
    Davis Love is planning to “keep running our offence” until Sunday with birdies the aim for his team. But he’ll have to wait a little while longer, with Furyk missing a chance to win the hole, both sides tidying up with safe fours on the first green.
  • 13:37
    Back on the tee, Luuuuuke Donald is next up for Europe. After watching McDowell and Furyk make a horlicks of it, Donald selects a three wood and knocks it safely down the fairway. But Keegan Bradley doesn’t shy away from the big stick, booming a driver well past Donald’s ball to lay down an early marker.
  • 13:53

    Johnny Watterson here looking forward to another 10 hours or so of Ryder Cup. Furyk and McDowell have already shown what first tee nerves can do with wild left drives but Lee Westwood  in the third match out spanks it straight down the fairway with USA's rookie Jason Duffner finding the sand to the left with his first drive.

  • 13:55
    Sergio leaves Luke Donald with a testing second as he finds sand at the back of the par 3 second hole. Ughh. Lefty Michelson hits the dance floor 15 feet away.
  • 13:58
    Zach attempts to rescue Dufner from the sand but leaves it short of the first green. Molinari stitches it on the green from a big Westwood drive. A chance to go one up for Europe.
  • 14:01
    Keegan Brady sinks a long putt to go one up against Donald and Garcia. USA up in two of the matches with McIlroy and McDowellalso down after two holes.
  • 14:03
    Westwood misses from 12 feet to go one up at the first. No worries there as Dufner misses a short one to hand the hole to Europe.
  • 14:05
    Big let off for the Irish pair as Furyk misses a makeable putt. If it had dropped Gmac and Weemac would have fallen back two after three holes.
  • 14:08
    Tiger's on the tee but its the cocky Poulter who splits the firway first. No pressure? Plenty as Tiger heads deep into the hospitality on the left to look for his first drive.
  • 14:13
    The first thing Brad Gilbert did with tennis player Andy Roddick was to get him to lose the visor and wear a baseball cap. It's an image thing. Poulter might have a thought about that.
  • 14:14
    Dufner sinks a putt on the second to square the third match with the USA up in the first two games. Some early momentum now with the home team.
  • 14:16
    Rory pitches in from fifty yards down a treacherous third green. Europe energised and high fives all round. 
  • 14:18
    The opening game is all square, Snedeker failing to follow Rory into the hole with a wedge.
  • 14:23
    Great job from Stricker to get Tigers ball back into play from behind a fir tree on the first.
  • 14:26
    Poulter a fifteen foot putt for birdie to go one up on the first. Hits it through the break and Snedeker drops the putt for par for an unlikely half.
  • 14:26
    Rory McIlroy eyes his first shot of the 2012 Ryder Cup at Medinah. - Photgraph: Jeff Haynes/Reuters
    Rory McIlroy eyes his first shot of the 2012 Ryder Cup at Medinah. - Photgraph: Jeff Haynes/Reuters
  • 14:27
    Harry G Gonna be a classic. Thanks for blog. Long way from home till the evening
  • 14:36
    Stricker puts his ball in the water on the par 3 second hole. Tiger hits the green from the drop zone but Stricker misses for a double bogeyand Europe go one up after two.
  • 14:37
    Barry This Blog and the Olympics blog may have just saved my Summer/Autumn (probably just call both Winter and be done with it).
  • 14:38
    Never say sorry in foursomes, says Monty on television. That's probably good advise. Fore left for Poulter's drive on the third into the trees. Tiger's iron splits the fairway.
  • 14:41

    McDowell almost holes his approach on the sixth hole and on five Luuuuuuuuke Donald almost holes from 30 feet. Sweet moves for Europe around the course.

  • 14:43

    Westwood and Molinari one up thru four holes. Rory sinks a short putt to go one up. Overall Europe have turned everything around and are up in three with one all square.

