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John O'Sullivan Sun, Jun 15
LIVE: GAA Sunday

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  • 13:34
    Welcome to the Irish Times GAA blog, the last refuge from World Cup soccer, at least for this afternoon.

    There's  football action in Ulster and Leinster while the All Ireland hurling champions Clare trade timber with Cork in Thurles.

    It's off to Clones first for the Ulster Senior Football Championship quarter-final between provincial champions Monaghan and the team that beat them in the All Ireland quarter-final last season, Tyrone.

    Indeed Tyrone have something of the Indian sign over their neighbours a run that dates back to the Ulster final of 1988.  

    Cue a list of what  took place in 1988.

    A computer virus  known as the internet worm popped up. The first extrasolar planet Gamma Cephi Ab was  seen. It is the year of the Iran-Contra affair. The  Last Emperor wins nine Oscars.  

  • 13:36
    Here's a short overview of the game in Clones.

    Ulster GAA Senior Football Championship quarter-final: Monaghan v Tyrone, Clones, (2.0, live on RTE 1)

    Monaghan will be hoping that they can beat Tyrone for the first time in a championship game since the Ulster final of 1988. It’s a long losing sequence and their most recent setback against their neighbours was in last season’s All Ireland quarter-final, a tempestuous affair.

    Tyrone recovered from trailing at half-time and having Martin Penrose sent off, to win by two points. Monaghan go into the game as Ulster champions but they suffered a huge blow to their chances when their talented forward Conor McManus damaged ankle ligaments in a club match.

    Quite apart from the physical aspect of winning, Monaghan must overcome any mental issues associated with a run of defeats against Tyrone that includes a couple of Ulster finals. However manager Malachy O’Rourke has done a superb job with the Farney men, winning National League Division Two and Division Three titles eith side of the Ulster crown.

    Tyrone manager Mickey Harte makes three changes from the side that defeated Down. Conor Clarke is out after suffering a cruciate knee ligament injury, replaced by championship debutant Conan Grugan, while experienced duo Martin Penrose and Stephen O'Neill come in for Emmet McKenna and Kyle Coney.

    Monaghan are without McManus but have Dick Clerkin, Pádraig Donaghy and Jack McCarron who missed the Division Two final against Donegal, in their starting team. Tyrone’s two games against Down will certainly have them in battle order.    

    The winners of Sunday's game will play Armagh in the Ulster semi-final on June 28th.

    Monaghan: Rory Beggan; Colin Walshe, Drew Wylie, Fintan Kelly; Dessie Mone, Vinny Corey, Kieran Duffy; Dick Clerkin, Darren Hughes; Paul Finlay, Padraig Donaghy, Paudie McKenna; Dermot Malone, Kieran Hughes, Jack McCarron.

    Tyrone: Niall Morgan; Aidan McCrory, Justin McMahon, Ronan McNamee; Ronan McNabb, Mattie Donnelly, Peter Harte; Colm Cavanagh, Conan Grugan; Martin Penrose, Sean Cavanagh, Ciaran McGinley; D McCurry, Stephen O' Neill, Ronan O'Neill.

  • 13:37
    Ooh, ahh, it's Paul McGrath. Here's a pic of the former Republic of Ireland soccer legend taking in Dublin's victory over Wexford in the Leinster Senior Hurling Championship in Wexford Park last night.
  • 13:37
  • 13:41
    Wow. Conor McManus must have undertaken a pilgrimage to Knock. His ankle ligaments have healed as he is one of three late changes to the Monaghan team along with Ryan Wylie and Chris McGuinness.
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  • 13:44
  • 13:45
  • 13:47
  • 13:47
  • 13:49
    Right other things that happened in 1988, Sonny Bono was elected mayor of Palm Springs in California
  • 13:49
  • 13:54
    Right it's nearly time to go in Clones.
  • 13:55
    It's very important to get behind your county team and the Castlemartyr Hotel and Resort certainly have in terms of their floral display.
  • 13:55
  • 13:56
    Don't think these seats in Thurles will be empty for long.
  • 13:56
  • 13:56
  • 13:58
    The parade in Clones is passing off without any incident after last week's shenanigans.
  • 14:01
    Perfect conditions for football. Slightly overcast and warm.  
  • 14:03
    Tyrone dominating the early possession and picking up a couple of frees.
  • 14:05
    Tyrone goalkeeper Niall Morgan misses a long range free.
  • 14:06

    Darren McCurry with the first score of the match.


