Russia v Rep of Ireland

Russia v Rep of Ireland

IT Tue, Sep 6

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  • 15:09
    Only three teams have won competitive fixtures in Moscow since time began (1957), can Giovanni Trapattoni’s Republic of Ireland become the fourth?

    We’ll find out over the next few hours, but there is comfort to be taken in the fact that one of those teams was Slovakia in this campaign and another was Germany in the last.

    The flipside to that is, this is Ireland. We haven’t beaten a side ranked higher than us in a competitive fixture since that heroic World Cup qualifying win over the Netherlands in 2001.

    Carl O’Malley here, and whether what transpires is pretty or pretty ugly, I’ll be keeping you up to date with the goings on at the Luzhniki Stadium. Full coverage will start at 3.30pm.
  • 15:33
    First, the permutations - starting with the most fanciful. 

    A win would propel Trap and his, apparently, merry men into first place in the group, regardless of what Slovakia do against Armenia later today. If the Slovaks also win, we would be level on points but, crucially, have an away goal against them. We would also be one point ahead of Russia with two games to go. So, yeah, a win would be nice.

    A draw wouldn’t be a disaster but, presuming a Slovakian win, would leave Ireland two adrift of their rivals with two games remaining. One of those games sees Russia travel to Slovakia, so there might be wriggle room with a trip to Andorra and a the visit of Armenia to Dublin to come.

    A defeat and a Slovakian win would pretty much end another qualification campaign in familiar maudlin misery.
  • 15:35
    All of that, of course, are based on Slovakia beating Armenia. Nothing Slovakia have done in this group suggests that’s a foregone conclusion, and the fact Armenia have scored more than anyone in the group means they cannot be discounted.

    Wins for Armenia and Russia, therefore, would all but seal the group for the latter and leave the former level on points with Slovakia and Ireland – and them with a trip to Dublin pencilled in for October.

    If you want to check all this out for yourself, have a look here. Remember, goal difference isn't what counts when all the fixtures are played, it's results head to head.
  • 15:36
  • 15:36
    Here, too, is a reminder of what happened when the teams last met at the Aviva Stadium just under a year ago.
  • 15:37
    That video really doesn’t tell the whole story because for the first hour Ireland looked like they’d just stumbled out of Coppers as the Russians plotted neat little triangles around Paul Green and Glenn Whelan with their five-man midfield. Not unlike what Slovakia did at times on Friday.

    Naturally, Trapattoni used the Carling Cup games and the friendlies against Uruguay and Italy to formulate a way of combatting such a formation and a preventing his side getting so exposed again.

    Oh, wait…well in any case Keith Andrews is there instead of Green this time so things should be okay. Oh…
  • 15:39
    Here are the teams.

    Shay Given; Stephen Kelly, Richard Dunne, Darren O’Dea, Stephen Ward; Damien Duff, Keith Andrews, Glenn Whelan, Aiden McGeady; Robbie Keane, Kevin Doyle

    RUSSIA (4-4-1-1)
    Russia: Malafeev, Anyukov, A Berezutsky, Ignashevich, V Berezutsky, Zhirkov, Semshov, Shirokov, Zyryanov, Arshavin, Kerzhakov.

  • 15:42
    There is school of thought that suggests Ireland may actually be better suited to playing these sort of opponents away from home, when the onus is not on them to attack, but to keep it tight and look to score through setpieces and/or long hopeful punts and secondary ball.

    That theory holds water, in my opinion, and, discounting the aforementioned daunting home record of our hosts today, they have looked anything but convincing in Moscow of late.

    Goalkeeper Malafeev, by all accounts, was a tad shaky in the 1-0 win over Macedonia last week. He’s been filling in for the highly-rated but injured Akinfeyev, and hasn’t exactly been welcomed with open arms, referred to recently as a “s*&t” by one Russian television commentator. Nice.
  • 15:44
    Interestingly, the Ireland bench, includes one James McCarthy, who was not in the squad for the Slovakia game after featuring for the under-21s the day before.

