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IT Sun, Jun 10

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  • 15:55

    It’s been almost 10 years to the day, folks, but we’re back in the big time. Ireland take on Croatia in Poznan this evening and it’s been simmering nicely in Poznan these last few days.

    There must be at least 20,000 Irish in the city at this stage, and that’s a conservative estimate.

    Carl O’Malley here, in Poznan, and I’ll keep you updated with what’s happening in Group C, Poznan and in and around the Stadion Mieski from now until the final whistle is blown at around 10.45pm local time.

  • 15:55

    First up, a wonderful pic from last night, involving two Irish heroes keeping the peace with some extreme ‘Tedding’.

  • 16:00
    Matt @mr_klaster1 and his fellow peacekeeper in Poznan last night.
    Matt @mr_klaster1 and his fellow peacekeeper in Poznan last night.
  • 16:04
  • 16:05
    Things were a little calmer today, as the Croats swelled in numbers and commandeered their own portion of Stary Rynek. It Still looks likely the will be outnumbered two to one this evneing.
  • 16:08
  • 16:23
    There is of course a game beforehand and the teams are in for Spain v Italy in Gdansk, which looks likely to be an intriquing battle between the two. Spain, world and European champions, have only gone and named a 4-6-0 formation, meaning Cesc Fabregas, David Silva and Andres Iniesta will be yanking a three-man Azzurri defence all over the pitch.
  • 17:07
    We’re experiencing a few technical difficulties here in the media centre but what I can tell you is that Spain have started with Fabregas the most advanced of their midfield sextet. You can follow a tiki-by-taka account of the match here.
  • 17:17
    For all their early possession – and they’ve had plenty – Spain have yet to trouble Buffon whereas Cassillas has been pressed into action on a couple of occasions, getting down smartly to turn a Pirlo free around the post just now.
  • 17:19
    We all dream of a team of . . .
    We all dream of a team of . . .
  • 17:38
    Antonio Cassano proving age has done nothing to curb the bouts of idiocy he is prone too by needlessy tripping Spain goalkeeper Casillas in the box.  Quite a story, in fairness, to him. He underwent minor heart surgery just six months ago and starts today alongside another unpredictable delinquent, Mario Balotelli.
  • 17:42
    Balotelli's definitely has more screws loose at this stage though. Dickie Dunne and the 'Ledge' would do well to have a niggle or two at both of them when the side's meet here in eight day's time.
  • 17:50
    carlomalley via Twitter Optimistic bunch RT @Ciaran_O Irish journalists give their Irl v Cro predictions:
  • 17:51
    MiguelDelaney via Twitter For once, the clichés are actually true about Spain. Shoot.
  • 17:56
    That's halftime. predictably Balotelli has been booked. Unpredictability Spain have not really tested Buffon yet, but Casillas was forced into a great save by Thiago Motta's header at the near post.
  • 17:58
    I suppose it's not entirely surprising that Spain haven't threatened a goal, given the fact that they are playing no recognised striker and, basically, nobody up front. Surely we'll see Torres or Llorente, more likely the former.
  • 18:03
    Just in case there's any confusion at home, Brian Lyons of Youghal does not own this flag.
  • 18:04
  • 18:08
    Oooh, crikey, Iniesta goes close for Spain. Great save from Buffon.
  • 18:14
    Balotelli. What on earth was going on in that crazy head of his? After robbing Sergio Ramos on the touchline, he made his way to the goal really, really slowly and the Spaniard managed to recover to toe poke the ball away from him just as he was thinking that maybe he might have shot.

