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IT Sun, May 20

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  • 14:14
    Finally! The Championship is back so the summer can officially begin. Someone should pass this information on to the good people at Met Eireann. Yes, it’s that time of year when hope is in the air for every county. Lap it up before Kerry, Cork and Dublin serve up the inevitable crude reality checks over the ensuing months. Is mise Ciaran Daly and yes, I'm an Ulsterman so it's probably just as well we're focussing on the GAA today.

    Galway and Roscommon take centre stage at Dr Hyde Park in the first round of the Connacht Championship this afternoon. The Rossies may fancy their chances against the Tribesmen having won the Nestor Cup in 2010 and having suffered only a narrow defeat at the hands of Mayo in the final last year. Galway, on the other hand, seem intent on extending their awkward transitional period for another year. This could get interesting.

    In Ulster, Donegal take on Cavan at Breffni Park. The contest is sure to be a tight one if only because matches involving Donegal last year had a scoring average of approximately three points. Cavan have reason for optimism with their burgeoning underage talent but whether it’s enough to overturn the Ulster champions remains to be seen.

    Westmeath take on Louth in Leinster and Laois travel to Longford while Limerick are expected to overcome Waterford in Munster.  Longford and Leitrim scrap it out in the Lory Meagher Cup if you’re unlucky enough to be a fan of either side there. So get ready to set your faces to stunned as we take a tumble down the rabbit hole that is the GAA Football Championship 2012.

    Roscommon v Galway
    Cavan v Donegal
    Westmeath v Louth
    Longford v Laois
    Limerick Waterford
    Longford v Leitrim (Lory Meaghar Cup)
  • 14:21
    Of course pedants among you may point out that officially the Championship began a fortnight ago with Sligo’s drubbing of New York in the US but things get competitive today.

    It should also be pointed out that the first surprise in the GAA calendar has already been sprung after Westmeath overcame Antrim in the Leinster Hurling Championship yesterday, a considerable feat given that Antrim is home to All-Ireland club hurling champions Loughgiel Shamrocks.
  • 14:25
    The latest score in the Lory Meagher Cup for the three lads in Leitrim and one in Longord that care, Leitrim 2-16 Longford 2-10
  • 14:32
    Westmeath manager takes yesterday's win over Antrim in his stride.
    Westmeath manager takes yesterday's win over Antrim in his stride.
  • 14:36
    FT – The Lory Meagher Cup - Leitrim 2-18 Longford 3-11
  • 14:38
    Some tasty games at Minor Level it seems. In Munster, it’s Limerick 1-09 Waterford 2-11 with 56 mins gone while in Ulster it’s Donegal 0-8 Cavan 0-6. I believe the children are our future...
  • 14:40
    GOAL Brendan McNelis has scored a Donegal goal in the minor match. It’s now Donegal 1-8 Cavan 0-7.
  • 14:44
    Newly retired Stevie McDonnell of Armagh fame gets into the spirit of things on a little known website called Tweeter…Twittle…Twitter?…. or something.  He had this to say
    @Killeavy13 Great to see the championship has finally arrived. Let the games begin. #Championship2012
  • 14:47
    FT – In the Munster JFC - Limerick 1-10 Waterford 2-13. Great win for the Deise!
  • 14:52
    “There’s too much sport!” – Not my words but those of the Irish Times sports editor only two minutes ago. It truly has been a fantastic sporting weekend and the good news is it’s not over yet.  There’s still time for him to go gaga over the GAA this afternoon.
  • 14:57

    Here’s one that could only happen in Ireland. Limerick GAA hosted a press night during the week but crucially forgot to invite any of the press to the event. Let’s hope for their sake, that Limerick’s footballers are a little more organised than their PR team today.

