Follow the action from the first two All-Ireland SFC quarter-finals

John O'Sullivan Sat, Aug 3

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  • 16:11
    Dublin v Cork, Croke Park 7.0
  • 16:12
    Good evening and welcome to the Irish Times live blog. We’ll be keeping you up to date with events at Croke Park, which will host the All Ireland Senior Football championship quarter-finals between Ulster champions, Monaghan and Tyrone and the Leinster kingpins, Dublin, and Cork.

    Here are the listed teams for the first game.

    Monaghan: R Beggan; K Duffy, D Wiley, C Walshe; v Corey, N McAdam, D Mone; O Lennon, D Hughes; P Finlay, S Gollogley, D Malone; P Donaghy, K Hughes, C McManus

    Tyrone: P McConnell; D Carolan, C Clarke, C McCarron; C McGinley, P Harte, C Gormley; C Cavanagh, S Cavanagh; Matthew Donnelly, Mark Donnelly, J McMahon; D McCurry, S O'Neill, M Penrose.

  • 16:14

    Monaghan have beaten Antrim (0-11 to 0-6), Cavan (1-10 to 0-12) and reigning All Ireland champions Donegal (0-13 to 0-7) en route to this point. Tyrone lost to Donegal 2-10 to 0-10, but since then have eased past Offaly, Roscommon, Kildare and Meath. They last three matches were all pretty tight so Mickey Harte’s men have not only got plenty of game time but have handled the pressure of close tussles.


    Sean Cavanagh avoided a back strain in bending down to pick up the verbal bouquets that were tossed his way after a brilliant performance the last day. Monaghan know they’ll have to curb his influence if not his enthusiasm if they are to prosper. He’ll need better support though than he received against Meath.

  • 16:16
    While we're awaiting the throw-in, there's time to cast an eye of Ian O'Riordan's preview.
  • 16:20
    In other sports news Fiona Doyle broke an Irish record in the pool at the World Swimming Championships in Barcelona. Here is a short report on her exploits. She swims in the semi-final about 5.30pm this afternoon.
  • 16:25
    The Chiefs beat the Brumbies in the Super 15 rugby final, Liverpool cruised to victory over Olympiakos, Winsili lands Nassau surprise at Goodwood and Northern Rocked triumphs at the Galway Festival.
  • 16:30
  • 16:30
    If there are any cricket fans out there, England are 231-5 against Australia at Old Trafford. The home side have lost three wickets today, Cook, Trott and Bell.
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  • 16:37
  • 16:38
    Spurs fans look away.....USA captain Clint Dempsey returning to play in America, possibly with the Seatle Sounders
  • 16:44
    Monaghan have taken to the field at Croke Park
  • 16:45
    Now it's Tyrone.
  • 16:46
    It doesn't look like many of the Dubs and Cork fans are interested in the first match. The Hill is pretty deserted.
  • 16:53
    No late changes to either team.
  • 16:56
    Tyrone wearing red jerseys.
  • 16:59
    RTE panel Predictions.

    Colm O'Rourke: Monaghan
    Pat Spillane: Monaghan
    Joe Brolly: Tyrone
  • 16:59

    Teams in respective huddles for a few last words

  • 17:00
    We're underway at Croke Park.
  • 17:01
    Martin Penrose poor wide.
  • 17:03
    Tyrone's Cathal McCarron penalised for holding Conor McManus; the latter taps over the free from 20 metres.

    Monaghan 0-1 Tyrone 0-0
  • 17:04
    Great point from Kieran Hughes, the first from play.

    Monaghan 0-2 Tyrone 0-0
  • 17:05
    Monaghan worked the ball from defence to attack in a very slick manner.

    Penrose fouled. Darren McCurry lands the free

    Monaghan 0-2 Tyrone 0-1
  • 17:08
    McManus gets push in back from McCarron. Twice in possession, twice fouled. McManus points from free.

    Monaghan 0-3 Tyrone 0-1

    Matthew Donnelly
    kicks a wide. Tyrone fullback Conor Clarke, well he's playing in the middle of the pitch, receives a yellow card.
  • 17:09
    Paul Finlay grabs a point from a free. Tyrone's early indiscipline an issue.

    Monaghan 0-4 Tyrone 0-1 
  • 17:13
    Referee Cormac Reilly is being very fastidious. Colin Walshe the latest transgressor, this time ioff the ball and Sean Cavanagh lands the easy free.