  • 14:48
    Why is Tiger looking like he'd prefer to be somewhere else. He doesn't have a great record in the Ryder Cup but has won three times this year on the PGA Tour and should be hot for Medinah.
  • 14:57
    Michelson leaves a tricky putt well short and Bradley Keegan slaps his thigh when his effort dribbles wide from six feet while Luke Donald sinks a left to right to go one up thru six holes.
  • 14:59
    Four birdies in a row from the Irish pair as Rory sinks from mid range. Snedeker drops his putt as the Americans trail by one thru 7. Europe up one in three games with the fourth all square. There's a lot of blue on the board.
  • 15:03
    Justin Rose sinks a long, long putt for birdie and Stricker lines up from almost the same place on the green but cannot match the Englishman. Europe ahead in four matches.
  • 15:10
    Snedeker pops in a putt in the first match and punches the air, while Westwood misses a tiddler in match three to drop back to all square thru 6.
  • 15:13
    Tiger goes wild again with the driver and is 50 yards off line on the fifth hole after his ball takes a massive bounce on a concrete path. Stricker to the rescue again??
  • 15:17
    Woods has lost 7 forsomes in his Ryder Cup career. Stricker puts the second shot into a greenside bunker. Advantage to  Poulter and Rose at the fifth.
  • 15:20
    Poulters uneven lie makes a simple pitch treacherous and gets to 12 feet but Tiger struggles in the bunker and hits a terrible shot, that drive still on his mind at the fifth.
  • 15:25
    Tiger sinks a putt from three and a half feet to halve the fifth hole. Europe still one up but Poulter and Rose might think it shouild be more given how Woods has been hitting the ball.
  • 15:26
    Rory and Gmac hit the turn and remain one up  on Furyk and Snedeker. Five birdies on the front nine and the Irish pair are really leading from the front.
  • 15:34
    While we don't want to dwell too much on Tiger, he is playing like a Sunday motning hacker. He's just pitched into a bunker at the sixth hole. Body language bad too.
  • 15:37
    Donald lips out to allow Keegan Bradley a short one to level the match. Neat little handshake between Michelson and the rookie. 
  • 15:39
    USA struggling. Poulter and Rose two up thru 6. Gmac and Rory two up thru 10.
  • 15:44
    Great course at Medinah but the clubhouse looking a little imposing. It resembles a a brick fort or mosque with small windows. Whatever rocks your cage.
  • 15:47
    Another Woods drive, another iron from the trees from Stricker at the seventh.
  • 15:50
    Autumn leaves scattered around the greens and not very warm at all.Even the home crowd are sedate and when Michelson splashes out at the 10th greenside bunker, there's just a light ripple of applause. This is exactly what Europe would have wanted to do - silence the home support.
  • 15:51
    Tiger hits a geat approach to the seventh. Is this his first good shot of the day?
  • 15:59
    Dufner rolll a putt at the 9th. He thinks it's in and pumps his fist... but no...wait it stops on the rim. He takes a pace forward and it falls and he smiles for the first time. All square with Molinari and Westwood thru nine. Rory and Gmac three up thru 11 holes.
  • 16:07

    Tiger and Sneds' bogey the par 3 eigth hole and Poulter strokes in from three feet for par to go one up. Rory and Gmac three up thru 12 holes and the other two matches are all square.