  • 14:59
    48 mins - Cavan minors are staging a remarkable comeback against Donegal. It’s now Donegal 1-10 Cavan 0-9
  • 15:09
    Less than half an hour to go now. Any predictions for the Championship this year?  Can Kerry really go three years in a row without winning? Can Cork repeat their 2010 heroics? Have the Dubs lost motivation? Any surprise packages? Come on, what say you? Yes, YOU! Tell us what way it’s going to happen so we can all laugh when your predictions fail miserably in the early stages.
  • 15:11
    FT- Ulster Minor Football Championship – Donegal 1-11 Cavan 0-10. Great win for Donegal as Cavan were the defending Ulster champions.
  • 15:20
    Nothing better than an aul montage to get the season underway there on The Sunday Game Live!
  • 15:25
    So who is the Gary Neville equivalent on the Sunday Game panel? Erudite with an understanding of the game and a manner that even the most ardent fans would concede is breathtaking? Pat Spillane or Colm O’Rourke?......Ah, who needs a Neville anyway.
  • 15:27
    Bernard Brogan asks a question that no one else in the country wants the answer to - "@bernardbrogan Sunday game back on, love it, does anyone know if you can watch Louth Westmeath game online"
  • 15:29
    No changes to the line-ups announced during the week for the match in Connacht. Teams to follow
  • 15:35
    1min -We’re underway in Munster and Waterford draw first blood. I have no doubt that this point will be of monumental significance in September. Limerick 0-00 Waterford 0-01
  • 15:38
    Cavan have taken an early 0-3 to 0-1 lead over Donegal in Ulster.
  • 15:40
    Teams for our feature match in Connacht this afternoon.

    ROSCOMMON: G Claffey; SMcDermott, N Carty, S Purcell; C Dineen, P Domican, I Kilbride; M Finneran, K Mannion; D Keenan, C Cregg, J Rogers; S Kilbride, D McDermott, D Shine.

    GALWAY : A Faherty; K McGrath, F Hanley, K Kelly; G Bradshaw, J Duane, G O’Donnell; J Bergin, G Higgins; G Sice, D Burke, T Flynn; S Armstrong, P Conroy, M Hehir.
  • 15:43
    I think the plinky plonky music underscoring these interviews on RTE makes this unnecessarily serious.
  • 15:44
    Leinster latest - Laois 0-3 Longford 0-0
  • 15:48
    England has Judy Dench and Maggie Smith. Our national treasure is Marty Morrissey. This is why Ireland is a great place to live.
  • 15:48
    It’s 0-4 apiece in Cavan. Already looks like a great game. Puke football indeed.
  • 15:50
    Westmeath lead Louth 0-04 0-03
  • 15:52
    20 mins - Munster SFC - Limerick 1-03 Waterford 0-03. Seamus O'Carroll with the goal!
  • 15:54
    A great GAA tradition is cheering over the last line of the national anthem, n’est pas?
  • 15:57
    Necks on the line time? Colm’s gone for Galway Pat’s done likewise. An attractive game of football has been predicted. Here’s hoping they’re right.
  • 15:58
    25 mins – Donegal settling into the game. Donegal 0-6 Cavan 0-4
  • 16:01
    27 mins -Tony Grey proves to be more of a Drogba than a John Terry as he converts a penalty for Limerick – Waterford 0-5 Limerick 1-3
  • 16:02
    1min - And we’re off in Dr Hyde Park – and Galway are in front through Bradshaw
  • 16:04
    2 mins - Sennan Kilbridge with a nice equalizing point for the Rossies
  • 16:05
    34 mins – GOAL – McFadden smashes a penalty in. Donegal 1-7 Cavan 0-4
  • 16:06
    Karol Mannion – named after Pope John Paul II with a divine point
  • 16:08
    Donie failed to ‘Shine’ there – A pun writer’s dream but a full back’s nightmare.
  • 16:12
    Some half-time scores
    Donegal 1-7 Cavan 0-4
    Laois 0-9 Longford 0-3
    Waterford 1-5 Waterford 0-7
  • 16:13
    10 mins  - GOAL – Hehir finishes well for Galway.  They’re confident Galway 1-2 to 0-2
  • 16:16
    HT – Philip Reid reports that Westmeath have been wasteful in the first half, hitting 10 wides. It’s Westmeath 0-7 Louth 1-6. Read Philip’s report in tomorrow’s Irish Times.
  • 16:19

    HT-Laois 0-9 Longford 0-3 - Malachy Clerkin reports that Laois are absolutely dominant. Read more about it tomorrow in the paper or bad things will happen to you.