    Monaghan 0-4 Tyrone 0-2
  • 17:14
    Yellow card: Dermot Malone (Monaghan)
  • 17:16
    Tyrone are securing a little more possession but Stephen O'Neill kicks a wide.

    Great work from Dessie Mone 
  • 17:17
    Yellow card: McCarron gets one for his third foul on McManus. Finlay kicks the free.

    Monaghan 0-5 Tyrone 0-2
  • 17:17
  • 17:17
    Yellow card: Darren Hughes. Very harsh
  • 17:18
    McCurry points from the free.

    Monaghan 0-5 Tyrone 0-3
  • 17:19
    Sean Cavanagh given the freedom of Croke Park and he kicks a point.

    Monaghan 0-5 Tyrone 0-4
  • 17:20
    There's more energy to Tyrone's patterns. Clarke point. NOt bad from a roving fullback.

    Monaghan 0-5 Tyrone 0-5
  • 17:21
    There's 20 minutes gone
  • 17:21
    The rain's arrived
  • 17:22
    That's a superb point, a first from play, by McManus.

    Monaghan 0-6 Tyrone 0-5
  • 17:23
    Clarke kicks Tyrone's fifth wide. Monaghan have none.
  • 17:24
    There is more whistling at Croke Park from referee Reilly than in an episode of One Man and his Dog.
  • 17:25
    Sean Cavangh with his trademark shimmy; regal point.

    Monaghan 0-6 Tyrone 0-6
  • 17:26
    The rain is falling heavily.
  • 17:27
    Joe McMahon point. His first score in the championship this season.

    Tyrone 0-7 Monaghan 0-6
  • 17:28
    Yellow card: Kieran Duffy.
  • 17:29
    Sean Cavanagh kicks a fourth point.

    Tyrone 0-8 Monaghan 0-6
  • 17:30
    Yellow card: Kieran Hughes. Was it Charlie Chan that starred in the film Yellow Peril?
  • 17:31
    McMahon's second point, a brilliant effort from long range.

    Tyrone 0-9 Monaghan 0-6
  • 17:31
  • 17:32
    Dick Clerkin is on for Monaghan. Forget rain it's monsoon conditions.
  • 17:32
    That's three poor wides from Monaghan it the last four minutes.
  • 17:33
  • 17:34
    McManus point. He's been outstanding in possession.

    Tyrone 0-9 Monaghan 0-7
  • 17:36
    We're into one minute of injury time.
  • 17:37
    Half-time: Tyrone 0-9 Monaghan 0-7
  • 17:38
    Conor Gormley appears to punch Dessie Mone after the half-time whistle is blown.
  • 17:40

    There's plenty of pushing and shoving and referee Reilly is getting plenty of advice from players and the respective backroom teams as to who did what to whom.

  • 17:40
  • 17:41
    Gormley could be in trouble if anyone spotted his jab.  
  • 17:42
    Anthony Cloonan Ulster football , such a joy to behold , its hard to believe its been ten years of this type of football we have had to endure , I am sorry to say it but bring back the Kerrys Dublins and of course Galway are always ok to way h
  • 17:46
    Tyrone showed their mettle after a slow start. They have worked the ball intelligently and accurately from quick, short kickouts. Monaghan will have to wise up and shut down that avenue if they want to get back in this game.
  • 17:54
    Television  replays show that Mone was punched by two Tyrone players.
  • 17:56
    Christopher McGuinness is on for Monaghan
  • 17:57
    RED CARD: Penrose sent off for the incident at the end of the first half. 
  • 17:58
    Reilly went straight to the corner forward and sent him off prior to the start of the second half.
  • 18:00
    Each team with a wide. Stephen Gollogly kicks a point but it should have been a goal after a defensive howler from Tyrone.

    Tyrone 0-9 Monaghan 0-8
  • 18:01
    Sean Cavanagh kicks a second wide in the last couple of minutes, this time from a free. 
  • 18:02
    Brilliant point from Clerkin.

    Tyrone 0-9 Monaghan 0-9
  • 18:03
    Clarke kicks Tyrone's third wide.
  • 18:03
    Rain is back with a vengeance.
  • 18:04
    Gormley kicks Tyrone's 10th wide.
  • 18:05

    McMahon gone into the half forward line for Tyrone. Mone is the spare man for Monaghan at the moment. Kind of poetic.

  • 18:07
    It's average fare in the last few minutes, and with that Peter Harte kicks a fine point.

