GAA Sunday

Updates from two football quarter-finals as Kerry play Galway and Mayo take on Cork at Croke Park

Gavin Cummiskey Sun, Aug 3
LIVE: GAA Sunday

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  • 13:48
    "Keep warm old man," the boy said. "Remember we are in September."

    "The month when the great fish come," the old man said. "Anyone can be a fisherman in May."
  • 13:49
    It's not September yet but we can start thinking about it after today. Well, the survivors can.
  • 13:49
    Gavin Cummiskey here in Croke Park for the afternoon. Kerry v Galway up first at 2pm before Mayo and Cork tussle at 4pm .
  • 13:50
    And no rain. Not yet anyway.
  • 13:51
    The cleanest sports reporter of them all. I opened with Ernest Hemingway, by the way. Old Man and the Sea.
  • 13:53
    Well, that was a first: Laois referee Eddie Kinsella was mic-ed up for the coin toss. For the record, Paul Conroy called heads and it was heads.
  • 13:53
    Here's Keith's preview:
  • 13:55
    Here’s what we know: we are down to the last eight in football. Last night, under a sheet of rain, Armagh removed Meath while Monaghan shattered themselves in seeing off Kildare after extra-time.

    The Farney men must somehow recover to give Dublin a lash next Saturday night while Armagh and Donegal will, em, get a little physical with each other.
  • 13:57
    But that’s next week’s problem. Today, Galway and Kerry renew acquaintances in a quarter-final...they served up a classic in 2008. Then Cork will try to catch Mayo cold. Different Kerry now though.
  • 13:59
    No Gooch, Galvin, only one Ó Sé...time waits for no man.
  • 13:59
    One change in the teams. John O'Brien in for James Kavanagh at wing forward.
  • 14:00
  • 14:00
  • 14:01
    Kerry take the lead after 40 seconds. Donnchadh Walsh point.
  • 14:02
    All going to form the All-Ireland football semi-finals should eventually read:

    Dublin v Donegal
    Mayo v Kerry

    In theory. But something is bound to happen to spoil that. Stay tuned; we’re in Croke Park all day. Watching, waiting, typing...So is @keithduggIT and @malachyclerkin ...
  • 14:05
    Galway doing most of the probing. But that's all it is so far. Still Kerry 0-1 to 0-0. 4 mins gone.
  • 14:05
    Uh oh, Bryan Sheehan is gone. replaced by David Moran. Who will take the frees?
  • 14:06
    Sheehan hobbles into the stand. That changes things.
  • 14:06
  • 14:08
  • 14:09
    Kerry 0-1, Galway 0-0 (5 wides), Bryan Sheehan has hobbled to shore. #GAA
  • 14:10
    David Moran takes control, blasting a point from wide right. Kerry 0-2, Galway nothing but wides.
  • 14:11
    Geaney to Geaney. The Dingle brothers combine for Kerry's third point. Wake up Galway, wake up now or it'll be too late.
  • 14:12
    Paul Geaney with the score.
    Kerry 0-3
    Galway 0-0
    (11 mins gone)
  • 14:12
  • 14:12
    This game may be over folks.
  • 14:13
    James O'Donoghue peels off his man and destroys the net with a thumping finish. Kerry 1-3, Galway nothing at all.
  • 14:13
  • 14:14
    It was magic. O'Donoghue's the player of the championship so far
  • 14:15
    Donal O'Neill, the Galway corner back, is getting destroyed by O'Donoghue.

    Kerry 1-4
    Galway 0-0
    (14 mins gone)
  • 14:15
    If ever a team needed a score...
  • 14:16
    Nothing going in Galway's attack as Kerry gallop out of defence. They won't let up. Paul Geaney glances the post with their latest offering to the Canal End.
  • 14:16
  • 14:17
    The sun has come out. After last night's monsoon, it's very welcome. Although Gallimh would dearly love something to slow Kerry down.
  • 14:18
    The Tribesmen crowd their defence so Declan O'Sullivan leans back in his armchair and points from 35 metres out. 1-5 now to no score. Anyone fancy a procession?
  • 14:19
    Finally. Michael Lundy opens the Galway account. Only took 19 minutes. Pity the game is gone south.
  • 14:20
  • 14:20
    He's right to. Kerry wanted, no needed, a serious examination today. Then again, maybe Cork will catch Mayo at 4pm and then it's lovely slide back into September.
  • 14:21
    Kerry 1-6
    Galway 0-1

