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Funeral mass to be held for Spanish train victims, MacGill Summer School continues in Donegal . . .

Joanne Hunt Mon, Jul 29
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    It's a warm, muggy morning in the Capital. Expect temperatures of 18-21 today with showers becoming widespread in the afternoon. Pack a rain poncho.
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    Good morning. It's Monday July 29th. Joanne Hunt here on The Daily Wire, keeping you up to speed on the day's news events. I'll be here until 5pm.
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    The headlines in today's Irish Times: Burton says Taoiseach and Tánaiste Council is too exclusive. Waiting list for nursing homes set to double by year's end. Lone gunman steals jewels valued at €40m in Cannes. And there's a nice seasonal front page pic of pilgrims climbing Croagh Patrick yesterday. Some 20,000 people made the ascent.
  • 09:05
    “Bare feet is also better for the mountain – you’re not kicking up half the scree. Look at the problems they’ve been having here with erosion. The Reek would be far better off if we all left the shoes at home."

    Words to the wise from hardy pilgrim Johnny Toner from Leitrim who climbed the mountain in his barefeet in 1hr 20mins. Irish Times journalist Lorna Siggins wore boots.
  • 09:09
    And there were some enterprising hawkers along the route - ash and blackthorn sticks were for sale (€3) or rent (€1.50).
  • 09:17

    Some nice headline writing in the tabloids as the Rebels saw off the Cats by five points:

    The Irish Sun: Red end for Shef
    Irish Daily Mirror: Shef sees red as Cats crash out
    The Irish Daily Star: Rampant rebels eye the double

  • 09:24
    Bet the radios and TVs were going full belt in the newsroom at The Examiner yesterday. Cork's hurling victory steals the paper's front page:

    'King dethroned as Cork sample victory at Semple'.
  • 09:30
    Just who or what is the Council of State? Read Ruadhan Mac Cormaic's piece.
  • 09:35
    The death toll from a bus crash outside Naples has risen to 37.

    Traffic police told  anItalian radio station that the bus driver, for reasons not yet determined, appeared to have lost control of his vehicle, smashing through a guard rail and plunging some 30 metres below.
  • 09:37
    The bus was on its way back after an excursion from the south-eastern Puglia area of Italy, which is popular with Catholic faithful paying tribute to the sanctified monk Padre Pio who was based there.

  • 09:40

    Meanwhile a train driver suspected of causing Spain’s worst rail disaster for decades has been provisionally charged with multiple cases of negligent homicide.

    Francisco Jose Garzon Amo (52) was taken to court in Santiago de Compostela last night and questioned for almost two hours by Judge Luis Alaez, who formally accused him of causing the derailment just outside the city on Wednesday.

    The Spanish rail agency has said the brakes should have been applied four kilometres before the train hit the curve after which the crash happened.

  • 09:41
    Aside from Croagh Patrick, pilgrim sites are in the news for all the wrong reasons today.
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  • 09:51

    A large funeral mass in Santiago de Compostela will be held this afternoon, which the Spanish prime minister and members of the royal family are expected to attend.

    Officials said 70 people injured in the train accident remained in hospital, 22 in critical condition.

    Victims include nationals from France, Algeria, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, France, Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States.

  • 10:02
    Author Jane Austen will feature on the new British £10 when it is introduced in 2017.

    The woman behind the successful campaign to have more women featured on bank notes however faced a barrage of hostile tweets, including threats to rape and kill her.

    A 21 year-old has been arrested on suspicion of harassment. Twitter has faced calls to take faster and stronger action against online abuse in the wake of the incident.
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  • 10:30
    Irish Times journalist Dan Keenan is at the MacGill Summer School and we'll be sharing his tweets... but just who was Health Minister James Reilly refering to in his address to attendees?
  • 10:31
    Seventeen car bombs exploded in Iraq today, killing at least 55 people in predominantly Shia areas in some of the deadliest violence since Sunni insurgents including al Qaeda stepped up attacks this year. Read more.
  • 10:36
    The successors of the 1916 leaders franchised the State “to a private organisation called the Catholic Church, shedding in particular its responsibility for the education and health systems, and thereby allowing little actual space for the elected leaders of this republic to play their role in pursuing the happiness and prosperity of the nation”, said outgoing Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly.

    Read Dan Keenan's report of her address to attendees of the MacGill Summer School.
  • 10:49
    Chi-chi meets cheap cheap. Lidl comes to Ranelagh.

    "We were knee-deep in flash restaurants; it was cheap groceries that we completely lacked", writes Ann Marie Hourihane.
  • 11:00
    And the reader comments at the end are worth a read too.
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  • 11:10
    Is your Curly Wurly shrinking? Does your moisturiser have a false bottom? Conor Pope investigates the manufacturers who are shrinking their products but keeping prices the same.
  • 11:21
    Sean Quinn's role in guarantee a magnet for wild speculation, writes Irish Times business editor John McManus today.
  • 11:22
    Dan Keenan reports from the MacGill Summer School in Glenties, Donegal.
  • 11:32
    If you missed out on former President, Mary Robinson's Desert Island Discs interview on BBC Radio 4 at the weekend, you can listen back here.

    Some nice tunes in there, but no sign of Mrs Robinson.
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    Watch how a car driver survived a sudden landslide during floods in China. Not something you expect on your commute to work. See the video here.

