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IT Thu, Jun 14

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  • 08:16

    Time for New Zealand v Ireland, Part 11. After last week's 42-10 thumping, the Irish team will be hoping for better fortunes in Christchurch. The All Blacks start as 23 point favourites, which illustrates the magnitude of the task. Another statistic that supports the last statement is that Ireland have never beaten New Zealand in test rugby. John O'Sullivan here and I'll be keeping you in touch with events at the redeveloped AMI stadium. 

  • 08:18
    New Zealand coach Steve Hansen is busy going through New Zealand's shortcomings last week, which is a bit scary given the final scoreline. He's particularly focusing on the breakdown, where he felt his team let themselves down. "We are looking to improve because we let ourselves down in a few areas last week." Oops.
  • 08:20
    Ireland coach Declan Kidney pointed out that the players spent time analysing last week's game on tape; definitely a video nasty. He maintains that there is a quiet resolution to address last week's shortcomings.
  • 08:24
    Andrew Trimble, Gordon D'Arcy, Mike Ross and Kevin McLaughlin come into the starting Ireland team from last week. Adam Thomson replaces the injured Victor Vito for the All Blacks.
  • 08:27
    Judging by the pictures from the All Blacks changing room, they drink a lot of Powerade. It's almost time for the kick-off.
  • 08:28
    Jamie Heaslip, winning his 50th cap, leads out Ireland
  • 08:31
    Time for Ireland's Call and let's hope they don't butcher it as badly as they did last week. Nope Rebecca Nelson is actually in tune.
  • 08:33
    God Defend New Zealand and possibly God Help Ireland
  • 08:34
    The Haka or Piri Weepu time if you prefer
  • 08:35
    They have either turned up the microphones or that was an emtional and very loud rendition; spine chilling
  • 08:37
    Ireland concede their first penalty after 15 seconds; McLaughlin for not releasing.
  • 08:38
    Sonny Bill Williams knock-on. First scrum of the match.
  • 08:42
    New Zealand take it against the head. That's awful. Williams runs through Sean O'Brien. Ireland are using shooters in defence. Risky and they just about stop Thomson from scoring a try in the corner. Ireland win lineout and are trying to run it out of their 22. Pretty good. Nice and precise.
  • 08:43
    5 mins: Still no score. Ireland have a lineout in the New Zealand 22. Great kick by Jonathan Sexton.
  • 08:46
    McLaughlin takes. Driving maul makes a few metres. Ireland go wide, hard carrying from the pack. Eventually ends in a penalty to the visitors. Ireland go to corner from six metres.
  • 08:47
    Drive it to a metre and it looks like Conor Murray has used his strength to score a try.
  • 08:48

    Very good dummy from Murray to give him a sliver of space and a nanosecond of time. IT'S A TRY FOR IRELAND. Murray's first try for his country.

  • 08:49
    Sexton lands an excellent conversion.

    New Zealand 0 Ireland 7
  • 08:50
    There's a hesitant rendition of the Fields of Athenry. Only 12 minutes gone.
  • 08:51

    Julian Savea knocks on after great double tackle by Heaslip and Ryan. O'Driscoll hoofs it downfield

  • 08:52
    Ireland have used the maul very well so far and the ball carrying by the forwards with McLaughlin in particular has been impressive.
  • 08:54
    New Zealand have obviously spent a bit of time working on the scrum during the week. On top in the first two. Wonder how fit Mike Ross is? Great work at the breakdown by Rory Best forces home side to concede penalty. Ireland's general work has been far.
  • 08:56
    Right that's the commentator's hex out of the way. Ireland lose the lineout but New Zealand concede another penalty. Sexton's called for the kicking tee.
  • 08:57
    That is a superb kick. Sexton penalty.

    18 mins: New Zealand 0 Ireland 10
  • 09:00

    Best penalised at a ruck for playing the ball on the ground in the Ireland 22. Dan Carter 23 metres. Well what do you think? Yep he's got it (1,270 points)

    New Zealand 3 Ireland 10

  • 09:01
    Third scrum of the match. Penalty count against: New Zealand 4 Ireland 2.
  • 09:02
    Fergus McFadden looked a little nervy under the high ball but Savea knocks it out of his hand and Ireland get a scrum. This will be interesting as Ireland have struggled on their own put-in. Early engage Ireland; free-kick. They have to sort that out.
  • 09:03
    New Zealand opt for scrum.
  • 09:05
    A thumping tackle by O'Brien on Carter. There's no mistaking the Ireland's agressive intent.  
  • 09:07
    Dan Tuohy. That's criminal. Had an opportunity to roll away in the tackle and didn't. So silly and a guaranteed three points for Carter. Undoes some excellent Irish defence over a three minute period.
  • 09:08
    Not the cleanest strike but Carter lands the penalty.