    20 mins gone. Not a sound can be heard in Croke Park.
  • 14:23
    Ok, that's better. Fiontán Ó Curraoin wins a high ball in midfield and a few hands gets the ball to an overlapping Gareth Bradshaw. Who points...
  • 14:23
    They follow it up with another wide. Nice.
  • 14:26
    Kerry 1-6 (with a similar sized media contingent to travelling support) Galway 0-2 (Still at the races)...25 mins gone. #GAA
  • 14:26
    You at the King you better not miss. Galway have nine wides and two points. Miserable shooting display.
  • 14:28
    We still don't know who Kerry's new free-taker is (Sheehan hurt his knee). Not that it matters. Galway aren't even bothering to tackle, never mind foul.
  • 14:29
  • 14:31
    BREAKING: Something has happened in Croke Park. Shane Walsh free went over the bar. Kerry 1-7, Galway 0-3. Not a classic by any stretch of the imagination.
  • 14:31
  • 14:31
    If ever a game needed it. Big Thomas Flynn, clearly, had enough of the messing. He powered through the heart of Kerry defence and dribbled it under Brian Kelly.
  • 14:34
  • 14:34
    Paul Geaney is Kerry's new free-taker. He just missed a bit of a gimme. Four point game still.
  • 14:35
    We have ourselves a contest. Kerry 1-7, Galway 1-3 (Flynn goal). Nearly half-time. #GAA
  • 14:36
    There's a decent Galway crowd down the Canal End. We just heard them.
  • 14:37
    I sense rain.
  • 14:38
    Johnny Buckley, the Dr Crokes horse, lands a long range free to give Kerry a five point lead entering the break.
  • 14:39
    Buckley again. Wide on the left. Tries to curl it. Wide.

    Half-time: Kerry 1-8, Galway 1-3.
  • 14:49
  • 14:50
    Kids from Queens in New York (Shannon Gaels) are out on the field. 500 Irish Americans have made the Transatlantic trip today to see them play.
  • 14:51
    Speaking of which, I just finished Colum McCann's book (Transatlantic). Get it. You'll have it consumed in a week.
  • 14:53
  • 14:53
    Ref is back out. No sign of the footballers.
  • 14:56
    Ok Galway, cut the wides down and ye have a chance in this second-half. Here we go...
  • 14:57
    Galway changes: Danny Cummins is gone, Sean Armstrong in and Damien Comer replaces John O'Brien. New scoring forwards...
  • 14:57
    Michael Martin lands a wide.
  • 14:58
    James O'Donoghue stops and points. Kerry by six now...
  • 14:58
  • 14:59
    Shane Walsh free pulls it back to five points. Kerry 1-9, Galway 1-4 (with 10 wides)
  • 15:01
    Johnny Buckley score. Kerry coasting.
  • 15:02
    Bradshaw point isn't enough. Galway were hunting for a goal. They need it now or this match will fade off into the ether.
  • 15:03
  • 15:03
    Michael Lundy is the man. Conroy to Armstrong to Lundy who half rounded Brian Kelly before rolling it into the net.
  • 15:03
    Shane Walsh points and suddenly Croke Park is alive (Galway folk have a voice).
  • 15:04
    Kerry 1-11
    Galway 2-6

    42 mins gone (Damn it, Damien Comer shoots a wide. That would have sent the place mad)
  • 15:05
    Right, Kerry regroup. Lovely score by Paul Geaney. Three point game.
  • 15:05
    David Moran wins the next kick out. It gets down to Geaney and he points.
  • 15:06
  • 15:06
    They are 1-13 now.
  • 15:07
    Declan O'Sullivan is back in defence. Aidan O'Mahony goes, Peter Crowley comes in. Time to shore it up.
  • 15:08
    Slow, slow, quick. Kerry move it up field. It sounds like the Mayo contingent are cheering on their neighbours.
  • 15:09
    Seán Armstrong wins an impossible ball off Kelly on the end line, supplies Paul Conroy....another bloody wide.
  • 15:09
    Alan Mulholland's subs are working. Comer point makes it a three point game again.
  • 15:11
    James Kavanagh gets away with a foot block on Declan O'Sullivan. It denies Kerry a certain goal and victory. Still, a Walsh score gives them a four point lead.
  • 15:13
    Come on Gallimh. Shane Walsh hits an epic point. He had no where to go so he went into the heavens. Two points in it.
  • 15:13
    Declan O'Sullivan's shift is over. Darran O'Sullivan comes in to try and run Galway ragged.
  • 15:14
    Darran gets on the ball and kicks a wide. Anthony Maher repeats the trick. Kerry could've done with those scores.
  • 15:15
    16 minutes to go and Galway must surely sense the opportunity to catch the Kingdom.
  • 15:16
    Wow. James O'Donoghue races through on goal...Bet the house on a green flag...WIDE. Kerry are leaving the door open.
  • 15:17
    O'Donoghue is yards of space (again!). He points. Galway, Galway, Galway.
  • 15:17
    Kerry 1-14
    Galway 2-8