    Tyrone 0-1 Monaghan 0-0

  • 14:07
    Kieran Hughes misses a goal-den chance. Morgan miss places a pass straight to the Monaghan captain and he spins and shoots but puts the ball wide with no one in the goal.
  • 14:09
    It's all very frantic in Clones, a game that hasn't settled full of physicality but lacking in precision. Hughes misses with a second chance.
  • 14:11

    Third time lucky for Hughes. Classy finish as he pirouettes and shoots from 35 minutes. Ciaran McGinley replies for Tyrone.


    Tyrone 0-2 Monaghan 0-1

  • 14:15

    Monaghan corner back  Fintan Kelly makes a foray into Tyrone territory and comes away with a point. But  Sean Cavanagh restores Tyrone's  lead.

    Tyrone 0-3 Monaghan 0-2    


  • 14:18
    Tyrone goalkeeper Niall Morgan, who plays midfield for his club, carries the ball over the halfway line before lumping it long. Not sure what Mickey Harte will make of his 'keeper racing 50 metres from his goal.
  • 14:19

    There's another exchange of points, Conor McManus for Monaghan with Mattie Donnelly responding for Tyrone.


    Tyrone 0-4 Monaghan 0-3

  • 14:19

    McManus lands a second free.

    Monaghan 0-4 Tyrone 0-4


  • 14:22

    McCurry restores Tyrones lead.

    Tyrone 0-5 Monaghan 0-4


  • 14:23

    What is it about goalkeepers and free-taking these days. Monaghan net minder Rory Beggan drives over a brilliant 50-metre free.

    Monaghan 0-5 Tyrone 0-5


  • 14:23
  • 14:23
  • 14:25
    Great run by Peter Harte but it's not matched by the shot, which drifts wide.
  • 14:26
    PENALTY Monaghan
  • 14:27

    Dessie Mone dragged down by Ronan McNabb after a speculative punt from Fintan Kelly drops short.

    McNabb gets a yellow card.


  • 14:27
    His face initially suggested he though he might get a black card
  • 14:27
    Kieran Hughes to take the penalty and he's hit the post after sending Morgan the wrong way.
  • 14:28
    Hughes' effort struck the centre of the post and Tyrone cleared.
  • 14:29

    McManus kicks his third free, his third point of the game and the lead for Monaghan for the first time this afternoon.

    Monaghan 0-6 Tyrone 0-5

  • 14:32
    A word of caution if you put the word Clones into Twitter this is a picture that springs up. Some likely lads supporting Uruguay in Brazil.
  • 14:32
  • 14:32
  • 14:33
    Wonder if the calf's enjoying the first half in Clones.
  • 14:35

    There's lots of energy but neither Tyrone or Monaghan will be satisfied with the accuracy of their patterns.

    A sloppy passage of play ends with a fisted point from Mattie Donnelly.

    Tyrone 0-6 Monaghan 0-6


  • 14:36

    Hughes kicks a point then collapses on the ground holding his hamstring. He looks in serious trouble. He caught a blow as he kicked the point.

    Monaghan 0-7 Tyrone 0-6

  • 14:38
    The magic sponge is well........... magic as Hughes resumes.
  • 14:38
    There are three minutes of additional time to be played at the end of the half.
  • 14:39

    McManus with a fourth point, all frees.

    Monaghan 0-8 Tyrone 0-6

  • 14:39
    Martin Penrose is fouled.
  • 14:41
    McCurry kicks the resultant free. Half-time: Tyrone 0-8 Monaghan 0-7
  • 14:44

    A quick look at the upcoming match in Leinster.

    Leinster GAA Senior Football Championship quarter-final: Carlow v Meath, Dr Cullen Park (3.30)

    Carlow have never beaten Meath is the Leinster Championship but they came very close two years ago when forcing a draw and scoring 1-12 in the process, before going on to lose the replay.

