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IT Sun, Jun 10

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  • 13:19
    After a few weeks of gentle flirting it’s now time to get down and dirty to some hard-core Championship action. The big boys are out to play as underdogs (yes you read that correctly – underdogs) Kerry take on their Munster rivals Cork at Páirc Uí Chaoimh at 2 o’clock.  It’s the first battle of the green and gold versus the red and white today but it won’t be the last.
    If one intense rivalry isn’t enough for you then we’ve got another in the form of the Tyrone and Armagh game in Ulster. Sure, neither team may be as much of a threat as they were a decade ago and sure Pat Spillane may have to cry off sick because of the ‘puke football’ that’s bound to be on show but Armagh and Tyrone could provide the game of the Championship based on nothing other than their hatred for one another. As a Down man, I just think it’s a pity they both can’t lose.
    There are two games on in the Leinster Championship -a double header at O’Connor Park in Tullamore. First, Carlow should succumb to Meath but as we’ve already seen this year Seamus ‘Banty’ McEnaney’s team like to make things difficult on themselves. Then, the replay of last week’s cracker between Longford and Wexford follows.
    So set yourself down for a fantastic afternoon of what is sure to be a momentous day of sport. I’m Ciaran Daly and it’s a Championship Sunday. Sure, what else would you be doing? Let’s get it on!
  • 13:21
    Munster GAA Football Championship
    Cork v Kerry (2pm)
    Leinster GAA Football Championship
    Carlow v Meath (2pm)
    Longford v Wexford (4pm)
    Ulster GAA Senior Football Championship
    Armagh v Tyrone (4pm)

  • 13:31
    Of course there was action yesterday in the Championship and what action it turned out to be.
    If you were lucky enough to avoid the snoozefest that was the Germany v Portugal game and headed for the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick instead you would have been rewarded last night with what was arguably the game of the Championship so far.
    If you don’t want to know the result, look away now...but Clare won it with a late point from David Tubridy. Feel free to insert your own Late Late Show/Tubridy jokes here.
    Clare led by nine points at one stage and were seemingly coasting before Limerick staged an amazing comeback (thanks largely to nine points from Ian Ryan). A replay beckoned but Tubridy ensured Clare reached the first Munster football final in 12 years. An obscenely good game.
  • 13:43
    Oh you thought that was it? How wrong you are. Galway, after leading by four points at half-time were turned over by Sligo in what was a superb second-half display in the Connacht senior football semi-final. The lads from Westlife (apart from Nicky, he’s a Dub – oh yeah, killer Westlife trivia right there) will be delighted.
    Adrian Marren was the hero as he  bagged a brace of goals (it’s impossible to simply ‘score’ a brace of goals isn’t it? They have to be ‘bagged’ in the land of sporting clichés). Kevin Walsh’s side were well worth their win in the end and will certainly give Mayo a game in the Connacht final (get real Leitrim fans – Mayo will turn you over in the semi-final).
    Don't stop now - there were even amazing matches between some of the lowlier hurling counties in Ireland yesterday. The Lory Meaghar Cup final between Tyrone and Fermangh was a fantastic spectacle. You can check out all of yesterday’s results below.

    GAA 1 Euros 0

    Munster GAA Football Championship

    Clare 1-13 Limerick 0-15

    Connacht Football Championship

    Galway 0-15 Sligo 2-14

    Christy Ring Final

    Wicklow 1-17 London 4-18

    Nicky Rackard Cup Final

    Armagh 3-20 Louth 1-15

    Lory Meaghar Cup Final

    Fermanagh 3-20 Tyrone 2-24
  • 13:50
    My oh my – they’re two strong sides out there. Who’s going to win. The Rebels or the Kingdom?