    Bench: Westwood, Foley, Delaney, Lawrence, Hunt, McCarthy, Cox
  • 15:52
    It's a very un-Trap like bench, that, four 'attacking' players compared to two defensive options. Well, if now's not the time, when is?

    Feel free to give us your thoughts via the comment section or Tweet me @carlomalley
  • 15:58
    Predictions in Montrose?

    Gilesy - sceptical, can't see a positive result

    Brady/Dunphy - feel there's something to be pilfered from Moscow
  • 16:02
    Amhrán Na bhFhiann respectfully received and Darragh Moloney admits there is still confusion over the Russian formation. They are sticking with 4-1-4-1. Not sure it makes that much difference really. Either way, they'll have most of the ball.
  • 16:03
    Ronnie Whelan recons it's a 4-3-3, with Zhirkov left and Arhsavin right.
  • 16:04
    1 min: We're off. Russia up the left immediately through Zhirkov. No joy, then down the right thorugh Arshavin but Ward wins a goalkick off the Arsenal man.
  • 16:05
    Ronnie reckons Keane will be dropping deep when the homeside have the ball. He usually does.
  • 16:06
    3 min: Doyle gives away a free for jumping into the defender. Need a better performance from him today. Easily his worst for Ireland against Slovakia.
  • 16:06
    Kerzhakov shoots from distance but drags his shot well wide of Shay Given's goal.
  • 16:07
    Ward and McGeady getting bottled up on the left like they did so often on Friday. Forced backwards to Given and O'Dea needs to stay calm to pick his pass to Dunne under pressure. Cool head there.
  • 16:08
    5 min: Stephen Kelly showing good ambition to get inside the fullback but the pass is just too strong. Goalkick.
  • 16:10
    Prolonged periods of possession for the homeside and Ireland restricted to clearances up the line by both fullbacks. No panic, though, Russia haven't started at a great pace.
  • 16:11
    8 min: Ireland break but Doyle's cross finsd nobody. Russia move quick and a counter attack ends with Given touching Arhsvin's shot around the post. Keane clears the corner. Close call there.
  • 16:12
    Ireland did well to get forward, but that will be a warning of how quick Russia can break.
  • 16:13
    Kerzhakov breaks down the right but his pass is half blocked by Ward and O'Dea cleans up.
  • 16:14
    The tempo has risen now and Russia are making gains down the right. Anyukov this time sees his cross turned away by O'Dea. Good start from him, but Ward is a little anonymous.
  • 16:15
    Poor pass from Arshavin lets Ireland off the hook. His teammate is none too impressed, as he had a sight of goal inside the box.
  • 16:16
    Doyle tries his luck from distance. Keeper gather comfortably. Ward again AWOL. heading into the centre and McGeady again covers the danger.
  • 16:17
    Anyukov again fires a ball across after Arshavin's clever little ball in behind. It's all down the left and Ireland looking shaky at this stage.
  • 16:19
    15 min: Kerzhakov's header never looked likely to trouble Given and dips over the bar. Another attack down Ireland's left side.
  • 16:19
    Bryan How can Ward be 'anonymous'? You have mentioned him more than any other player in your posts. And if he's 'AWOL', how did he head the ball? Sounds like you have it in for him
  • 16:20
    Think I said O'Dea heded it Bryan. I haven't got it in for him at all. But he's not doing his job at the moment, there's no doubt about that.
  • 16:22
    18 min: Brief respite for Ireland as Russia edge forward rather than berak forward. Good tackle on Arshavin from Kelly.
  • 16:23
    20 min: Better from Ireland. McGeady and Ward look to combine down the left, and Whelan chipping in by keeping the ball moving in midfield
  • 16:25
    Brilliant save from Shay Given after Kerzhakov's ball from the right is volleyed goalwards by Semshov. Given parries it out of the bottom right-hand corner
  • 16:25
    john Any goals yet
  • 16:25
    No, John. Thanks to Given.
  • 16:26
    I Berezutski's shot is fumbled around the post by Given. Didn't look so sure of himself there but he claims the corner with authority.