    And that's his last involvement. Replace by the 34-year-old Antonio Di Natale, the Serie A's top goalscorer over the last two seasons. This is first competitive game under Prandelli though.
  • 18:15
    carlomalley via Twitter RT @John_Barrington: So plastic inflatable tricolour hammers are a weapon according to UEFA and banned from Poznan stadium #coybig #euro ...
  • 18:17
    carlomalley via Twitter Liveblogging from the media centre in Poznan and Italy have just scored #euro2012 #COYBIG
  • 18:18
    Well, that answers that question. Prandelli should have really backed Di Natale sooner in his tenure because he's only come off the bench to score against the World and Euroepean champions. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing for Ireland - I'm going with bad, for now.
  • 18:22
    Well, that didn't last long, thanks do David SIlva doing his thang with a lovely little reverse pass with the outside of his left boot for Fabregas. The Barcelona man adds a tidy little finish to level the scores.
  • 18:25
    PhilippeAuclair via Twitter Spain equalises against the run of play. Who'd have thought this could be said? Magnificent stuff.
  • 18:28
    UEFAcomGarryD via Twitter #IRLCRO Irish players walked onto Poznan pitch. Crowd went crazy. Hasn't been a welcome like this since Joe Dolan played the Point.
  • 18:29
    On that note, I think I'll head to the stadium. There's a game on, apparently.
  • 18:33
    One wonders how Fernando Torres feels about not starting, but then again one wonders how his manager feels when he butchers a chance when through on goal like he just has done. There's no way that guy is anywhere near back to his best.
  • 18:33
    carlomalley via Twitter RT @dk3lly: Torres smoothly re-discovers his Chelsea form #euro2012
  • 18:37
    Croats display massive flag in Poznan today.
    Croats display massive flag in Poznan today.
  • 18:41
  • 18:43
    That man, Torres, can't buy a break. He's been mangling chances for years now.  He could have had Spain two ahead by now if he had just passed to a team-mate or, god forbid, stuck it in the goal.
  • 18:48
    In more important news, Corluka starts for Croatia at centre back, with captain Dario Srna at full-back. That will be an interesting with McGeady. Jelavic and Mandzukic up front
  • 18:51
    It's all over in Gdansk and the defending champions have been held to a draw.
  • 19:18
    Oh, it's on! In situ in the Municial stadium. Things are beginning to heat up, it's loud as hell and there are still plenty of seats to be filled.
  • 19:19
    Plenty of Croatians here but the clearly there's a large Irish contingent stil in the pub. Slaven Bilic glares at us from the big screen like an evil Bond villain.
  • 19:19
    Guest whom, should i bet on winning this match
  • 19:20
    Eh, maybe nobody, a draw is the most likely outcome for me,
  • 19:23

    IN two hours time, one of these teams could top Group C after the draw in Gdansk. Now, what a start that would be.
  • 19:30
    The Irish players have finished their warm-up and applaud the fans as they are heading back to the dressing room. Big thumbs up from Darron Gibson for the fans waving the Derry City tricolour. They look fairly relaxed out there.
  • 19:30
    carlomalley via Twitter RT @DaveHytner: Incredible atmosphere. Worth the ten-year wait?
  • 19:33
    phlaimeaux via Twitter YISSS. Just announced, Ireland will be playing in their alternative strip of helmets, chaps and capes #coybig
  • 19:35
    Opening ceremonies always strike me as being just variations on lots of people running around, while holding things. Oh, and ubiquitous giant football
  • 19:39
    Fantastic atmosphere, as the place fills up. The teams are in the tunnel. It's almost time.
  • 19:44
    We're in goosebumps territory now as the teams lineout for the anthems. Croatia are up first, respectful silience from Irish fans. That's about to change.
  • 19:44
    Anthem belted out by travelling support.
  • 19:46
    Croatia to tip off. Ireland in a huddle. Croatian full-backs already very high, practically on top of the midfield.  It's off!
  • 19:49
    It's slippy out there. McGeady on his 50th cap is first to take a tumble. Ireland launch a free forward and the Croatian defence allow them to win it. Odd. McGeady, back to Ward his cross is headed well wide by Andrews.
  • 19:51
    3 min:  Oh no, disaster for Ireland already. Mandzukic has headed them in front. Srna cross is deflected into his path about 12 yards out and his header worngfoots Given in the Irish goal. Not  what Trapattoni ordered at all.
  • 19:53
    Croats are pushed right up and leaving just Corluka and Schildenfeld at the back. Doyle almost exploits this with a pacy break but he dwells on it and is robbed. Duff then bears down on goal but pulls his shot wide.
  • 19:55
    Ireland have reacted well to the shock of going a goal down.
  • 19:56
    Feel free to share your thoughts on the game via the comment box or on twitter @carlomalley
  • 19:57
    Almost too calm form Dunne and Given there at the back but they get it away.
  • 19:59
    Free in to Ireland after Doyle was fouled. Duff rolls back for Andrews but his shot hit the wall nad rebound volley goes well wide.
  • 20:00
    13 minutes gone in Poznan and Ireland trail Croatia after a third minute opener from Mandzukiz
  • 20:01
    Guest Com on boys!
  • 20:03
    Thoughts on this? Think Shay could have done better, really.
  • 20:03
  • 20:04
    richard Wonder is Shay fit, seemed to get down slower than youd expect
  • 20:05
    Dunne looked not to get booked for another foul. At the other Doyle wins a free and.......
  • 20:06
    GOAL!  Sean St Ledger has popped up at the back post from McGeady's cross and it's game on!!
  • 20:08
    Practically the whole Irish contingent doing 'The Poznan' now.

