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IT Fri, Jun 1

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  • 08:46
    Counting in the fiscal treaty referendum is due to commence in about 15 minutes. Polls have consistently predicted a comfortable victory for the Yes camp. However, a lower-than-expected voter turnout [estimated to be around 50 per cent or lower] has some pundits suggesting the vote could be much closer than previously thought.

    Eoin Burke-Kennedy
    here bringing you live updates and commentary from referendum count day. As always, feel free to contact us with your views, thoughts and general gripes.
  • 08:59
    Reuters news is reporting the treaty is likely to be passed by a 60/40 margin, citing polling data. Not sure where they're getting that from but it may be based on a Fine Gael exit poll.

  • 09:02
    Counting has officially begun in the fiscal treaty referendum. The earliest indication of a result is expected to arrive around mid-morning, when tallies start emerging from the 43 constituencies.
  • 09:36
    The referendum, the country's third on EU legislation in four years, puts Ireland back in the spotlight at a time of extreme turmoil in Europe and across global financial system. The euro hit a two-year low against the dollar earlier  while the yield on Spanish 10-year bonds remains close to a euro-area high. Apart from the result of the Irish vote, markets are also keenly awaiting the latest US employment data for May which is due out at 1.30pm.
  • 09:42
    An early tally from a rural ballot box in Waterford is suggesting a 55% Yes 45% No.
  • 09:49
    A tally in Dublin North is indicating 60/40 result for the No side.However, a tally of Galway East rural boxes suggest 70/30 for Yes side.

    Elaine Byrne tweets: "So far trend is conservative rural & middle class urban voting Yes, working class & traditional no's voting No"
  • 09:57
    A lot of early tallies coming out in favour of a Yes vote - Cork, Galway East, Wicklow, Waterford. However, there has been some strong No votes, most notably in Dublin North and Dublin North West. It's too early to say anything definite at this stage.
  • 09:59
    Labour TD Dominic Hannigan suggests it could hit 2 to 1 in favour of Yes in Meath East
  • 10:04
    Do with this piece of info what you will. Paddy Power is offering 1/50, in running, for a Yes win. They seem to think it's all the shouting.
  • 10:08
    Here's another early tally: [With 16% of boxes open] Dun Laoghaire 72% Yes 28% No.  [With 38% of boxes open] Sligo North Leitrim 55% Yes 45% No.
  • 10:12
    Libertas advisor John McGuirk tweets: "Congratulations to the Yes side on an effective campaign. I fear it won't bring any stability, alas, but you deserve your day."
  • 10:22
    According Ann Lucey in Kerry South, a Fine Gael tally puts the constituency turnourt at 48.2% with working class areas voting No and rural areas voting Yes
  • 10:29
    FG's Brian Hayes congratulating FF leader Michael Martin on RTE on a well-fought a good campaign. It's all very cosy on the Yes side!
  • 10:32
    Our Southern Correspondent Barry Roche says at least four of the five Cork constituencies are voting Yes at this stage of the count, with only Cork North Central showing a 50/50 split. It's running at about 65% Yes in Cork East, Cork North West, Cork South West. Cork South Central is 59% Yes.
  • 10:33
    Angus "Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins has said that the Yes tallies in certain areas seem to him to be resentful Yes votes" -great quote on RTE site. Could he tell by the way people had made their X that they felt resentment?!
  • 10:37
    The counting of votes begins in the City West conference centre in Dublin
    The counting of votes begins in the City West conference centre in Dublin
  • 10:41
    Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin welcomes what looks like a Yes vote which he said would create confidence in Ireland's capacity to move forward.
  • 10:44
    Another tally. [With 60% of the boxes opened] Wicklow is showing a 60/40 preference for passing the referendum. Turnout is estimated to be in the region of 56%
  • 10:57
    Taoiseach Enda Kenny says he's hopeful of a Yes vote. Speaking in Mayo earlier, he said: "The trend, on boxes opened here, is strongly in favour of Yes but that may not be indicative of the rest of the country." 