  • 16:13
    Dufner drops a 12 footer at the 10th hole. He has been putting very well and his birdie puts himself and Zach Johnson  1 up. Its been some time since any of the USA teams have been up.
  • 16:20
    The US are digging in. They haven't played well but all the matches except for the Irish pair could swing either way. Woods and Stricker pull one back and Furyk sinks a seven footer to get one back against the Ulsterman on the 13th. From Europe leading in four matches its now 2-2 with the middle matches, Mickelson and Bradley and Johnson and Dufner one up.
  • 16:23
    Bradley is pin high and 15 feet away on the 245 yard par three 13th hole. Luke's five wood ends up in the sand. Advantage America.
  • 16:25
  • 16:28
    Sergio splashes out on the 13th and gets some stop on the down slope but Michelson drops the left to right putt for a glorious birdie to go two up. The USA seem to building momentum and the crowd are getting lively.
  • 16:34
    McDowell facing a 15 footer to halve the hole or the Irish pair drop back to one up. Big pressure putt but the Ulsterman stands up and the ball drops. Still two up thru 14.
  • 16:37
    The European pair in the top match are still two up. But the middle pairings are under pressure from the USA. Michelson and Bradley are 2 up against Garcia and Donald with Johnson and Dufner one up against Westwood and Molinari. Poulter and Rose just about have their noses ahead of struggling Tiger and Stricker.
  • 16:40
    The 15th is drivable at 313 yards to the pin. Furyk puts his drive just short of the green with McDowell's drive landing in the water. It looks like another hole handed back to the USA by the Irish duo.
  • 16:44
    Back on 11, the tee-box travails of Tiger continue. He drills the ball into trees down the left, forcing Stricker to attempt to push the ball through a small gap....again. He hits the trunk..
  • 16:48
    Poulter raises his arm in the air with a pitch in out of the sand for himself and Rose to go two ahead. Michael Jordan, the great Chicago Bulls basketball players is greenside supporting the Americans.
    "I'm here for enthusiasm and motivation," he says. Jordan is at Medinah in an official capacity with the Americans.
  • 16:50
    Sergio!!!!He can't believe that one didn't go in. Just three feet away and the mercurial Spaniard  lets his tiddler slip bye. What a break for Michelson and Bradley who are now three up with four to play.
  • 16:57
    Gmac and Rory are one up with three to play in the top match. They need to steady the ship but Furyk places his second shot to four feet and seconds later rookie Bradley sinks a monster putt on the 15th green leaving Garcia to hole from the sand. The Spaniard leaves it short for first blood to the USA 4 & 3
  • 17:01

    Rory's third shot from the sand is further away than Furyk's second to the 16th green. The Irish pair have dropped three holes and are level with two to play. But the momentum is with Furyk and Sneds'. The crowd is up and the momentum has dramatically shifted.

  • 17:06

    Should we now start calling them the British pair?? Never but Rory and Gmac have lost three holes to three birdies and are left of the green on the 17th par 3. Furyk has put his shot on the green.

  • 17:09
    Great chip by Rory from off the green on 17. The match is all square but he's put it to gimme distance for Gmac.
  • 17:13
    It's up the 18th for the top match as Sneds' putt doesn't fall on the 17th. Rory and Sneds'will take the tee shots.
    Sneds' hits miles right and so does Rory but there's a touch of the luck of the Irish as Rory's wayward ball hits the bough of a tree and kicks back out to the fairway. Advantage Europe.
  • 17:15
    "The one thing I really like about Keegan is the more pressure you have the more he sees it. The Ryder Cup brings out more emotion than anything else and that's when he is at his best," says Big Phil about his rookie partner Keegan Bradley.
  • 17:18
    Westwood drowns the ball as McDowell did on the short 15th par four. Westwood, however, put his in the middle of the drink with Johnson and Dufner in a great position.
  • 17:20
    Gmac turns his approach to the 18th too far left while Furyk punches out from the trees. The match is still very much alive.
  • 17:28

    Rory hits a great bunker shot on the 18th to five feet, while Furyk has a long putt, maybe 20 feet, for par. He takes his time sizing everything up but skims the cup. McDowell has one putt to win the match and he sinks it. Resignation as much as euphoria is written all over his face. Still it's a one up win. What a fraught day for Gmac and Rory. The score stands at 1-1.

  • 17:35
    "It was a great game today . Jim Furyk played particularly magnificent. My job was easy I had the best players in the world beside me. We really wanted to go out and get some blue on the board and we did that," says Gmac