  • 11:45
    Spotted Bressie walking funny around town?
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    Confusion and tardiness contributed to the lack of coordination of emergency services in Galicia minutes after last Wednesday’s deadly train accident near Ferrol, which claimed 79 lives, according to records obtained by EL PAÍS.
  • 12:18
    The Sunday Times has paid substantial damages to the former partner of author Brooke Magnanti after wrongly claiming that he sought to expose her as the anonymous call girl blogger, Belle de Jour, for money, The Guardian reports.
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  • 12:25
    Straight from the Papal aircraft: Pope Francis is reaching out to gays, saying he won't judge priests for their sexual orientation. "If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?" AP reports.
  • 12:33
    Some mad anecdotes from presenters of The Sunday Game over the last 35 years.
  • 12:43
    Can Ireland boost tourism by appealing to the diaspora? The BBC's take on The Gathering.
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  • 12:51

    'They haven't moved away from the sort of leprechaun image really. There is a bit of gombeenism about many of the initiatives which I don't think is necessary. We don't need to turn ourselves into sort of the Guinness-drinking, fun-loving sort of leprechaun types...I do think there is an over emphasis on that" - Independent TD Clare Daly talks to the BBC about The Gathering.

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    Loyalist gunman Michael Stone must serve a minimum 30 years in jail for his part in a sectarian murder campaign, Northern Ireland’s most senior judge ruled today.

    Lord Chief Justice Sir Declan Morgan identified no mitigating factors for a series of gun and bomb attacks.

    He said: “Stone offered his services as a killer to any loyalist paramilitary group who would use him.”  Read more.

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  • 13:40
    "Huma learned the wrong lesson from Hillary, given that Bill was a roguish genius while Weiner’s a creepy loser."
  • 13:54
    Recognise your house? Check out this picture book of homes from Bangkok to Shanghai which shows how the new upper middle classes in emerging economies are styling their homes. The aesthetic proves pretty homogeneous.
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    Under Benbulben.
  • 14:07
    “With regards to the ordination of women, the Church has spoken and says no...That door is closed," Pope Francis has told journalists.
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    A group representing publicans has said revenues from an off-sales alcohol tax could replace sports sponsorship funding, writes Genevieve Carbery.
  • 14:18
    Gardai have issued a Child Rescue Alert as Sanjeev Chada and his two children, Eoghan and Ruairi, have been missing from their Carlow home since yesterday.
  • 14:24

    Mr Chada (43) and his two children Eoghan (10) and Ruairi (5) are from Ballinkill, Bagnalstown, Co.Carlow.   They were reported missing in the early hours of this morning.
    Mr Chada left the family home at 6.30pm yesterday in the company of his two children en route to the Dome Bowling Centre in Carlow Town and has not contacted his family since. He was driving a green Ford Focus registered number 06 CW 238.

    Eoghan is described as 4’10’’ medium build, black shoulder length hair.   He was wearing a navy tracksuit bottoms, dark top and white runners. Ruairi is described as 3’10’’ with black short hair and brown eyes.   He was wearing a red and white Middlesboro jersey.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact Carlow Garda Station on 059 9136620 or any Garda Station.

  • 14:31
    Clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch is under investigation by France's human rights watchdog, following claims that the retailer hires employees based solely on their appearance, reports Vogue

    The company's CEO Mike Jeffries previously said that his brand was aimed solely at "cool, good-looking people".
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  • 14:47
    And you thought Sharknado was scary. Get out of the water.
  • 14:50
    Someone's keeping President Higgins waiting?
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  • 15:08
    UCD History Professor Diarmuid Ferriter speaks at the MacGill Summer School:
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  • 15:28
    It's like living with grandad, Pope Francis says of living with his predecessor Pope Benedict.
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  • 15:56

    What's better than a clever woman (33%) and a woman with a good sense of humor (17 %)? Four out of 10 Americans think that being a good mother tops them all. More results from the CBS poll here.

  • 16:14

    "I stopped off recently to buy some insignificant product or other and I ended up leaving with a pair of alpine skis, a satellite dish and  a box of spanners..."

    Loving some of the reader comments on Ann Marie Hourihane's article on Lidl today.

  • 16:22
    Writer Theo Dorgan has told the MacGill Summer School that the abolition of the Seanad is the most crass back-of-an-envelope idea yet, reports Dan Keenan.
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  • 16:27
  • 16:27
    Behold. It's the Council of State.
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  • 16:37
    Gardai have called off a Child Rescue Alert aimed at tracing a Carlow man and his sons who were reported missing earlier today.
  • 16:42
  • 16:45
    A juror has been jailed for two months in London after a Facebook post describing a man on trial as a 'paedophile', reports the BBC.
  • 16:58

    The Taoiseach's department spent €300,000 on tea and biccies? The Irish Sun has the scoop today.  Freedom of Information officers must just love getting these requests. 

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    That's it from today's Daily Wire, thanks for stopping by. We're back again tomorrow at 9am. In the meantime, you can keep up to date on and @IrishTimesLive.

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    Becoming dry in most places tonight, but there will be some further scattered showers, most of them along the west and south coasts.  As winds slacken, a few mist or fog patches will develop. Minimum temperatures 10 to 12 celsius.