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The Champions League draw, the emigrating Irish and more with Genevieve Carbery

Genevieve Carbery Thu, Aug 29
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    The big stories today are shaping up to be the Halawa siblings who will find out their fate today as they appear before a prosecutor in Egypt two weeks after they were detained in a Cairo mosque, Syria – will the West intervene without a UN resolution and a verdict is expected in the murder trial of two Irish women murdered in Izmir, Turkey. It's Genevieve Carbery here with you all day.
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    Expectant mothers, when you’re in the throes of giving birth you may not be exactly in a position to be texting or shopping, but don’t forget your handbag all the same. One of the most popular stories on the site this morning is Conor Lally’s piece on a mother whose purse and smart phone were robbed in a Limerick hospital while she was delivering her baby and it appears this wasn’t the first time.

  • 09:19
    As the Halawa siblings await their fate, this piece by Mary Fitzgerald  is worth a read, giving  good background on their story.
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    Generations of scientists (and David Bowie!) have asked the question, is there life on Mars? Well here's a sort of sideways answer. A geochemist has argued that life on Earth may have begun on Mars, and the “seeds” of life probably arrived on Earth in meteorites blasted off Mars by impacts or volcanic eruptions.

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    Next time you feel some road rage coming on, remember anyone could be watching or filming… this US diplomat in Malta found out..he was sent home after this video was posted on YouTube because he  “did not comport with the standards of behaviour that we expect from all embassy personnel”.
    (Litttle warning, there’s an awful lot of bad language on this clip).
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    Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas won’t have to contend with living under the same roof but many separating Irish couples are being left with little choice. (They're splashed across many front pages today...if you were in Mars yesterday or are one of Ireland's dwindling population of cavemen here's a link  to a story on their separation).

    “In the unhappy circumstance where love has left the building, couples are finding out that, while they have checked out emotionally, as far as the joint mortgage is concerned, they may never be able to leave” Joanne Hunt writes.
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    If you’re checking for second round CAO results this morning just be thankful that you didn’t apply to the University of Liberia where not one of some 25,000 applicants passed the admissions exam…. with particular problems in  levels of English. More here.

    Meanwhile for over 3,000 CAO applicants there are drops in points for construction psychology and arts and science courses. More in today's special Irish  Times print supplement and here 
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    We saw dancing Gardai at the Indiependence festival on YouTube a few weeks ago….this  is a whole step further as Israeli Defense Forces soldiers are filmed at a Palestinian wedding (and no that’s not twerking it’s Gangnam style)
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    Just in...Ban Ki-Moon has said UN inspectors will be leaving Syria on Saturday and asked for "time" to complete their investigations. He said "all options" should be heard before anyone decides to react, AP reports.
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    First of the adorable junior infant photos is in showing Rossa Moore (4) (centre) at Star of the Sea primary school, Sandymount, Dublin this morning. Photograph: Frank Miller / The Irish Times
    First of the adorable junior infant photos is in showing Rossa Moore (4) (centre) at Star of the Sea primary school, Sandymount, Dublin this morning. Photograph: Frank Miller / The Irish Times
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    You probably never even heard of Drumholm in the wilds of Donegal but its name may become as familiar as Clonmacnoise. Archeologists digging there have found a 7th C medieval monastic enclosure which they believe is of major national importance. 
  • 10:59
    We all know texting while driving is dangerous but what about the person texting the driver?  
    A New Jersey court has ruled that if the sender of texts knows that the recipient is driving and texting, a court may hold the sender responsible for distraction and  liable for the accident.
    This follows a crash in which two teenagers lost their legs and their lawyer argued that their texting friend was electronically in the car distracting them.
    CNN has more here
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    We've seen junior infant Rossa's very cute first day photo. Now here's the story by Christopher McKinley with his mother holding back her tears.  
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    Some depressing CEO stats just in show a 35% increase in net outward migration by Irish nationals in the year to April, rising from 25,900 to 35,200 (that’s the difference between the number of Irish people returning to the State and those emigrating).   Some 50,900 Irish nationals emigrated in the year accounting for 57.2% of emigrants.