    Dunne gets a foot in on Mandzukic, Doyle clears and the shot back in from Rakitic is wide
  • 20:09
    Perisic's volley is well parried away by Given. Electric here in Poznan.
  • 20:12
    I have to say I was convinced there was a whistle before that Ireland goal. I think the Croatians might have thought so too.
  • 20:14
    28 minutes gone now and Doyle wins another free in exactly the same position as the one that led to the goal.
  • 20:15
    McGeady to take
  • 20:15
    Just behind Stephen Ward at the back post.
  • 20:17
    Slaven Bilic is prowling the touchline like a wild cat! He looks rattled. Giovanni's on hte phone to his missus.
  • 20:17
    Two good headers away by Ward as Croatia ask a few questions of the Irish defence,
  • 20:21
    Modric fires one straight at Given from 25 yards out. No trouble there we dodn't need to be giving him sights like that. Duff complicates things in defence then and St LEdger eventually scrambles clear. Croatia enjoying a lot of the ball again.
  • 20:22
    10 minutes left in the half
  • 20:23
    Another volley from Perisic flies just wide. He struck that well but it never troubled Given
  • 20:26
    Good defending from Keane there under pressure from Modric, but the Croats come back at Ireland and Jelavic flashes a header wide.
  • 20:27
    Neat one two between Keane and Andrews but Corluka blocked the midfielder's attempt to get there ahead of goalkeeper Pletikosa
  • 20:29
    GOAL Croatia
  • 20:32
    One-touch Jelavic has scored with, yes, one touch. Ireland protest, Keane is still protesting with Bjorn Kuipers. I think they think it was a handball. Jelavic was certainly offside when the first shot was struck but then it was directed into his path by St Ledger and he lifted over the sprawling Given
  • 20:33
    Two minutes added on here.
  • 20:35
    Perisic again a danger, this time on the flank but his cross is headed over by Rakitic.

    Half Time
  • 20:51
    We're back on in Poznan. Ireland fans not impressed at halftime with the replay of Jelavic's goal. They have a point.
  • 20:54
    It's another awful start to a half for Ireland as Manzukic scores his second header.
  • 20:55
    Jelavic, Modric and hte goalscorer were just watched ping the ball to each other in Ireland's final third. Way too easy and they're on the hunt for another.
  • 20:55
    Simon Cox warming up. Changes on the way.
  • 20:55
    Walters as well.
  • 20:57
    They're are both coming on at the same time. My guess is for Duff and Doyle.
  • 20:57
    Modric yellow carded after liftin' Whelan ourra it.
  • 20:58
    No it's McGeady off for Cox and Doyle makes way for Walters.  A sad way to end his 50th cap
  • 20:59
    Walters and Cox immediately link up with a knock down and volley. Encouraging.
  • 21:02
    Walters is a nusicance already. They don't like it up 'em!  We'll need more than a bit oif barrelling around though.
  • 21:07
    The difference between Walters and Doyle at the moment is massive. Should have always started this game.
  • 21:09
    Croatia and Irish players at each other's throats now after Ireland refuse to put the ball out of play when Mandzukic is down holding his head. Irish furious too because Keane was brought down for a penalty that would have been give had the ref not bottled it given Mandzukic's 'condition'
  • 21:12
    Guest The amazing thing is that they spend all this time and money and still really have no ideas on how to play together AS A TEAM. Now it's like they are looking for charity or something.
  • 21:14
    Dunne gets a header on target from Duff's free but it's a tame one.