  • 13:55
    This from RTÉ’s Darren Frehill – ‘Banty up to his old tricks.. Meath did warm up in Durrow, only arrived at 1.45 in Tullamore for 2 o'clock start against Carlow!!’
  • 13:57
    Changes as expected on the Cork team.
    Fintan Goold and Pearse O’Neill are out.
    Nicholas Murphy is drafted into midfield. Aidan Walsh moves further forward and Ciaran Sheehan starts
  • 13:58
    Is it just me or is there a pretty poor crowd for this in Páirc Uí Chaoimh? Shouldn’t this be a sell-out?
  • 14:00
    Mind you, Darragh Ó’Sé did mention in his Irish Times column during the week that Kerry fans don’t like travelling to this particular ground. His column is a good read this week -
  • 14:00
    And we're off....
  • 14:01
    Noel O’Leary and Paul Galvin – there will be blood!
  • 14:02
    Gooch wanted a penalty for hitting the ground. It’s a novel idea but one that thankfully didn’t fly.
  • 14:03
    2 mins – O’Connor puts Cork a point up
  • 14:04
    3 mins – The sides are level. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up but I sense a classic.
  • 14:05
    By the by, one change for Meath, injured Stephen Bray replaced by Paddy Gilsenan
  • 14:06
    4 mins – How very well dare Ciaran Sheehan hit a point like that. Cork 0-2 Kerry 0-1
  • 14:07
    6 mins – Are Cork going to humiliate Kerry or should I stop being so knee-jerk with my comments? Never! Cork 0-3 Kerry 0-1
  • 14:10
    The sexual tension between Galvin and Cadogan is unbearable
  • 14:12
    Imagine Colm Cooper not scoring in a match? Unthinkable I know. It’s Cork 0-3 Kerry 0-2
  • 14:13
    That kick was ‘careless?!’ My admiration for the dexterity of the act aside – that was downright dirty wasn’t it?
  • 14:13
    12 mins – The Gooch levels with an easy free – Cork 0-3 Kerry 0-3
  • 14:14
    Colm Cooper is still in his 20s?!!! How can that be? He’s been playing for at least 50 years!
  • 14:15
    Meath are 0-2 to 0-1 up on Carlow in Leinster.
  • 14:16
    Scrath that. It’s Meath 0-4 Carlow 0-2
  • 14:17
    Goal chance there – Donaghy should have shot surely? I love criticising athletes who have the kind of talent that I can only dream of
  • 14:18
    “Trying to do a Stephen Cluxton on it. It’s now become trendy to have goalkeepers kick 45s.” – So says Marty Morrissey. Trendy hasn’t been uttered without irony since 1993.
  • 14:20
    19 mins - Gooch scores another point. Kerry now lead 0-4 to 0-3
  • 14:23
    21 mins - Colm O’Neill equalises. We’re level. My prediction of a classic still stands. 0-4 apiece
  • 14:24
    23 mins – Paul Kerrigan puts Cork in front. He loves running does that boy. Cork 0-5 Kerry 0-4
  • 14:25
    Cork and Kerry fans need not answer here but who do you want to win this? I understand Kerry have been the dominant team in history but they’re the underdog today? Cork or Kerry?
  • 14:27
    Conor Counihan looks like he works for the FBI with that massive earpiece. Maybe he does. Don’t ask him though – he’d have to kill you.
  • 14:30
    27 mins gone in Offaly. Meath lead 1-6 to 0-3. Carlow are facing an uphill battle there
  • 14:30
    28 mins – Colm O’Neill puts Cork two in front. Cork 0-6 Kerry 0-4
  • 14:31
    Alan Quirke – take a booow son as a well-known sexist former Sky Sports commentator might say. Great save to deny Donaghy
  • 14:33
    Carlow are working their way back into the game. It’s Carlow 0-5 Meath 1-6
  • 14:34
    I don’t think Brendan Kealy will be given any more attempts on goal somehow. Two wides for the goalkeeper.
  • 14:35
    Cork keep fouling to gift Kerry easy points.
  • 14:37
    35 mins – Cork 0-7 Kerry 0-4. Cork lead deservedly. It’s been poor. Whoever said this would be a classic is a fool.
  • 14:38
    Maher sees the game’s first yellow card. Ref’s been decent to be fair to him
  • 14:38
    Half-time – Cork 0-7 Kerry 0-4
  • 14:41
    Half-time in Tullamore – Meath 1-6 Carlow 0-7
  • 14:42
    Kerry have been pretty poor and Pat Spillane isn’t working this game for RTÉ. Where’s the justice?
  • 14:53