    New Zealand 6 Ireland 10
  • 09:09
    Ireland lose another lineout. Overthrown.
  • 09:11
    Too many mistakes and the early momentum that Ireland generated through some fine play has dissipated. Ireland concede another penalty after coming in at the side of a ruck. Ross the guilty party. New Zealand taking the Irish on around the fringes and they're winning those collisions. 
  • 09:11
    Carter penalty. That's three from three for the New Zealand outhalf.

    New Zealand 9 Ireland 10
  • 09:12
    The re-start doesn't go 10 metres. Ireland have to reacquaint themselves with some ball. Discipline and for the last six minutes precision are becoming real issues for the visitors.
  • 09:14
    Ireland's line speed has fallen off a little but they get another penalty at the breakdown. One thing is abundantly clear. If Ireland want to maintain their work-rate the bench is going to be very important in this game.
  • 09:15
    37 mins: Ireland's set piece work needs to improve. Gert Smal and Greg Feek are going to earn their money during the interval.
  • 09:18
    McCaw should have been penalised at that breakdown but instead Nigel Owens pings Ireland. McFadden now penalised for going off his feet at the breakdown. So frustrating. There's a lack of clarity in terms of decision making. Ireland's game management is letting them down. Carter's pointed to the posts.
  • 09:20
    First half injury time and Carter's monster effort from the halfway line falls short. Can Ireland learn their lessons from the first half and take them through the second 40 minutes. A much better effort and a real opportunity.

    Half-time: New Zealand 9 Ireland 10

  • 09:23

    There'll be a few words spoken in the Irish shed, to borrow southern hemisphere vernacular, about whether the players truly believe that they can go on and sustain this level of commitment. Half a game means nothing if they can't continue to deliver.  
  • 09:28

    Scrum and lineout issues need to be addressed but Ireland's work at the breakdown has been excellent with the exception of two silly penalties. New Zealand will look to be more ruthless in this facet of the game and protect their ball a little bit better. The All Blacks will probably look to go a little wider and raise the pace of the game as they did to great effect last week.

    This Irish team deserve credit for the manner in which they have lifted their performance from last week but the job is only half done. If they are going to pull off a first ever victory they're probably going to have to score another 15 points or so; especially if they're not more disciplined.

  • 09:30
    Sam Cane, making his debut, is on for the All Blacks replacing number eight Kieran Read. The home side are now playing with two 'loosies.'
  • 09:31
    We're underway again. New Zealand reclaim the kick-off.
  • 09:34
    O'Driscoll misses Sonny Bill and the move looks like it ended with New Zealand scrumhalf Aaron Smith; he is driven over by the pack. Once again Ireland's mistakes are killing them. New Zealand very direct. Television match official confirms it's a try.
  • 09:35
    43 mins: Aaron Smith TRY. Carter conversion and the All Blacks are back on top everywhere inclusing the scoreboard.

    New Zealand 16 Ireland 10
  • 09:37
    McCaw turns over ball, Murray snipes and eventually the All Blacks cough up a penalty at a ruck just outside their 22. Sexton will be trying to reduce the deficit.  
  • 09:37
    Sexton PENALTY.

