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Elections: Sinn Fein/Independents triumph, Labour gets a drubbing, EU seats likely for SF, FF, Ming

Genevieve Carbery and Rachel Flaherty Sat, May 24
LIVE: Election Count

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    Good morning, Genevieve Carbery here on the election count special live blog. We'll be here all day until the bitter end as counting for the almost 1,000 local election seats begin at 9am. You can contact me on Twitter @genevievecarber
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    Coming up in the next few days is akin to Christmas for political anoraks -  we'll have full results with party shares of vote on our Election 2014 site, we'll bring you the latest from our reporters at the count centres and our political team will bring detailed analysis and video reports while tomorrow Hugh Linehan will bring you a special politics podcast....and we'll be live blogging you all the way.  


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    A solid turnout of close to 58 per cent in the local and European elections is being predicted by the political parties, which would be close to the same in the 2009 contest.
    Democracy will be unleashed at 9am when the ballot boxes are opened and the votes come tumbling out....but while they are being counted there will be exit poll results from RTE to whet your appetites.  

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    Some people whose words we will cling to in the early count days are the tallymen and women. Here's a gaggle of them courtesy of ex-Minister for Planning and now Dublin north inner city candidate.  
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    A few facts and figures to get us started:  There are 2,000 county and city council scrapping for 949 seats on offer (half of them will get elected! not bad job application odds!). That count starts at 9am.

    The 41 European election candidates seeking to be on the Irish team of 11 will have to wait until 10pm on Sunday night (but there will be exit polls and tallys before that). That wait is because voting is still going on in other European countries until tomorrow (in the unlikely event that someone in Italy says mamma mia Lynn Boylan won a seat I must change my vote).

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    Steven Carroll's excellent article looks at ten top issues to keep in mind today.    Here they are in a nutshell.  

    1. Is this Sinn Féin’s big day?
    2. We need to talk about Eamon (Gilmore) – how will Labour do?
    3. Reseeding the Greens – could they begin a comeback?
    4. Will  Cllr Gabrielle McFadden win the seat left by death of her sister Fine Gael TD Nicky McFadden in the Longford-Westmeath?.
    5. Will Dublin West go socialist? - the byelection seat is Ruth Coppingers to lose
    6. The battle for Blackrock –Fianna Fail’s Mary Hanafin vs Kate Feeney
    7. The rise of the Independents/Others: More than one in four of those contesting the local elections are non-party candidates and the last Irish Times/Ipsos Mrbi poll put support for Independent/others
    8. Some musts for Micheal Martin - Fianna Fáil would be more than happy with a repeat of the 2009 local election
    9. How will women candidates do given gender quotas in the pipeline?
    10. How will Fine Gael do – having fallen nine points compared to 2009.  

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    So here we go.  Counting staff will begin opening ballot boxes at 9am for the count in the local and European elections, as well as the byelections in Dublin West and Longford-Westmeath.

    The first phase of the count will involve a check on the number of ballot papers in each box – when the tallypeople will begin to count the papers in view of the public A comprehensive tally of first-preference votes should be available by lunchtime.

  • 09:00

    One checking is completed the local and byelection count will begin.  The byelection results should be available in late afternoon, as well as the first counts in many of the local election areas.

    But we're going to be here late -  the local election count will go on into the early hours in many places and will continue tomorrow if counting is not completed tonight.

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    The exit polls suggest independent candidates won highest percentage of the vote, according to the RTE survey by behaviour and attitudes of over 3000 voters.
    It puts Labour – 7% local and 6% European
    FG-24% local and 22% European
    FF- 22%
    SF – 17% in EU and 16% local
    Greens – 3% locals and 6% Europeans

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    Some more detail on the exit poll results - it surely can be dubbed Independents' Day - these are the local elections figures again  FG 24% (12 points down on general election) Labour 7% (12 points down on general election)  FF 22% (up 5 on general election) SF 16%  (up 6 from general election) Indep/Others 31% (3% soc and PBP and 3% greens) (13% up on general election). (Source RTE Exit Poll).


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    When you look at the European exit polls it shows that both Government parties have taken a hit , Sinn Fein not as big a surge as expected, some hope for Eamon Ryan standing for the Green Party in Dublin.
    FG 22% (down 7 from last EU)
    Lab 6% (down 8 from last EU)
    FF 22% (down about 2 points from last EU)
    SF 17% (up 6 points from last EU)
    Green 6% ( trebled support since last EU)
    Indep others 27% (inc 3% Socialist and PBP) (Source RTE Exit Poll)

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    Sinn Fein's Pearse Doherty says this is a "very big day" for the party with a big increase in seats for local authority seats and in line to contest seats in all three European constituency.  
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    Ah sure how could my day get any better!
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    Labour Minister for Public Expenditure Brendan Howlin says the party has been "bracing" itself for some weeks. They knew the hurt out there was going to manifest itself in elections. People understand they had to do what they did but don't like it and not going to reward them for it - that's why the shift was to independents as a safer way to give the Government a "smacking",  Labour needs to do very careful analysis of what people have been saying and respond to that -he told RTE Radio in the last few minutes.

  • 09:40
    The battle of Blackrock within Fianna Fail  is on. The young Feeney doing better than the experienced Hanafin so far...
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    Fresh pics in from our photographer Eric Luke in the RDS. Tallypeople look busy.  
    Fresh pics in from our photographer Eric Luke in the RDS. Tallypeople look busy.  
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    So the local and European papers are now being separated at the count centres. The European ballot papers will be transported from the individual count centres to a central point in each of the three constituencies.

    The Dublin Euro count will take place at the RDS, Ireland South  in Cork and the Midlands North-West  count in Castlebar .

    As we said earlier no delcaration in the Euros until 10pm tomorrow but the Irish counts are unlikely to be finished then -    the Midlands North-West count could go on for days!

  • 09:49
    While Donegal won't say No this time - they have said No to counting today-  the local election count there won't begin until tomorrow! They like to do things their own way.  
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    Things look promising for Green Eamon Ryan in the southside - looks like Labour Emer Costello's late move to concentrate on Northside may have been correct.
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    Badum- tish  
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    Will Fine Gael /Enda country - Co Mayo - succumb to the surge of Independents' Day? The latest from Tom Shiel ion the ground-  he writes: Early indications from Mayo is that the Independents are going well in the local election with consumer rights champion Michael Kilcoyne set to top the poll in the Castlebar electoral area.
    Much interest will be focussed on how outgoing Fine Gael councillor Henry Kenny, a brother of An Taoiserach, Enda Kenny, fares in his bid for re-election. Boxes from the Castlebar electoral area will be counted first, followed by Ballina, Claremorris and finally, West Mayo.

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    So it looks like Sinn Fein’s Lynn Boylan is sure to take a European seat in Dublin - taking almost a quarter of seats (24%), with Fine Gael’s Brian Hayes and Green Party’s Eamon Ryan trailing her by 10 points on 14%. Also in the race Nessa Childers (Indep) (11%) Mary Fitzpatrick FF (12%).That’s according to the latest results of the RTE Exit poll.

