IT Sun, Aug 12

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  • 18:58
    John O'Sullivan here and I'm going to take you through to the end of the US PGA Championship at Kiawah Island. Hopefully we'll be celebrating an Irish triumph.
  • 19:00
    England's Ian Poulter is an early mover with birdies on the first three holes to take him into a tie for second place on four under par alongside Carl Petterson, three behind the leader Rory McIlroy. 
  • 19:03
    - 7 McIlroy after one hole
    -4 Poulter, Pettersson
    - 3 Walker, Hanson, Singh, Woods, Scott, Van Pelt

    McDowell (- 2), Harrington Even
  • 19:05
    There's a decent breeze blowing across the Ocean course at Kiawah Island but the early scoring has been good with many of the field under par for their rounds.
  • 19:05
    Sean Poulter must be wearing something particularly flamboyant today to go on a run like that.
  • 19:06
    Sean, it's understated by his standards. Think 'Disco white.'
  • 19:09
    It seems that Pettersson has infringed a rule on the first hole. He was in a hazard and flicked a leaf on his backswing. The referee with that match has informed the player that there may be a penalty arising. It's something that the Swedish born, naturalised American will review before he signs his card.
  • 19:09
    Tiger Woods has just been caught spitting on camera. Disgusting it was too.
  • 19:11
    Ian Poulter has just birdied his fourth hole in succession. He hasn't had a par yet. Four under after four and up to five under just two behind Rory McIlroy.
  • 19:12
    Harrington birdies the third to make up for a bogey on the first. He's back to one under for the tournament.
  • 19:13
    McDowell has had a topsy turvy start to his round; a birdie at the second but a bogey at the fourth. he's one under.
  • 19:13
    JP Didn't Tiger have to apologise for spitting before in Dubai? The European Tour even fined him. What are the chances of that happening? Slim, I'd say.
  • 19:15
    McIlroy has hit a poor second shot to the par five, second hole. Laying up from 288 yards, he's pulled it into the rubbish. This has been a birdie hole so it'll be a significant setback if he takes more than five here.
  • 19:18
    Sweden's Peter Hanson moves to four under par. They're starting to edge closer to McIlroy. Woods has just drained a 16 foot for par on the third. He's fired up. Mind you the second shot was appalling and the chip was only marginally better. Great save though.
  • 19:20
    Good grief Poulter has just birdied the fifth hole, that's five in a row. He's one behind McIlroy. The Englishman must think he's putting into a bucket.

    I have just seen footage of the Pettersson incident at the first hole. He does appear to caress a leaf on his take-away in the hazard. Is that grounding the club in a hazard? We'll find out later.
  • 19:22
    Good news is that McIlroy found his ball. The better news is that he has just played the most gorgeous recovery shot with an encumbered backswing from a bare lie to about six feet. Birdie putt to follow.
  • 19:24
    It's not in McIlroy's nature to play conservatively and given the way others and in particular Poulter has started, the Northern Irishman will have to go and win the tournament. It won't suffice to just try and hang on.
  • 19:27
    McIlroy holes the birdie putt. Brilliant.


     - 8 McIlroy (2)
    - 6 Poulter (5)
    -4 Walker (4), Hanson (3), Pettersson (2)
  • 19:31
    McIlroy's composure and skill in recovering from that horribly pulled second shot to the par five, second hole, culminating in a brilliant recovery shot from 75 yards and a six foot birdie putt was impressive. Harrington and McDowell one under for the tournament after four and five holes respectively.
  • 19:33
    McIlroy has hit a very good three wood tee shot to the short, par four, third. Adam Scott moves to join the cluster of players on four under.
  • 19:35
    Tiger Woods has left a birdie putt on the fourth about three millimetres short. He's a bit miffed. Might be considering biting down on something.
  • 19:39
    GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME. ALERT. Ian Poulter's had his first par of the day on the sixth after five consecutive birdies.
  • 19:42
    BIRDIE: McIlroy pitches to about 12 feet and then gently coaxes the birdie putt down the hill and it disappears into the cup after grabbing the right edge. Consecutive birdies and the young Northern Irishman moves to nine under par, three clear of Poulter.
  • 19:42
    Simon What a weekend of sport and there's even more to come! C'mon the Wee Mon! I'd take this over the hotchpotch that will the Olympic Closing Ceremony even though it's not on telly (well, my TV anyway).
  • 19:44