    Mr Kenny said:"We'll wait and see what the people's decision is. I made it very clear this is a one-off and we have to abide by, and can't argue, with the people's decision."
  • 11:00
    Electoral workers counts votes at the City West hotel, Dublin
    Electoral workers counts votes at the City West hotel, Dublin
  • 11:05
    Socialist MEP Paul Murphy tweets: "Yes has it. Good campaign by No side. Promised stability won't appear. Battle against #austerity now in communities and workplaces."
  • 11:09
    Reuters reports that Ireland is poised to announce a Yes vote, but referendum result brings little respite to a euro zone tormented by doubts over Greece's future and Spain's wobbly banks.
  • 11:10
    Economist Constantin Gurdgiev tweets: "Trading policies independence & governance for a promise of a loan?"
  • 11:19
    In Galway East, the homeland of Libertas founder Declan Ganley, it looks like a strong Yes vote 63/37 with all of the boxes opened.
  • 11:24
    Most noteworthy clash of the day was Brian Hayes's dressing down of Luke 'Ming' Flanagan on RTÉ's Today with Pat Kenny show. The FG minister described Flanagan as "vulgar" and a "bad loser" after both deputies crossed swords on the likelihood of a Yes vote.
  • 11:27
    Sorry to sour the Yes celebrations but  Economic and Monetary Commissioner Olli Rehn has just stated the euro area was in "real danger of disintegrating" unless it revamps its fiscal and economic ties. "The way things are going and under the current structures, the euro area has a significant risk of breaking up," Rehn said in a speech at a European Commission event in Helsinki.
  • 11:27
    John Rogers Apparently tallies showing a high Yes vote in Galway West. If so, that's not good for Eamon O Cuiv.
  • 11:38
    European shares fall to a fresh five-month low after a slew of data shows crisis was hurting the region's biggest economies.The FTSEurofirst 300 index fell down 1.6%. Germany's DAX index dropped by 1.9%, France's CAC-40 fell 1% and Britain's FTSE 100 index fell 0.4%. The decline was being exacerbated by many traders retreating to the sidelines ahead of the publication of US jobs data.
  • 11:50
    People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd-Barrett claims people accepted the new reforms out of fear. "It looks like a Yes vote. I think people are hoping things won’t get any worse. The fear factor, I think, prevailed."
  • 11:50
    J.P.McQuarrie I'm disgusted. With the low turn out, with what looks like a result which will change our Constitution, our forefathers will be turning their graves! And how foolish Kenny looked on Chanel4 News standing there not even having the courage to talk to the folk of Dublin. He, Gilmore & their entourage will be looking smug all over the TV screens tonight. The problems of this country will get worse, unemployment, mortgage problems, families going hungry...when are we as a country, the citizens of this country ever going to fight back. I just don't understand. I'm completely disillusioned.
  • 11:56
    We're hearing the first official result from one of the 43 constituencies will be announced at Dublin Castle imminently [some time after midday].
  • 12:04
    Taoiseach Enda Kenny to hold press conference at 3.30pm in Government Buildings
  • 12:08
    Election expert Sean Donnelly says at least six constituencies are voting No at this stage.  Cork North Central, Donegal North East and South West, and three Dublin constituencies. The biggest Yes votes are likely to be Dún Laoghaire and Dublin South East where tallies are showing a 72/28 split in favour of Yes.
  • 12:12
    Some sad news. Former FF minister and ceann comhairle Pádraig Faulkner has died. He was 94. Faulker served as a TD for Louth from 1957 to 1987.
  • 12:19
    robert doyle/ I’m disgusted to call myself Irish. why cant we stand up to the people that have made this happen. my kids kids will feel the efect of this YES vote. i feel sick ...
  • 12:28
    Libertas founder Declan Ganley claims part of Yes vote "was through gritted teeth". Speaking to reporters at Dublin Castle, he said there was a feeling of powerlessness on the streets. "Part of this Yes vote was through gritted teeth, it wasn't all of it but it was part of it, because of this funding issue, or threat if you will. I think that one of the things that concern us is that if people feel powerless it points to a democratic deficit that is inflicting Europe right now and it badly needs to be addressed."