    "We got into a good lead and then they made three good bidies in a row. They came back at us really hard and obviously then we got a good up and down on the 18th," said Rory. "We were trying to shut them up (the crowd) as much as we can."
  • 17:38
    Dufner and Johnson win 3&2 over Westwood and Molinari.
    "Its a lot of fun out there," said Dufner, who didn't look like he was enjoying it at all. Still it's 2-1 up to the USA with Poulter and Rose still battling with the out of sorts Woods and Stricker.
  • 17:41
    Woods hits it into the trees again to the left of the short 15th. Stricker has never before seen so much greenery in a round of golf.  But Tiger gets a bounce of one of the branches and the ball kicks on, almost to the putting surface. Tiger can't believe what has happened to his game and the question now is whether Davis Love will put him out for the afternoon fourballs.
  • 17:45
    Can you believe it? Tiger goes out with Stricker again in the fourballs.
  • 17:49
    Poulter and Rose are 2 up with three to play. Rose puts his drive on the fairway. Europe must close this match out and make the first session 2-2, NOT 3-1.
  • 17:49
  • 17:52
  • 17:54

    The pairings for this afternoon's fourballs.

    12.05pm CDT / 6.05pm BST: Bubba Watson & Webb Simpson v Paul Lawrie and Peter Hanson

    12.20pm CDT / 6.20pm BST: Phil MIckelson & Keegan Bradley v Rory McIlroy & Graeme McDowell

    12.35pm CDT / 6.35pm BST: Dustin Johnson & Matt Kuchar v Justin Rose & Martin Kaymer

    12.50pm CDT / 6.50pm BST: Tiger Woods & Steve Stricker v Lee Westwood & Nicolas Colsaerts

  • 18:04
    Poulter runs in a 10 foot putt on the 16th hole for dormy two. The match is definitely halved. The par three 17th is up next and Tiger is on the elevated tee box. He hits the green but never threatened the hole. Poulter is pumped after sinking ther putt and puts the ball to the left of the flag, 25 yards away and just off the green
  • 18:13
    Rose and Poulter hug as Rose chips to gimme distance on the 17th and the match finishes 2&1. Overall it's 2-2 and the fourballs have already begun.
    "That was an emotional roller coaster, to be hobest. We dug in deep. They have got the extra noise out there and it isn't easy," said Poulter.
  • 18:33
  • 18:35
    McDowell and McIlroy already down 1 to Mickelson and Bradley after G-Mac left a par putt on the high side of the hole
  • 18:39
    It's been a slow start for Lawrie and Hanson, as well, and they trail big languid Bubba and Webb Simpson by two thru 2.  Not a good start to the afternoon session by Europe
  • 18:43
    Mickelson's just landed a stunning tee shot on the green of the par three second. McDowell goes close too with an admirable response but at six foot or so, it's advantage USA on this hole too.
  • 18:47
    In the first group, Bubba's just landed another birdie but Hanson reponds in kind to halve the hole.

    As I type that Mickelson and Bradley go two up with a birdie putt from the Lefty.
  • 18:51
    Colsaerts and Westwood are on the first tee box as part of the third fourball of the afternoon. It's the Belgian to tee off against Woods and Stricker first.
  • 18:53
    After three solid tee shots, Woods is up. Can he improve on earlier?
  • 18:54
    He sure can, he burst that down the middle of the fairway.
  • 18:58
    There has been a delay in the what was to be the third fourball but is now the fourth between Kaymer/Rose and Johnson/Kuchar.

