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Black death hits California, Mick Jagger at 70 and football transfer news

Hugh Linehan Fri, Jul 26
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    Good morning, and you're welcome to the Daily Wire live from the Irish Times newsroom in sunny Dublin.
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    Today's top stories on include Suzanne Lynch's exclusive interview with head of the European Stability Mechanism Klaus Regling, who warns that Ireland’s adherence to a €3.1 billion fiscal adjustment in October’s budget is an “important next step” for the country, andg says that a failure to implement agreed targets would “not be well-received” in Europe
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    Readers will recall that back in the 14th century, the plague, aka the Black Death, wiped out almost half the population of Europe. Now Californian health authorities have closed three campgrounds in a forest near Los Angeles after the discovery of a squirrel infected with the plague.

    However, we're unlikely to hear wails of 'bring out your dead' any time soon in Beverly Hills or Santa Monica. The disease is now treatable with antibiotics and is seldom fatal to humans. There have been just four cases of human plague in LA county residents since 1984. All survived
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    On this day.....

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    The football transfer rumour mill is in full grind mode today. Excpect more of this stuff over the next few hours...

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    Oxegen returns to Punchestown in a couple of weeks. Read Jim Caroll's analysis of whether it will be any good/ make any money here.
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    Our Foreign Affairs Correspondent reports:

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    And this just in from our Consumer Correspondent

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    Sinn Féin will call for a Yes vote in the referendum to abolish the Seanad on October 4th, saying it is “elite” and “out of touch”.
    The party’s referendum campaign director, Pearse Doherty, said the referendum should be held “in the context of an informed debate about root and branch political reform”.
    Previously the party called for reform of the Seanad, rather than abolition. “A reformed Seanad could serve our democracy well and act as an important counter-balance to the political party-dominated Dáil,” said deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald last year.
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    Netflix has announced that it will be bringing the final series episodes of Breaking Bad tosubscribers in Ireland and the UK the Monday after each episode is broadcast in the US. So if you're currently just sauntering through Season 3 - HURRY UP!

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    Sick of the Prince George story? Got eight minutes? You might enjoy this takedown by John Oliver on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, who welcomes the fact that a member of the royal family 'finally has an excuse for being a toothless petulant useless human being'.

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    This footage of the immediate aftermath of the Spanish train crash was taken by a local videographer  before the emergency services arrived.

    WARNING: some of it is quite harrowing.

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    It was a beautifil morning here in Dublin, but it's now turned into a grey, wet day. Here's what the experts say:

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    Dan O'Brien's column today:

     'More often than not, when someone makes the point that the Irish State taxes its residents comparatively lightly, he/she goes on to advocate increasing taxes on those earning higher incomes. By so doing, it is claimed, the Irish tax take would move closer to the European average. The implication of all this is that Ireland has a comparatively low tax take because the better-off are not paying as much as their counterparts in peer European countries.
    This is utterly false.'
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    With all this talk of summer music festivals, it was only a matter of time before this happened.
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    Mick Jagger is 70 today. Here are some acute comments about him by his biographer, Philip Norman:

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    Recycled music. Watch this. It's worth it.

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    NEW YORK—Sources close to print, the method of applying ink to paper in order to convey information to a mass audience, have confirmed that the declining medium passed away early Thursday morning.

    The influential means of communication was 1,803.

    Print, which had for nearly two millennia worked tirelessly to spread knowledge around the globe in the form of books, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, and numerous other textual materials, reportedly succumbed to its long battle with ill health, leaving behind legions of readers who had for years benefited from the dissemination of ideas made possible by the advent of printed materials.

    Reaction to print’s tragic demise was overwhelming, with countless individuals within the publishing sector left reeling at its death.

    Read more here.
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    BREAKING: Reuters reports that former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn will be judged by a French criminal court on charges of pimping, his lawyer has confirmed.
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    The London Independent and its sibling paper, i, will no longer be distributed in Ireland from next week, according to The Guardian.
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    Olivia Kelly reports that he installation of water meters for more than one million homes at a cost of €539 million is to begin next week.
    Work will begin in Kildare, concentrating on the towns of Maynooth, Leixlip and Celbridge.
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    The New York Times reports that Ariel Castro,  the Cleveland man accused of holding three women captive in his home for about a decade has agreed to plead guilty in a deal to avoid the death penalty.

     In exchange, prosecutors said the 53-year-old Castro would be sentenced to life without parole plus 1,000 years.

    Castro had been charged in a 977-count indictment.
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    A lot of big birthdays today. George Bernard Shaw, Carl Jung, Mick Jagger, and ....

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    Former US security contractor Edward Snowden would not face the death penalty or be tortured and would have all the protections of the US civilian court system if he were sent home, the chief US prosecutor wrote in a letter to his Russian counterpart this week.
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