    Tyrone 0-10 Monaghan 0-9
  • 18:08
    Ronan McNamee is on for McMahon. Definitely an injury.
  • 18:09
    Ciaran McGinley point. Great pass from O'Neill who is now out in the middle of the field.

    RED CARD: Kieran Hughes, second yellow for a high tackle.

    Tyrone 0-11 Monaghan 0-9
  • 18:11
    Sean Cavanagh professional foul on McManus. Gets a yellow card. Cast iron red card it should have been. McManus points free.

    Tyrone 0-11 Monaghan 0-10
  • 18:13
    That's a shocking decision from referee Reilly, unless of course rugby tackles are now permitted.

    Tyrone go  down the far end and Matty Donnelly kicks a point.

    Tommy Freeman on for Monaghan

    Tyrone 0-12 Monaghan 0-10
  • 18:15
    McGuinness point. Neat interplay with Freeman.

    Tyrone 0-12 Monaghan 0-11
  • 18:17
    Ronan O'Neill for Stephen O'Neill and Ronan McNabb on for Tyrone
  • 18:19
  • 18:20
    Matty Donnelly wide. Lot of fouling off the ball.
  • 18:20
    There are 12 minutes left
  • 18:22
    Clerkin poor wide from long range. Good disciplined defence from Tyrone forced the hit and hope option.
  • 18:24
    Reilly was very strict initially but given the number of cards he dished out, he's changed tack. McManus kicks his sixth point from a free.

    Tyrone 0-12 Monaghan 0-12
  • 18:25
    Ronan O'Neill point.

    Tyrone 0-13 Monaghan 0-12
  • 18:27
    mkyjo lots of Ronans about today!!!
  • 18:29
    Plunkett Kane on for Mark Donnelly. Clarke through on goal but hits crossbar.
  • 18:30
    Sean Cavanagh point from a free.

    Tyrone 0-14 Monaghan 0-12
  • 18:30
    Two minutes left.
  • 18:32

    Yellow card: Peter Harte. Professional foul. Two minutes left.

  • 18:33
    Free to Tyrone. Sean Cavanagh, who else.
  • 18:33
    Announced as man of the match but he misses.
  • 18:34
    Full-time: Tyrone 0-14 Monaghan 0-12
  • 18:36
    Tyrone showed guts, determination and character to tough it out after going a man down against the Ulster champions. Monaghan though will feel aggrieved about some of the officiating but they didn't take their chances.
  • 18:39

    Monaghan were a bit too rigid in their tactics. They didn't push on enough, they didn't close down the quick kickouts and they didn't have the self belief to take hold of the match.

  • 18:40
    Joe Brolly is having an absolute rant about Tyrone's tactics on RTE. The words cheats and disgrace are introduced. He's shouting.  
  • 18:41
    It's all kicking off in the RTE studios.
  • 18:41
    This is great television.
  • 18:42
    Brolly's right about the cynical side of Tyrone's game but he's gone a little over the top.
  • 18:45
    The major contention now is Sean Cavanagh's rugby tackle. RTE have gone to a break. I'd nearly expect Brolly's seat to be empty when they return. He is livid. Michael Lyster telling him to calm down is only making him worse. O'Rourke and Spillane are baiting him a little.  
  • 18:49
    Right it's now over to Dublin v Cork. Hope it's half as entertaining as the RTE studio.
  • 18:51

    There is a late change on the Dubs team but it's not Dean Rock for Eoghan O'Gara. It's Bryan Cullen for O'Gara.

    Dublin: S Cluxton; J Cooper, R O'Carroll, K O'Brien; J McCarthy, G Brennan, J McCaffrey; MD Macauley, C O'Sullivan; P Flynn, C Kilkenny, D Connolly; P Mannion, B Cullen, B Brogan


    Cork: A Quirke; E Cadogan, M Shields, T Clancy; D Cahalan, G Canty, J Loughrey; A O'Connor, P O'Neill; M Collins; A Walsh, J O'Rourke; D Goulding, C Sheehan, B Hurley

  • 18:52
    Cullen won't be lining out at full forward though. Oh and Brolly has calmed down.
  • 18:58
    Gavin Cummiskey's match report on Tyrone's victory will be available online in a couple of minutes
  • 18:59

    Throw-in in the Dublin v Cork match is imminent

  • 19:00
    Diarmuid Connolly in to full forward, Cullen in the half forward line.
  • 19:01
    Bernard Brogan drops a shot in short.
  • 19:01
    Nervy play from both sides
  • 19:02
    Daniel Goulding kicks the first point of the match.