    He also said Taoiseach Enda Kenny and his campaign managers had pulled off something that worked by not having the Taoiseach debate the treaty."If you can't win a debate, don't have one".
  • 12:29
    jim Howe People really need to see the reality of this situation! In Europe we either stand together or fall together. The euro needs fiscal stability or it will disintegrate into factions with resulting instability and intra-national strife! If Joe Higgins had his way we would become the Cuba of the north Atlantic.
  • 12:29
    Paul Something smells fishy to me about these results
  • 12:34
    oui ou non? Telle est la question.
    oui ou non? Telle est la question.
  • 12:53
    The first three official results are in. Galway East (Yes - 24,015 No - 13,955) turnout 46.7%, Kildare North (Yes -25,169 No 13,384) turnout 51.2%, Limerick City (Yes - 18,933 No - 12,262) turnout 48.7%
  • 13:02
    Tipperary South (Yes - 17,797 No - 11,546) turnout 52.96%
    Waterford (Yes -22,585 No 16,585) turnout 51.1%
  • 13:06
    The first official No votes: Donegal South West (Yes 45.0% No 54.9%) Dublin South West (Yes 49.3% No 50.7%)
  • 13:14
    Perhaps the most interesting result so far is Dublin Mid West which recorded a marginal Yes vote by only five votes. The official result was Yes 50.01% No 49.99%. Votes in favour 16,590, votes against 16,585. Now let that be a lesson to all those who claim their vote doesn't count.
  • 13:14
    Anthony Durity You know I'm pretty sick of reading that people voted Yes due to fear or through gritted teeth or out of some kind of reluctance. Please accept that your fellow countrymen actually read the treaty and decided on merit that it was the right path for Ireland to take. A shared currency implies fiscal inter-dependence and budget harmonization. Some people actually want more Europe and not less and that is what a Yes vote implies. I believe that a Yes vote is a vote of solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Europe. Now I hope the politicians have more power to force Germany to agree to some kind of fiscal transfer union and sooner rather than later.
  • 13:24
    Cork North-Central [Yes 52% No 48%], turnout 51.49%
    Cork South-Central [Yes 62.1% No 37.8%], turnout 53.46%
  • 13:29
    Tipperary North [Yes 65.5% No 34.4%], turnout 53.97%
    Tipperary South [Yes 60.6% No 39.3%], turnout 52.96%
    Clare [Yes 65.7% No 34.2%], turnout 49.8%
  • 13:29
    Sean D Richard B-B has it right, however, my fear was that if he and his fellow travellers succeeded in convincing us to vote no in this instance, where would they want to bring us next?
  • 13:29
    coylec Th future of this country was sold by FF and their bank gaurantee. Successive governments had their hands tied by the deal FF made with the IMF, this vote means nothing different, except that we will be living with austerity until the EU implodes.
  • 13:33
    Donegal North-East becomes third constituency to vote No. [Yes 44.3%, No 56.6%], turnout 42.5%
  • 13:35
    Dublin West [Yes 58.1% No 41.8%] , turnout 51.6%
    Dublin Central [Yes 53.5% No 46.4%], turnout 48.3%
  • 13:39
    Sligo North Leitrim [Yes 60.3% No 39.6%], turnout 47.99%
  • 13:41
    President of the European People’s Party Wilfried Martens welcomes Yes vote, saying "the fiscal compact will strengthen Europe’s economy and will help to combat the excessive levels of public debt".
  • 13:43
    Sinn Féin deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald says it was clear throughout the campaign that the Labour party was on the wrong side of the argument when its traditional supporters were considered. “The Labour party were on the wrong side of the debate in respect of the trade union movement right across Europe and the wrong side of the debate laterally even in terms of their own sister parties across the EU,” she said.

    “Austerity hasn’t worked and Eamon Gilmore knows that as surely as I know that. They have promised big and we want to see them deliver on it. We will be reminding them of all the promises and assertions they have made.”
  • 13:57
    Ciarán So its official, we are happy to take on the banking debt to our grandchildren to save the German banks......A German political solution to an European banking/economic problem......I hope the Irish people will realise someday, what a gutless, spinless race of people we are! We are never able to stand up for ourselves....No wonder the British ruled us for so long. We are yes men and always will be!!.....I hope as an irishman I do not see it go down the tubes after this yes vote! Irish people are good at complaining but when it comes to action they sit on the fence or bend over!! this case bend over....while those that did not vote sat on the fence. Even though i am a No voter if i was in the country...I have more respect for the Yes voters than those who did not even bother to vote!!...shame on you!
  • 14:12
    Top Yes vote in the country appears to be Dún Laoghaire with 74.2% in favour and 25.7% against. Dublin South East was a close second with 72.3% in favour and 27.7% against.
  • 14:19
    Yes vote cements Ireland's status "as an economic vassal state to the Troika", says UK Independence Party deputy leader Paul Nuttall. "I hope in a few years, Irish people who love freedom and want prosperity for their country will remember the Yes campaign’s promises of jobs and investment with contempt, then once again seek their self-governance from their new masters in Berlin and Brussels," the MEP said.
  • 14:25
    We're closing in on a final result with official counts in from 28 of the 43 constituencies. Our man in Dublin Castle, Steven Carroll, says officials are indicating the final result will be known at 3.30pm.
  • 14:29
    Jose Ospina The whole opposition campaign to the Treaty has been a red herring. increased national borrowing will not combat austerity. An EU level New Deal is needed for that, using the Tobin Tax and EuroBonds to invest locally in areas in recession and kick-start recovery. This is the real argument with Europe that needs to start now..!
  • 14:29
    Aisling Reen I voted 'Yes' - not through 'gritted teeth' (Declan Ganley needs to be reminded that he is not an elected representative and therefore his opinions and simply personal opinions, holding the same weight as mine - just a voter). I voted 'Yes' not because I want to see my country go down the tubes (we have already proven that we are not capable of holding ourselves to account - I give you the current debacle of the DDDA), not because I am a gutless indiviudal who was somehow intimidated by 'Yes' campaigners. The 'No' campaign, as far as I am concerned was far scarier and the aggressive manner of their campaign far more intimidating. I voted 'Yes' because I read the treaty, went to the Referendum Commission's website and informed myself and decided that on balance, and, having educated myself as to the Treaty's content, details of its execution and the consequences that I was prepared to vote 'Yes' - and I will live with the consquences of that decision. I would echo the calls from some contributors here to respect the intellengience of the Irish electorate and the outcome of this vote.
  • 14:31
    IFA president John Bryan welcomes Yes vote and thanks farm families and rural communities for turning out to back treaty. "From the earliest point in the campaign, IFA identified the importance of securing a positive result for a stable euro, exports, jobs and growth," he said.
  • 14:33
    Just waiting on nine constituencies now...
  • 14:47
    With just four constituencies left to declare, it looks the like 60/40 split in favour of the Yes camp with a 50.5% turnout, a result which the opinion polls predicted.
  • 14:57
    Dublin South-Central [Yes 49.1% No 50.9%] and Dublin North-West [Yes 53.2% No 46.7%] are the fourth and fifth constituencies to vote. Incidentally, it looks like Donegal North-East delivered the biggest No vote with 55.6%. Only three constituencies left to declare.
  • 14:57
    Ciaran When you see who wanted a note vote - the UK Independence Party, Declan Ganley, The Socialists, People Before Profit (always fascinated by this name - what happened if I ran my houshold budget 'before profit'), the Sinner's - I voted yes and am very to see it happen. How the above groups not only gain support, but media airtime, especially Ganley, who is he anyway?, baffles me.
  • 14:58
    I emigrated to Germany Apart from this referendum vote.... , the whole modern world, outside of Ireland, knew in advance, and informed the irish (government) that the property bubble in Ireland would burst! Were the people of Ireland blinded by their greed to make easy money on the property market? This irish problem was caused by the people (who voted the FF Government in!) of Ireland. Not the germans or EU nations! Remember Europe O.F.F.E.R.E.D. help. Ireland took it.
  • 14:59
    Only Laois-Offaly, Carlow-Kilkenny and Wicklow left...who will get the wooden spoon?
  • 15:06
    According to RTÉ, Fianna Fáil TD Éamon Ó Cuív, who was muzzled by his party from campaigning against the treaty, was the only one of the five Galway West TDs not to attend at the Galway West count centre in Salthill.
  • 15:09
    Kenny in bloom
    Kenny in bloom
  • 15:10
    Minister for Justice Alan Shatter said he was delighted with the outcome of the referendum. He commended his Government colleagues Enda Kenny, Eamon Gilmore, Simon Coveney, Joan Burton and Lucinda Creighton for their hard work in getting the Yes camp’s argument across over the course of a lengthy campaign.

