Follow the action as Leinster visit Toulon for the fourth Heineken Cup quarter-final

Carl O'Malley Sun, Apr 6
LIVE: Rugby

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  • 16:13
    It's been a 50 per cent strike rate so far, with Munster imperious against Toulouse and Ulster downright unlucky against Saracens yesterday, now it's Leiinster's turn and there's no tougher place to do it than the Stade Felix Mayol.  
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    Welcome to our live coverage of Toulon v Leinster. To whet your appetite we'll defer to Sky and direct you to their little tee-er up-er with Brian O'Driscoll and Jonny Wilkiinson, who meet for the final time today.'driscoll,-toulon-v-leinster

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    13 minutes to kick-off now, elsewhere it's still 0-0 between West Ham adn Liverpool after 18 minutes, while Everton beat Arsenal 3-0 earlier this afternoon
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    One last check of the teams (not that I've done one already)

    TOULON: D Armitage; D Mitchell, M Bastareaud, M Giteau, D Smith; J Wilkinson (capt), S Tillous-Borde; X Chiocci, C Burden, C Hayman, D Rossouw, J Suta, J Smith, J Fernandez Lobbe, S Armitage. Replacements: JC Orioli, F Fresia, M Castrogiovanni, V Bruni, B Habana, M Mermoz, M Claassens, K Mikautadze.

    LEINSTER : R Kearney; Fergus McFadden, B O’Driscoll, G D’Arcy, D Kearney; J Gopperth, E Reddan; C Healy, R Strauss, M Ross, D Toner, M McCarthy, R Ruddock, S Jennings, J Heaslip (capt). Replacements: S Cronin, J McGrath, M Moore, L Cullen, J Murphy, I Boss, I Madigan, Z Kirchner.

    Referee: W Barnes (England).

  • 16:27
    Feel free to give us your thoughts on the game or the selction, perhaps the most contentious one being that of Jimmy Gopperth over Ian Madigan. I agree with it btw, but I'm just a keyboard jockey on my third cuppa tea in a stuffy office in Dublin.  
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  • 16:30
    padjo I think the loss of Bakkies Botha and Ali Williams might swing it in Leinster's favour here. Madigan should have started.
  • 16:31
    Crikey. That pre-match MC is ferocious, no matter how many times you see him.
  • 16:32
    Wilkingon gets it underway, Leinster clear and turn over the Toulon lineout
  • 16:33
    Toulon have it back through a lucky break and Bastereud makes ground up the kube and Tillous-Borde goes sniping near the line as Leinster struggle to contain them.  
  • 16:33
    Penalty Toulon 5m form the line and Leinster will concede three points here. Or at least they dhould do.
  • 16:34

    Toulon 3 Leinster 0

    Wilkinson slots the opening score from the 22. No mistake from the 34-year-old.

  • 16:34
  • 16:36
    Gopperth restarts and Kearney almost gathers but Tillous-Borde comes away with it. Giteau cuts a fine line but it appears Toner ripped it from him. Scrum Leinster
  • 16:38
    6 min:  Scrum reset and then Leinster win the pen.  Gopperth puts it straight up high but Toulon claim and Giteau clears
  • 16:38
    Gopperth and Kearney targeting Drew mitchell wtih those high balls.
  • 16:40

    8 min:

    Toulon have, Kearney misses the defensive catch on another high ball. Lineout, Toulon claim at the back and go wide, they have an overlap, but Kearney steps out and robs the pass brilliantly.

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  • 16:40
  • 16:40
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    10th min:  Scrum Toulon, Armitage takes from the base.
  • 16:41
    Deep inside the Leinster 22 now  
  • 16:43
    Great hands from Toulon, Tillous-Borde brilliant again but Leinster clear through O'Driscoill after a French boot scuffs the ball into his path.
  • 16:43
    Toulon take the lineout.  
  • 16:43
    Up the halfway with Bastereud. Stopped by D'Arcy et al. Giteau has now.
  • 16:45
    McFadden gathers a kick in his own 22 and makes graet progress until he's knocked sideways on the counterattack, but Leinster flash it wide and BOD chips over the top before piggy backing on Armitage who gathered the ball. Wayne Barnes pings the Ireland man.  
  • 16:46
    Leinster are running it back thougha nd are into the Toulon 22 for the first time. Great work from Jennings and Heaslip takes it on but Lobbe has robbed it in contact and Wilkinson clears long and into touch.
  • 16:47
    1-0 to Liverpool at West Ham after another Steven Gerrard penalty.
  • 16:49

    No it's not, 1-1.