    A very bad day for Labour - Emer Costello on just 8% Paul Murphy (Socialist) 7% Brid Smith (People Before Profit) 6%

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    Fianna Fail's southside civil war heating up. More a catfight than a dogfight.  
  • 10:16
    Was that winning grinning smile really Fine Gael Brian Hayes' undoing?
  • 10:18
    The people of Dun Laoghaire, Dublin like FG's Hayes and Green's Ryan but has no love for Sinn Fein's Boylan or Labour's Costello.  
  • 10:21
    We may still be voting on paper but tallies have entered the 21st C. Here's live FG tally from Mayo. FG doing rather will in Inda-country but neck and neck with the Independents - both on 31%.  
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  • 10:27
  • 10:35
    Some tallies from around the country. The Healy Rae vote strong in Kerry....ah independents' day huh.
  • 10:38
    The SF Boylan factor in exit polls is ringing true in tallies.
  • 10:42
    Reports of concern for Dublin Lord Mayor Oisin Quinn's seat (Labour) who may be at risk of losing his seat - after tallies indicate low support in his own area of Ranelagh - within the Rathmines/Pembroke Dublin City Council ward.
  • 10:44
    "Getting the vote out" - it's an oldie but goodie in terms of strategy and it seems to have worked for Sinn Fein's Boylan.  
  • 10:52

    All indications good for Socialist Coppinger in Dublin West. Remember other high profile candidates in this seat to replace ex-Labour Patrick Nulty include Fine Gael's Eamonn Coughlan and David Hall of the Irish Mortgage Holders' Organisation.
    Here's the latest from our reporter Marie O'Halloran on the ground: Early tallies in the Dublin West byelection put Socialist Party Cllr Ruth Coppinger in the lead on 21.12 per cent followed by Sinn Fein's Paul Donnelly on 18.2 per cent. This is on the basis of 21 per cent or 27 boxes tallied and focusing on areas including Hartstown and Swords which would be considered strongholds for former Socialist Party TD Clare Daly. Ms Coppinger had 1494 votes with 1249 for Mr Donnelly.

  • 11:00
    Things are looking good for Luke Ming Flanagan in Kildare in that mammoth constituency that stretches the country by about 500km - Midlands North-West.  
  • 11:05
    Exit polls for Ireland South puts the ever-popular sitting MEP Brian Crowley (FF) on course to take a seat at 26%. Sinn Fein looks likely to take the second seat with Liadh Ni Riada at 17%.  Fine Gael’s sitting MEP Sean Kelly is third at 12%. There are two other FG candidates in contention for 4th seat Deirdre Clune 9% Simon Harris 7%. But still in the running for that 4th seat at 5% Kieran Hartley (FF) Grace O’Sullivan (Green) Lab Phil Prendergast (Labour), Independent Diarmaid O’Flynn (Ballyhea says no). Source RTE Exit poll.  
  • 11:11

    With latest exit polls for four-seater Ireland South in - Tom Curran general secretary of Fine Gael is “confident” of a second seat for Fine Gael.
    Only 29% of poll-topper FF's Brian Crowley's voters indicated they would give a second preference to Fianna Fail. So it looks more like the fourth seat for Fine Gael's Clune or Harris than FF's Hartley.
    Phil Prendergast - who called for Gilmore to stand down during the campaign - is not doing well.  
    Read the profile constituency here.  

  • 11:14

    With more exit poll results in Labour's Pat Rabbitte admits its “very difficult to see Labour win a European seat” and the “brunt of the anger has been taken by the Government, principally by Labour” . It’s a “difficult result” he told RTE Radio.
    If the people voted like this in 2011 – “Where would the country be now?” a “combination of independents and Sinn Fein”.

  • 11:21
    Some local Dun Laoghaire tallies positive for independent Michael Merrigan and People Before Profit. Just a snapshot. There are 4 FG and 3 Labour candidates in this constituency. Constituency profile here.  
  • 11:25
    In Galway city east former Progressive Democrat-now-Independent duo Terry O’Flaherty (Ind) and Declan McDonnell (Ind) may be on course to repeat their 2009 poll-topping performance. Constituency profile here.  
  • 11:27
    “I don’t think if John the Baptist was leading the Labour party coming into this election that it would have made any difference” a classic line from Pat Rabbitte responding on RTE Radio what looks like a Labour drubbing.  
  • 11:31
    More good signs for Ming , this time in Mayo: From Tom Shiel on the ground.:

    Luke Ming Flanagan going well in Euro election in Mayo. Topping the tally in many Castlebar boxes which are in the process of being counted.. Observers say Ming is doing at least as well in Castlebar as outgoing Fine Gael MP Jim Higgins who is a Co. Mayo native.

  • 11:42

    Early tallies look good but not certain for Fine Gael's Gabrielle McFadden in Longford-Westmeath by-election (26%), sister of the late Nicky McFadden. She's on about 4,900 votes, Aengus O'Rourke (FF) 3,500 and Kevin Boxer Moran (ex-FF and independent) 3,200, Sinn Fein Paul Hogan 2,700.

    And if you're wondering why tweets from there are few and far between:  

  • 11:49
    So it looks like Fianna Fail's mistaken/unwanted two-candidate local strategy as worked in Dublin's Blackrock. Steven Carroll on the ground writes:  Fianna Fail is on course to take two seats in the Blackrock local electoral area. With 76 per cent of votes tallied in this six seat district, Marie Baker (Fine Gael) leads the field with 17.9 per cent of the first preference vote ahead of former minister Ms Hanafin (14.1 per cent) and Ms Feeney (12.6 per cent).  

    Independent candidate Victor Boyhan is next on 10.9 per cent followed by Barry Ward of Fine Gael (10.2 per cent) and Lola Hynes (People Before Profit) on 8.8 per cent.

  • 11:54

    A fuller picture of the local situation in Dun Laoghaire has come in from Steven Carroll.
    Longstanding councillor Fine Gael’s John Bailey pulled ahead on 17.9 per cent with 66.7 per cent of votes tallied.
    Sitting councillor Cormac Devlin (Fianna Fail) is in second place on 9.1 per cent ahead of Melissa Halpin and Karl Gill (both People Before Brofit) on 7.29 per cent and 6.64 per cent respectively.
    Ossian Smyth of the Green Party has 6.45 per cent and Jeanette Kearney of Sinn Fein is on 6.1 per cent.
    On about 5 per cent are James McCann and Lisa Rogerson (both Fianna Fail), Patricia Stewart (Fine Gael) and Michael Merrigan (Ind).

  • 11:58

    Kildare – some local tallies are in - there are  five electoral areas in the county, with 78 candidates vying for 40 seats.

    Alison Healy reports from Punchestown - Maynooth tallies show two sitting cllors topping the poll - Brendan Weld of Fine Gael at 14% Independent candidate Padraig McEvoy at 13%.
    Athy - Fianna Fáil’s Martin Miley is topping the poll at 17 %, followed by Labour’s Mark Wall at 15 per cent and Fianna Fáil’s Mark Dalton at 13 per cent.
    Read our profile of Kildare local constituency here.  