    John O’Sullivan is in Tullamore for the Meath v Carlow match. So far he has seen a closely fought game with Meath playing more of the football than Carlow. Cian Ward scored the Royals’ goal but Carlow’s tactics of flooding midfield began to reap rewards for the underdogs in the latter stages of the first half. The second half should be exciting. You can read John’s full report in tomorrow’s Irish Times.
  • 14:54
    A classic it may not be but wouldn’t the pundits in the RTÉ studio depress you?
  • 14:56
    37 mins - O’Donoghue (substitute) scores a great point with his first touch and Declan O’Sullivan follows his lead. It’s already Cork 0-7 Kerry 0-6
  • 14:59
    Packie Bonner – Martin Carney – Donegal midfield partnership. Pub quiz question answer from Marty Morrissey there.
  • 14:59
    39 mins - Cork lead 0-8 to 0-6
  • 15:01
    41 mins – Donncha O’Connor puts Cork three in front again. Cork 0-9 Kerry 0-6. A goal would make this very interesting.
  • 15:02
    Jack There is just too much sport on today. I actually can't keep up with everything that's going on right now.
  • 15:02
    I believe that's what people call a first world problem Jack. Enjoy the quandry
  • 15:03
    43 mins - Paudie Kissane is the man. Cork 0-10 Kerry 0-7
  • 15:03
    piaras the pundits would depress me if I was watching it, but considering I'm following this feed chances are I'm not watching it... maybe your going for the meta-depression vibe!
  • 15:05
    Ha - Point taken. I bet Brendan Kealy wishes he could take a point like that. Cork lead 0-10 to 0-7 right now.
  • 15:05
    Dare we label this Kerry performance as ‘puke football?’
  • 15:06
    Paul Galvin made a bad choice there. Not the first time that’s been said of him. Wide. Kerry still trail by three points.
  • 15:07
    47 mins -That’s what I get for being ever so slightly critical of Galvin. Good score. Cork 0-10 Kerry 0-8
  • 15:08
    Michael Shields gets a yellow card. Colm Cooper will be most pleased.
  • 15:09
    50 mins - Declan O’Sullivan burst through the middle but his shot was pretty much straight at Alan Quirke. Kerry recycle it and get a point out of it but it could’ve been more. Cork 0-10 Kerry 0-9
  • 15:10
    50 mins – Paul Kerrigan responds with a good run and point. Cork 0-11 Kerry 0-9
  • 15:11
    Not a bad sub. Daniel Goulding, man of the match in the All-Ireland final in 2010 comes on for Cork
  • 15:12
    52 mins – Tullamore - Meath 1-8 Carlow 0-9
  • 15:13
    53 mins – Now it’s Cork’s turn to get a point when a goal was on. Nicholas Murphy's shot was blocked well by Kealy. Goulding puts it over. Cork 0-12 Kerry 0-9
  • 15:13
    Brian The ref is letting a lot go for both teams
  • 15:14
    This is a positive rather than a negative surely Brian? The game's flowing. Nothing worse than stop-start stuff surely?
  • 15:16
    55 mins – Just when you thought they were out the Gooch pulls Kerry back in. The Godfather of Kerry football scores a point. Cork 0-12 Kerry 0-10
  • 15:16
    56 mins – Immediately Cork respond with a point. Cork 0-13 Kerry 0-10
  • 15:17
    58 mins - O’Donoghue to Brosnan. Over. The last 10 minutes is shaping up very nicely. Cork 0-13 Kerry 0-11
  • 15:18
    Kerry have to work so hard for every point and then they’re guilty of conceding immediately. No?
  • 15:19
    Donaghy’s been disappointing hasn’t he?
  • 15:20
    60 mins- Donncha O’Connor fires wide before making amends. Cork 0-14 Kerry 0-11.
  • 15:21
    David J. Delaney The ref should send Marty Mossisey off!! The poor man is a dreadful commentator.
  • 15:22
    That's harsh surely David. I maintain that Marty is a national treasure. I'm pro-Marty that's for sure.
  • 15:23
    63 mins - Cork -15 Kerry -11. Are the last few minutes really going to be this comfortable for the Rebels?
  • 15:24
    65 mins – Darran O’Sullivan wanted that point to go under the crossbar. Cork 0-15 Kerry 0-12
  • 15:25
    I know it’s not big and it’s not clever but does part of you love seeing all the off-the-ball stuff? Just me? Am I primitive?
  • 15:27
    67 mins - Carlow 0-12  Meath 1-12
  • 15:28
    Three added minutes. Best part of five minutes for Kerry to get a goal they don’t deserve.
  • 15:29
    For all the talk of Nicholas Murphy not lasting the whole 70 minutes – he did last 69 minutes.
