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JK Rowling outed as crime writer, accidental landlords seek legal help, Abortion Bill goes to Seanad

Joanne Hunt Mon, Jul 15
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  • 08:43
    Temperatures only getting up to 19 to 23 degrees in western coastal counties today and between 23 and 26 elsewhere. So quite cool by recent standards really. You might even need a cardigan. Not.
  • 08:49
    "I've grown up dreaming of a day like this. You hear people saying they've dreamed of this or that and you take it with a pinch of salt, but I have dreamt of this," - Limerick hurler Shane Dowling after yesterday's win over Cork.

    There will be no silage made in Limerick today.
  • 08:50
    Good morning, Joanne Hunt here on The Daily Wire, with you until 5pm.
  • 08:53
    The headlines in today's Irish Times: State run nursing homes face closure, says report. Tax exiles could get deal on longer stays. Merkel highlights failings in Irish data protection ahead of EU action. And there's a picture of Paddy Knox of Inistioge, Co. Kilkenny, making hay while the sun shines.
  • 08:55
    "We're still well above normal," Met Eireann has just told my colleague Genevieve Carbery.
  • 08:56
    Sometimes you just need to hear it.
  • 08:59
    Some headlines from the rest of today's papers:

    Irish Independent: FG and Labour row over Budget focus
    Irish Examiner: State agencies target phone and internet records
    The Herald: Irishman's stampede crush terror
    The Irish Sun: Cops feared I'd attack Ro's mistress, Yvonne jokes
    The Irish Daily Star: Irish Dad knifed to death fighting off robber
  • 09:05
    And what about JK Rowling masquerading as a retired military policeman to write a crime novel that has been hailed as one of the best debut detective stories in years?

    Rowling wrote “The Cuckoo’s Calling” under the name Robert Galbraith and kept up the pretence that it was the work of a married father of two and former undercover investigator. “I had hoped to keep this secret a little longer because being Robert Galbraith has been such a liberating experience,” the 47-year-old said. “It has been wonderful to publish without hype or expectation, and pure pleasure to get feedback under a different name.” Read more.
  • 09:14

    Round two of the abortion debate begins today as the Bill hits the Seanad this afternoon - at about 4pm, I think. It's expected to be debated there for a week, writes Harry McGee.

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  • 09:19
    A report from the Free Legal Advice Centre (Flac), published today, shows that of almost 13,000 people who received basic legal advice from the centres last year, more than a third – 34 per cent – had queries about family law. Of those callers, almost half had concerns related to separation and divorce, while more than 30 per cent had questions about custody, access and guardianship of children.
  • 09:21
    The Flac report also highlights a rising number of “accidental landlords” who rent out their homes in order to meet mortgage expenses. Read Ruadhan MacCormaic's story.
  • 09:28

    Read the amazing story of 'rugby-mad lad' schoolboy Sam Preston in today's Irish Sun. The 13-year old Oxfordshire boy has size 18 feet. He went up four sizes in six months. And has five years more growing to do.

    If you want to see a picture, it's on p.21 of today's Irish Sun, to the right of Mystic Meg ad and above the 'Girls, chat to single men!' ad.

  • 09:38
    Met Eireann says the hot spell has also brought a rise in sea temperatures. A swimming straw poll here in the newsroom reveals:

    Greystones - 'Quite cold, but warmer than Christmas Day'.
    Ballybunion -  'Surprisingly pleasant.  It  felt  like 1978'.
    Seapoint -  'Easy to get under. And it's on the Dort'.
  • 09:43
    All three are Blue Fag beaches - which means the bathing water complies with the 'excellent' standard in accordance with the EU Bathing Water Directive.

    Find your nearest Blue Flag beach.
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  • 09:47
  • 09:57
    'Clings well to everything it comes in contact with' - but which balsamic dressing is Conor Pope referring to?

    Check out his review of the best dressed.
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  • 10:14
  • 10:23
    St Swithun’s day if thou dost rain
    For forty days it will remain
    St Swithun’s day if thou be fair
    For forty days ‘twill rain nae mare

    I don't want to hear of a drop of rain today.
  • 10:36
    “It’s a real shame that this is occuring just a few short weeks after such an incredibly succesful G8 for Northern Ireland,” Northern Secretary Theresa Villiers has said of continuing violent activity in Northern Ireland over the last few days.

    The trouble is the fall out from a decision to ban a controversial Orange Order parade passing through the nearby mainly Catholic Ardoyne area.

