Ryder Cup 2012 - Day Three

Ryder Cup 2012 - Day Three

IT Sun, Sep 30

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  • 17:19
    A stiffer breeze in Medinah but not as stiff as the European challenge. Jack Nicklaus just said it was only for bragging rights for two years. Only bragging rights...
  • 17:23
    Poulter short of the green on the first . A little error already with his opponent Simpson within putting range. Given how the American went yesterday that could be bad news for Europe.
  • 17:24
    Rory waves to the crowd coming to the first for the third match out against Keegan Bradley. Battle of the young guns here with Bradley showing better form than the Irishman over the last few days.
  • 17:27
    Rory drills it into the crowd on the right in a shaky opening with Bradley sailing it way past the fairway bunker on the left.
  • 17:29
    Don't believe it... Do believe it... Poulter continues his six birdie run from last night by pitching in at the first from off the green and Simpson drains his putt to halve for birdie, birdie. This guy hasn't missed a putt all week
  • 17:34
    Rory has a shot from the stamped down grass on the first but because he confused central time with eastern time he rushed to his tee time and didn't warm up. Rory is playing cold,,,not much different from the Sunday morning hacker. He's short of the first green and needs a Poulteresque wedge.
  • 17:36
    Rory almost does it but the ball stops inches from the pin dead in line. Bradley has a putt to go one up at the first.
  • 17:40
    Poulter misses from five feet on the second. First blood for the US in match 2. Rory holds par and Bradley misses a swinging right to left from 10 feet to halve at the first.
  • 17:42
    Just a thought. Poulter has been the heart and soul of this European team. If he falls watch the others collapse. He needs to lead and at second out on the course they will all look to his British bulldog attitude to prevail.
  • 17:45
    "Thats unbelievebale that the world champion can think that he was five hours behind the UK and not six. To start without hitting a shot is quite unbelievable," Monty on Rory misjudging his time.
  • 17:47
    Bubba is one down to Donald and Poulter one down to Simpson otherwise all square.
  • 17:49
    Rose drops a 15 foot putt on the first to go one up on Mickelson after one hole. That's quite a nice change for the Englishman who couldn't buy a putt in previous days.
  • 17:51
    Donald sinks a 5 footer to go two up against Bubba thru four holes. There was good reason to put Donald out first and that's to make sure that blue colour of Europe stays there. So far so good.
  • 17:52
    Michelson in the water on hole 2, the par 3. Rose about to move two up on the popular American.
  • 17:55
    Michelson has conceded at the second so Rose goes 2 up with Donald up 2 as well.
  • 17:59
    Snedeker's $11 million plus win for this year's Tour Championship is twice the career winnings of Nicklaus. So the great man has just said himself.
  • 18:02
    Has Poulter used up all his energy? He bogeyed the second and may also do the same at four after a poor splash out of the green side bunker.
  • 18:03
    Poulter drops two back thru 4 holes.
  • 18:07
    Mickelson skims the cup at 3 to remain 2 holes down to Rose.
  • 18:08
    Dustin Johnson and Colsaerts have just teed off. Be prepared for some awesome driving from the pair.
  • 18:10
    Colsaerts misses par with three putts on the first. With Johnson just five feet away he concedes to drop back one.
  • 18:12
    Rory goes 1 up thru 4. Bradley takes three on the green after finding the bunker,
  • 18:15
    Donald bogey's the 6th after a clumsy pitch and Bubba has a five footer for par bt it leaks to the right to halve the hole and Donald stays 2 up.
  • 18:16
    Just a reminder about the final day. The US need to win four of the 12 matches and halve another.
  • 18:19
    Poulter pulls one back to go one down thru five and gets the British supporters singing but Rose drops back after birdies at 1 and 2 to lead Michelson by one hole.
  • 18:27

    Rory splashes to gimme distance from the bunker on the fifth, while Bradley hits a poor one also from a bunker. Advantage the Irishman.
  • 18:29
    Bradley drops the 15 foot putt like he has done all week to halve the hole with Rory. Run out and get your belly putter before they make them illegal.