    However when all nationalities are taken into account net outward migration is down 3.8%..that's because many more non-Irish nationals are migrating into Ireland than are migrating out. More here
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    With kids back at school summer really feels over….Una Mullally has caught up with an ice-cream seller, a meteorologist, and a coast guard on that hot summer that will go down in legend  (in 20 years time the tales will have grown tall and we’ll be telling our children that it was so hot that we fried eggs on the footpaths). More here
    The Houses of the Oireachtas meanwhile are not back until September 18th, but SF senator Kathryn Reilly was met by her boss at the airport today (kind of)
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    Ireland is to get the only breast cancer collaborative research centre in the world that can track patients over a long period, according to the Irish Cancer Society. Dan Griffin has more details on the  €7.5m project here. 
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    The spreading California wildfire has caused Yosemite National Park to  shut down half of its main east-west corridor, just days before a holiday weekend (more here) , Yosemite National Park has posted this time lapse video of the fire and smoke taken from various parts of the park.
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    Some positive news on the jobs front  from the CSO with unemployment down by some  22,200 in the year and long-term unemployment down from 9.2% to 8.1%.
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    News in on North Korea’s leader makes for WTF headlines like : Kim Jong-un's ex-lover 'executed by firing squad'
    Reuters reports that Kim Jong-un’s ex- girlfriend was among a dozen well-known North Korean performers who were executed by firing squad on August 20th.
    Sources in China said singer Hyon Song-wol as well as head of the Unhasu Orchestra, were arrested on August 17th  for violating North Korean laws against pornography and were executed in public three days later.  They were accused of videotaping themselves having sex and selling the videos. 
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    With Electric Picnic sold out for the first time in years, ticketless hopefuls appear to be going to greater lengths to try and gain entry this weekend.

    One woman has put her 18c engagement ring up for sale on seeking  an Electric Picnic camping ticket. Ad here. (nod to Broadsheet)
    If you’re lucky enough to be going here’s Jim Carroll’s pick of acts . 
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    Imagine if the entire populations of Leitrim and Monaghan upped sticks and left the country…well that’s the equivalent of what happened in the past year …returning to those CSO emigration stats which showed 89,000 people emigrated , 50,000 of whom were Irish. Ciara Kenny has more. 

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    Here’s one ingenious solution to annoying evening sales calls, set up a premium line.  A man who got annoyed by cold callers interrupting him while he was watching Coronation Street has got his own back by setting up his own premium rate number which makes him money, PA reports. 
    Lee  Beaumont paid £10 plus VAT to set up his personal 0871 line in November 2011, and said he has made £300 from the calls he has received since.
    On  a related subject,  Irish charities  have been warned they may face prosecution if they improperly use the contact details of people who have made donations to them using text message services. Elaine Edwards has more.
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    Britain’s intelligence committee says a chemical attack did take place in Syria. Britain would be permitted to take military action against Syria on humanitarian grounds, according to legal advice the UK government has published today.  ….