  • 15:30
    70 mins – Colm O’Neill had a real goal chance. Just too high. Inches. It’s the insurance point anyway. Cork 0-16 Kerry 0-12.
  • 15:31
    More knee-jerk analysis – Is this great Kerry team finally finished? Or will Kerry come back to haunt Cork in Croker?
  • 15:32
    72 mins – Cork 0-17 Kerry 0-12. This game is over. Has been for a while.
  • 15:33
    Full-time – Cork 0-17 Kerry 0-12
  • 15:35
    Full-time – While you weren’t watching. It’s finished in Tullamore and get ready to set your faces to stunned - Carlow 1-12 Meath 1-12
  • 15:35
    Joe Brolly dubs it a ‘good result’ for Banty. He loves a bit of devilment does Joe.
  • 15:36
    David J. Delaney Kerry lost! I blame Marty Mossisey!!
  • 15:36
    Imagine Jack O’Connor did too. That’d be funny. He won’t though because his players were to blame.
  • 15:37
    Oh-Oh. Joe Brolly is back on the Jack O’Connor bashing bandwagon
  • 15:39
    That is a fantastic result for Carlow in Tullamore. A late goal  from JJ Smith earns them a replay with the Royals. Is it turning into an Annus horribilis for Meath?
  • 15:41
    Oh and if you want to be even more impressed, Carlow were down to 13 men when they got the goal. Paul Reid and Derek Hayden were given their marching orders before Carlow’s comeback.
  • 15:46
    Pragmatic Cork man Matt Cooper is refusing to get too excited. He’s taken to Twitter to write –“As a happy Corkman I would not rewrite off Kerry being smart enough to ditch their dismal tactics and come roaring back.”
  • 15:47
    Pass the bucket. It’s nearly time for some puke football. Come on Tyrone and Armagh, let’s prove Pat Spillane wrong.
  • 15:47
    ulster gael bring on the real football.Tyrone v Armagh
  • 15:47
    Ulster Gael, I'm with you....until I'm against you, hopefully in an Ulster final. An Dún abú!
  • 15:48
    Does anyone dislike Conor Counihan? I don’t think it’s possible.
  • 15:50
    Paddy O’Rourke – a man who has to do without his best players (shout-out to the Cross boys!)  for large parts of the year.
  • 15:50
    David J. Delaney Conor Counihan deprived Teddy Holland of his rightful place as Cork Manager!
  • 15:51
    I admire the spirit of your begrudgery David
  • 15:52
    Shouldn’t the Armagh team just be Crossmaglen? They'd clean up
  • 15:53
    23,184 was the official attendance at Páirc Uí Chaoimh. Alright actually.
  • 15:55
    Jamie Clarke loves skinny jeans. This is not a joke. This is a fact.
  • 15:56
    No Philly Jordan for Tyrone of course. Colm Cavanagh and Joe McMahon in midfield for Tyrone. You’d have to fancy them to win the battle there.
  • 15:57
    Armagh looks good on the telly. Don’t let that fool you
  • 15:58
    Peter Harte is the Hartebeat of this Tyrone team. No pun is too bad.
  • 15:59
    A ‘fan’ on a roof with a bottle of cider. Welcome to Northern Ireland. It’s our time!
  • 16:00
    Don’t forget Wexford are playing Longford now too! We’ll have all the scoring action from there too.
  • 16:01
    1 min – Armagh lead. Routine free. 0-1 to no score
  • 16:02
    2 mins – Joe McMahon with a superb free. Beard or no beard. It doesn’t matter to Joe. 0-1 apiece
  • 16:03
    1 min - Wexford 0-0 Longford 0-1. Paul Barden gives Longford the perfect start.
  • 16:04
    Ciaran McKeever and Stephen O’Neill get physical. Not like that but it did kind of  look that way
  • 16:07
    6 mins – Armagh denied a goal and a penalty. Good save first by O'Connell and Clarke's penalty claim was just that – a claim. Never a penalty. Colm Cavanagh points while Armagh are still complaining. Tyrone 0-2  Armagh 0-1
  • 16:08
    Given that it didn’t work for the last game I won’t predict a classic here between Armagh and Tyrone. Maybe I should predict a turgid bore of a match. Ok. I will.
  • 16:09
    9 mins – GOAL! Clarke inside to Forker who despite his age showed real composure to place it low into the bottom corner. Armagh 1-1 Tyrone 0-2
  • 16:10
    10 mins - Colm Cavanagh scores another from distance. He’s playing like his brother Sean. I bet he hates the continual comparisons between him and his brother. Well, he’ll just have to live with it. Armagh 1-1 Tyrone 0-3