    However football life has not been kind to Carlow in the interim as they are coming off a Nations League campaign that saw them win just one game from seven in Division Four.  

    Carlow manager Anthony Rainbow said: “I would encourage everybody in Carlow to come out and wave the flag that they have and get behind the team. They have put an awful lot of work into it over the last couple of months. "They deserve a big crowd to get behind them.

     Meath’s last competitive action was on April 6th so manager Mick O’Dowd will expect a little bit of rust when it comes to the team’s patterns. Brian Farrell and Joe Sheridan are not in the panel while Eamonn Wallace and Conor Gillespie suffered season ending knee injuries. Caolan Young makes his championship debut at corner back.

    Carlow’s best player Brendan Murphy is not available as he is currently on duty with the Irish Army. The winners of Sunday's game will take on Kildare in the Leinster semi-final on June 29th at Croke Park.

    Carlow: P Coady; R Mahon, S Mernagh, BJ Molloy; G Power, D St Ledger, B Kavanagh; H Gahan, D Foley; M Meaney, C Moran, D Bambrick; P Broderick, S Kinsella, C Coughlan.

    Meath: Paddy O'Rourke; Caolan Young, Kevin Reilly (capt), Mickey Burke; Padraic Harnan, Donal Keogan, Damien Carroll; Brian Meade, Shane O'Rourke; Donncha Tobin, Bryan McMahon, Andy Tormey; Graham Reilly, Stephen Bray, Michael Newman.


  • 14:46
  • 14:47
    Monaghan were marginally the better side in that half, albeit that they had to work slightly harder for their scores.
  • 14:49
  • 14:49
  • 14:51

    Monaghan will still feel the hot breath of Tyrone on the back of their necks with such a slender advantage and it'll be an uncomfortable feeling given that they haven't beaten them since 1988.


  • 14:52
  • 14:58
  • 14:58
  • 14:58
    Conor Gormley is coming on for Tyrone.
  • 14:58
    He'll replace Ronan McNabb
  • 15:01
    Stpehen O'Neill has struggled to get into the match. He's dispossessed and  offers  a frustrated grimace.
  • 15:01
  • 15:02
    Two wides for Tyrone, one for Monaghan
  • 15:05

    Padraig Donaghy with a goal chance but can't convert. Goalkeeper Rory Beggan lands the resulting 45.

    Monaghan 0-9 Tyrone 0-7


  • 15:05
  • 15:06
    GOAL: Dermot Malone
  • 15:07

    That's a superb finish, good footwork and a calm, measured shot.

    Monaghan 1-9 Tyrone 0-7



  • 15:08
    Dick Clerkin with an excellent pass and Malone was sharp as he rounded a couple of defenders and cuts inside from an acute angle.
  • 15:09
    There's about 25 minutes to the throw-in down in Dr Cullen Park. Here's a quick look at Meath warming up.
  • 15:09
  • 15:10
    Clerkin lands heavily. He's prone and being attended by the Monaghan medical team.
  • 15:10
    He's back up. Hardy man.
  • 15:11

    Sean Cavanagh was wide with a free but then atones with a decent point from play. Tyrone need him to get into the game more.

    Monaghan 1-9 Tyrone 0-8

  • 15:12
    Yellow card for O'Neill. Careless rather than malicious challenge on Clerkin
  • 15:12
  • 15:14

    Monaghan corner back Fintan Kelly gets a second point but Mattie Donnelly responds for Tyrone.

    Monaghan 1-10 Tyrone 0-9

  • 15:14
    There are 20 minutes left in Clones
  • 15:16

    Tyrone goalkeeper Morgan lands a 45; that's two points in succession from Tyrone. How will Monaghan handle this shift in momentum.

    Monaghan 1-10 Tyrone 0-10

  • 15:16
  • 15:17

    McCurry makes it three scores for Tyrone in a row.  You can hear the Tyrone support for the first time in quite a while.  

    Monaghan 1-10 Tyrone 0-11.  