    In the meantime, Paul Lawrie has left his approach to the fourth short.
  • 19:00
    Bradley's in the sand at three but produces a beautiful shot to roll it to within a foot of the flag as Stricker drops his shot right on top of the pin at the first. The Americans are on a roll.
  • 19:01
    McIlroy leaves it inside Bradley's ball at the third with a stunning effort from off the green.
  • 19:03
    However, it was all down to a 40-foot birdie putt for McDowell and he lipped before Bradley tapped in to move the Americans three ahead.
  • 19:07
    Woods drops a long left to right to go one up with Stricker thru the first hole. Who said he shouldn't have been sent out for the afternoon fourballs. Why Colin Montgomery did.
  • 19:12
    Stricker stitches his iron to four feet on the second par three. They have a great chance to go two up after two against Colsaerts and Westwood. The USA are ripping in to Europe with Michelson/Bradley three up thru 3 and Watson/Simpson three up thru three.
  • 19:17
    At last. Colsearts drops his putt for birdie on the second hole, while Stricker knocks in from three feet. Hole halved but Europe have steadied and trail by one in that match.
  • 19:21
    Kymer and Rose take the opening hole to go one up against Kuchar and Dustin Johnson. A decent putt from the German from around 14ft sealed it.
  • 19:22
    As @Johnny_Healy asks, 'is nowhere safe from the GAA jersey?'
    As @Johnny_Healy asks, "is nowhere safe from the GAA jersey?"
  • 19:26
    The Irish pair steady the ship and remain three down thru four holes. But they know how quickly three holes can disappear as Furyk led the morning charge against them when Europe went three up. The match finally went down to the 18th. No panic yet.
  • 19:27
    3 UP Watson / Simpson v Lawrie / Hanson (4)
    3 UP MIckelson / Bradley v McIlroy / McDowell (4)
    1 UP Woods / Stricker v Westwood / Colsaerts (2)
    Johnson / Kuchar v Rose / Kaymer 1 UP (1)
  • 19:37
    Three up, three up and one up for the USA in the first three matches and all square in the last match.
  • 19:38
    The Americans have never had a clean sweep in the fourballs. It's early days but the home team have come out of ther traps very strongly today.
  • 19:45
    G-Mac almost pitches in from off the back of the green on the fifth hole. Three down okay but the fighting Irish are not out. Rory misses an eagle putt from 25 feet as does Mickelson.
  • 19:48
    The USA are four up thru six holes, Bubba and Webb Simpson ripping into Lawrie and Hanson. Europe are getting deeper in the mire and are well down in three matches and all square in the fourth. Something needs to turn for them fast.
  • 19:50
    4 UP Watson / Simpson v Lawrie / Hanson (6)
    3 UP MIckelson / Bradley v McIlroy / McDowell (5)
    1 UP Woods / Stricker v Westwood / Colsaerts (3)
    Johnson / Kuchar A/S Rose / Kaymer (2)

    ...not pretty is it?
  • 19:54
    "Ah no," says Rory after hitting his approach to the sixth hole far over the green. Just when he might have wanted to hit a spectator, the ball goes through them all and into the munchies and trees. Keegan Bradley follows him, not allowing for a one club wind.
  • 19:57
    Colsaerts birdie at the fourth reels back Tiger and Stricker. He's known as the biggest hitter on the European side of the pond but Colsearts has hit every cup so far with his putts, his mid range effort on four finally dropping.
  • 20:06