  • 18:34
    Lawrie pitches in from well out of position beside the stand against Snedeker on the fourth to go one up on the American.
  • 18:39
    Sergio nails his iron to four feet on the second par three against Jim Furyk, while Michelson brings his match back to all square at the fifth after a rocket start by Rose is hauled in with a birdie.
  • 18:43
    Hello Rory, you may have arrived late to the golf course but three birdies in a row including a putt in from off the green to go 2 up thru six holes against Bradley makes for happy days.
  • 18:50
    Hanson is one up against Dufner and Lawrie goes two up on Snedeker after a birdie and an eagle on the fourth as blue sweeps across the scoreboard early doors.
  • 18:52
    A shank from Simpson at the 8th. As bad a shank as you will ever see from a professional golfer and he's deep into the trees. A good chance for Poulter to pull one back from one down.
  • 18:58
    Rory misses birdie put on seven to go three up. He's disappointed after a great chance against one of the American golden boys this week. Still, he's 2 ahead.
  • 19:00
    Sergio, after going 1 up at the second par three, gives it back against Jim Furyk as the scoreboard begins to ebb and flow. All this excitement and Tiger isn't even on the course yet.
  • 19:06
    Poulter's fist pumping again. It's all square against Simpson thru 8 holes but Bubba is having a bit of a 'mare and has pitched from just off the 10th green to 12 feet past against Donald in a battle between the mercurial and the methodical. Bubba makes his back and Donald drains from five feet for a half and stays 2 up.
  • 19:11
    Dustin Johnson hits a putt at six from somewhere north of Toronto and it drops at high speed to go one up against the loveable Belgian disc jockey, Colsaerts.
  • 19:14
    Hugely efficient and unflappably under control, the poise of Donald seems to be sapping the fire from Bubba.The most pumped of the Americans is being gently smothered by the genteel golf of Donald, the go to guy for control at the front of the field.
  • 19:17
    Match all square thru 8 for Mickelson and Rose. It's even steven otherwise for blue and red all the way through the matches.
  • 19:19
    Keith csirns Still in the balance! Early days. Poulter is the man who must win!
  • 19:22
    Tiger has halved the first hole in the anchor match against Molinari. Then again you have to think that captain Davis Love is hoping it won't come down to Tiger having to beat the Italian.
  • 19:26
    Rose puts his pitch to six inches on the 9th hole. Big Phil whacks in a wedge over the pin and the ball spins back between the ball of Rose and the cup. Hot, hot golf.
  • 19:28
    Too much spin on Mickelson's ball and he misses the putt back with Rose in the hole. Another 1 hole swing for Europe.
  • 19:30
    Bubba misses a putt, a slow horseshoe out of the hole from 6 feet. Donald drops his for 4 up thru 12. What a lead performance from the Englishman. The US crowd have been totally silenced and while only Donald is running away with his match Europe has sucked much of the energy from the grand stands.
  • 19:35
    Lawrie 3 up against Sneds thru 9 holes...who would have thunk?
  • 19:36
  • 19:37
    So you think Molinari is the wee man of Europe. Tiger pitches to three feet at the third and the Italian is inside him. No quarter given here.
  • 19:40
    Tiger misses his putt at hole 3, very short and very frustrating. Molinari holes his to go 2 up.
  • 19:46
    Europe are up in six matches and the USA are up in 4 matches, the two other matches all square. But only Donald at 4 up thru 13 is run away at the moment against Bubba..
  • 19:50
    G-mac has been quiet and we know why. He's trailing by two holes against Zach Johnson thru 7 holes.
  • 19:54
    . A plane flies over head puffing smoke out the back that reads 'Spirit of Seve.'
  • 20:01
    Poulter hauls himself back to all square against Webb Simpson thru 12 holes.
  • 20:05
    Looooooook misses his second makeable putt for the match thru 15. He's 3 up with 3 to play against Bubba.
  • 20:11
    USA are up in fourmatches and Europe are up in three matches for the first time this afternoon. Colsaerts sinfully three putts from five feet and Rory drops a hole to Bradley...from Europe's point of view that's ominous.