    I just heard the word “dossier” used on the radio…giving me 2003-like shivers.
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    Published on the site in the last while Eamonn McCann’s excellent opinion piece on Martin Luther King’s other ideas such as poverty eradication. Read here.  
    In his 50th anniversary of the “dream” speech last night Obama touched on this saying: “For what does it profit a man, Dr. King would ask, to sit at an integrated lunch counter if he can't afford the meal?” has also tweeted a video of King speaking about these poor people’s campaign ideas.
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    At the age of 93 I will  be thrilled if I can still get outside for an unaided walk every day…on the ground.....Meet  Tom Lackey, the amazing wingwalker who safely landed strapped to a plane wing at Derry airport this morning and surely makes every other nonagenarian feel inadequate!
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    "In the lost property tent at Glastonbury one year I saw a piano, a scuba diving wetsuit (best not to ask), a barrister’s wig, an ironing board, a huge, multi-tiered wedding cake and an artificial ear"..... Jim Carroll on what not to bring to Electric Picnic 
  • 14:40
    Cameron is speaking in the House of Commons on Syria. You can watch it live here
  • 14:52
    Just in from AP, the murder trial of a father and son accused of stabbing two Irish women in Turkey has been adjourned until September 9th after defence lawyers asked for a review of a medical report on the son, Recep Cetin’s, sanity.  
  • 15:09
    Pat Kenny has told TV3 he was “hit hard” by the crash. “You make investments, they look good at the time, they didn’t turn out so well. And I’m not unique in that respect,” he said. More here. 
    Elsewhere here’s Phantom FM’s response  to Kenny’s Pat Support campaign:
  • 15:12
    More details on the State’s largest mosque approved by An Bord Pleanala today. The €40m development will include two minarets, a 600 seat conference centre, two schools, apartments, a gym….it will cater for up to 3,000 people during festivals and up to 550 for Friday prayers. Collette Colfer has more:
  • 15:16
    The key line from Cameron in the House of Commons was that it was "unthinkable" that Britain would launch military action against Syria if there was “overwhelming opposition” at the UN Security Council.
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    For a little light relief in the office today, here's one idea from Japan
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    Loving this tweet and photo from the Irish Military Archives looking for help in identifying details
  • 15:58
    UN chemical weapons experts inspect site of an alleged chemical weapons attack in the Damascus suburb of Zamalka today. Photo: Mohammad Abdullah/Reuters
    UN chemical weapons experts inspect site of an alleged chemical weapons attack in the Damascus suburb of Zamalka today. Photo: Mohammad Abdullah/Reuters
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    Picnicers – bring your t-shirts and sunglasses…. and your raincoats and wellies – judging by the latest Met Eireann forecast.
    Tomorrow will see temperatures of 18-21 degrees with some sunny spells, Saturday will be cool and bright but there will be showers across the midlands. Sunday will be mostly cloudy with scattered outbreaks of rain. 
    For any of us missing out on all the fun due to work or lack of tickets ….we dream of an Electric Picnic blockout button akin to the Guardian during the Royal birth!
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    Fast food workers in dozens of US cities have gone on strike today saying they cannot live on minimum wage of $7.25 (about €5.50) an hour or $15,000 (€11,000) per year, BBC reports.
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    The Uefa Champions League draw is getting underway. We'll have updates as we get them.
  • 16:57
    Celtic legend Billy McNeill has joined the proceedings and said the memory of winning in Lisbon will stay with him “forever”. The next final will also be held in the Portuguese capital.
  • 17:05
    As proceedings are about to get underway we are told that the 32 teams have been  divided into 4 pots based on rankings.
  • 17:05
    Pot one draw is getting underway. This includes FC Bayern München, FC Barcelona, Chelsea FC, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal, Porto, Benfica
  • 17:16
    First pots have been divided into groups   Arsenal – F, Chelsea -  E, Real Madrid – B, Bayern – D, Barcelona – H, Benfica -C, Man United – A, FC Porto – G,

    Now it gets more interesting as we see who will face them 
  • 17:22
    The second pot draw has taken place: 
    Group  A: Man United, Shakhtar Donetsk
    Group B: Real Madrid, Juventus
    Group C: Benefica, PSG
    Group D: Bayern, CSKA Moskova
    Group E : Chelsea, Schalke
    Group  F : Arsenal, Marseille
    Group G: FC Porto, Atletico
    Group H : Barcelona, Milan
  • 17:26

    These results mean Juventus face their former coach Carlo Ancelotti who is in charge of Real Madrid 

  • 17:31

    Liverpool’s Michael Owen helped in the third pot draw which is now complete:

    Group  A: Man United, Shakhtar Donetsk, Leverkusen

    Group B: Real Madrid, Juventus, Galatasaray

    Group C: Benefica, PSG, Olympiacos

    Group D: Bayern, CSKA Moskova, Man City 

    Group E : Chelsea, Schalke, Basel

    Group  F : Arsenal, Marseille, Dortmind

    Group G: FC Porto, Atletico, Zenit

    Group H : Barcelona, Milan, Ajax

  • 17:32
    Group H is looking interesting with multiple winners Barcelona, Milan, Ajax
  • 17:34
    Some delays for Dart commuters through Bray. 
  • 17:37
    Group F is complete and Luis Figo say it is really hard: Group  F : Arsenal, Marseille, Dortmund, Napoli
  • 17:38
    Celtic has group H:  Barcelona, Milan, Ajax, Celtic
  • 17:41
    There we have the final draw: Group  A: Man United, Shakhtar Donetsk, Leverkusen, Real Sociedad
    Group B: Real Madrid, Juventus, Galatasaray, Kobenhavn
    Group C: Benefica, PSG, Olympiacos, Anderlecht
    Group D: Bayern, CSKA Moskova, Man City, Plzen
    Group E : Chelsea, Schalke, Basel, Steaua
    Group  F : Arsenal, Marseille, Dortmund, Napoli
    Group G: FC Porto, Atletico, Zenit, Austria Wien
    Group H : Barcelona, Milan, Ajax, Celtic
  • 17:49
    And with the next few months of football anguish sorted I'm going to to enjoy the sunshine. Thanks for reading.