    Cork 0-1 Dublin 0-0
  • 19:03
    Brogan drops another effort short.
  • 19:04
    Stephen Cluxton called up to take a 45 metre free. That's his eighth point in the championship.

    Cork 0-1 Dublin 0-1
  • 19:06
    Thomas Clancy tackles Paul Mannion but it's a 45. Cluxton will take it. That's a second point.

    Dublin 0-2 Cork 0-1
  • 19:08
    Ciaran Sheehan point from long range.

    Cork 0-2 Dublin 0-2

    Michael Darragh Macauley point

    Dublin 0-3 Cork 0-2
  • 19:09
    Clancy fouls Mannion. Cluxton from the 45 metre line and he makes no mistake again.

    Dublin 0-4 Cork 0-2
  • 19:11
    Damien Cahalane misses a free from close to the touchline.
  • 19:12
    Brian Hurley point froim an acute angle.

    Dublin 0-4 Cork 0-3
  • 19:13
    Best point of the match from John O'Rourke.

    Cork 0-4 Dublin 0-4
  • 19:13
    Cork have four points from play, Dublin one.
  • 19:15
    Poor wide from Connolly after great run from Jack McCaffrey
  • 19:17
    Ciaran Kilkenny kicks a wide.
  • 19:17
    It's a bright, open game.
  • 19:18
    McCaffrey surges through again and PaulFlynn crashes it over the bar when a goal seemed a probability.

    Dublin 0-5 Cork 0-4
  • 19:19
  • 19:21
    Kevin O'Brien denies Hurley possession but it's a 45 and Cahalane makes no mistake this time.

    Cork 0-5 Dublin 0-5
  • 19:21
    Superb piece of high fielding from Sheehan. He's fouled and Goulding lands the free.

    Cork 0-6 Dublin 0-5
  • 19:23
    Macauley through on goal and Cork goalkeeper Alan Quirke makes a fine save. He might have passed Brogan. Cluxton lands the 45.

    Dublin 0-6 Cork 0-6
  • 19:25
    O'Sullivan, who's had a fine start to the match, wins a free. Mannion misses from a difficult enough angle but you'd expect him to get it.  
  • 19:26
    Brogan through on goal and he hits the upright. He's been showing brilliantly for the ball and turning his man but he's had no luck in his finishing.

    Paul Flynn point. Superb.

    Dublin 0-7 Cork 0-6
  • 19:27

    Kilkenny point, that's three in a row from the Dubs.

    Dublin 0-8 Cork 0-6

  • 19:28
    Dublin are dominating the Cork kickout but Kilkenny kicks another wide.
  • 19:29
    Dublin: six wides. Cork: one
  • 19:29
    In fairness to Brogan his workrate and ability to get on the ball is excellent. He just needs one or two things to go right in his finishing.
  • 19:31
    Michael Shields has gone in on Brogan.
  • 19:32
    Mark Collins point, Cork's first in 10 minutes.

    Dublin 0-8 Cork 0-7
  • 19:33
    Great block from Rory O'Carroll after Sheehan wins possession again.
  • 19:33
    Two minutes to go half-time
  • 19:36
    Should that have been a Dublin penalty? Not according to referee David Coldrick. He's wrong though because Shields picked that straight from the ground. Umpires equally culpable. Brogan kicks a point from a free.

    Dublin 0-9 Cork 0-7
  • 19:37
    Good work in defence from first O'Carroll and then Johnny Cooper. It's a Cork 45. Cahalane misses.
  • 19:38
    Half-time: Dublin 0-9 Cork 0-7
  • 19:42
  • 19:46
    Dublin's failure to take their goal chances will concern their supporters. Players have taken on shots when colleagues have been better placed and could have walked the ball in.  
  • 19:49
    Cork's long ball tactic to Sheehan has been reasonably successful but they need to mix that up a little with carrying ball and running at the Dubs defence.
  • 19:52
    70,000 the official attendance at Croke Park
  • 19:53
    Paudie Kissane is coming on for Eoin Cadogan
  • 19:53
  • 19:54
    We're ready to go in the second half.
  • 19:54
    Aidan Walsh moves to midfield for Cork
  • 19:56
    O'Brien fouls Sheehan. Yellow card for the Dublin player, first of match. Collins kicks the free.