    I don't think you can accuse this side of not playing like a team. You don't go 14 unbeaten if that's the problem.
  • 21:16
    Here;s a guy who is no stranger to scoring goals. Niko Kranjcar is on for Jelavic.
  • 21:16
    richard Mandzukic's head injury seems to have healed pretty well
  • 21:19
    The captain is off and Shane Long is on up front.
  • 21:20
    He's got 15 minutes to write himself into Irish football history. No pressure.
  • 21:21
    carlomalley via Twitter RT @kenearlys: keane off. he's done nothing except not get given that penalty. shane long on. he goes to the right of a front 3, walters ...
  • 21:23
    Rakitic swings one goalwards but it's just past the upright. Another lovely sweeping move from the Croats. Cox whistled for clipping the heels of Corluka
  • 21:26
    Andrews glances a header towards Pletikosa's goal but the big keeper is down early to smother it.

    Long muscles Schildenfeld out of it on the edge of the box and Andrews has another go, but drags it wide.
  • 21:28
    7 minutes left, surely Ireland are goosed now.
  • 21:30
    Long and Corluka at each other's throats after the defender bundles over the Tipp man. Ref has to calm things down a  bit and Mandzukic is limping off after a clash with Andrews.
  • 21:32
    Everything is sticking to Walters. He has to start against Spain. Andrews again getting forward, this time to put another header over the bar.  Long caught Pletikosa with an elbow there.
  • 21:33
    Sal Nightmare start Croatia looks good in front
  • 21:34
    There's a pitch invader in a Croatian jersey. He's a beast of a man but that doesn't stop the whippet of a steward who chases him down with gusto.
  • 21:37
    Andrews gets forward again and forces a corner.  Then he heads it narrowly wide. Why do we have to wait until we are two down for Andrews to start exerting an influence?
  • 21:37
    Guest "You don't go 14 unbeaten if that's the problem..." Then it must be something equally bad... or worse.
  • 21:39
    Yeah, they play only one system that invites pressure. They do it quite well but you can't keep going with it forever, eventually you crack, like we did tonight.
  • 21:40
    Andrews again fires wide from 20 yards and it's over.
  • 21:41
    The Irish fans drown out Croatian fans with Fields of Athenry. Quite impressive, still cheering louder than anyone else.
  • 22:47
    Guest Robbie Keane another superb performance!! He's an automatic choice and our Captain but if he really wanted to be the best player he could be would he have moved to LA Galaxy? He's only 32 but his choice tells me his motivation is not to be the best player he can be,for himself or for Ireland. I am sure he loves the feel good factor of playing for Ireland but as I say if he was truly committed to himself and to Ireland as a professional footballer he would have stayed in the Premiership or have tried to orchestrate a move to the Spanish,German or Italian leagues. For me he only deserves a place on the bench as an impact player possibly, but certainly does not deserve his automatic selection and Captain's armband. Am I wrong??
  • 22:57
    Players very downbeat after the game.  They beleive Ward was clipped when trying to clear the ball for the second. Keane sure it was a penalty, which it was. Said it wasn't good enough though. And better team won.
  • 22:58
    Emmet Malone's match report will follow shortly. While Keith Duggan will have manager's reaction. Some audio clips too when we figure out which ones we're allowed use.
  • 22:59
    A very disconsolate Mattie Holland here too. Reckons the better team won, and Ireland will rue silly mistakes.
  • 01:32
    carlomalley via Twitter Match report, players' and manager's reaction and analysis after a horribly anti-climactic night #COYBIG #euro2012
  • 07:49
    carlomalley via Twitter Players cry foul over critical decisions via @IrishTimes
  • 16:31
    emmetmalone via Twitter Richard Dunne not appearing to be taking any part.