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It’s Friday 13th, 2013, so get lucky with breaking news and updates from Hugh Linehan

Hugh Linehan Fri, Sep 13
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    Good morning. It's Friday the 13th. It's 2013. Are you feeling lucky, punk?

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    Irish Times readers do like a nice artisanal baguette, which probably accounts for the fact that the most read story on the site this morning is  about the Paris Bakery. The popular Dublin’s Moore Street faces a winding up order in the High Court today in a dispute with the business’s former accountants.
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    Olivia Kelly reports today that he National Transport Authority’s plans to eliminate traffic from large parts of Dublin city centre, which Frank McDonald told us about on Monday, “may never see the light of day” according to the city council’s senior traffic engineers.
    The authority’s draft City Centre Transport Assessment Study envisages pedestrianising Suffolk Street and Church Lane, turning the southern half of College Green into a public plaza and removing “general car traffic” from Westmoreland Street.
    While the study is dated June 2013, the council’s roads and traffic department received it just two weeks ago, said Brendan O’Brien, the department’s head of technical services. “It wasn’t a joint plan and there’s a lot in that study which may never see the light of day,” he told city councillors.
    It was “never intended to be anything other than a discussion document”, he said.
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    Factoid alert re unlucky Friday, my colleague Conor Pope tells me that in Spain it's Tuesday 13th, not Friday 13th, which is considered unlucky. Thanks Conor. Now go back to work.
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    Community Announcement

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    The big event in Dublin this weekend is Flighfest on Sunday, with over 35 aircraft, old and new, taking part in biggest fly past in the history of Irish aviation. More information here.

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    Jim carroll preview the best 20 upcoming gigs and releases up until the end of the year here.

    This is my favourite.

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    BREAKING: The four men convicted of rape and murder in Delhi have been sentenced to death by hanging.
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    Ray Dolby, the sound pioneer who revolutionised the recording industry has died. Read the New York Times's report here.

    Trained in engineering and physics, he started Dolby Laboratories in London in 1965 and soon after introduced technology that produced cleaner, crisper sound by electronically reducing the hiss generated by analogue tape recording.
    Decca Records was the first customer to buy the Dolby System. The noise-reduction technology quickly became a staple of major record labels.
    By the 1970s, film studios began adopting the system as well. It was first used in 1971 in “A Clockwork Orange.” In the 1980s, the company introduced its digital surround sound technology into home entertainment. 

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    Live from Trinity College Dublin:

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    BREAKING (via Business Insider) : Japanese newspaper Nikkei reports Barack Obama will appoint Larry Summers as next chair of the federal Reserve, possibly as early as next week.
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    In case you missed it, from our You Couldn't Make It Up section:

    Parents in Co Kerry will be encouraged to take their teenage children to the pub to teach them to drink sensibly.
    The pilot scheme, backed by the Kerry branch of the Vintners Federation of Ireland and some teachers, is due to be introduced at Christmas.
    Publicans who participate will hold promotional events aimed at parents and their 18- and 19-year-old children. The project is designed to tackle the culture of young people drinking fast to get drunk and drinking before they go out at night. VFI Kerry chairman Ger Counihan said he accepted the campaign would be controversial. However, he added: “The amount of alcohol being consumed by young people is frightening. We have to educate them on how to drink or we will have more trouble down the line.”

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    The BBC reports that English Premiership rugby clubs are contracted to play in the Heineken Cup until the end of the 2014-15 season, according to the former chief of English rugby.
    Elite English and French clubs have announced they will play in a new tournament next season.
    But former Rugby Football Union chairman Martyn Thomas told Radio Wales that English clubs are tied in to the existing tournament for another year.
    "There's a contractual obligation there that the RFU can enforce," he claimed.
    "It not only provides that they will play in Europe to the end of the season 2014-2015, it also provides that they will play in no other professional competitions."
    Thomas, who left his position of RFU chairman in November 2011, accused the English and French clubs of "grandstanding".
    On Tuesday a statement issued by Premiership Rugby, which represents the 12 top-flight English clubs, said they and the French Super 14 clubs are setting up a European tournament which would "also be open to teams from other countries".
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    @kateholmquist Parents already do teach their children how to drink - by how they manage booze in the home. Four-year-olds already know the score.
  • 15:11
    Feel the Force Part 1. The Seanad debate is hotting up.

  • 15:14
    Feel the Force Part 2. I lost my heart to a Starship Trooper.

  • 15:31
    Here's Christopher McKinley's guide to stuff to do this weekend, from the Bog Snorkelling Championships to the Dingle Tradfest
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    One from the archive, the glory days of PK on RTE.

  • 16:55
    If you'd like to read about one incredible thing before knocking off for the weekend, try this:

    The Last Incan Suspension Bridge Is Made Entirely of Grass and Woven by Hand
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