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Golf, GAA and the Tour de France dominate the day's sport

Johnny Watterson Sun, Jul 21
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  • 13:34
    Good afternoon to the final day of The Open. The +2 players such as Phil Mickelson have just begun their final rounds with Lee Westwood on -3 due out after 2.00. We will also be dropping in on the GAA this afternoon to update on what is happening across 'Gaeldom.' So hang on for the ride with Johnny Watterson.
  • 13:36
    Drama already Mickelson's drive collides with Molinari's on the first fair way and moves it a few inches. These two and anyone else three or four shots adrift are looking for low scoring today.
  • 13:40
    American Jason Dufner shot a 67 earlier today and England's Oliver Wilson a 68 so there are low scores out there as the course plays par 71.
  • 13:42
    In the GAA, ahead of their Connacht SFC final meeting London, Mayo have begun the afternoon well with a minor championship final win over Roscommon. They beat their rivals 3-07 to 1-10.
  • 13:43
    Stenson is teeing off. Nobody has hit more greens than the big Swede. If he can brush up on his putting he could do damage. He's playing with first round leader Zach Johnson. Both cosy irons down the rock hard fairway s and both are well placed.
  • 13:47
    GAA:  Still the day is young yet and the Londoners are calling into McHale Park this afternoon, intent on spoiling any party
  • 13:47
  • 13:51
    Golf: Double bogey for Dustin Johnson on 3. Is this the American's meltdown. or are there more gems ahead. He's +3 for today and heading the wrong, wrong way.
  • 13:52
    GAA: Minutes to throw-in in Castlebar.

    Bucking the trend, Mayo have opted against any changes to their starting line-up. But there are two among the subs, Enda Varley will wear 18 and Mike Conroy will wear 23.
  • 13:54
    Golf: Stenson drains a long , long putt. Suddenly he has a swagger and is within three of the lead as Tiger walks through the tunnel at the first to begin his final round. He's playing with Adam Scott, who has Steve Williams on his bag. That should be an interesting few hours after Williams and Tigers acrimonious parting.
  • 13:57
  • 13:57
    Golf: Clarke's run of birdies comes to an end with bogey at 10. The Dungannon mane's back to +5, but still inside the top 20. That will be seen as progress.
  • 14:02
    Golf: Tiger is -1, Scott par. Darren drains a long putt for birdie on 12. He's -2 for the day. Scott hits the cabbage patch on the left. Not where to be from the first with an iron. Tiger splits the fairway, slightly right but a perfect first blow.
  • 14:07
    Golf: Actually Scott is up against the face of a bunker on the first. it's a get it out and start again sort of shot. He's a horrible stance, rotten position. He's out sideways an it's a cracking effort from one knee. Westwood is on the first tee box. Lots of noise. Can this be his Tim Henman moment or his Andy Murray triumph. We know what the British crowd wants.
  • 14:12
    Golf: The 40-year-old Westwood is playing with Hunter Mahan. The American's iron finds the fairway on the first, Westwood the light rough on the right. Bot are fine for the approach.
  • 14:13

    GAA:  Our man Shane Mulligan has just gifted Mayo's Alan Freeman a goal at Castlebar, it's already Mayo 1-03 to London's 0-01