  • 20:15
    Dram, drama, drama as Bubba pitches in and forces Donald to sink a 20 footer. He misses and on they go to 17 with Europe two up with 2 to play. Donald has missed three putts for the match in the last 3 holes.
  • 20:20
    Bubba hits his 17th tee shot 20 yards wide. It has to be the first win for Europe...right? Donald's 6 iron....oh my gosh...finds the bunker at the back of the green..
  • 20:23
    Donald is gimme distance from the17TH bunker. He can't miss this time. They are singing ole, ole , ole and Donald tells them to shut it. Bubba has to pitch in but falls short. It has taken longer that we thought but Loooook is the first blue match in the winner's enclosure. Just seven more for a European win.

    10- 7
  • 20:25
    I don't know what I would have done going down 18. The nerves were getting to me. It's nice to get the first point for Europe. We're still in with a chance. I'm going to cheer the boys on but we need a miracle," said Donald after his match.
    No disagreement with that.
  • 20:31
    Matches 2, 3 and 4 are all square ansd tose are the ones Europe must win. It was
  • 20:34
    Matches 2, 3 and 4 are all square and Europe probably has to win those matches. It was looking better an hour ago and remember the USA must win four more matches and halve another for victory.
  • 20:42
    Rory goes 1 up thru 14 with birdie and Westwood goes one up thru 9. USA are up in 3 and Europe are up in 3 of the matches with enough all square to go either way.
  • 20:47
    A bit of a European fight back with just 2 bits of red on the board. Things are changing fast but...but...but...it will definitely change more in the next 15 minutes.
  • 20:54
    Keegan Bradley is not giving up against Rory but misses a right to lefter with Rory holing his short putt on 15 to go 2 up. Not far off another point for Europe.
  • 20:55
    USA up in 3, Europe up in 4 and the rest all square.
  • 21:01
    Lawrie 4 up thru 14 holes and what a revelation the Scot has been against the FedEx man. Surely another European point.
  • 21:06
  • 21:11
    Rory sinks a putt for an unbelievable halve after driving into the trees on 16. Dormie two now for Lawrie.
  • 21:12
    Poulter goes ahead with one hole to go against Simpson.
  • 21:12
    Guest How can I get rid of this crap music?
  • 21:12
    Pause the video on the right handside.
  • 21:14
    Lawrie wins 5&3 against Snedeker.
    "It's nice," said Lawrie. "Right now it's looking pretty good and we just need to hold on. I don't know.",,,,nor do we.
  • 21:17
    Not one of Poulter's better drives on 18 as he scatters the crowd....eeeek.
  • 21:20
    Luke Donald shakes the hand of Bubba Watson after his 2&1 win at Medinah. Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters
    Luke Donald shakes the hand of Bubba Watson after his 2&1 win at Medinah. Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters
  • 21:21
    All Rory needs is a half against Bradley on the 17th and he looks good. He misses the birdie putt by inches but Bradley comes down the hill in a must-get putt but it runs out of steam. McIlroy wins 2&1 and it's 10-9
  • 21:21
    Guest Did rory really turn up late?
  • 21:21
    He sure did. Assumed Eastern time meant Chicago time and found himself needing a police escort to the course.
  • 21:22
    Bernie Hand on heart. Europe got a chance here?
  • 21:22
    They have a better chance than they did this morning, that's for sure.
  • 21:22
    There's a big hug from Darren Clarke, his Ulster mate,as he leaves the green, careful not to burn his back with the cigar.
  • 21:23
    Bernie So how did he manage yesterday? Somebody nudge him in bed and tell him to get out?
  • 21:23
    Well he was in the foursomes/fourballs then. He just followed everyone else, I presume.
  • 21:26
    Poulter wins against Simpson 2 up and it's 10-10.
  • 21:28
    Rose makes a ridiculous putt steaming down hill on the 17th hole to go all square up the 18th against Mickelson.