  • 15:18

    Tyrone won the last three kickouts but Monaghan lift the siege on the fourth and they force Tyrone to concede a free. Beautifully judged curling free from McManus. That was very important, momentum wise.

    Monaghan 1-11 Tyrone 0-11


  • 15:20
    Dessie Mone fouled.
  • 15:20
  • 15:21
    McManus with a sixth free. Monaghan 1-12 Tyrone 0-11
  • 15:23
    There are 12 minutes remaining. Monaghan's defending has been good. Tyrone's best forward Darren McCurry has just received a black card.
  • 15:24
    Think that's a pretty harsh black card
  • 15:24
    Black card for Monaghan's Dermot Malone
  • 15:25
  • 15:27

    Referee Eddie Kinsella is a busy man. Yellow card for Dessie Mone. Morgan posts the free.

    Monaghan 1-12 Tyrone 0-12

  • 15:27
    I'm a King Crisps man myself but for all you Tayto lovers here's something to drool over.......
  • 15:28
  • 15:28
  • 15:29
  • 15:32

    Sean Cavanagh dragged to the ground. Darren Hughes Black card and Conor McAliskey kicks the free.

     Monaghan 1-12 Tyrone 0-13.

    Three minutes left

  • 15:33
  • 15:33

    McAliskey point. There's just a single point between the side.

    Tyrone 0-14 Monaghan 1-12  

  • 15:34
    Sean Cavanagh fouled.
  • 15:35
    Morgan to take the free with a chance to bring Tyrone level. There'll be two minutes of additional time. He's sent it wide.
  • 15:36
    Yellow card for Sean Cavanagh
  • 15:36
  • 15:37
    Full-time: Monaghan 1-12 Tyrone 0-14
  • 15:37
    That's a first victory for Monaghan over Tyrone since the Ulster Final of 1988.
  • 15:39
    Tyrone manager Mickey Harte is on the pitch; he appears to be giving out to referee Eddie Kinsella.
  • 15:40
    Another member of the Tyrone backroom team is tapping his watch. I'm going to stick my neck out here but he could be suggesting that not enough additional time was played.
  • 15:40
  • 15:42
    Monaghan will play Armagh in the Ulster semi-final on Saturday, June 28th.
  • 15:42
  • 15:43
  • 15:43
    It's time to head to Thurles while keeping a weather eye on events in Dr Cullen Park.
  • 15:45
  • 15:46
  • 15:49
  • 15:50
    Now you know the phrase divided loyalties.......
  • 15:50
  • 15:50
  • 15:51
  • 15:52
  • 15:53
  • 15:53

    CORK: Anthony Nash; Shane O’Neill, Damien Cahalane, Stephen McDonnell; Christopher Joyce, Mark Ellis, Lorcán McLoughlin; Daniel Kearney, Aidan Walsh; Conor Lehane, Bill Cooper, Seamus Harnedy; Alan Cadogan, Patrick Cronin, Patrick Horgan.

  • 15:54
  • 15:56
    Apparently somewhere in Brazil Switzerland are playing Ecuador. Clare against Cork is our choice 11 times out of 10.
  • 15:56
  • 15:57
    Huge Cork support in the 30,000 crowd at Semple Stadium. Time for the national anthem.
  • 15:58
    Referee is James McGrath gets the game under way.
  • 16:00

    Great intensity. Aidan Walsh wonderful catch. Podge Collins fouled. Colin Ryan point.

    Clare 0-1 Cork 0-0

  • 16:02

    Pat Horgan levels it up with a free.

    Cork 0-1 Clare 0-1

  • 16:03

    Clare's John Conlon with the first point from play.

    Clare 0-2 Cork 0-1

  • 16:03
    Horgan posts Cork's first wide
  • 16:04
  • 16:05

    Colin Ryan's second free nudges Clare two points up.