  • 12:02

    Updates from Louth tallies show the domination of Sinn Fein in the locals and European.
    Elaine Keogh on the ground says with 11 percent of the European boxes open SF candidate Matt Carthy has 35 percent of the vote followed by Fine Gael’s Mairead McGuinnesss on 16.
    The local election tallies show Fine Gael as the main loser with Sinn Fein either leading or a close second. Drogheda voters seemed to be displaying loyalty to Labour – is was the only electoral area where the party had candidates; it has two seats it wants to retain.

  • 12:06

    LATEST EXIT POLLS continue the story of Independents’ Day. Midlands-Northwest polls show Independent Roscommon TD Luke Ming Flanagan looks set to win a seat with 20%, sitting MEP Mairead McGuinness (FG) comfortable at 16%,Matt Carthy SF in with a shout at 13% .
    FF combined vote 21% so transfers are key (Pat the Cope 11% Thomas Byrne 10%), Independent sitting MEP Marian Harkin 11%. Source: RTE Exit Poll.

  • 12:14

    Speaking of Ming – some local election tallies just in from Roscommon - showing strong results for Fianna Fail – with 38% of boxes tallied.  

    Athlone area:Early indications would show a strong FF vote in Athlone with the party on course to take 3 out of 3 seats with SF also polling strongly.

    Boyle LEA Two FF sitting councillors Rachel Doherty (daughter of former Minister Sean Doherty) and John Cummins polling well and should retain their seats

    Roscommon LEA It looks like Castlerea-based Cllr Paschal Fitmzurice will top the poll, very strong. Should be elected on first count. But it will be a close fight for the remaining seats.

  • 12:17

    Strong results for FF and Sinn Fein in local tallies from Co Cork (Ballincollig/Carrigaline). Seamus McGrath (FF) is polling strongly on close to 19% with Donnchadh O’Laoghaire (SF) on 17.28%. Deirdre Forde (FG) is coming in third on 9.85%. Sitting councillor Derry Canty (FG) is polling poorly on 1.91%, Olivia Kelleher reports.

  • 12:20

    NORTH WEXFORD: Sinn Fein is polling particularly well in North Wexford's European Ireland South constituency, Brendan Furlong reports.
    After 54 boxes opened in the Gorey district ,including town and rural areas, Sinn Fein’s Liadh NcRiada is polling strongly with 24.42% of the vote. Fine Gael’s Simon Harrisn at 19.8% with Brian Crowley Fianna Fail on 17.5%. Fianna Fail’s Kieran Hartley is on 12.9 %, Fine Gael’s Deirdre Clune and Sean Kelly are polling 5.5% and 3.7% respectively, with Labours Phil Prendergast also on 3.7%.

  • 12:21
    BLACKROCK - A delighed Mary Hanafin (FF) says the two candidate strategy looks like paying off for the party and the campaign was "warm" and translated into votes. She is ahead of her party colleague Kate Feeney.  
  • 12:27

    TIPPERARY LOCAL : Early tallies for the new all-county council confirm the Labour slump, with the party on just 6pc while independents are heading the poll with 38pc, Conor Kane reports.

    With 20% of boxes tallied - if trend continues Labour will struggle to return more than a handful of members. Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil are 23 % and 22% respectively, while Sinn Féin’s vote is holding at 10%. The 38pc showing of independents includes six candidates running under the Michael Lowry banner.

  • 12:28
    Minister for Environment Phil Hogan says second Fine Gael seat for Ireland South is too close to call. He says hit for Government parties is understandable after last three years.  
  • 12:33
    A happy Sinn Fein deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald : “It is a very strong message for the current Government in terms of the policies they are doing.”
  • 12:35
    Story of this election in two tweets.
  • 12:43
    While one Labour Lord Mayor (Oisin Quinn) is in danger of losing his seat - two former Labour mayors look set to top the polls.  
  • 12:45
    Greystones, Co Wicklow may be having its own Independents' Day :  
  • 12:58

    IRELAND SOUTH - KERRY Despite topping the polls in tallies from a sample of four Kerry electoral areas a 33% result for MEP Sean Kelly (FG) is disappointing Fine Gael strategists are saying. He is followed by Brian Crowley at 28 per cent and Liadh Ni Riada at 22 per cent - Anne Lucey reports

  • 13:00

    WESTMEATH LOCAL: With two of the three areas tallied in Westmeath, Sinn Fein are the unsurprising recipients of the protest vote, and look like taking a council seat in both Athlone and Mullingar-Kilbeggan.

    A third third of the entire vote in Athlone going to independents, but the former FF councillor Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran is taking the majority of this and looks like topping the poll with nearly twice the quota.

  • 13:04
    PORTLAOISE LOCAL UPDATE: Early indications coming from the Portlaoise count centre with 40 boxes tallied say that Sinn Fein will gain an extra seat. Sinn Fein’s TD Brian Stanley’s wife, Caroline Dwane Stanley looks set to retain her seat in the Portlaoise area. Aidan Mullin (SF) who failed to get elected in 2005 looks to have polled very well in the Portarlington/Graiguecullen area. Independents also fared well as did Fianna Fail candidates who are also pooling well with Fine Gael’s Tom Mulhall polling very well.  
  • 13:09
    KILKENNY LOCAL:  Some good news for Labour at last with tallies in from North Kilkenny! Councillor Maurice Shortall is expected to top the poll in North Kilkenny bucking national trends with (16.3%) of the vote. The second seat is expected to go to Fine Gael councillor Mary Hilda Kavanagh (13.8%) following by Fianna Fail candidate Pat Fitzpatrick (11.7%) and Pat Millea (10.4%) with the final seat likely to Michael McCarthy (FF).  
  • 13:13
    What will Europe make of our anti-Europe MEPS? Suzanne Lynch is tweeting from Brussels
  • 13:18

    The electorate has bluntly told the Government parties it is no longer prepared to pay what they have presented as the present price for our future prosperity.

    Voters have reached out to political alternatives in the form of Independents and small parties, with Sinn Féin in particular performing well in Dublin.  The Green Party  has a cautious spring in its step again,  Labour has been on the wrong side of the big Mo.
    Mary Minihan's snapshot analysis of rebellion at the ballot box is here.  

  • 13:21
    KILDARE LOCAL:  The Naas tally is showing that Fianna Fáil newcomer James Lawless is leading the pack with 16 % of the vote. He’s followed by another newcomer, Sinn Féin’s Sorcha O’Neill who is on 13 %. Sitting Independent councillor Seamie Moore is on 10 per cent, Alison Healy reports
  • 13:25

    There’s no disguising we’re having a “very bad day” – Labour Minister of State Kathleen Lynch says. There’s several (Labour) people still in the hunt for the very final seat. We’re getting an unreasonable amount of the blame – that’s for the people to decide.