    56 mins gone. #GAA
  • 15:21
    David Moran hangs his head as a free drifts wide. Still, Kerry by four points with 10 mins to go.
  • 15:21
  • 15:23
    Shane Walsh free makes it still possible for Galway. 62 mins. Kerry 1-15, Galway 2-9.
  • 15:23
    sean Mallon None of these teams look like potential all ireland winners
  • 15:24
    There he is again. James O'Donoghue. Brings his tally to 1-3 with a point from 250 metres out the field.
  • 15:26
    Galway are still going. Paul Conroy point makes it a four point game as Michael Geaney becomes the first yellow card of the day.
  • 15:26
    A quietly efficient Marc Ó Sé is repalced by Mark Griffin. O'Donoghue lands his fourth point. Kerry are safe.
  • 15:27
    Kerry 1-18 (21)
    Galway 2-10 (16)

    66 mins gone. #GAA
  • 15:29
  • 15:29
  • 15:30
    What have we learned? Kerry are weak through the middle. Galway need to practice their shooting. Kerry won't be winning the All-Ireland this year.
  • 15:31
    Good save by Brian Kelly keeps the gap at six.
  • 15:31
    Into injury time...Kerry 1-19, Galway 2-10. #GAA
  • 15:33
    Kieran O'Leary wraps it up with Kerry's 20th point.
  • 15:33
    Goodnight Galway...we hardly knew you.
  • 15:33
    Kerry 1-20
    Galway 2-10

    Mildly interesting stuff. #GAA
  • 15:34
  • 15:34
  • 15:35
    Anyway, on to Mayo v Cork. Vaughan into midfield as Barry Moran is out. That could be very important.
  • 15:36
  • 15:37
    Here's the great John O'Keeffe's column...
  • 15:52
    Cormac Reilly toss update: Michael Shields says tails and opts to play into the Hill.
  • 15:53
  • 15:54
  • 15:55
  • 16:03
  • 16:04
  • 16:06
    Colm O'Neill wins a free. Cork should level it up now. 4 minutes played. Still no rain.
  • 16:06
    Brian Hurley delivers. Cork 0-1, Mayo 0-1.
  • 16:08
    Nearly a very bad piece of goalkeeping by Ken O'Halloran. But Cork survive. Cillian O'Connor puts the resulting 45 wide.
  • 16:08
    Cillian O'Connor immediately atones. Nice point.
  • 16:10
    This is the fourth game of the weekend. Monaghan and Kildare fueled the fire but, really, it's been a fairly muck football championship so far. It needs something here...
  • 16:10
    Fintan Goold point. Cork and Mayo both on 0-2.
  • 16:11
    Cork have packed their defence. Again. They can't go through the Munster final trauma again. Going to be hard to break them down.
  • 16:12
    Nice little point by Brian Hurley there. Donal Vaughan had a hold of him but the threat of a black card meant he released him. Cork 0-3 to Mayo's 0-2.
  • 16:15
    Cork 0-4
    Mayo 0-2