    Hundreds of loyalists were involved in a tense stand off with riot police last night, with disorder finally breaking out about 10.30pm. A number of petrol bombs and other missiles were thrown at police, who responded by firing baton rounds.

    Villiers said there will be “very serious consequences” for those involved.

    Read more.
  • 10:40
  • 10:40
    Technical Group Supergrass??
  • 10:45
    If you didn't catch it in Saturday's paper, read more about the 'dizzy splits and rotations' of the Technical Group in Miriam Lord's Week.
  • 10:51
    Or is it disaffected members of the Technical Group having a secret campfire pow-wow?
  • 10:55
    There will be some gratuitous pictures of the victorious Limerick hurling team today.
  • 10:57
    There's rumours that it's raining in Blanch!
  • 10:59
    They can keep their 40 days of rain. A St Swithin's 40 days of 'rain nae mare' should apply to the rest of us.
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  • 11:10
    Isn't there already a 'baby David' in The Royale Family?
  • 11:11
  • 11:23
    "I suppose we have to try and keep a handle on the hype as best we can. We’re only as far as a semi-final, there isn’t going to be any talk of anything else," said Limerick hurling manager John Allen. 

    Read Sean Moran's report of yesterday's scintillating all Ireland semi-final qualifier between Limerick and Cork.
  • 11:30
    Regina Doherty to spearhead Seanad referendum campaign.
  • 11:32
    '24. No more'. The Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has launched a campaign to highlight “dangerously-long” working hours which Non Consultant Hospital Doctors (NCHDs) are routinely forced to work in Ireland. 
  • 11:35
    There are reports of a shooting at Davitt Road, Inchicore this morning. More on this when we get it.
  • 11:40
    Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody has written songs with Harry Styles for One Direction's next album, says NME.
  • 11:43
  • 11:47
  • 11:52
    Abolishing the Seanad would save the country €100 million over a five-year Dáil term, Fine Gael’s director of elections for the Seanad referendum, Richard Bruton, has said. Read Eoin Burke-Kennedy's report.
  • 11:57
    'GET LOUD AGAINST PUTIN AND HIS ANTI-GAY POGROM,' writes Stephen Fry. 'Our brothers and sisters in Russia need us NOW!'
  • 12:08
    What is the most off-putting thing you can write in the subject line of an email? Lucy Kellaway lists the 10 most obnoxious subject lines in today's Irish Times.
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  • 12:31
  • 12:36

    More on the shooting in Inchicore this morning - emergency services were called to Davitt Road at about 10.30am where the man was found lying on the bank of the Grand Canal suffering from gunshot wounds. It was reported the man, who was from the area and was known to gardai, died at the scene.

    A car was found burnt out a short distance away in Rialto Court.

  • 12:48

    The Road Safety Authority is to replace thousands of high-visibility vests after the garments were found to be “marginally below” the required safety level.

  • 12:56

    The RSA distributed more than 200,000 vests - bearing the logo Be Safe Be Seen - as part of a safety campaign last year. RSA chief executive Noel Brett confirmed today that a reflective strip on the vests failed to meet the required visibility criteria. Read Eoin Burke-Kennedy's report.


  • 12:58
  • 12:59

    Mind how you go Enda. These reflective vests are best worn in daylight only it seems.

  • 13:03
    Smokers might save up to 75 per cent a year by switching to e-cigarettes, writes Conor Pope.
  • 13:08
  • 13:19
    As well as limiting the number of casinos in the State to 40 and the number of tables in a casino to 15, the Gambling Control Bill 2013 is to relax the rule that bingo always has to be for charitable or philanthropic purposes.

    The measures are to "protect vulnerable adults and young people," says Alan Shatter.

  • 13:21
  • 13:25
    “I e-mailed a blunt question: ‘I believe that Robert Galbraith is in fact J. K. Rowling, and will you please come back with a straightforward answer?’”
  • 13:32

    Gardaí are investigating if a gangland-style murder of a 27-year-old Dubliner this morning was drugs related, writes Irish Times crime correspondent, Conor Lally.

    A gunman ran up to the victim on the street and fired one shot, fatally wounding him to the chest. The gunman then jumped into a nearby waiting VW Beetle and was driven at speed from the scene.

    A pretty distinctive get-away car. It was later found burnt out in Rialto.