    Rory ans G-Mac pull one back after a great recovery from the world number 1 from the back of the sixth. Big Phil and Bradley remain 2 up.
  • 20:08
    Watson and Simpson are turning up the heat even more and go five up on Lawrie and Hanson after seven holes. This one could get embarassing unless Europe get something going fast.
  • 20:19
    Bubba putts to go seven under after eight holes. The European troubles in this match have just gotten bigger and they now trail by six holes thru 8. In the European camp only Westwood and Colsearts aren't chasing and remain all square with Tiger and Stricker
  • 20:32
    Mickelson and Bradley go back to 3 up on the Irish pair thru seven. Mickelson sinks a 12 footer and G-mac lips out from five feet. Johnson and Kucher go 2 up on Rose and Kymer while Bubba and Simpson hit the turn six up.
  • 20:41
    Keegan Bradley drops a 20 footer and runs across the green fist pumping. He has holed a mile of putts already as the USA go 4 up on Rory and G-mac thru 8 holes.
  • 20:51
    G-mac pitches to three feet on the ninth. To get one back here and go into the turn 3 down and it may not be too late for the Irish duo to haul themselves back into the match.
  • 20:55
    A bit of respite for the Hanson/Lawrie group but they remain six down thru 10 holes after halving the 9th.
  • 20:57
    6 UP Watson / Simpson v Lawrie / Hanson (10)
    3 UP MIckelson / Bradley v McIlroy / McDowell (9)
    Woods / Stricker A/S Westwood / Colsaerts (6)
    2 UP Johnson / Kuchar v Rose / Kaymer (6)
  • 21:08
    Doesn't matter what the Europeans do, the Americans have been magnificent over the front nine. Rory and G-mac are running out of holes as are Lawrie and Hanson. At 6 shots behind they are thinking about damage limitation and perhaps finding some form for the days ahead. While things can change around over a few good holes, just Westwood and the player of the day Colsaerts are hanging in at all square.
  • 21:09
  • 21:17
    The American exhibition continues with Kuchar making his put and Justin Rose rolling it bye from 12 feet. That puts the US team 3 up thru 7 holes. Johnson and Kuchar are four under for the day, Rose two under and Kymer has yet to make a birdie
  • 21:23
    Just hearing that Bubba asked the American crowd to make as much noise as they could as he was hitting the ball off the first tee. Not before or after he drove off but during...and they did.
  • 21:32
    Colsaerts sinks a long putt to go one up thru nine holes. The Belgian's putter is on fire and he is the only European player matching the American dominance. He's known for his monster drives but his blade work is what's putting a bit of blue on the scoreboard.
  • 21:38
    Bubba and Webb Simpson are five up with five to play. Europe have never been in the match as the Americans continue to be relentless.
  • 21:41
  • 21:48
    Mickelson hits a real crowd pleaser. From deep in the trees he fades his second shot pin high to set up a birdie putt. At 3 up it's probably easier to do but the Californian brings the crowd to their feet.
  • 21:54
    Rory and G-Mac are 3 down with six to play. Pars are no good to them now as they struggle to keep the red off the scoreboard.
  • 21:58
    The final indignity for Peter Hanson, who thins one out of a bunker sending his ball zipping off into the crowd on the other side of the green. Lawrie tries to chip in for a birdie, but Bubba's on the green in two, and that is that for a 5&4 win. Was it ever going to be any different?