    - 9 McIlroy (3)
    - 6 Poulter (6)
    - 5 Pettersson (3)
  • 19:48
    That's harsh. Pettersson has just been told after hitting his tee shot on the fiourth that he must accept a two shot penalty, not for brushing a leaf/grass but grounding his club in a hazard on the first hole. In effect he will drop from five under to three under par.
  • 19:49
    Fergus Has the scoring generally been low today for the fourth round or are McIlroy and Poulter just 'in the zone'?
  • 19:51
    The majority of the top 20ish players in the field after a couple under par or better. Darren Clarke, having started on the 10th tee, is a couple over for his round after seven holes.
  • 19:54
    Pettersson is still discussing his two shot penalty with a rules official as he makes his way to the fourth green. We're back to leaf/grass/grounding conundrum.
  • 19:55
    Poulter is putting for an eagle at the seventh. It's from the apron, above the hole about 26 feet.
  • 19:57
    BIRDIE. Poulter nurses it down the slope to tap-in distance. He's now - 7 and two shots back from McIlroy. What a start from the Englishman: six birdies in seven holes. You don't even get to do that on the X-Box or Playstation.
  • 19:58
    McIlroy finds sand with his approach to the fourth hole but plays a beautifully controlled bunker shot to about three feet.
  • 20:01
    BIRDIE McDowell drops a 12 foot putt on the par five seventh, to go to two under. Pettersson, having been given a two shot penalty to drop back to three under, birdies the fourth and moves back to four under.
  • 20:03
    Poulter has hit a loose tee shot on the eighth. Nothing too destructive but given the way he's playing it can be filed under the term surprising.

    Woods looks like he wants to throttle his putter after another putt slips by.
  • 20:06
    McIlroy is one club short at the par three and he'll have about 35 feet to go from the apron. Pettersson is about 11 feet way after a lovely tee shot to the 204 yard hole.
  • 20:07

    - 9 McIlroy (4)
    - 7 Poulter (7)
    -4 Pettersson (4), Hanson (6), Scott (5)
  • 20:10
    McIlroy has nudged his ball up to about four and a half feet past the hole.
  • 20:12
    BOGEY Poulter fails to get up and down at the par three eighth and drops back to six under.

    BIRDIE: Pettersson holes his birdie putt.

    RELIEF:  McIlroy holes what was probably closer to five feet for par.
  • 20:15
    BIRDIE: Harrington birdies the seventh to move to two under and then hits a sumptuous tee shot at the par three, eighth. We'll call it about 12 feet.
  • 20:18
    I said Poulter was wearing '80's Disco White but it's probably more Painter & Decorator. I'll just nip out and get a Dulux colour palette!
  • 20:19
    The wind appears to be freshening a little judging by the flags.
  • 20:22
    BIRDIE: Harrington makes his second in succession by holing his 12 footer at the eighth. He's three under.

    BIRDIE: STOP PRESS - This one is for Woods, two under for the round and four under for the tournament
  • 20:25

    - 9 McIlroy (5)
    - 6 Poulter (8)
    - 5 Pettersson (5)
    - 4 Walker (8), Woods (7), Hanson (6)
  • 20:28
    McIlroy slips by on the low side with his birdie putt on six. Good effort.

    Poulter turns for home having taken just 31 shots for the front nine.
  • 20:29
    McDowell is still on two under while Darren Clarke is on four over for his round having played 11 holes.
  • 20:31
    Oh, oh. The scoreboard on the 18th hole has been adjusted to put up a weather warning.

    Harrington's hit another lovely iron shot into the ninth. It's another chance: hat-trick of birdies per chance?
  • 20:34
    BOGEY: Look away if you're an Adam Scott fan. He's dropped one on six to go back to three under.
  • 20:35
    It's getting darker at Kiawah. The wind is getting up too. I might get a job in Met Eireann.
  • 20:36
    BIRDIE: Look back if you're a Scott fan. He's got that shot back with a birdie on the seventh.
  • 20:40
    BIRDIE: Remember I posed the question about whether Harrington could make it a hat-trick of birdies. Well the answer is a resounding YES. He's four under for the tournament and motoring nicely as he turns for home. That time he holed from about 16 feet.
  • 20:41
    Harrington won the US PGA tournament in 2008. It's asking a great deal but....he's a great competitor.
  • 20:43
    Most people have required a driver and a wood to reach the par five, seventh. McIlroy's just done it with drive and five iron. He's on the fringe 70 feet from the hole, putting for eagle.
  • 20:47
    BIRDIE: McIlroy has just cosied it down to a foot and a half. Wonderful touch. We're giving it to him.