  • 16:27
    25 min: Andrews bowls Zhirkov over about 40 yards from goal. Central.
  • 16:27
    john What would we do without him, I'm in the states so I'm hanging on for your updates
  • 16:28
    Ignashevich's shot is tame and no danger to the irish goal.
  • 16:28
    Guest has our captain done anything if significance yet?
  • 16:29
    He's had little chance to, he did clear a corner well when we were under pressure.
  • 16:30
    27 min: Ireland concede a free from their own free into the box. Whistle against Dunne.
  • 16:30
    brian Fair play John, supporting the lads from overseas!!
  • 16:30
    Funky Sounds like we're screwed, eh?
  • 16:31
    Under pressure again as Russia look to pick their way through the middle this time. A few frantic clearances, the latest from Ward.
  • 16:31
    brian id agree! was at the match friday and it was deadful, my 5 a side is of a better standard, seriously!
  • 16:31
    Ian There's more than one of us over here, Brian. Without this I'd be lost at work, much thanks to the IT.
  • 16:32
    Sean I've seen you're 5 it is not..
  • 16:34
    30 min: Half an hour in and Ireland are still on level terms. O'Dea heads another one clear as Russia attack down the right. Again, McGeady is there on the left as Anyukov gets in behind. Corner cleared as far as Anyukov but his shot is high and wide.
  • 16:34
    Guest 2 A Ronnie Whelan (in his prime) scuffed volley would go down a treat now
  • 16:35
    john Pulled a sick note today thank god the Americans don't watch the footie
  • 16:36
    The most amazing block on the line from Dunne after Zhirkov turned him inside out and fed Semshov, whose shot is somehow blocked by Dunne on the line. Fantastic recovery from the big man.
  • 16:37
    Stephen 'Rocky' Hunt is warming up. Ireland need to change something. Ronnie reckons one of the forwards has to come back. In fariness, Ronnie it has been pointed out ad nauseum.
  • 16:39
    Keane might be struggling with his back. He has apparently indicated he is alright, though.  Doyle heads down a free into the path of Andrews but a Russian boot clears.
  • 16:41
    Ireland break down the right but the cross is just too far for Keane for a shot. He gathers and feeds McGeady on the left, who finds Ward, but again the cross is too deep.
  • 16:43
    39 min: Russia down the right and Semshov muscled over by Whelan in hte box. No penalty, but Zhirkov, direct from the corner, forces Given into a save. It comes back to the left mid and his cross is brilliant but there's no Russian head on the end of it.
  • 16:44
    Arshavin hte latest to test Given but his shot is weak enough. Way too much space on the edge of the box, though.
  • 16:45
    Another long hopeful punt up field from an Ireland free is cleaned up at the back by Russia. And they come again.
  • 16:46
    43 min: Doyle comes deep and manages to win another free. Another booming free is mopped up, but Ward picks it up and runs at them to win a corner. Good stuff from Ward, but Keane from the short corner puts in a poor cross.
  • 16:46
    brian its appears Russia are all over us. Have we done anything of note to at least get a shot away?
  • 16:47
    No, no we haven't.
  • 16:48
    Duff tracks back with Zhirkov and clears for a corner. Alexei Berezutsky this time sees his header cleared off the line.
  • 16:49
    Amazingly, Ireland make it to the break on level terms. They have rode their luck but have also counted on brilliant interventions from Dunne and Given, in particular.
  • 16:50
    Bryan Are we getting over-run in central midfield again like in the home game against Russia? Or are Whelan and Andrews managing to stem the tide at all this time?
  • 16:51
    "We're taking a hiding", says Brady. "McGeady and Duff have done their best work in defence".
  • 16:52
    "I hope they've spent too much energy", he adds.
  • 16:52
    brian hopefully trap will work his majic at half time to transform us into an attacking side in the second half!!
  • 16:53
    "We need a leader on the pitch (when we get possession)," adds Dunphy. "it's unremitting"