  • 21:32
    That was a really tough day. I managed to stick in. Looking at that leader board we have an unbelievable chance now," says Poulter. "This Ryder Cup isn't for the faint hearted sometimes you just have to buckle up,"
  • 21:34
  • 21:37
    Mickelson hits way over the green at the 18th hole with Rose's second shot to 10 feet. The match is all square but even with Mickelson's short iron skills it's advantage for Rose.
  • 21:40
  • 21:44
    Mickelson pitches to 8 feet but Rose has a birdie putt to win the hole and the match....goodness he drops it. He can't believe it himself. He has just come back from 1 down with 2 to play and it's even.

  • 21:46
  • 21:47
    The projection now is 14-14 and that means Europe retains the Ryder Cup. Then again projections are all tosh unless it's Mystic Meg making the projection.
  • 21:52
    Rory McIlroy celebrates holing a birdie on the sixth hole against Keegan Bradley. Photograph: Andy Lyons/Getty Images
    Rory McIlroy celebrates holing a birdie on the sixth hole against Keegan Bradley. Photograph: Andy Lyons/Getty Images
  • 21:53
    G-mac misses putt from 8 feet and Zach Johnson drops his. The Irishman goes 2 down with 2 to play and at best a half.
  • 21:57
    jack lavey unbelievable stuff.
  • 22:00
    Westwood 2 up thru 14 against Kuchar. The English former world number one may bring home pay dirt tonight.
  • 22:05
    Zach Johnson beats G-mac 2&1 for the USA to go 12-11 up. G-mac never in it from the beginning.
  • 22:07
    Furyk hits a bad left to right cut and ends up in the bunker at 17 with a hole to play with against Sergio. The Spaniard hits the green. All to play for one hole from home.
  • 22:14
    Furyk gets out of the bunker and stops the ball before it runs into the water. He has a decent t putt back for par. Sergio has a big left to right swing down hill and he kills it to six inches. Furyk mustnow hole from 10 feet to halve the hole or go down 18 all square. It slips by and it's a shootout on the 18th.

    Westwood is 3 up with 3 to play. Who would have thunk that against Kuchar?
  • 22:15
  • 22:21
    It's all fraught now as Sergio drills it down the 18th hole all square. Perfect placement. Furyk hits hi drive left into the bunker so now it depends on the lie and the place it has settled in the bunker. Sergio advantage.
    Dufner goes to the 17th hole 2 up against Hanson.
  • 22:21
  • 22:22
    Sergo hits the green
  • 22:23
    Sergio hits the 18th green and Furyk runs his second just over the back from a decent lie in the fairway bunker.
  • 22:25
    A great putt by Molinari thru 14 leaves himself and Tiger all square with 4 to play.
  • 22:26
  • 22:30
    Furyk has 45 feet with a slope and a swing to the right. Difficult to get the distance on the 18th. He runs it five feet past and Sergio is in for par.
    Westwood beat Kuchar with a one foot putt and Kuchar makes him take it. Europe win 3&2 for 12-12.
    Europe are 2 points off retaining..
  • 22:32
    Furyk has had his ups and downs. His short put miss is one of the downs as Sergio finishes 1 up. Furyk looks totally stunned as Europe moves to 13-12 ahead. What an end.
  • 22:34
    Hanson and Dufner will go down the last hole.
  • 22:36
    "It's been a hard week. I haven't played well. I haven't been comfortable. Jim gave a couple away but I'm very happy for my team," says Sergio.
  • 22:37
    Even the leaves are shaking.
  • 22:39
    "That'sa nerve wracking day. It's like god don't let everybody down," said Westwood. "I said to him (Kuchar) I don't blame for making me putt that (1 footer)".
  • 22:41
    Hanson is 1 down and 10 feet from the pin for a 4 on the 18th. It probably won't be enough.
  • 22:42
    Stricker and Kaymer all square thru the 16th hole.
  • 22:42
  • 22:44
    Olazabal is looking stressed, Davis Love the same as always, benign and chilled,
  • 22:45
    Hanson stands over a 10 footer on 18 having to make it. It slides right and Dufner wins 2 up. It is coming down to the last two matches between Stricker and Kaymer and Woods against Molinari.