    BIRDIE: Pettersson nearly holes his effort for eagle, also from a different postcode.

    Tip and tap; McIlroy moves to 10 under and his playing partner joins Poulter on six under
  • 20:49

    - 10 McIlroy (7)
    - 6 Pettersson (7), Poulter (9)
    - 4 Harrington (9), Hanson (8), Woods (8), Scott (8)
  • 20:51
    McIlroy hits the heart of the green on the par, three eighth. Sensible.
  • 20:53
    Woods par putt on nine, sneaks in the side door.
  • 20:54
    Harrington misses the fairway off the tee on 10 and his second shot carries the green. It'll be a tough third to the par four.
  • 20:56
    Is everyone watching the closing ceremony at the Olympics? Is anyone?
  • 20:58
    Not McIlroy's best putt as he attempts to lag from 45 feet on the eighth. He's about five more to go for a par.
  • 21:00
    McIlroy rolls it in the middle. Superb. Harrington almost holes his recovery from a sandy lie but he has seven feet left for par.

    Woods has just hit a tee shot so far left that he's arguably as far away from the green now as he was on the tee.

  • 21:03
    BOGEY: Harrington misses his par putt on 10 to go back to three under.

    BIRDIE: Justin Rose goes to six under for the day and four under for the tournament after a birdie on 14. Round of the day so far for the Englishman.
  • 21:04
    Pettersson has responded brilliantly to the two shot penalty he incurred on the first hole - he was told on the fourth tee - for grounding his club in a hazard or touching a leaf; the offence hasn't ben clarified yet.
  • 21:06
    Poulter has hit a glorious second to the 11th; about six feet and he looks set to move to seven under.
  • 21:09
    Goodness it's not Pettersson's day. Somone (a little boy) picked up his golf ball on the ninth. No penalty but he has to replace it. he is allowed to place it if he knows the exact spot but if a player doesn't then he must drop it. He gets to place it.
  • 21:10
    BIRDIE: Poulter now on seven under par. No problem in holing from six feet on the 11th.
  • 21:13
    McIlroy finds a sandy lie (not a bunker) on nine and pulls his second shot left of the green. He's a very tough downwind chip over a valley.

    Van Pelt, playing alongside McIlroy and Pettersson, needs to finish second or better to make the US Ryder Cup team. He's currently four under.
  • 21:16

    - 10 McIlroy (8)
    - 7 Poulter (11)
    - 6 Pettersson (8)
    - 4 Woods (10), Rose (15), Scott (10), Van Pelt (9)

  • 21:18
    How did Tiger Woods make par on 10? He was 60 yards left off the tee. He put his second into a bunker, splashed out to 10 feet and holed the putt.
  • 21:21
    Rory McIlroy take a bow! That was a wonderful chip and an even better clutch putt from five feet with a tincture of break. The young Northern Irishman turns with a three shot lead but Poulter's got lucky with his approach to the 12th; getting close by accident rather than design: seven feet for birdie.
  • 21:30
    The breeze is freshening....again.
  • 21:31
    McIlroy hooks his three wood tee shot on the 10th into the gallery.
  • 21:32
    BIRDIE: Poulter converts the chance after a bit of good fortune. He's only two back now on eight under.
  • 21:34
    BIRDIE: Justin Rose is now seven under for his round and five for the tournament after 16 holes.
  • 21:37
    BOGEY: Woods errant shots finally catch-up and he can not rescue it with the putter this time. 
  • 21:38
    Pettersson's just had an unmentionable; whisper it a Shank.
  • 21:39
    Having ended up in the sand following his second shot, McIlroy splashes out to a foot and taps in for par. Take a bow young man.
  • 21:41
    Rose has put it in the water on the par three, 17th. Tough break.
  • 21:44

    - 10 McIlroy (10)
    - 8 Poulter (12)
    - 5 Pettersson (10), Rose (16)
    -4 Bradley (14) , Scott (11), Van Pelt (10)
  • 21:46
    Poulter is in trouble on the 13th. He pulled his second shot onto a difficult sandy lie and despite an excellent chip he has about 12 feet to save his par. Seminal moment perhaps as they say in the best circles.
  • 21:46
    Ciarán Just moved into new house and haven't got the tv in yet....glued to the text commentary! Sounds like Poulter is having a phenomenal round but hopefully Rory can hold on and round off a fantastic week for Irish sport
  • 21:47
    BOGEY: Rose makes a fighting bogey having seen his tee shot on the par three, 17th get wet.
  • 21:49
    BOGEY: Homer nods and the blade can not save Poulter. He's back to seven under.