    She repeats a point echoed by one of her colleagues earlier - would people trust these candidates (Indep and SF) in a general election with their tax dollars.  

  • 13:26
  • 13:34
    Looks like moving from Fianna Fail to Sinn Fein was the right one for Chris Andrews
  • 13:35
    CORK LOCAL. With a name like this how could he fail in Cork? Louise Rosengrave reports:  First time candidate and community activist Michael Collins (Ind) currently polling over 2,100 first preference votes according to tallies. “It’s not Michael Collins winning a seat, it’s the people of west Cork,” he says.
  • 13:37
    EAST CORK LOCAL :  In East Cork Former County Mayor Barbara Murray (FF) is really struggling to retain her seat. Noel Collins (NP) looks set to top the poll with Pat Buckley (SF) in second and Michael Hegarty (FG) in third. The fourth highest polling candidate is Sinn Fein member Michelle Hennessy, writes Olivia Kelleher
  • 13:38
    KILKENNY CITY LOCAL: Another Fianna Fail dynasty beginns.  Cllr Andrew Mc Guinness, the son of Deputy John McGuinness is expected to top the poll in Kilkenny City East.  
  • 13:40
    OFFALY LOCAL :  Offaly County Council hasn’t had a Sinn Fein councillor since 1923 but that looks set to change with  two of their candidates likely top the polls. The party is now on track to win two council seats in the first count, while another candidate remains in contention in a third electoral area reports Eoghan MacConnell.
  • 13:42

    KERRY LOCAL: More multi-seat victories for Sinn Fein in Kerry. Cllr Toireasa Ferris, daughter of SF TD Martin Ferris is heading the poll in the Tralee area, according to tallies. Her running mate, Pat Daly, a Tralee solicitor, are both set to be elected.

    In Listowel FF Cllr John Brassil and Sinn Fein Cllr Robert Beasley are neck and neck to top the poll.


  • 13:46
    DUBLIN EUROPEAN Tallies with a quarter of all city and county, excluding Dun Laoghaire and Fingal. predict FG Boylan 28.6%  FG Hayes 14.3% to be  elected on 4th . But the third Dublin seat too tight to call Green Eamon Ryan 11.2% FF Mary Fitzpatrick 11.1 Childers 9.2 Murphy 8.2 Costello 7.3 Smith 6.6.  
  • 13:50
    DUN LAOGHAIRE LOCAL: Dun Laoghaire becomes Richard Boyd Barrett country rather than Gilmore country? People Before Profit could be on course for FIVE seats!  
  • 13:56

    MIDLANDS- IRELAND WEST – Luke Ming Flanagan who looks like taking a European seat has been reacting to exit polls. “If they turn out to be true then I think the Irish people, in this constituency at least, shows that they are sick and tired of the way they have been dominated by the European Union. It shows that people want us to go back to being an independent state that co operates with other European countries but doesn’t get told how to live our lives,” Aine McMahon reports.
    Garda Whistelblower John Wilson said he was honoured that he chose him as his first replacement for the European elections.

  • 14:01
    So earlier I mentioned the bad broadband at the Longford/Westmeath byelection count- We've just heard our video journalist Bryan O'Brien has had to drive five miles to get a decent internet connection. (I know what lots of people outside Dublin are thinking - welcome to the real world jackeens)
  • 14:11

    LEITRIM LOCAL: It looks like Sinn Féin could double their representation on the council from two to four seats.  
    Ronan McGreevy reports - the composition of Leitrim County Council could be radically altered after this election. In the previous council, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael had 18 of the 22 seats. They could be down to 10 of the 18 seats in the slimmed down council, going on completed tallies.  

    It has been also a good day for independents and a potentially brilliant one after many attempts for retired teacher Des Guckian who looks like winning a seat. Guckian is the author of Deported: The Story of Jimmy Gralton. Jimmy’s Hall, the film based on the life of Jimmy Gralton, was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last week and goes on general release next Friday.

  • 14:14
  • 14:16
    MEATH LOCAL The people of Meath like Sinn Fein which is set to take eight seats on Meath council up from just one in the last county council.  Navan (2) Kells (2), Ashbourne (1), Laytown (1), Ratoath (1), Trim (1) Meath West TD Peadar Toibin expressed his “delight” with the party’s performances in the county “especially in areas where we haven’t held a seat since the 1920s”
  • 14:20
    CARLOW LOCAL: Forget Independents’ Day, it’s Sinn Fein day on some councils. Sinn Fein look like winning  three of the 21 seats on Carlow co Co having never before gotten any seat there. Looks like FF (5), FG (6), SF (3), Labour (2) and Independents (2)
  • 14:21
    Now on much important matters, watch out politicans the pol corrs are getting hungry... and you know what happens when they are.  
  • 14:25
    DUBLIN-EUROPEAN: Labour's Emer Costello coming 7th in Eamon Gilmore's home turf. 7th!  
  • 14:26
  • 14:31

    DUBLIN WEST BYELECTION : Outcome of Dublin west by-election too close to call, Socialist TD Joe Higgins says. Favourite Ruth Coppinger (Socialist)on 21% and Paul Donnelly (SF) on 21% with 100% of boxes tallied. Transfers are key now. First count expected in next hour.  

  • 14:36

    I'm thinking this is Sinndepndence day from the results coming in.
    SOUTH DUBLIN LOCAL:  Labour and Fine Gael are facing a substantial reduction in seats in South Dublin County Council according to latest cross-party tallies, with Sinn Féin the big beneficiaries of their collapse.
    SF – 8 expected
    Independents – 5/6 candidates
    Fine Gael’s Kenny Egan trails running mate Emer Higgins but still in reckoning for seat
    Ex-Labour – Dermot Looney topped the poll, while Labour's Martina Genockey and Mick Duff look set to be elected  

  • 14:44
    Minister for Transport (Fine Gael) Leo Varadkar : People who moved from Labour to Sinn Fein/Independents rejected Labour because of promises they broke and now decided the solution was to vote for the candidates with the most unimaginably ridiculous promises, he has just told Newstalk
  • 14:50
    Labour's Joan Burton has been speaking.   While "shellacking" means to most of us ladies varnishing something with Shellac! I think she was using the other meaning "defeat or beat (someone) decisively".
  • 14:52

    The lily-white ladies are doing well
    KILDARE LOCAL  It's an all-woman affair in the Kildare-Newbridge tally where the top three are female. It's an interesting development for Kildare county council which currently has only two women among its 25 members.
    Sitting councillor Fiona O’Loughlin of Fianna Fáil is heading the poll at 13% and is followed by party colleague and fellow councillor Suzanne Doyle at 11%. Fine Gael newcomer Fiona McLoughlin-Healy is in third place on 10%. (Alison Healy reports)

  • 14:54

    With local election drubbings come u-turns. Marie O'Halloran writes that the programme for government will be renewed Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte has insisted.
    Taoiseach Enda Kenny said earlier this week that there would be no renegotiation of the programme for government. "I’m satisfied that the programme for government will be renewed.”
    Asked if renewal meant renegotiation the Minister said “it might be a matter of semantics – what’s the difference between renew and renegotiate?”