  • 16:12
    11 mins – And we’re level Eoin ‘Mugsy’ Mulligan not only has one of the most annoying nicknames in sport he also has a point to his name. Armagh 1-1 Tyrone 0-4
  • 16:13
    12 mins – Jamie Clarke puts Armagh in front again. Jamie Clarke really looks dangerous in these early stages. Armagh 1-2 Tyrone 0-4
  • 16:13
    The points keep coming. Level again. Penrose for Tír Eoghan.
  • 16:15
    15 mins – Peter Harte has been anonymous until now. He’s just scored. Tyrone 0-6 Armagh 1-2. This is great football. In Ulster. No, your eyes do not deceive you. It’s true.
  • 16:16
    Wexford 1-1 Longford 0-3 is the latest score in Leinster.
  • 16:18
    Peter Harte looked like a young Damien Duff the way he dribbled that ball soccer style.
  • 16:19
    McKenna off. Duffy on for Armagh. He didn’t even get 20 minutes. Slightly harsh I thought. Mugsy meanwhile has pointed a free. Tyrone lead 0-7 to 1-2
  • 16:20
    Jamie Clarke with a superb point. He doesn’t look like a footballer does he? Maybe that’s how he creates space by positing as someone defences don’t have to worry about. That’s why I will never be a manager.
  • 16:20
    21 mins - Naturally Tyrone retaliate with a point of their own. It’s Tyrone 0-8 Armagh 1-3
  • 16:22
    Well that was just bizarre. RTÉ’s coverage cut to BBC’s GAA reporter who was conducting an interview with Sean Cavanagh in the middle of the game. Weird.  Armagh have clawed another score back. It’s Tyrone 0-8 Armagh 1-4
  • 16:23
    17 mins - Wexford 1-1 Longford 0-4. Shane Mulligan levels matters for Longford
  • 16:24
    24 mins - Aidan Forker converts a free to bring the teams level. I’m sure we can have some pun based fun with Aidan Forker.
  • 16:26
    Mark Donnelly puts Tyrone back in front. If I had to estimate I’d say one in every three people in Tyrone and Derry have the surname Donnelly. Tyrone 0-9 Armagh 1-5
  • 16:27
    So the awkward RTE and BBC coverage clash continues. Commentators speaking over BBC who have cut  to Sean Cavanagh being interviewed. To be fair to RTE I don’t like the concept of interviewing someone while the match is taking place.
  • 16:31
    The game has hit a bit of a lull. Time to think of the fallen. Jordan, Dooher and McMenamin are MIA for Tyrone. Hearty missing for Armagh.
  • 16:31
    28 mins - Longford 0-05 1-03 Wexford. Close game again
  • 16:32
    Doesn’t look good for Aaron Kernan. Has his hamstring strung?
  • 16:33
    32 mins – Martin Penrose with a great score. Tyrone are two in front. 0-10 to 1-5
  • 16:35
    35 mins - Dermot Carlin, corner back hits a point that Stephen O’Neill, corner forward would be proud of. Tyrone 0-11 Armagh 1-5
  • 16:36
    Clarke’s shot is blocked down. It’s a 45. Armagh were far too deliberate in their build-up there.
  • 16:37
    37 mins - Brian Mallon fires wide. Pretty poor effort.
  • 16:37
    HT – Tyrone 0-11 Armagh 1-5
  • 16:40
    HT - Longford 0-8 Wexford 1-4
  • 16:42
    Now that was a half of football. Entertaining stuff from the Athletic Grounds in Armagh. The Longford v Wexford replay doesn’t seem half-bad either. Let’s hear your predictions for full-time?
  • 16:43
    ulster gael now that was football
  • 16:44
    Ulster Gael, I'm beginning to get unnerved. Your thoughts are mirroring mine exactly. Maybe it's like Fight Club and I am you Ulster Gael
  • 16:49
    Ian O’Riordan is watching Longford beat Wexford in Offaly. They lead 0-8 to 1-4 at half-time and they should be leading by a lot more. Redmond Barry scored an early goal for Wexford but since then they have been put under sustained pressure by Longford.
    Paul Barden spurned one of two very good goal-scoring opportunities for Longford and while it’s nip and tuck on the score-line Longford should win if they keep performing as they have done in the first half.
  • 16:50
    You can of course read all the best GAA analysis in tomorrow’s Irish Times.
  • 16:53
    The RTE lads are tipping Tyrone. Fair enough or have Armagh got something to offer?
  • 16:54
    Aaron Kernan has been replaced by Gavin McParland. That’s a big loss for Armagh. Kevin Dyas back into the half-back line
  • 16:55