    McIlroy sees his tee shot on the par five, 11th catch the semi-rough.
  • 21:53
    Harrington is three under after 12 holes and McDowell is two under after 13.

    If looks could kill Woods', Scotty Cameron putter would be getting the last rites as we speak.
  • 21:58
    Poulter has been a bit loosey goosey with his swing on the 14th. He misses the green with his tee shot and from a downhill, sandy lie can't get any spin.

    BOGEY: Once again Poulter can't manage the par putt; this time from 13 feet. Back-to-back bogeys and a four shot lead for McIlroy.
  • 21:59
    Sean Poulter is running out of holes.
  • 21:59
    Jack Just took the Tube home in London and I had the entire train to myself - everyone must be watching the golf right?
  • 22:01
    Yes Jack. I'd hope so. It's looking good for the moment.
  • 22:02
    Rory McIlroy for birdie on the 11th: 25 feet. Nope but it's another hole gone. Good stroke too.
  • 22:04
    Rose makes a par on the last for a 66 and a four under total.
  • 22:07
    There's little doubt that McIlroy can take it home in level par from here he'll win a second Major to go with his 2011 US Open title. The Ocean course at Kiawah though provides a tough test down the stretch. Plenty to do still. Poulter is going to have to be super aggressive and that'll come naturally.
  • 22:08
    Right on cue, Poulter fires at the flag with his second shot on the 15th and careers through the back.
  • 22:11
    Rose: "That was really a fun round. The atmosphere was amazing down the stretch. Poults is going well and Rory is keeping it together really well. The 13th is a tough hole. I think once Rory turns with the wind on his right from 14 I think he can take it in from there."
  • 22:14
    BOGEY: Poulter hits a chip that your average golfer would instantly recognise and might actually accept. Not for him though 11 feet short and he's missed. That's three bogeys in succession.
  • 22:15

    - 10 McIlroy
    - 5 Poulter, Pettersson
  • 22:18
    Phil Mickelson shoots 74 for plus three.

    BIRDIE: McIlroy holes from about 10 feet, topples in the side. He's - 11 and six clear.
  • 22:19
    It's been a wonderfully mature performance from McIlroy. He's shown impressive patience and composure; focused on every shot. He's now walking to the 13th, the last seriously difficult remit.
  • 22:21
    McDowell moves to three under but Harrington has hit a shot that the cameraman can't find. It's wide and long and as yet unfound.
  • 22:22
    McIlroy has hit the fairway with his three wood tee shot on the 13th.
  • 22:25
    McDowell in to about five feet on the 16th: birdie time methinks.
  • 22:26
    McIlroy hit that three wood 265 yards. He's been caning it all day.
  • 22:30

    - 11 McIlroy (12)
    - 5 Poulter (15), Pettersson (12)
    - 4 Rose (F), Bradley (17), Van Pelt (12)
  • 22:30
    McIlroy misses the 14th green with a four iron. But it's a 'safe miss.'
  • 22:32
    Put a jinx on McDowell but I'm blaming Sky commentator Colin Montgomerie. He said it out loud and the Northern Irishman watches his birdie putt miss on the low side from six feet.
  • 22:35
    McIlroy plays a courageous, controlled chip towards the water from a tight lie. He's left about seven feet for par.
  • 22:37
    Poulter's trying to hang onto second place. He doesn't birdie the par five, 16th and he's been a little wayward with the tee shot on the par, three 17th.
  • 22:39
    McIlroy has just rolled his par putt into the middle of the cup on the 13th. He has the demeanour of a player who's in control physically and mentally. You talk about great Irish performances in sport: well this is one of them.
  • 22:43
    McIlroy goes with a three iron for his 236 yard (that's not a misprint) tee shot to the par three 14th. He's missed left, which will offer another test of his short game as he tries to get up and down from a grassy valley.
  • 22:44
    jm The best is yet to come. Big finish Rory
  • 22:45
    John M Sunday golf will do now
  • 22:45
    Alistair Glad McIlroy is getting through 10 and 11 without imploding.
  • 22:45
    Sean This is amazing. What a time for Irish golf.
  • 22:45
    Anthony McDonnell Rory going to strike gold, appropriate weekend!
  • 22:46
    Poulter makes a fighting par on 17; up and down from a greenside trap.
  • 22:46
    Graham I'd blame a lot more on Monty. "If you're not going to win, make sure you're second". Wise words Monty, wise words.
  • 22:46
    Graham And as if winning the USPGA isn't enough, if McIlroy goes on to win it he'll be No. 1 again surely.
  • 22:47
    Sean The annual Northern Ireland major is looking good.
  • 22:50
    Harrington makes a birdie on the 16th after hitting the par five in two. Narrowly misses the eagle putt. He's back to one under.