    All three admit it is worse than they expected.
  • 16:53
    Gilesy still hasn't ruled out a "miracle". Bless him.
  • 16:55
    Having a chat about Ward now and showing McGeady tracking further back than the Wolves man. "He's getting in too far, on top of the centre halves," says Gilesy.
  • 16:59
    Brady, a man with intimate knowledge of the Ireland set-up, has suggested putting McCarthy on. Dunphy thinks Foley, "a good footballer", would also help the cause.
  • 17:00
    Bringing McCarthy on would be a whole lot easier had the young fella not been exposed, so far in his career, to about three minutes of competitive action. It really is a bit late in the day to be hoping McCarthy can turn things around.
  • 17:02
    Sorry Bryan, to answer your question. We are getting overrun everyhwere. There is no midfield because it is sitting so deep.
  • 17:04
    "Something has to change tactically," says Dunphy. The problem seems to be there aren't enough subs for the suggestions to work. Brady reiterates the need for McCarthy in midfield, at the expense of forward not a wide man, becuase 'the wingers are doing their jobs'.
  • 17:05
    "I don't think they are coming out now, Bill,"  adds Brady.
  • 17:06
    We're off again. No changes. No tactical switches. No surprises. No use, according to Ronnie.
  • 17:07
    Anyukov carded after bad tackle on Doyle at the touchline. Dangerous position for Ireland
  • 17:07
    McGeady over it.
  • 17:07
    Dunne, again, climbs all over his man. He did that in the first hald as well. Wasteful.
  • 17:08
    Niall Ireland need to stop the long ball and get the ball under control. Extra midfielder instead of Ward (who seems to play in midfield anyway!) might help...
  • 17:08
    And go with three at the back, Niall?
  • 17:09
    Dunne puts in another great tackle, as Zhirkov(?) bursts through and looks to shoot.
  • 17:10
    Another great intervention from Dunne. Really has kept Ireland in the game today.
  • 17:11
    Niall Put Andrews in front of the back 3 and let McCarthy on to play some football...we need to try something different
  • 17:12
    We need something different alright, but not sure weakening the flanks is the way to do it. They've torn us apart there as it is.
  • 17:13
    Andrews fouls Kerzhakov. 40 yards out again. No Ignashevich this time. Kerzhakov hits it straight into the wall, PRetty ambitious efforts from deadballs by the homeside.
  • 17:14
    53 min: McGeady concedes Russia's eighth corner. Zhirkov short to Arshavin, whose shot is fired wide. Pavlyuchenko on for Kerzhakov.
  • 17:14
    Amazing how the manager who needs to make changes is just sitting there hoping for the best.
  • 17:14
    Niall Then bring back McGrath!!
  • 17:14
    Barry Maybe 'joxer' was right: time to bring jonny giles & eamonn dunphy back!
  • 17:14
    Declan Any sign of Liam Lawrence (super sub!)
  • 17:15
    No sign of any player's who might actually be able to keep possession, Declan.
  • 17:17
    Semshov played in by Arshavin and Kelly does enough to put him off. Surely he should have shot there. Another let off for Ireland.
  • 17:18
    57 min: Bit possession for Ireland results in McGeady crossing straight into the arms of Malafeev.
  • 17:19
    Trap brings on Simon Cox for Doyle. Baffling decision.
  • 17:19
    brian i hope Trap gets the flick after this as we are crap
  • 17:20
    Anyukov in behind Ward again but nobody is there to tap home his cross. "Ripped apart" says Whelan. Embarrassingly bad, says I.
  • 17:20
    Daragh the rté player won't work for me - c'mon Trap - make some changes!
  • 17:22
    Duff on the ball. Barely seen him facing the Russian goal. He wins a free, but his ball is easily cleared and Semshov's threat on the break by Kelly.
  • 17:22
    Ireland get up the left again, but Ward overhits his cross. Should have done better that time. Had space.
  • 17:23
    Niall I hate to be disrespectful to Trap or Cox - but what kind of a decision is that?!?
  • 17:23
    Declan A draw here would be a good result given that Ireland have shown absolutely no creativity and Russia have had so many chances but will a draw even get us to the playoffs?
  • 17:23
    See the "permutations" at the start of the blog, a draw wouldn't be bad at all.
  • 17:24
    Keith Andrews takes a tumble after challenging Konstantin Zyryanov. Photograph: Grigory Dukor/Reuters
    Keith Andrews takes a tumble after challenging Konstantin Zyryanov. Photograph: Grigory Dukor/Reuters
  • 17:25
    Cox has a shot from distance after he is allowed just take down Given's kick out. Cox does look livelier the Doyle, but Ireland still getting over run in midfield, badly.
  • 17:26
    Ward closes down Arshavin for another corner. Hunt is about to come on.
  • 17:27
    66 min: Cox concedes another with a near post clearance. With his headband on and his bonce sticking out, Hunty looks like something from a spandex-heavy 80s workout video. Anyhow, he's on for Duff.
  • 17:27
    Niall Draw is not a good result if Slovakia win tonight? But right now - best we'll get
  • 17:27
    Conor Go HUNT!
  • 17:28
    The Republic of Ireland fans have precious little to shout about during today’s match. Photograph: Vladimir Astapkovich/PA Wire
    The Republic of Ireland fans have precious little to shout about during today’s match. Photograph: Vladimir Astapkovich/PA Wire
  • 17:29
    68 min: Immediate impact from Hunt, straight into the tackle and then his free is flicked over the top by Keane.
  • 17:29
    Vince Can we blame Trap - Silk Purse and Sows Ear
  • 17:30
    Well, that depends on what you consider a sow's ear.
  • 17:31
    The intensity from Russia has dropped, it has to be said, and crowd a little restless. 20 minutes to go and it's still all square. Could we be about to see a sort of inverse rope-a-dope?