  • 16:20
    Galway are bossing this aren’t they? Surely a Roscommon resurgence will come?
  • 16:24
    21 mins – GOAL – It’s a second for Galway – This is a fantastic first half performance from the away side. That was route-one stuff but my oh my did it work. Galway 2-6 Roscommon 0-2
  • 16:26
    HT – Donegal 1-7 Cavan 0-4 – Sean Moran has watched a clinical Donegal side putting Cavan to the sword. Read Sean’s report tomorrow in tomorrow's Irish Times
  • 16:27
    Wow! Roscommon were held scoreless for 21 minutes. The score-line is representative of Galway's dominance. They lead 2-8 to 0-3
  • 16:31
    Which cliche do you favour? - it’s fair to say that Galway look the ‘hungrier’ side. No doubt Roscommon will be ‘hurting’ Galway 2-8 Roscommon 0-4
  • 16:31
    Niall Murphy This is good to see. Hope it's kept up for the whole Championship.
  • 16:32
    I didn't even have to pay Niall to say that. But yes, we'll be doing this throughout the course of the Championship.
  • 16:34
    Most matches are into the second-half of this stage. If Ronan O’Gara isn’t lying to me (and surely he wouldn’t do that just because a well-known drinks company ask him to), then the last 10 minutes will be crucial.
  • 16:35
    32 mins – Roscommon shot deflected wide. The game needed it to go in. The wide from the 45 didn’t help matters. Galway 2-8 Roscommon 0-4
  • 16:37
    Roscommon are trying to get back into this. Decent point Ros-come-on!
  • 16:39
    Longford have scored a goal but Laois don’t seem to be too perturbed. It’s still a long way back for Longford.  Laois 0-11 Longford 1-3
  • 16:39
    How much does Marty Morrissey want this game to pick up?
  • 16:41
    HT – Roscommon 0-6 Galway 2-8. Conroy and Hehir with the goals. There were signs of a comeback there at the end.
  • 16:42
    51 mins – Limerick 1-7 Water 0-7. The most interesting game of the day is in Munster.
  • 16:47

    Hold the phone – This Longford comeback wasn’t expected but is most welcome. Laois 0-11 Longford 1-7

  • 16:49
    2,156,789 – That’s the amount of handpasses that Donegal have probably made today.
    2 – That’s the number of kicks they’ve maybe made, one of which was a mistake.
    Donegal fans don't react, I do but jest. Donegal lead 1-12 to 0-6
  • 16:51
    Mal tweets - Malachy Clerkin @MalachyClerkin
    All square in Pearse Park. Laois frozen to the spot now
  • 16:51
    Cavan have a penalty. Stay tuned!
  • 16:52
    GOAL! -Niall McDermott converts. Donegal 1-13 Cavan 1-7. Not quite squeaky bum time but not quite as comfortable as Jim McGuinness would like.
  • 16:54
    Keith Duggan will pore over the Galway v Roscommon game in tomorrow’s paper. Will the second half give him a lot more to write about?
  • 16:55
    65 mins - Limerick pulling away a bit. They are beating Waterford 1-10 to 0-7
  • 16:56

    Second half underway in Roscommon

  • 16:57
    12,962 in attendance in Roscommon
  • 16:59
    Can Roscommon stage a comeback? Of course not? Right?.........right?........2-8 to 0-8 Galway lead
  • 17:00
    65 mins – Donegal 1-15 Cavan 1-9
  • 17:02
    Longford lead against Laois by a point with a few minutes to go. What a turnaround. My derision was hasty.
  • 17:02
    Laois have had a goal disallowed!
  • 17:03
    62 mins - Westmeath 0-13 Louth 1-9.
  • 17:04
  • 17:05
    FT -Laois 0-12 Longford 1-10. Outstanding performance of the day. No doubt about it!
  • 17:06
    FT – Donegal 1-16 Cavan 1-10. Professional (but nevertheless amateur) performance from Donegal.
  • 17:07
    Not a bad sub. Michael Meehan has come on for Armstrong!  Galway lead 2-9 to 0-8
  • 17:10
    FT – Westmeath 0-14 Louth 2-9. For those as bad at maths as I am, that’s a one-point victory for the ‘wee’ county (not that that’s a patronising name for them).
  • 17:11
    Michael Meehen has pointed by the by – Galway 2-11 Roscommon 0-8. It ain’t over til it’s over but this is over.
  • 17:12
    51 mins – As if it couldn’t get worse for Roscommon – Galway have just brought on Padraig Joyce. Part human, part footballing machine. You cannot stop him. You can only fear him.
  • 17:16
    colin limerick result?
  • 17:16
    FT - Limerick 2-12 Waterford 0-7 Waterford
  • 17:18
    Full-time results