  • 13:35
    Fyi - these horses will be for racing, not for eating.
  • 13:44
    "This incident shouldn't be portrayed as typical of what women in politics have to put up with on a daily basis," TD Aine Collins has said of Lapgate. The Irish Daily Mirror says the Cork North-West TD broke her silence on the issue yesterday, saying she has accepted Tom Barry's apology for pulling her into his lap in the Dail.
  • 13:48

    "I've no interest in making him feel any worse than he does," Aine Collins writes.

  • 13:51
    Reports of rain in Blanchardstown are as yet unconfirmed.
  • 13:57
    'If you're feeling overwhelmed with anticipation, just breathe." The Huff Post's guide to preparing for the royal baby.
  • 14:02
  • 14:14
    Marian Finucane forgot to play the Angeles on Saturday? For shame!
  • 14:16
  • 14:23

    Bank of Ireland has reported an 18 per cent rise in loan approvals for SMEs for the first half of 2013.

    Loans worth €1.9 billion were approved during the first half of the year, representing a 18 per cent jump on the same period in 2012.   About time.

  • 14:47

    "Women have to face up to the fact that there is something pathological about our incessant competition, and relentless calibration of female beauty," writes Ann Marie Hourihane in today's Irish Times.

    And well worth checking out the Amanda Palmer performance of 'Dear Daily Mail' to which she refers.

  • 14:47
  • 14:54
    "While a majority of the 60-member Upper House are expected to support the legislation, at least two – and possibly four – Fine Gael senators will join those who have lost the party whip," writes Harry McGee.

    The debate in the Seanad is due to commence at 3.45pm today.
  • 15:05
    'Those who allege that to love cricket suggests you must possess a name like Lord Montague Oxley-Spiffy-Farmington, who earned his title and wealth by eating Tipperary men, should bow their heads in sporting shame."

    Nice report on the Ashes by Many Hannigan.
  • 15:09
    Less than nine hours to the end of St Swithin's Day. Fingers crossed lads.
  • 15:24
    Don't try this at home. Nice picture gallery from the Street Performance World Championships held in Dublin at the weekend.
  • 15:34
    Hope for all the lads and lassies hoping to get into The Guards.
  • 15:34
  • 15:40
    Just tuned into the Seanad. It's getting a bit heated there. Senator Fidelma Healy-Eames not happy. About something.
  • 15:41
    Did I mishear, or did someone say something about women being gagged?
  • 15:46

    €8.8 million we pay senators in salaries and expenses, notes Senator Maurice Cummins, in the Seanad now.

  • 15:52
  • 16:01
    A press release just in from NUI Galway about their new dormouse project: 'Researchers are on the hunt for the tiny, nocturnal mammal, which can spend up to three-quarters of its life asleep'.

    Aw, cute. I'm all on board and want to help them find the little fellas. But then in the next sentence, they call them 'rodents'. That changes everything.
  • 16:02
  • 16:11
    The 27 year-old man shot dead in Inchicore this morning had convictions for drug-dealing and gardaí believe his murder was drug-related, writes Conor Lally.
  • 16:17
    High water temperatures and low water levels in Ireland's waterways are leading to some emotional fish.
  • 16:18
    It's nothing to Celebrate.
  • 16:22
    And drought conditions are emerging for farmers, especially in the south and southeast.

    (Sure it was only a matter of time before newsrooms turned on the positive news story that is the weather).
  • 16:24
    The definition of a drought is 15 consecutive days in which less than 0.2mm of rain fell. “We are not there yet,” says Met Eireann forecaster Pat Clarke.
  • 16:30
    Looks like the whole county of Limerick is going to see the Boss in Thomond Park. Do you think he'll mention the hurling?
  • 16:31

    Minister James Reilly now speaking to the Seanad about the abortion Bill.

  • 16:34
    He's going through the Bill, section by section now.
  • 16:41

    Senator David Norris has interrupted to ask if Minister James Reilly's title is, in fact,  'Minister for Health'.

  • 16:45
    Mary Fitzgerald is in Beirut.
  • 16:56
    Did David Norris really say Fine Gael TD Regina Doherty  was 'talking through her f***y'?
  • 16:58
    Minister for Health James Reilly tells the Seanad the proposed Bill on abortion brings clarity to women and their doctors.
  • 17:04

    That's it from The Daily Wire for today. Thanks for stopping by. We're back tomorrow at 9am. You can keep up to date for the rest of the evening on and @IrishTimesLive.

  • 17:09
    Keep the fingers crossed for the rest of this St Swithin's Day.

    'St Swithun’s day if thou be fair, for forty days ‘twill rain nae mare'.

    Nae mare rain would be great, thanks.