    New Zealand 16 Ireland 13
  • 09:39
    Cheap shot by McCaw on D'Arcy. Healy is down and so too O'Driscoll.
  • 09:42
    They're all back and walking. Ireland lineout on New Zealand 10 metre line
  • 09:44
    Ireland manage some good continuity inside the New Zealand 22 but a mix-up between D'Arcy and O'Driscoll leads to a turnover. Dagg kicks it 60 metres and Trimble slices his clearance. UNFORCED ERRORS.
  • 09:45
    There's no faulting Ireland's intensity though. 
  • 09:46
    Ireland go early again at the scrum. Free-kick.
  • 09:47
    D'Arcy is going off, limping with a leg injury. Ronan O'Gara is on.
  • 09:47
    Dee Thanks for keeping me updated, 4 in the morning here in states and nothing but phone to keepme updated. Thanks come on ireland
  • 09:48
    D'Arcy was very good. Sexton moves to inside centre with O'Gara at outhalf.
  • 09:51
    52 mins: If Ireland could just cut down on the ball handling errors, they would really put it up to New Zealand. They rweleasing the pressure a little for the home side with every one. The All Blacks are rattled. There's no doubting that but it's up to Ireland to keep tighening the valve, rather than periodically releasing it.  
  • 09:54
    That's great rugby from Ireland. Stretching the play from touchline to touchline. Good continuity. Intelligent varying of the point of attack. Guilford pinches the ball in a tackle but that's excatly the calibre of rugby that the visitors need to produce.
  • 09:55
    Ireland block illegally at the lineout. WHY O WHY did they do that. New Zealand now back in the Irish half.
  • 09:55
    Guest Trying to decide weather we should run down to the team hotel in sopot for the last ten minutes, any chance of a win?
  • 09:57
    One Franks for another in the New Zealand team and Donncha O'Callaghan on for Tuohy.
  • 09:59
    Ireland are penalised for a ruck offence; going off feet. Carter's going to kick it. 23 metres. Chalk it up.
  • 10:00
    Carter penalty. That makes up for a missed drop goal about a minute earlier.

    New Zealand 19 Ireland 13
  • 10:02
    Peter O'Mahony on for McLaughlin. It's been tetchy between the sides for a while and it's getting more so. Great to watch. Ireland monster New Zealand at the scrum. The All Blacks are penalised.
  • 10:03
    Sexton PENALTY 30 metres.

    New Zealand 19 Ireland 16
  • 10:05
    Reddan for Murray, Weepu for Aaron Smith.

    That's brilliant from Ireland. Wonderful counter-attack from McCaw knock-on. O'Mahony great short pass to Sexton; grubber through that runs into touch.
  • 10:06
    It's all about belief and accuracy now for Ireland. The All Blacks look bemused.
  • 10:06
    SJ Thanks for the updates, am in work and trying to follow the action. Come on Ireland
  • 10:06
    Dermot Listening to the RTE radio and reading this in China! come on Ireland!
  • 10:06
    Guest Lying in bed with the missus asleep and im reading an iPhone at 3am in Costa Rica praying for historic day in Irish rugby, come on lads, yikes I nearly woke the wife!
  • 10:07
    Right, it's an Ireland lineout on the New Zealand 10 metre line
  • 10:07
    Into the All Black 22
  • 10:09
    All Blacks have coughed up penalty. Great break O'Driscoll. Heaslip has been brilliant. Ireland are growing into this task. You can see it in the eyes and the body language.
  • 10:09
    Sexton PENALTY 18 metres. The sides are level.

    New Zealand 19 Ireland 19
  • 10:10
    There are 12 minutes left.
  • 10:10
    Dagg knock-on. Ireland have a scrum just inside their own half. The chants of Ireland, Ireland ring around the ground.  
  • 10:11
    Aidan p Lying in bed with the Mississippi ale
  • 10:11
  • 10:11
    Aidan p Lying in bed with the Missus beside me asleep, and Im praying to read history in the making on an iphone and it's 3am here in Costa Rica. Come on lads, yikes nearly woke the Missus!
  • 10:11
    Paula Haiir cutting and keeping my fingers crossed. Historic and I'm missing it!!!
  • 10:11
    Guest C'mon Ireland....cheering for you from luxembourg
  • 10:13
    Ireland drive New Zealand back at scrum again. This is just an amazing turn around in that set piece.