    Tyrone have made a substitution too. Michael Murphy on for Justin McMahon.

  • 16:55
    36 mins - Penrose adds to Tyrone’s tally. Tyrone 0-12 Armagh 1-5
  • 16:57
    36 mins – If Jamie Clarke even had one other forward to ease the burden on him Armagh would be dangerous. As it is Brian Mallon slots over a point after Clarke was brought down. Tyrone 0-12 Armagh 1-6
  • 16:59
    10,171 is the attendance at O’Connor Park in Tullamore.
  • 17:00
    It has become scrappy early in the second half between Tyrone and Armagh. Or as I say, it has become Armaghesque early in the second half between Tyrone and Armagh
  • 17:01
    39 mins Wexford 1-4 Longford 0-9
  • 17:02
    42 mins – Tyrone 0-13 Armagh 1-6. Could this turn into a humiliation?
  • 17:03
    Paddy O’Rourke’s half-time team talk – “Give it to Jamie!” Clarke gets a point back for Armagh. Tyrone 0-13 Armagh 1-7
  • 17:04
    44 mins – Gavin McParland reduces the arrears to two points. I clearly wrote Armagh off too soon. Tyrone 0-13 Armagh 1-8
  • 17:07
    Wexford 1-5 Longford 0-10 and by all accounts Longford are still missing chances.
  • 17:07
    48 mins – Gavin McParland fine score. He’s been good since his introduction. Tyrone 0-13 Armagh 1-9
  • 17:08
    Hanratty who came on about two minutes ago has been yellow-carded. Impressive in a way
  • 17:10
    Donaghy with a clumsy challenge gives Tyrone an easy chance to go two in front.
  • 17:11
    51 mins -Easy. Armagh 1-9 Tyrone 0-14
  • 17:13
    “Malachy Mackin hasn’t been as prominent in the second half.” Generous. Malachy Mackin has been really awful in the second half would be more accurate.
  • 17:14
    Charlie Vernon is on for Finian Moriarty
  • 17:15
    54 mins - Stephen O’Neill slipped at the vital moment but was still able to lay it off for Penrose who puts it over. Tyrone 0-15 Armagh 1-9
  • 17:16
    55 mins – RED CARD - Last roll of the Dyas for Armagh – Kevin Dyas sent off for two bookable offences in quick succession. Silly. It surely means it’s an impossible task for Armagh.
  • 17:17
    John Kingham is on for Malachy Mackin.
  • 17:18
    50 mins – Longford 0-12 Wexford 1-9. Longford are looking good
  • 17:18
    Armagh can’t miss chances like that. Poor wide from Jamie Clarke
  • 17:19
    Anto Duffy sounds like he should come from Dublin, not Armagh. “Oi Anto, g’wan you good thing!”
  • 17:20
    Armagh have to go more direct. They do. John Kingham is a big guy and the big guy has just won a free.
  • 17:21
    61 mins – Jamie Clarke puts it over. Tyrone 0-15 Armagh 1-10. They’re not out of it for all my derision.
  • 17:22
    63 mins - Brianstorm! Brian Mallon with a great point. Surely Tyrone don’t do nerves. Tyrone 0-15 Armagh 1-11
  • 17:24
    I won’t say squeaky bum time. I won’t say squeaky bum time. I won’t say squeaky bum time…
  • 17:24
    It’s squeaky bum time!
  • 17:25
    66 mins – Mallon sends over a huge point. We’re level. Armagh will wish they started with 14 men
  • 17:27
    67 mins - Tyrone know how to pick their moments. Peter Harte with a superb point. Armagh 1-12 Tyrone 0-16
  • 17:28
    68 mins – Penrose puts two between them. Tyrone 0-17 Armagh 1-12
  • 17:29
    For those of you who follow the liveblog simply for attendances you can rest easy - 16,418 at the Athletic Grounds in Armagh
  • 17:30
    70 mins – Stephen O’Neill scores meaning Armagh need a goal in the four minutes of injury time. Tyrone 0-18 Armagh 1-12
  • 17:31
    71 mins - Clarke settles for a point. A goal will win it. Two between them.
  • 17:32
    Drama at O’Connor Park in Tullamore.
  • 17:33
    74 mins - Penrose scores. Tyrone 0-19 Armagh 1-13
  • 17:34
    Full-time – Tyrone 0-19 Armagh 1-13
  • 17:37
    FT- Longford 0-15 Wexford 1-13