  • 14:13
    GAA: Mayo 1-3, London just one point. Time for London to get their shape as Mayo try to turn the screw. 13 minutes gone.
  • 14:17
    Golf: Shocking putt from Woods on the second. Is he feeling it ? He looks at the hole and wonders how he can miss from six feet. It's a bogey though. Just ahead Stenson goes birdie, par, birdie start. That's quite an early statement.
  • 14:22
    Golf: It's amazing how Scott and Tiger leave the second hole, Scott delighted to have dropped just one after the bunker incident, Woods disgusted at missing the short putt. Westwood is laughing. That's a par on the first. Mahan picks up for a four too. No stress from either player early doors.
  • 14:25
    GAA: Mayo creating more. No surprise there. But the score is going only one way Mayo 1-6 to London's 0-2 after 23 minutes.....Mayo have just scored a goal through Darren Cohen. Deep trouble for London as Mayo lead by 10 points.
  • 14:28
    Golf: Mahan has no choice but to drop it out of a fairway bunker on the second, while Tiger hits a low fizzer....into the long, verdant, scrubby mess of rough a hole ahead.
  • 14:31
    Golf: The BBC cuts to two jet skis out on the Firth of Forth screaming over the waves. "Now we know what Peter (Aliss) is doing on his break," says the former pro Mark James.
  • 14:32
  • 14:36
    Golf: Early doors but nobody is making a charge, perhaps hoping the leaders will make mistake...Wait just a minute Poulter has just gone eagle, birdie, birdie from nine and he's +1 thru 11.
  • 14:37
    GAA: May 2-6 London 0-5 and the referee has just blown for halftime in the Connacht Senior Football Final
  • 14:41
    Golf: Tiger is now level par and +1 for the day after three holes. Has he got a plan B or is Adam Scott's caddy Steve Williams still annoying the heck out of him. Westwood on three is in deep trouble. He's hit from the rough into the crowd at the third hole.
  • 14:44
    Golf: Westwood gets a members bounce and his ball is sitting nicely in the trampled rough. Hands up who thinks one of the spectators may have a hand a hand in that. A very good break for the Englishman and he finds the green. All smiles.
  • 14:49
    Golf: Poulter drops another birdie putt for an eagle, birdie, birdie, birdie run. he's only two behind and played a lot more golf than the rest of the field. He's now in the zone and could set a score as there are currently just two players under par, Stensen and Westwood. Poulter is level par thru 12.
  • 14:50
    Golf: They stand
    -2: Westwood (3)
    -1: Stenson (5)
    Level: Poulter (12), Woods, (3), Mahan (3)
  • 14:55
    Golf: Cripes. Huntter Mahan is on a mound on the fourth hole. Westwood, hitting an iron into the wind finds the green and the applause of the gallery
  • 14:58
    Golf: Poulter is now tied for third as Tiger bogey's two of the first four holes and he's hit a tee shot into the vegetable patch on the fifth and his striding down the fairway with his hands plunged deep in his pockets and his head down. He's never won a Major from behind and that doesn't look like changing.
  • 15:05
    GAA: Mayo have established a lead that London won't claw back. The Western Province are 3-9 to London's 0-6. Cillian O'Connor coming back form a shoulder injury and already a goal and a point to his name. By anyone's maths that a 12 point advantage.
  • 15:08
    Golf: Par for Westwood at 4 after leaving a 25-foot birdie effort short. He looks suitably non plussed, probably because so many players have come a cropper here, and par is at this point in his golf career just fine. Mahan drops his second stroke of the day..
  • 15:13
    Westwood's efforts to become the first English man since Faldo in 1992 stays on track. He hits a majestic iron into the wind on 5 for a birdie chance. Poulter up ahead finds himself against the face of a fairway bunker on 15, while Darren looks like he will finish inside the top 20 as he strides up 18.
  • 15:18
    Golf: Westwood pops in his putt on five for birdie. He punches the air and there's a definite skip in his step as he almost jogs to the sixth. He's back on top of the leader board at -3. Meanwhile Tiger's hopes look thin as he is still on +1 and not appearing to be able to trigger some life into his game in the way Poulter has been able to do.
  • 15:24

    Tiger can't save his par on 6 and that's another hole gone. He's within touching distance but his game is limp at the moment. Stenson also drops one at 8, too, which means that, all of a sudden, Lee Westwood has a healthy, clear three shot lead at the top.