    13 mins played.
  • 16:16
    Cork sweepers doing their thing. Mark Collins cutting out ball there. Cillian O'Connor is the only Mayo forward near the goal.
  • 16:17
    Hurley makes it 0-5 to Mayo's 0-2.
  • 16:17
    Are Cork Donegal (circa 2012) in disguise? It's probably the right way to play Mayo if you don't have the nerve to just go out and beat them.
  • 16:18
    Despite the attention of three red jerseys, Seamus O'Shea points.
  • 16:19
    Really good score from Cillian O'Connor. 0-5 to 0-4 now. 18 mins gone.
  • 16:20
    Tomás Clancy gets a black card for rugby tackling Aidan O'Shea. No debate there (yet Eoin Cadogan is debating away with Cormac Reilly.
  • 16:21
    Damien Cahalane, he of the three dual Cork men, comes in for Clancy. O'Connor free levels it.
  • 16:22
    Séamus O'Shea puts Mayo ahead. The worm has turned. I blame Cork's kickouts or their inability to get on the midfield breaks. Or both.
  • 16:22
    Ah Colm O'Neill. In a very James O'Donoghue like fashion, he gathers, turns and levels the game at 0-6 each.
  • 16:23
    This is getting good. Keith Higgins is everywhere. Mayo are beginning to run and run hard.
  • 16:24
    Aidan O'Shea versus Aidan Walsh in a throw-up. O'Shea wins it but Cork are onto the scraps.
  • 16:26
    Walsh hits a free from 50 metres. Over she sails. Cork by 1.
  • 16:26
  • 16:28
    Hurley goes down like a sack of spuds. The O'Shea brothers are on to him in a flash. Get up ye bozie.
  • 16:30
    Alan Dillon point.
  • 16:31
    I'm liking this game. The stakes are high. Little scuffles breaking out all over the place. Genuine niggle. Mayo's running game against Cork's counter attack.
  • 16:31
    Alan Dillon another point.
  • 16:31
    Mayo 0-8
    Cork 0-7
    30 mins in.
  • 16:33
    Hurley's a chancer. Goes down to easy. Good player though. It's 0-8 apiece.
  • 16:34
    Higgins and Cahalane are in each others pockets. You don't want to mess with Cahalane (pure hurling stock) but Higgins in the terrier that just won't quit. Like Arthur.
  • 16:36
    Croker is fairly silent but not in a bored sense, more like the sound of silence in an exam hall. People are watching particular individual battles. Waiting for a chink in the opposition's armour.
  • 16:38
    I just ate an orange. Feeling rejuvenated. Hurley puts a shot wide. Half-time and it's all square, 0-8. Fascinating 35 minutes of football. The Cork system is working but Mayo also have faith in their style.
  • 16:39
  • 16:40
  • 16:42
    The seagulls in Croke Park have no trawler to follow but they are eyeing up my dinner. They are dinosaurs' cousins.
  • 16:42
  • 16:43
  • 16:43
    Berlin's a rapid city.
  • 16:47
  • 16:49
  • 16:49
    Not a bad crowd. The place will be jammed next Saturday night. Dublin v Monaghan and Donegal v Armagh. Under lights. Hill 16 is defo the place to be.
  • 16:53
    "What's manly about that..." Brolly on the deserved dismissal of Tomás Clancy. Fair enough.
  • 16:54
    "Not concentrated," Brolly on Mayo. Mmmmm...Here we go. Second-half.
  • 16:55
    Aidan O'Shea is into midfield.
  • 16:57
    Brolly was thinking of Mayo's showing against Donegal last year when noting today's lack of intensity. They were like hungry wolves last year. Very hard to replicate.
  • 16:58
    Jason Doherty point after Aidan O'Shea shrugged off Cahalane (that's an achievement). Mayo take the lead.
  • 16:59
    Andy Moran bowled over by Michael Shields. Free taken quickly by Moran to Vaughan who punches it over. 0-10 to 0-8.
  • 17:01
    Goal chance. Doherty to Andy Moran, who decides to take a point instead. They go three clear.
  • 17:02
    BREAKING: Mexican wave erupts in Croke Park. Game continues nonetheless.
  • 17:03
    Wave crashes midway around the Cusack stand as Alan Dillon puts Mayo four clear. The game always wins.
  • 17:04
    Colm O'Neill points his free after a strong charge from Ian Maguire.
  • 17:05
    Kevin McLoughlin keeps Mayo four ahead of Corcaigh.
  • 17:06
    There is no goals going into the Cork net today but that doesn't bother Andy Moran, the veteran marksman makes it 0-14 to 0-9. Straight after Enda Varley relieves him of his duties. Harsh.
  • 17:07
    Wonder if James Horan will regret that decision. Moran has been humming all afternoon.
  • 17:07
    Alan. Dillon. Point.
  • 17:08
    Seamie O'Shea continues his fine innings with some high fielding. Cork can't get out of their own half.
  • 17:09
    In fairness, Varley just held off Cadogan and spun away for another Mayo attack... Maybe Horan knows his players better than we do.
  • 17:10
    Brian Cuthbert rolls the dice; Mark Collins comes off as Donncha O'Connor - the man so important in their 2010 All-Ireland campaign - comes into the fray. He has been injured this summer. They need some of his magic.
  • 17:11
    Mayo 0-16 (O'Connor free)
    Cork 0-9