    After leading for majority of the game Longford lose as Wexford post four unanswered points in the dying stages
  • 17:40
    Today's results

    Munster Senior Football Championship

    Cork 0-17 Kerry 0-12
    Leinster Senior Football Championship
    Longford 0-15 Wexford 1-13
    Carlow 1-12 Meath 1-12
    Ulster Senior Football Championship
    Armagh 1-13 Tyrone 0-19
  • 17:57
    Favourites are often favourites for a reason. Cork and Tyrone were hotly tipped before coming up against their respective neighbours Kerry and Armagh today and now we can say it was with good reason. The Cork game may not have been a classic but it was impressive as the Leesiders showed that the Kingdom are no longer kings in Munster. Cork march on to a Munster final with Clare which they should win. The old question remains - will Cork choke at Croke Park? Kerry will hope so but the evidence from today would suggest otherwise.

    In Ulster, we were treated to a (whisper it) fantastic game. Armagh only began to play with conviction when they were reduced to 10 men but Tyrone typically responded to pull away in the end.

    Picking a favourite between Wexford and Longford may not have been easy but the former’s pedigree came through in the end. The reality though was that Longford should have put the game beyond Wexford. As it was, Wexford won by a point and both teams will be happy to move on to face different opponents next time out.

    So the favourites are favourites for a reason.

    Of course they don’t believe rubbish like that in Carlow. It’s one thing to be an underdog, it’s another to be an underdog playing with two less players. And yet, Carlow, as underdogs, rescued a draw with a last-gasp goal against Seamus McEnaney’s Meath. The favourites may be favourites for a reason but Carlow proved every underdog has their day. Will it be someone else’s turn next week?  Stop by at the same time and same place next week. See you then.