  • 22:48
    Kaymer and Stricker hit the 17th green. Both have long putts. Tiger and Molinari are on the 16th green with Molinari much closer. Advantage Molinari for birdie here.
  • 22:50
  • 22:51
    Eh, no, Tony
  • 22:55
    Well this is gold folks. On 16 Woods slides his putt past to the right from 14 feet. Molinari has a chance from six feet. Olazabal cannot watch. Molinari flies it past as Kaymer goes 1 up thru 17 in the other match

    Kaymer 1 up on Stricker down 18 and Molinari and Tiger all square on 17.
  • 22:57
    Kaymer whacks his up the right and into the bunker on 18. Stricker has the pressure. He swings....and finds grass. Thousands have gathered around the last 2 matches.
  • 22:59
    Molinari is on dry land at the back of the green behind the pin on the par 3, 17th hole over water. Tiger, 1 down, hits the closer of the two shots. Both are difficult putts for birdie.
  • 23:01
    Kaymer's next shot from the bunker Furyk was in holds Europe's future. If he can halve the hole with Stricker then Europe retains the trophy and it doesn't matter a curse about Tiger and Molinari behind them.
  • 23:05
    Kaymer's strike is good and he shows no anxiety. Nor should he as his ball lands on the back of the green and curls closer to the centre. Stricker hits his away to the back of the green. Advantage Europe here with Kaymer's ball 20 feet closer.
  • 23:06
    Can there be one last dramatic twist in this match with an unlikely birdie from north of the Great Lakes by Stricker,
  • 23:09
    A lot of anxious faces on both teams crowding the 18th green. What's Kaymer thinking finally thrust into the limelight? Stricker hits.....it's high and it' long. It's not a good putt at all. Tiger wins the 17th and goes to 18 1 up. It's simple. Kaymer needs to get down in 2 putts.
  • 23:12
    Kaymer has knocked it five feet past the hole. If Stricker can sink his 8 footer all the pressure falls on the German to hole his for the Ryder Cup. Stricker drains it and asks the question of Kaymer. They are chanting USA..USA..USA
  • 23:16
    He looks calm. He is calm. Kaymer rolls the balls goes into the middle of the hole and the unsung German of the team becomes the man of the moment. Seve must have enjoyed that.
    Kaymer stands with his hands in the air fist pumping, probably for the first time this week for him. An unlikely European win and certainly one for the ages. Bedlam around the 18th green.
  • 23:18
    Molinari and Tiger have to play out their holes. Who cares except maybe Davis Love, who may be able to say the USA drew
  • 23:18
    Even though Europe retained the trophy
  • 23:22
    "It's been one of the most perfect days if you're a European. To see how some of the guys finished if off is unbelievable. Nerves of steel. He (Kaymer) showed it before and he'll show it again. He was down yesterday when he didn't get to play . I'm so delighted for him," says Rory.
    The Americans are shellshocked as the European supporters sing the Monty Python song from the Life of Brian, 'Always Look On The Bright Side of Life."
    At the moment that is quite difficult. What a day.
  • 23:26
    Stunnned. Disbelieving. Gutted. Where is Ian Woosnam when you need him with a pint of Guinness and a snot on the balcony. Remember The K Club with Woosnam and Darren Clarke?
  • 23:28
    Olazabal is in tears when Seve's name comes up. He pulls his hat over his face and there are tears there. That's where we leave the Ryder Cup. Ole, ole, ole in the back ground and Europe partying in Chicago after a most unlikely win.
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    Bernie Thank you.
  • 00:07
    Don't thank us, thank them.
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    Captain José Maria Olazabal after Europe's stunning fightback at Medinah. Photograph: Reuters
    Captain José Maria Olazabal after Europe's stunning fightback at Medinah. Photograph: Reuters
  • 00:17
    Smashing stuff. That's all from us. Good night, and thanks for reading and commenting and, well, ye know, just for being there.