    Time is ticking away.51 mins played.
  • 17:12
    Fintan Goold does what he does. Nice score. Cork win the next kick-out and get it to Colm O'Neill. The ball finds its way to O'Connor. Point. Cork hang in there.
  • 17:12
  • 17:13
    Seamus O'Shea wide. The inches we need are everywhere around us, they are in every break in the play. On this team...
  • 17:14
    Aidan Walsh doesn't know how to lose. He just burst into life, cajoling more from his teammates. Donncha O'Connor points a free. This is getting serious...
  • 17:18
    O'Neill and Cunniffe race for a ball, O'Neill is ahead, Cunniffe touches him. Down goes O'Neill. O'Connor free makes it a three-point game. 12 mins to go.
  • 17:18
    Kerry must be loving this. Imagine they'd prefer Cork.
  • 17:19
    That was a moment. Big Ian Maguire thundered down on goal but his shot was well blocked by Rob Hennelly. Mayo survive. But Cork are going to keep coming.
  • 17:21
    Wow. Colm O''Neill is through on goal, he goes to pull the trigger but Ger Cafferkey intervenes. A fresh air? No way. Cormac Reilly was right there. No foul.
  • 17:21
    Mayo survive but Cork are going to keep coming...Daniel Goulding is on.
  • 17:22
    Donncha O'Connor goal.
  • 17:22
    Mayo had been warned. Should have stacked their defence, they didn't and O'Connor has punished them. All square. 62 mins.
  • 17:23
    Thought O'Connor would take his point but he's a brilliantly, skillful footballer.
  • 17:24
    Cahalane mills into Aidan O'Shea. Cillian O'Connor ends a 12 minute drought.
  • 17:24
    O'Connor is pulled off!
  • 17:24
    Horan doesn't mess about.
  • 17:24
  • 17:25
    No Varley, no O'Connor with a one point lead and five minutes to play. This is high stakes poker, folks.
  • 17:25
    Alan Freeman hits a wide that Varley and O'Connor would have nailed in their sleep. Just saying.
  • 17:26
  • 17:26
    The man is Aidan O'Shea. The goal comes in the 67th minute. Mayo lead by four. Rounded the goalie and everything.
  • 17:26
  • 17:27
    Brian Hurley goal for Cork. Holy s**t!
  • 17:27
    Cork 2-13 (19)
    Mayo 1-17 (20

    67 minutes played. Madness.
  • 17:27
    Alan Dillon edges a shot wide.
  • 17:28
    Arise Mayo, arise.
  • 17:29
    Vaughan's shot somehow finds its way over. Aidan O'Shea replaced by Jason Gibbons. James Horan has iron balls.
  • 17:30
    Lee Keegan point. Three point game. 70th minute. #GAA #Epic
  • 17:30
    Two minutes of injury time.
  • 17:30
    Cork have a free. Colm O'Neill puts in on the grass.
  • 17:31
    He points it. 60 seconds to go. Two point game.
  • 17:32
    Donncha O'Connor wins the break in midfield, Chalane charges through...Keegan fouls Kerrigan. Cork Free. They have to go for it.
  • 17:32
    O'Neill steps up.
  • 17:32
    He points. Time is up.
  • 17:32
    Did the ref tell him something?
  • 17:33
    Time is up. The game is up. Cork players surround Cormac Reilly.
  • 17:33
    Both Managements are rowing. Wait, they are shaking hands now.
  • 17:34
    That's a sickener for Cork. It seems like they were told there was more time.
  • 17:34
  • 17:34
    Mayo and Kerry will contest the All-Ireland semi-final.
  • 17:34
  • 17:35
    Time is up. The game is up. Cork players surround Cormac Reilly.
  • 17:36
    Right, I'm off to get some quotes....standby.
  • 17:38
    Brolly: "Aidan O'Shea is a brilliant Gaelic a different era, the Dubs ran him into teh ground last year."
  • 17:38