    Mr Shatter said it would be difficult to correct the legacies of the last 15 years but that ratifying the treaty was “another brick in the wall that needs to be built to Ireland back on the road to recovery”.
  • 15:11
    Michael ODonnell Am I the only who noticed that this is the first European Referendum in recent times where there was no Conservative Catholic campaign for a 'No' vote. Dana, Rosemary Scallon was remarkably absent from the scene this time. Would this have made any difference?
  • 15:26
    Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney said he was keen to move on to creating a national stimulus plan to create jobs and to partake in a similar European initiative in parallel with the ratification of the treaty.

    “We also need to get a better deal on Ireland’s debt, particularly the bank debt and restructuring of promissory notes,” he said. “There is a lot of work to do but I think a very strong endorsement of the Yes vote today is a step in the right direction.”

    Mr Coveney, who was Fine Gael’s director of elections for the campaign, said the result sent a very positive message that Ireland was a country that “knows where it is going”.
  • 15:31
    We're getting the official result now. Yes 60.3% No 39.7%. Referendum on fiscal treaty has been carried. The turnout was 50.6%...That's it folks. Down and dusted. Let the analysis begin.
  • 15:43
    Here are the official numbers: Total poll - 1,591,385  Invalid Votes - 7,206  Valid Votes - 1,584,179  Yes - 955,091  No - 629,088  Majority - 326,003
  • 15:50
    Our man in Dublin Caslte Steven Carroll says Coveney, Creighton, Shatter exchanged hugs and kisses when the result was read out while Boyd-Barret, Higgins and Murphy looked on.
  • 15:51
    Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams said he accepted the outcome of the referendum and was not disappointed by the result. He accused the Government of playing on the fears of the public and that he had met many people who had voted Yes through “gritted teeth”.

    “In the course of the campaign the Government made a number of very firm commitments in terms of removing the burden of the bank bailout from people and also of growth and job incentive initiatives and we will be holding [them] to those commitments,” he said.

  • 16:23
    Taoiseach Enda Kenny says Yes vote has sent a powerful signal around the world that the country was serious about overcoming its economic challenges.
  • 17:13
    German chancellor Angela Merkel said Irish voters provided "good news for Ireland and for Europe" by backing the EU's fiscal pact. "The referendum result strengthens the euro zone's joint course toward the creation of a new, lasting stability union," she said