  • 17:33
    Dunne chops down Shirkov on the touchline and the Russian hit the running track pretty hard, but Dunne is worse off. He got the ball and then smacked his face off the track. Nasty looking tumble.
  • 17:34
    He's still off the pitch and he's about to get a yellow to add insult to injury. Unfortunate, he got the ball.
  • 17:34
    Kelly clears the danger in hte absence of Dunne. Good stuff from the Fulham man. Dunne suspended now for the Andoraa game.
  • 17:36
    McGeady does really well in defence again to clear danger. He's had a good game in defence. The ref wants Dunne to change the new jersey he just put on because there is no number. Zhirkov off for Bilyaletinov of Everton.
  • 17:38
    Jesus wept! The Irish camp has put 5 on Dunne's back with a marker. He's back on.
  • 17:38
    78 min: Hunt takes down Arshavin and earns a yellow. Free in Russia.
  • 17:39
    Vince "Dunne to change the new jersey he just put on because there is no number" - Roy Keane would love that one
  • 17:39
    Guest Why not put the scoreboard at the top of this chat and not the bottom. Dave
  • 17:40
    Because it's not external system, Dave, so we can't. It's still pretty obvious though, I woul have thought.
  • 17:40
    Guest Presume trap will bring on McCarthy in the 87th minute then??
  • 17:41
    81 min: Ireland break down the left with Ward, Hunt crosses and McGeady wins a throw on the far side. Russia forced to clear like ireland and it comes straight back as Andrews wins another free in.
  • 17:42
    Samuel Pepys I'd rather not see such a sad scoreboard at all.
  • 17:42
    Igor Semshov reacts to yet another missed chance for Russia as Ireland continue to hold on. Photograph: Grigory Dukor/Reuters
    Igor Semshov reacts to yet another missed chance for Russia as Ireland continue to hold on. Photograph: Grigory Dukor/Reuters
  • 17:43
    The scoreboard's alright, it's ther performance that's ugly. Bilyaletinov skies it over the bar as Russia carve Ireland open again. Tried to curl it in the top corner but got it all wrong.
  • 17:43
    Agree w Dave about score It's kind of a pain to have to scroll down each time to check the score if you are coming back to check what has happened after doing something else
  • 17:44
    Dec Bring back Brian Kerr !!
  • 17:45
    O'Dea boots it clear as Bilyletinov dithers over another shot in the box.
  • 17:45
    Chris This is the Rep of Ireland, if they hang on and get the nil all they'll have done alright.
  • 17:45
    Niall We seem to always blaming the managers...Kerr, Staunton, Trap...maybe we need to focus on the lack of talent on the field and our lack of options off it. We just ain't good enough. We played one good game (against France in Paris) in the last how many campaigns?!
  • 17:46
    Free in for Russia. Five minutes left. Bilyaletinov heads into the side netting.
  • 17:46
    Samuel Pepys Yeah, let's talk about the scoreboard -- what fun!
  • 17:47
    Hehe, quite.
  • 17:48
    Hunt heads out for a goalkick as he tries to keep some Irish pressure on. Oh! cox chases down Malafeev and the keeper concedes a throw. McGeady crosses but Smehov takes it off Keane's toe and then Ward's cross is too deep.
  • 17:49
    At the other end! Given denies Semshov's header from point blank and then Andrews blocks the follow up. Amazing stuff. Ireland hang on. 89 min
  • 17:51
    Ward booked as Russia break again. Had to do it. Kelly misses the ball to Berezutsky but O'Dea clears. Andrews again blocks for another corner. Free out as Given is blocked.
  • 17:51
    Dec This is probably a prelude for how our rugby team will perform in the Wirld Cup. God live this little country, can we get anything right??
  • 17:51
    Colin Agree with Niall - we don't have the players any more. No surprise that all four UK countries and Rep Ireland suffer when our players no longer play for decent teams...(Staunton was still a disaster though...)
  • 17:51
    tony galvins socks so, havent been following but suspecting a 0-0 enough to put a bet on.... have we been battered and are holding out through sheer luck or have we been value for the draw?
  • 17:51
    Battered, Tony. Some heroic defending though.
  • 17:52
    Sean When is the last time we conceded a goal? Or scored one for that matter..
  • 17:52
    Seven games ago now, if it stays like this. We scored two against Italy in June.
  • 17:53
    Samuel Pepys Sean: Never, never, never, I say!
  • 17:53
    Another scarmble in the Ireland box but Dunne again gets a toe to it as Pavluchenko tries to turn and shoot. Three minutes injury time almost up.
  • 17:54
    Ed We all know whats coming right?
  • 17:55
    No, it's over. Some amazing play from the Irish defence in a game they should not have got anything out of. Torn apart at times but that's seven clean sheets in a row. Pretty impressive, no matter which way you cut it, but we had nothing in midfield or up front tonight.
  • 17:55
    Vince Do we really want to qualify ?
  • 17:55
    Samuel Pepys Scoring goals makes the opponent angry. Our policy is to put them to sleep and pile up those zeros.
  • 17:56
    "Amazing hour and a half, Bill", says Dunphy, who steals my rope-a-dope analogy, the crook.
  • 17:57
    "One heroic performance", he says in relation to Dunne. "Whelan and Andrews are not good enough", he adds.
  • 17:57
    Bryan Trap has got to go boyos!
  • 17:57
    Frank A draw away to Russia is a good result considering or midfield & defense. Lower your uninflated expectations.
  • 17:57
    Sean Ed, Macedonian memories. But thankfully we hung on. Backs against the wall stuff. The performance will be forgotten, the result remembered. Great result in Moscow.
  • 17:59
    "Dunne and Given were outstanding", adds Brady.