    -3: Westwood (5)
    Level: Poulter (15), Stenson (8)
    +1: Mickelson (8), Z Johnson (7), Mahan (5)
    +2: Snedeker (9), Cabrera (7), Scott (6), Woods (6)
  • 15:26
    GAA: It's what many expected but most didn't want to happen - one way traffic. Cruel sport then. It's Mayo 5-10 to London's 0-8. There's no way back for the underdogs. Beaten everywhere on the pitch, the contest is effectively over with the score line only going one way.
  • 15:32
    Golf: Hunter Mahan is playing soldier golf, left rough, right rough. he's two over par through 6 as Westwood has an easy par. Poulter finally drops a shot on par 3, 16 when he hoiks his iron to the left and fails to get down in two.
  • 15:35
    Golf: Westwood finally shows the pressure. The only man along with Stenson in the red, he turns to the crowd and says a disapproving 'come on.' Whether it was the groan after his approach to the par 3, 7 missed the green or noise during his swing we may never know.
  • 15:43
    Golf: The groan from the crown was because Westwood's ball was plugged in a greenside bunker on 7. It takes him two to get out and a 12 foot putt for bogey. He sinks it and breathes a deep sigh of relief that he's lost just one shot. Scott ahead birdies his second successive hole and moves to level par, two behind the leader.
  • 15:50
    Stenson at 1 under thru nine holes lips out on 10 to stay one behind Westwood. But the Englishman has found himself in another bunker on the par 4 eighth hole and he's a long putt from just off the green simply to hold par.
  • 15:54
    Golf: Westwood misses his par putt and leaves himself a tricky one back for bogey as the field gathers in. He holes it nicely but drops to to fall to -1. Stenson and Scott, who has birdied the last three holes thru nine are at -1 and suddenly it's a three way tie at the top.
  • 15:54
  • 16:00
    Add this is how it looks -
    -1: Stenson (10), Scott (9), Westwood (8)
    +1: Poulter (17), Mickelson (11), Z Johnson (10), Cabrera (9), Woods (9)
  • 16:06
    Golf: Poulter finishes on 67 and +1 for the championship. With just three players currently under par it's a case of you never know although a couple more shots would have made him feel a little better. Still, a very plucky effort from the English golfer.
  • 16:11
    Golf: There is a small posse of American's sneaking up the leader board and one of them is last week's Scottish Open winner Mickelson. His approach to the par 3, 13th hole curls in nicely and he sinks the putt for level par for the championship. That leaves the Californian, Hunter Mahan and Zach Johnson level, a shot behind leaders Stenson, Scott and Westwood.
  • 16:14

    Mahan actually eagles nine to go back to par for the tournament and +1 for the day. Here's how it looks..

    -1 Stenson (11)

    -1 Scott (10)

    -1 Westwood (9)

    PAR Mickelson (13)

    PAR Mahan (9)

    PAR Z Johnson (9)

    +1 Poulter (clubhouse)
  • 16:19
    I got a little buzz around nine that really kick started my round of golf," said Poulter. "I'm going to have lunch I think. I'm going to chill for a while. i'm not going anywhere."
  • 16:21
    Golf: Scott has just sunk another birdie. The Australian as birdied four of the last five holes and is on fire at the moment. After a bogey on the first hole the Australian hasn't wavered and like a true champion is getting stronger as the round progresses. He is the outright leader of the Open on -2.
  • 16:27
    GAA: Monaghan lead Donegal in the Ulster Senior Football final in Clones. Few would have said that Monaghan would race to a 4 point lead ahead of the All Ireland champions after 24 minutes.
  • 16:30
    Athletics: Jason Smyth has just set a world record in the T13 Paralympic 200m final (21.05). This follows Michael McKillop 800m World Championship final win in another WR of 1:57.17
  • 16:33
    Golf: Scott is working his way up the 12th, finding the green but leaving quite a putt to continue his run of four birdies on the last five holes. Westwood on 11 doesn't give his iron approach enough and the ball rolls back off. the green.
  • 16:36
    Golf: The leader Scott, is in big bother and he hoiks his iron shot at the 13th well wide of the green. It's now in the lap of the gods as to where his ball, is sitting with Mickelson and Westwood breathing down his neck one shot behind.
  • 16:36
  • 16:43

    Golf: It Donegal and McFadden 31 minutes and 26 seconds to register that score, by the way

  • 16:45

    Golf: A stinker from Westwood on the par 3, 13th hole could push him further back. there are lots of groans from the gallery with himself, Scott and Mickelson now on -1 and leading the field. again it depends where his ball is located.

  • 16:55
    Golf: Westwood misses his putt on 13 and falls away from the top. He's three over par for the day. Poulter must be looking on thinking that if they come back any more he's in with a chance at +1. Scott drops aswell with back to back bogeys as Mikelson wallops two giant shots onto the green at 17. He's now looking at an eagle putt and sitting at the top on his own at -1.
  • 16:56

    GAA: Monaghan 0-5 Donegal 0-2 at halftime as Monaghan dominate the midfield and make it count on the board.