    Gopperth goes high and across field for Dave Kearney but Delon Armitage is in his way and Toulon have won the penalty which Wilksinon will line up from near the halfway.  

  • 16:50

    Wilkinson sends it over, no better man. And it's Toulon 6 Leinster 0 after nearly 18 minutes.

    Demel scored that equaliser for West Ham.

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  • 16:51
    That hairy blue fella with a lot to say is Irish Times rugby nerd John O'Sullivan. Hi John.
  • 16:52
    Chiocci penalised in the scrum for toulon and Gopperth has a sight of the posts here and half the deficit. Straight forward kick.
  • 16:52

    Yep, it's over.

    Toulon 6 Leinster 3

  • 16:54
    Toulon look to bit back now, with Giteau to the fore
  • 16:55
    The Australian breaks through the Leinster cover at the third attempt but Leinste repel the attack and Mike McCarthy boots one downfield. Good recovery from him because it was he who missed Giteau. Got to get the Giteau
  • 16:55
    Scrum Leinster after a knock on on halfway. Good defence and chase from them
  • 16:57
    More kock ons and this time it's a Toulon scrum. Giteau down the left wing, but he's forced into touch. He's been the most dangerous with ball in hand so far
  • 16:58
    Gratuitous slow mo shots from the French producer of players putting gum shields in their mouths, gulping and generally catching their breath.
  • 17:00
    BOD breaks and chips into space but Toulon gather before gifting it back nad Healy chips through before charging down the clearance and forcing a lineout deep inside the Toulon 22.
  • 17:01
    Both BOD and Wilko on the deck. Worrying for both sides but they get back to their feet.
  • 17:01
    Toulon win their lineout and Tillous-Borde clears for touch, not very far, mind. Wilko in trouble.
  • 17:02
    Leinster claim and go to the forwards. Wayne Barnes penalises Suta for pulling it down.  Gopperth with a chance to level it as Wilkinson leaves the field.
  • 17:03

    28 min

    Giteau into outhalf as Mermoz is introduced.

    Gopperth sizes it up.

  • 17:04

    Toulon 6 Leinster 6

    All square now and perhaps the tide has turned in Leinster's favour now, though with Giteau at 10, the form he ssems to be in, it could good news for Toulon.

  • 17:05

    Sunday 6 April, 2014

    Allianz Football League Div 1

    Mayo 2-12 1-07 Derry
    Tyrone 1-15 3-10 Dublin
    Kerry 1-11 2-18 Cork
    Kildare 1-22 0-08 Westmeath

    Allianz Football League Div 2

    Monaghan 0-13 0-12 Galway
    Armagh 1-08 2-10 Donegal
    Louth 1-12 2-10 Meath
    Laois 1-16 2-10 Down

    Allianz Football League Div 3

    Roscommon 0-12 1-06 Sligo
    Fermanagh 3-10 2-13 Offaly
    Wexford 1-15 2-10 Longford

    Allianz Football League Div 4

    Antrim 0-06 0-10 Clare
    Waterford 1-09 0-09 Carlow
    London 1-07 2-06 Leitrim
    Tipperary 0-22 4-12 Wicklow


  • 17:08

    Kirchner is on for McFadden (blood sub). I missed that.  

    Penalty Toulon from the halfway. Giteau the man to step up but he's well wide and, I suppose, that's what you lose when you lose Johnny Wilkinson. It was no gimme, mind.


  • 17:09

    Superb catch from Rob Kearney and great break but he flung a poor pass to D'Arcy after Strauss appeared to make him think twice. Scrum Toulon.