    And I'd like to add that Darren O'Dea was alos pretty darn impressive considering the pressure he was under. Got his head and toe on plenty of balls into the box.
  • 17:59
    Samuel Pepys Yeah, great result. And thanks to IT for the sense of humour and the latitude given to scamps like us with our OT comments.
  • 18:00
    Alexey both teams were extremely slow... that was like 60's football
  • 18:00
    Shane Are we expecting too much from the squad we have
  • 18:02
    Ireland had 37 per cent possession but Trap was never going to change the formation, says Brady. "He's a very stubborn man. He'll think he's vindicated there today."
  • 18:02
    Samuel Pepys Expecting too much? Are we expecting anything?
  • 18:03
    Interestingly, Brady says he hasn't been vindicated because it was down to heart from certain players. Brady has been far more critical of Trapattoni today than he has in the past.
  • 18:03
    Sean All we were lacking was a Clinton Morrison!
  • 18:03
    Saw him sky a peno the other day. He's lost it.
  • 18:05
    Guest Good result. To be fair, if we were given the draw before hand we would have taken it. It was the result on Friday that let us down. Performance needs to be improved but we don't have the players to do that. Hopefully a draw tonight in the other game and we need to take 6 points from last two games and fingers crossed for other results to go our way.
  • 18:05
    Shane Traps system might work in Italy when you have skillfull enough players to makes things from scraps, however we dont have
  • 18:05
    john don't think clinton ever had anything to lose to be fair
  • 18:06
    For those of you who canna speaka da Twitter lingo, Richard Dunne is 'trending' worldwide. THAT'S how good a performance it was from the Honey Monster.
  • 18:09
    And here he is.