    Westmeath 0-14 Louth 2-09
    Longford 1-10 Laois 0-12
    Limerick 2-12 Waterford 0-07
    Cavan 1-10 Donegal 1-16
  • 17:20
    59 mins – Galway 2-13 Roscommon 0-9. The Harlem Globetrotters stuff is now evident from Galway. Great point from Bergin!
  • 17:24
    62 mins – GOAL –Galway get a third. Feel bad for Roscommon and no one wants the pity of a pitiful man
  • 17:25
    Pa Shweeney, Ballymahon GO ON LONGFORD!!
  • 17:25
    GO ON LONGFORD indeed my excitable friend! Well done. Some result!
  • 17:27
    Gary Sice got the third for Galway by the way. Set up by Joyce and Meehan. Sice has now made way. It’s 3-14 to 0-9 in Galway’s favour.
  • 17:31
    68 mins – Conroy adds another point. He might have had a goal had the game not been over ages ago. Galway 3-15 Roscommon 0-9
  • 17:32
    71 mins – Galway are leading 3-15 to 0-9 and they’re UNLUCKY not to have scored another. I wouldn’t want to be a Roscommon fan right now.
  • 17:33
    For the sake of decency ref, please blow it up
  • 17:35
    FT - Galway 3-15 Roscommon 0-10 and yes, the victory was as one-sided as the score-line suggests
  • 17:35
    ger yes PLEASE!!! This is painful stuff
  • 17:38
    Painful it was! But managers love using failure of that nature in the qualifiers. "We knew we had a lot to do,” or “We had to ask ourselves a lot of hard questions after that,” or “We knew we had to show the people of Roscommon what we were really made of.” That’s the most Roscommon fans can hope for really.
  • 17:39
    “Galway played Crossmaglen style,” according to Pat Spillane. Finally, Joe Kernan’s plans have come to fruition.
  • 17:40
    Pity it didn’t happen for big Joe when he was there mind. Great win for Galway. Back to the drawing board for Roscommon. Who was man of the match then?
  • 17:42
    Remember I said that hope was in the air at the start of the Championship? Well, Cavan, Roscommon, Westmeath and Waterford fans can all come back down to earth now…too soon?
  • 17:44
    Yes Galway gave one heck (does anyone actually say heck anymore) of a display – but the day surely belongs to Longford. They turned a six-point half-time deficit into an unlikely victory. Read Malachy Clerkin’s full report in tomorrow’s Irish Times.
  • 17:47
    Did Galway manager Alan Mulholland say that Galway were edgy coming into today?  They hid it well.
  • 17:49
    Long live the quick direct ball. RIP excessive hand-passing.
  • 17:52
    Roscommon manager Des Newtown doesn’t look like he’s issued the hairdryer treatment to his players. He looks too deflated for that kind of behaviour.
  • 17:56
    Roscommon v Galway montage set to a Black Keys soundtrack. “Oh, I’ve got a love that keeps me waiting,” they sing and don’t Roscommon fans know it.
  • 18:01
    So Galway triumphed in Connacht, Donegal’s Ulster crown remains intact after they saw off Cavan while Limerick did enough to beat Waterford in Munster. Louth will meet the Dubs after narrowly getting the better of Westmeath. We had the seemingly mandatory surprise result which came courtesy of Longford’s storming comeback against Laois. There, I think I used all of the different hackneyed ways of describing football results there. Actually, I may have missed, ‘bettered.’ That’s for another day.  The Championship is up and running and boy does it feels good.
  • 18:02
    That’s that for today. How was it for you? Don’t answer that. I don’t want to know. And yet I do. I  really do. Look, let’s not make this a one-off thing. I thought what we had here today was really special. I’d really like to see you again. Same again next weekend?  You know you want to.