    Clare 0-3 Cork 0-1

  • 16:05
    Horgan responds with a free for Cork. Clare 0-3 Cork 0-2
  • 16:06
    Conor Lehane point, super score. Cork 0-3 Clare 0-3
  • 16:06
  • 16:07
    Colin Ryan's third free restores Clare's lead. Clare 0-4 Cork 0-3
  • 16:08
  • 16:09
    Podge Collins, wonderful point, Clare 0-5 Cork 0-3. 10 minutes gone.
  • 16:10

    Tony Kelly with Clare's first wide. Clare are sharper onto the breaking ball and they're working the ball a little better. On cue, Cork Daniel Kearney lands a fine point.

    Clare 0-5 Cork 0-4


  • 16:12

    Aidan Walsh is winning some good ball at midfield. Seamus Harnedy is fouled. Horgan taps over free and the sides are level.

     Clare 0-5 Cork 0-5

  • 16:12
    14 mins: The teams are level for a third time
  • 16:12
  • 16:13
    Yellow card: Cork half back Christopher Joyce
  • 16:14
    Colin Ryan misses a free from the 45 metre line.
  • 16:17

    There are too many frees being conceded by both sides. It's making for a stop-start affair. There's not doubting the commitment and energy but it'd be nice to get a little rhythm to the game.

    Conor Lehane point and Conlon grabs his second in response.

    Cork 0-6 Clare 0-6

  • 16:17

    Clare goalkeeper Dan Tuohy penalised for charging. Horgan registers his fourth free.

    Cork 0-7 Clare 0-6

  • 16:19

    Colm Galvin with some neat footwork and a tidy finish.

    Clare 0-7 Cork 0-7

  • 16:20
    Alan Cadogan point. Cork 0-8 Clare 0-7
  • 16:21
  • 16:22
    Referee James McGrath has consulted with his umpires and a linesman about an incident off the ball. Jack Browne and Alan Cadogan spoke to.
  • 16:23
    Conor McGrath point. Six times level so far. Clare 0-8 Cork 0-8
  • 16:24
    Horgan lands a fifth free and Cork nudge ahead. Cork 0-9 Clare 0-8
  • 16:25
    Brilliant free from Horgan, his sixth. Cork 0-10 Clare 0-8
  • 16:25
    Brilliant point from Tony Kelly from an acute angle. Cork 0-10 Clare 0-9
  • 16:26
  • 16:27

    Cork fullback Damien Cahalane with his first ever championship point.

    Cork 0-11 Clare 0-9

  • 16:28

    Horgan with his seventh free and now there's three between the teams, the biggest gap so far this afternoon.

    Cork 0-12 Clare 0-9

  • 16:28
    Horgan, six frees one 65
  • 16:29

    Colm Galvin lands his second point from play. Cork 0-12 Clare 0-10

    Cork's Daniel Kearney gets a yellow card

  • 16:29
    Threr's four minutes left in the half
  • 16:29
  • 16:31

    Alan Cadogan is fouled. Horgan shapes to tap over a point but thrashes it to the net. Wonderful goal.

    Cork 1-12 Clare 0-10

  • 16:32
  • 16:33
  • 16:34
    Jack Browne clips Cadogan's heels and gets a yellow card.  Horgan settles for a point. Cork 1-13 Clare 0-10
  • 16:36

    GOAL: Conlon for Clare, goal-mouth scramble and Conlon reacts the quickest.

    Cork 1-13 Clare 1-10

  • 16:37
    Half-time: Cork 1-13 Clare 1-10
  • 16:37
  • 16:37
    Here's one for the Monaghan supporters
  • 16:37
  • 16:37
  • 16:38
    Tyrone manager Mickey Harte has declined to speak to the media in Clones.
  • 16:41
  • 16:44

    It's been an entertaining tussle in Thurles. Cork will rue conceding what was a sloppy goal at the end of the half. They'll feel that they were probably value for a five or six point lead but instead it's just three.

    Clare will be disappointed at conceding that goal to Horgan from a free but the tonic of that late goal in the half and Davy Fitzgerald's team talk should send them back out fizzing for action.