    Dublin 0-9 Cork 0-8
  • 19:56
    Another Dublin goal chance. Connolly drags it wide after a great run by Macauley.
  • 19:58
    GOAL: McCaffrey. Great pass O'Sullivan, good offload Mannion, stunning finish by McCaffrey to the roof of the net.

    Dublin 1-09 Cork 0-8
  • 19:59
    Cluxton kicks a fifth point from a free.

    Dublin 1-10 Cork 0-8
  • 20:00
    Cork goal chance but Cluxton saves and then O'Carroll blocks brilliantly.

    Dean Rock on for Cullen

    Goulding point from 45.

    Dublin 1-10 Cork 0-9
  • 20:01
    O'Sullivan fouled. Cluxton misses. Even Homer nods.

    Paul Kerrigan on for John O'Rourke
  • 20:03
    Connolly harshly penalised. Goulding lands free.

    Dublin 1-10 Cork 0-10
  • 20:04
    Rock point. Macauley the creator

    Dublin 1-11 Cork 0-10
  • 20:05
    Hurley point. Sheehan causing huge problems.

    Dublin 1-11 Cork 0-11
  • 20:06
  • 20:07
    Great chance for Connolly but his fisted pass to Mannion is too strong. Jamie O'Sullivan coming in for Clancy
  • 20:08
    McCaffrey through again but Quirke stops his shot.
  • 20:09
    Hurley point at the other end.

    Dublin 1-11 Cork 0-12
  • 20:10
    Mannion wide. Philly McMahon for Cooper for the Dubs. Donnacha O'Connor for Alan O'Connor for Cork
  • 20:11
    Rock point, his second.

    Dublin 1-12 Cork 0-12
  • 20:13
    Kevin McManamon on for Mannion. Fermoy's Tomas Clancy for Canty
  • 20:14
    15 minutes left
  • 20:14
    Sheehan wide, his team's fourth to Dublin's 10
  • 20:15
    Philly McMahon wide.
  • 20:16
    Terrible clearance from Quirke out over the sideline. McManamon point.

    Dublin 1-13 Cork 0-12 
  • 20:18
    Cork try and work a goal chance but Goulding slices it a slightly; it goes over the bar.

    Dublin 1-13 Cork 0-13

    Kilkenny point

    Dublin 1-14 Cork 0-13
  • 20:19
    Kissane has a great goal chance after a mix-up in the Dublin defence. Skews it wide.
  • 20:20
    Denis Bastick for Macauley
  • 20:21
    Cluxton short with a 45.
  • 20:22
    Great work again from Brogan but the end product is a 45.
  • 20:23
    Cluxton makes no mistake.

    Dublin 1-15 Cork 0-13
  • 20:23
    Yellow card: Ger Brennan. Eoghan O'Gara on for Kilkenny
  • 20:27
    James Loughrey point.

    Dublin 1-15 Cork 0-14
  • 20:27
    Yellow card: Collins
  • 20:29
    Bastick point from long range. Smooth.

    Dublin 1-16 Cork 0-14
  • 20:29
    Injury time
  • 20:30
    McCaffrey a deserving man of the match and his team's goal scorer.
  • 20:32
    Full-time: Dublin 1-16 Cork 0-14
  • 20:33
    We now know two of the All Ireland semi-finalists in Tyrone and Dublin. Tomorrow we'll find out if Kerry or Cavan will meet the Dubs and whether it will be All Ireland champions Donegal or Mayo going forward to face Tyrone. We'll be back to take you through those matches.
  • 20:34
    Dubs took 17 chances out of 35.
  • 20:36
    McCaffrey on his goal. "I just hit it." The teenager is underselling his effort. Modest as well as a superb young footballer.

    Credit to Cork, they put it up to Dublin for long periods and ceretainly left nothing behind in terms of effort on the pitch.
  • 20:41
    Tyrone manager Mickey Harte wasn't happy with the criticism of Sean Cavanagh's rugby tackle. Here's his reaction.
  • 20:46

    Dublin manager Jim Galvin on the goal chances. "The conversion rate is a concern." He did though go on to praise his team for creating those chances and the way in which they won the game.

  • 20:50
    Cork manager Conor Counihan steps down after six years in charge.
  • 20:52
    Thanks very much for your company. Back tomorrow.
  • 20:54
    Oh, one final thing, Malachy Clerkin's report on the Dubs' win is now available online.
  • 21:43
  • 21:44
    Thanks for reading, folks.