    Good to see Sky going to the Ryder Cup debate. Padraig's certainly putting some pressure on European captain Jose Maria Olazabal. Any thoughts out there on that issue.
  • 22:53
    Defending champion and a man with a bit of Irish in him as they say, Keegan Bradley has finished on four under following a fine, 68.
  • 22:55
    McIlroy holds another six foot putt for par on 14. Shelling peas for the 23 year old.
  • 23:01
    Holly Gaffney I hope Harrington gets a wildcard - he was such a good leader in 2010 even if he lost two matches.
  • 23:01
    JP Glad I'm following the golf. Remember when the Olympics used to be about the sport? hours ago?
  • 23:03
    David Lynn has moved into a tie for second place on five under with a birdie on the 17th.
  • 23:04

    - 11 McIlroy (14)
    - 5 Poulter (17), Lynn (17), Pettersson (14)
  • 23:05
    Gerry If Padraig doesn't get a pick it is a sin.Sulky Sergio cannot enjoy playing,as you cannot enjoy watching.I hope poulter gets in automatically and puts the pressure on Olazabal
  • 23:05
    Kevin Mannerings Harrington should earn his place as Ian Poulter probably will. Paudraig's selection last time did not work out, and was controversial, with a hint of old boys Colin and Paul networking beyond the call of duty. Much better to get it on points for Harrington himself.
  • 23:05
    whatsdshory Why does everyone seem to be watching a pop concert in London rather than McIlroy making Irish(/British) sporting history?
  • 23:06
    Carl Dunne I wonder how many other people are following this blog while the rest of the family hog the TV for the Olympic Closing Ceremony? That sums up my life anyway!
  • 23:08
    BOGEY: Poulter takes five at the last. Five birdies in his first five holes, he gave it a rattle but ran out of steam on the back nine. He finishes on four under.
  • 23:08
    IntheholeRory Just on the mention of Sergio by one of the other commenters: you just can't discount the fact it's a Spanish captain but maybe I'm being unfair.
  • 23:09
    McDowell finishes on two under after a 71.
  • 23:10
    Lorcan Great coverage! Following every word in Siena, Italy. Rory, you're a star! BTW - note opening comments - at 18:00 & 18:01 - on today's BBC website Live Reporting from US PGA: They just can't help themselves!
  • 23:10
    @carl Right here, I just saw the spice girls instead of Irish sporting history
  • 23:10
    Stranded in Houston US tv strikes again! The Golf Channel, yes the GOLF channel, is showing babes in skimpy outfits playing the Big Break in Atlantis rather than the US!!!PGA final round. C'mon Rory! Thanks IT bloggers
  • 23:11
    mark no chance of a pick. he fell out with ole a few years back in a gb/irl vs rest of europe match. ole was repairing the green and p calld him on it (only alowed to repair pitch marks). ole ble his top
  • 23:13
    McIlroy has just smoked his drive down the par five, 16th. On the short stuff once again.
  • 23:13
    MattMcG Great coverage. Far better than the limp London singalong. Cmon Rory!
  • 23:14
    Just a by the by but Arnold Palmer never won the US PGA Championship.
  • 23:18

    - 11 McIlroy (15)
    - 5 Lynn (F)
    - 4 Rose (F), Bradley (F), Poulter (F), Pettersson (15)
  • 23:19
    That McIlroy drive was 344 yards and he's hitting an IRON 259 yards....or trying to but he's tugged it left into the sand.

    Harrington (72) finishes on one under par.
  • 23:20
    Sean Will Michael Ring be taking credit for this too?
  • 23:22
    Poulter was very gracious in his post round summation with regard to McIlroy's performance.

    Pettersson's in the munchies again.
  • 23:23
    TKNY Stranded in Houston, its on CBS. The Tiger love fest has ended and the focus is on Rory now.
  • 23:25
    Right it's time to start compiling a statistic or two. If McIlroy wins he will end a streak of 16 different winners in the last 16 Majors.
  • 23:27
    He will be younger at 23 years and three months than Tiger Woods was when winning his second major.