    Dagg late on Kearney. Dagg yellow card. Ireland have penalty on the half way line. The All BLacks are down to 14 men.
  • 10:14
    Baz poolside in Dubai. 47 centigrade. almost too hot to pick up the blackberry. As hot as this game
  • 10:14
    Don't think this is in Sexton's range. It wasn't for Carter in the first half.
  • 10:15
    Yep. Short. Sevens minutes to go. Ireland lineout 30 metres from New Zealand line.
  • 10:15
    Guest in a transit area in Bergen, waiting for well delayed flight. come on...
  • 10:16
    Colin Lonergan In Beijing eating a duck and likin the updates. C'mon Ireland!
  • 10:16
    Ireland called back for accidental blocking. New Zealand scrum 35 metres from their own line.
  • 10:16
    J Keepin track here while at work in Romania. C'mon Ireland!!
  • 10:17
    Eoin Come on Ireland! Best ever chance to break the hoodoo
  • 10:17
    Jamie bear Unbelievable excitement here in d4!
  • 10:17
    Big scrum. Could Ireland get a penalty.
  • 10:18
    No, New Zealand do for running around and wheeling. Big call. Looked harsh.
  • 10:18
    Ruth Listening to Michael Corconan on rte and reading yourself at the same time.... My nerves are shot!!!
  • 10:18
    Goodness this is excruciating. Three and a half minutes left.
  • 10:19
    New Zealand now in Ireland half.
  • 10:19
    30 metres from Irish line. Inside Irish 22.
  • 10:19
    12 phases, nine metres out.
  • 10:20
    Carter will go to the pocket
  • 10:21
    Carter's dropped goal attempt was touched in flight. Sean O'Brien and because Eoin Reddan touched it down it's not a five metre scum to New Zealand. This is cruel.
  • 10:21

    Sorry that should be now a five yard attacking scrum.

  • 10:22
    Carter drop goal. The ugliest, crappiest strike you'll ever see.

    New Zealand 22 Ireland 19
  • 10:24
    That was absolutely awful. You can keep your luck of the Irish. What a brilliantly gutsy Irish performance. They didn't deserve to finish second best. A travesty.
  • 10:25
    Dam_Red At work in Utrecht, maybe a O'Gara drop-goal special to fiish it off????
  • 10:26

    Richie McCaw has just given the most ungracious post match interview that I have heard for a long time.

  • 10:28
    Brian O'Driscoll: "Gutted" To concede early in the second and then come back to level it up and lose in that fashion is bitterly disappointing.

    "Such a massive improvement and I am very proud of the lads. Let the jersey down last week. Wanted to correct that. We are a good team when we play and we have to remenmber that. We have one more shot and we will take a lot from this game."  
  • 10:29
    dan o shea Ahh nooooo disaster!
  • 10:29
    Guest As a kiwi, I agree, you guys were robbed !
  • 10:31
    Sean Fitzpatrick: "Bit of a wake-up call for some of the young guys."
  • 10:32
    Kevin s Hard luck ireland. Great effort.
  • 10:36

    From an Irish perspective that defeat will be galling but when the immediate disappointment passes, they should take some satisfaction from the way they applied themselves mentally and physically. They brought huge intensity and but for a bit of good fortune..........Credit to the All Blacks. They engineered field position with 14 players and then grabbed their good fortune with both hands.

    The crucial thing now for Ireland is to take that level of performance, tweak it and bring it to Hamilton for the third test. They have to make sure that this result is not a one off.

  • 10:39
    A lot of really good Irish performances, particularly up front; the entire pack worked so hard. And a word too for Mike Ross. Lasted the pace impressively. O'Driscoll carried powerfully, D'Arcy was good too, Sexton kicked beautifully and in fairness to KIdney the bench made an impact.
  • 10:40
    Jeff harper Some effort from Ireland but those kiwis know how to cheat!!
  • 10:40
    Rob A great game by the Irish, so sad bout the result
  • 10:40
    Rob Well done guys. Aussie's were routing for you!
  • 10:41
    Paddy OConnor Well tried Ireland - you deserved a win and seemingly, even some of the Kiwis reckon you were robbed. Take heart and fight on lads - you did well.
  • 10:42
    Brian M Cant believe how arrogant & ungracious R McCaw was in his interview - terrible but typical NZ AB in that its all about them and stuff everyone else
  • 10:43
    Chris God forbid Richie Mc Caw would ever give credit to a losing team. Same after the RWC Final and didn't even mention the French once.
  • 10:46
    Richie Was watching on a stream from a shopping centre in the Philippines. Gutted. Huge performance but so unlucky.
  • 10:47
    Well that's it. Thanks for your company and especially your comments. As those of you of a certain vintage might recognise. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel next week. We'll have Gerry Thornley's match report up in about 20 minutes and also some reaction from both camps. For those of you who can't get enough rugby. Australia v Wales in starting shortly on Sky Sports. 
  • 10:55
    Jack L Who gives a damn about grace? McCaw gave a winning captain's interview, and the All Blacks continue to dish out their courtesies with their performance or their experience.