  • 17:02
    Golf: Mickelson takes a significant lurch towards the championship. He doesn't eagle but birdies the 17th hole and has a two shot lead with one hole to play. Even if he bogeys the last he will finish on -1 for the championship. The American is in a great position as Tiger is heard to scream 'Seriously' to himself and the gods of the game three behind Mickelson thru 14.
  • 17:04
    Golf: Big moment. Mickelson stands up on the 18th and swish, cracks his drive. He briefly looks and then picks his tee from the ground. He knows it's good and it is...bouncing, bouncing down the last fairway of this year's Open.
  • 17:09
    Golf: If Mickelson can hold his lead he will be the first player in history to win the Scottish Open and the British Open in the same year. His approach to 18 goes long, takes a look at the bunker but curves around for a delightful finish. He could birdie for this distance and will certainly make par to post -2.
  • 17:11
    Golf: His third consecutive bogey all but ruins Scott's ambitions on the trophy thru 15 holes. He needs to goe three under over the last three to catch Mickelson. Not a chance. Meanwhile Tiger is in the bunker at +2 is in the bunker at 16.
  • 17:12
    GAA: Monaghan are holding their advantage in Clones. It 0-8 to 0-3 and 45 minutes played.
  • 17:14
  • 17:16
    Golf: Mickelson raises his arms in the air after his12 foot  putt drops on 18. Those are the arms of a winner and the crowd know it. A birdie, birdie finish for the American leaves him at -3 and in the clubhouse. The Open is surely his with Westwood having to birdie the last three holes to just draw level.
  • 17:19
    Golf: An astonishing 66 for the day's play. The body language all around the course is that this year's championship is over and all, ever Westwood with three to play and three behind is simply chasing a pay cheque.
  • 17:22
    Golf; There are hugs and kisses all round the Mickelson camp, his wife, his three daughters. They've been around golf long enough to know the look of a tournament winner and that is Mickelson. The claret jug and almost a million pounds. Not shabby.Wink
  • 17:28
    Golf: Westwood bogey's 16. His race is run. He's four shots behind and two to play.
  • 17:29
    GAA: Monaghan 0-10, Donegal 0-5 and 62 minutes gone in the Ulster football final.
  • 17:38
    Golf: Well what do you say as thhey continue to play. Three Green jackets, a USPGA and now the Claret Jug going to be sitting on the Mickelson sideboard. Yes they are still out on the course but none have come withan ass's roar of Mickelson's 66. Stenson has finished on level par and is second placed with Poulter in the clubhouse at +1 in third place, Westwood on the 17th also at +1.
  • 17:41
    GAA: Monaghan 0-13, Donegal 0-7 and the All Ireland Champions are beaten in Cllones. Scenes of mayhem as the Monaghan fans and players party on the pitch.
  • 17:44
    GAA: Donegal fans sit in silent shock. The final score 13 points to 7 for Monaghan.
     "Magic absolutely magic. We knew we could do it, not a person in the country thought we could d it. All them boys in the changing room knew we could do it.," says Monaghan Colm McManus.
  • 17:49
    Golf: What a way to finish the tournament. Scott  drains a 30-footer up the green to finish with a birdie, sign for a 71, and end the week +1 and tied for third with Ian Poulter and Lee Westwood, if the latter pars the last.
  • 17:57
    Golf: There's a standing ovation for Lee Westwood walking up the 18. But the reality is that he has finished  9 shots worse than Michelson on the day. Outside Mickelson is signing autographs, one of his other great skills. He's known to stand there until everyone has his scribble on their hat or program. Well liked chap is the Californian and now the new British Open champion.
  • 18:02
    Golf: "This is such an accomplisment for me. I never knew if I could develop the shots to win at links golf. To putt beter than I ever putted and shoot the round of my life just feels amazing," said Mickelson. "I was just trying to hit good shots on the green and give me putts and I putted so good. I was just trying to make some pars...I just made some great putts coming in. lts amazing. I felt two under par was more than enough. I was trying to make par... But I feel over the last number of months I played the best golf of my career."
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