  • 15:11
    CORK/BLARNEY LOCAL : Aindrias Moynihan (FF) looks set to top the poll on 20% with Michael Creed (FG) following on 18.3% and Des O’Grady (SF) third on 13.7%. Damien Boylan (FG) and Bob Ryan (FF) are also in the running for seats. BANDON/KINSALE: FG x3 — Tim Lombard, Kevin Murphy, James O’Donovan FF x2 — Alan Coleman, Margaret Murphy O’Mahony SF x1 — Rachel McCarthy
  • 15:15

    The becapped Healy Rae dynasty isn't the only Independent doing well in Kerry.
    KILLARNEY LOCAL Tallies (independents):  Danny Healy-Rae is at 23.7%, Brendan Cronin at 16.8%. Michael Gleeson  12.3%. Donal Grady 5.8% (From Anne Lucey)

  • 15:18
    More multi-seat winds for Sinn Fein: INISHOWEN/LOCAL A final tally figure for the Inishowen nine seat electoral area in Co Donegal shows that both Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail have polled very well. Fianna Fail’s Martin McDermott is well out in front followed by Sinn Fein’s Jack Murray and Albert Doherty (Also SF). Predictions:  SF - 3, FF - 3, Labour 1, FG - 1, Indep - 1 (Stephen Maguire reports)
  • 15:21
    WEST CORK/LOCAL tallies :  19 candidates, 2,195km sq area, third largest electoral area in the country. Michael Collins set to top the poll Mary Hegarty, Noel O’Donovan and Adrian Healy looking strong for FG Joe Carroll and Patrick Gerard Murphy for FF. Looks like a battle for the final two seats, Sinn Fein’s Paul Hayes possibly in the running.
  • 15:28

    Sinndependence Day continues- updated tallies from Louth suggest as follows  LOUTH LOCAL Drogheda Sinn Fein 10, Lab (2) FF (2) FG (3) Indep (1), Dundalk SF 3/7 seats! FF, FG, Greens, Indep – one each.

  • 15:33
    “We’re back” says former Green Minister Ciaran Cuffe running in local election in Dublin north inner city at 7% in tallies. “It aint easy being a small party in Irish politics” he tells RTE Radio. He’s hopeful for colleague in the Dublin Europeans Eamon Ryan. Says there’s a sense of déjà vu for Labour but “you should never go into Government making promises you know you can’t keep".
  • 15:36
    When Harry met...the tallymen
  • 15:43
    DUBLIN WEST/BYELECTION – OFFICIAL FIRST COUNT Sinn Fein ahead of Coppinger (Socialist).  Quota: 14,478  

    Coughlan E FG – 3715
    Coppinger, Ruth (Soc)5977
    Donnelly Paul SF 6,056
    Hall David (Indep) 3,803
    McGuinness FF 5,053
    Mulligan 1,505 (Lab)
    O'Gorman (Green) 1856  

    Boyne, Kidd, Lyons eliminated. It's all in the transfers. Look at the Labour vote and remember this is Joan Burton territory and this was a Labour seat.
  • 15:48
    Against all the broadband odds it's a report from the other byelection @ Longford/Westmeath.  
  • 15:55
    DUBLIN EUROPEAN Third Dublin European seat hopeful Eamon Ryan (Green) – “I think I’ve a chance, I’m just please to be in that position”. He says the transfer pattern will be critical. When out canvassing “I counted how many would wish you luck as passing and I had a good few good lucks over the past few weeks”, he told RTE.  Getting councillors elected was “critical” to get the next generation of Green party politicians.  
  • 15:57
    SOUTH KILKENNY/LOCAL  First time candidate Melissa O’Neill (Sinn Fein) looks set to top the poll in South Kilkenny (Piltown) with over 1,000 first preference votes. Fine Gael’s Pat Dunphy, Tomas Breatnach (Labour), Fidellis Doherty (FG) and Eamon Alyward (FF) also look likely to win seats.
  • 16:00

    You can't beat a cyap for the council  KERRY /LOCAL tallies Johnny Healy-Rae is tallying an astonishing 3,141 votes in South and West Kerry on his first time before electorate. He was co-opted onto the county council at the election of his uncle Michael in 2011. The quota is likely to be just 2,000 votes — his father Danny Healy-Rae is at the 3,000 vote mark,Again this is already over 1,000 votes over quota  writes Anne Lucey

  • 16:06

    With Dublin Lord Mayor Oisin Quinn looking like losing his seat it's been a bad day for first citizens in Sligo too.
    SLIGO/LOCAL. Outgoing county council cathaoirleach Pat McGrath got just 3%  in Ballymote. And outgoing mayor of Sligo, Labour’s Marcella McGarry is not expected to succeed in the Sligo electoral area.

    FF could take 4/8 seats in  Ballymote-Tubbercurry. The only certainty is that Independent candidate Margaret Gormley, a councillor for almost 34 years, will head the poll by a mile. The tally suggests she has got 2688 votes (18 per cent) giving her a surplus of over 800. - Marse McDonagh reports.

  • 16:11

    A great day for Fianna Fail in Kildare as the last of the lily white tallies are in. If the tallies are correct, Fianna Fáil has topped the poll in four of the county’s five electoral areas

    KILDARE/CELBRIDGE-LEISLIP LOCAL tally – Fianna Fáil's Frank O’Rourke topping the poll with 15% of the vote. Independent candidate and sitting councillor Anthony Larkin is in second place with 12% of the vote, followed by another Independent, Bernard Caldwell, on 8%. He is a handful of votes ahead of Sinn Féin’s Ide Cussen. (Alison Healy reporting from Kildare)

  • 16:13
    #Sinndependence Day  
  • 16:15
    A probably defeated but not defeatist Lord Mayor of Dublin Oisin Quinn has arrived in the RDS count centre. “Personally I’m in trouble” he said, while going on to note that the tallies showed the Labour vote in his Rathgar-Rathmines ward the party’s highest in the city at 22 per cent. With him looking likely to lose his seat, where did it all go wrong? “I think it was perceived that as Lord Mayor I was safe, and being mayor I wasn’t out on the doors that much, but in the circumstances it’s a good party vote in my ward, Olivia Kelly reports.  
  • 16:20
    DUBLIN WEST BYELECTION - Whether he wins or not it looks almost certain Paul Donnelly will have some sort of seat.
  • 16:31
    Sometimes the tide goes out as Labour has found out today. This was no Spring tide. Labour Kerry TD Arthur Spring says it was a "very severe outcome" which would need a "drastic evaluation" from whether or not it needed to stay the course, a gereral election, a cabinet regeneration, a leadership battle. "It's been a major major day", he told RTE Radio in the past few minutes.  
  • 16:36

    What a difference a day makes.  In Dublin Sinn Fein may be regretting it didn’t run more than its 18 candidates with tallies indicating it is almost certain of at least 13 seats, Olivia Kelly writes.  