    5&4 Watson / Simpson v Lawrie / Hanson (F)
    3 UP MIckelson / Bradley v McIlroy / McDowell (12)
    Woods / Stricker v Westwood / Colsaerts 2UP (10)
    3 UP Johnson / Kuchar v Rose / Kaymer (9)
  • 22:04
    There's an inevitability about the outcome here. Only Colsaerts has been able to match the energy and scoring of the pumped American team. He may be a rookie but he providing eveything that the three other groups can't. Mickelson's group is cruising and so are Kuchar and Johnson, who remain 3 up.
  • 22:06
    Tiger drops a long putt and a rare smile breaks across his face. He reduces the defict to just one against the Belgian and the Englishman, Westwood.
  • 22:09
    "I was feeding off (the crowd) a lot. If you hit a bad shot they still cheered for you. Just keep having fun and that's the goal. I said if I was going to play bad today I was going to have fun on the first tee," said Bubba after their round.
  • 22:13
    Rose misses from four feet to get one back on the 10th hole. He knocks in for par. But himself and Kaymer need birdies at 3 holes down. An opportunity gone there when they're trying to fight their way back.
  • 22:18

  • 22:23
    Things aren't going for G-Mac. Needing birdies he comes up short on the 13th and ends up in the greenside bunker. Still three down himself and Rory are running out of holes fast ...and did G-mac's head just drop as his ball fell back into the sand?
  • 22:28
    At 14 Rory claims one back with a beautifully weighted pitch from just off the back of the green to leave it dead. Bradley misses a seven footer and Europe take the hole for 2 down and 4 to play.
  • 22:31
    Rory hits the front edge of the green on the short par 4 15th hole. Good position for him to look for a another birdie.
  • 22:36
    Keegan Bradley matches Rory on the 15th. Eagle putts coming up for both players. If the USA win the hole they will go three up with three to play.
  • 22:44
    Not Rory's best from just off the green at the 15th. He's looking frustrated. But he birdies to halve the hole and remain two behind. Meanwhile Colsaerts drops another long putt on the 13th hole and then smashes the ball a mile down the par 5 14th hole.
  • 22:45
    'Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man: no time to talk.'
    'Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man: no time to talk.'
  • 22:48
    Rose birdies the 12th to cut the American lead to two shots. It rolls in from over 20 feet for perhaps his best putt of the day. More of those please and make it quick.
  • 22:58
    Monty believes Europe need to be level at 8-8 after tomorrows play. The USA are traditionally strong in the Sunday singles and a 'Super Saturday' will be required if the USA hold out and win the current fourball session 3-1.
  • 23:01
    Mickelson and Bradley go two holes up with two to play as Rory almost drops a long putt down hill. The world number one sinks to his knees thinking it's in but the ball just falls away at the last moment.
  • 23:07
    Rory plants his iron in a good position on the par 3 17th. But at dormie two he has a hell of a job to get a half out of the match. Definitely needs to sink the putt or the match is over....no need Mickelson stitches his ball dead and has a gimme putt for the match.
  • 23:09
    Rory and G-mac don't even ask Mickelson to take his putt and shake hands on the green for a USA 2&1 win to put the home side 4-2 ahead.
  • 23:13
    Westwood takes a splash at the short 15th hole and forces Colsaerts to lay up. Not good with the longest hitter in the game on your side.
  • 23:14
    "To close it out with that shot feels spectacular. This is one of the most emotional days in the Ryder Cup we have ever had. Its been awesome," said Mickelson. "We've had a lot of fun and brings our best golf out."
  • 23:19
    Westwood plays from the water and makes the 15th green. Nice shot and a decent dry cleaning bill too. But smiles all round from a wet Westwood.
  • 23:22
  • 23:26
    Colsaerts puts the ball in the 15th for birdie. Well done to the rookie. He gets his birdie in first with Tiger closer, maybe six feet, but from a different angle. In the old days it would be a cert to go in but Tiger misses on the low side to the right for the half and Europe go 2 up with three holes to play.
  • 23:30
    Colsaerts nine under par thru 15 holes. Not bad for a first time out in the Ryder Cup.
  • 23:34
    Kaymer finds the water at 15 but his partner Rose is on the apron of the green. Kuchar has a difficult stance beside the bunker with Dustin Johnson in the bunker.
  • 23:44
    Kaymer misses birdie putt from eight feet and opens the door for Dustin Johnson. He sinks his and goes 3 up with 3 to play.
  • 23:49
    Tiger bounces back with a glorious birdie 3 and the American pair sit one down with 2 to play against Westwood and Colsaerts. But Stricker makes a mess of his iron into the par 3 17th and he plonks it in the water. Woods' 8 iron is stitched to three feet. The crowd are on their feet USA, USA, USA.
  • 23:51
    Colsaerts hits the green but a long way from the 17th pin. Westwood's 7 iron gets in close but not as close as Woods. It's a three way putting competiton with Woods holding the advantage.
  • 23:57
    Goodness me Colsaerts knocks in his putt from 20 feet and suddenly the pressure falls on Tiger to knock drain his from four feet to keep the game going. He birdies to take the match down the 18th, Europe one up.
  • 00:03
    Kuchar knocks in from three feet on the 16th hole to win their match against Kaymer and Rose 3&2. Just Tiger and Stricker going up the 18th a shot down and needing to win the hole for a half. Frankly though the USA has hammered Europe in the afternoon fourballs with just the rookie Belgian able to stand up to them and keep a score going.
  • 00:10
    "It's fun to have a guy like Dustin to have so much power so much talent. My job is to hit fairways, hit greens. It was awesome just to have been part of this with the crowd. It was awesome," said Kuchar
  • 00:13
  • 00:17
    Another 25 foot put for the Belgian. Quite a swing on it down the hill. He leaves it close for a certain par, leaving Tiger to putt for his birdie and half the match. His putt is about 10 feet and the same line as Colsaerts' putt. The stage belongs to Woods but it slides past and Europe take the point and trail 5-3 going into tomorrow.
    Every ball, every hole we'll be back with you at Medina tomorrow for the foursomes.
  • 00:22
    Stay tuned for a great quote from Nicolas Colsaerts
  • 00:24
  • 00:25
    That's all from us, folks. We'll be back tomorrow. Stay online for Philip Reid's report from Medinah. That will be live shortly.