    34 minutes gone

  • 17:10

    Big Dani Roussouw thunder through the Leinster cover, Jennings, thentaken by Gopperth, just. Bastereud makes yards btut he's smothered by the Leinster defence and Ruddock gets the credit for holding him up/

    Leinster scrum, Gopperth clears.

  • 17:12
    Jaun Smith and Toulon barrel into the Leinster 22 again but again Leinster are fierce in defence and win the pen. Gopperth clears.
  • 17:12
    Toner takes just inside the Leinster half.  
  • 17:14
    Toulon turn it over and Mermoz carries well before Burden scampers beneath the cover. And again Leinster win the pen from Barnes after the hooker holds on
  • 17:16

    It seems Kirchner did the damage there on his fellow South African.  

    Knock on from Toulon and it's hafltime.  

    It's  intense stuff and nothing to choose between the teams.  

    Toulon 6 Leinster 6

  • 17:19
  • 17:19
  • 17:23

    Shane Horgan says Leinster have to 'lock Giteau down" and maybe lay off the choke tackle on Toulon's bigger men.  


  • 17:25
    Still 1-1 at the Boleyn ground, where Andy Carroll thumped a header off the crossbar not so long ago. Scratchy bum time for 'Pool fans
  • 17:26

    The consensus, and it's one you'd have to agree with, on Sky, is that Leinster grew into that half well and now, without Wilkson on the pitch, they can kick on.

    If only we could get that mesage to the team somehow.

  • 17:30

    Penalty Liverpool after Flanagan is (not) taken down by Adrian.

    Gerrard converts his umpteenth spot kick of the season and second of the day.

    WHUFC 1-2 LFC

  • 17:30
  • 17:31
    We're back on at the Stade Felix Mayol.
  • 17:31
    Jenings drives forward to th halfway but he's pinged for holding on. Chiocci the instigator for Toulon.
  • 17:32
    Giteau from halfway?
  • 17:32
    Yep, it's Toulon 9 Leinster 6, minuts after the restart. Not ideal.
  • 17:34
    Healy drops hte ball in the tackle as Leinster look to bounce back, but Delon Armitage fly kicks away and Stefan hits Kearney hard as he clears.  
  • 17:34
    Burden breaks through the cover again, deep into the 22 and Giteau and Tillous-Borde take it on.
  • 17:35
    Hayman tries to go for the line but Toner is there. Leinster offside, advantage Toulon.
  • 17:35
    TRY TOULON!!!!!
  • 17:36
    After a sustained and ferocious period of pressure, Leinster's defence gave way and that man Chiocci crashes over the line from close range. The Stade is rocking.
  • 17:36

    Giteau converts

    Toulon 16 Leinster 6  

  • 17:37
    Leinster win it from the restart. 10 points in it just seven minutes into the half. Leinster need something big here.
  • 17:38
    Leinster still have but they are going backwards and the champions turn it over.
  • 17:38
  • 17:39



    Allianz Hurling League Div 2A Final

    Kerry 3-16 3-13 Carlow

    Allianz Hurling League Div 3A Final

    Roscommon 2-14 4-12 Donegal

    Allianz Hurling League Div 3B Final

    Tyrone 0-13 1-09 Leitrim


  • 17:40
  • 17:41
    Sean Cronin on for Richardt Strauss.

    Giteau misses touch and Gopperth sends it long but Tillous Borde counters and Drew mitchell makes great ground, skiipping sinde through three tackles, but Toulon knock on. Scrum Leinster in their halfway.
  • 17:41
    Pen Leinster after frontrows go down. Gopperth for touch.
  • 17:42
    Up to the 10m line. Leinster lineout.
  • 17:43

    Croni tries to break thorugh the Toulon cover, then Reddan and Dave Kearney but it's a pen for Leinster and Gopperth has the chance to close the gap to seven.  

  • 17:44
    He's a long way out on the left, near halfway. Needs a big one.
  • 17:45

    And he doesn't get it, just wide.

    Toulon 16 Leinster 6

    Jordi Murphy on for Jennings.

  • 17:45
    Leinster get another chance after Toulon pinged for not rolling away. This one is easier.
  • 17:46

    Marginally easier, but pretty much the same actually. Nevertheless, he made the necessary adjustments and fires it over.