    Even Labour’s most enthusiastic supporters are saying the party would be lucky to get half of the 18 seats they hold on Dublin City Council. Possibly over enthusiastic Fianna Fail supporters are predicting they will double their seats to 12, while Fine Gael’s say they are certain of nine. The Green Party, which doesn’t figure in the out-going council, and got just one seat a decade ago, is now looking like it will have three. People Before Profit could increase their numbers from one to five, with others and independents taking the remaining 12 seats on the 63 member council.  

  • 16:41

    DUBLIN WEST BYELECTION/SECOND COUNT OFFICIAL – sees Green Party and Labour candidates eliminated. David Hall proves most transfer friendly. In the lead by a whisker is Sinn Fein’s Paul Donnelly ahead of Coppinger.
    Coppinger, Ruth (Soc) +135 Total 6112
    Donnelly Paul (SF) +64 Total: 6,120
    Hall David (Indep) +330 Total: 4,133
    McGuinness, David (FF) +103 Total: 5,156
    Couighlan Eamon (FG) +73 TotaL: 3788
    Mulligan, Lorraine +35 Total: 1,540
    O’Gorman, Roderic (GP) +95 Total 1,951

  • 16:45
    You'd have to be gunning for Cork candidate Ed Farmer if only to say that we wonderfully elected a visually impaired goat farmer.  

    CORK/LOCAL Goat farmer Ed Harper, who's blind, is from Cape Clear Island off the Cork coast. Running for People Before Profit Alliance, he polled more than 1,000 first preference votes which he said is 'respectable.'

    "When you combine this with the success of Michael Collins (Ind) - it shows the people of west Cork have woken up and (Cork) County Hall better look out," he said, Louise Rosengrave reports.  

  • 16:46
    I think if the lord God himself came down and led the Labour party on this one we were in for a tough time, Labour's Arthur Spring says taking Rabbitte's John the Baptist analogy one step further.  
  • 16:49
  • 16:52

    "There's a bit of a media fetish about who the leader of Sinn Fein is",  Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams tells RTE Radio. "You don't have to be the president of Sinn Fein to be the leader" he says.    “The big thing I got on the doorstep was the sense of betrayal for people who voted for the Government parties, particularly labour....we will not let them down,”he says adding it was a vote for SF rather than a protest vote.

  • 16:56
  • 16:57
  • 17:01
    An almost certainly victorious Mary "the rebel" Hanafin (FF) "I’ve a mandate today from the people of Blackrock. That’s the only mandate  I have at the moment. ..I would like to help the party to rebuild....I certainly want to be part of working with Fianna Fail" she told RTE Prime Time
  • 17:05
    Reports that, aptly, the first councillor officially elected was an independent in Kenny's Mayo turf, consumer rights champion Michael Kilcoyne received a quota in Castlebar.
  • 17:06
    FINGAL MULHUDDART LOCAL FIRST COUNT sees Coppinger, Donnelly and McGuinness pass the quota (they are all confusingly running in the byelection)  
  • 17:07

    A little flurry of real results coming in.


  • 17:11
    DUBLIN/LOCAL Aptly in Dublin City Council the first elected councillor is from Sinn Fein.  Daithi Doolan of SF who lost his seat in 2009 has been the first elected to Dublin city council - Olivia Kelly reports.
  • 17:13
    Labour’s Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn on message. Eamon Gilmore “is the best leader we’ve ever had”.  “We’ve heard a very clear message from the electorate...while we may be saving the country...we have to recognise some of the measures we had to introduce have hurt people...that will have to be reflected on and considered in Dail mandate” , he has told RTE Radio.  
  • 17:30

    Handing over now to Rachel Flaherty who will bring you the nailbiting official results as they unfold in the coming hours.

  • 17:32
    Counting is underway in three of Limerick's six electoral areas with tallies indicating unprecedented gains for Sinn Fein, Katheryn Hayes writes.
    Final tallies suggest that all of the party's six candidates could be elected to the new Limerick local authority.

  • 17:36
    Staying with Limerick:
    Outgoing Councillor Maurice Quinlivan topped the poll in the Limerick City North electoral area while 22-year-old UL student Seighin O'Ceallaigh also topped the poll for the party in Limerick City East.
    Former Limerick mayors Diarmuid Scully and Jim Long both from Fine Gael are under severe pressure to be re-elected.
    Labour could take three seats in the city but success looks doubtful for the party in the Co Limerick electoral areas.
    Fianna Fáil will improve dramatically in the city.
    First count results are not expected in Limerick until after 7pm.
  • 17:50

    CAVAN: Fianna Fáil will be happy with how things are going here. They will have the most candidates elected on to the new council.

    Early indications show that there will be seven Fianna Fail, 6 Fine Gael and 5 Sinn Fein seat, Áine McMahon.

    Depending on transfers, there could end up being eight FF, six FG and four SF seats.
    In contrast to most of the country, there are no Independents set to take any places while Labour have barely featured having only ran one candidate in Cavan.

  • 17:51

  • 17:54

  • 18:06

    Ming is enjoying his "perfect" day.

    Roscommon’s Deputy Luke ‘Ming’ Flangan has arrived at the Hyde centre. Looking certain to be elected as an MEP, ‘Ming’ is relaxed and jovial claiming that it is clear that the “people wanted change”. He said he has been “blown away” by the support received across the constituency.

    He also announced that his wife Judy is expecting the couple’s third child in September. Busy times ahead for Ming.

  • 18:07

  • 18:13


    Sinn Féin have now stormed ahead with three candidates elected between Tallaght north and south, with the likelihood of another being pulled through on transfers.
    Outgoing mayor and independent councillor Dermot Looney was also comfortably elected on the first count in Templeogue-Terenure. We are now waiting for the first counts from Lucan and Clondalkinto come in shortly.

  • 18:18

  • 18:29

    "You can’t win two seats if you only have one candidate. “

    Mary Hanafin has said she has faith in Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin and believes he is "doing a tremendous job" even though he asked her not to contest the local elections.

    Ms Hanafin is on course to win a local election seat in the Blackrock electoral area of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown alongside her running mate Kate Feeney.

  • 18:32


    Outgoing Independent councillor Michael Kilcoyne exceeded the quota by well over 1,000 votes and has been elected on the first count in the Castlebar Municipal District.
    Mr. Kilcoyne outpolled sitting councillor Henry Kenny, a brother of An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny by a massive 1,800 votes leaving Mr. Kenny’s council seat in doubt.

  • 18:34


    The first three seats have been filled on Kildare County Council in the Maynooth electoral area.   Fine Gael’s Brendan Weld topped the poll with 1,701 votes, well ahead of the quota of 1,231. He was followed by Independent candidate Pádraig McEvoy who won 1,668 votes and Sinn Féin’s Réada Cronin who got 1,291 votes. The second count is underway.

  • 18:36

  • 18:38

    Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore told RTÉ the public have sent a very clear message to his party.