    BIRDIE: Okay a short interlude. McIlroy has gone to 12 under for the tournament and five under for his round at the 16th. Great sand shot, lovely putt.
  • 23:28
    The biggest winning margin in the US PGA Championship was seven shots when Jack Nicklaus prevailed in 1980 at Oak Hill.
  • 23:28
    Poults That's great stuff from Poulter in the interview.
  • 23:30
    Woods watches another birdie putt slide by on 18.

    One-time leader Vijay Singh finishes on plus three after rounds of 74 and 77 at the weekend.
  • 23:30
    Stranded in Houston Thanks TKNY, stuck in a hotel room for the duration of the Olympics and beyond...just about at the end of my rope with this place. This helps!
  • 23:31
    Woods (72), two under
  • 23:37
    McIlroy pitches to about eight feet on 17. Not easy but he's kept a bogey off his card during this round. Go on Rory. Nail it.
  • 23:37
    Notwatchingtheolympics BBC 5Live are saying Rory is now surely the biggest name in golf.
  • 23:40
    WONDERFUL. He's done it again. Eight feet and in for par. Off to the 18th tee and the coronation.
  • 23:42
    Graham John Terry is probably on his way to meet McIlroy at the 18th green.
  • 23:43
    Love Graham's comment.

    McIlroy has just sent his drive scampering down the 18th fairway. If you got a protractor out you could find a better angle.
  • 23:44
    Rory and his caddie JP Fitzgerald having a laugh on the 18th tee. They've earned the right.
  • 23:46
    One more yardage request, one more smooth swing and young Rory can enjoy a leisurely stroll to the green
  • 23:48
    Northern Ireland golfers have won four of the last eight majors.
  • 23:49
    The last player to go bogey-free in the final round at a Major was Phil Mickelson in claiming the 2010 US Masters at Augusta National.
  • 23:50
    139 yards for McIlroy. A wedge and he's on the front edge.
  • 23:51
    The crowd are chanting Rory, Rory, Rory. He's getting a standing ovation. He's taken off his baseball cap but it's more appropriate to say Hats Off to Rory.
  • 23:52
    Gerry in last 20 majors Ireland has 7.That makes it 35%
  • 23:53
    Okay it's official. Ireland are good at boxing, riding and golf.
  • 23:55
    BIRDIE: What a way to finish. Wee Mac has just gone and rolled it in from 25 feet. He won the 2011 US Open by eight shots and now he's matched that achievement by winning by the same margin in the US PGA Championship
  • 23:56
  • 23:57
    Richard TeamGB are already claiming Rory's golf victory
  • 23:57
    A hug for his Dad, Gerry on the 18th green. RORY MCILROY 2012 US PGA champion.
  • 23:59
    He's broken Jack Nicklaus' margin for the biggest winning margin at the tournament (1980, Oak Hill) and in a curious piece of symmetry that's where the tournament goes next year.
  • 23:59
    Hug for his caddie JP Fitzgerald. Hug for his manager Conor Ridge
  • 00:01

    - 13 Rory McIlroy

    - 5 Lynn

  • 00:02
    Rory McIlroy 67, 75, 67, 66
  • 00:02
    Dan Thanks IT for the updates, good man Rory.... Closing ceremony was a yawnfest!
  • 00:04
    Don't forget folks golf correspondent Philip Reid followed Rory every step of the way and he'll offer his thoughts here in about two hours time.

    We might just hang around to see the presentation of the Wannamaker Trophy. It's massive. He'll do well to lift that one over his head.
  • 00:05
    He's been congratulated by Graeme McDowell.

    McIlroy reclaims the number one ranking in world some style.
  • 00:06
    There are probably fewer members of Kool and the Gang than the number of officials that are about to be introduced on the 18th green.
  • 00:08
    McIlroy: "I don't think it has sunk in. It was a great round of golf. I'm speechless. I got off to a shaky start, a bit of a pull on the second but I made birdie."
  • 00:09
    McIlroy: "It's been an incredible week. To look at the names on that trophy and put my name alongside them is special.
  • 00:09
    Sean Thanks for all the updates! Great fun. Great night.
  • 00:12
    Right that's it folks. It's time to go home. It's been a marvellous night, a brilliant fortnight for Irish sport. Thanks very much for your comments and your input into the coverage.
  • 00:13
    Rory McIlroy, 2012 US PGA champion. Good way to sign off!
  • 00:15
    OD Thanks for a great fortnight