    Toulon 16 Leinster 9  after 55 mins

  • 17:49

    Toulon just inside the Leinster half now. Lovely little offload from Roussouw to Delon Armitage but Tillous-Borde pinged for a knock on.

  • 17:51
    58 min: Scrum Leinster, inside their 22.

    It's reset but Barnes pings again as Toulon drive crooked. Kearney finds touch inside the Toulon half.  
  • 17:52
    Leinster on the move now after claiming the lineout. Up to the 22.
  • 17:53
    But Toulon have turned it over after Gopperth was isolated. These turnovers will prove costly.
  • 17:54
    Leinster take the lineout but it's scrappy and Armitage hacks one downfield and and hte homeside go in pursuit.
  • 17:56

    Basteraud then takes four Leinstermen out of it and offloads to Mitchell, who ducks and dies his way over the line. Game as good as over, because Leinster have been awfully sloppy in this second half.

    Toulon 23 Leinster 9

  • 17:56
  • 17:58
    Kirchner gathers a clearance, just, and Toulon are pinged and Leinster find touch on the halfway. the comeback has to begin here.
  • 18:01
    Jack McGrath on for Cian Healy as Leinster attack the Toulon defence but they hold on and Toulon have a sight aof the posts they didn't want, because the tee was brought on in error.

    In any case, Delon  Armitage boots one from his own half and on the touchline. A monster of a kick sends Toulon 26 Leinster 9
  • 18:01
    67 minutes gone.
  • 18:03

    Gopperth's kick doesn;t go 10 and it's a scrum to Toulon. Delon Armitage brings them upfield. Leinster win a pen and clear,

    Martin Castrogiovanni on for Carl Hayman. Le Cullen about to come on for Leinster.

  • 18:04
    Toner takes, S Armitage offside. Madigan is on and will go for the corner.
  • 18:04
    he finds it on the 5m line. Cullen on for McCarthy.  
  • 18:05
  • 18:06
    Jordi Murphy comes up last after being driven over in the corner by Cullen, who literally just ambled on to the pitch and forced a score.

    Madigan form the touchline?
  • 18:06

    No, he misses on the near side.

    Toulon 26 Leinster 14

  • 18:07
    David Smith bursts through two tackles but leinster win a penalty after Toulon hold on. A chance now to get up field again. Madigan just past halfway.
  • 18:08

    73 minutes gone now

    Heaslip takes. Reddan and Heaslip again but Leinster are going backwards.

  • 18:10
    Yelolow card for Fresia after dangerous play on Reddan, but kearney misses touch in the corner. Toulon clear and Leinster's lineout functions well as they come back at Toulon.
  • 18:11
    Another pen at the breakdown, however, and Giteau clears the danger.
  • 18:11
    Under 5 minutes to go now.  
  • 18:12
    Toulon lineout. Bruni takes it and the homeside rolls on into Leinster's half before Giteau thumps a massive drop goal attempt, but it's wide.
  • 18:14
    Basteraud breaks through and feeds David Smith, who is very hard to take down but it, eventually. Toulon pen, however, and they will add some gloss to the scoreline here, not that it needs it.
  • 18:15

    Toulon 29 Leinster 14  

    Giteau scores.

  • 18:16
    Into injury time. One last hurrah from leinster, but it's petering out badly.
  • 18:17
    There it is. Toulon are through, thanks to a convincing win over Leinster. Brian O'Driscoll's last game in the Heineken Cup ends in defeat in France, but it was thoroughly deserved fr the homeside. No argument about that.
  • 18:18
  • 18:19
  • 18:24

    Jamie Heaslip: "It's hard to take, it's never nice losing. We knew the challenge we had coming over here, we knew we had to be accurate, in our lineouts, our scrums .. we simply weren't."

  • 18:28

    "We let outselves down in that department (accuracy)," says Matt O'Connor.

    "Those 10 points after halftime won them the game."

    "We didn't look after the ball, there were three or four genuine scoring chances which we didn't take in that first half."

  • 18:28
    O'Connor dismisses suggestions it's "an end of an era".
  • 18:44