    "People want to see things done differently from now on," he said.

    He said housing and medicial cards were the two big issues that needed to be tackled.

  • 18:46


    Fine Gael looked set to fall four seats short of securing control of the 28-seat Clare Co Council.

    Based on estimates from completed tallies across the four electoral areas, Fine Gael will end up with 11 seats with Fianna Fail securing 10 seats and independents having seven seats.

    The completed tally shows that FF have secured 37per cent of the vote with FF having a 31 per cent with independents having 22 per cent.


  • 18:49

  • 18:52


    Joe Cooney continued his strong electoral performance today when he was elected on the first count with a massive 2,843 votes in the Killaloe area.

    The Fine Gael councillor polled the highest number of votes across Clare.


  • 18:53

  • 18:56

  • 19:04

    "People want change," Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams has said.

    "Sinn Féin is involved in a historically unprecedented effort to build genuine republican politics in both states on this island. Building capacity and resources and membership is a big task for us and we will continue to grow."

  • 19:05

  • 19:06

  • 19:13

    Fine Gael TD for Cork East Tom Barry, who hit the headlines last year when he pulled a female colleague onto his lap during an early morning Dáil debate, said Fermoy and Kanturk-Mallow electoral areas had also followed the trend to vote for independents and Sinn Féin.

     “Fermoy was a tough place for us because one of our election candidates died, which was a terrible tragedy for his family. We certainly didn’t recover from that position. It was always going to be difficult for Fine Gael and we relied on trying to promote the local candidate.”

  • 19:31


    Fianna Fáil’s James Lawless got a loud cheer and a handsome surplus when he topped the poll in the Naas area. The newcomer won 2,123 votes well above the quota of 1,315. And Sinn Féin has won its second seat in the Co Kildare count, with another newcomer, Sorcha O’Neill taking 1,622 votes.   Five seats out of 40 have now been filled on Kildare Co Council.


  • 19:36

    The counts from Clondalkin and Lucan. After all the first counts here’s the situation in Dublin south:

    Sinn Féin 6

    Fianna Fáil 2

    Fine Gael 1

    People Before Profit 1

    Independents 2

  • 19:42

    LOUTH: Fianna Fáil Senator Thomas Byrne, who is one of the party’s two candidates in the Midlands North-West European constituency, said he is hopeful the party will win a seat, Elaine Keogh writes.

    He said, “I feel very much I am in a shake up for a seat and everything today I am hearing confirms that but we won’t know until the votes are counted.”

    Mr Byrne said did not think the party should have stuck to a single candidate.

  • 19:58

  • 20:04

    Sinn Féin sees its first ever candidate elected in Co Limerick in almost 100 years.

    Cllr Brigid Teefy has become the first candidate elected to Limerick's new local authority, Kathryn Hayes writes.

  • 20:07
    TIPPERARY: Michael Lowry's band of independents are polling well in North Tipperary.
  • 20:09

    Former Fianna Fáil minister of state Martin Mansergh has described the national picture for his party as an improvement on recent years.

    “It has come up off the floor, to somewhere in the low 20s. While we might like to be much further forward than we are, if we can be politicially realistic about it, it’s not too bad a result.”

  • 20:11

  • 20:20

    Fine Gael MEP Seán Kelly questions whether "politics should be a blood sport"?

    He has hit out at the party strategy saying “the strategy was to pull down Kelly.”

    “I’m an honourable person and when I do a deal, I stick by it.”



  • 20:22

  • 20:24

    Tears of joy from Mary Hanafin.

  • 20:28

  • 20:32

    Ooh...the kisses have started the Limerick!

  • 20:39

    KERRY: ‘The legacy of Jackie Healy-Rae continues’

    The first count results for Kerrry are not expected until later tonight. The story of both local electoral areas in the county is the astonishing performance of father and son Danny and Johnny Healy-Rae.

    Between them they have more than enough for a general election.

    Danny, the son of former TD Jackie Healy-Rae, said: “Jackie’s legacy still stands.”


  • 20:41

    “We’ve made history here today in the city and in the county, we’re winning seats here that we haven’t won since the 1920s.”

    Sinn Féin TD Sean Crowe on his party’s performance in Dublin today.

  • 20:49

  • 20:52


    Kildare voters have elected their second Independent candidate. Seamie Moore was elected on the second count, after poll-topper James Lawless’s surplus was distributed. Six of Kildare's 40 seats have now been filled. (SF 2, IND 2, FF 1, FG )

  • 20:54

    CLARE: Independent James Breen has topped the poll in the Ennis for the second successive local election.


  • 20:57

  • 21:00

  • 21:03

  • 21:05

  • 21:08

    WATERFORD: Sinn Féin’s John Hearne has become the first councillor to be elected into the newly amalgamated Waterford City and County Council.

    The tri-colour was flown as the delighted councillor celebrated topping the polls in Waterford City South.

  • 21:13


  • 21:15


  • 21:16
    LIMERICK: Sinn Fein has seen its second candidate elected in Limerick after poll topper Maurice Quinlivan was elected to the new local authority.
  • 21:20

    MEATH: Former Labour TD Brian Fitzgeraldhas topped the poll as an independent in the Ratoath area. He became the first councillor to be elected onto the new Meath Co Council after the count got underway after 8.15pm in Navan.

  • 21:21
    Socalist Party's Ruth Coppinger wins the Dublin West by-election.
  • 21:27

  • 21:27

  • 21:36
    "I'm the leader of the Labour party and I intend to continue in that role," Eamon Gilmore has told RTÉ.
  • 21:37

  • 21:38

  • 21:45
    "I would say it’s not a good day for Government," Taoiseach Enda Kenny tells RTÉ.
  • 21:52
    "The vote is one of frustration, one of anger,” Taoiseach Enda Kenny said.
    He said the Government would “re-double” their efforts over the next two years.
    "I would say it’s not a good day for Government," he said.
    Mr Kenny told RTE he "looks forward to a changed environment in Irish politics”.
  • 22:06

  • 22:17
  • 22:20

    Most areas (except for Clondalkin) are on their fourth count, and Templeogue-Terenure and Rathfarnham are on theiron their sixth.

    The following is a very likely outcome with transfers.

    (Keep in mind Lucan and Tallaght south remain extremely difficult to tell given the closeness of a cluster of candidates).

    • SF 9
    • FF 4  
    • FG 7
    • Lab 3
    • PBP 1  
    • AAA 2  
    • Independents 6


  • 22:21

    TALLAGHT: Brian Ferron claims a second Sinn Féin seat in Tallaght Central on the fifth count.

  • 22:22

  • 22:27

    TIPPERARY: Sinn Féin are making a major breakthrough in the county with just two of the five electoral areas counted.

    The first candidate to be formally elected in Tipperary was outgoing Fine Gael councillor  Michael Fitzgerald in Cashel-Tipperary followed minutes later by Sinn Féin’s David Dunne.