  • 16:47
  • 16:48
    With seven minutes left to play in Dr Cullen Park Meath 6-10 Carlow 0-5
  • 16:54
    We're back at Thurles. Colin Ryan with Clare's fifth wide of the game.
  • 16:54
    Quickly followed by another from Duggan.
  • 16:55
    Cork were awarded 12 frees in the first half and scored 1-8. From the first free of the second half Horgan brings his tally for the match to 1-9
  • 16:56
    Cork 1-14 Clare 1-10
  • 16:57
    Colin Ryan registers his fourth free. Cork 1-14 Clare 1-11
  • 16:58
    Pa Donnellan point. Cork 1-14 Clare 1-12
  • 16:59
  • 17:00
  • 17:00
  • 17:00
  • 17:02

    Colin Ryan with his fifth free but Aidan Walshh responds for Cork with the best score of the game.

    Cork 1-16 Clare 1-13


  • 17:03

    Pa Horgan with another free, 1-10 personal tally.

    Cork 1-17 Cork 1-13

  • 17:06

    Horgan another free. Cork are ganging up on Clare players forcing them to concede frees. Three points in-a-row from Cork, two from Kearney.

    Cork 1-20 Clare 1-13

  • 17:06
  • 17:07
    There are 20 minutes left in Thurles. Kearney thundered into a tackle on Bugler and came off worst. Colin Ryan missed the free.
  • 17:08
    Clare bring on Cathal McInerney
  • 17:09
  • 17:09
  • 17:09
    Six between the sides 18 minutes left.
  • 17:10

    McInerney point. That's the contribution Fitzgerald would have demanded when he sent him on a couple of minutes ago.

    Cork 1-20 Clare 1-15

  • 17:13

    Conor McGrath point. That's three in succession for Clare. The All Ireland champions are roaring back.

    Cork 1-20 Clare 1-16

  • 17:13
    The Clare halfback line are getting on top.
  • 17:15

    Cork with a couple of wides inside a minute.


  • 17:16

    Cork goalkeeper Anthony Nash not coming up to take it. Brendan Bugler receives a yellow card for the foul.

    GOAL: Pat Horgan. Another brilliant strike but Dan Tuohy won't be happy.

    Cork 2-20 Clare 1-16

  • 17:17
    That's 2-11 for Horgan. Momentous contribution.
  • 17:17
    Three Cork subs on.
  • 17:17
  • 17:17
    There are 10 minutes left.
  • 17:18
    Paudie O'Sullivan makes an instant impact. Cork 2-21 Clare 1-16
  • 17:19
    It's all Cork, Alan Cadogan with a point. Cork 2-22 Clare 1-16
  • 17:19
    Aidan Walsh with some excellent defending.
  • 17:20
    Colin Ryan puts a 65 over the bar. Cork 2-22 Clare 1-17
  • 17:21
    Shock, Pat Horgan misses a shot, from play too.
  • 17:21
    Nicky O'Connell point for Clare, super effort from the sideline. Cork 2-23 Clare 1-18
  • 17:22
  • 17:22
  • 17:24
    Quick shot of Kilkenny manager Brian Cody in the crowd.
  • 17:24
    Eoin Cadogan has joined his brother Alan on the pitch.
  • 17:25
    There are three minutes left.
  • 17:26
    The game has understandably petered out.
  • 17:27
    WAIT: Darach Honan goal. Nash misses long ball. Cork 2-23 Clare 2-18  
  • 17:28
    Nash forced to make a save from McGrath
  • 17:29
    It's certainly introduced some momentum into the final minutes. Clare pressing for a goal.
  • 17:31

    Cork will play Limerick in the Munster Hurling final, a repeat of last year's game, which Limerick won.

    Full-time: Cork 2-23 Clare 2-18  

  • 17:32
    Cork's scorer-in-chief Pat Horgan (2-11): "I was lucky enough to put two of them in the goals. They changed the rules so it's harder to score a goal but I was lucky enough."
  • 17:41
    Jimmy Barry Murphy: "I'm very proud of the players. Clare are a fantastic team, brilliant All Ireland champions."
  • 17:47
    Clare manager Davy Fitzgerald: "Cork were better, stronger faster and they desreved their win."
  • 17:54
    Right that's all from the blog. Thank you for your company. Next Sunday Antrim take on Donegal in the Ulster football Championship, Kerry face Clare in Munster, while in hurling, Kilkenny and Galway meet in Leinster.