    “It was tough game and we knew we had to come here and do something similar to what we did in Paris,” said Dunne on RTE. “I think it’s seven games without a goal now and hopefully it’s kept us in the competition.

    “I take bangs and knocks all the time in games, but to come here and get a point is a good result.

    “We knuckled down and gave a performance I think we can be proud off."
  • 18:11
    "He's a man! A proper man," smacks Dunphy. Is Richard his new Roy?
  • 18:12
    john he was great alright. we are terrible going forward, and its not just the players, granted they arent great, but andrews is an attacking midfielder who scores goals, albeit at a much lower level,but the minute he gets the ball for ireland he turns around, usuallt to slide it to whelan whos in the process of running as far away from the ball as possible. in saying that, still like aspects of trappatoni's reign, he just needs to loosen the reigns a bit like inparis. hopefully he'll loosen whelans reigns so much that he'll run away and never be seen for ireland again
  • 18:14
    26 attempts on goal from Russia, according to Bill.
  • 18:21
    So, Ireland are second, two behind Russia and one ahead of Slovakia, who face Armenia tonight. No gimme, in fairness.

    Russia still have to go to Slovakia, who also have to go to Macedonia.
  • 18:25
    Trapattoni quotes.

    "They had many chances, but our defence was fantastic, Shay Given, Richard Dunne and O'Dea," said Trapattoni afterwards. "This is a good point because they they have another game against Slovakia.

    "In one month, I hope we will be fitter, because some players were not as fit - like Robbie Keane, McGeady and Doyle.

    "I think Russia have a very different game against Slovakia.

    "But at the monment it is better to look at ourselves. Armenia and Andorra, we must believe in the result we had here."
  • 18:28
    That Shay Given save and Andrews block
  • 18:30
  • 18:45
  • 18:46
    johnny How many years has it been since we actually beat a team of any note in a competitive match. Holland 2001 - Am I right - THATS 10 YERAS AGO! - How rubbish are we
  • 19:13
    Elsewhere, the Ireland under-21s have lost 1-0 away to Group leaders Turkey in their Euro Championship qualifier this evening. They are now six points behind Turkey, who scored nine before today. Ireland opened the campaign with a 2-1 win over Hungary in Sligo last week.
  • 19:46
    Kieran First result ever In Russia how good is that
  • 20:07
    Halftme: Slovakia 0 Armenia 0
  • 20:53
    carlomalley via Twitter armenia lead 2-0 in slovakia, #thisjustgotinteresting
  • 21:16
    Stunning result in Slovakia, where Armenia won 4-0. This means Ireland can guarantee at least a play-off place with six points from Andorra and the visit of Armenia (no mean feat obviously). If Slovakia beat Russia and Ireland take maximum points, Trap's men top the group. Bizarre.
  • 21:49
    An updated review of today's action. Complete with permutations and ramifications.
  • 22:01
    That's about all from me. Another stunning chapter in the story of Trapattoni's Ireland and their unbelivable knack of getting results on the road.

    And to Armenia, who have come out of nowhere (sort of) with a helping hand that could turn into a slap in the face on October 11th. All to play for!

    Slán, and thanks for reading.
  • 22:20