  • 22:29

    Labour minister of state Alan Kelly described the outcome of the local elections as “devastating” for the party and said the general feeling among voters is that “we’re not doing our job properly”.

  • 22:35

  • 22:40
    Lord Mayor of Cork Catherine Clancy (Lab) has failed to retain her seat.
  • 22:47
    Mayo County Council, Ballina: No one was elected in the first count   but there has been a demand for a recount. It has been adjourned until tomorrow.
  • 22:53

    A SECOND Sinn Fein candidate has topped the poll in an electoral area in Limerick after a 22 year old college graduate was elected to the new local authority.

    First time candidate Seighin O'Ceallaigh a University of Limerick graduate from Friarstown Grange Co Limerick, secured 1703 first preference votes in the Limerick City East electoral area.

  • 22:53

  • 23:14
  • 23:24


    Complete results are in. Francis Noel Duffy has claimed the Green Party’s only South Dublin County Council seat after the sixth count. He was elected along with Paula Donovan of Fine Gael.

  • 23:26

    CLONDALKIN:Olympic boxing hero Kenneth Egan is sailing on treacherous waters.

    With four seats filled, the Fine Gael hopeful now ranks eighth in his constituency with 1,200 votes, lying behind Francis Timmins (Ind) on 1282, Breda Bonner (Lab) on 1,270 and running-mate Emer Higgins who is on 1,262.

  • 23:29

    I agree- this is definitely spooky.

  • 23:34


    The Kildare-Newbridge electoral area has elected two women on the first count – sitting Fianna Fáil councillors Fiona O’Loughlin and Suzanne Doyle.

    So FF now has three seats on Kildare County Council, Sinn Féin has two, Independents have two and Fine Gael has one. Labour has not won a seat yet.



  • 23:38

    Crumlin- Kimmage result 11.20pm. Catherine Ardagh and Pat Dunne elected on the 14th count without reaching the quota.


  • 23:40

  • 23:42

  • 23:46

  • 23:59


    Three elected in first count and count suspended until morning when Danny Healy-Rae's surplus of 2354 will be distributed.


    Count One

    Buckely John SF 739

    Counihan Sean Lab 692

    Cronin Brendan Ind 2050

    Culloty, John FF     1683

    Doherty Tom Ind 462

    Gleeson Michael SKIA 2139

    Grady Donal Ind 1064

    Healy-Rae Danny Ind 4388

    Horgan Lynda Ind 541

    Kelleher, Niall FF 771

    McCarthy Brian Ind 383


    O''Connell Bobby FG 1176

    O'Shea John FF   446

    Sheahan JOhn FG 957

    Walshe Cathal FG 356


    Electorate 28741

    Total Poll 18444

    Spoiled Votes 146

    Total valid poll 18298

    Quota 2034

  • 00:00

    Three elected now in first count and   count suspended until morning when Danny Healy-Rae's surplus of 2354 will be distributed.


    Count One

    Buckely John SF 739

    Counihan Sean Lab 692

    Cronin Brendan Ind 2050

    Culloty, John FF     1683

    Doherty Tom Ind 462

    Gleeson Michael SKIA 2139

    Grady Donal Ind 1064

    Healy-Rae Danny Ind 4388

    Horgan Lynda Ind 541

    Kelleher, Niall FF 771

    McCarthy Brian Ind 383


    O''Connell Bobby FG 1176

    O'Shea John FF   446

    Sheahan JOhn FG 957

    Walshe Cathal FG 356


    Electorate 28741

    Total Poll 18444

    Spoiled Votes 146

    Total valid poll 18298

    Quota 2034

  • 00:02

  • 00:04


    Anti-Austerity Alliance’s Mick Murphy claims a first South Dublin seat for the party after the ninth count in Tallaght Central, with two more seats up for grabs it looks likely that a good run of transfers will drag running mate Kieran Mahon with him.

  • 00:05

  • 00:12

    "It's not a good day for people in Government."

    Taoiseach defences record during a heated radio exchange.

  • 00:14

    OFFALY: Fianna Fail TD Barry Cowen, brother of former Taoiseach Brian Cowen, is hailing his party's performance in Co Offaly as a "phenomenal success."

    The party is on track to secure nine seats in the new 19-seat council, unchanged from 2009 when there were 21 seats in Co Offaly.  

  • 00:15

    A full recount has been called in Tallaght South, reportedly over just two disputed votes.

    The two votes were allegedly contested between Fine Gael’s David Yeates, still in the running at the fourth count, and Fianna Fáil’s Emmett Hegarty, eliminated in the last round.


  • 00:16

  • 00:18

  • 00:23
    Lucan and Templeogue-Terenure: Gus O’Connell ended a good day for Independents in the former with his ninth count in the election.
  • 00:25

  • 00:28

    SLIGO: Independent Margaret Gormley has topped the poll in Sligo County Council’s Ballymote-Tubbercurry electoral area.  

    She was 1018 above the quota.

  • 00:29

    CLARE UPDATE: Fianna Fail’s Cathal Crowe was thrown aloft in the air tonight at the count centre in Ennis by his supporters after making it three in a row at Clare Co Council.




  • 00:34

    The women of Kildare are winning all around them.

    Kildare-Newbridge voters have elected their third woman to the council. Newcomer Fiona McLoughlin-Healy of Fine Gael joins Fiona O’Loughlin and Suzanne Doyle, both of Fianna Fáil as representatives of the Kildare-Newbridge electoral area. That’s ten seats filled out of 40 and half of the winning candidates are female.

  • 00:36

    Kilkenny is bucking the national trend. Labour Cllr Maurice Shortall was the first candidate to be elected to Kilkenny County Council. He is the only candidate to be elected in Kilkenny so far.

    The counting of votes resumes tomorrow.

  • 00:41

  • 00:48

  • 00:49

  • 00:51


    Fintan Phelan (Fianna Fail) has just taken the fourth seat in the Carlow electoral area of Carlow County Council.  

    Cllr Willie Quinn, (Labour) took the third seat in the Mhuinebheag electoral area.

  • 00:55

    Danny Healy-Rae, the independent councillor who polled an astonishing 4,388 first preference votes in the Killarney electoral area, more than twice the quota of 2034 has called on this country to imitate Germany’s debt repayment schedule after World War 2 and to tell Germany we would pay back the money when we have it, just as they did, writes Anne Lucey.

     “It is very unfair on this generation to have to pay for all the wrongs. One generation should not have to bear that kind of burden.

    Germany didn’t finish paying for World War 2 until two years ago. The Government should say we’ll pay ye back the money when we have it, not be putting pressure on people to have to pay it all back in one generation.”


  • 00:58

    Taoiseach Enda Kenny said people voted today out of “anger” and “frustration”. Sinn Féin and Independents are celebrating a historic day with numbers up across the state. Fine Gael's Gabrielle McFadden has won the by election in Longford-Westmeath and Socialist Party’s Ruth Coppinger won the Dublin West by election.

    That's it from me for tonight. But we'll be back in a few hours at 6am with more election results and stories. Thank you for joining me today. Rachel